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No. 214573

Discuss/vent about growing up, living with, and the effects of being raised by sexist family. Please no "it wasn't that bad I had it worse" or "just go to therapy kek".

No. 214575

my parents weren't sexist, at least not overtly, but they were/are very religious and therefor grew up in a pretty misogynistic environment anyways. I even used to wish I was a boy as a kid.

No. 214576

Why is this even a thing? Why is the oldest daughter (often in an immigrant household) being used as the punching bag and maid for everyone and everything? Also why is it the fucking like 'standard setting' for parents to make a traumatized maid out of their oldest daughter and a spoiled 4channer man child with no life skills out of their son?

No. 214578

Lmao just today
>"Anon since you're going on campus tomorrow, we wont have any dinner. What should we do?"
>"Idk I'm coming home late anyway"
>"Think you can cook something today (it's 10pm) and we eat it tomorrow?"
>ignoring the fact that i had literally just finished cooking tonight's dinner
>as if there isn't a 26 year old moid and another 30 year old moid sitting at home doing nothing all day
I'm gonna apply for dorming next year. I'm terrified that they wont let me leave though.

No. 214580

I'm nearly 30 and I remember my mum making retarded comments about my appearance when I was like 10 that she'd never dare say to my fatass mess of a brother. I still think about it sometimes and hate her for it

No. 214584

If the tranny agenda started sooner… Im betting there's going to be lots of ftms in non first world places, since the misogyny is in your face and they have access to ideology internet.
I wish I knew, or else I wouldn't have dreams about being a family annihilator. I wish my spirit wasn't broken before I realized what they were doing to me. The mind games are so subtle I didn't even realize it, before I went to other ppls houses and saw how normal parents behave. It feels especially sour because we could have been normal people in progressive first world country, except retarded fucking parents decided to keep their retarded fucking tradition of breaking in daughters like cattle. And yes I'm including the moms and grandma's, who have the mentality of "if I had to suffer then so should you" and treat you like their maid staff and therapist. >>214578
I like cooking when it's for myself, but if I have to cook for others I unironically get triggered. Nothing I make is good enough for them and while we're eating they criticize the food, if I say something back then I'm a bitch drama queen who needs to calm down. Anon the best thing you can do is make easy quick meals and let their complaints go in one ear and out the other. If you don't learn meditation and peace of mind you'll go crazy. Then you're totally broken in.

No. 214585

My brother can have a full on unibrow crusty black nails and spots on his shirt, yet they're silent. Only ever talk about how I need to lose weight and fix my acne.

No. 214592

My parents treated me with utmost hostility for existing in their house at 18-19 until I moved across the country even though I was trying to work, do an internship, and go to college full time.

My brother is now pushing 30 and lives in their basement with his gf and infant son (when he’s not living in whatever place they put him up in) and doesn’t work at all.

That’s just the truncated version.

No. 214596

And ppl say women are only good for having kids. Parents will treat their sons like kings even at 30 if he reproduces

No. 214606

When I got my first period I was kept home from school and was made to clean the entire house to teach me to be a woman. Also I stepped over my baby brother while on my period and my stepdad's mom screamed about how dirty that was. And my stepdad would make me shower twice a day if he knew I was on my period. Got a lot of period shame.

No. 214626

my mother despite having no sons somehow managed to ruin both her daughters mental states with her narcissism, sexism, and pickmeism. thanks to witnessing her date abusive name and she and my dads mutually toxic turned loveless sexless relationship I also have no semblance of what a good relationship is irl

my father is the better parent and not outwardly sexist but the boomer leaps out of him sometimes. my mothers conservative ways and her obsessions with vanity, beauty, and her desires to please whatever specimen she was dating or my dad who she was married to for 10+ years were imparted onto us from a very young age. for the most part I've managed to outgrow and surpass, like I don't necessarily need a man to feel whole and I've not been in a relationship or had sex since after Covid started, but I sometimes feel my internalized misogyny creep back in. esp when I was living with her she would often give me shit for gender non conforming baggy clothing, not wearing makeup, not embracing my femininity etc knowing I was insecure with my body and looks. and a lot of that is her fault. I chose not to become a total pickme like her because everything she did to me is so entwined with her narcissism and abuse that I became repelled by her mannerisms, but I'm afraid one day I might be just as bad because I tend to fall into relationships way too fast when I'm in them and because of this environment I am a terrible judge of character in male partners and nice men don't gravitate towards me as a loud, aggressive, outspoken female. I don't want to end up abused and shit on like she does but idk. having been raised with this internalized sexism and desperately attempting to shirk it is so hard

as for my dad it's very awkward because for awhile and now I'm stuck living with him and it feels like he very much emotionally relies on me when he's not traveling or being distant, it's started to gross me out as I get older and is one of the reasons why I'm desperate to move out in the next two years. he won't get a gf post divorce and idk whether him and my moms toxic relationship just rendered him asexual or what but it's so creepy living with him and I just want to leave. his absence on and off throughout my life caused me to internalize the sexism that led me to gravitate towards older men and that's not boding well for me either. I feel like for as much as I've tried to rid myself of everything my parents taught me I'm fearful I'll repeat their mistakes

No. 214642

Maybe its because i was raised by a sexist and religious family that i think this but i believe all families treat their daughters as lesser than. As long as theres a son involved a daughter will never be favored and coddled or equally loved as him.

No. 214644

I don't have a brother thank god, my father is so unhinged and pissed off he has 4 daughters that he wouldn't stop insulting us and calling us whores since elementary school. I was tomboy and he made fun of me for that, my sisters were always girly and he also made fun of them for that. He wouldn't stop saying he wish he had a son so he would raise him to beat the fuck out of us, even though our father already did that by himself anyway. My mother couldn't do shit because she was raised in a similar manner in Morocco so she probably though that was normal until she noticedd he kept acting like that even though we're all adults now and her arguments when we complained about him was basically that he's just tsundere for us or some shit. Obviously I'm a virgin at age 27 because if I even tried to get a bf without waiting until marriage to even just kiss him I'd get my ass kicked. They also ruined my career long term before it started because I wanted to go on an exchange program for a year abroad and they promised they'd financially help, but they changed their mind last minute because I was an unmarried early 20s young woman, what if I tried to have male friends, yadda yadda. So I was basically stuck in a place where there were barely any job offers and that fucked me over for the next 5 years. My father's childhood friend became a politician in my country and released an autobiography long ago which I was forced to read for school, even that guy noticed my father was a mentally ill pervert ever since they met in middle school. That made me want to throw up.

No. 214672

Stopped talking to my dad years ago in my late teens because he would say stupid shit like he hates women despite having a daughter and literally mooching off successful women his entire life. He couldn't hold a job to save his life. Still doesn't own anything to this day and still has a fucking DUI and is unable to drive. Total loser.

No. 214682

Not true for my family. I was very obviously favored over my brother, both by our parents and our grandparents/extended family. I was the first grand child of my gen so that is probably why.

No. 214732

Not true in my case. I got the bigger room when we moved into a house and was treated better probably bc I was younger.

No. 217123


Idk if it was because he is a boy or because he is younger but my brother was always the favorite. Got slapped by my father for doing dishes badly, while my brother is 23, lives free with him and still doesnt even clean his own room. My mother always made me feel guilty for the smallest of mistakes and did weird shit like hanging my panties to dry on door handles because "there was no room left on the drying rack", funny how all the other clothes fit there.

No. 222778

My dads dead but my mom is a misgoynist. He used to beat her up when we were kids. She divorced him finally and she basically started bullying me. I should lose weight, you're so ugly etc. I couldn't lose weight because I was a fucking child, she would verbally abuse me. When I was 13 I started dieting and skipped meals. At 15 I was pretty much into the pro-ana blogs and restricted my eating and I lost so much weight. It was around the time I got my own laptop. I was bulimic for a short period, like I puked once and the next purge was so much easier. I look at pics now and I look soooo skinny. Like a fucking corpse. I always think: if I didn't have this bitch for a mother I wouldn't have hated myself so much. The fucked up thing is that she never told me I looked too skinny. My sister came back to visit from college and she told me she was worried. I brushed it off like a dumbass and I kept being an anorexic for a while. I'm not now but I still have the same pro.ana mindset whenever I feel ugly (like with men -.- ) and start seeking the approval of men. I start dating a guy and I get really skinny because in my head I have to. I look back at pics of myself at age 10 and I was such a cute child. Like my weight was a bit high but I was so cute. How could a mother ever tell a that child "you're fucking fat and disgusting you will never find a boyfriend being that fat". I don't talk to her anymore and she regularly tires to call me and beg me to come visit her. Fuck you bitch.

Misogyny? yes, she treated my brothers like saints and try to egg them on to join in on the bullying. I even got beat up by my older brother with my mom cheering in the background. Now that brother is a faggot and my mom acts like it's not true lmao.

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