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My time to shine.

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Blog but my scrote ex was obsessed with this band and played this song the first time we hooked up. The sex was great and this was a 10/10 soundtrack but he turned out to be such a complete tool that I can’t listen to it in full anymore

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I'm sorry, but this is so cringe, anon.

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File: 1642313775109.png (8.89 KB, 293x38, lol.png)

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feel free to email me songs as well(namefag)

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I gave this some thought, but anything by Stevie Nicks would 1000% work on me. Had a hard time thinking of suggestions because everything I have to sang by men, or usually from a man's persepective (naturally) and I assume that the singer would need to be female.

The first two songs that cameto my head were Your Body, My Temple by Will Wood & Desperados Under the Eaves by Warren Zevon (for some reason).

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Perfect song for canoodling (I’ve never had sex before)

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Why the fuck is this thread still up

No. 303117

Any song by 70's Yes

No. 303120

So we're looking for cultured but also sexy music. It really depends on how we're defining "cultured" and there's a ton of jazzy music fitting that criteria for a very high-class/pretentious version of the word, which I don't think is what you're going for.

More normal-music suggestions: Stone Temple Pilots are often the right mix of tasteful and "take your damn pants off." There are a few British '80s synthpop groups that work too. Anything Stevie Nicks, including early/mid Fleetwood Mac, is another good suggestion. And finally if your vibe also reeks of angst, Smashing Pumpkins would fit - if you're into the weird kinky stuff, Depeche Mode.

No. 303121

Samefag, note that I prioritized male vocalists because these are groups a guy would likely read as cultured. Like, if the list were for a girl I'd count various Taylor Swift albums, Adele, early Madonna, a lot of '90s R&B too. Guys usually on some level disregard those artists though - I'm pretty sure even a mature straight guy who can respect them artistically isn't going "oooh, tasteful but sexy" on hearing them.

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youre replying to a 10 month old post retard no ones looking for anything anymore

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