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No. 215651

This thread is to discuss anything and everything to do with divorce.
Experiencing divorce is difficult, and whether you went through this with your family or are going through it in your relationship, feel free to share stories, feelings, opinions, trauma and recovery.

No. 215693

I'm currently gearing up for a divorce. Speaking to a lawyer is my first step but I've been kind of petrified. Thinking about living without my spouse feels like heaven but there are real life problems that will arise from it the first being financial of course and potentially even immigration issues if the divorce changes my spouse's character and they decide to accuse me of fraud. It wasn't fraud. I just didn't know myself when we rushed into marriage. It was nobody's fault. I'm going to have to trust them to remain a good person, it's my only option at this stage. I'm sorry this ended up so wrong but we both need to move on wth our lives, with people capable of loving us for all that we are. I could not be that for them. I've been told divorce is an act of hope and I'm clinging to it. Hope is all I run on these days, else I'll kill myself.

No. 215708

I know you’re suggesting that it’s amicable, but your post made me kind of sad for you anyways. I’m sorry, but also I’m happy for you! Sounds like you’ve done a lot of maturing from the time you got married to now. I wish you all the best, anon.

No. 215730

Thank you very much nona.
I'm not really sure how amicable it can be, my spouse is going to feel betrayed and will be completely heartbroken but I think deep down they knew this was coming. I know we will both be happier in the end if we just let go of each other. I want that for us.

No. 215773

What made you realize it was time?

No. 215779

I realized I'm not asexual but lesbian, by falling for someone I met. That didn't work out mostly because I won't cheat, but the knowledge stayed and I've been getting more immersed in the community since then. Mostly it's been me trying to get on my feet and work up the courage to speak up. My goal is to start the divorce process by the end of next month.

No. 218802

I rushed into marriage with a scrote that I had dated when I was 17, broken up with, and then had some weird synchronicity that convinced me that he was my soulmate. Terrible idea, nonnas. We’ve been married for a little over a year and in that year he’s drained all of our accounts, been late on rent nearly every month, hit me, shoved me into walls, screamed at me in the middle of the night calling me a whore, etc etc. He’s a deadbeat asshole that’s only concerned with playing video games (on the systems I bought), drinking, and watching tv. Has never once helped me clean the house, neglects the shit out of our dog to the point that she doesn’t even know she can bring her toys to him, and refuses to believe he’s done anything wrong at all. I moved back in with my parents and have had to do everything to get us out of the lease we still have ~5 months left on. He hasn’t lifted a finger once to help me, just listens to my records without my permission and drunkenly sends me songs at 5am. It’s pathetic. He’s not from my city and I have been begging him to go to his hometown and found out last night that his dad told him that he’s sick of his bullshit and he won’t help him, and doesn’t want him to move back home. So now I’m stuck with this insane moid that knows where me and my family live and gets blackout drunk every day. He also says that my dog is “his” and he has a right to see her. I paid her adoption fees, I pay for her grooming, vet visits, toys, food, etc. He’s never once taken her to any appointment. I also have two guinea pigs that he doesn’t even pretend to give a fuck about. I have a good career, I’ve done a lot of work on myself, and used to always have fantastic financial standing. I feel like I’ve been beaten down to nothing and have to start at square one. Scrotes will literally ruin your life and then blame you for it. He also watches incest porn and has horrific teeth and breath. I’m never letting a fat, smelly, balding asshole ruin my life again. Considering joining a convent.

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