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File: 1639196986268.png (363.97 KB, 902x620, ouguouggo.png)

No. 216852

This thread is for all kinds of wild, crazy, weird, funny, hilarious, gross etc encounters we find on shein or other similar cheapo online clothing store brands. For some reason, the cheaper it is the cringe it gets. Shein in particular has a lot of weird reviewers with no shame and lack of self awareness. Post away.

No. 216853

Kek excellent thread anon

No. 216878

They have elevated levels of toxic chemicals like lead in their clothes. I bought one thing from there but didn't wear it yet thankfully.

No. 216880

Source? I need to know

No. 216899

I mean… just like most made in china garbage. Chinese glue isn’t good skincare.

No. 216913

you obviously didnt read the article when you saw that headline.

high levels of lead were found in plastic pieces. one was a purse, one was a child's coat. fabrics that can be washed are just fine. use your judgment, check the reviews, and wash anything before you put it on your body.

No. 216917

File: 1639242085956.png (644.89 KB, 1163x649, Screenshot (27).png)

here is one of the researchers holding the purse they tested, no hazmat suit. lead is toxic, not poisonous.

No. 216922

File: 1639243105801.jpg (566.62 KB, 1080x4312, piganus.jpg)

No. 216924

i need these immediately

No. 216925

Would these keep moids away? I would pair them with the hairy swimsuit as turn-off gear.

No. 216928

Sorry for grossness but the amount of exes I had who were well into rimming (which I don't care for and certainly dont want spontaneously performed on me) It's like men favor that above everything else. I feel like these underwear are helping me to process some feelings about that lol

No. 216942

File: 1639255732254.png (267.34 KB, 780x439, imagen_2021-12-11_144903.png)

No. 216946

why would anyone want to wear that shit anyway. looks completely retarded

No. 217009

A toddler

No. 218275

Everything on fashion nova

No. 218278

lmao wtf is this

No. 218279

File: 1639898243535.png (232.87 KB, 1658x931, ear piercing tool.png)

No. 218281

File: 1639898590441.jpeg (278.13 KB, 1242x2688, FD9280E5-A3BD-49D8-A1ED-C4A9BB…)

The shoops are hilarious and always give me a good laugh


What the actual fuck is this. I like how they smoothed out the edges of her legs to hide the fact she likely looks like a netted ham.

No. 218284

rofl I've bought and used on of these things off amazon three times now, the fact that the piercings all turned out fine is how I know I'm one of gods favorites.

No. 218285

wtf nonna. Which part of your body did you pierce with those?

No. 218297

not op but i did 2 lobe piercings with very similar products from aliexpress. it's been 2 years and, honestly, they healed better than my professionally done piercings. i wouldn't do anything other than lobes with these.

No. 218792

File: 1640192392501.png (539.69 KB, 583x787, sheinbad.png)

who tf styled this

No. 218804

a colorblind schoolmarm

No. 218864

I'm pretty sure I bought that exact skirt at a thrift store for like $3 and I never wear it because it would make literally anyone look like a fridge with feet. What the hell were they thinking with this photo?

No. 218869

>it would make literally anyone look like a fridge with feet.
projecting fatty spotted

No. 218873

your anorexia doesnt make clothes look good on you

No. 218887

kek I'm tall and skinny, try harder cope-chan

No. 218895

if you're tall and skinny but that sort of skirt makes you look like a fridge you might be just tall

No. 218951

nta, my sister is underweight and those skirts make her look boxy too, you just have shit taste and no understanding of fit beyond size

No. 218985

if the clothes look bad on a body, it's the clothes. the body isnt the problem. get a brain zoomer.

No. 219032

Uh actually not true most of the time, if you have a fupa, chances are nothing looks good on you

No. 219038

I will put it in a way you can understand rattle rattle rattle rattle gurgle gurgle blergh blergh

No. 219066

you sound fat

No. 219074

she's not wrong tho

No. 219080


I love this dumpster fire website sometimes

No. 219088

File: 1640310039816.png (Spoiler Image,822.27 KB, 907x1210, IMG_20211223_193148.png)

I can't believe I'm doing this but can we put this dumb argument to bed now? This type of skirt is just unflattering.

repost because I forgot to spoiler my shit

No. 219097

ngl I don't think anyone is taking this very seriously, i read all of the posts you linked as hilarious not like aggressive or serious. ya some skirts are unflattering. that anon is funny tho

No. 219103

none of those anons but this doesn't look that fridge-like tbh, though the quality of the skirt is still shit

No. 219108

Wow nonnie very cute

No. 219127

it's definitely the garment. hideous.

No. 219136


No. 219160

This skirt has no shape, it looks horrible. But you look cute nonny.

No. 219161

I hate pleated skirts with exposed elastic waistbands, so cheap and ugly.

No. 219164

File: 1640353681721.gif (2.42 MB, 755x443, 1639849847835.gif)

rattle rattle rattle rattle gurgle gurgle blergh blergh

No. 219225

you don't look like a fridge at all, probably because you aren't fat. this literally proves that it is the body, not the clothes.

No. 229623

File: 1644432440607.png (Spoiler Image,752.4 KB, 1181x814, court.png)

No. 229782

i fucking guffawed

No. 229955

File: 1644545326326.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1759, A1458C6E-7BD2-48DC-8595-149CB2…)

No. 235339


No. 235349

Is there a video doc on shein? Like how bad it is

No. 235353

Nvm i found one

No. 235355

No. 235432

I saw a clip lately where it was a few women at a party noticing this sign on the wall and laughing at it.. comment section was full of men going nuts talking about baggy vaginas and how nobody wants your pussy after you've had the first baby..on and on. Like good god guys.. nobody was attacking your dick or calling it small.

No. 235542

Insecure moids is why I don't feel annoyed at unhinged femcels or radfem terfs that much tbh. It's their karma

No. 236275

File: 1645140757019.jpg (1.16 MB, 1440x2920, Screenshot_20220217-232549_SHE…)

Fully grown man found a skirt that gives him a 'school girl feeling'

No. 236300

No. 246028

this looks like a good troon reaction pic lmao

No. 262320

i literally saw a review photo on shein of someone? (idk if it was a woman or man tucking tjheir dik behidn their legs) but it was a pair of knee high socks and their whole pussy was OUT

No. 282275

File: 1660698024557.jpg (367.59 KB, 585x777, no.jpg)

reese witherspoon who

No. 282771

she's dressed like a grandma couch

No. 283017

File: 1661150066875.png (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 750x1334, 3319CDC7-8DD7-419C-87C7-AE63E1…)

Omg the scrote in the background, this is so bleak

No. 283018

File: 1661150103184.png (Spoiler Image,2.85 MB, 750x1334, B2122A27-2AB2-4849-8EFD-F34978…)

she posted another too, god this is embarrassing

No. 283022

oh my god

No. 283033

Can we post pics from Amazon reviews here? I come across a lot of terrible shit

No. 283042

NOOOO omg she's pretty why why why do this, the world is so cruel

No. 283045

I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt and say that this outfit is for halloween, and that the ppl in the back are from a house party or roommates or something

No. 283053

someone please outlaw vinyl clothing

No. 283059

What did she mean by this.

No. 283128

I think it could be for Halloween but the dude on the bed is def her boyfriend which just makes it sad kek, the lingerie reviews are full of women trying to spice up the bedroom for their shitty scrotes and it makes my heart hurt

No. 283129

File: 1661191175942.png (3.45 MB, 750x1334, 6276FFC2-8B66-4A89-AFC2-C0B653…)


No. 283134

Dead eyes, looks suicidal

No. 283155

Don't post children here.

No. 283265

Scrotes collect pictures like this from online shopping sites and post them on porn forums, I hope women who post these are aware

No. 293149

File: 1665275674945.png (462.08 KB, 759x367, wtfisgoingon.png)

OMG nonnies this thread was made for me. I don't know what it is about shein that makes women suddenly so oblivious to social norms but those bitches be putting the weirdest pictures up on that website, as if it was their private groupchat and not the world wide web, this shit is hilarious. I found so many gems, from disgusting troons thinking they pass and/or look cute, to human trashcans posting pictures from their hoarder room with dirt all around, to girls actually posting their bare asscheeks and shein approving it (i even randomly found a bare pussy one time)… This website is so wild it's a gold mine, the chinese must really laugh their asses off sometimes and think the west is going insane. Some bitches be posting the most hilarious comments with their pictures too, some women are so funny.

I can't believe this thread is not more active and popular on /ot/ because reading reviews on there is one of my dearest and lamest hobby. Sometimes i click on the ugliest piece of clothing i've ever seen and some woman is in the reviews saying this is the most beautiful thing she's ever bought and i'm silently judging and laughing. I'm pathetic and ashamed of myself but i love it so much.

I'll never stop being baffled, i'm sure most women on there are not sex workers and are totally private/normal IRL, why is it that shein is somehow a safe space for them to post the weirdest pictures? And what's more hilarious is that they're not even trying to make it look good they post the shittiest pictures you can imagine, like picrel. Like i want to reach out to her and ask her if she's ok because wtf is this????

No. 293165

Post moar pls nonny!

No. 293732

Ok ladies take the piss if you want but I actually have a dark urge to wear fingerless striped scene gloves like that, but like black and white, and with a black dress/shirt. Kind of into cringe fashion

No. 293790

It's ok when actual women do it.

No. 293842

they are already back/coming back

No. 294057

File: 1665779761346.png (568.87 KB, 1097x662, weakest_link.png)

Shein customers are either terminally online zoomers, hispanic mothers, or troons.

No. 294058

File: 1665780408113.png (446.92 KB, 1127x761, Screenshot 2022-10-14 164637.p…)

No. 294070

She's probably 15 which is so sad
>skirt sits low on the belly
>literally a sphere sitting on top of the skirt like a spillage of dough

No. 294076

whats with the hispanic moms thing on lolcow lately

No. 294280

Hispanic zoomies?

No. 294998

I don’t know what you’re talking about, shein reviews are actually commonly written in Spanish and often times written by near middle aged hispanic women, it’s not shade but an observation

No. 295003

File: 1666287195882.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, 9BB14C1B-0CC1-44F6-9EDE-2E668A…)


No. 295005

i didnt take a cap cause it wasnt on shein but i was looking at reviews of a dress and one reviewer pic was a pic of the girls feet to the camera. you could barely see anything but the soles of her feet so it looked like a fetish photo. wtf is wrong with people who post review pics.

No. 295009

File: 1666289267932.png (3.88 MB, 750x1334, 03566576-820A-4E61-9387-FC8128…)

No. 295101

File: 1666339128592.png (291.11 KB, 566x456, shein.png)

Some pants I found

No. 295106

we need to ban children from internet, this is just depressing

No. 295116

Barbiecore? Is Barbie famous for having horrible taste in clothes and shitting in her pants now?

No. 296086

File: 1666788290258.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, 48D435CE-B928-46EE-A6B0-23EDDA…)

This is a popular dress sold on Shein, I tell me why anyone would buy this when the fucking material is obviously shit? I’ve seen people complain about being too scared to iron other dresses on there out of fear they’ll melt KEK

No. 296106

Honestly very artfully crafted attention bait, bravo to her.

No. 296108

For context if you haven't shopped on this hellsite nonnies, after you make your purchase Shein will give you like a penny per review you leave, another penny if you leave a picture, and then like… a couple more pennies the more people like the photo/review. I think it prompts you to upload all your pics and reviews at once and so these people are desperate for their literal 1 cent discount and post their houses full of shit or ass/feet pics, or song lyrics accompanied by memes of rats shooting up heroin.

No. 296129

Is this a Halloween witch costume? It would explain why the fabric is shit you're supposed to onlt wear it once then dump it

No. 296232

so distracted by the awful dress, almost didn't notice the veiny troon arm lmao

No. 297411

File: 1667484168397.jpg (180.52 KB, 444x527, Soladylikeuwu.jpg)

Found while browsing Ali reviews.
Scrotoids don't have any shame istg.

No. 298100

File: 1667782147812.jpeg (611.25 KB, 828x1335, C2CD8A3D-F5BE-4A9F-A985-1C5425…)

why would you post this on the internet

No. 298110

I thought this was John Kendall Cox of Washington

No. 299197

File: 1668394625025.png (990.58 KB, 882x895, shein.PNG)

asian countries really do be editing their models into uncanny valley territory, she looks like a reptile

No. 299225

I don’t know if the squished hands or the stiff face make me feel more uncomfortable

No. 299294

File: 1668458485481.png (338.46 KB, 394x387, Shein photoshop 2.png)

I saw a bunch of those uncanny photoshops under the Dazy brand.

No. 299295

File: 1668458558267.png (300.06 KB, 387x491, Shein photoshop 1.png)

No. 299451

Not trying to racebait but the reason why chronically online people think asian women are so superior is because they only have these kinds of online references to look to, they edit or plastic surgery themselves into oblivion.

No. 299469

File: 1668535855438.jpeg (68.13 KB, 700x467, E61596DD-7B2E-4EA6-8324-938F61…)

No definitely. Moids are such retarded coomers they think Asian women come out of the womb with paper white skin, tiny heart shaped v line faces with pointy chins, huge eyes with massive irises and perfect hourglass all natural bodies. They will swear right is unedited.

No. 299493

Whats sad is that the girl in her natural state isnt even ugly shes actually pretty cute but she still felt the need to emulate the look of plastic

No. 299561

women posting before and after pics like this almost feels like a form of self harm. it's really sad.

No. 299732

She looks better in the before, honestly sometimes I think about the beetles that mated with the bottles and men just prefer artificial things and they're so dumb.

No. 299815

Kek don't give me flashbacks to moids spamming the internet with "see Asian women are hotter" and then posting the most edited photo I've ever seen

No. 299942

File: 1668745339644.png (1.63 MB, 759x1151, shein_cringe.PNG)

Shein has a "kawaii" section which is basically ddlg shit in disguise.

No. 299943

Shit like this does not register as actual clothing.

No. 299944

File: 1668747052529.jpg (936.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221117-235033_Gal…)

Who knew that it would be popular to larp as a toddler in 2022, take refusing to grow up to a whole new level !1

No. 299945

File: 1668747098001.jpg (777.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20221117-235127_Gal…)

Again with the warped face kek

No. 299946

They're literally making women into babies lmao there is no end to this is there. I had that same hat when I was 3 lol

No. 300035

I could even think that these two can be used as normal outfits for a teenager into kawiwi anime bullshit and japanese key shit, who can't be arsed to buy the XXXL shit that will fit them like an XS and will look short as fuck. But the fact that this is going to be bought by grown ass adults is bleak, specially knowing that
this one will be bought by pedopanderer cows like Shayna the mayochup mermaid.

No. 300654

File: 1669174454268.jpg (691.35 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20221123-033256_Chr…)

Oh god this poor child

No. 300655

Mental illness. Jesus christ, the fucking q-tip on the floor and chunks of crap by the doorframe, wtf

No. 300665

kek what person adresses their child as ''offspring''

No. 302141

Personally, please do

No. 305407

The slanted top dear god

No. 306405

I refuse to believe anyone tapped that. I refuse. Not on all the trailer brewed heroin in the world.

No. 316838

that's a psl 8/10 in Appalachia

No. 316841

Yeah scrotes are so picky about who they fuck when they're not raping children and animals.

No. 316895

File: 1678814220893.jpg (78.87 KB, 1077x765, shein review trans.JPG)

the perfect thread for me!
i love looking at the reviews of "bimbo" or sexy egirl kawaii clothes and laughing at the troons

No. 316898

File: 1678814594606.jpg (32.91 KB, 640x577, 81dn9fvx2yt61.jpg)

I've found people sharing pictures of trannies or like pic related on reddit, etc, and the comments are always full of "what is funny?" "this is a normal photo to me" "why do you think anything is wrong with this?" just itching to jump for the throat about how they're a beautiful woman and this is fine and dandy.

No. 316901

I mean she's wearing something that says 'baby girl' on it. I've seen it irl, men will shack up with a woman where the appeal is very hard to see.. and of course it turns out she's either a sub or into playing into that "I'm just a lil 300 pound girl hehe" shit. Mens priorities..

No. 316902

File: 1678815309718.jpg (58.65 KB, 640x640, Sef0af1cd527c4e3ab8a1764c2a277…)

i wish I saved all the crazy ones I've seen. my favorite is when they shrink the head do much the hands look like they can hold the head like a baseball

No. 316909

i dont get what posses people to upload pictures of their faces to review sites. Even back when I used to upload pictures of myself on the internet I would only limited to sites where I felt like I had any form for "control" of who saw it like a private instagram or facebook(yes I know these sites aren't safe either but at least any rando couldn't see what I was doing): Even if you want to be efamous wouldn't it make more sense to promote yourself trough instagram or tiktok and not some random review?

No. 316915

You know how parents used to warn their kids: Don't give out your real name on the internet! It's not safe! They don't do that anymore. Sometime during the 2010's 'we' collectively decided that putting all your personal info and your face on the internet for anyone to grab is completely normalized.

No. 316918

File: 1678826214351.png (538.54 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20230314-153646.png)

AliExpress got the goods

No. 316923

Nona please share the links of the clothes full of troon reviews

No. 316927

The one in the middle should be in the maid outfit not the elephants next to him

No. 316929

tbf nonny, if you search obvious shit like striped socks or cosplay stuff, you are bound to find at least one troon on your own. I'll find at least 3.

No. 316931

File: 1678830964362.png (130.64 KB, 1098x740, Screenshot 2023-03-14 175422.p…)

No. 316937

File: 1678831840987.png (Spoiler Image,195.64 KB, 1108x751, Screenshot 2023-03-14 180320.p…)

Kek, i give up. I know they are hiding somewhere but some of the troon fodder have so many reviews that they are probably buried. Nonetheless, I found tons of cringe. Starting off with dirty socks.

No. 316938

File: 1678831872919.png (149.95 KB, 1084x764, Screenshot 2023-03-14 174505.p…)

Next up is onlyfans shilling.

No. 316939

File: 1678831900704.png (629.82 KB, 1121x683, Screenshot 2023-03-14 180258.p…)

No. 316940

File: 1678831941085.png (Spoiler Image,241.38 KB, 1112x754, Screenshot 2023-03-14 180017.p…)

And lastly.. gross thirst traps.

No. 316943

File: 1678832148795.png (Spoiler Image,130.92 KB, 1110x749, $RYG7PTS.png)

No. 316946

How an absolute unit of a person looks this thin? The filters are overworking kek

No. 316947

>188 cm
Is this 6'1 or am I tripping?

No. 316951

a little over 6'2

No. 316972

Damn, she's tall.

No. 316977

File: 1678853288337.png (1011.06 KB, 2048x1716, Screenshot_20230314-230538.png)

definitely the angle at work, but 200-300 can look like little on tall people depending on body build.

No. 317003

File: 1678876979100.jpg (16.02 KB, 595x180, shein review horny.JPG)

she's boutta be railed in this, nonnies.
thanks shein

No. 317014

File: 1678886362429.png (130.72 KB, 980x618, poor kitty.PNG)

No. 317015

File: 1678886424522.png (114.27 KB, 975x630, troon.PNG)

There was quite a few femboy uwu troons on this shirts reviews

No. 317016

File: 1678887900508.png (734.08 KB, 970x592, girl no.PNG)

No. 317019

almost thought this was shayna

No. 317022

kek I've seen a bunch of those reviews. "it doesn't fit but it's not going to stay on long"

No. 317030

That is what I don't get, ill-fitted clothes will always look ugly, no matter the situation or type of clothing, it is not an excuse

No. 317041

File: 1678910262290.png (246.1 KB, 289x521, 456745641.png)

Shein is top tier when it comes to vanity sizing, picrel is meant to be an XS size. The combo of shitty stretchy polyester and spandex makes it possible I guess. I hate it, the irony is that is that thicker women would look better in a well structured cotton/linen garment

No. 317203

I hate seeing trannies whenever I look at wig reviews jfc

No. 317382

File: 1679106581055.png (126 KB, 800x677, 1617943425968.png)

No. 317387

This Sanrio top with the ears always reminds me of toilet paper

No. 317403

lollll the seller reply

No. 317416

Tight fitted clothes suit women with her bodytype, if she was too skinny she wouldn't be able to fill the dress out and the cup parts would probably look loose and awkward. She also doesn't look fat at all and I doubt you're better looking because most anonymous anachans who shit on average women I've seen ended up being fat themselves.

No. 317418

NTA but anon didn't shit on her. Do you feel called out or something? The dress is not a real XS that's for certain and everyone looks better in structured fabric that compliments their body shape instead of squeezing into the smallest polyester tube you can find, anachan or not.

No. 317430

It honestly could be xs in America. %60 American women are obese and most of the rest are probably severely overweight which means a chubby or average woman could be S or XS there. Sizing differentiates depending on the country's average bodytype and acknowledging that isn't anything out of the ordinary. Asian, European and American sizing are all different because of that and the girl could be a S in American sizing if the brand is using that while she'd be L in Asian.
Anon seems obsessed about size a random girl wears which is something only Anachans obsess about as normal people accept that brands have different sizing and that it's not about vanity but more about wanting to sell to the majority of their customers which means producing larger clothes is more lucrative if they're selling to a mostly obese crowd which seems to be true for shein. Anachans on the other hand take pride in squeezing into XS/S sizes and being "size zero" that's why they get mad when sizing is different and the smallest sizes are no longer special to them only

No. 317433

Anon just pointed out vanity sizing, an issue you describe but don't seem to understand. Vanity sizing impacts everyone and it makes shopping difficult for women of all sizes and shapes.

No. 317437

No it doesn't. All products have a sizing chart where they tell you what size you most likely are depending on your measurements. I live in a country where most women are also obese which means I can't shop from certain brands because their sizing is too big and I'd need to get them tailored to fit me right but since I'm not a schizo, I don't save a picture of a random woman and post it online to complain about her being too big for that size.

No. 317438

Do you think anachans are going into Torrid and complaining there are no sizes for them? You are actually stupid, just google it.

No. 317442

I glanced quickly and thought it was Shayna at first kek. How big is 5XL? I have never seen that size on Shein, but it is a different site it seems.
The reply is gold tho, imagine that incredible Hulk walking on streets with that dress. I would

No. 317444

File: 1679142271249.jpg (122.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

Picrel is a 5XL. The size on that pic must be wrong because he's way smaller than that.

No. 317470

it's AliExpress which tends to skew asian size, so 5x is probably a western 1x.

No. 317471

File: 1679156904575.png (678.72 KB, 1440x2007, Screenshot_20230318-112740~2.p…)

this is 2x for reference

No. 317527

By god that is cute…

No. 317532

I don't get the reeing about vanity sizing. Most fast fashion stores don't give a fuck about making sizing consistent in the first place.

No. 317543

File: 1679197123031.png (421.75 KB, 1440x865, Screenshot_20230318-113117~2.p…)

by chance found that review on AliExpress, another pic

No. 317544

that is the problem. rationally there should be standardization with minimal deviation. but there isn't, which makes purchasing anything without trying on a disaster. but if it helps make more money for the company who cares

No. 317598

That's because you're fat and vanity sizing careers to you. It's miserable being average size these days because the smallest size in most stores is a circus tent.

No. 318838

She is not wrong nona, I wear XS/S in my country and I have found a XS shirt that was more suited for a L and a "L" sized coat that was so small that fitted a XS. The best way is knowing your measurements and always buying a bigger size if the fit is too tight. Better loose than not fitting in at all kek

No. 318839

>Heh.. I'm so tiny I could fall inside a t-shirt and get lost! Uwaaah~ My petite body could never, I'm so bloated after only 200 calories. Kawaii desu ne !!

No. 318907

File: 1680060698279.jpeg (Spoiler Image,43.36 KB, 895x472, 86BA9E9C-83A8-4109-8012-E23C65…)

My god

No. 318912

You can't keep going into torrid and expecting them to make size xxxxxxxs. buy bjd clothes instead.

No. 318933

Why are there so many German and English/UK crossdressers? Before the trans epidemic these communities were always primarily German or British (but particularly English). What gives?

No. 318945

I hate vanity sizing, I'm just slightly above the average height and when I was at my biggest and my bmi (for all its flaws it's still a good average tool) clearly put me in the overweight category I still only fit size S pants because even M was always too big. It's honestly demeaning to know you're overweight and these people going "no you're actually totally small and skinny and dainty uwu", it feels like I'm being gaslit into staying unhealthy and to buy their stuff.

No. 318958

I swear to god all of you saying you fit into size S as an "overweight" person have ana brainworms. There's no way you fit into size small as an actual fatass.

No. 318959

It really depend on the brand and country. When I was overweight (77kg, 175cm) I wore an S/36/38 size jeans in German brands, XL/44 in Zara, and couldn't even fit into Italian/French brands.

No. 318972

Thin people don't care about vanity sizing, neither do fat people when) even though they're the two groups who have the worst experience shopping online but somehow the "average" anons lose their minds that stuff they buy don't fit. It's almost like the "average" anons need to check their sizing again or go to gym to fix their fucked up proportions.
I'm someone who's thin and short so some brands can't fit me while they fit fat people but you don't see me raging because I don't care if fat women have their own brands and finally get to buy shit their size. Maybe it's because both thin and fat people are used to brands not catering to us so it's not a big deal to us.
Just a while later someone with similar sizing made a post to anachan thread, your weird behavior is proving only mentally ill people obsess over sizing.

No. 318977

How is a random wannarexic my problem? Last fucking place I thought would be PC about stating simple facts.

No. 318983

Samefag, just to add I don't obssess about it. But I don't have many stores around me and ordering online is expensive. So yes, being sized out matters to me. Losing weight has opened some doors and closed others, why so much seething over other anons experiences?

No. 319079

I still have clothes from 20 years ago which fit the same as they did when I bought them. My body hasn't changed in size at all, but I went from being able to find clothes that fit me in stores to not being able to find clothes that fit me in stores. And despite what your warped perspective is apparently telling you, having a middle-of-normal-range BMI at an average height while not being a pro body builder or missing a limb makes me NORMAL-SIZED. I'm used to getting called skinny and starved and shit because I'm from a place where the majority of women can't see their own knees and I resent the fuck out of it. Sorry, not sorry.

No. 319092

I was right about only wannorexics caring, see this anon even felt the need to bring up how skinny she was percieved(even though she's not skinny which is also a wannorexic trait) and just like all wannorexics she didn't forget to make fun of other women's weight.
Anyway, you should probably realize that garments take your body's shape and get looser around necessary parts the more you wear them, which means your old clothes probably fit you better because of that. If you actually need stuff that fits, measure your body instead of thinking "huh I'm skinny so S should fit me" and then compare your measurements to that stores sizing guide. This is common practice and I don't understand why some of you autists have such big problems figuring out your sizing when it takes ten minutes at most.

No. 319108

NTA but most modern brands don't have measurements for all of their garments. Just ultra generic recommendations which are inaccurate 99% of the time. I seriously don't know any cheaper/high street brands that list measurements for individual pieces. Sizing is inconsistent within brands and it when you add vanity sizing on top of that it's a mess. I would love if womens clothing had accurate measurements instead for sizing like mens.

The only thing that's helpful in these situations is size quizes, where you can enter your height, weight and general body shape and see what others with similar answers bought. But I only know a couple of accessible brands that do this.

No. 319113

ayrt, you're wrong and that's why I fucking hate it. Because I was literally overweight at 75kg and the only clothes that fit me in the common stores were a size S. That's ridiculous to me. I'm a eurofag for context. I grew up chubby and was constantly being told I was overweight, and had finally after many years accepted it. Then adult clothes started telling me "oh no you are SO skinny!!" despite me still being my same chubby self. It felt like a patronizing fucking slap to the face because it's so obvious that they're doing it to sell more clothes to insecure fatties like me. My other even fatter friends were ALWAYS delighted to fit (or barely squeeze into) size M so they could pretend they weren't as big as they were when in reality they should be L/XL (and were in other brands).

Watch any fat/obese youtuber who has lost weight and they will tell you how much they loved to use things to stay in denial about their weight before finally losing it, including vanity sizing and pointing to fatter people to say "well at least I'm not THAT bad because I'm not an XL, just an L".

No. 319117

Nta but are you saying that now you’ve lost weight you cannot wear trousers at all or are you complaining that when you were overweight your pant size wasn’t an L? Because you just sound like an apple who’s legs don’t fluctuate much.

No. 319132

>measurements for individual pieces
Measurements aren't for individual pieces, you illiterate retard. Stores have guides that work out for all cloths store wide, you guys not knowing this explains how you manage to buy clothes that never fit you right. You can't just randomly get a size and get mad when it doesn't fit you even though you didn't check the guide.
Anon you're again making it a competition about how fat women wearing small sizes is a huge issue. It really isnt, if you live in a country where %70 women are obese, the sizing will also be according to that. It's not about making fatties feel good but rather producing garments that fit majority so they sell more. Why are you so oblivious?

No. 319139

Doesn't a wannarexic have to want to be an anachan? Why do you fat women always get so mad when normal sized women exist?

No. 319262

Okay, you have convinced me you buy all your clothes at walmart or some similar burger place, and not actual stores. Measurements for individual garments exist in higher end brands and some foreign ones(mostly asian). They used to be more common back when online shopping first started getting popular. The size guides brands put online are extremely inaccurate. I have pants in sizes from 34 to 40 in some brands, and they all fit. According to that brand, I should be an XS in pants and yet clearly it's not the case. No one is out there randomly grabbing sizes and getting mad, you are just seething too much to read what is being said.

No. 320149

>waist: 24 in
>weight: 110 lb
lmao no

No. 321389

File: 1681386149001.jpg (56.14 KB, 800x450, tumblr_33caa6fa2d9060d1ebf32b7…)

I literally don't understand why everyone's fighting when we all agree that inconsistent/vanity sizing is inconvenient.

No. 323816

Lmao based seller reply

No. 323875

I never bother reading reviews for fits, they all lie like strangers care about their supposedly tiny measurements when writing a review. Bought a dress off the shops measurements and was worried it wouldnt fit my waist bc everyone who bought that size claimed to have a 23 inch waist and it looked tight on them, turns out it fit perfectly with room to spare on my 27 inch waist.

No. 324060

File: 1682637343331.jpg (Spoiler Image,73.75 KB, 1226x766, abdl kramer.jpg)

perversion runs in the german blood. remember that a lot of english folks genetically stem from saxony.

No. 324154

This guy being called like jigsaw is the cherry on top

No. 328047

File: 1684031618525.jpg (13.8 KB, 299x460, 16635194143683f8d962a5081a1542…)


Kek not only the dress is the most ugly crap I have ever seen, it is also riddled with troons with actually wear this kind of coomer weeb shit

No. 328055

Is that a troon? I literally thought that was a hispanic auntie at first and was really confused as to why she would buy that.

No. 328214

I have a hard time believing that they ever make more than one item in any particular size. It's not like you're paying for quality control. Every item is probably unique in some unfortunate way.

No. 328323

this reminds me of those tight-fitting skirts with a random drawing that you can buy from redbubble. I never understood those type of skirts and I have never seen anyone buy them or wear them. I'm legit sureprised to see people call this dress pretty. tight clothes with a stretch drawing looks bad objectively

No. 328548

File: 1684170800087.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.22 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230515_131305_Gal…)

This troons(?) Face and lingerie set.

No. 341883

File: 1690304494117.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

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