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No. 217237

Do men really see us like this?(shit thread)

No. 217238

Who cares what scrotes think? Also this doesn't warrant its own thread.

No. 217248

Yeah let's ignore the fact men are visually-based and most will not even look your way if you're not a solid 10/10. Let's ignore that the ugly man hot woman trope dominates media. Scrotes are retarded

No. 217251

Are you on drugs? Men try to fuck anything that moves.

No. 217252

Country people, legit deep country people not just cottage core, 2009 Taylor swift bitches, are fucking psycho kek you can always tell who's never met a country person by how much they romanticize country folks. Not even kinky crazy either, like feed your ass to the pigs because you looked at her the wrong way crazy. Not even joking

Also where the fuck does this guy live where he is constantly seeing below average women get with handsome men? It's almost always the opposite, mostly because legitimately ugly women are quite rare and most of them are just married to men within their leagues. The only issue I can think of is that American and British women tend to be overweight but men fetishize it anyway so that's kinda their own fault for encouraging it and not calling out other men for encouraging women to have unhealthy body types

No. 217257

They will dump their cum in anything that moves yes, but will never show real effort or intention unless you are imaginary manic pixie dream girl who resembles his favorite porn category, even then he will get bored

No. 217262

The answer barely makes sense, there is no connection between the points and they often just contradict each other. And it has 18 upvotes. Scrotes always write like such retards online. No wonder they're all getting failing grades in reading and writing at school now.

No. 217269

Most men unfortunately hold this worldview to varying degrees. That's what happens when a group is given unchecked power for so long that it acquires a sense of entitlement to it and misconstrues any infringement on its power as subjugation.

I hate when incels trot out old, retarded arguments predicated on misinformation about hunter/gatherer cultures. Let's establish one thing: nomadic humans were matrilineal, and because women could only bear one child a year at extreme risk to their own lives, they had to be highly selective about mates. A scrawny compsci loser like this guy wouldn't have passed on his genes if he lived back then. Also, our species wouldn't have survived this long if 50% of us were incapable of surviving on our own/protecting ourselves. Both sexes had to be capable of escaping from predators and obtaining food.

This guy makes it seem like humans are anglerfish, where one sex is a tiny helpless thing that only exists for its gonads (which for the record is the male anglerfish.) The fact that sexual dimorphism is comparatively subtle in humans should tell you that we're a more egalitarian species than most. While we have less muscle mass than males, it's been proven ad nauseam that we have the same intellectual capabilities, and that disparities in subjects like math are the product of societal factors.

No. 217292

can we turn this into a quora hate thread

No. 217314

Quora is the worst social media website out there, worse than tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit. I hate all the pseudo intellectual scrotes on Quora.

No. 217315

Usually it's the perpetually online ones or the really conservative/right-wing old ones.

No. 217317

Kek I grew up in a hick town and the women are fucking nuts, have fun getting your tires slashed, food poisoned, and ass kicked by her eight cousins if you make one misstep rofl. I dunno why Mr. Software Engineer thinks "not spoiled" is a compatible trait for him – she's been getting up at 4 am to do chores since she was able to walk, she's not gonna have any tolerance for your dumb ass and she's not gonna appreciate how much he'll inevitably talk down to her.

No. 217318

The hunter/gatherer thing is so weird to me. If society was really like that thousands of years ago, then non-pregnant women truly would've been useless and all of us would be dead kek. But that wasn't the case at all. Aside from that, I remember reading an article about how prehistoric women had huge forearms and upper body strength, comparable to modern day Olympic athletes, from grinding grain, farming, and doing general upkeep all day. Even if men back in those days had the time and energy to be sexist against women, it would've been a massive waste of resources to make them stay "inside" all day an be a glorified baby machine (which probably wouldn't have been possible for the woman at all without dying).

No. 217341

>tfw scrawny useless incels talk about caveman rape and "spreading muh seed" as if they'd be one of the 30% of males that procreated back then
>tfw they think that deep tribal and familial bonds didn't exist, as if they wouldn't get their skulls caved in by superior males for grunting and making eye contact wrong

No. 217344

They would end up with an arrow in the back from angry women (who were hunters and gatherers too) and if they managed to impregnate someone she could use herbal remedies to get rid of it.

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