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File: 1638146785641.jpg (70.13 KB, 630x1200, timothee chandelier.jpg)

No. 215207

Post men who are shilled as attractive but you think are ugly/overrated. Timmy was posted frequently last thread.

No. 215208

Sage cause this has nothing to do with the thread, but I need to get it out
I had a dream today that Timmy accidentally fell for his death on my yeard, I we had his body in my home and didn't know what to do or how to dispose his body, because we thought people would blame us for his death. It was all over the news. Until someone decided to make sausages out of his remains. It didn't work.

But yeah, I think he's overrated.

No. 215216

File: 1638149475870.jpg (63.52 KB, 681x1024, 7f3542d841fb5a2637cf61f560621f…)

Neels Visser looks like he could be a poster boy for the Third Reich or a play as a Prince in a Disney live action film.. for whatever reason, I just don't find him attractive.

No. 215218

File: 1638150019056.jpg (212.44 KB, 1136x1200, tom-holland-photo-jason-kempin…)

ugly little twerp

No. 215220

>poster boy for the Third Reich

No. 215221

File: 1638150129595.jpg (118.99 KB, 907x488, Untitled.jpg)

have a twofer since a bunch of my friends ship them due to some capeshit coming out. idk. i find both of these men extremely boring and plain, but after all the excessive thirst i find them straight up annoying and repulsive to look at

No. 215224

blonde aryan looking men aren't attractive and they continue to prove it. dark hair remains superior kek

No. 215225

File: 1638150718042.jpg (43.24 KB, 559x469, stoyarapetweet.jpeg.jpg)

This fucking creep. I never watched his videos and I only knew of him because some cumbrain idiot in my class was telling me he was her favorite p*rn star.

I guess he is very popular among teenage girls..

No. 215226

sebstan always looks like he's perpetually smug, I hate it

No. 215227

File: 1638151345753.jpg (66.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

According to many girls they are. He got to date the "worlds hottest IG model" Cindy Kimberly.

No. 215228

fuck i thought that was aoc

No. 215230

idk river phoenix was better looking than most men nowadays

No. 215238

his forehead is so weird and his head in general is so smushed and boxy looking

No. 215239

river phoenix is a rare exception, typically blonde and redhead men are extremely unappealing to me.

No. 215263

Basically any guy who does cliche masculinity too well. Anyone who can't do masculine AND feminine. I am so put off by the clichés of masculinity.

No. 215264

There are too many of them to list. I am attracted to like 10% of them. Mostly I want nothing to do with them. :D(:D)

No. 215383

File: 1638261122951.jpg (139.34 KB, 721x667, so damn ugly.jpg)

Man, they are REALLY trying to shill this little chlamydia ridden street rat. He looks like Malcom in the Middle but somehow even less cute. Asymmetrical faced malnourished skeleton looking freak.

No. 215384

Its the nose, it looks way too small for his face

No. 215388

This is just plain insulting.

No. 215391

File: 1638279906002.png (360.33 KB, 586x276, wtf.png)

i find it weird how cute he was in CMBYN and then you look at him after the movie and he looks like a malnourished drug addict. what the fuck happened to his face?

No. 215392

File: 1638280234014.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, 1608683689575.jpeg)

He looks cute in CMBYN?

No. 215397

i mean yeah i thought he did

No. 215400

Nah, this kid looks like he is morphing into tom hiddleston, each day looking more and more like him. Soon gonna bald I bet

No. 215429

File: 1638303426611.jpeg (248.4 KB, 500x345, pj.jpeg)

This KickThePJ guy on youtube (who was friends with Dan and Phil) always gave me creepy vibes.

No. 215442

File: 1638310787274.jpg (5.95 KB, 213x236, chewing-gum-masseter-muscle-di…)

He looks like he chews gum for 2 hours a day everyday bc looksmax.net told him to

No. 215444

File: 1638311247841.gif (1.94 MB, 245x240, tumblr_0f674af3372035e9b103d58…)

Sebastian Stan aged atrociously.

No. 215446

wtf I had no idea he was attractive before. what a loss.

No. 215566

File: 1638372474297.png (635.5 KB, 590x768, Anthony_Padilla_2019.png)

No. 215634

Ian Somerhalder

No. 215640

He always looks so… wet. Like he knew he was going to start crying so he ran into the pouring rain to have plausible deniability.

No. 215652

i think i figured out what pisses me off about his face, it's unusually angular and structured but not in a way that compliments the rest of his features. like if he had less angular face it would not be so offputting, he doesn't have the facial harmony that someone like young depp does where his features and face shape fit while still having structure and angles, he's just too pointy in every sense of the word

No. 215676

File: 1638457435995.jpg (46.41 KB, 700x525, 6083321008610f0018b0f3c0.jpg)

Imo super angular square or heart-shaped faces always look ridiculous and cartoonish. Those handsome Squidward-tier jawlines are just so ugly and I don't know why they are always shilled as peak masculine beauty. Zac Efron really fucked up his face that way. He already had a defined jaw before and now he looks like a caricature of his former self.

No. 215677

I want someone to Photoshop him to more harmonious look

No. 215685

File: 1638461159524.jpg (255.66 KB, 1080x1080, Metalworks-Studios-Clients-The…)

From the past. I fucking hate them. Now I realise why I couldn't care about picking one of them in particular while talking to my sister and cousins. They had zero charisma.

No. 215689

It's funny how no one liked Kevin back in the day but now I think he looks the best in comparison. Nick's features aren't aging well and Joe is just a whore.

No. 215692

It's all about how your face harmonizes. Guys with delicate, close set central features befit rounder faces, which is why overly harsh angles don't work for them. That doesn't mean they can't have jawlines or cheekbones, but theirs will usually have a softened, rounded edge. timmy is less softness more angles and that's more of a rarity with men who have his central facial features, which makes the opinion on his face divisive for a good reason.

tbh I've liked sickly sad looking dark hair guys before (some may describe them as "french") but timmy does nothing for me. this is my eureka moment as to why I don't find him hot

No. 215713

File: 1638479790613.jpg (258.94 KB, 994x1600, hugh_dancy.jpg)

His face is punchable imo and he gives me major creep vibes.

No. 215746

tinfoil, but does anyone else thing the media is shilling unattractive young moids like timmy and tommy (tom holland) really hard to keep us thirsting after these 50+ year old "silver foxes"? because men like george clooney and daniel craig could never compete with actual attractive young men, but in comparison with boys like timmy it's kind of a toss up

No. 215759

He was pretty good in hannibal

No. 215760

the media has always shilled older moids as younger female characters love interests in film and always geared towards older moids. most male actors don't get taken seriously or earn awards until their 30s. maybe there's just less attractive men nowadays as well as less attractive younger actors, the last true era of "young" heartthrobs feels like the 90s or early 00s

nowadays fame is so fleeting that very few actors and actresses stay relevant enough to actually reach the status and stature of celebrities in the 80s-00s

No. 215767

NTA, but I rewatched a few older “classic” movies the other day and I couldn’t believe the age gaps. It was honestly distracting. Anything with Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly is practically guaranteed to have a 30 year age gap between its stars. I don’t think it’s necessarily a conspiracy so much as the entertainment business is largely male-dominated, and male directors and producers are going to cast the youngest and most attractive women they can get.

No. 215778

I don't think they're worried about women because our standards have been systematically lowered, but no doubt they're concerned with soothing the male ego. They know a male audience fucking HATES pretty young boys and seethe when women like them (Bieber, boy bands, etc). They can't take male beauty to the extreme unless they want to alienate men entirely, and they know women don't expect perfection from male celebs. So it's easier to find a mid-tier looking guy as a compromise, or go for older/more macho men.

That said I think Timmy was cute and got roles for being cute, he isn't aging well but he's famous enough now that it's not a big problem. I know plenty of anons find him ugly but his existence certainly isn't pushing the average woman to thirst over geriatrics as an alternative, he's more popular with young girls than George Clooney and Daniel Craig by far.

No. 215853

File: 1638566682590.jpg (59.07 KB, 636x421, 1638563729536.jpg)

No. 215865

Agree with you. I'm a bong and I feel like a lot of their appeal to women from other countries has to be that they're 4/5ths Bri'ish?

No. 215874

The Harry styles guy who’s super popular right now is one of the ugliest people I have ever seen as a male singer. Worse than Ed Sheeran. Whenever people talk about him being attractive it feels like when people coddle a mentally disabled child just so they don’t feel different.

No. 215879

NAYRT but Harry definitely isn't the ugliest of the group imo. If I was ranking them from hottest to ugliest it would probably be like



No. 215880

I can't believe I used to unironically crush on Niall, what was wrong with me

No. 215886

Liam is way hotter than rat Louis and frog Harry even if he does look like Clifford the dog

No. 215904

If Harry is a frog, then Zayn looks like a chimp. Rat Louis for me.

No. 215917

File: 1638603209456.png (132.72 KB, 328x402, 01.png)

Idgi, he looks like a rat

No. 215921

File: 1638612201492.jpeg (47 KB, 1200x667, 08CE157A-9FB1-4120-BC24-CE252B…)

I like white dudes (sometimes) I also like long haired men, but I do not get the Loki obsession. Probably a marketing ploy by marvel. He somehow looks older than the guy that plays Vision and he’s 50…

No. 215929

I don't even know who this is

No. 215946

he looks like a skinny version of anthony fantano with hair

No. 215980

File: 1638652430561.jpeg (189.97 KB, 1200x705, Chef-Amaury-Guichon-min.jpeg)

He's famous on social media for making sculptures out of chocolate. Recently had a meh-tier baking competition show about chocolate on Netflix.

No. 215993

I hate those shitty cakes they gross me out so much with how much fondant they probably have packed on and how they cut the corners of the cake off and just toss it. That mf is ugly as hell too

No. 215999

I understand this so much. He is so unappealing, especially as Loki. The first time I heard someone say he was hot I thought they were joking.

No. 216000

NTA but he works with chocolate, not fondant.

No. 216028

File: 1638674456114.jpg (8.92 KB, 294x172, ratatat.jpg)

>that quote
He's a shit actor and he looks like an ugly james dean

No. 216040

File: 1638687281002.jpeg (57.07 KB, 452x678, 829D5783-0B38-4FA6-A977-A071A8…)

I used to love him in the first Avngers movie when he was a coked-out asshole and actually playing the villain, but as soon as Marvel started leaning into the Loki obsession angle things went downhill. The Disney+ series has some of the most heinous fandom pandering I’ve seen in a long time. He was still pretty hot in Coriolanus though tbh

No. 216041

I like the slightly femmed up fanarts of Loki more than actual Loki, sorry not sorry.

No. 216334

File: 1638856310115.jpeg (173.66 KB, 828x473, 5982E0BD-3012-4671-ADC6-4FF62E…)

kek was going through screenshots and made me think of this thread

No. 217959


No. 218060

what was the point of posting this? the thread pic is chalamet

No. 218073

File: 1639795670743.jpg (119.28 KB, 1280x853, 24356346346346314.jpg)

He's old as fuck and hit the wall a long time ago. Rein it in.

No. 218077

you can predict that his fangirls will be… mads at you for this

No. 218109

thank you. i can't deal with his threads. he also has always looked like blanche devereux to me, just an odd face. i don't even understand how girls and women can like men that seem like dads/disciplinary figures… it's very gross.


No. 218139

File: 1639818240900.jpg (278.26 KB, 700x700, wall-murals-elvis-presley.jpg.…)

so damn ugly. hideous even.

No. 218164

punchable face. also knowing he was shitty to women makes him even more disgusting.

No. 218165

the chalamet hype is so strong that I never feel some women's dislike for his looks is hammered home enough. I'm going to reiterate it until the day I die

No. 218166

i will never understand. like if someone tried to draw their idea of a bad mannered "sexy" bulldog with an exceptionally formless face for someone so physically fit

No. 218214

I really never got it. He looks like Marlon Brando if he was addicted to filters

No. 218216

Elvis getting roasted. I love LC sometimes. Yeah he was ugly.

No. 218217

File: 1639853565061.jpg (165.49 KB, 545x535, old-elvis-1.jpg)

especially later. men age like fine wine right.

No. 218218

Check out "elvis sandwich" if you want to puke, he basically committed suicide by eating two of those every day.

No. 218223

File: 1639856127586.jpeg (211.51 KB, 970x1200, 3A436770-8F05-418C-BCB2-2CEB77…)

always looked like a tranny to me

No. 218232

A tif? Because same

No. 218296

Incredible really. Impersonators always draw on when he was a bloated, washed-up drug addict. King of Rock 'n' Roll everyone.

No. 218303

File: 1639929393481.jpg (49.51 KB, 540x551, anti elvis union.jpg)

sage for obvious reasons but saw this on pinterest and instantly thought of this interactions. perhaps one day lc will have its own official anti-elvis league kek

No. 218314

File: 1639936542452.gif (497.64 KB, 245x184, tumblr_lrqgnijB4r1qzrlhgo2_250…)

chlamydosaurus looking ass

No. 218318

File: 1639938147059.gif (997.96 KB, 500x276, mckinnon.gif)

No. 218339

I remember those used to be sold by Elvis' own manager

No. 218349

he was sexy and very charismatic on stage. plus he was charming in interviews

No. 218350

I like his style and his hair but apparently he refused to eat pussy so that's a complete turnoff. Men who won't eat you out are useless.

No. 219399

File: 1640497005637.jpg (104.53 KB, 799x1200, 07tERWB.jpg)

he always felt like the visual hole of bts to me tbh i don't see the appeal

No. 219554

File: 1640578724561.jpeg (48.93 KB, 500x680, paul_newman19252008.jpeg)

In old media they always referred to Paul Newman as the hottest heartthrob but I don't see it.

No. 219561

and fucking a 14 year old…

No. 219562

Wait this is a member of BTS? I thought they were hotties (based on what I read lol)

No. 219568

the majority of kpop boys either look like 15 year olds or melting wax candles what did you expect

No. 219569

Madame Toussaud's figures look more lifelike

No. 219605

File: 1640611904070.jpg (671.3 KB, 1391x2048, MV5BMjE2MjI2OTk1OV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

weak jaw, no chin, no lips, small teeth, weird head shape.

No. 219635

All Asian males that are considered "attractive"

No. 219636

I Concur

No. 219641

Fr they look like little girls. All of them are short, plastic surgery nightmares. I don't get it.

No. 219645

>Weak jaw
>No chin

I don't find him attractive either but that's objectively wrong

No. 219649

File: 1640631677598.jpeg (54.81 KB, 300x330, 67672DBF-DB44-4CC3-9B41-1D2D9B…)

yeah most people wouldn't be able to accurately pinpoint why they dont find his face harmonious but i've looked at faces enough to know the problem is head is way too narrow and tiny and the high hairline and huge voluminous hair exposes that flaw and makes it look ridiculous. He's wearing the worst possible hairdo, he needs low volume hair and bangs instead of an updo
here he is with short hair and it's an improvement but I still find his face too narrow

No. 219651

File: 1640631931217.png (770.65 KB, 730x648, 7C9B4E74-1A59-4002-ACBB-476D51…)

another guy who is flaunting his nice voluminous hair with the fuckboy hairstyle but it's the least flattering one he could possibly wear. This hairstyle only works on people with perfect face shapes

No. 219657

every inch and feauture of him is uggo? idgi

No. 219660

File: 1640633377449.jpeg (153.76 KB, 817x1222, 7A0C1148-8764-4DDF-9127-75E2A7…)

yeah he's not an attractive guy but at least he should stop wearing that damn hair. goes from unattractive to average

No. 219692

File: 1640641036627.jpg (2.51 MB, 2472x3044, AIcE0hy.jpg)

I think Chalamet is so ugly in photos, like if I used dating apps he's get swiped left immediately. But when I watched The King I thought he was the best looking person I've ever seen so I looked him up, and he looks so bad in photos, it's weird, I even thought I was wrong and he's actually ugly and just looked good in that one movie. But yesterday I watched Don't Look Up and thought he was the best looking person again, but I can't even find one photo that I like

No. 219703

You referring to idols only or actors too? Because I have never gotten the hype over kdrama/cdrama actors. All so plastic, stiff, and boring

No. 219704

I find him ugly always but your constant conflicting opinions on him made me laugh

No. 219778

To me they give off a cuter vibe, which I find more appealing than overly masculine features. Plus they put in at least some effort in grooming/hygiene.

No. 219957

Ive always hated him

No. 219958

File: 1640732411170.jpg (208.05 KB, 1200x1200, 4585.jpg)

Punchable face

No. 219964

wow I've never really looked at him properly before and you're right

No. 219965

he's so fucking bland. knowing he creeps on his young costars and has been known to date a lot younger adds to his punchability

No. 219971

all those kpop dudes have smooth faces with hairy pits tho

No. 219978

he's like the male equivalent of whitebread who gets extra headpats for being a pretend nerd

No. 219983

I’m about to beat you up anon

No. 219995

Same, I love men who are more on the cute or pretty side. Of course there are plenty of ugly Asian guys but the attractive ones more often than not tend to look more feminine than men of other races, which is kinda taboo to say because it's "emasculating", but I think that's the appeal of East Asian guys and I don't think it's a bad thing. It's unfortunate that instead of embracing this uggos like Simu Liu get peddled by the media because he's a ~masculine~ Asian guy.

No. 219996

all of them.

No. 220043

Yeah I used to be into kpop and the guys are fucking filthy like most men are

No. 220062

Is he pretending tho? I thought he genuinely liked the Witcher games and video games in general (if that's what you're referring to).

No. 220123

Ugly ass roblox head.

No. 220193

most men are ugly but he's eye candy. he has a punchable face but most sexy people do.

No. 220202

he looks like khloe kardashian

No. 220262

File: 1640839870523.jpg (374.87 KB, 2000x1333, rGxGFf4.jpg)

yeah Simu Liu also fits this thread, another overrated marvel boy

No. 220302

File: 1640870411049.jpeg (404.17 KB, 1920x2886, 0655f117444fc1911ab9c6f6b01390…)

I just don't get it

No. 220462

File: 1640925019817.jpg (109.09 KB, 840x626, descarga.jpg)

he has been posted here before, but he's so ugly.
when are we going to stop pretending he's attractive. he looks like a drug addict.

No. 220465

he is so plain. it's just tards conflating capeshit characters with the real person

No. 220466

genuinely what the fuck is wrong with his jaw and chin

No. 220474

File: 1640927616373.jpg (59.98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (5).jpg)

His head is shaped like the Club Penguin moderator badge.

No. 220529

File: 1640967028793.jpeg (30.29 KB, 280x358, 2D8082AC-BC1D-4B08-92F6-2134D0…)

it's a small normie jaw that people with a normal amount of body fat have hidden underneath their cheek fat but he's going down to anorexia levels of skinny and leaning out his face to make it appear chiselled when really the size and shape of his jaw is utterly average. He might also have bruxism or be chewing gum making his jaw muscles overdeveloped. But I can tell it's just muscle overgrowing and not actual jaw bone.
A truly nice masculine jaw doesn't require you to drop to anorexic level of BMI to look defined

No. 220533

chalemets face shape genuinely repulses me, i thought drugs or eating disorder as well but it’s so bizarre looking. i can’t think of any other person with such a weird face shape

No. 220613

File: 1641020938454.jpeg (139.73 KB, 800x1143, 76F8F45F-E948-4756-9B87-F4DB29…)

His face is so punchable

No. 220617

He looks like someone who's had way too much plastic surgery, but afaik he's never had any work done. Motherfucker was just born botched-looking. His lower jaw just looks misshapen and he has a very asymmetrical face.

He also just puts off douchey vibes and I feel like he's going to get MeToo'd any day now. I get the same gross feeling about Henry Cavill.

No. 220624

zhas he ever been shilled as attractive?

No. 220625

God he's so plain and boring looking, completely bland.

No. 220626

He can bleach me lol

No. 220629

I don't get him at all or Timothy. They are so plain yet annoying to look at.

I also don't get Tom Holland but maybe he is for teenagers, since I remember thinking Josh Hutcherson was cute during Hunger Games.

No. 220630

File: 1641039443515.jpg (632.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220101_121658_com…)

Elvis is disgusting

No. 220660

File: 1641055864599.jpg (176.91 KB, 402x519, no ty.jpg)

Is this an unpopular opinion?
I never understood the "handsome" status of this man

No. 220665

File: 1641057500619.jpg (432.38 KB, 1100x737, Blobfish-Reddit.jpg)

His face makes me think on how deepsea fish get all bloated when pulled out on the surface, he's a human version of that

No. 220692

File: 1641065506423.jpeg (42.86 KB, 630x1200, 1p788g99953.jpeg)

Something about his head shape and facial expressions always bothered me, even in the twilight era. It just looks weird than "pretty." Plus he treated Twigs like shit, can't forgive anyone who does that.

No. 220871

File: 1641151958527.jpg (89.7 KB, 650x1000, 992097e752efa1a1e4f323b943bc32…)

>dick nose
>paper thin lips
>rough ass skin texture
>neanderthal features
I already posted him in the last thread but seriously why the fuck was his busted ass shilled to death in the 90s? Apparently he appeared on the cover of hundreds of romance novels for women and was considered the sexiest man alive. The bar is so low for men I swear to god. All they need is a square jaw and a decent physique for the media to shill them as the seconding coming of Adonis, and sometimes not even the latter. I guess if I took my glasses off, squinted my eyes, and looked at his portrait from 15 feet away he might look like a sexy vampire.

No. 220880

KEK this sent me

No. 220881

File: 1641156602969.jpeg (223.38 KB, 1136x1200, 940EC25E-666C-4E69-9A6B-6A75B2…)

his lips were sucked into shayna’s gaping pussy

No. 220929

he just looks like a male emma chamberlain to me

No. 220930

Busted as hell. Malformed looking

Needs to tell his makeup artist to fill in his eyebrows

No. 220935

seeing him in enough movies finally helped me figure out what irks me about his features, it's his head shape and jaw area

his sister has a more normal face shape than he does and it's amazing how much better her features look by comparison

No. 221581

File: 1641413061399.jpg (39.3 KB, 1200x900, 85336885378633.jpg)

Ugly ass looks like he accidentally shifted to our dimension from Disney Pixar's Ratatouille (2007) and now he has to figure out how to get back to his original universe.

No. 221582

That's not a neanderthal?

No. 221605

this will trigger driverfags but i think you put it perfectly and thats precisely why some women find him super attractive, his features are so cartoonish its actually kinda unreal he does look like a main character from a pixar movie but in context of an animated movie those main characters are not ugly they're charming if not handsome, it gets borderline uncanny valley when you see it in real life

No. 221606

doubleposting but people wouldnt debate on his attractiveness this much if he wasnt cast as love interest in mainstream movies, i think he's the vincent cassel type ugly/hot, his features are so weird you cant look away it works better in indie movies. i liked him a lot in girls and he really sold the weird hot guy character because everyone in girls was ugly so it felt realistic

No. 221607


The lost Hartley Hooligan

No. 221608

>Vincent Cassel
Oh so that's why Monica Bellucci's daughter is so…odd looking. God it must suck knowing your mother gave you perfect genetics but you never even had a chance because your dad is literally Vincent Cassel.

No. 221614

File: 1641421467876.jpg (7.32 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

i have no idea what went wrong with that girl because side by side she resembles monica maybe its the bone structure she got from vincent thats throwing me off i cant pinpoint it, really sad that this ugly/hot thing doesnt work for women in hollywood as it does for men. funny enough these type of men age horribly cause aging exaggrates their weird features they lose their charisma at 40 and start looking busted prime example is vincent cassel

No. 221617

NTA but who's the woman on the left? She's so pretty

No. 221620

Idk but something is just off about her proportions. Her eyes are far apart too. I don't like her nose either, the tip is a weird shape.

No. 221644

File: 1641429988396.gif (535.98 KB, 220x273, 192A6964-1565-4324-BBD8-4532EC…)

No. 221649

I'm not really following this conversation, but Deva Cassel is really pretty, and that woman in the pic is gorgeous. He's out of her league.
Her name is Tina Kunakey

No. 221653

Someone is projecting. I don't think she's ugly just odd. Similar to Anya Taylor Joy. My point was that you can really see her fathers features in her face, and if her father was more conventionally attractive she would probably be top tier gorgeous, like her mother.

No. 221661

thought you were talking about his wife not his daughter my bad

No. 221662

I dunno, her features may be a bit unconventional but she's pretty and I think it makes her stand out against typical cookie-cutter conventionally attractive faces. She's still leagues above any moid being shilled to women as "ugly hot" at least.

No. 221669

no one called her ugly she's a regular girl unfortunately her mom is one of the most beautiful women in the world so she'll be compared to her by public its inevitable

the thing is she's not unconventionally pretty imho, ugly hot would be those weird looking high fashion models that have these very captivating faces that makes you want to stare at them, anya is not everyones taste but i'd call her ugly hot because her features are odd, deva has a plain pretty face she is conventionally pretty but you could find girls that look like her in the street easily, beautiful but doesnt make you go wow she's so different and since her mom is the epitome of conventional beauty it makes her seem less interesting to look at

No. 221758

File: 1641472205396.jpg (370.93 KB, 1331x2000, WpSjJAP.jpg)

Original anon here, this is exactly what I mean! She's pretty no doubt, but she isn't the captivating type of odd that high fashion models are and she isn't conventionally stunning like Monica. She has some very pretty features, looks a bit odd but overall is kinda plain. I only brought up Anya because so many people here hate her kek I love her face tbh, and it's way more unique. Pic rel is what I'd consider 'ugly-hot' where someone is clearly unconventional but has a face that would never get lost in a crowd.

No. 222180

Oh god the picrelated is so ugly. I really hate her punchable face. Absolutely cringe inducing.

No. 222185

This is so true. He's the least photogenic person I've ever seen, yet in motion he can definitely look appealing. I know anons like to shit on him, but I truly think he looks alright in movies.

No. 222198

Right wtf is up with this dude? He looks like a gay twink that's 12 and 30 at the same time. He disgusts me because he looks like he would lick your feet if you told him to.

He has fat people lips. Like those cherubs.

Literally looks like the youtuber iijerichoii.

Holy FUCK he got so much worse. I was the anon that kept saying he looks like his breath stinks. Still holds true. You know his skin does now too, probably has that old man stink smell.

He turned into a joke, interviewing DID larpers and shit. Ian was always hotter and funnier anyway.

No. 222220

File: 1641656999661.gif (864.19 KB, 268x268, chill.gif)

Ok zoomer.

No. 222245

idgi she looks normal besides the teeth
>he looks like he would lick your feet if you told him to.
hot tbh

No. 222402

fucking kek

No. 222403

extremely underrated comment

No. 222404

damn, you didn't hold back.

No. 223139

File: 1642021130138.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2731x4000, Jacob_Elordi_01.jpeg)

No. 223155

he looks like he's trying to do the "sexy spaniard" look and failing

No. 223183

File: 1642037749345.jpeg (220.58 KB, 960x1180, 3777649A-516B-4272-9BBF-A0CAED…)

i’ve never understood

No. 223187

his eyes are 3 different colors wtf

No. 223189

File: 1642039102047.jpeg (46.77 KB, 1200x667, A0D70A01-19DD-4F4F-955A-24DD75…)

He is the human version of plain white bread, nothing about him is attractive or appealing he is so average it truly is astounding that he has so many girls thirsting after him.

Another Marvel actor who is a hideous monstrosity is pic related, why is everyone so horny for him? Am I missing something? I could write my entire thesis only using the space provided by his gargantuan forehead. He looks like a misshapen caveman who was created for one of those exhibits at a museum but ultimately was unused because he was too ugly even for that so they threw him into the world and he somehow weaseled his way into hollywood. And the audacity to cast him as Loki, a character I would’ve otherwise liked but have come to hate due to this Tim Burton looking bitch and his shrunken face and how everyone shills him around every corner as the perfect casting and a beautiful man. I blame tumblr for brainwashing everyone into thinking this brand of ugly flavorless english men is attractive.

No. 223190

Samefag, there is also something about these no lip having british actors that makes me irrationally angry, it just makes them look so much more punchable.

No. 223218

They look like they're always pursing their lips like snippy little bitches if you ask me, lets go beat them up

No. 223283

Every girl is drooling over him on social media.

No. 223284

File: 1642073006701.jpeg (69.83 KB, 1200x677, 119893173_165332715220409_5147…)

His face is SCARY, dude looks like chucky. Can someone also tell him to stop plucking his eyebrows that much

No. 223285

Thank you. Literally all of these tiktok dudes look like psychopaths who'd choke you too hard.

No. 223304

File: 1642081667311.jpg (100.04 KB, 640x360, lucamarchesi-jawline-640.jpg)

Guys on tiktok are the worst. Even when they look okay they act like they are god's gift to humanity and it's so off putting. Picrel looks better in motion but it doesn't justify the level of narcissism. Also he comes across as extremely insecure

No. 223307

What's going on with his jaw

No. 223315

Is that really shilled as attractive?

No. 223322

ew is that real? That has to be a filter, I'm sorry but what women find that attractive.

No. 223324

>besides the teeth
Upper half of her face is good I agree. But the way she opens her mouth makes her look mentally handicapped. There are death tier features that can ruin any face, this sort of mouth is one of them.

No. 223325

Jack of all trades and master of none

No. 223352

This fag. When Hollywood tries to shill him as Hank Williams, all I can do is laugh.

No. 223354

He's got ears like a Cadillac rolling down the road with its doors wide open

No. 223355

File: 1642096012332.jpg (7.29 KB, 300x168, pobrane.jpg)

Am a driverfag and I disagree but I am laughing so hard. OP is so funny

No. 223356

File: 1642096110853.webm (4.08 MB, 720x720, Adam Driver in Ratatouille (6)…)

I remembered this, uploading since maybe OP will find it funny/confirm her opinion

No. 223385

is it just me, or does he kind of resemble the rat

No. 223411

OP here and I am now more than ever convinced that he belongs in the Ratatouille universe. Thank you, I enjoyed this.

It's not just you, and the human characters in the movie also have rat features like the big noses and ears. I'm pretty sure that was intentional by the artists.

No. 223755

thoughts?? i hate his face lmao

No. 223933

File: 1642300521326.jpeg (321.59 KB, 2048x1492, licensed-image.jpeg)

I don't get it.
-Too tall
-Neck too thick
-Too muscular
-Head is way too small
-His face is off somehow
-I've now downloaded and deleted this same image 3 times. Apparently the image has to be in your drive to post.

No. 223938

I was perplexed when they cast him as Scarlett Johansson's husband in that one movie. I think Scarlett's looks are highly overrated, but still

No. 223944

I will never forget that tweet saying he looks like a shoe

No. 223963

i don't understand either. it's even worse when you see the really attractive female streamers admitting to wanting him so bad (vidrel). he's so gross.

No. 223967

File: 1642314176007.jpeg (22.47 KB, 620x494, images-28.jpeg)

For me it's Harry Styles. He is in no way fugly, but his looks are overrated. I can't stand people drooling all over him just because he wears feminine clothes every now and then.

No. 223969

his appeal has only default carried over from his days when he actually had nice hair. honestly he is nothing without his nice hair and whatever he is doing now is enough to cause an aneurysm. this fake flamboyant elf on a shelf nonsense is not a thing

No. 223971

That's exactly how I see it! The hair does him a favor, he should keep it. The aneurysm part was on point too, lol. To my dismay, he was in the post-credits scene of Eternals, as if the movie alone wasn't bad enough.

No. 223972

>people drooling all over him just because he wears feminine clothes every now and then
I have honestly never seen this. I see people complain about it all the time (because it's fake woke, the bare minimum, straight white privilege, hideously ugly etc), but never actually seen anyone praise him. I'm sure his stans do but are people really spending time on twitters or tumblrs for him?

Anyway he's gross now, I've never seen someone go downhill so fast, so young. He was very cute when he was younger and I'll die on that hill but that just makes his downfall so much more tragic.

No. 223975

there are also self-proclaimed lesbians who call him their lesbian icon but i guess those '''lesbians''' also like girldick.

No. 223983

>Too muscular
Lmao where? He's getting fat if anything. His eyes are too close together, I don't know if it's just the photo but he looks cross-eyed too. He looks like a retarded caveman.

No. 224038

thanks for reminding me of that scene. holy shit he cannot act.

he'd look a lot better than he does if his styling weren't so mismatched. it's obvious his team has no idea how to style him and they can't even hem his pants. he looks greasy all the time. not in a good way. the andro look doesn't suit his facial features, if it could he's not well styled enough to make it work.

No. 225807

am I the only one who thinks timothee chalamet has had buccal fat removal and jaw implant/filler of some sort. He always had more of a lightbulb, slight upside down triangle shaped head before, I feel like he got surgery to even it out.

No. 227023

File: 1643430884297.jpeg (76.81 KB, 640x768, backstreet boys.jpeg)

I never heard any of their songs or saw their videos until today. Women were really going crazy over them in the 90s?

No. 227025

File: 1643431781060.jpeg (430.69 KB, 1333x2000, 62E9DA4B-2191-42AA-9342-A060AC…)

Weird but I’ve heard a lot of people irl call Post Malone attractive

No. 227029

File: 1643434062129.jpg (23.74 KB, 199x275, 1643412830544.jpg)

I have no idea why so many anons are obsessed with him, I just don't see the appeal

No. 227031

I was in senior high when he first started blowing up and hearing all my smart, pretty, talented classmates with so much going for them say that they were their celebrity crush killed me a little bit. This was also after it became common knowledge that he stunk so bad it made people sick lol

No. 227035

I get you have a different taste than the norm, but surely you can appreciate his top physique, symmetrical bone structure, great skin etc. Ok so he doesn't make you instantly drop your panties, but admit it, he'd make an impressive sculpture.
What I'm saying is, he's objectively handsome.

No. 227040

>objectively handsome
this sounds so reddit, ew

No. 227042

I don't see the appeal either. He looks like a caricature of what I'm "supposed" to think is attractive.

No. 227087

NTA but I can definitely appreciate conventionally attractive men (not "conventional" per farmer standards, but by real-life normie women standards) like that guy and their physique and features, but I don't need to "admit" anything because being able to appreciate them aesthetically and acknowledge them as "handsome" isn't the same as being sexually attracted to them. It's like how you'd find scenery extremely beautiful, but it doesn't mean that you wanna fuck it.

That's how I would describe it, but not sure if anyone else feels the same way.

No. 227139

File: 1643485707338.jpg (6.4 MB, 4096x5120, 38262784927269.jpg)

I looked up young pictures of Henry Cavill and it's crazy how much better he used to look because you can tell that he had work done on his chin at some point. It looks cartoonish and weird. Plus he grooms teenagers. He's disgusting.

No. 227140

Ew, to think a man would actually pay to have a fucking butt chin

No. 227148

File: 1643489170951.jpg (76.72 KB, 651x651, Chad cat.jpg)

This is what I see when I think about him and Zack Efron.

No. 227150

I don't like blonde men and I feel like he's such a "stereotypically chad" looking guy. height aside there's something about him that's unrealistic and unattainable. I'm sure he's a nice guy and from what I read very smart but I am not attracted to him at all

the steroids have also messed up the structure of his face

No. 227151

when i think of those actors i just think of hollywood, but i guess those two have one thing in common - plenty of grooming involved

No. 227152

anon, just because you read a phrase on reddit does not mean it was invented there. sometimes phrases just exist

No. 227154

Why cant women thirst for an unrealistic and unnatainable man? Men all thirst for women way out if their leagues all the time. Why we gotta like ugly men bc we have low self esteem?

No. 227156

File: 1643491056702.png (1.62 MB, 1155x1019, leftist men.png)

WHy don't celeb men lower their hairline??? The fucking 7head is ruining everything.
This is him at his peak and he still looks like shit in candids, people got meme'd into the thirst because they only saw him from one angle on stream. He moves like a shy fat kid irl. He been looking so fucking busted since covid though and I don't think he sees any reason to looksmax now.

No. 227168

File: 1643493682904.jpg (130.57 KB, 621x1097, I cropped Nergal out of this p…)

He looks kinda like Alexis Mincolla here, not bad. The other images are terrifying

No. 227169

It's such a weird thing to complain about. I get if she just didn't like how he looks aesthetically, but her mentioning "unrealistic" and "unattainable" is really pathetic. Almost like she's putting him on a pedestal and she doesn't even know him.

No. 227210

>if someone is not unrealistically beautiful and unattainable they're ugly, there's no in-between
>if you aren't attracted to """objectively""" attractive people who are impossibly beautiful you have low self-esteem
Why is everyone on this site like this

No. 227211

File: 1643506384937.jpg (30.68 KB, 512x384, 6af5fdc2e2092ccb429a88665778df…)

I think he always had a cleft chin but it used to be a lot softer. He went from being classically handsome to looking like picrel.

No. 227219

Obsessive insecurity and social retardation

No. 227221

You do you anon but ew

No. 227229

Anon literally said she wasn't attracted to him because he's unrealistic and unattainable, wtf other conclusion is there than low self esteem? It's not like you can blame her, society does it's absolute best to gaslight women into thinking geriatrics and dad bods and nerds are who we should be attracted to. The message is that if we're not 10/10 supermodel pornstars, we're not allowed to want hot guys and we'd be treated like shit if we did. It can take some unlearning to let yourself really indulge in objectively, stereotypically hot Chads.

No. 227232

>society does it's absolute best to gaslight women into thinking geriatrics and dad bods and nerds are who we should be attracted to
Actually society has always done its damn best to gaslight me into wanting muscular "handsome" men ("""chads""", or whatever is mainstream at the time) who aren't even compatible with me in any way, and to shame me for liking what I actually like. Fuck off scrote.

No. 227233

we really calling people scrotes for not liking old fat men now lol

No. 227235

File: 1643520293105.png (2.56 MB, 1400x1052, 1643520010.8242369-7EF9AFCA-EE…)

>me when I, a woman, am forced to go for all these "handsome" well groomed, clean, fit, age appropriate chads instead of the geriatric beer bellied funko pop collectors I naturally desire

No. 227247

Timmy isn’t ugly but the way he carries himself makes me so uncomfortable. That silent uninterested sleepy eyed attitude. Many of these chiseled feminine pretty boy types are nice to look at but probably really boring to listen to and watch

No. 227258

Society doesn't know what it's doing and is just flailing around. Throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.
I'm a Dolph appreciator and I love muscular guys. I personally hate babyfaces and felt like society is pushing me to like guys like Leonardo DiCaprio whom I think is ugly.

No. 227287

How the fuck is liking a different type of guy from what you consider attractive the same as liking "geriatric beer bellied funko pop collectors"? Touch grass.

No. 227304

I just find him too sculpted and perfect looking, nothing wrong with being intimidated by someone with perfect features. overly pretty people throw me off in general. their lack of flaws and quirks intimidates me. He reminds me more of a Ken doll than a human kek

No. 227349

Yeah, I feel this too. I rarely feel attracted to guys who look like perfect supermodels, they look "fake" to me (and considering how much plastic surgery, makeup or steroids go into their appearance, they're often literally fake). There are moids who unironically believe that Gigachad is the kind of man every woman wants to fuck, but he just looks grotesque and comically fake. This is something similar, only I'm not grossed out by these men, I just feel indifferent.
I prefer more real-looking people (no retards, that does not mean that I like "ugly" men, I just want someone who is above average who has "flaws" but doesn't look worse because of them). I guess you could say that I like natural looks more? That's probably the best way to describe it.

No. 227419

Yeah I completely get you anon. I'm not saying I want a morbidly obese sweaty moid or will settle for a loser for not being attracted to the types who look like Dolph. It's not even about that, there's just something overly offputting about that type of look to me.

Basic looking men (and hell, women) have always been more my bread and butter. I like semi lanky guys with wide shoulders and not overly muscular dudes. I like dark hair over light, and I don't mind dark eyes. If your features don't 100% align and your eyelids are a little uneven its okay. Maybe in part it's me not wanting to feel inferior to my partner, I dunno

No. 227539

I can't get over the fact that this guy didn't do that as a joke, but as a part of a performance.

No. 227543

Anons need to stop posting this gif it embarrasses me so intensely like you wouldn't believe. It ignites some kind of deep, primal fear and rage in me

No. 227544

the top and left pics made me instantly wet

No. 227545

I have this gif burned in my head now, can someone tell me who that is so at least there's some background to this disturbing scene?

No. 227546

KEK I get such second hand embarrassment from this gif but I still laugh every time I see it

No. 227554

Oh God, it's worse with sound

No. 227557

what a waste of good chin. Now he has a tiny butt on his face.

No. 227561

The sound is so cursed, but thank you!

No. 227565

that's exactly why they post it lol

No. 227567

I’m fucking crying, this gif haunts me everywhere i keep remembering >>226287 reaction to it

No. 227569

To be fair that specific picture might have made it look more pronounced. Camera angles and lighting are weird that way

No. 227578

That anons reaction was hilarious. She must of forgot to take her meds that day as her reply was so dramatic

No. 227580

kpop boys are the other end of the spectrum, the dolphs are too masculine and the kpop boys are too feminine. plus the uncanny valley effect of men in kpop having ps so young. there's a sweet spot between mannish and girly that those two usually miss the mark on.

No. 227582

Kpop idols are manufactured for young girls. >>227550 's fans are children. Most active fans on social media are 14 years old at best and I don't even say that with hate, I'm old and I love kpop.

No. 227589

I like kpop idol’s aesthetic, but the reality is they look botched and patchy in real life. Uncanny valley territory. And it’s honestly sad

No. 227599

Not to be an oldfag but wtf happened to kpop men. They just straight up making femboy tranny baits now or? Kpop used to have a pretty good balance of feminine and masculine. "Flower boys" weren't total faggots.

No. 227607

File: 1643643411858.jpg (206.42 KB, 1728x1152, allkpop_1615311605_untitled-1.…)

Imagine your dreams come true and you marry your kpop husbando and your kids turn out looking like him before the surgery. People will constantly ask you why your kids are so fugly. Will you make your kids get the same surgeries that your husbando got? It might be normal in Korea to give them a giftcard for a plastic surgeon for their 16th birthday, idk.

No. 227636

Theres no way that's the same guy

No. 227637

If anyone posted a woman on here who had this much work done, Anons would tear her up for being botched. Idk why ktards get a pass.

No. 227638

I think in part it's the makeup that makes them look particularly feminine or gay

kek I never thought of that before


Yeah I also think he's cute compared to most Kpop idols but the fake grey hair and eyebrow color makes him look a bit uncanny to me. And his face looks unnaturally pale imo, but that might just be the lighting.

No. 227644

>ending of a performance
So you're telling me that ugly hat-haired korean ai was panting into the microphone as the grand finale?

No. 227650

Yes because that means whoever keeps seriously posting these ugly scrotes are children

No. 227653

File: 1643652406564.jpg (7 KB, 341x249, Bu7bTpl.jpg)

No. 227658

File: 1643653554639.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1536x1547, 358D22B5-BFE1-4EA6-AC77-36A872…)

Ugly as shit bad hairline always looks like he just smelled a fart i honestly think the women who find him attractive are retarded I almost threw from saving his picture, Joe keery I wish you had never been born you ugly fucking piece of dog shit.

No. 227660

there's still filtering and photoshopping done on the picture but it's one of the most candid ones out there. i also really hate the hair colors makeup and dye trends in kpop in recent years and think they've contributed to the epidemic of making idols look worse


it's insane how all of nct is part of the same group because some are so obviously botched while others aren't. here is to hoping none of the ones who look natural mess up their faces too much, especially hendery, it would be a shame to waste his expressive ability


it's not like exo and super junior and shinee or mx looked like old men when they debuted but they certainly didn't look diminutive and childish like skz. or tbz, or the hyphen group. recent boy groups look like they cant take on a sandwich. left the fox eyed soft boi trend die already(kpop sperging. this thread isn't a way to bypass the rules. )

No. 227671

Good lord what is this creature

No. 227679

Weird, I like a lot of guys with similar features but there is something in his face that makes me feel disgusted.

No. 227685

>get banned for posting jimin itt
what the fuck kpop stan mod?

No. 227747

just nuke sout korea kim please

No. 227748

One can only wish

No. 227786

Does he have an extra chromosome?

No. 227838

No. 228562

File: 1643957995792.gif (1.8 MB, 245x299, young henry.gif)

Kek I think he always had a butt chin (see the gif) but it got more prominent due to aging and losing facial fat, and probably also the roids. But I agree that he looked better when he was younger, he was a real dreamboat, honestly gorgeous. And now he has a receding hairline, a rugged face, and a gorilla-like body from all the steroids he's been taking. It's pretty tragic.

No. 228567

Young Henry reminds me of a male version of young Jennifer Connelly with their coloring and eyebrows and general next level beauty

No. 228573

I think he still looks attractive at 40, rugged in comparison to his 20s sure but still very handsome

No. 228574

his personality disgusts me. he may as well be danny devito.

No. 228576

lol I noticed the same thing, its creepy as hell

No. 228579

I resent the fact that being "ruggedly" handsome is considered a good thing for men, but most middle aged women would get torn a part for not having baby smooth skin.

No. 228581

I don’t consider it a good look for men, but he specifically looks good is what im saying. There are many famous moids aging tragically worse than how he did, as they do

No. 228583

File: 1643964921830.jpg (96.63 KB, 1200x797, tmp-name-2-26484-1535485413-13…)

I'm at least a decade late with this one, but I can't believe the amount of teenage girls and adult women went absolutely crazy for these two, especially Edward. Jacob has a nice body at least while Edward looks malnourished.

No. 228585

i dont like muscular men but taylor lautner was way better looking and at least his character was semi-normal. his reasons for being concerned at first were sane, then he got a little weird but still nowhere near as weird as edward. pattinson looked far better in harry potter than he did in twilight, he looked like pure shit in the movies with the lipstick, perma-constipated expression and near translucent skin. was not a twilightfag but honestly gets under my skin the way edward was so heavily preferred despite being 400 years old, literal autismo tier, a terrible partner, and badly styled

No. 228588

Ah, remember
>wHiCh TeAm
I never saw twilight. If they put actually hot guys, I would've.

No. 228589

i hate to bring up kpoop but Edward's makeup reminds me of that kek. uncanny looking.

No. 228590

Jacob was A+ with his long hair, pretty forgettable without it.

No. 228591

File: 1643969709535.jpg (46.18 KB, 660x371, 150173.jpg)

mind you, that picture was mild. look at this literal clown-tier hatchet job on this man's face. he was only like 22 here, too. they made him look 48. jacob mogged him by a mile.

No. 228593

I cannot believe i had multiple posters of this ugly man in my room as a teen girl when he looked like THIS. I always found Jacob ugly and still do tbh, his face annoys me. I seriously am in disbelief that these are the men teen girls almost waged a civil war over.

No. 228595

Jacob has a Neanderthal brow and pig nose, sorry
Still better looking than the chewed-down and spit-out papier-mache corpse on the left

No. 228935

Tbh I find younger him also fugly. Not my type at all.

No. 228941

such an annoying snotty face

No. 228945

At least younger Jacob with long hair was cute, especially with that body

No. 228970

I keep seeing that mug everywhere and I hate it. I want to punch him.

No. 238094

File: 1645246709863.jpg (23.77 KB, 400x400, 1645187254605.jpg)

No. 238133

You’re blind. He was hot. No one needed to shill him.

No. 238144

anon you gotta stop falling for the bait and learn to ignore

No. 238159

oops kek

No. 238169

I'm not baiting, I genuinely don't get it and some retard keeps shilling him in other threads.

No. 238185

wait people find him attractive? idk who this is but from this picture it's a no. his head is too square and his ears seem weirdly small.

No. 238187

File: 1645255733710.jpg (96.22 KB, 1200x675, ER46Zx3W4AAwadm.jpg)

Do you live under a rock with that anon who didn't recognize Tom Cruise?

Like you really look at Jude Law and think 'check out those tiny ears 1/10 would not bang'? lmao

No. 238192

honesly, after looking at his filmography, the only movies of his I've seen are the Sherlock ones and Sky Captain. He's not that attractive/stand-out in looks.

No. 238193

The eyes in the other pic was the most unattractive trait imo. I didn't know who this was either.

No. 238196

Blonde haired blue eyed men are rarely attractive

No. 238197

after looking at other pictures of him to try and get that "oh yeah! him!" reaction out of myself, the eyes stuck out as being more a point of dislike. 75% of the time they made me uncomfortable.

No. 238200

oh fuck this loaded as I posted >>238197

I typically find blond/blue eyed people attractive. he's just not one. which is weird because I'm guilty of lowering standards for brits.

No. 238232

File: 1645259282431.jpg (317.42 KB, 1200x1200, gettyimages-1201487079.jpg)

Justin Timberlake. He has such an annoying face. Like I can kind of understand around the NSYNC days if he was a heart throb to teen girls or whatever, but there was a time around a decade ago when they tried really hard to make him a sex symbol. It didn't work.

No. 238385

He looks like someone's dad on this pic.

No. 238392

File: 1645270255291.gif (2.55 MB, 500x250, 6457hf.gif)

this comment is so harsh kek that's a bad pic also, he's cuter in motion

No. 238406

thought that was jon richardson for a second

No. 238434

I often think if I am really lesbian rather than bisexual, but then I see someone like him and remember that some men are pretty nice looking

I remember watching Stranger Things with my ex girlfriend, we both thirsted after him and the police chief, it was like the Niagara Falls. Then I always ate her pussy afterwards, oh what good times they were.

No. 238597

he looks even worse here tbh. his hair in general pisses me off.

No. 238904

File: 1645295401320.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1023x1279, harry-styles-halloween-2021.jp…)

harry styles just looks like a pedo when he wears dresses

No. 238909

File: 1645295578470.jpeg (80.75 KB, 976x549, 20210603-1622697078520-origina…)

the women of bts especially that ugly little fag in the yellow

No. 238911

I dont even watch kpop but when kpop threads were a thing I always lmao'd at the term "rat monster" when scrolling by

No. 238973

He was cute in his fancy suits but his pretending to be woke shtick is really fucking annoying. I know damn well he isn't bi. I'm like 99.9% sure he's fully straight.

No. 238987

Same, also jimincel holy mother of keks. The whole jopping hysteria was hilarious as well

No. 238991

he'd be much cuter if he just went back to more masculine styling and didn't look greasy all the time

No. 239029

I really do feel nostalgia when I hear these names. Bless old lolcow

No. 239080

I hate it so much, putting an obviously very macho straight dude in women's clothes isn't revolutionary, it's just tone deaf ugly pandering.
Harry Styles is clearly still very blokey even if he's more approachable than other men. I miss Prince

No. 252807

Oh shit you're right, he actually looks good here>>219660

No. 252855

KEK the kpop threads were the funniest cesspools ever. hoping for a revival someday

No. 259447

File: 1651094531235.jpg (44.62 KB, 640x500, 4542dc0671c8880ac151e92197fb1c…)

I will never get over how disguisting this man is.

No. 259459

Jesus fucking christ anon. Do people shill him as attractive? Who is he?

No. 259474

Serge Gainsbourg. Here is an article describing him as "handsome":

Every time I look into this gremlin I'm disgusted. Apparently, he was also a sex pest.

No. 259508

>Apparently, he was also a sex pest.
The way he's lecherously clinging to that poor little girl says as much. Sick

No. 259595

File: 1651138601296.gif (4.76 MB, 268x350, tumblr_43c48a777dc4dbb65a0d17a…)

Genuinely shocked to see Joe here. Sperg incoming.

He's an incredibly kind person in real life, for one, just ask anyone who's met him irl. He's also the reason why season one of Stranger Things didn't have a rape subplot. In the pilot script, Steve full-on raped Nancy, but the Duffers scrapped that idea entirely because Joe was just too damn sweet and likeable. He's also part of why the show has gay representation; the Duffers wanted Steve to date Robin at the end of season three as a "reward" for being a better person. Maya Hawke and Joe thankfully opposed that and suggested that Robin be a lesbian instead, which sends the way better message that Steve no longer feels entitled to the girls he likes the way he did in season one.

Also, how often do you see a thirty-year old scrote with hair that healthy? Shit, I would kill for that much volume.

No. 259770

Oh yeah he wrote that creepy incestuous song with his daughter who was 11 at the time. What is it with men projecting their odious fantasies?

No. 261949

File: 1651926805141.jpg (1008.85 KB, 4613x2997, 46d9a19ac8ab345fc59d28e7389b05…)

ugly british freaks

No. 261963

File: 1651930289985.gif (799.05 KB, 436x498, 40677B19-8C7C-4480-8E4A-B89BD7…)

phil has always been an uggo but Dan used to be a teenage girl’s ideal emo boyfriend back then

No. 261964

Guess he had a great personality then.

No. 261966

they were SO popular at one point kek

No. 262593


No. 262603

Still ugly though.

No. 262679

Dan was cute back in the day, Phil has always been ugly. He gave me the creeps, an almost 30 year old man acting so infantile with a barely legal boyfriend, sus as hell.

No. 262689

Looks like the type of guy who asks where his hug is and calls you a slut after rejecting him.

No. 262715

dan’s “youtube comeback” video was recommended on my feed and he looked so ugly and bloated in the thumbnail

No. 262795

File: 1652187937757.jpg (55.48 KB, 467x608, Untitled.jpg)

tom holland is so fucking ugly jesus christ capeshit movies really show everyone's whole ass and their horrific taste in moids

No. 262796

I think an anon said in a celebricow thread that he looks like an average chav (because of a picture of him in sportswear and shirtless) and as a non-brit I have no idea how accurate this is. I want more opinions.

No. 262805

I thought he was cute a couple years ago but now he's hit the point of rapid decline.

No. 262809

thats nice to hear about his behavior and all but he is still not good looking

No. 262812

shirtless and in sports clothes doesn't equal chav, that's the most middle class thing I've ever heard kek

No. 262817

I disagree. The guys on the gay chav fetish blogs I follow are way fitter.

No. 262821

That's not the reason why she said that, iirc she posted this picture to show how normal he looks compared to these weird, fancy professional photoshoots he does for fashion/gossip magazines and promotional stuff for movies. And also to show that he isn't a cutesy teenage boy uwu but a grown man with abs from practicing sports because he's treated like a kawaii uguu teen boy by his fangirls. I wish I remembered the thread where that was posted.

No. 262822

That's nice, you do you

No. 262823

File: 1652194913717.jpg (47.84 KB, 750x500, fd296b7bf9baf98f38f2c2edc11e20…)

>In the pilot script, Steve full-on raped Nancy, but the Duffers scrapped that idea entirely because Joe was just too damn sweet and likeable.
what the shit? that's so disgusting. I'm so glad they didn't go forward with that. fuck the duffer brothers, sickos. sad that the actors on the show have to keep them in line from turning the characters into rapists and using female characters as prizes.

I love Joe though so I'm glad to hear he didn't go along with those dreadful storylines.

No. 262868

They kept Jonathan’s haggard ass as a main fave who “got the girl” he took seminude pictures of without consent while creeping on her out her window too, god I hate him

No. 262945

the what blogs

No. 262948

He looks weird as fuck now, hgh did him no favours.

No. 264418

File: 1652729926683.jpg (175.74 KB, 834x596, QZJIEYLZWFGAHGQOD6IBPLK2Y4.jpg)

These two ugly swamp goblins (especially pete). That's why I will never feel bad for incels when they say looks matter. These two are ugly as sin and both are fucking Hollywood's most gorgeous and famous women.

No. 264419

I find MGK attractive but Pete is SO UGLY

No. 264420

Ikr, I hate Pete's beady ass rat eyes. It looks like someone kicked his shit in and gave him two black eyes

No. 264421

pete looks like he smells terrible, i honestly have no idea why he's seen as attractive, he has really bulbous frog-like facial features and greasy sickly skin.
at least with mgk he had potential in his hollywood whore/hotel diablo era where he didn't look like a full-blown crackhead.

isn't it crazy how musty moids like this are allowed to exist peacefully in hollywood and they're even considered attractive? if this was a woman with butthole eyes and sickly skin she would have been pressured into cosmetic surgery already.

No. 264429

he’s like a human possum. Even possums are cuter kek

No. 264435

I don't know how pete can be so greasy. He looks like he showers once a week. He also vaguely reminds me of a much taller version of this guy I used to know personally who was a felon and a deadbeat. That makes me find him even grosser kek

No. 264438

They both creep me out cause they look like my exes in an alternate universe where they are wiggers instead of geeks

No. 264461

that is the ugliest moid i've ever seen

No. 264487

File: 1652760050269.jpeg (946.43 KB, 1052x1595, DB0817D5-694B-487C-A361-2E1EB3…)

Still one of my favorite images.

Xioamethee really does look horrific in photos now and it 100% has to be jaw fillers. Even if he’s not your type he still looked a way more human in CMBYN than he does now.

No. 265161

The funny thing is that the Duffers were apparently so attached to the idea of a cartoonishly evil bully that they attempted that idea a second time by creating Billy. But then the same thing happened again. The guy who played him, Dacre Montgomery (yes I'm the sperg who brings him up a lot, sue me) thought it was boring to have Billy be a jerk for no reason, so he came up with the idea of Billy having an abusive father and an absentee mother. And instead of having him be unceremoniously killed off early on, they had him make a noble sacrifice.

Now it looks like the Duffers are trying to pull the same crap again in season 4, albeit with a female bully instead of a male one this time. Why are they so fucking attached to the "two dimensional bully gets eaten by the monster because karma" trope? I get that it was a staple of 80s teen thrillers and horror movies, but good fucking grief. How many actors are going to have to tell them it's a lame cliche before they stop trying it?

No. 274376

File: 1657405897606.jpg (1.01 MB, 2793x4000, joseph-quinn-1653659136.jpg)

Since season 4 volume 2 of ST came out a bunch of people are finding this guy hot. Even Doja Cat well-known cow thot was revealed to slide in this dude's DMs. I don't get the appeal, he looks like RDJ if he was a redditor incel, with beady rat eyes.

No. 274378

He looks like life with mak

No. 274392

I think he looks nice in character as Eddie, the long hair and clothes. I think it was mostly charisma that made people attracted to him. It does wonders

No. 274439

File: 1657450073726.jpg (64.37 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

Are they still being shilled as attractive?

No. 274444

They're ugly loosers who never grew up out of high school and thats their moid revenge fantasy on the more popular handsome students who probably didn't even care about them at all even enough to bully them

No. 274494

File: 1657461577927.jpg (23.2 KB, 460x374, QWbePcW.jpg)

It's definitely his character's charisma that's working for him. He has this weirdly soft borderline doughy looking face and the apex of his hairline + the way he wears his curly hair when it's not slicked back really makes him look like a weird stage 1 male pattern baldness British/Jamie Oliver-esque man.

No. 274498

one time i commented under one of their instagram pictures in about 2015 that they had bicycle seat shaped heads and minutes after a fan page posted my account and tagged me with the caption reading "everyone go raid this person" something to that effect but enraged. dont understand why they targeted me specifically when there were tons of other hate comments but i was the only one posted…

No. 274499

samefag also i had no idea who they even were i have 0 memory of how i got to their account in the first place

No. 274597

LMAO poor anon.

No. 274800

File: 1657620268841.png (236.17 KB, 363x637, button-up.png)

Same, anon. I never liked him around Marzia.
I think he looks better bloody, and all beat up.

No. 275608

mark ruffalo is so incredibly fucking ugly to me i just had to say it somewhere

No. 275781

File: 1658027172102.jpg (103.76 KB, 788x1024, (not)Sexy-Chris-Hemsworth-Pict…)

I find Chris Hemsworth so fucking ugly. I seriously don't get the appeal, like look at how tiny his eyes are. Ugh.

No. 275784

He looks dehydrated and tired

No. 275913

File: 1658075806305.jpg (214.54 KB, 1200x1600, 1803057.jpg)

Sebastian Stan. He looks like a wife beater or a serial killer to me. Fuck him and his fivehead

No. 275917

agreed. like if Marlon Brando was left to melt in the sun

No. 275920

File: 1658076907463.jpeg (610.23 KB, 828x1217, B69A0988-F3F0-435A-8F9F-4A8745…)

i don’t get why people find Kit Harrington so attractive, whenever my sister would put on game of thrones she always talked about how hot he was and I seriously don’t see it.

No. 275961

The fuck is going on with his hairline?

No. 275963

They seem to really hate metalheads in particular for some reason. Like the metal guys in the show are portrayed as criminals, they get treated like shit by their families, and then they get killed off. Like did a metalhead steal one of their girlfriends or something?

No. 276255

I wonder if they secretly seethe seeing how popular Billy and Eddie are.

No. 286453

love Lindsay!

No. 286498

I can't believe this fucker has bitched about how objectified he feels by fans. Eat it up, it won't last long.

No. 286500


You are both based and ily.

No. 286610

If the show has any cute boys can I have it’s name because I’m looking for longhair eye candy kek

No. 286613

Literally all of them. None of them look convincingly human let alone attractive. No, not even your poor little meow meow.

No. 286737

Henry is natural, he did not take steroids. He is just very built - but definitely not ripped like someone on roids would be. (e.g. Chris Evans is more shredded than Henry)

No. 286891

File: 1662771677922.jpg (532.34 KB, 1329x1790, Reunião_com_o_ator_norte-ameri…)

An actor who seems to be considered attractive more for their roles that fans obsess over than their actual looks. He looks really weird when not in motion. Seems like a genuinely good guy, though.

No. 286908

>considered attractive more for his roles than his actual looks
i don't think that's true? but idk i'm not involved in his fandom. I've always thought he was cute, although now he's a little too old for me. I like his eyes.

No. 286913

File: 1662778546963.jpg (633.45 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20220909-092321.jpg)

He's slowly morphing into Nik

No. 286929

nta but funnily enough it's actually his eyes that are the worst feature to me tbh, they're too beady

No. 286939

File: 1662798091325.jpg (185.22 KB, 1125x1500, ddf24702f92ce0f3d606428037354d…)

he was conventionally attractive when he was younger for sure.
idk what it is but for some reason if a man was attractive in their prime, there are a lot of people that hold onto that and convince themselves they're still hot now (ex: johnny depp supporters)

keanu didnt age that badly but obviously he doesnt have the boyishly handsome thing that made him famous anymore

No. 286949

Not those anons but they were talking about Stranger Things

No. 286979

I will forever wonder how men get away with that. Getting old and losing their looks.

No. 287006

worst take in this entire thread

No. 300346

File: 1668992448677.jpeg (80.96 KB, 795x1000, alain-delon-en-1963.jpeg)

Didn't feel attracted to him in any movie of his I saw. Not ugly but overrated.

No. 300373

I agree. He looks ugly now. I hate his goatee and shoulder length hair. He was adorable in his youth though.

No. 300399

big agree anon, he was pretty in a way when he was young but there's nothing behind those eyes. i've never found him to be incredibly attractive or perfect, just good looking in a way that could only create cockiness, which is also off-putting

No. 300406

File: 1669047899257.png (683.37 KB, 859x844, normanreedus.png)

he looked good in Boondock Saints when he was young and pretty. i will never forgive TWD for casting him however, he hit the wall fast

No. 300408

He looked good with normal hair and he seems like a cool trashy guy to chill with. I can’t believe all the hordes of women who are literally obsessed with him though, if he wasn’t in a cool zombie show they’d think he’s a homeless person tbh. All the drinking and drugs really fucked him.

No. 301334

File: 1669651809961.jpeg (24.32 KB, 701x438, images (3).jpeg)

Kinda specific but this Brazilian goalkeeper who is shilled as handsome because self-hating mutts can't see a pair of light colored eyes. There are articles saying shit like "Alisson's beauty might convince you to watch the world cup~", I get that all the men in our team are ugly, so you have to grasp at straws, but just shut the fuck up.(race sperging)

No. 301444

I don't think he's all that bad looking, nonna, but he's not a charmer, either. He's very plain. He wouldn't catch my eye if I saw him on the street.

No. 301846

File: 1669929020334.jpeg (260.05 KB, 1170x1150, 105343CA-BFF8-4600-A9C2-AAD3A7…)

Never heard of this guy but just no.

No. 301859

he has one of the ugliest/weakest jawlines i've ever seen on a man. his side profile is so fucking ugly.

No. 301864

I find all male male A listers ugly as fuck. Literally never saw the appeal of Dicaprio, Clooney, Depp, Brad Pitt, any of the ‘Chris’s’ or anyone else.

No. 301866

He looks like an autistic young Willy wonka

No. 301868

this is the type of man who's only hot in candid moments, he should not be glorified for hotness, it just doesn't work

No. 301881

He reminds me of an old painting or statue. I think he should’ve been styled more romantically for a photoshoot

No. 301889

If he had dark brown hair I think I could get it but the dirty blonde is just a major no for me

No. 301891

The hype for this guy is annoying as fuck because he has the ugliest mouth in show business. I honestly think people only hype him because he’s known for working class characters and they like a scuzzy white boy. If he played richer characters, like Timmy, he would have way fewer fans. He is literally only hot to the girls who can’t stop compulsively fucking shitty bartenders and cashiers

No. 301894

I at first thought he was pouting but his mouth is just that way?

No. 301895

ugly but still cuter than timothee because twink-looking men are a huge turn off for me. cuter than adam driver too i think

No. 301923

all uggos

No. 301928

exactly, the photos look really awful but in motion he's sexy

No. 302290

File: 1670180092411.jpg (34.02 KB, 467x500, 1381338400_marilyn-manson-arti…)

Even before he was publicly outed as an abuser I always thought he was hideous and never understood the appeal. His pseudo-intellectual bullshit has always been grating too. I hope he gets beaten to death in prison Minecraft.

No. 302292

The one true based and correct take re this scumbag, nonna.

No. 302293

Based nonna speaking facts.

No. 302310

He’s exactly what happens when you give an edgy hideous incel fame and access to women.

No. 302311

Since when has he ever been shilled as attractive?

No. 302312

Many alt and "goth" pick-mes did shill him as "sexy" for whatever reason

No. 302332

He looks like Crazy Frog

No. 303333

File: 1670688698936.jpeg (18.49 KB, 679x452, images (10).jpeg)

Imagine being a (supposedly) real human being and looking this uncanny valley.

No. 303356

File: 1670700192128.jpg (38.4 KB, 427x600, 7340200ed18bc957173bf1f8806933…)

Styling is everything, I guess. I am ashamed to admit I think he was hot before he crashed into the wall. He's sort of a butterface in picrel

No. 303373

still don't see it sorry

No. 303423

Literally who

No. 303499

Kek he’s one of the most famous soccer players, Cristiano Ronaldo. Honestly based that you don’t know.

No. 304599

File: 1671371583118.png (422.2 KB, 583x381, ew.PNG)

he's so FUCKING ugly i never understood it. i've seen people say he's hot so much that it makes me seethe, he's so insanely unappealing

No. 304602

matty healy. don't even want to google him much less save a picture of him to post he's so ugly and i'm tired of the years of shilling this man as attractive. no he is not

No. 304629

Fun fact, my dad interviewed this prick while he was a DJ in South Carolina way back in the late 90s. Said as soon as Manson slouched his way into the room he knew the dude was a fucking predator. Growing up I was a metal head/goth and dad wouldn't let me get into Manson's music. I always thought he looked like a grubby, rat faced fuck anyhow with shit music.

No. 304630

>much less save a picture of him
That's how I feel about Adam Levine.

No. 304642

He’s a prime example of what happens when you give an incel too much money, clout and access to women.

Also JFL at him trying to copy Yoshikis hairstyle, lmfaoooo.

No. 304654

Your dad sounds based.

No. 304694

Precisely. I've never liked him, when my dad told me the story my dislike turned to intense loathing. Pops is a pretty good judge of character.
He is, and not even my bio dad. I fucking love that dude and he taught me how to not take shit from any scrote. He got to interview a lot of bands/musicians, favorite being Hootie and the Blowfish. Apparently they're just really nice.

No. 304926

File: 1671828264167.jpeg (130.47 KB, 1200x1203, 15F18974-B5CE-48CC-9BB8-4E1CA9…)

He looks like a pug

No. 304927

File: 1671828299858.jpeg (51.35 KB, 1024x615, 0A94A283-37C8-4233-A007-1A353B…)

No. 305645

File: 1672380736108.jpg (78.58 KB, 596x628, 9N21A-1621437164-714-blog-rike…)

this fat manwhore

No. 305646

Delete this, nonna. Riker is a beautiful man.

No. 305649

File: 1672385816703.jpg (9.06 KB, 360x270, Commander_20Riker_large.jpg)

I'll admit he was pretty cute in the earlier seasons but he kept getting chubbier and more haggard looking with every season, definitely not as hot as the show tried to act like he was. or I guess it was because he was tall and had confidence, but meh

No. 305662

Hard agree. And he was a prick to Troi.
Riker always creeped me the fuck out, especially when he got that demonic, wide-eyed smile on his face.

No. 305665

I was literally just thinking about how he never deserved deanna

No. 306353

I actually think he's kind of cute/hot, just not a heart throb

No. 306400

he was hot before 30. i love watching him get called a fag and cry in kings

No. 306421

pete used to be cute in a weird funny nerd kinda way, now he looks like spoiled milk

No. 306422

he's a rapist, it checks out

No. 306436

Pete is not even funny. We get it, your dad died in 9/11. Get better material ffs!

No. 306447

Needs braces for that bite.

No. 306490

>i love watching him get called a fag and cry in kings
Oh my god same lmao those teary eyes… such a forgettable series otherwise. But yeah he aged badly, no interest anymore.

No. 309880

Looks like Rob Schneider

No. 310131

File: 1674553398570.png (3.34 MB, 2000x1333, a28f5173-8ad2-474f-a2c1-beaf53…)

man has destroyed his face

No. 310132

File: 1674553620355.png (1.03 MB, 1296x730, 0xAIxqc.png)


No. 310900

File: 1675148517187.png (180.93 KB, 273x365, Daryl_Dixon_Norman_Reedus.png)

I'll never understand the amount of women who were creaming themselves over this guy

No. 310902

He’s so fucking weird looking but I still want him so bad

No. 310904

File: 1675150442753.jpg (595.87 KB, 1284x859, 1673977484376.jpg)

you're all gonna get mad at me for this but…yeah. i always thought he looked gross and weird even when he was younger. something about his nose especially grosses me out.

No. 310905

Who is this nona? He genuinely looks like my autistic cousin

No. 310906

edward furlong

No. 310907

samefag i was wary of posting him cause most farmers consider him attractive and an example of how men from previous decades looked "cuter" than modern men but i just don't see it

No. 310922

He looks the same

No. 310923

I don’t either. I’d say he was like a 7 at his peak while young, and how he looks now is about a 2 (no offense to anyone who likes him)

No. 310932

7?? 4 at the most

No. 312381

File: 1676145172196.jpeg (23.09 KB, 639x426, a3a579dc53c8902cdf7b1ca8700268…)

No. 312404

I'm one of the anons that thinks he's hot but I can understand not finding him attractive, there's something a little off with his face
>he's a 4 at the most
let's not go crazy now

No. 312415

literal penis nose, his brother is a troon

No. 312770

I would normally agree with you but i just had the craxiest sex dream about him and that dick is bomb sorry

No. 312787

>That triple chin
Looks like an astmathic little boy smelled a fart. Ugly & overweight.

No. 312995

i feel like i'm being gaslit by everyone lusting after him, there is no crumb of me that finds this man attractive and i usually go crazy for semi ugly men with big noses and brown eyes. i keep getting recommended pics and vids of this man on social media and i'm extremely tired of it

No. 313006

This bitch is everywhere. It's like we're always forced to have some ugly to mid, old or middle aged man as flavour of the year. This mf always looks like someone's unkempt uncle. Knowing he has an mtf troon(who he gets handmaiden points on)in his immediate family makes him even less attractive and he's already a 2. We've been through this before. Put bags over all of their heads. My eyes always feel assaulted when I see what's engineered and sold to women as attractive. It's never some stupid hot 23 year old like it is with women. The fucker is almost 50, he's ugly and doesn't own a comb or can take care of a beard to save his life

No. 313031

He's ugly. He's a fag. His acting sucks. His family is a nightmare; political shit, father is a criminal that fucked people over at a fertility clinic, mom committed suicide, troon brother. There is zero appeal there.

No. 313033

Literally fucking who?

No. 313034

Armored skeptic?

No. 313037

The little girl in the last of us tv show is a they/them now too. He contaminates the population with gendie shit

No. 313125

Wow. That’s really depressing to hear.

No. 313129

File: 1676633177331.png (39.73 KB, 1689x240, person.PNG)

There's something really depressing in how she apparently is unable to understand that being a woman doesn't mean she's not a person.

No. 313265

File: 1676716665460.png (787.41 KB, 1224x942, Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 2.37…)

No. 313814

File: 1677036435259.png (611.94 KB, 641x557, phoebe promised me cheeky nand…)

>see paul mescal trending for the 100th time recently
>google him
>it's literally just some guy with a million other men who look just like him scattered over bongland and ireland

No. 313818

ruined the mandalorian when he took the helmet off. can't wait until he's passé

No. 313827

He's got huge pupils and small eyes like shayna

No. 314208

File: 1677268999835.jpg (45.91 KB, 299x380, d1f7826323c0f1543cbffbd0f3cd5f…)

No. 314333

he's everything

No. 314335

>Men shilled as attractive who you find ugly
>he's everything

No. 314350

Thank you for posting him lmao. I loved Bowie's music but I never understood his appeal. I think women were drawn to him mostly because of his status and talent, if he was the average guy they wouldn't pay attention to him on the street. Also, don't forget he fucked a 14 year old

No. 314351

>he fucked a 14 year old
Before some dumbass fuck nonny posts that she wanted it, shut the fuck and kys. Bowie still took advantage and the child didn't know better

No. 314603

File: 1677537341837.jpg (16.87 KB, 475x458, 13a-21.jpg)

No. 314605

File: 1677538129956.jpg (49.64 KB, 306x380, 518ea4ef287277a7db594a0c4db844…)

No, anon, he is not good looking

No. 314622

No. 315886

File: 1678294598307.jpg (325.68 KB, 980x1208, Tumblr_l_969670721533249.jpg)

Have you actually seen him in movement in Lawrence of Arabia, you bad taste anon? I bet you didn't, otherwise you would eat those words

No. 315894

lawrenceanon it's okay just let them go at it, this is the thread for it

No. 315896

yeah it's a thread for shilled men, like something of a bigger scale, like social media or a group of fans here, like driverfags or bowiefags, not someone who has like literally 1 fangirl on lolcow

No. 315921

she do be shilling him a lot tho

No. 316011

Lawrencenonnie, you inspired me to watch the movie once spring break starts. I think you liked a youtube vid of an analysis of the movie in some thread? I watched it, and seeing him in motion and listening to the video's analysis inspired me. I can't wait until I have freetime and can appreciate the movie without stress. Thank you for being you and unabashedly loving Lawrence. Your posts always make me happy. Live your best life!

No. 316092

File: 1678389237163.gif (923.45 KB, 268x272, ezgif-2-febccd19ab.gif)

Oh god anon thank you, your words mean a lot to me! You mean the Tragedy of the Conqueror video? I remember posting it, it was a pretty good analysis, especially that there's a small amount of LoA-related conted on yt. I'm always happy whenever someone decides to watch this film, I'm glad my ramblings can sometimes encourage people to give it a try. Please share your thoughts/feelings in the movie thread when you watch it! I'm always interested what people have to say about it, even when they don't like it. In my case, it only grows on me with time. The more I learn about movie making, the more I appreciate it from a technical standpoint, and the feelings it evoked in me the first time are just as strong now. I remember reading some comment, don't remember where, where a person said that they watch this movie from time to time to remind themselves who they are, and I think it captures this feeling pretty accurately. Well I never really fit in, but this movie, and the book it was based on and T.E. Lawrence as a historical figure, inspire me to embrace it, to not forget about my own ideals and values even if that means I may have it harder than others in certain areas, to not be afraid to have dreams, even if they don't seem possible at the moment, to go my own way even if that means being alone, and to strive for something higher than just the material things, that's the kind of life I see worth living, even if the ending isn't always happy.

No. 317150

He's ugly in motion too

No. 320256

He's so mid

No. 324158

File: 1682672604048.png (396.87 KB, 1200x900, glen-powell-and-sydney-sweeney…)

They are trying hard to shill this couple but the man makes my skin crawl

No. 324160

Dude has no lips he looks AI generated. He’s so plain looking. It’s like boring to look at

No. 324167

Henry Cavill tbh

No. 324202

All of them. I have never been attracted to any celebrities that are male, even if I thought "hey this character is kinda cute/hot" upon rewatching I just didn't see it and it killed me even more seeing the actor irl photos or another project, just wtf.

No. 324203

Possibly unpopular opinion itt but with Chamalet Hollywood at least has the decency to shill someone young and in the same age range as the demographic they are shilling him to. Everybody else are men who (maybe) were good looking 20+ years ago or who came to fame already post-wall.

No. 324217

I find him ugly too. I don't know why he's so popular, he's hideous and seems like a shitty moid.

No. 324233

he's got strange teeth, or maybe it's his smile that's unsettling. something something what christian bale said about tom cruise

No. 324276

File: 1682724167448.gif (1.65 MB, 540x273, Tumblr_l_570346672346910.gif)

if super tall blondes with chiseled faces are ugly then I want an ugly bf

No. 325161

There's so many posters on gossip threads hyping up this man and now I've finally seen him he's the most mid man I've witnessed. You can find him in any town called some shit like Hayseed, Nebraska.

No. 325197

File: 1683120444188.jpg (64.05 KB, 732x555, wtf.jpg)

i hated him ever since finding out he loves dating wayyyy below his age

No. 325199

He looks like every bloated guy who thinks he's hot because he has a beard.

No. 325240

Not to sound full of shit but I have anecdotal information from a friend that he's a dick to production teams on his sets too if you want some more hate fuel.

No. 325247

NTA but I believe it. There was something posted in one of the previous celebricows threads about him acting like a stereotypical rude 'gamer' on the set of The Witcher.

No. 325275

Yikes, I didn't know this about him. What a pig. I never really found him attractive and scrotes sucking his dick for being 'muh witcher' or 'muh superman' always grossed me out kek. Wonder if he'll be another DiCaprio aka another creepy hollywood moid dating way below his age range.

No. 325285

he always looked like a fucking idiot as superman or geralt to me, idk, he doesn't fit those characters. like i hate capeshit but i feel like the typecast chris dudes are believable as those superheroes. henry cavill is overrated, tacky and hollow

No. 325316

File: 1683167327753.jpg (940.89 KB, 2560x3840, Untitled.jpg)

he gets uglier every time i see him holy shit

No. 325320

File: 1683168631581.png (840.65 KB, 1200x606, barbie-movie-2023-ryan-gosling…)

always hated this horse faced mother fucker. looks especially like a old fag in this

No. 327877

File: 1683996556265.jpg (377.94 KB, 1200x1799, 1200px-Pedro_Pascal_by_Gage_Sk…)

I can't believe Pedro Pascal hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet. Anyway I hate how much he's being shilled, I don't see the appeal at all. Middle-aged men being presented as the hottest men by Hollywood already bugs me in general, but with Pedro it's more egregious. He's so ugly and rough looking. It fucking boggles my mind how he's being pushed as a sex symbol.
Yeah I agree, at least he's young. It's crazy how few young men are in Hollywood, especially compared to the past.

No. 327879

Why does he look different in every photo??? kek

No. 327880

Is he really shilled as sexy? I though it was just that people liked his wholesome dad vibe afer the last of us

No. 327902

NTA, but I definitely feel like he’s being annoyingly pushed as a sex symbol, at least in more “nerdy” spaces like on reddit. A lot of Star Wars/TLOU fans act like he’s the actor of the century or something. He doesn’t even look good for his age, it’s so weird.

No. 327903

Can someone who has bothered with this movie explain to me if it's some kind of ironic parody comedy and casting an old geezer as Ken was an intentional creative choice?

No. 327934

File: 1684005834526.jpg (321.23 KB, 1478x2048, Ful5bNZWIAA3Fca.jpg)

He looks so much better with facial hair it's insane. And being platinum blond doesn't suit him at all. Usually I think the reverse but h's the exception. I want that pink jacket so bad.

No. 327945

Isn't Ken supposed to be the ultimate pretty boy?
WTF were they thinking

No. 327955

he looked pretty in his youth, especially in that scene in the football movie where he kisses some guy

No. 327978

I could never find him attractive because he looks so much like a younger blue eyed blond-ish version of my uncle, in-law uncle but still, he's also a retarded conspiratard boomer.

No. 328094

I think Ken is supposed to be a washed up old fag in the movie, but dont quote me on that

No. 343833

I mean this with no malicious intent, but why is Dev Patel considered conventionally handsome? (especially on Twitter??) Is it because he's probably the only famous south Asian actor in western movies? He's a great actor, but the phenomenon baffles me.

No. 343865

He is mid in the same way Pedro Pascal is, that's why.

No. 343910

File: 1691594778122.jpg (53.83 KB, 490x612, gettyimages-1434980799-612x612…)

Incels are obsessed with him but I don't get it.

No. 343913

Because he’s a criminal that got forbidden for looking like handsome squidward. If he wasn’t a gang leader, no one would give a fuck about his ugly ass.

No. 343920

50% of women don't get it apparently.
But I still remember some flaunting over him.

No. 343924

he's what men think women think is attractive, but he just looks weird and annoying to me. I think black women in particular went gaga for him because of his eye color, but even then most of them could see that outside of his jaw and eyes, he's pretty fugly.

No. 343942

File: 1691619978862.gif (8.95 MB, 540x540, IMG_3257.gif)

I didn’t get it until I saw The Green Knight. Now I get it, but I also understand people not being attracted to him. He’s pretty average from an objective view

No. 343948

He walled

No. 343960

I sort of get it. He's not stunning, like if I saw him at the supermarket buying broccoli i wouldn't give him a second look, but he has a nice nose and I could see how he could become an acquired taste.

No. 343973

I’ve been watching for a long time but since discovering Reddit (cringe) it’s been worse and the genre is getting more and more… gross. Despite the guilt and shame and disgust I feel about myself when watching, I’m having a really hard time not doing it every night, it’s like a routine. The shame is the worst part.

No. 344118

File: 1691717220499.jpeg (74.45 KB, 735x877, F0E4D86C-8860-4D26-B1C8-22188F…)

Ugly af

No. 344205

That’s a fairly good looking dog and a fairly good looking man

No. 344342

File: 1691896394368.jpeg (22.57 KB, 410x297, A6A31068-1D2D-4C7E-9093-0A4AC6…)

I suppose if you think plain unremarkable cavemen with square Lego jaws are good looking like Channing Tatum, then he is good looking but picrel is what I consider a good looking man and I think those “hunky” looking roided moids are hideous and probably fart disgusting potent protein powder farts

No. 344346

Who’s this??

No. 344370

Takuya Kimura, the voice of Howl form Howl’s loving castle

No. 344372

No. 344373

damn he used to be so cute… too bad he aged like MILK. wish they could have used pre-wall Kimura for Judgment

No. 344388

>good looking dog
>photoshopped pit with mutilated ears
I sort of look like this moid

No. 344389

Chris Hemsworth. Pig-nosed, small-eyed, average looking guy whose so-called abs look like a Ken doll's.

No. 344411

You’re beautiful anon

No. 344446

Idk both the caveman and the guy you posted look unremarkable, this one looks more forgettable though

No. 344492

nta but at least the other guy has hair kek. that should be the bare minimum tbh.

No. 344645

The baldwin brothers (especially alec and stephen) are fucking hideous piles of dogshit. Who in their right mind found these Shadow over Innsmouth looking retards attractive when they were young?? It makes me want to puke when pickmes and other retards lick alec's balls when he whines about climate change while whelping out 7 kids with his defective sperm and using surrogates, and I'm not conservative by any means. Just ewww

No. 344701

I know this is a year old but he looks like of Justin Bieber got a jaw and chin implant. He also looks like he could be a male Instagram model, so that makes him look unnatural. He's not ugly but he's not super hot either, but above average for sure. And I actually like his nose shape and size, I hate big bulbous noses on anyone, and I agree his hair also ruins his look but even with his hair down he still looks uncanny.

No. 344702

You can post the entire group tbh. Only one that I may cut some slack for would be jungkook when he was younger. I'm not a fan of the group and never was, when they got popular with my friends back in middle school I never got the hype, the muisc was shit and they were mid looking but my friends insisted they were hot and got angry at me for not finding them hot, they made me think I was a lesbian or something since the popular "hot" guys weren't attractive to me. Same story with one direction but someone already posted them.

No. 344706

This one is super hot. I find men with dark hair to be bland and boring, I don't get why so many anons chase after them.
I get his blue eyes are a part of his charm but they make him look so scary, he's also a criminal so incels are pretending all women are evil because a few handful women sent him love letters as if incels don't write about wishing they were the victims whenever there's a female pedo or rapist

No. 344708

Blue eyed men are actually quite nice.

No. 344749

Depends on the hue and face shape. If they have intimidating facial features and cold toned blue eyes it's scary but if a guy with pretty eyeshape has blue eyes its a plus.

No. 344757

>I find men with dark hair to be bland and boring
i reckon it's a matter of perspective and what/how much you're exposed to those things

No. 344771

>I don't get why so many anons chase after them.
Personally I like how it adds contrast to the rest of their features.

No. 344775

Those features are common in literally any given country though, even in Germany most men have brown hair and it looks ugly imo.
Makes sense I guess, though I guess that only works if their skin is light so that the hair can create contrast.

No. 344780

I find light haired men to be pretty ugly by contrast, meanwhile I have dark hair and eyes so they don't chase after me

Ginger men are the fucking ugliest, blondes are bleh, but brunette men, if they're good looking, are my favorites, and I don't know why

Meanwhile all I get pining after me are the ugly light haired squinty eyed inbred looking southern pipsqueaks who look like retarded versions of the hemsworths

No. 344798

>I find light haired men to be pretty ugly by contrast, meanwhile I have dark hair and eyes so they don't chase after me
Weird, I have dark hair/eyes and light haired blue eyed moids love me the most

No. 344813

he's only sexy for tween girls with daddy issues. there is nothing good looking about him, he is below average

No. 344815

he does. but with a hair transplant he would be kinda cute

No. 344824

>even in Germany
you're into nazis aren't you(weird infighting)

No. 344909

File: 1692191645348.jpg (115.95 KB, 1440x1441, IMG-20230816-WA0009.jpg)

Cillian Murphy, looks like a filler addict

No. 344985

I mean to say dark haired men don't chase after me when they're my type and it makes me want to gut myself

I find light haired men especially gingers so so so fucking ugly

No. 344996

Hate this cocksucking soulless faggot

No. 344997

Tween girls don’t find Pedro Pascal attractive it’s literally 30+ reddit moms

No. 344999

I agree Chris Hemsworth is genuinely so ugly to me

No. 345004

Liam is better looking… but they're all just, for lack of a better word, squinty? I don't really like muscly, bulky, light haired dudes with squinty eyes. my type is lanky brunette dudes with droopy big eyes and all I ever seen to get the attention of is ugly light haired squinty dudes, brunette men why do you hate me, I'm not dyeing my hair blonde, it's not my fucking shade

No. 345044

Gotta assume most people are only attracted to him because he played Tommy on Peaky Blinders


I don't see it. He seems straight

No. 345045

>Cillian seems straight
No male actors are straight. And he also has the most severe case of gayface I’ve ever seen.

No. 345055

nta but isn't 'gayface' usually rounder

No. 345153

I think he was handsome when young but he's so creepy now. I can't understand if he messed with his face or he was always going to age like this

No. 345157

I think it's because he lost a bunch of weight to play Oppenheimer

No. 345163

He looks bogged and I'm not sure di he just naturally looks like he has botched sugery

No. 345169

He was cute in 28 days later, but that's it. And maybe that one Batman movie where he played Scarecrow.

No. 345172

Red Eye too.

No. 345173

nayrt but I think you're right. His cheekbones naturally make his face appear gaunt to start with, and losing all the weight accentuated that quite a lot.
He's also cute in Sunshine, Red Eye, Dunkirk…

No. 345227

File: 1692357429598.jpeg (226.86 KB, 828x1303, would scream in horror.jpeg)

He needs to keep a mask/helmet on at all times.

No. 346465

File: 1693094852762.jpg (55.79 KB, 620x775, gettyimages-543891698.jpg)

Dory found

No. 346510

It's like Pedro Pascal was decided by some powers that be to become yet another old underwhelming looking male that will be pushed on women until they accept him as a sex simbol. I am constantly disappointed in how suggestible women as a social group are. You can convince us to accept any old shit, no problem. When smarter women push back they get suppressed by the majority that will cry that ackshwally we need to be kinder, up is down, down is up and so below average middle aged ugly men are actually totally sex symbols. They've been told that so it's true. Males do not allow this shit, they know it's not in their interest.

No. 346516

File: 1693139408171.jpeg (96.54 KB, 676x1200, Harry Styles _ Harry styles lo…)

Nonas, do you think if Harry Styles had a jet wash, he would finally look clean?

No. 346606

I watched Oppenheimer and while in motion he's less scary the gaunt cheeks and blue ass eyes still creep me out a little. I agree with the nonas that the weight loss played a big part, but even in press he looked a bit strange.

No. 346610

File: 1693178793046.gif (1.96 MB, 160x282, ohstylesno.gif)

kek I used to be a Louis fan.. um. I seem to have a thing for guys with nice butts.
lmaoing at the fact he's been posted a few times in the same thread.
Seriously. Why don't more famous men get one when they obviously need it? 2013 was it for me.

No. 346825

File: 1693342026052.jpg (864.39 KB, 2463x3211, brad-pitt-then-now-gallery-5.j…)

Brad Pitt. I don't see what's attractive, he looks retarded.

No. 352564

File: 1697096238517.jpg (314.18 KB, 1000x562, Bad-Bunny.jpg)

His eyes are too close together and all his songs sound the same.

No. 352571

Sorry but I despise this phenotype. Like the British piggy frog phenotype with the wide face and snub nose. Instant pussy drier for me sorry.

I never found him attractive either. All his features below his eyes are so ugly and weird looking to me. I find Chris Hemsworth super ugly too.

No. 352572

Lol teenagers don’t even find these kinds of haggard moids attractive. Most teenage girls prefer handsome prettyboys close to their own age. It’s literally all Reddit moms. The ‘all teen women find 60 year old men sexy’ is cope shilled by creepy old Hollywood producers to justify their pedophilia.

No. 352608

>Like he knew he was going to start crying so he ran into the pouring rain to have plausible deniability.
I cackle every time I read this comment

No. 352609

I don’t find any famous Hollywood actor or singer attractive in the slightest. All the assorted Chris, Ryan and Josh faggots, Pitt, Depp, Dicaprio, Clooney, etc I genuinely find them all repulsive physically and when you learn what they’re like irl they’re even more hateable. Literally wouldnt fuck any of them, 0/10. I genuinely feel like they’re all part of a psyop.

No. 352610

His eyes are literally the only attractive thing about him, I hate the lower two thirds of his face so much. I just dislike how primitive he looks. He looks like some disgusting smelly illiterate European barbarian from the 1200s, like he should permanently be dressed in sackcloth.

No. 352611

Protein farts are no joke. I dated a guy who lifts and ate protein powder daily and every time he farted I would almost pass out from the smell, it was so so sooooo bad. Also, dating a buff guy is so boring, chances are unless it’s the rare bulking season, he’s on a permanent diet and will never eat anything junky like even a bag of chips or a slice of pizza, let alone anything that ruins their daily macros, and they’ll judge you for eating anything unhealthy too, so it’s like living with a neurotic orthorexic anachan who refuses to have fun and is constantly refusing food too. My ex used to actually weigh all his food to the gram for breakfast lunch and dinner. I really liked muscles before but knowing the reality of what it entails, I’ll never date a buff guy ever again. It’s not worth it.

No. 352648

Kek shamefully that’s what I find hot about him, like he would be a big strapping blacksmith simpleton who would do my bidding. I 100% get where you’re coming from tho. A man shilled as hot who I cannot fathom as to why is George Clooney. He has been ugly the entire time.

No. 352676

File: 1697147160193.jpg (154.1 KB, 760x1120, photo-by-urban-wyatt.jpg)

Three words for the bastard in my picrel:

No. 352677

File: 1697147208823.jpg (276.93 KB, 1080x1440, 552683_v9_bc.jpg)

Noah Scentedmayo

No. 352691

Sorry for your experience. My boyfriend is buff and he doesnt have protein farts as he eats his protein and doesnt drink whey and eats whatever he wants.

No. 352714

So.. you gonna show me how you squirt? Or what?

No. 352773

I have a friend who gave me the exact same warning about dating buff guys. She's super into cooking and cooking for people and she hated it because she and her boyfriend could never share the same meals.

No. 352789

Who the hell is claiming this man is attractive

No. 352819

kek. he looks like he would keep dry fingering you swearing he can make every girl squirt

No. 352828

I also had this experience. I dated an athlete, he was a swimmer. He had a good looking body but he literally gave me an eating disorder and pushed all of his crazy dietary habits on to me. If I ever ate anything that he deemed "unhealthy" or had too much sugar for his liking he would have a full blown mental breakdown and would bitch about how much weight I was going to gain from that and that my stomach needs to be flatter and my thighs smaller. He also was obsessed with telling me to step on a scale and then saying that my body fat percentage was way too high and that I needed to lose 5 kilos asap.

No. 352841

Weird, in my experience fit moids typically love curves and a little bit of chub (not obese or even overweight). In fact it's typically obese moids who try to push eating disorders on women

No. 352906

File: 1697312855291.jpg (79.45 KB, 760x507, 221110-Tenoch-Huerta-Meja-al-1…)

You get called a racist if you find Tenoch ugly

No. 352907

Beady rat eyes

No. 352909

the guy has been exposed for being a creep so i doubt it

No. 353206

He has an extremely punchable face

No. 353211

He looks like he sucks dick

No. 353648

File: 1697665936353.jpg (2.17 MB, 2048x1536, Hunahpu detail.jpg)

Lemme guess, he's "Mayan"

No. 354272

File: 1697992901697.png (106.94 KB, 400x300, jeanpierreleaud.png)

Hate looking at this dude but he was in a lot of French movies from the 60s and 70s that I would still like to watch otherwise

No. 354278

Latino men with big hook noses are my kink

No. 354344

Same but Asian guys.

No. 354363

same but Asian women

No. 355002

File: 1698234290554.jpeg (154.33 KB, 1920x1080, 129D88E7-5CBD-4538-BE28-089E55…)

RAT LOOKING ASS skeet ulrich playing a “hot” football player when really he should’ve been a live action flushed away

No. 355004

File: 1698234352968.jpeg (63.96 KB, 700x700, DFA4A592-0EBC-4D49-80EC-3CB2A1…)

Hideous eyes

No. 355008

ANON are you the one from the attractive men thread because i called your waxwork moid ugly?

No. 355010

File: 1698234742924.jpeg (75.85 KB, 712x1024, D95623BB-94F0-4261-B632-A16F3E…)

That wasn’t me! But I did call him ugly in that thread lol I’m sorry anon I am not seeing what you’re seeing, he has no lips and his eyes are so black

No. 355014

my eye colour is so similar though kek, my eyes are so dark sometimes it looks like i have black eyes. don't worry nonna! we all have different tastes

No. 355015

LMAO AGREE HARD he aged really well tho

No. 355016

He has Shayna eyes whoa

No. 355018

File: 1698237106407.jpeg (148.14 KB, 1200x900, skeet-ulrich-1951-vhg-15082526…)

No. 355021

He dated Lucy Hale he’s a creepy lecher and he hangs out on the riverdale set hunting for teens I hate this rat bastard

No. 355022

I had a crush on him when I saw Scream in my early teens but that sucks. I don't except anything else from Hollywood scrotes though. I'm rather surprised if they don't do anything like that.

No. 355032

He was cute in his youth but wow he looks terrible now

No. 355033

Butthole eyes

No. 355034

I don’t think he was realistic as a jock but I think he was extremely realistic as a manipulative little creepy predatory sociopath (because he is one irl kek) there were literally so many greasy little skeazebags at my school and friends school who and this ratty look and slimey personality but could easily manipulate teenage girls into sex, it’s sad

No. 355191

I almost fell for this when binge watching shows and stuff he was in. Most women falling for him are just in love with the idea of his character(s) that he plays like majority of these situations. When you leave your house you realize you find walk into any gas station and find a moid who's a carbon copy of him

No. 355258

File: 1698350957222.jpg (47.98 KB, 720x1000, FB_IMG_1698350968987.jpg)

He looks like a toad

No. 355259

he is adorable? did u click the wrong pic nonnie

No. 355273

He actually looks cute here

No. 355275

nta but he just looks soulless. vacant. like a mannequin that got human eyes and hair glued in

No. 355286

He is ugly and looks like he would pull the legs of small animals in his back yard

No. 355337

I bet his feet smell like nacho cheese

No. 355385

he does look cute! with his curly hair and sweet face

No. 355406

I love vain metrosexual swarthy men for some reason, pass him my way nona I don’t even care if he’s gay

No. 355407

Disgusting coomer moid gaze. He looks like a dead fish. Soulless.

No. 355818

File: 1698624977072.jpg (133.55 KB, 1500x2000, P47Cover_SMAPROMO_R11-2000-716…)

I remember having these Tumblrtards reeeing at me for calling him a "basic white guy."

No. 355914

File: 1698688706843.jpg (40.6 KB, 291x400, MV5BMjE1MDkxMjQ3NV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

His thin lips and weird facial expressions disgust me.

No. 355915

Agree nona he’s a pretty strange looking guy. Must be Anglo.

No. 355948

File: 1698707965135.jpg (491.94 KB, 1500x1975, 19-18-17-478.jpg)

damn you can land 5 planes on that head

No. 356150

Finally someone said it, ignore blind nonnies telling you he’s cute lol. He looked passable with blonde hair in first season of AHS and has nice hands and arms, but that’s it, his face is mid and his eyes are black and soulless.

No. 356151

He kinda looks like og Louis Garrel to me, French faux intellectual moid phenotype. He and his characters are so tiring in these movies.

No. 356304

File: 1698881280368.jpg (81.46 KB, 1200x675, jeremy-renner-2919168.jpg)

I don't get it ,he always looks like a wrinkly baby.

No. 356311

Someone is shilling that?

No. 356312

The Jeremy Renner App

No. 356326

I saw some anons on this site who want to fuck him but that's about it. They were strange lmao.

No. 356552

File: 1698982095532.jpg (229.69 KB, 2122x1194, 5HopDJVcKu9P4Qkwi74jCU.jpg)

Nah,you could land a whole alien mothership on that five head

No. 356581

He has a decent hairline for an older white man but that’s it, and it’s probably plugs anyway kek

No. 356766

He looks like a turtle I think they casted him as hawkeye to prop up Scarjo’s hotness.

No. 358637

File: 1699911867970.jpg (84.13 KB, 1500x1000, Johnny-Depp-3-76518dd421a34ae7…)

He and his fans suck ass, he's aging like shit every minute.greasy ass bag of shit.

No. 358639

>drunkenly knocks down glassware from the cabinets in your kitchen in a fit of rage
Wdym nona he's sooo dreamy

No. 358645

I think he would be perfect as Gomez Addams.

No. 358666

meh he doesn't have the charisma

No. 358720

you're on your own sweety. this is the worst take in the thread so far

No. 358724

Agree he’s hideous, fat, repulsive, a misogynist, an addict. I can’t stand him. He wasn’t even that hot in his youth tbh and he hit the wall very early.

No. 358725

He looks like a little old lady to me

No. 358726

I remember some schizo on 4chan talking about how every famous Hollywood male celebrity looks gay and raped. Now I kind of see what he was talking about.

No. 358734

Toads have more symmetrical faces than this man. He looks like someone distorted his features diagonally with photoshop. he ugly. he was only cute in AHS because he was eager to please.

No. 358755

File: 1699986419731.jpeg (34.55 KB, 300x400, 0FF6D2D1-DACF-42BC-8CBF-23F880…)

He was never really that cute, he was just skinny and young with an ok face and pretty hair. His son and daughter are really ugly and short

No. 358758

nta but he could kind of look okay if it wasn't for the massive 12head

No. 358782

And he’s still LARPing as 1/36th Cherokee

No. 358798

File: 1700004618782.jpeg (73 KB, 544x800, E39DF4AC-7533-4365-969E-33682A…)

Always hated his block of cheese head, ugly goblin nose, dick sucking lips, and retarded looking eyes. I remember being like 5 years old and wondering why the guy was shilled so much as ‘good looking’. 20 years later and I’m still wondering why.

Plus he’s an awful person to boot.

No. 358800

File: 1700004739201.jpeg (242.59 KB, 1024x759, 99B00494-8284-45FF-B55C-5C5C48…)

Hate all these bland looking balding fags too. I can’t think of any Hollywood actor moid I genuinely think is hot. I would genuinely reject all of them irl.

No. 358801

File: 1700004785187.jpeg (691.62 KB, 1200x1800, 0039FA6F-AD40-4EAF-BE18-79F60A…)


No. 358802

File: 1700004875729.jpeg (537.63 KB, 1600x1600, F88FF27F-5540-4DBF-AE66-01E4BC…)

All ugly

No. 358803

File: 1700004908146.jpeg (226.9 KB, 665x900, EAF2D8BB-98D6-4480-9E5F-D08986…)

All ugly and overrated. Also terrible people.

No. 358804

File: 1700004986676.jpeg (614.58 KB, 1638x2048, AB76ABA7-5728-467B-BA2E-FF004D…)

All ugly. All look gay, pervy or untrustworthy as fuck.

No. 358851

This ho is a swarthy short Brit, he could never be a sexy stoic tall muscular native man

No. 358877

No idea why straight men think he's the pinnacle of male attractiveness. It's so bizarre to me.

No. 358880

I seriously cannot tell these generic white guys with brown hair apart.

Kek nona

No. 358882

Because he’s extremely bland with common features that a lot of average males can see themselves in, it makes them feel better about themselves

No. 358883

>beady eyes that are comically too close together
>penis nose
>thin crusty lips
>messy troglodyte eyebrows
>aged to shit like a rotted sewer rat
>receding hairline with white skin patches
>dusty wrinkled skin
>ugly haircut with graying hair to accompany it
>dumbo ears that look like they want to fly away from his hideous face
The average moid looks something like this. He's ugly as fuck and scrotes delude themselves into believing this sack of shit looks good to make them feel better about the reality of their rancid appearance.

No. 358895

>Sean Connery
>Al Pacino
>Tom Cruise
>Marlon Brando
>Paul Newman
>Christian Bale
>Harrison Ford
>Clint Eastwood
I'd save those before they hit the wall. And I enjoy Gary Oldman's and Anthony Hopkins' acting. But yeah, they are all 100% subhuman pedo males.

No. 358898

File: 1700041887672.jpg (693.08 KB, 1079x1583, Screenshot_20231114-155055.jpg)

I've always thought he looked like someone took a bunch of conventionally attractive men, mashed some of their features up together, and the end result is like a jigsaw you can't solve properly and keep trying to jam parts that don't fit together. his features just don't match or seem harmonious

No. 358903

As an outsider looking in, it's notable how very German looking faces are deemed extremely hot in the US. Think Rob Lowe. At least a few of the popular, "hot guys" in shows have that look. The Ken Doll look.

No. 358914

I know what you mean. German moids all have gayface imo.

>oooh look at my blue eyes and dark hair arent I so exotic and unusual looking
This look is done to death

No. 358920

The comparisons to Chris Chan never cease

No. 358922

File: 1700057429485.jpg (930.29 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20231115-140939.jpg)

theoretically he's handsome, but I just find him so … bland. like i'm looking at a wax statue of a conventionally attractive guy rather than an actual hot guy

No. 358959

I’m not attracted to him either. Wouldnt have kicked him out of bed in his twenties, but he’s walled and has creepy misogynistic closeted gay incel vibes irl.

No. 358960

I have friends that work for Britbong TV and they swear he’s gay.

No. 358963

Not this meme again. He has a long history of creeping on teenage girls specifically.

No. 358964

>like i'm looking at a wax statue of a conventionally attractive guy rather than an actual hot guy
Wow, I have never seen a more apt description for how I feel about moids that are touted as being attractive kek

No. 358965

I've always described him as "too handsome". Real beauty always has something interesting in it, and he's got nothing. Truly bland.

No. 358968


No. 359016

Lots of gay men are obsessed with teenage girls.

No. 359022

sexually? he outright flirted with his teenage co-star on that one show and dated a 19 year old when he was in his 30s

No. 359103

He has slept with teen girls, he fucked his witcher costar, the one who plays ciri, when she was 16.

No. 359167


No. 359245

Nta but I’m inclined to believe it. A lot of times when a guy is accused of being a pedo he will have his publicist team shout everywhere online he’s gay

No. 359253

There’s no proof he slept with the Ciri actress. There’s one video where they smile at each other and his retarded incel moid fans started writing fanfics about them fucking. The other teenage gf he had was basically stalking him and he wasn’t interested in her, and dumped her as soon as possible. There were even witnesses from parties they attended saying she was literally following him around the room while he was trying to get away from her and go talk to guys because he was embarrassed and wasn’t into her. She was a clear beard. And there’s endless pics of him kissing guys and pictures coming out of gay clubs.

No. 359255

Isn’t his ‘best friend’ a gay guy? I don’t know many straight men who are best friends with gay men.

No. 359262

Nta but yes there are straight men with close gay guy friends lmfao. From what I've seen in my personal life it's typically a slightly narcissistic, insecure straight guy with a validation-hungry gay guy that are best friends.

No. 359271

I think it’s extremely rare, most straight moids are grossed out by gay men and have little in common with them

No. 359283

i'm gonna go with a bi theory personally. there were some other rumors involving underage girls although it's technically not confirmed >>>/ot/1717025
and the kissing photos (the ones posted in that thread, idk if there's other ones) look like the kind straight guys post on social media to look quirky rather than romantic.

No. 359288

What kind of straight guys are you hanging around nona kek I don’t know any straight moids who kiss their friends even as a joke.

No. 359301

are we talking about cheek kisses or lips? i've seen a lot of the former. but again i haven't seen every cavill pic that was being referred to, just the ones in celebricows

No. 359302

samefag i also see some moids who do cheek and forehead kisses to basically everyone of each sex as some platonic thing.

No. 359304

You’re nuts.

No. 359310

really? i thought that was considered normal in some places..there's some gay men who kiss female friends too, i guess it could go either way?

No. 359341

Of all the ways a man could hide his sexuality, paying people to create blind items about him fucking girls under 18 (not about the ciri girl but random girls in general and apparently MBB) and blinds about him going to countries with a low AoC isn't it

No. 359385

eh it’s not that weird imo. especially in certain places. but assuming it’s just platonic is giving him the benefit if the doubt IMO. moids gonna moid

No. 359389

The blinds about a non american, A list actor with a fetish for teen girls, going to countries with low aocs is Vincent Cassel. He’s a creep with a strong fetish for foreign women young enough to be his daughter/granddaughter

No. 359390

I’ve read those exact blinds about Henry Cavill

No. 359391

File: 1700196098643.jpeg (33.43 KB, 340x360, 16C0311A-571A-4087-A9C8-7F56ED…)

Another hideous moid shield to us as ‘attractive’. He looks like a fucking billy goat. A demonic, scruffy, homeless, aids ridden, pedo goat.

No. 359392

File: 1700196149923.jpeg (98.8 KB, 1200x800, 491AE5D3-2204-4A2B-8692-FED5CC…)

I hate ugly old men especially if they’re French

No. 359395

File: 1700196532354.jpeg (298.71 KB, 1000x1000, 69A92486-117B-4256-98DA-41AB9C…)

No difference

No. 359396

File: 1700196580498.jpeg (105.94 KB, 973x1200, IMG_0047.jpeg)

How did that hideous deformed looking goat manage to get this beautiful goddess to marry him? And then he cheated on her with an 18 year old. I hate him so much

No. 359397

File: 1700196639494.jpeg (204.34 KB, 1300x1010, 5573EDB9-F299-4965-B65D-3B4812…)

No. 359398

Hollywood brainwashing every 3/10 man into believing they’re a 9 who deserves an 11/10 woman

No. 359401

someone kill this ugly thing

No. 359477

I don't get the Idris Elba hype. He looks too much like a normie african dad to me

No. 359479

And yet incels love him

No. 359481

Most of the white american population is some blend of Anglo-German mix, with traces of Italian and Native blood.

No. 359561

File: 1700276598323.jpg (195.08 KB, 1276x1032, SeanO2-e1381612589499.jpg)

He looks too yassified

No. 359568

Men who are too symmetrical have this air to them like they aren't capable of using a can opener or holding a multi-syllable conversation. Its wild that someone can be so conventionally attractive that it like full circle makes them look like they couldn't light a fire if you sat a lighter and a stick beside them.

No. 359574

I think he’s very attractive. Shame he was caught liking BBC/cuck porn on twitter. All these male models are weirdos.

No. 359575

I have a theory that men can’t judge male attractiveness objectively and think that any male who displays feminine, insta baddie features is handsome/hot because it appeals to their straight brains. They need a man to look girly in order to see him as attractive because they are straight. Ian Somerholder, Jordan Barrett, Brad Pitt, Chico Lachowski etc, who are the dudes incels worship, basically just look like hot instagram girls who have been taking testosterone for a couple months.

No. 359576

In order for straight men to find another man facially attractive, that man needs to possess certain girly features that his brain can recognize as feminine and beautiful. Notice how all the ‘good looking’ moids that incels worship have certain feminine features like sparkly eyes, plump pouty lips, small straight little barbie noses, etc. But in terms of body, men can only admire men who they know would be able to physically beat them in combat, so usually they need to be tall, large framed, muscular etc.
All the moids that incels worship basically just look like genderswapped versions of Madison Beer’s or young Pamela Anderson’s face, on top of a male athletes body.

No. 359631

File: 1700312684782.jpg (434.25 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20231117-200818.jpg)

apparently he is meant to be good-looking, but he looks painfully average to me. idk maybe it's because I'm a potatofag so I'm used to seeing this phenotype, but in dublin he would be a 6 at best.

No. 359667

Yeah he just looks like an average Irishman.

No. 359710

File: 1700345724944.jpeg (61.12 KB, 1024x815, 9C55758E-B86E-423C-BCBC-087F20…)

So post examples of a woman’s ideal man. I’m curious to know what we’d typically go for since a lot of us have been brainwashed into finding basic yassified men. The attractive guy thread is basically full of these males that you described imo.

No. 359726

File: 1700349787102.jpg (491.94 KB, 1920x1036, FlPDDV3WYAIPFG4.jpg)

He's objectively mid but I have huge crush on him after watching Aftersun, I guess it's the accent and the 'good and caring but depressed father' role he plays. Also, his back is incredibly nice.

No. 359762

Speak for yourself. I wanted to be in the middle of him and Stefan so bad.

No. 359763

It actually isn't rare at all, insecure straight men love gay guys for all the free compliments

No. 359765

File: 1700360337036.jpeg (307.28 KB, 640x806, 9284BD7F-4CF1-4055-A679-12A4C1…)

I used to think he was kind of cute in his 30 seconds to mats era, I won’t lie the emo hair and eyeliner had me fooled, he does look good with it, but without all of it he looks kinda down syndromed and stupid that retarded ass beard isn’t helping too

No. 359768

I don’t find him attractive at all, his eyes are comically close together you could give him two black eyes with one punch

No. 359783

Nta but I also noticed men who are secure in their sexuality usually don't freak out over gay men and regular touching as much unless they're hyper conservative

No. 359799

I just realized this is the guy from the yaoi bait movie

No. 359881

File: 1700406979940.jpg (241.4 KB, 1848x962, Vincent-Cassel-01.jpg)

He is good-looking for Dub. Irishmen are fug.

I hate this faggot. Look at his gamerhead. He's so in love with himself too.

No. 360049

Nonna this is excellent roast, kekkity

No. 360086

File: 1700474538083.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20231120-100131.jpg)

sorry, I loved him as Ken, but I could never see what's so handsome about him. His eyes are too close together and his nose is too long and thin for me. I do like that he has a pointy-ish chin rather than a square one though

No. 360090

Ew what the fuck head shape even is that

No. 360101

He looks like someone mirrored his face and moved one half slightly too close to the center.

No. 360161

File: 1700506362554.jpg (512.33 KB, 1000x1000, you.jpg)

Agreed, but he looks better in motion. Years ago, a moidfriend said women that were too attractive didn't do anything for him, and I think that's the case here for me. Maybe it's intimidation?

No. 360176

Matthew Schumacher head

No. 360177

I want to shoot him in his face. I hate him

No. 360186

File: 1700513890425.jpeg (111.84 KB, 388x464, 4A9A8606-5B6A-4388-AECA-EF3A0A…)

Just looks like a smelly French pedophile. I’ve seen farmers here call him hot and it’s like ew why WHY ARE YOU LYING

No. 360188

I don't think anyone considers him conventional beyond like 2 posters

No. 360198

I've hated him passionately since I was a kid because of his role in The Village and I knew I would hate him in Spliced. I do not like him or any of the roles he plays.

No. 360409

looool figures

No. 360484

File: 1700636252076.jpg (135.85 KB, 720x925, DSC_3423-720x925.jpg)

Incels love shilling beady short bus baboon eyes as "low trust" which is "attractive" or some other autistic moid shit like that

No. 360501

I stand with Angie, I think he was an abuser, a violent alcoholic, a cheater and a general piece of shit. I’ve also heard worse rumors about him which is supposedly why the fbi got involved but I don’t even want to think about that. Ugly Neanderthal.

No. 360502

Kek that’s exactly what his eyes and brow ridge look like to me nona.

No. 360503

Yeah he’s hideous, never underestimate the determination of ugly Hollywood executives desperately trying to shill ugly moid actors as Adonises to the public so they can make themselves feel better and keep womens standards in the gutter

No. 360504

Based? Lmao

No. 360514

I think he was beautiful but his personality makes him so ugly

No. 360527

File: 1700676185730.jpg (127.2 KB, 1280x800, jake-gyllenhaal-big-head-15299…)

Here's a possible reason as to why they all look so busted:


Head expansion is real and it's even theorized to be one of the reasons behind male pattern baldness. The cause is basically endogenous moidroids (IGF-1, T, HGH) giving them lowkey acromegaly (similar to why old men have mildly distended stomachs even if they're ripped)

No. 360529

I thought alcoholism also played a huge part

No. 360536

File: 1700680359046.jpeg (231.5 KB, 962x689, IMG_2443.jpeg)

looks like a butch lesbian who overdosed on lip fillers, not even funny, apparently made a ‘joke’ about domestic violence, thinks all his women audience wants to sleep with him, pick a struggle at this point

No. 360541

File: 1700684664673.jpg (194.24 KB, 1041x904, self inflicted head pigspansio…)

His innate facial structure also looks oblong and eggy, especially his goggly sunken tired toad eyes - that doesn't usually occur in people with a naturally developed maxilla and zygoma. So I'm guessing he got either implants or something super retarded like jaw/cheek fillers, which doesn't fit his cucumber shaped face and makes him look bogpilled. His recent chimpout definitely alludes to "moid about to go splat on the wall" panic, cause his twink free ride days are long gone.

His mouth is especially repulsive by the way. Flabby dicksucking lips with a sissy supremo gentleman-esque curve, sitting on a sunken maxilla with receded front teeth, an ever-drooping nose hovering menacingly over them. Having some youthful fat to smooth out all out was truly a saving grace for him, but the party's over.

No. 360545

He legit looks like he gets jaw filler or has jaw implants

No. 360546

Big moid skulls are so unattractive, I can't stop noticing it since seeing all these photos of troons next to actual women. Koreans are right about small faces being superior.

No. 360548

Koreans are generally youth/neoteny obsessed, and so they correctly perceive a melonhead with excessive virilization as a marker of age. Their men don't try to look like girls, they try to look young.

No. 360555

i didn't know the edgelord who made the DV joke looked so faggy. and gays beat each other plenty, so he'd definitely get his ass beat in a relationship.

No. 360557

he looks like elliot rodger

No. 360563

Yes it’s true look at an old Tom cat next to an old queen. The old queen looks nice even as an old kitty but the Tom looks fat

No. 360564

File: 1700697896565.jpg (200.7 KB, 1616x823, DW6_u6CUQAIm-Kk.jpg)

Yeah plus I think they naturally have larger head sizes so they're more conscious of the difference.

K-beauty standards are generally insane but bless them for pressuring their moids to look good too.

No. 360565

I'm genuinely so confused at comments on tiktok or facebook about this guy, there is so much thirst for him and anyone who says he's unattractive is accused of lying. But he's legitimately uncanny valley looking, and if you actually watch three minutes of his "crowd work" he is almost guaranteed to be hitting on a woman in the audience for an extended period of time. He's creepy all around, I don't get it.

Nonita you're a poet.

No. 360568

Small heads on men look absolutely ridiculous IMO. It also means he’s gonna die in a fight much easier lol. Very dysgenic.

No. 360569

Nah nona they’re literally shooting up human growth hormone constantly. All celebrities in Hollywood do. It messes with their hormones and bone mass, and you end up like zac efron.

No. 360577

They're all on roids, but normal moid heads expand too. Just probably not as much kek

No. 360589

Doesn't everyone's head get fatter as they age? I noticed this on everyone not just men so it doesn't make sense for that to be the sole reason for male baldness.

No. 360611

Many people's heads (faces, rather) get fatter due to age related increase in adiposity. But only men's cranial bones literally grow larger. A woman can accomplish that by getting on roids.

The true cause of male baldness isn't exactly known, head expansion is just one of the theories.

No. 360614

They're like those pudgy beckies who want to fuck Nick Mullen. They can't possibly imagine someone having eyes or standards.

No. 360619

I thought he was a ftm

No. 360637

They're all still so ugly without makeup and plastic surgery. The same shit they shame women for.

No. 360651

Koreans don’t care if women get surgery to look better, only westerners nitpick about that stuff and get butthurt about it.

No. 360666

Delusional koreaboo

No. 360809

File: 1700798747565.jpg (1.26 MB, 2048x1365, 1700746173068.jpg)

These guys (not just the actors but the characters too, but yes also the actors) are hideous. I feel insane for holding this opinion because these specific roles are always used as examples of peak conventional male appearance multiple times and I don't see it. Left's nose sticks out further than every other feature and right looks flabby, jowly, and resembles a monkey.

No. 360811

I agree with you they've always looked disgusting to me.

No. 360817

plastic surgery is gross.

No. 360826

You’re right nona. I don’t know what the fuck was happening with the casting of this movie. They should have been played by two beautiful skinny ethereal European twinks, not two American meatheads.

This pic genuinely looks like a cro magnon and a Neanderthal meeting for the first time at a ball, kek. They both look ridiculous and have horrible features.

No. 360833

lmfao spot on. these last surviving Denisovan looking entities are supposed to be impossibly beautiful immortal beings?

No. 360933

File: 1700872268750.jpg (39.51 KB, 750x1011, young-justin-timberlake-in-blu…)

Say what you want about k-moids but at least their heartthrob ideal isn't some Habsburg-pig-rat looking putz that needs a power wash. I can't believe young American women thought this was "hot". They try to look like anime and shit.

No. 360934

Not as bad as Eminem and his quarter sized mouth

No. 360936

Eminem is considered attractive? I'm always way too distracted by his nose.

No. 360956

were people actually attracted to jt with the ramen noodle hair? I was a kid during his prime

No. 360970

Confusingly, yes. I remember Megan Fox talking about how gorgeous she thought he was. Ew.

No. 360971

Yeah, even if you don’t like kpop you’ve got to give them credit for at least trying to market their idols to the female gaze and make them young prettyboys. American boybands always made me lol. They were usually ugly, looked at least 35, usually heavy set heffalumps or just looked like weird gay guys, and also shit at dancing. Like imagine peddling someone like Joey Fatone as a heartthrob KEK.

No. 360990

Eminem wasn’t really shilled as a cute guy tho? I mean people did find him hot because wigger

No. 360991

Brad Pitt does kinda look like a monkey I never noticed

No. 360992

File: 1700899502789.jpeg (253.85 KB, 1080x1440, 80501BAD-D041-42FC-80D5-686810…)

Looks like an ugly robot

No. 360993

File: 1700899625862.jpeg (34.72 KB, 500x750, B4A5282D-50D8-4AD6-9443-EE0369…)

No. 360995

File: 1700899713864.jpeg (11.08 KB, 168x300, D953A5E0-EE6C-4BD4-BB31-ED670F…)

So this is kind of a niche but I follow a lot of azn qts and this dude popped up in my recommended follows and he’s soooofugly but everyone calls him ethereal

No. 360998

K-pop has convinced the fugliest Asian male that he’s a 10. All Asian men have to do is get buff or be super twinky with a K-pop haircut and girls will fawn. I’m fearful of the insane egos on Asian men in the next 5 years. Good luck y’all

No. 361002

Yeah that dude is ugly but Asian men deserve some love IMO they’ve been getting bashed constantly by American media for decades because of the whole USA-China war thing and it’s not really fair. It’s about time they got some appreciation, they’re probably the best husband material of all races of scrotes in the west.

No. 361003

British men age so badly and bald so early, it’s just tragic.
Hollywood constantly tries to peddle ugly jewish men as the ideal male beauty standard because it serves their own interests and they want blonde teenage girls to think 50 year old Ashkenazi moids are sexy.(bait)

No. 361006

So those Hollywood execs can continue grooming and raping them*
And convincing vulnerable young aspiring actress Stacy that the ugly old creep trying to molest her on the casting couch is actually a total DILF and that she should be happy and flattered she’s getting attention from him.

No. 361007

The psyop has already started lol

No. 361010

No race of men is the best husband material I need you guys to stop this really harmful and stupid af narrative it literally puts women in danger. Men are inherently ugly and evil and their race doesn’t save them from that inherent danger they pose to women

No. 361013

Well Asian men commit the least murder and rape and child abuse out of all races in the US, I’d rather be around them than black/Muslim/low class white scrotes tbh.

No. 361015

Good looking people exist in every race.

No. 361017

File: 1700903765272.jpeg (78.03 KB, 1000x1394, FA31BBA7-A2C2-4374-8A44-FBEE2E…)

The actor who plays Jim. I remember tumblrinas getting wet over him, I just don’t see it. His nose is huge and his lips are gross.

No. 361019

File: 1700903940819.jpeg (122.09 KB, 1500x1000, 0AAD1EF5-E55B-401D-9D78-772998…)

He’s ageing worse too. All men over 25 should be euthanized.

No. 361031

Alog but can he just die already, I hate this fat bloated alky junkie shitbag with a passion and he always got women so out of his league.

No. 361047

Both Johnny depp and his fans are all fat druggies who aged like shit.

No. 361059

I know. I remember getting attacked by them on ig lol, they were all hideous fat pickme ogres

No. 361067

Kek right. All were either fat ugly misogynistic old men or misogynistic ugly fat women.

No. 361100

No race of men is the best but Asian don’t raisin and they have little to no body hair with black straight hair and perfect slender otter bodies and I love even the rugged samurai types with intense expressions.

No. 361103

I know it always puzzled me how they heard about Depp calling AH fat and ugly and old when she is younger than him and gorgeous and so they think they’ll be an exception

No. 361107

>Asian don't raisin
Not only does this Asian-American cope sound retarded, it's also untrue. Anyone who has eyes can tell how old an Asian is just like anyone else, unless they got surgery, and this goes doubly for men.

No. 361113

Fat Depp simp karens actually believe that because he called her ugly, he'd think they're pretty because they're deep, nice, not "gold digging" and would kiss his rotten dick unlike AH. Some of them even shooped their mugs on AH in her photos with Depp etc.

Hugely missed opportunity for a thread on these cows during the trial. Previous admin must've been a deppfag or something.

No. 361114

File: 1700936895164.jpeg (42.38 KB, 612x444, 3223B74A-FC67-4DBC-BFA6-1F71A3…)

t. pic rel

No. 361115


No. 361116

i beg of everyone on this basketweaving forum to learn what reddit spacing actually is

No. 361123

Enlighten us

No. 361130

This is.

Reddit spacing.

It looks like a retarded haiku.

Also this.
Is reddit spacing.
Paragraphs are not reddit spacing.
Best of luck integrating, nona.

No. 361132

Thank you

No. 361133

File: 1700941170818.jpg (880.95 KB, 1955x3000, Joey-Fatone.jpg)

My fucking sides, his last name really is FAT ONE kek

No. 361201

File: 1700972311248.jpg (374.87 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20231126-041718.jpg)

never understood why so many women like him. apart from being a serial killer, he also looks like a random guy you'd see in the supermarket or something. is it because he's tall?

No. 361213

Saddest thing is his daughters look exactly like him. Men this ugly shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

No. 361225

File: 1700981247629.webp (11.08 KB, 250x253, 688EE711-1D3B-45D6-93C5-F8BB7B…)

Looks like an ugly 3D cartoon man

No. 361248

Another day, another whine about Jews. How about “jew” get a job?

No. 361252

File: 1700994202439.jpg (244.22 KB, 1520x1520, nsync-Chris-Kirkpatrick--mc-1x…)

just found out that he wasn't even the ugliest
>mfw American idea of a boyband heartthrob is a katana trenchcoat neckbeard

No. 361257

American showbusiness execs are sooooo aggressively anti male beauty. Even the occasional actually pretty teen idol they gave us like River Phoenix or a Jonathan Brandis, they had to ruin by getting them addicted to drugs and murder them to cover up all the molestation. So sad.

No. 361263

File: 1701009075504.jpg (365.71 KB, 916x887, Screenshot_20231126-142747.jpg)

this guy plays the young version of the president from the hunger games in the new prequel. he's not bad in the wavy wig (although I dislike his side profile) but when his head gets shaved you can see that he looks like an uglier version of eminem. but all I see in comments sections on pics of this guy are comments about how hot he is and how evil lionsgate is for making them feel attracted to president snow

No. 361279

File: 1701020589237.jpeg (18.39 KB, 183x275, 1263377C-46E1-47D2-88D4-C2DD8B…)

No. 361283

He got uglier to me once I learned he was truly ugly and reprehensible on the inside. No wonder all his children despise him.

No. 361288

kek this is such an accurate comparison with the huge honker and teeny eyes. the kitty is much cuter though

No. 361296

He has always been hideous, but for what it's worth he may not have always been a degen, nona. That's just something that happens to men when they age. The entropy ravaging their bodies is also ravaging their minds.

No. 361306

Getting fucked by old geezers to land roles makes anyone an evil alcoholic. He, like any of the other fat ugly alcoholic druggie former 90's heartthrobs all had older rich male sponsors fucking them in the ass to get them roles. All of this has been scrubbed I think, but you used to be able to find countless pics of them in their late teens/early 20's out with their rich sugar daddies.

Not saying that exuses being a violent alcoholic wife amd kid beater, but it gives some context.

No. 361310

Source? I wanna know more about this

No. 361316

Doesn't make women evil alcoholics.

No. 361321

Can hardly find anything anymore, but its common knowledge that every actor in hollywood has had to "pay their dues". Like Tom Hardy saying that ofc he has slept with men, he id an actor.
Brad Pitt lived with Thom Racina as his kept boy. Keanu Reeves sleeping with billionaire David Greffen, maybe the only one who didnt turn into a violent pos. Tom Cruise has also been linked to David Greffen. You used to be able to find lots of paparazzi pics of them when they were young coming out of these producers and billionaires appartments, now its scrubbed.

Pretty much everyone in hollywood has had to sleep with someone to get their position, the men too.

Women arent naturally unstable like men. And there are women in hollywood who in turn have given their children to be abused too to enter the business.

No. 361325

File: 1701040827660.jpg (251.07 KB, 2000x1333, david-geffen-and-donovan-micha…)

Dreamworks founder David Geffen was pretty much the man they all had to sleep with to get a part. Think Brad Pitt was even his pool boy at one time. His interest in young men is well documented, even if his casting couch business is hidden.

No. 361327

always dorky ugly, but it was his character in the show that made the tumblrina hearts swoon. funny how that worked out. remember the good news podcast? llllllllllllllllol

No. 361332

File: 1701044288051.jpg (342.56 KB, 1080x1440, 270768_v9_bc.jpg)

i'm tired of seeing this hideous moid on my tiktok fyp

No. 361333

File: 1701044505560.jpg (20.93 KB, 220x309, Jeffrey_Dahmer_Milwaukee_Polic…)

women go by that one pic of him which is… just a decent pic of a very mediocre looking man?? the standards are so low

No. 361334

Reminder according to the incident report that Angie filed, that her children corroborated

>Brad was drunk on the plane and in a sour mood

>He came up to Angelina while she was resting next to the kids and poured alcohol over her and the blanket they were under
>Angelina got up and yelled at him to stop, Brad started yelling back at her, he marched her to the back of the plane into the bathroom and started shaking her and screaming at her, Angie claims he roughly grabbed her face and head, he started hitting the ceiling of the plane bathroom and pushing her into the wall while screaming
>Two of the children woke up from the noise and heard the commotion, came up to the door, when Angie opened it the children were crying and asking ‘Mommy are you okay?’
>Brad lost it and said ‘No shes not okay, shes fucking up this family’ and started berating Angie in front of the other children who had also now woken up
>All of the children were getting upset, one of Angie’s sons interjected and called Brad a prick, saying the problem wasn’t his mom, but Brad
>Brad lunged at the boy to hit him and everyone got scared, Angelina started screaming and tried to restrain Brad by putting her body in between him and her son, grabbed onto him because she was scared he was going to hit her son
>Brad threw himself against some chairs to try and get her off of him and make her let go, and Angelina sustained some injuries in this process
>The kids then started screaming and banding together to try and protect themselves and their mom
>Brad is alleged to have hit one of the children in the face and also grabbed the neck of and started trying to choke one of the children
>All the kids hated him especially after this incident, the adopted children all dropped his surname

I believe Angie and the kids.

No. 361338

Never found him attractive and I say that as a Hybristofag

No. 361339

Blogpost but I never used to be able to believe that a mother could do that to her children just for a career. But there was a cult in my town that got busted a few years ago and it turned out a shit ton of parents had given their underage daughters to the leader for sex in return for higher ranking in the cult. It was terrifying to realize that it wasn’t just one or two crazies but actually dozens and dozens of parents. And that cult wasn’t even anywhere near as high status as something like Hollywood, so if it could happen in some crappy garage cult then I can totally see now how it would happen in a way bigger organization like Scientology or big networks/movie companies.

No. 361347

He's not fat and looks like he actually showers which automatically makes him better looking than 99% of blue collar fatasses with UTI penises that American women marry

No. 361349

I feel like I've seen Josh Hutcherson's face more often in the last week than I ever saw it in 2013-2015

No. 361350

tbh I think kids today are starved for attractive young white guys on their screens. anyone who even remotely fits that description instantly gets an army of fangirls.

No. 361352

why does he looking like fucking SHAYNA

No. 361377

Most Hollywood actors are white guys tho. Also that guy isn’t attractive he has a spoonbill nose and hillbilly expression.

No. 361403

yeah, you hit it on the head with that description. when I was watching the movie I found his nose so distracting. it looks normal head-on but whenever he'd turn to the side it was toucan-sized. I'm sure there are a ton of actors who auditioned with equal acting abilities, better looks (the character was meant to be handsome in the book so it matters), and who could pull off the blond crew cut in a way that looks natural rather than an eminem inspired bleach job from 2001.
and yeah you're right about him looking like a hillbilly, I remember thinking he somehow looked more like a hick than the characters who were supposed to be hillbillies in-universe (and that includes the lead actress with bug eyes a mile apart)

No. 361425

Fathers have been selling their daughters since the dawn of time, be it through marriage or straight up prostitution. In some cultures it was even customary to offer your daughter as a sex appliance to a stranger for "hospitality" reasons. Every family led by a moid would do this today if it wasn't frowned upon.

No. 361430

Big noses can be sexy but his is shaped like a platypus beak

No. 361501

why does he have no lips

No. 361502

File: 1701127287356.jpg (34.32 KB, 427x600, actor-tom-blyth-750035_large.j…)

he's decently attractive in the movie, but not because of his face. it's average at best, but he has blue eyes and light hair which halos him quite a bit. plus, he's tall and has a nicely build body.

No. 361526

blue eyes and light hair are common where I live, so his eyes and wig/dye job did nothing to boost his attractiveness to me and thus he's still plain at best in my eyes.

I do agree with you that he has a nice body, the shower scene was the hottest he was in the movie tbh. I think his lips are nice too, they're surprisingly full for a white british man

I think the wavy blond wig boosts him a lot. he doesn't look like a heartthrob necessarily but he's passable as a cute-ish guy that would be in your math class or something. I think it might partially be because the thicker more bouncy hair distracts from his nose. it only slightly distracted me with the wig on and only from certain angles. but then when his hair is shaved it's like the oddly shaped nose takes up half his face (also the buzzcut is a shade of blond that doesn't suit him at all and gives off eminem vibes rather than looking like an actual blond that shaved his hair. very nitpicky I know but it's a pet peeve of mine when hairdressers can only do one shade of blond rather than taking their clients complexion into account. he looks like a cool toned person whose hair was dyed a warm shade of blond which clashed with him obviously. I think the cool whitish blond wigs suited him far better).

and the actor just looks very average to me with his natural brown hair. extremely english looking as well, but that's better than the hillbilly look. I kinda view him the same way as I view emilia clarke. good looking with very specific styling but nothing special otherwise (except emilia is still cute just not stunning, whereas he is quite plain and will change from plain to uggo if he shaves his hair in the summer or something)

No. 361625

File: 1701196485461.jpg (30.78 KB, 440x511, Tom_blyth_2022_2.jpg)

He is an objectively hideous rat faced tumble sexyman. His body is ok just because it has traces of effortless youthful athleticism instead of being some curated hypertrophied gymroid monstrosity. I suppose we're so starved for actually young-ish non-GMO moids were gonna pretend this rodent is hot.

No. 361626

File: 1701196851442.jpg (4.38 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20231128_133814897.jpg)

Speaking of hunger games - fucking hell, what a decline. And he wasn't even that hot to begin with.

Btw, why are all moids so much more glaringly asymmetrical than women? Is it the missing chromosome? You can see that fruit fly tier germline mutation rate on their lopsided faces.

No. 361628

if he shaved, got a little bit of cheek filler, some botox and got his hair styled he would look just fine. The beard just looks like shit on him. Not all moids can pull of a beard like that.

No. 361630

i hate him as peeta. horrible horrible HORRIBLE casting.

No. 361631

Cheek filler is a bad meme. He'd look hideously bogged instead of prematurely aged. His atrophy is also in a lot more places than cheeks.

No. 361647

Didn't think it was possible but this guy looks like an even more rat faced lucky b smith

No. 361680

I thought he was such an odd casting choice for peeta. and that shade of blond they dyed his hair always looked horrid on him

No. 361681

Hm…I kind of like his disgusting white guy rat look on the right but I have mental illness.

No. 361689

If I cut the heads of two different males in half with a bone saw and stapled both right sides together the result would be more symmetrical than the average man.

No. 361692

I wonder who he fucked behind the scenes to get that casting. Book peeta is literally nothing like him.

No. 361694

File: 1701217084128.jpg (20.5 KB, 280x406, 1842806.jpg)

No. 361748

It’s called being gay and ana-kun/contracting aids/booty bumping shard for years nona. All ageing gay men get this look.

No. 361749

Can you shut up with this incel rhetoric

No. 361767

he's starting to develop old man wonky eye syndrome KEK

No. 361769

I've never heard anyone use "halo" in that way except for in femcel subreddits like vindicta (which are full of women giving each other tips on plastic surgery and pick up techniques for bagging rich men and then bitching and moaning when all the effort and money they put into improving their appearance to the max not only doesn't get a millionaire to marry them but doesn't even get them better treatment at work). never thought I would have encountered one of this specific type of femcel using their retarded lingo on a lolcow thread to describe a hunger games actor

No. 361771

File: 1701267932482.gif (1.19 MB, 268x268, tumblr_0bc469bb9bf963bb3bba822…)

he's always super cute in his film roles but not at all outside of those. also he looks weirdly skinny and possibly botched in the past several months

No. 361773

File: 1701270603300.jpg (515.55 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20231129-150734.jpg)

people talk about how they're the hottest band out there and some say they only got famous because they're hot but the only good-looking one is the girl imo. the moids look so greasy like they smell (this picture is actually a pretty good one of them, some of their instagram pics look like they bathed in McDonald's frying oil). and the blond male especially looks like he didn't spend enough time cooking in the womb

No. 361774

Something happened to male genetics in the last 3 decades. What would've been average in the 90s music scene is now considered hot. The young pole industry is in shambles. Like the housing crisis of '09 but it never ends and only gets worse. All current ""famous & hot"" men couldn't have been dirt under, say, Cobain's shoe. Their missing chromosome shows.

No. 361775

No way the one with the dark long hair is hot asf

No. 361777

ethan is the best looking of the moids but I wouldn't go as far as to call him hot asf. he's average with nice hair. but next to damiano who looks like an unwashed creep and thomas who looks biologically wrong somehow he looks good in comparison

No. 361779

I genuinely think it’s because men have such low testosterone now. I blame everything from environment (hormone-disrupting microplastics in literally everything) to behavior. Men are raised from a young age to sit inside,playing vidya and watching tv instead of playing outside and working with their hands. I sound like an oldfag but I noticed that Zoomers and Gen Alpha didn’t play outside like Millennials and older generations did

No. 361781

to each their own I guess

No. 361782

Aktually it's just consequences of dysgenic interference with female choice. Generations of fug and old men reproducing will result in fug asymmetrical offspring becoming the new norm. Every incel has no one to thank for his predicament except his dad, who was probably fug/old and fucked way out of his lane by using money.

No. 361804

I know this is the shitting on men shilled as hot thread but he was so hot in this movie kek.
I also totally agree about him not being hot irl he's only hot when he's a freak kek

No. 361813

are we looking at the same moids? the 2 dark-haired men in those pics look way better than Cobain. Moids have always been ugly now they are just encouraged to have shit-tier styling. Who were even the hottest men back then? marlon brando, elvis, motley crue, etc? they weren't all that

No. 361815

that anon chose a flattering photo, in every other pic the dark haired guy on the left looks like a middle-aged aunt despite being 21 and recently he went bald.

No. 361817

File: 1701288518504.jpg (581.33 KB, 1078x922, Screenshot_20231129-200657.jpg)

to each their own I guess. I find damiano hideous. thomas too but I don't think anyone genuinely finds him attractive, they're just attracted to the other three so he gets some grace too. and ethan is just average, would anyone actually care about him if it weren't for the long hair?

No. 361832

I thought this was a photo of a starving captive at first.

No. 361843

>would anyone actually care about him if it weren't for the long hair?
Does that matter though? An attractive feature is an attractive feature.

No. 361845

it matters. damiano was passable when his hair was longer but look at him now. if your looks hinge on one feature that can easily be changed, can you really say you're attractive?

No. 361879

This guy is shilled as attractive? He looks like any gross junkie from down by the river in my city kek

No. 361880

Hollywood and the music industry have stopped shilling prettyboys because they’re trying to market creepy 40+ men as hot to teenage girls now and normalize pedophilia and age gap relationships. It’s all part of the dystopian direction the world is heading in.

Men were definitely hottest in the 90s imo. I was watching a documentary about a big music festival in the 90s and most of the moids in the crowds had their shirts off. There were so many tall, fit, slim young attractive men with good hairlines, strong jawlines and nice toned bodies in the crowd. Go to a music festival nowadays and you’d be lucky if you even saw a couple moids like that.

I think part of it is western beauty standards have really changed in the last 20 or so years. Tall toned blonde angular women like Paris Hilton, Sable Mero, etc and the blonde playboy bunny look went out of fashion. Darker shorter mystery meat women like Kim K started being shilled more and more western men started lusting after short stout swarthy women who are Latina or mixed. The result is their sons are short and odd looking because they aren’t any one particular race but a bunch of mixed ones.(racebait)

No. 361888

but by the time non-white/mixed celebrity women were shilled was around the 2010s, so any sons that were created due to that aren't even adults yet

No. 361911

nona ignoring all of the strange racial shit you mentioned, hollywood has not stopped shilling prettyboys, look at the threadpic for one.

No. 361914

He's not a prettyboy, he's what hollywood men in power push to be prettyboys because they don't want actual young attractive men in the industry. Look how every time a young attractive man gets into the industry he just kinda loses momentum and people forget about him.

No. 361983

i've always wondered why moids are so asymmetrical too. is it the testosterone? is it the faulty y-gene? we'll probably never know.

No. 361984

and yet here i am

No. 362037

Facial symmetry indicates genetic quality. The Y also does decay with age, in addition to being innately more fragile. There's a myriad of reasons why males tend to be more genetically defective.

No. 362070

i like his acting, but he is definitely average looking

No. 363638

File: 1702064940511.jpg (21.27 KB, 360x360, GAzFutqWYAEsEMa.jpg)

McDreamy, my ass
I hated this smug bastard from episode 1 and knowing women in the show and real life threw pussy at hm makes me sick

Shonda Rhimes, you will pay for your crimes

No. 363646

Didn’t he admit to assaulting a woman in his trailer when he was younger, ‘just to see how it feels to beat a woman’? How the fuck was this violent dick nosed creep not cancelled forever ago. Gross.

No. 363648

File: 1702067141257.jpeg (382.26 KB, 1340x882, 90B2CEC5-C179-476D-ACCD-01EF6E…)

No. 363655

I'm not seeing it? He's looks quite good

No. 363656

Yeah I’m not usually into black men, but he’s very attractive, I think he’s part Asian or something too tho

No. 363657

I agree, who knew strangher danger wouod be a fctor in the decline of aesthetic and ths the birth rate? Increasing rates of myopia are directly related to the lack of kids playing outside, no one but the most athletic works out, it's terrible. Everyone is a mouth breathing hunched over nerd and we're supposed to get wet for uggos?

No. 363690

File: 1702083796531.jpg (297.05 KB, 1080x1440, pedro pascal.jpg)

I don't understand why so many women are creaming themselves over this dude

No. 363691

holy shit same. like, i fully understand being attracted to unconventional guys, but wasn't he voted the "hottest man alive" in some list? it's the fact that he's being pushed so hard as the sexiest dude ever that's weird and offputting. you would never, ever see an average-looking 40+ woman shilled as the hottest woman alive.

No. 363702

Urgh, he looks so fucking old and doughy.

No. 363712

The bald patch in his beard…

He could at least be groomed and lift some weights.

No. 363713

quirky white women who want to be attracted to a "moc" so they pick him

No. 363714

So they pick an ugly white man instead of a non ugly non white man? Yeah, what I've come to expect actually.

No. 363729

when did pedro pascal become hotter than oscar isaac? same exact flavor of man but one is actually good-looking

No. 363749

I think a lot of overweight quirky tumblrina superwholock fan type women choose ugly or weird looking men because they seem more accessible and they hope he won’t be as shallow as good looking man (not true btw, ugly men are even more shallow than handsome guys kek) which leads to them thirsting over weird looking guys like bendydick cucumberpatch, pedro pascal, steve buscemi etc)

No. 363751

Its cause he portrais himself as wholesome and kind, same reason why keanu is still viewed as attractive. When every other moid in hollywood is a disgusting piece of shit, someone who seemingly isnt suddenly looks 100x hotter
Dumbest take I've read in a while

No. 363909

hey! i like buscemi and am not like that at all. there is no thought that goes into my taste beyond liking how he looks

No. 364040

why does he have the male equivalent of the ana-face KEK

No. 364424

File: 1702243923246.jpeg (147.34 KB, 402x596, IMG_6615.jpeg)

Came here to post this but I see someone beat me by a year kek
his face looks all wrong, his mouth is pinched and his teeth are chevron shaped, his nose is crooked, his jaw is too narrow for his neck and disappears into it when he opens his mouth too wide, his eyes are slits and his eyebrows are running away from each other. Is it just his body people like? He’s very big and in some roles he’s very toned.

No. 364458

This guy would probably be a nobody at a normal weight but having extremely low body fat gives him a charm. Ana-face is extremely masculine and neotinous at the same time. I love it when boys starve themselves for attention. Not this horseface retard though, he just made me want to speak my truth by reminding me of my passion

No. 364464

Replace woman with “nigger” and he would’ve been fried in the electric chair. We are the true niggers of the world.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 364561

my take is pretty accurate actually. you sound assmad, maybe because I described you

No. 364686

I think about this all the time
Replace “woman” with any racial slur

No. 364721

Stfu, no you are not and will never be. I can't believe people are still using this dumbass phrase unironically.

No. 364796

Hes such a bog standard 6/10 guy to me. Now every white moid who looks like him will think they’re gods gift. Thanks Hollywood for shilling mediocre men and giving them egos the size of a small country.

No. 364817

Then what are black women? All this because some anon found a moid ugly? You're so retarded and dramatic, kek. Fuck the wife beater John Lennon (another ugly moid propped up by women with no taste) and fuck you. Anyway, Adam Driver's ugly too.

No. 364866

File: 1702350586114.jpg (202.13 KB, 2048x1540, saltburn.jpg)

please tell me people aren't sincerely attracted to this man. is it because he plays a gay character?

No. 364871

i don’t get it either anon he’s like an elderly asian man trapped in a britbong to me

No. 364878

I’m late but I thought this was Steve-O for a minute KEK

No. 364881

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Modern blockbuster movies don’t have cute men anymore, surprisingly I was watching a weird Tubi movie with my MIL and one of the guys in it was so cute. Way cuter than Ratface Charlemagne, Steve Squarington, Tom Hollow or whatever other ugly ass males they’ve been trying to shill as heartthrobs lately.

No. 364884

He looks literally 100 years old and I do not get it he’s only 31…is it a combo of moid + shit dna + poor lifestyle?

No. 364886

this is one of the ugliest human beings ive ever seen

No. 364901

I've never seen him shilled as hot by anyone

No. 364929

File: 1702378102311.jpeg (112.11 KB, 381x377, 6D2DC67F-A57B-4EE5-87C1-B9C37F…)

I was a driver fag but then I saw house of gucci

No. 364930

People on TikTok were calling him handsome and making edits of him

No. 364931

Male butterface, he's one of those men who needs his shirt off to be attractive.

No. 364932

nonna we all know tiktok users barely count as human

No. 364944

I want to set this thing on fire

No. 364964

hes an ugly white man. most of his fanbase like him because he looks liketyour average dad

No. 364969

File: 1702393442562.jpeg (75.57 KB, 1024x640, IMG_2967.jpeg)

His body is awful though, he’s built like a Lego block.

No. 364977

One nona commented once that he looks like a bird and that’s all I have in mind when I look at him. His downturned eyes, crooked nose and thin lips are not attractive and I’m done with him being shilled as some gift from God.

No. 364980

File: 1702396041381.jpg (289.81 KB, 1080x1350, d3RF1W3.jpg)

They are so ugly that not even the horniest gay man could like them. And yet tenderqueer gen z fujos try to pass them off as heartthrobs

No. 364981

File: 1702396175708.jpg (259.17 KB, 1400x1400, bhuPtvG.jpg)

>is it because he plays a gay character?

No. 365011

No. 365012

imo only kit is quite attractive

No. 365029

File: 1702415309597.jpg (105.51 KB, 736x1104, Fw_9DAbWIAEBZZN.jpg)

No. 365030

he looks so off somehow, and not just because he's a troon

No. 365044

He is trying to look like a little girl. Most troons think they are little girls or teenagers because pornsickness. The washed out makeup

No. 365060

File: 1702427700725.jpg (121.83 KB, 780x438, intro-1652983618.jpg)

ugly kid with a lopsided face grown up + general creepy aura of a blonde-haired blue-eyed man

No. 365067

File: 1702433575298.jpg (76.5 KB, 700x800, 53c240f2275af0b121f9664c15261c…)

I think he's attractive but that's because he reminds me of my husbando Legolas.

The handmaidens who insist he looks like a woman are tripping.

No. 365090

Dafaq? I love Legolas too but Hunter looks nothing like him. If anything Hunter gives me Midsomar cult member vibes, in other words creepy inbred swede vibes

No. 365139

He looks as if a little boy suddenly aged rapidly and got wrinkles.

No. 365142

I could never breed with this man, imagine cursing your daughters to have his horse face and barrel torso

No. 365143

I think he’s very ethereal looking but ugly (yes you can be both simultaneously)

No. 365153

idk if any lesbians or other mostly-SSA bisexuals here can relate but I can smell this picture. He looks like he smells like that specific light but unmistakable teen boy/young man stench usually from their breath but not always. I find it so gross but it's sending me that I am getting this from a basic picture kek

No. 365212

Such a male post.

No. 365242

Didnt Depp himself called all his fangirls ugly?

No. 365659

File: 1702679569330.jpeg (144.58 KB, 403x404, B7765CEF-3798-487E-8379-F43997…)

Eww. Saw him in a edit. He is NOT fine, I like how Mexican gangsters look too like Benjamin Bratt in Blood in Blood out, this dude is actually ugly and the style makes him look worse, he’s not even buff enough to walk around shirtless. Also just realized he has a dent on his head.

No. 365661

This kind of scrote is sooo gross. He looks like he is in prison for beating his girlfriend

No. 365674

Um no he’s hot as fuck

No. 365702

He looks flabby and unremarkable at best

No. 365703

Ewww poor taste anon. He looks like a woman beater living in a trailer park

No. 365817

wow men truly age like shit even the eunuchs. Why are his laugh lines so deep?

No. 365833

You can’t tell a woman beater just from appearance

No. 369179

File: 1703665062949.jpeg (28.16 KB, 225x225, 08EEFCCF-BB51-4397-9F47-5FFD32…)

Haggard small eyes bitch

No. 369180

There are signs.

No. 370801

Already had deep forehead wrinkles in the left.

No. 370802

He looks like a model from Fallout.
The original Fallout.

No. 370837

Imagine a woman was put on a magazine cover with this many wrinkles saying she’s the world sexiest women. Moids have it so fucking easy all they have to do is brush their teeth occasionally and they can look like a smelly scrotum and still get worshipped.

No. 370874

Yeah seriously we need to call these ghouls what they are. Expired and worthless with sagging balls and autist sperm and erectile dysfunction

No. 370877

the wrinkles are the least offensive part of that moid. most of his visual crimes were already there before he got old: the concave cheekbones? the wrinkly no-lip mouth? the ballsack chin? the haley joel osment eyebrows? I agree with op that his disgusting beady eyes are terrible though.

No. 370880

I'm so mad he's going to be the new joker i found Joaquin Joker to be hot (YMMV) but this guy is so ugly to me

No. 370908

It’s his droopy dicknose that gives me the ick. Same with Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper.

No. 371301

File: 1704506045020.jpg (49.32 KB, 640x694, the-nanny-a-cbs-television-sit…)

Mr Sheffield in the Nanny was ugly and he didn't deserve Fran

No. 371359

The only thing he had going for him was his hair.

No. 372341

File: 1704839809723.jpg (790.67 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20240109-153810.jpg)

there are so many romcoms I haven't seen purely because I hate this guy and his annoying face

No. 372529

Where's the rest of his head

No. 372799

File: 1705026618208.jpg (740.99 KB, 1079x1495, Screenshot_20240112-023111.jpg)

disney tried to shill this guy as handsome so hard when I was a kid

No. 372800

Jesus Christ, they must have used the Fatal Frame camera for this picture

No. 372801

this spooked me on the front page

No. 372809

What’s wrong with him? Not defending this guy but like there is something ugly bout him that I can’t quite put my finger on

No. 372813

File: 1705029803374.jpeg (172.62 KB, 479x584, IMG_4048.jpeg)

He looks creepy and he reminds me of Jennifer Connelly’s son for some reason

No. 372818

both of them have long pointy chins that don't go with the rest of their faces

No. 372820

File: 1705030656977.png (127.67 KB, 250x411, Unimpressed.PNG.png)

I'm sorry but picrel is all I can see

No. 372827

The chin being too prominent while he has a skinny face, the folds on his face while he's smiling, the hair, the too blue eyes that are too open and makes him look like he saw a ghost or something.

No. 372851

this is so infuriating, because apparently the story is pretty cute. why did they pick such ugly moids? the dark haired one looks inbred

No. 372933

File: 1705067240969.jpeg (781.5 KB, 1170x1562, IMG_4125.jpeg)

I got yelled at for posting this in the celebricows thread but I find it funny. She does look like a middle aged man and he looks like a botched woman

No. 372987

fucking kek, thanks for the laugh nona

No. 373198

Genz really has the ugliest men imaginable. yikes

No. 373608

File: 1705324530404.jpg (15.19 KB, 320x156, Entropion1.jpg)

Literal senile enophthalmos.

No. 374271

based, hes untalented too so i don't get the hype
same goes for him, shitty music and personality

No. 374310

File: 1705604497434.jpeg (90.58 KB, 1200x1200, E40B1779-4634-4F78-9E40-F21302…)

I never got it. He’s a good actor but he’s short, was balding even in his prime and has a very average face imo. I understand some women like those weird round ball headed moids but there more actually attractive ones like young Gerard Way.

No. 374311

It’s weird because he has lovely eyes but everything down from then is just hideous

No. 374323

File: 1705609869816.jpg (464.61 KB, 1920x2560, Angelica-Huston-et-Jack-Nichol…)

It's the first thing you said: he's a good actor, or was a good actor, there weren't many as good as him and today there are even less. Talent and charisma are extremely appealing to some people, and a really good actor exudes confidence to a degree that, even if he doesn't play sexy roles, it makes him attractive to some. Nicholson had a cool reputation on top of that. I'm not defending him, I think Polanski raped that girl at his house, so I guess Nicholsom must have some skeletons in his closet. He didn't deserve Angelica Huston.

No. 374359

File: 1705628386220.jpg (58.79 KB, 1024x576, 17000543455.jpg)

>he has lovely eyes
Again with this myth?

No. 374379

He needs a different hairstyle.

No. 374407

He has plenty of skeletons in his closet, he beat up a prostitute so badly she suffered lifelong injuries. I hate people feeling pity for him like he’s some poor old man, he fully deserves to die in a painful way.

No. 374452


No. 374875

File: 1705859648468.jpg (657.46 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20240121-174739.jpg)

This is guy is homely as fuck. Why is he suddenly being pushed as the flavour of the month? Cause he has muscles? So do most Hollywood moids, who cares. He's literally like an ugly version of Gene Wilder

No. 374878

File: 1705859966016.png (108.68 KB, 345x152, Untitled.png)

his eyes really are pretty tho. an unusual color and the intense hoods are strange to see on a white person. even if you hate his face it's clear to see why ppl like his eyes

No. 374879

>an unusual color
Kek what? It's fucking blue and his eyes as a whole are hideous.

No. 374881

These are typical Irish/British eyes kek. I'm from the same city he's from and 6/10 people in the room at any given time will have the same pale blue colour. Half my family have the same shade of blue eyes. Are blue eyes something special to Americans or something? Because in Ireland, believe me, this eye colour is basic and doesn't stand out from the crowd at all.

No. 374884

File: 1705861035182.jpg (64.71 KB, 1140x641, Andy-Serkis-as-Gollum-1140x641…)

>an unusual color

No. 374887

No. 374888

He's a butterface so he seems attainable (even though he obviously isn't). Like if he was some guy in your hometown you'd have a shot with him. He does have great body though.

No. 374889

why does he have 3 chins
burger here, no it's not. they're just as common as brown eyes.

No. 374890

File: 1705862524240.jpeg (424.39 KB, 870x659, IMG_0208.jpeg)

I know this is a month old post but kek he looks like matpat

No. 374892

How is this unusual to you, hes Irish.

No. 374899

sorry i'm not familiar with how different strains of white person look

No. 374916

He has FAS, that is what's 'unsual'

No. 374930


No. 374991

They are way too close together

No. 374994

his eyes are ugly, nona. he looks inbred

No. 375068

File: 1705930595524.png (1.33 MB, 1095x941, IMG_4759.png)

Zach Braff, I’ve heard women refer to him as “cute” in scrubs and I can’t understand it. He’s even uglier than Pugh’s father imo which is really saying something

No. 375069

File: 1705930731037.jpeg (714.77 KB, 878x1048, IMG_4777.jpeg)

He has the same side profile as Anya Taylor Joy

No. 375072

>He does have great body though.
His body looks too blocky and fridge like to me, and then there's that weird missing bellybutton

No. 375115

He had a love interest in Shameless that compared him with an Egon Schiele drawing and I could never unsee it.

No. 375502

File: 1706142189675.jpg (14.73 KB, 275x274, 1705893350122.jpg)

I just saw picrel in the celebricow thread and he looks as if someone grabbed an image of Patrick Bateman and played with liquify on Photoshop

No. 375506

he looks like a 35yo father of two who works in junior management

No. 375507

No. 375509

I always thought Jacob elordi looked like a bad artist was prompted to draw a "hot guy" from memory

No. 375510

Jim Carrey?

No. 375578

Hes butterfaced but I still would. I think its his little man lips that makes him look weird

No. 375661

I find Elordi attractive but my friends make fun of him for his small mouth kek

No. 375677

>he looks as if someone grabbed an image of Patrick Bateman and played with liquify on Photoshop

Nonna I literally choked when I read this it is the best description of anything ever I can't stop laughing

No. 376048

File: 1706406816740.jpeg (46.01 KB, 544x680, GErDtxyW0AASGzj.jpeg)

Idris Elba getting mogged by Skepta. Still have no idea why this Jamaican uncle gets shilled so hard as hot.

No. 376066

File: 1706416050456.jpeg (91.42 KB, 1084x732, 1706388523152.jpeg)

Saw an Ariana stan shilling Spongebob as attractive cause he grew a moustache. He looks like the type of weak willed moid to call himself a dom and have a phobia of body hair on women

No. 376069

they're trying so hard

No. 376097

He had the luckiest gacha pull he will ever have in the rest of his life

No. 376099

File: 1706429306511.jpeg (441.41 KB, 1170x1181, 1706388523152.jpeg)

No. 376760

File: 1706800493802.jpeg (68.54 KB, 421x600, 0E383FC1-EF19-4B9F-BB00-DAEF58…)

He’s so cringe and his nose is so ugly. He always looks like a smug turtle sniffing it’s own farts.

No. 376762

Glad im not the only one. I never got the hype about that uggo

No. 376763

Weirdly enough he does look slightly less offensive here. That does not say much of course.

No. 376859

It took me a second to remember who that was, he looks like a plainer but less sickly Ezra Miller

No. 376862

File: 1706845240205.jpeg (553.53 KB, 1329x1790, IMG_4643.jpeg)

No. 376874

He was beautiful in the 90s-00s but I dislike his current look with the facial hair and mid length cut (the John Wick special)

No. 376878

tbf if he started saying he was queer and poly he might even have a chance of attracting some of the phoebe bridgers stan crowd. he might have to dump ariana first, though

No. 376978

Agree with the other nona, he was 10/10 in his youth, looks gross now. But tbh 99% of moids over 35 look disgusting to me.

No. 376980

File: 1706908321704.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1638, F6C12759-9458-4823-B5CE-3203A4…)

Rewatching SATC and I swear to God all the men are so damn ugly. Those poor actresses never got a break. I guess Mr Big is somewhat cute but he always looked disgustingly bloated and gaseous to me. As if he farts constantly and takes massive smelly toilet blocking shits everyday.
Some of the moids are downright laughable looking tbh. Like the sleazy threesome dude, why is Charlotte dating him, he looks like a fucking reptilian. And wtf is going on with his pupils, greasy hair and lower lip kek.

Now I know why boomer women go crazy over the middest moids ever, because they were never given hotties in their tv shows. Fuck all producers who are trying to keep womens standards in the gutter.

No. 376982

File: 1706908507038.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1640, 6D261D2D-59BE-42DF-B785-97A78B…)

I burst out laughing when this thing came on my screen trying to act sexy tbh.

No. 376983

Your brain is so big nona. I have ALWAYS thought this. Don't even get me started on Aiden.

No. 376985

>sleazy threesome guy looks sleazy
i think that's like, a casting decision (never watched this show tho)

No. 376987

I have a softspot for Trey MacDougal and Mr. Big (only in S1), the rest were ugly or bland. I think the actor who played Richard, Samantha's love interest at some point, did a good job too but he was old.

No. 376990

File: 1706912868690.png (999.7 KB, 864x637, dat posture.png)

OMFG i know right !!!! i had to stop watching it by early season 3 because i couldn't take how goddamn hideous those scrotes were anymore and WORST of all they kept shilling them as attractive and sexy, like picrel. not even if i was an alien and it was my first day on earth would i think this ugly freak bradley meego was "cute" or in any way attractive like get real.

No. 377000

And then on top of it all, all that scrotes ever said about this show was how unrealistic the wish fulfillment fantasy was that a woman as ugly as Carrie could pull hot guys. Then when you start actually watching the show, the very first episode begins by talking about how hard it is to get laid in New York when men only want young models, and all she lands are all these ugly to mid-ass dudes anyway.

No. 377018

Lmao what the fuck is this moid. He looks like stale soymilk personified. Disgusting.

No. 377022

Yup, agree nona, I honestly hated 99% of male characters. Aidan was so cringe, all of them were cringe tbh. Whats funny is all the female characters were so interesting and effervescent and sparky and mostly very attractive, and all the moids are uggos with anger issues or porn addictions. I know it’s supposed to be a show about dating terrible men in Manhattan, but the way they talk about these ugly moids as ‘handsome highly desirable investment banker bachelors who every woman in NYC wants’ etc was so fucking retarded and unrealistic kek.

No. 377105

File: 1706970681377.jpeg (132.97 KB, 615x974, Smith Jerrod 970457_jason_lewi…)

the young hunk Samantha had is hot but otherwise agreed.
I also have a soft spot for Trey MacDougal but the show made his ass gay and their marriage a sham. Like, if you find a decent looking guy he's gonna be gay and make you miserable? Sometimes I believe in the ugly man psyop.

No. 377134

File: 1706981087336.jpeg (371.06 KB, 2476x1300, IMG_3324.jpeg)

Mr. Big was not all that either tbh, like worse version of George Clooney, and the actor turned about to be a gross rapist. Kyle MacLachlan hit the wall horribly and it was especially visible in this show.

Aidan was kinda cute with short hair and after a style change.

No. 377139

File: 1706983592258.jpg (50.15 KB, 980x653, 9-elle-satc-tom-season5-episod…)

Miranda never got the best of the crop in the first place but trying to pass off this man as a cute guy with a weight problem was heinous

No. 377142

No. 377151

That’s Chris Noth, nonna. Kyle MacLachlan is the mayor of Portland and David Lynch’s former muse kek

No. 377153

File: 1706987675205.jpg (316.31 KB, 1080x1440, 382200_v9_bc.jpg)

No. 377160

He is handsome, but he is the go-to hot guy when people ask about listing attractive men. He is like the equivalent of a good but overplayed song

No. 377161

File: 1706991205737.jpeg (369.03 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_3326.jpeg)

I know nonna, I put him as picrel because I was talking about him in the first paragraph. Speaking of MacLachlan, him and Charlotte really put into perspective the scrote stereotype about women hitting the wall and men aging like wine. They’re six years apart but she looks pretty, fresh and young and he looks middle-aged and wrinkly next to her.

No. 377178

He’s truly the token black guy people name in their celebrity crush list to not seem racist. It’s a shame because there’s tons of famous black males celebrities who look better than his weird chin ass.

No. 377198

He looked good with Erik Killmonger hair and that's it

No. 377227

I wanna puke. Poor Miranda, she always got the ugliest ones. Steve also made my skin crawl.

No. 377228

I thought Chris Noth was very funny and charismatic especially in the first few seasons, but I think he’s pretty ugly too. His nose is huge, he looks like a psycho and I hated looking at his bloated gut and black nipple hair/brown moles across his pale ass chest whenever there were bed scenes. And yeah that’s not even taking into account he’s a serial sexual harasser of multiple women. Carrie treating him like the prize the whole time was also super cringe.

No. 377231

File: 1707014709325.jpeg (325.79 KB, 2391x1304, 782E985B-ED94-4181-9FF8-AB405B…)

Agree nona. He went from being very cute, fresh faced and healthy looking butch twink in TP to looking like an unhealthy drained sleep deprived caffeine addicted 55 year old man in SATC, in just a couple of years. It’s crazy how hard he walled in such a short period. Guess it was drugs or something.

No. 377233

File: 1707014903647.jpeg (87.28 KB, 1024x750, E5F71DAA-2F93-464D-9FE2-77F58C…)

I hate Steve and I wanna punch his face in. What an annoying manchild manlet dork. He reminds me of Jonathan Lipnicki who is also an uggo.

No. 377234

Yes Jason Lewis was the only actually attractive moid in the show. Even then he’s cringe as fuck, but good for Samantha for not settling.

No. 377330

File: 1707061494478.jpg (54.3 KB, 688x573, glennhowerton.jpg)

This rabid fuck. He looks like a smug serial rapist in all his pics and he does not deserve his gorgeous wife. Looks all fuckboy at nearing 50s. Stingray face.
inb4 he doesn't get shilled, there's a video of him reading thirst tweets

No. 377341

He looks dead inside.

No. 377364

File: 1707069186216.jpeg (17.57 KB, 225x225, AEE38593-C0A5-4DEE-AC8A-894A6F…)

Ugly af. Everyone knows Mac is (was) the cute one

No. 377369

Based and correct. Only weird losers would think fucking Dennis is hot

No. 377436

Agreed - the series itself does a ton of shilling of Dennis, especially in the early seasons, even though Mac was easily the hottest and imo Charlie was hotter than Dennis anyway

No. 377451

It's really hard to not see him as a sociopath because he's… Dennis. But imo Charlie >>> both him and Mac.

No. 377995

File: 1707346444321.png (167.63 KB, 360x328, Evil_Jerma.png)

He's just another boring white guy,he looks like a rat and looks like he smells bad also I want to punch that stupid face of his.

No. 378016

I feel kinda bad for him because he seems like a decent guy. I tried watching some highlights and what were considered cherry picked "funniest" moments from his streams but did not laugh once from what I remember. It isnt his fault weird non binary girls decided to make him their comfort character uwu. He's kinda trapped in that

No. 378104

File: 1707404136485.jpeg (67.13 KB, 640x537, IMG_3359.jpeg)

I tried to get into him because he’s so popular for some reason, but there’s just nothing here. The pic on the left is the only instance where I’ve found him kinda hot, long hair doesn’t suit him. And he looked fine in the Spiderman suit, I guess?

No. 378106

Most streamers are deeply unfunny creeps

Why is his jaw so long and v shaped