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File: 1644968855578.jpeg (56.73 KB, 425x353, 23ADBB7F-6C98-44BE-9B92-24CF3E…)

No. 232586

For media, art, games, etc until /m/ goes back up

No. 232619

File: 1644969685413.png (637.52 KB, 530x640, imagem_2022-02-15_210123.png)

Should I bit for the nendoroid japanese playset or the re-ment taisho household items for my nendo?

No. 232621

great more degeneracy ugh

No. 232705

File: 1644972569082.jpg (143.12 KB, 600x424, fanart_zue.jpg)

Cool! Just what I needed. However I can't cross-link to /m/ because then my post won't make it through. These are meant for the otome thread


>Anyone else played this?
Obviously, RE:Alistair is the freeware/OELVN otome classic. I liked Backstage Pass too and even bought it when it was still in Early Access, it's sort of a sequel to this. RE:Alistair probably was my first otome game, even before TMGS.
Travis best boy btw. It still makes my heart go ドキドキ when I think about his route. This game is so short yet so sweet. Make sure to unlock the extra scene too, it's funny.
Also, Travis' brother, Alvin, in Backstage Pass is absolutely adorable. Too bad he's "asexual"


I totally forgot exactly how I found out about the genre or romance games and dating sims in general, it was probably on dA as well and I forgot whether I found yaoi games or otome games first. But like I said, this was my first otoge. I gotta thank Sakevisual for making it back when otome was practically unheard of outside Japan, and scrotes were the only ones who got their waifu games. You can still find her old posts promoting it on the VNDB lol https://vndb.org/t479.9
This game also inspired me to make my own visual novels since then, though I have never finished anything kek


I wonder what the other post said, but apparently it's been 5 years…

No. 232757

weak bait

No. 232790

these are so cute wtf

No. 232792

File: 1644977853632.jpg (150.48 KB, 710x533, 8711915027458.PT03.jpg)

sylvanian families houses are nendo sized i think

No. 232812

File: 1644980043215.jpg (89.48 KB, 1200x800, e7e1d4696196b7fe10986bcac213a4…)

They are, I'm crazy about them

They are, but I really want a traditional japanese house, though!

No. 232816

If you can only get one, I'd go for the Nendoroid playset. I feel like it would be better to have a space for the nendos set up first, and once the room is there then you can start populating it with accessories like the re-ments.

No. 232823

File: 1644980914627.jpg (81.5 KB, 640x640, 265121853_620577202587439_3924…)

I thought about that too, but then part of me think I could get the re-ment and try to creat the japanese room myself. I don't know if I can properly do it though, but I do think those that are made out of real wood do look better. But again, if I can't do it, I'll just have accessories without a room to place them. Decisions!

No. 232834

Unless you're pretty confident with your DIY skills/have experience making doll rooms, I'd just buy it. Building it yourself might be more costly on top of the labor hours it takes to put it together. Personally, I'm lazy and suck at DIY projects so I prefer to buy a polished product, but if making it yourself is something you'd enjoy then don't let me discourage you.

No. 232840

I actually do enjoy doing diys! I have made/assembled stuff like that before but never a japanese room. If I had a kit just to assemble I'd love to do it, but I didn't find anything like that within my budget, and I fear that trying to make it from scratch I might fuck up the sliding doors. I will take your opinion into consideration though!
Hopefully when I've made my decision /m/ will be back and I can post it there lol

No. 232843

Either way I bet your nendos will have an adorable setup! I look forward to (hopefully?) seeing it one day.

No. 232844

do you plan to display it inside a detolf to protect from dust? i have a billy bookshelf with glass door but idk, i'm worried about how well my nendos will stay in the future

No. 233008

How hard is it to publish a comic on webtoons, I'm skilled at drawing and creative initial ideas but shit at extensive writing. Also should i somehow find specifically a strict farmer whose good at writing to tell me how shit it is and help me (for$$), or try to learn creative writing myself?

No. 233020

is inprnt worth it to buy from artists? i don't like the white frame around the pics and its a bit expensive

No. 233023

Getting a separate write would probably help a lot with potential burnout

No. 233024

I was wondering if any anons had watched phantom thread? I got 30 mins into it and couldn't continue because despite it being a period piece it was just some rich old man fashion designer that decided his current young wife wasnt good enough and went after another young woman after she seems special, unique, and she just goes along with everything he wanted like an empty cardboard box. The dialogue was so overly whispered and just all about this gross old man who sits on his high horse. I only found one reddit post that agreed it was way too pretentious.

No. 233026

File: 1644998154359.jpg (69.6 KB, 720x720, dedicated to the husbandofags.…)

No. 233028

File: 1644998652238.jpg (409.09 KB, 1680x2328, 5b27095dfb5e1a5f088a17730129bf…)

I sexualise middle aged men online on company time.

No. 233034

>not doing both at the same time

No. 233037

should i watch serial experiments lain?

No. 233039

If you enjoy anime that are open to interpretation, yes. If that's not your thing, I'm not sure if you'd get anything out of it. It's one of my favorites personally.

No. 233041

I always felt a bit stupid and irresponsible for spending money on physical copies of 3DS games when I was a somewhat broke student just in case the eshop would be closed down later, and now it's happening. I don't have any regret anymore. I just wish there were physical copies of Atlus games in my country though.

No. 233042

This sucks. Are there any 3ds games you recommend getting before the closure happens? Preferably exclusive ones.

No. 233052

I mostly like JRPGs and this list is very subjective:
>Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates are very fun, despite Fates' very horrible translation that ruined the story. I hated Fire Emblem Echoes though. Never listen to people who like Echoes, they only care about the (shitty) story and won't tell you about the horrible maps and dungeons or the very slow battles.
>loved SMT4 and SMT4 Apocalypse, its sequel. I couldn't finish Soul Hackers because the RNG was fucking me over but it's an ok retro game. I also have Devil Survivor 1 and 2 but never had enough free time to play them. I'm European so I don't have physical copies of these games. They're often on sales but don't wait too long to get them if you're interested.
>Pokemon XY was good, as someone who liked the series as soon as it became available in the West it's easier than the previous games but it didn't feel like it was declining in quality just yet. Pokemon ORAS is an ok remake of Ruby and Sapphire. Pokemon Sun and Moon is ok as well but you won't find interesting dungeons or labyrinthic routes anymore. Sometimes my 3ds stops working during double battles or boss fights, no idea why they made these so "heavy" for such a small console. USUM is not a sequel of SM, it's the same game with added content and a few changes to the story.
>I have Bravely Default and Bravely Second but never had enough free time to play them. Soon though.
>I recommand Ace Attorney as a whole, but especially the first 4 games. AA5 and AA6 have a different writer and it shows. In a bad way. They're adventure games about murder mysteries, not JRPGs this time. They're not available on physical copies in the West and the 3DS is region locked, and AA4, 5 and 6 haven't been rereleased yet, except maybe on iphones. The first trilogy is available on other consoles and on PC, just in case.
>Maybe Animal Crossing New Leaf if you're into that.
>I have Zelda games but also never had enough free time to play them.
>a friend of mine played Dragon Quests games on the 3DS and loved them but I never played any game of the series so I can't really recommend them myself. I think they're mostly remakes, anons can correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 233061

Just jailbreak(or whatever the term was) and pirate all the 3ds games and dlc you want.

No. 233073

As I said, I already have everything I want already in physical copies, or because I bought them on the eshop long ago because they were niche series that I really wanted to support to get better releases for later games (I guess it worked with SMT5? It's even translated in languages that aren't English lol). But that's what I'd also recommend to others now, for the 3ds and the PSVita. If the games you want aren't available in physical stores and can't be legally downloaded anymore fuck it, companies shouldn't cry for not getting money from a product they don't even sell anymore at this point.

No. 233086

Fellow genshin fags i again need to whine about the horrible female character design. This is Yelan, I really like her hair and face. Even the front design i dont mind but then you see her side and i fucking hate how mihoyo goes through hoops to show more skin on female characters even after the CCP shit. Like she looks really bad ass in the front imo but then you notice that they expose her hips just like Shenhe. Also im kinda malding about the fact that leakers decided to render her first because they are all moids who don't care about male characters. Fuck i want /m/ back again so i can sperg about genshin

No. 233087

File: 1645008603119.jpg (164.49 KB, 2048x1374, FLtifiaWQAQnnZ5 (1).jpg)

fuck i dropped the pic

No. 233095

she looks so hot and cool from the front i couldnt understand your complaint at first but the sides really destroy everything… why coomers have to be like this? i hate mihoyo's use of fishnets and sheer through material because they always make female characters look like escorts

No. 233107

File: 1645010295578.jpg (493.86 KB, 2048x2048, FLhpEpyXoAAdjgY.jpg)

I wanted to sperg about another fact that during valentine day Mihoyo acted like cowards again and only released official images of the female characters giving chocolate. I thought that at the beginning when the game was just released the gender of the playerbase was pretty 50/50 but mihoyo always seems to use Aether for there official stuff and just pander to guys. One nice thing about the offical fan arts is Jean tho, her alternate outfit makes her so pretty and knight like! I know some of you all find her very boring but I have a soft spot for her and I really like Jean and this official art has been a blessing for me. Don't care much about Noelle and Eula tho.

Yeah at first glance her design really reminded me of Beidou which why i thought it looked really cool but i hate the shenhe window hips they added. I also just now noticed how she also has her back exposed. Which is not something i mind but i noticed that a lot of female characters have specifically a top with such a cut where it exposes the back. And yeah the sheer and fishnets being used in the designs almost always look tacky. Anyway imo Yelan her design would be so much better if they didn't try and expose her sides but a girl can only dream.

No. 233154

File: 1645014468930.jpg (270.83 KB, 1280x960, f84b1cbf0817d7c79c0ba1a8803e5c…)


No. 233173

Nice art

No. 233333

File: 1645022415955.png (887.29 KB, 793x689, NPC_Raiden_Makoto.png)

gonna sperg about genshin too a little.i finished ei's quest and man they did try to redeem her but she still seems like a dumbass thats why her sis was doing the big brain stuff and ei was the fighter.it took her 500 years and someone out of her own world to wake her out of that stupid eternity stuff.also wtf was that space-time shit kek

also i saw the ayato leaks i lowkey want him now so he can be with his sis and freeze enemies together

No. 233350

Eula and Sara's love child?

No. 233351

Is this a Japanese game? For them Valentines day is for girls to give gifts to their crushes/partners. A while later comes White Day, where the boys give gifts. They might be doing it like that and the male character art will be released then?

No. 233354

It's Chinese.

No. 233362

Oh, so this is what they are called. We don't have ikea in my country, and displays like that are pretty hard to come by. Currently I just dust my stuff, but I've been thinking of buying like a custom clear box to protect them. Now that I think of it, maybe I should get an empty fish tank lol

No. 233367

Like the other anon said its chinese and im pretty sure that last year they also didn't create any art for the male characters

No. 233400

Ace Attorney sperg again, I checked my copy of AA4 today instead of working because it's been so long since I played it I barely have anything to do anyway and I didn't remember the French dialog between Apollo and Klavier to be this explicit compared to the English dialog when they first meet. No Klavier, this isn't grindr, Apollo will not suck your cock in a public park in broad daylight, calm the fuck down, this is a family friendly video game.

No. 233412

nonnies are there any other games like rune factory that exist? i tried stardew valley but it was too ugly for a weebfag like me

No. 233451

File: 1645031821657.jpg (1.36 MB, 4096x2304, FLoRUW1UcAIw4o0.jpg)

I hope no one is neglecting their swords, Jiji is watching you.

No. 233497

File: 1645033773970.png (264.72 KB, 985x391, weebstardew.PNG)

I wish I knew more similar games too, thankfully only about a month more til we finally get the western RF5 release. If you're considering stardew ugly for the pixel-y style in general I cannot help you, but as a weebfag myself, I enjoyed stardew a lot after downloading mods that changed all the character portraits to a more anime style. I highly recommend browsing through nexusmods, there's tons of stuff you can download to make the game cuter.

No. 233519

my time at portia is kind of ugly but fun, can romance characters and do crafting/mining/farming stuff. summer in mara looks cute, i haven't played it. you might think kynseed is ugly too but it looks promising, still early access. you might like story of seasons.

No. 233524

Wow I loved Re:Alistair!!! So happy to see it mentioned here. I agree Travis is the best one. He basically defined my type and gave me a thing for kabedon too.

No. 233526

I can't believe what they did to my boy shane

No. 233538

Wow I loved Re:Alistair!!! So happy to see it mentioned here. I agree Travis is the best one. He basically defined my type and gave me a thing for kabedon too.

No. 233545

File: 1645035275728.jpg (72.37 KB, 256x384, 45448.jpg)

Was this game ever finished? I remember I put it to my wishlist during its first storepage year and kinda forgot about it. I love the raise stat systems so maybe I could give it a try. The pricetag always made me doubt if 30$ would be worth it, unless it's actually enjoyable…

No. 233554

File: 1645035395017.jpeg (27.3 KB, 468x467, download (21).jpeg)

how could you do that to harvey….

No. 233564

This is a long shot but I have an entire story thought out that would make a great webtoon. I'd draw it myself but my art skill is severely lacking… Collab?

No. 233658

Monster Hunter Tri
Monster Hunter 4
Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
The Zelda Remakes (Ocarina+Majora's Mask)
Fantasy Life
Shovel Knight (I think it's on the switch now tho)

idk if you care about DS games also, but,
Kirby's Ultra Superstar
Hotel Dusk
Ghost Trick

No. 233717

File: 1645040367109.jpeg (438.94 KB, 2048x1536, 0D49E824-1A3A-4D75-ADBE-7E3612…)

Arceus legends is great. I love my pokeymans

No. 233718

File: 1645040375100.png (322.72 KB, 441x600, EAE9C307-09BC-4EA2-9E33-E29837…)

I'm a huge Rune Factory fag and no other game truly scratches my RF itch. The best I can recommend is old Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing games. I never gave Portia a chance because it's hideous.

No. 233757

Sure! Wanna work on a oneshot/promo together first so we can see if we hate each other or not? #Yamahaz0151

No. 233979

File: 1645047780487.jpg (488.09 KB, 1024x768, matt02.jpg)

Yes, it's finished, on Steam it's not in Early Access anymore. I've finished a couple of routes but didn't play any more for unrelated reasons (I still plan on 100%ing it and my favorite boys' routes are gonna be last, except Alvin's because I couldn't resist lol)

The stat building gameplay isn't as "tight" as in other dating sims, in my opinion. Also the dates get repetitive pretty fast if you do them too often, but I understand they couldn't do more with an indie game budget (even in TMGS it gets repetitive if you only aim for one boy in the same playthrough). Still, it's pretty impressive some of the things they were able to do, like get Studio DEEN to animate the OP and ED and give the game full voice acting (except for the protagonist). It's pretty decent, I think. Of course, I love Sakevisual's writing and characters, so that's why I can forgive its flaws.
Speaking of which, most of the art is… bad. Like, seriously. Only some of the CGs are ok, like this one, but they're rare.

>The pricetag always made me doubt if 30$ would be worth it

Weird, in my country/currency it's about 14 USD, although they might have lowered the price. Get it on a sale, maybe?

>He basically defined my type and gave me a thing for kabedon too.
lol I picked him first because I already had a type, but I think he also made me like kabedon. Damn I gotta replay that game.

>Kirby Super Star Ultra
ftfy also play Mass Attack, it's very cute

No. 234142

8minutes till genshin finishes update for me. we are getting chasm soon and i still didnt even start the enkanomiya mission.

No. 234157

It’s a little heart-breaking for me… I’m going to make sure I’ve downloaded every game I had bought before it goes. I actually have access to a lot of free virtual consoles one from being a “Nintendo ambassador” for buying a 3DS before they started to sell well. This is making me think back to Nintendo letterbox, how much I had unlocked on that and have now lost.

Side note, if any of you have platinum points, I recommend using them to download flipnote 3D from the My Nintendo rewards while you can!

No. 234167

It’s a little heart-breaking for me… I’m going to make sure I’ve downloaded every game I had bought before it goes. I actually have access to a lot of free virtual consoles one from being a “Nintendo ambassador” for buying a 3DS before they started to sell well. This is making me think back to Nintendo letterbox, how much I had unlocked on that and have now lost.

Side note, if any of you have platinum points, I recommend using them to download flipnote 3D from the My Nintendo rewards while you can!

No. 234187

File: 1645054535832.jpeg (337.82 KB, 927x1500, E0B7E401-4142-4F3A-B026-0B8F17…)

Any other Otome game fans excited for Variable Barricade this month? I’m so happy with all the switch Otome games that have been coming out recently and all the steam sales too. Aksys is having a stream tomorrow too I believe so I’m definitely gonna be watching that.

No. 234195

When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was pretty cute, but wtf why couldn't they just put her in a dress like keqing? I hope the Chinese feminists report her and shenhe enough to get them changed too. You can really tell which girls were designed early in Genshin's development (Ayaka, Kokomi) because they're so much cuter and more tasteful than the slapped together coomerbait (Eula, Shenhe) they've been coming up with lately.

I don't care what other farmers say, I'm in love with Ei. She may be retarded, but I still sympathise with her.

It's not like there's a specific time you have to finish any of the content by? Take the game at your own pace and enjoy playing through quests and exploring. Rushing through things just makes it so you get bored between patches like all of the scrotes on reddit who don't have anything left to do besides spiral abyss.

No. 234200

I need a cozy game to play on switch

No. 234211

Starwdew Valley, Cozy Grove, The Flame in the Flood, Animal Crossing, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Pokémon Legends Arceus, Luna's Fishing Garden, Pocket Harvest, Wytchwood, Don't Starve

No. 234275

File: 1645057054757.png (108.46 KB, 720x1098, Screenshot_20220216-063559~2.p…)

I most certainly did not spend almost 200 hours playing a demo wtf Nintendo lol

No. 234298

File: 1645057806032.png (3.68 MB, 1920x1080, DarkSoulsIII 2021-12-28 04-41-…)

soulsborne nonnies post your characters pretty please

No. 234405

Huh?? Chasm soon??

No. 234440

'soon' as in maybe a few months I think.

No. 234455

The Enkanomiya mission isn't really that long itself. You don't have to explore the entire map for it.

But I really should get around to getting all the chests and stuff before Ayato goes live…

No. 234575

Yes, I preordered it! I really like the art style for this one, I'm really glad otome games are becoming more popular in the west

No. 234713

How tf does that happen? kek
Is it that fun? I mean it's just a demo
New Pokemon Snap
>Aksys is having a stream tomorrow too I believe so I’m definitely gonna be watching that.
Did Aksys ever get better? Since you know, the way they treat their otome audience

No. 234773

NTA but Olympia Soiree was handled really well. Their release right after that, Dairoku, had some major quality control issues. It seems like they don't know if they want to try or not. If anything, they've gotten better from what they used to be a couple years ago imo.

No. 234776

I dson't even think I played it longer than 20 minutes! No idea how it ended up in my top 3

No. 235035

File: 1645077625617.jpg (104.42 KB, 548x800, 129718-panty-stocking-with-gar…)

the fact that i watched this anime when it aired, and i was like 12 years old. all bc i thought it looked like powerpuff girls artstyle

No. 235036

File: 1645077651885.jpg (131.82 KB, 1500x1500, 81JQRxSrFRL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Just ordered the Taisho re-ment set!
I was still unsure but then I got a huge discount (almost half of the price) so I couldn't let it slide. I still have to pay for the shopping service ship, but I believe it will still be cheaper than the full price + shipping.
I am now thinking of trying to make a vector file of the japanese room I went and get it laser cut. I've never done anything like that before, but it doesn't seem too hard. I would love something like picrel, but I will probably start with something a bit simpler lol

No. 235038

File: 1645077708263.jpeg (83.39 KB, 640x640, 636fb3abb536bd0156dee864773cd9…)

Another cute japanese dollhouse/roombox as inspo for nendo or doll nonnies!

No. 235133

File: 1645081377927.jpg (81.46 KB, 500x500, 30390a3c0b931c1803f4426ac619cc…)

The new Golden Kamuy chapter is insane holy shit I gasped like thrice
I wanna discuss it properly at the GK thread, this is unfair アアアア

No. 235206

Oohhh I am coomiiiing

I do not have roomboxes since my dolls are too big, but I love those anyway

No. 235220

I miss the book thread nonnies

No. 235232

Genshinfags! Thoughts about Ayato?

No. 235235

he looks like a sword boy from touken ranbu

No. 235321

ladies, what was the last film you watched and how was it?

No. 235379

I love this song I could listen to it all day
Hhhhhhh nice

No. 235391

File: 1645105106612.jpg (110.89 KB, 1080x743, 1stwives.jpg)

The First Wives Club. It was good.

No. 235399

File: 1645105625990.jpg (302.15 KB, 1527x2048, 1644380751084.jpg)

I wish I knew who the painter of this was, it's gorgeous

No. 235405

I found it, it's a 3d render https://www.artstation.com/jiema

No. 235435

I'm gonna start the last case in Ace Attorney Investigations. But honestly this shit is boring, I'm not even sure I'll finish it, and I sure won't even try its sequel after that. People won't stop saying AAI2 is the best game of the series but they're probably the same faggots with horrible taste who think the last case in AA6 is well-written, so… That's a no from me.

After that I'll go through all the 3DS games I didn't have enough time to play while also continuing SMT5, that way I'll remember to buy some DLC I want but I haven't bought yet. Someday I'll also replay AA1 to 4 and DGS1 and 2 because I need well-written and fun murder mysteries in my life.

>Hotel Dusk
>Ghost Trick
I have them and loved them. I also have Room 215, the sequel to Hotel Dusk. I have the Zelda remakes on the 3DS, but the Monster Hunter demos didn't really appeal to me. If I ever change my mind I'll just pirate them later though, fuck this whole planned obsolesence shit.

No. 235466

he makes me not feel bad for not getting ganyu on the rerun and im happy i cant get him for sure

No. 235573

WHERE YOU METAL ANONS AT? COME ON START FUCKIN' THRASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 235651

metal is ugly moid music

No. 235660

How big are we talking? The biggest ones I own are 1/6 (admittedly, not super big) and collapsible roomboxes are still manageable.

No. 235705

I love power metal

No. 235709

bitch shut the fuck up I'm not listening to kpop or whatever you think proper "girl" music is.

No. 235859

I wrote a book report for /m/ and mentioned at the end that I was about to start a new book. Now I've almost finished it……

No. 235870

female metalheads = based, my wifes

No. 235907

I'm not a fan honestly. Just not my thing. I really dislike his outfit.

No. 235910

Embarrassing post. There's still time to delete this nonnie!

No. 235953

>There's still time to delete this
Where are you people coming from

No. 235983


No. 236085

File: 1645132877092.jpg (3.88 MB, 2355x5603, cm_recommendations.jpg)

Saved this from /cm/ a while back and thought I'd share it here if you nonnies love 2D/fictional male content.

No. 236095

File: 1645133385167.jpg (31.19 KB, 750x421, kek.jpg)

I've watched, played and read many of these series without even looking for husbandos or BL fanservice, maybe I can easily detect this kind of stuff. I bet we could add more stuff, I'm surprised there's no Vision of Escaflowne in here for example since there are a few 90s anime. And kek at Ace Attorney right next to all these trashy, hardcore gay porn visual novels.

No. 236110

File: 1645133683365.png (757.67 KB, 801x523, this lizard is fuggin sweet ma…)

Good list. I would post my handmade Black Jack Christmas cards, but they could identify me, so I won't.

No. 236132

File: 1645134537646.jpg (241.36 KB, 811x456, 5a64185bc5059b7881a893489e45dc…)

>Golden Kamuy not marked with canon gay content
This is boy Wakayama Erasure

But this is a great list from the stuff that I know, I wanna check their other stuff out now

No. 236154

File: 1645135361377.jpg (385.06 KB, 1200x1600, FLTuSRGacAIXYQE.jpg)

I am excited for this beyond words! The art is so good
same nonna! Im sad i couldnt post pic related there on valentines
kek at this pic

No. 236177

File: 1645136333031.jpg (92.13 KB, 564x758, 697a0aa2755843479e39115237c0d5…)

I love your pic anon, thanks lol
It's sad that lolcow went down on Vday in general. Many cute posts were replaced with bunker thread shit flinging

No. 236196

File: 1645137006740.png (4.12 MB, 2693x3000, FLJ7ycZXoAAkpLI.png)

Also samefagging just to make a quick comment on the new chapter without going too in depth
I am glad that Tsukishima survived! And that this time Koito was the one that was gonna save him, despite Tsukishima being willing to kill himself. Gave me feels. Also Ushiyama, I never really liked him but his sacrifice for Asirpa was very touching

No. 236200

surprised gundam seed ins't on there since it's the ultimate gundam fujoshi anime

No. 236238

File: 1645138665443.jpeg (46.69 KB, 828x409, BE7DAAC9-AC57-4C2D-B12A-AD1C71…)

Genshinfags, Dain and his pretty butt is back in 2.6 with Venti too. Exciting!

No. 236240

File: 1645138848932.jpg (69.11 KB, 564x789, 9241f38a97a51914bd71c42b16762d…)

I'm abusing them to max exhaustion in the new event. Nihongou belongs in my harem, inshallah.

No. 236256

How does one keep up with steam sales? Checking in on games daily?

No. 236261

File: 1645139543689.jpeg (293.21 KB, 680x1000, D62E8731-DB9D-4CC0-BB65-68DA11…)

ITT: guilt pleasure shows/ movies

No. 236274

Noise Nonnies? I know you're here.

No. 236283

Put them on your wishlist and you'll get emails notifying you when they're on sale

No. 236291

Everyone I know was raving about Station Eleven and I was so confused and thinking "isn't that the show that has crossovers with Grey's Anatomy?" But that's Station 19

No. 236292

I feel like some cute male bait anime is trying to turn the formula of cute girls do cute things into cute boys do cute things and it just doesn’t work.
Looking at pretty boy detective club here.
It made me want to bash my head against the wall.

No. 236295

I love you. Bad Education was so good when it came out. I think it aged poorly unfortunately. Jack Whitehall was my crush in this movie and I vibed hard w Chantelle

No. 236298

I'm the anon you responded to and this is boring bait, girl lol

No. 236301

Here nona. You will enjoy this!

No. 236303

This is a chart for fujos only. Why is there a fucking otome game in there?
Both based

No. 236305

My metal tastes are almost normie tier unfortunately (I mostly listen to symphonic metal, and power metal like blind guardian) and yet still can't find anyone irl who shares my tastes

No. 236307

/cm/ is for cute males and otome games indeed have cute males in them. There's a ton of het shit in the anime sections too

No. 236313

baby's first month on /cm/?

No. 236329

Why the fuck is genshiken in there lol

No. 236333

Ily nonnie thank you

No. 236338

File: 1645143256496.jpeg (241.06 KB, 1089x750, 07594242-D203-447F-BE57-4F4D2D…)

I know right, it was such a stupid move, Hoeyoverse wants the waifus to be pure 24/7 and I can sense the other waifu archons getting redeemed by some plot-no-jutsu bullshit.
Fighting with Ei and how she glitched was cool though. I still don’t understand what they wanted to do with the fight against herself thing, are they implying that our trip is before the war or what? It was seriously confusing. And if they’re implying that it felt like 500 years to her, then doesn’t that make her weak?
Makoto was as lame as the fox
>haha hoho they tease Ei because she’s retarded
It was supposed to be funny but it was redundant at this point, like yeah, everyone sheltered the retard, good to know.
Also, even Makoto is redeemed, she did idiotically in the war, now I wonder just who the fuck was fighting, just Zhongli against some machines?
I was so excited to know more about Kaenri’ah, that was a shitty move from hoeyoverse.
The fox’s quest was boring too, it was only mildly interesting to know about the yokai and looking at traveler possessed was kind of funny. Playing with the fox isn’t that interesting after a while, her attacks feel slow and messy for some reason.
I hope the enkanomiya quest is actually nice and interesting, the snake maiden seems interesting but something tells me that she will be like the fox maiden so I will forget about her too but all the fandom will go full retard for her.
Anyways, Genshin tits.

No. 236346

I assumed most of those other series were there because of the shipping, since there's a whole section for BL in there. The chart is clearly biased towards fujo content. I mean come on, there's practically the entirety of the Nitro+CHiRAL catalogue in the VN section, a game known for its gay shipping (Ace Attorney) and only one mobage otome game.
Same lol
Have you listened to Twilight Force yet? I loved the first album

No. 236350

I really don't recommend Shimanami Tasogare, it has stupid tranny bullshit in and for lack of better wording, reads like it was written by a super special snowflake twitterfag

No. 236372

File: 1645144640260.jpeg (167.3 KB, 959x1024, 652EB978-3E69-415D-B104-FDA988…)

I'm super ill right now, recommend comfy games, preferably older ones my shitty laptop can emulate

No. 236373

Castaway 2. Flash game. Dont need to install

No. 236381

You mean their orchestral album? I never got around to listening to it, it's so long lol

No. 236386

I play VNs when I am sick so I recommend Ace Attorney. It's fun!! What kind of stuff are you into?

No. 236423

We should make a (general) Japanese media rec chart for women, full of recommendations that have little to no scroteshit in it and post it on /a/
Unless such chart already exists?

No no, I mean Twilight Force the band. They're from Sweden and fairly recent (2014). Maybe you'll like them, personally I find their energy kinda similar to Emerald Sword saga Rhapsody but less serious.

No. 236426

File: 1645147092477.jpg (119.91 KB, 422x600, 216932l.jpg)

I don't know if anyone posted this yet in manga general but this shit is the most comfortable, non-scrote shit I ever read. The characters have depth and the problems are so real and personal to women. I hate the fact that there are barely any manga like this except for a couple by this author :((:()

No. 236444

File: 1645148046106.png (287.36 KB, 800x1115, Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru…)

Finished Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai Suru. It was good until Volume 10 then it became yaoi. Not good yaoi, if you ask me. Good traumacore before that, though.

No. 236458

Well uh other than the rape of course.

No. 236476

Yeah this is a really good manga. A scrote could never write a female best friend or ex-boyfriend the way this mangaka does. I don’t like adaptations much but this series would make a great TV show.

No. 236485

i am working mine to the bone. they won't catch a break. still love them tho

No. 236509

this rips. reminds me of gloryhammer.

No. 236621

>reminds me of gloryhammer
Well yeah, afaik Rhapsody were one of the OGs of that brand of power metal.

Though I hate Emerald Sword because it's so overrated. Just in that album there are way better songs. Vid related.

No. 236805

Oh, I'm dumb lol. Anyways I've never heard of this band but I really like their sound.

No. 236819

I love some of their songs. Always gives me power to do something. great taste nonnies

No. 236850

Yesss i just finished it and loved it

No. 236864

Why am I seeing people talking about a potential soul hackers sequel? If it does happen and Nemissa isnt there I'll take a plane to Japan and bitch slap everyone at the Atlus office.

No. 236958

this anime is good, the second op is the best

No. 237118

Nonnies which souls game is good? I tried dark souls 3 but it was boring i remember the older ones being more story rich than this

No. 237126

File: 1645194569682.png (330.62 KB, 800x800, 5BB71DAB-E365-406F-A1B0-59A10D…)

I hate games with too many cutscenes!! They're boring! Even reading a VN or normal dialogue would be less boring.

No. 237150

I hated it kek too personal for me i wish i wasn’t traumatized so i could enjoy it

No. 237152

That's what I used to say, but some games are so long that the cutscenes can be a nice break from gameplay. It really depends on games and on the story obviously.

No. 237169

Cute romance novels that aren't YA fiction? Please nonnas! I am in the mood for some reading and I am sick of fanfic

No. 237193

File: 1645201328005.jpg (85.67 KB, 564x767, b64d0e0951c46c0fce5871e6bafc60…)

Same! My level 99 Tarotachi and his brother are currently the heroes of my teams while the naginatas are absolutely useless and the kiwame boys still take one billion fights to level up. I wonder if it's worth it to kiwame the otachis? I don't want them to suddenly perform worse and take one bilion years to level up again.

No. 237203

Has anyone bid something from Jauce before? What was the experience and delivery like?

No. 237205

>We should make a (general) Japanese media rec chart for women, full of recommendations that have little to no scroteshit in it and post it on /a/
That would be nice. I haven't seen a crazy amount of anime but I'll write my own list of what I've watched that women could enjoy. Maybe everyone else could too? When /m/ is back up we can dump it all in the anime thread and someone can compile it in a chart

No. 237214

I'm interested, please post it in /m/ or here!

No. 237329

File: 1645207552412.jpg (261.14 KB, 1280x824, 20220218_190251.jpg)

I love this card. Wish there were more places to talk with women about mobage, the joseimuke thread on 4chan is cancer and the ones on /m/ are dead

No. 237334

File: 1645208042578.png (1.15 MB, 2560x1648, 200321SR-Layla-Mysterious-Sche…)

Yes nonnie, maybe if enough people are up for it we can bump it when /m/ is back. I love Layla so much, I'm glad deresute is giving her more love

No. 237338

I'm definitely up for it, I like both games with guys and girls!

No. 237351

File: 1645209268974.jpg (210.12 KB, 1724x1080, waoOoo!!;Dd.jpg)

its rare to find eng speaking women who give a shid outside of the games themselves, twitter, fagbook

No. 237396

nice tits kek
all i got from the fight was that it was some time-space shit beyond our comprehension so i didnt bother kek
i also finished enkanomiya and it was ok.tsumi isnt like yae i feel like she may appear again at at some point

No. 237452

Ain't no way that big celestial secret isn't going to be underwhelming as fuck when we finally discover it.

Speaking of underwhelming… not a fan of Ayato. He's like Azul Ashengrotto and Higekiri beat the odds and had an average-looking mpreg baby with that tragic "Genshin face" Shenhe and Eula have. And I don't know how to explain it but that boba idle animation has brand trying to be funny on social media energy. Even his abilities stink compared to the other water type boys. Oh well, least I can feel smug about Yae being bad.

No. 237470

I saw him compared to Azul and Eichi, who I both love, but his personality is meh to me. The gameplay style visually reminds me of mesmers so I'm baited though.

No. 237623

File: 1645220807156.jpg (989.82 KB, 2366x1673, 20220122_121358.jpg)

Mighrating from the general thread to here, I find it hilarious how in the game there's an image board called /st/ where you can go shitpost, and some girl posts Ame's real life photos from school on there and doxxes her. Some things are just shared between Japan's and western lolcow culture.

No. 237625

>some girl posts Ame's real life photos from school on there and doxxes her.
I miss Nemu

No. 237626

Literally /pt/ the game. I know /st/ might mean or whatever but it's just one letter off…

No. 237632

i really want to play that lolcow like game but I have other games to finish first. Don't tempt me.

No. 237642

File: 1645221678158.png (13.88 KB, 348x227, 8bf42a2d-e04b-401a-886f-ed53d0…)

The reaction images are fun, that's all I'll say

No. 237643

The game is short if you're only doing one playthrough, it takes like 1 hour 30 min max

No. 237665

File: 1645222677287.jpg (200.47 KB, 736x981, 28b3873f0f647c455e464557c88b28…)

I want a
mobage thread too kek. Any nonnie here plays/played revue starlight? The history had potential but the franchise is shit now. And the meta is hell, the game is unplayable now unless youre a whale. Even worse than any other bushiroad game, and those arent good either. It's so sad because i truly liked LL/Bandori/Revstar back in the day but i don't think it's worthy anymore and the fanbases are full of retarded moids/troons and autistic aidens so is not even enjoyable for me to interact.

No. 237668

Another anon said there are a lot of endings, is that the kind of game that are more fun if you play them little by little then? Because I have no self-control and can play longer games for an entire day without noticing how long I've played. If that's the case maybe I'll get it and alternate between it and other games I have. I've also been thinking about playing Idol Manager, some of the dialogs seemed funny in a similar way and the artist for the game is a girl I've been following for a very long time on tumblr for her Persona 3 and Fire Emblem Fates art.

No. 237671

You can do it like that, though some endings require specific values for stress and mental darkness so I had to google them, couldn't afford experimenting so long. (just a general: finish day 30 with stress above X and affection below Y instruction)

No. 237674

That sadly seems to be the fate of bushiroad games, I remember when RevStar released but I only played for a few days because of the gacha system. I keep wanting to get back into bandori but they didn't innovate a lot while project sekai, enstars and idolm@ster keep doing new stuff.

No. 237681

It's /pt/ mixed with /vt/

No. 237687

File: 1645224433182.png (201.88 KB, 360x923, imagen_2022-02-18_164709.png)

I love her

No. 237710

File: 1645226034070.gif (1.97 MB, 268x268, 1560863817920.gif)

Anons I think I made a mistake. I follow a Japanese artist on twitter because she likes a gay vidya pairing I like and she's one of the 0.0001% fans who draws them just right. I found her locked private account and follower her and she has some weird fetishes that I actually don't like and especially don't want to see with the characters I like. I got morbidly curious so with my own shitty Japanese and Deepl's help I've read some her tweets and I'm worried she might actually be a girly pornsick guy. Who knows, I'm legit confused. Should I keep investigating?

No. 237716

What are the fetishes?

No. 237721

Kek I love finding JP artists side R18 accounts, you find out so much more about them in it. MTL usually messes up gender in Japanese btw

No. 237727

She draws the normally male characters as women which is ok by itself, but she's obsessed with squirting and cuntboys (or whatever it's called? not actual tranny shit) on top of that. It's the accumulation of all of this projected on these specific characters that's really weird.

No. 237735

>MTL usually messes up gender in Japanese btw
What do you mean by MLT? I'm guessing you mean stuff like Google Translate and Deepl? In her case she uses watashi all the time and her art style looks girly enough. She says she's into BL too but that's not a huge hint by itself since a bunch of nerdy gay and bi guys seem to like BL as well.

No. 237737

I think that they just got lucky with muse back in the day and never bother to improve. Their formula is stale now and as you say many other games improved while they didnt. Bandori is only popular because the live bands, LL is dead and nijigasaki killed it (fucking uma musume is doing better than all stars now). The other projects are non-factors (the male one, dear god).At least i would always remember the pretty girls. That being said, any play store game to recommend? I miss the rush and collect pngs of cute waifus.

No. 237738

Squirting is a moid-exclusive fantasy so it's either a man or a closeted TiF trying to emulate male behavior.

No. 237747

>What do you mean by MLT?
yeah she means machine translation.
>uses watashi all the time
Well some men do use that one as well. How does she end her sentences? That's another indicator of gender.

IDK, some female Japanese artists are into really weird or gross shit.

No. 237749

Not necessarily, a lot of fujos get hated if they post art of female characters and I often see them resort to genderbending. It's some internalized misogyny shit. Search for a popular BL pairing and the female sex symbol on twitter and you get thousands of results of genshin boys with big tits and such.

No. 237755

>How does she end her sentences? That's another indicator of gender.
She writes in a very normal, neutral way besides the topics of her tweets, so who knows. It's not like she adds words like "wa" or "ne" at the end of her sentences.

>It's some internalized misogyny shit
Either that or she's also into women, or she's consciously self-inserting in whichever character she draws as a girl. I can't even guess with that one.

No. 237756

File: 1645227163482.jpg (1.38 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2022-02-14-22-11-49…)

Princess Connect has some really cute ones, you can basically ignore the MC.

No. 237768

Tired of looking for him myself, who's the leftmost one?

No. 237795

File: 1645228271169.jpg (1.63 MB, 1107x1363, Paprika.(Character).full.31056…)

No. 237821

Ayato Kamisato, new character from Genshin Impact

No. 237826

File: 1645230323631.jpeg (324.61 KB, 1527x1052, 858C539E-055A-4E7B-92E3-B88E51…)

Yelan had potential but she looks even more like a stripper than Ganyu and Shenhe. The only hope I have left is that Heizou (apparently coming 2.8) is a cutie. So Ayato in 2.6 then no new male models until 2.8. And then we might get Cyno or Baizhu in 3.1. 3.0 is allegedly only Yaoyao.

No. 237829

seconding >>237747
>some female Japanese artists are into really weird or gross shit
The women over there are severely brainwashed and suffering from what their moids put into media.

No. 237843

Nijigasaki is great though. They upped the character development by 10.

No. 237845

this, they're gigadoormats

No. 237862

I'm not gonna try to guess if that applies to that specific artist I was talking about who's into squirting and piss but that wouldn't surprise me if that were the case.

No. 237866

I have ocarina and majora as GC ports but being from the GC generation, the graphics are too primitive for me and I couldn't get into it. I'm seriously considering getting the 3DS versions because they're supposed to be really good games

No. 237871

piss isn't that weird (and squirting is piss), I was talking more about them sharing their moids' taste in women and girls

No. 237928

I wonder if we will ever have another girl with dark skin like Xinyan.

No. 237948

File: 1645236586095.png (1.46 MB, 1259x812, 1C37DF1E-1703-4E7C-8625-CA770C…)

I want recommendations for a type of game but I'm not sure how to exactly describe the type of game. If anyone here has played Honkai 3/Princess Connect and liked the dorm/guildhouse features, do you have any games similar just to those parts of the games?
Like managing a house/dorm/whatever full of people, buying them furniture, seeing them interact with the furniture and each other etc, but not quite as advanced as the sims.
Any game with a feature like this please recommend to me!

No. 237961


ew she looks like a honkai impact character

No. 237970

Starlight Stage has this.

No. 237976

women should stop making vids putting clothes on female characters and make vids dressing male characters in objectifying, stupid outfits instead.

No. 237980

Is the Piofiore localization something to get excited about?

t. otome babby

No. 238078

File: 1645245185007.jpg (433.46 KB, 2303x1080, 20220219_052952.jpg)

Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage has the best room system

Helios Rising Heroes (pic related) is very similar to Princess Connect but with guys and the stages can be auto played or you select the skills, there's also 2D burst animations

Enstars has a my room too, and there's games like Arknights that have a base where you can play with multiple room designs as well

No. 238118

can we share classic AMVs

No. 238120

File: 1645248437903.png (833.77 KB, 1446x998, Screen Shot 2022-02-18 at 9.25…)

also nonnies, did you know if you type anything in the search bar with "before:2009" you can get past the shitty youtube algorithm and find old videos? it's very addicting

No. 238126

excellent tip nonnie tysm

No. 238135

No. 238140

No. 238143

I don't even like weebshit anymore

No. 238160

I loved this but didn't finish the last volumes for some reason. I really need to re-read it from start. Moto Hagio is a good writer and I like the psychological realism in her works compared to typical manga.

No. 238178

File: 1645254766634.jpg (20.2 KB, 199x206, soup stops.jpg)

I liked the realism too, but after Volume 10, I just couldn't take the central story seriously anymore.

I'm sorry, Nonny.

No. 238199

File: 1645256368766.jpg (102.71 KB, 980x556, 20220219_082835.jpg)

I might try yumekuro, some unironic sluts look good

No. 238255

What is this, I'm interested in unironic slut guys.

No. 238272

So disappointing Yehan could have been so cool looking. It's funny how this comparing makes ganyu her design look pretty and elegant when comparing the super coomerish design next to her. Also her boobs are huge, like maybe even bigger then shenhe. They made them smaller for rosaria when she had clipping issues but i guess they tried really hard to fix those issues to give all new female characters like shenhe and yelan the biggest chests ever.

>she looks like a honkai character
She really does, she is supposedly from liyue but her design looks so out of place compared to others from liyue. She will be a 5 star btw so atleast an easy skip.

No. 238317

I follow an artist like that whos a confirmed lesbian, sometimes women are just coomers lol

No. 238319

No. 238327

File: 1645267921938.jpeg (70.97 KB, 316x450, 3F86F9F4-79ED-4077-9549-497B9E…)

Jfc, I’m tempted to never pick up a manga made by a man ever again. Maybe I’m late to the party, but I just found out that the guy who wrote Tomo-Chan is a girl made explicit child rape hentai and even said he doesn’t want to rape a kid but he wants to watch someone do it. Fucking hell, I pray men die out one day.

No. 238335

What the fuck? Disgusting

No. 238342

Well, I went to sleep because it was getting late and read some more of her posts after that and I'm going to assume she's a bi woman who watches way too much actual porn. Remember how on JP twitter a few days or weeks ago the words "moaning seme" was a trending tag for an entire day because some fujoshi think all seme should stfu in bed? Her opinion is that they should be loud because that's how gay porn actors are on pornhub. So she's definitely a coomer.

No. 238350

Oh boy, I remember that manga… Never trust men in the manga industry.

No. 238352

File: 1645268758528.jpeg (45.14 KB, 480x640, BD622C28-BC53-45A0-BFB2-823993…)

i read this and feel nauseous. so i guess it lived up to its hype

No. 238369

Kek I remember when someone was recommending this manga to me because I'm a GNC bitch and I instantly got severe shit coomer vibes from it, glad to know my intuition was right.

No. 238379

I almost vomited when I saw Yelan's model, that design is so fucking trashy it's not even funny. While Shenhe looked like a stripper, she legitimately looks like a hooker. I wish Mihoyo restricted this kind of shit in Honkai where it belongs and wouldn't force it in Genshin, it's exhausting to see every female character be reduced to coomerbait. Praying for a cute Heizou to carry me through the rest of 2.x until Cyno gets released.

No. 238381

File: 1645269850398.jpeg (Spoiler Image,296.21 KB, 828x597, B44E8BD0-8497-478F-99BC-C3D289…)

Holy shit what the fuck i hope he gets shot, picrel isn’t actually what he drew but a description, still spoilering it because it made me sick

No. 238389

>left me feeling somewhat sad
Not immensively worried about any schoolgirl he meets?

No. 238393

File: 1645270257622.jpeg (Spoiler Image,114.69 KB, 828x226, C290BB5B-5BAB-4823-BAB6-C00830…)

the comments are worse, i wish every reddit moid a very kill yourselves

No. 238396

You are overreacting way too hard, the only problematic part of her design is the chest part looking like lingerie. I'll take this design any day over Mona.

No. 238400

whats their twitter @? just out of curiosity

also unrelated but should i sage on /g/ i never use it

No. 238405

There is no reason to, esp not in these active temp threads.

No. 238416

File: 1645271405542.jpeg (52.5 KB, 474x842, th.jpeg)

I am in love with love nikki and have to convess that I spent quite some money on it.
Tried out shining nikki and i don't like it. The clothes don't look really good and the hair ist often stiff. All characters look too similar. But what really got on my nerves is, that you have to share stuff so you can get diamonds and clothes.
I don't have any social media so I can't even share if i wanted to.
It is just not fair.
Because there are some nice stuff…

No. 238422

I'd rather not give you her @, she doesn't have a lot of followers and I don't want anons to easily guess what my account is. Sorry.

No. 238426

NTA but what are you even talking about? The chest part of her design is the least offence thing. In the front her design looks fine it's just the sides that expose far to much skin and make her look tacky. Especially with the weird thong pants thing. Mona her new design look's better then this one imo.

No. 238478

File: 1645275733326.jpg (64.04 KB, 1087x607, 20220217_142431.jpg)

The skin exposed on the sides is really minimal…and they didn't go for a thin thong holding the pants like some people described, it's obviously a thick strip from the pants. Silly, but I've seen worse. The chest part looks like lingerie and is unnecessarily open, that's the only thing I found bad.

Even then after playing so many playstation 2 and 3 era games this isn't "vomit inducing".

No. 238508

I honestly can’t see how is she from Liyue, she looks like she’s a long lost cousin of Kaeya or Eula.

No. 238516

File: 1645278229698.jpeg (102.08 KB, 1010x568, 92DA8473-67E7-44E4-888D-9F8F39…)

The Eulas are multiplying and each time they get worse

No. 238523

How boring. She just looks as if Sara was wearing Eulas clothes. How many more Eula clones will they put out?

No. 238531

I will try making a team with Diluc, Kaeya, Thoma and Xingqiu. They would be the two husbands with their live in maid and adopted son. It will be cute.

No. 238553

Agree with >>238426, her cleavage is the least offending part. For me personally it's the combination of the huge breasts, visible sexy bra under another mesh fabric cleavage down to her navel, the wide open back that almost reaches her buttcrack and side boob, sexy nonsensical bodysuit with more mesh/fishnet fabric, random holes on her thighs revealing more skin and sexy high heels. Adding on that thot jacket she does look like a prostitute.

This, there's nothing about her that spells Liyue. Someone take the Honkai simp off the Genshin team at Mihoyo.

No. 238594

I really like some of the character designs, I just can't juggle another gacha.

No. 238598

No english version = can't play, despite unironic sluts.

No. 238636

File: 1645287117586.jpeg (33.02 KB, 212x212, 459D4F82-4442-43F4-97AB-39A3D3…)

I doubt it ever will but I wish Idol Master would get an English translation. I'm too lazy to translate everything myself!

No. 238652

It's actually a lot less complicated thank you probably think anon, a lot of the buttons & stuff are pretty irrelevant. It took me about a week or two to understand how it all worked. There's a lot of translation guides as well, if you'd like help I'm more than happy to help!

No. 238663

File: 1645288294038.jpg (169.34 KB, 1136x640, CardImg-1040060060.jpg)

Google lens is your friend, and some browser games have translation patches

No. 238670

Robihachi belongs on there

No. 238671

It's tiring screenshotting and putting it into google lens

No. 238672

I agree, she even has a beauty mark ON HER TIT of all places kek

No. 238699

I can't find anything by googling, so I wanna try here: Does anybody know if needy streamer overload is playable on windows 7? Nonas got me interested, but my laptop is I think six years old now lol.

No. 238709

Sounds like someone couldn't resist putting all his fetishes into this character's design I know because I've done the same

No. 238710

steam store page says minimum of windows 8 or later, sorry nonnie

No. 238732

File: 1645291024055.png (Spoiler Image,587.18 KB, 512x724, S220_Stage2.png)

I understand not liking the female designs but I don't get why some genshin fans have totally vitriolic hatred for female characters. Is it a response to the shitty scrotes who push their coomer shit and hate males? That's fine, I feel the same, but some fans give me the vibe of hating female characters just because they're female. Same with those who hate on female leads and want them removed from some anime because they're badly written by some scrote. I want to push for better female characters, but the "ewwww a girl/ewwww a guy" people tick me off + the insane horde of overreacting zoomers on twitter.

Especially when games like Azur Lane, FGO, Granblue (fucking Beelzebub with a pacifier talking about aphrodisiacs), Girls Frontline etc. etc. Have much more fetish fueled designs, Genshin is a small step in the right direction.

No. 238779

the insane horde of overreacting zoomers eats up the most male gazey booba shit you could imagine in the name of """supporting women♥"""

I do think its because genshin's majority male fanbase is more overt with their pornsickness than some of those other games that have smaller fanbases like granblue. it's literally a bunch of redditors. then half of the female fanbase is the aforementioned underage zoomer kpop tardlets. those characters obviously aren't hated by female players because they're female and they wouldn't be hated as much in general if the fanbase wasn't so nasty. the designs and character writing are still bad when you step back from the horny which makes them extra easy targets to fling shit at.

No. 238780

This design is a fucking abomination
>Genshin is a small step in the right direction.
I'm not a Genshinfag, but some of the male character designs are pretty coomerish too. Maybe not to the same degree, but it's clear that they were also designed to look sexy/slutty. All of the designs suck in one way or another though.

No. 238826

No offense but I hate when jp artists use their art accounts like personal ones too my entire timeline gets clogged with JP tweets I can't read and spam retweets

No. 238913

Same. It's their account so they can do what they want, but I still wish artists would just use their art account solely for art.
I followed a Korean artist who seems pretty based but now my tl is full of Korean and I don't want to google translate everything because I'm lazy and it's inaccurate.

No. 238918

Learn the languages and respect their culture, dumb murrifat bitches.

No. 238947

I agree, but also I'd argue that's still better than when western artists do it and you can understand all their dumb tweets. At least when you can't read shiit it makes it easier to skip to their next photo.

fuck off retard

No. 238964

Quit moid.

No. 238974

It's not just JP artists who do that, I used to follow a lot of American ones whose posts are 90% personal shit, 9% about cons, and 1% actual art.

No. 238981

File: 1645296804449.png (5.36 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20220219_195017921.png)

NTA but if you have lens on your phone you can simply take pictures of your screen and get results almost instantly like picrel. you can even download a language pack and do it offline.

No. 239000

>I hate when jp artists post on their own language
The most burger thing I've read all day

No. 239016

>these characters are slightly less coomerish than other games so why are people complaining!!!
It's not only the designs, it's also because the female characters have less plot relevance and variation in personalities than the male characters and are forced to be dumb waifus for the player (or in Genshin's case, the "nice shy overworked waifu"). People have different levels of tolerance for coomerbait too, some are more forgiving and some don't like it at all when 80% of the female characters have their cleavage and ass cheeks out for no reason. I've never seen anyone over the age of 15 hate female characters for being female, it's more or less frustration with how a female character is always doomed to cater to only male tastes in not only gacha games but all of media.

No. 239041

Are you seriously insisting that I learn Korean just to read some artist's tweets

No. 239163

File: 1645298801714.jpeg (56.39 KB, 596x354, B3580F23-5180-4953-989B-C3D62B…)

How can one woman cause so much chaos?

No. 239179

>game is about a mentally ill girl who has no education or job and is an internet and drug addict, she years for validation and defines her personality through pop culture and the internet, she finds freedom through letting go
>retards: I want an Ame gf! Ame is a based moid hater!
This is like a parody, top tier entertainment to read.

No. 239222

Anyone who wants an actual gf like Ame deserves it and any pain that comes along with it. I wonder what the creator thinks of all of the various reactions to the game.

No. 239235

Weebs are on the same level usually so it makes sense. It's mostly underage retards who are interested in stuff like this anyway.

No. 239257

just use the Google Translate mobile app's OCR function dum-dums

No. 239336

No. 239420

Beauty marks don't just appear on the face, I have one on my left breast. But this is about a fanservice character in a gacha game I don't play so I'm sure I lack context here.

No. 239603

"Respect their culture" Kek respect my skids, jackass

No. 239630

sauce nonny?

No. 239660

watching a tv show and because they casted an enby NLOG for a character who's male in the source material, the character in question is an enby un-woman now too. absolutely ruins my immersion. i don't mind changing sexes between adaptations but don't shoehorn bullshit gender ideology into an otherwise very good tv show, ugh.

No. 239707

Genshin related question.

If I understand correctly, Chasm will be part of the main questline right? It won't be like Dragonspine for Mondstadt, just a side place to explore?

If that so, I'm sad.
I have barely touched Inazuma and I still need to complete 100% exploration at Liyue and all quests here.

I don't want to speedrun all of that because I like Inazuma a lot. I want to take it slowly and enjoy it. But at the same time, I really want to enjoy Sumeru content with everyone, as it will be released soon.

I took this game slow and easy as people said new content is being released slowly, which is not true.

No. 239726

File: 1645310530172.jpeg (95.89 KB, 543x643, 68316FF4-2B7A-4B2E-9A5F-3948AF…)

>pull on Yae’s banner for Diona
>get Yae first try
This better not have used or reset my pity… I want Ayato when he comes out, fuck this bitch.

No. 239736

You threw a guaranteed limited character summon away on one you didn't want for a butt ugly cat loli?

No. 239748

How much you want to bet they're a scrote or the pick me talking about her twitch streamer hook up in the other thread.

No. 239803

how many pulls ago did you get your last 5 star before yae?

are you anons ok? since when is pulling for a healer/shielder illegal?

No. 239804

Sometimes mihoyo has been baffling with what their requirements are to unlock certain events and quests, but you'll most likely be fine. Chasm actually does look very much like a side place to explore in that its not connected to any archon quests. A leak of the ruin serpent boss page shows that the requirement quest to battle it is a world quest

No. 239808

Does anyone play Mortal Online 2? my sister's bf wants me to get it but it's 40 dollars and it seems really autistic.

No. 239831

>Chasm actually does look very much like a side place to explore in that its not connected to any archon quests.
That's good. If that's true I don't need to rush. Though, I still need to speed up a little. I still have Inazuma to explore and I'm already excited for Sumeru lol.

No. 239833

Watching a cool documentary series on the Talmud with my Mom. Reading one page a day, it would take me 7 years to finish the Babylonian Talmud.

No. 239851

It’s not that they’re female, it’s that they were made to be almost good characters but were ruined due to the fragile masculinity plaguing the Mehoeyo quarters in which a female character can’t be more than some uwu overworked waifu because boys rule and girls drool.
>inb4 some anon spergs about the good ones
Yes, there are some good female characters in Genshin, but the vast majority of them are autistic or overworked.

No. 239854

new skin for my muscular child to celebrate the special olympics or something

No. 239883

Go outside.

No. 239884

File: 1645319435534.jpeg (Spoiler Image,37.99 KB, 291x385, B2BB405C-6785-4C73-813A-E13119…)

No. 239892

I love this. Now I want Yae.

No. 239934

After I reach max level, I'm probably going to delete Themis. Time to start the gacha culling except Arknights

No. 239938

Is it Arknights actually good?

No. 239940

It's a gacha game, they all suck by design, but many people are vulnerable to the mental dysfunctions they exploit and think they enjoy it, but it's the same as other forms of gambling. If you think going to a casino amazing, but unfortunately too cheap and should take a hundred times more time, you might like it.

No. 239943

The fuck are you talking about? Are you drunk?

No. 239949

Nta but what did you not understand

No. 239959

I asked specifically about this game, not the shitty opinion of gacha games.

Gacha games aren't the best game exprience but why even say that? It's like saying the water is wet, of course I know it. You can play games without getting addicted anyway.

No. 239960

Why do you ask whether a game is good if you think the entire genre is trash to begin with? Sounds addicted tbh…

No. 239961

Learn how to read first.

>aren't the best game exprience

I didn't say it's trash. Not the best but enjoyable.

No. 239963

Geez sorry for saying your crack is bad is for you, please don't stab me and steal my purse…

No. 239964

Yeah, feels like one of the few where the devs actually give a shit about what they're creating. The gameplay is tower defense so strategising is fun and the stages are built around making it possible for the lower star units to clear it so you don't have to worry about having higher rarity characters, you can roll for who you like and strategise with them. I'd recommend it to anyone who is a gachafag, unless you just need a quick fix of husbandos (it's meh in that department). But I like the girls.
Some anons get mindbroken the second you mention 'gacha'. It always sounds so personal too kek

No. 239972

Sounds good, I keep getting ads for this game so I guess I'll give it a try. I've never played gacha tower defense so maybe I'll like it.

>Some anons get mindbroken the second you mention 'gacha'. It always sounds so personal too kek

Maybe I replied too harshly but my God, I can't count how many times anons give me completely retarded answers.

No. 239981

File: 1645325509912.jpeg (83.73 KB, 828x926, 1220D961-DAFE-4FCB-8BD8-8BA152…)

Cute Korean mobage about catboys

No. 239982

Free to play players exist

No. 239988

that anon sounds like someone who ragequit a gacha for unrelated reasons and decided to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude towards the genre. me have no real shame in being a mobage consoomer, there are fun ones with just as much or even more care put into them than normal games and a constant flow of new content. we cant all be born with the paper mario aspie gene.

No. 240006

I couldn’t self-insert as MC because I’ve always had a nice relationship with my parents

No. 240092

What are some good iphone games either free without ads or worth the price that are relaxing and have an endless or infinite mode?

No. 240539

Thanks for the recommendation. I was looking for music to play while crocheting, so I've been listening to this album non-stop since you posted it.

No. 240642

File: 1645344133457.gif (3.91 MB, 288x286, 1642223445333.gif)

You actually have to use your brain so it's fun. There's a ton of badass ladies and a few cute guys.

No. 240765

I know so many terminally online bpd-chans who are exactly like Ame is (weebs and wannabe streamers/vtubers hooked on social media, substance abuse, use sex as a tool for validation, self-harm, have regular mental breakdowns etc right down to the private vent account) and it's disturbing that people find her to be based and the quintessential dream gf. People like her are horrible to be around and interact with and leech off others' mental health and energy like emotional vampires. I wish the game underlined it more and didn't make her behavior out to be so "cute" because I feel like most moids who played it only got off to the abusing a waifu aspect.

No. 240811

ive been playing it and i don't see anything 'waifu'-y about it, in fact she becomes smarter and calls out her viewers to get a life outside and take care of themselves depending on how you play. the devs are making fun of menhera subculture and their main point of the game is to show gachikois (streamer paypigs) how pathetic it is

No. 240832

The only one who's supposed to be seen as pathetic in the game is Ame herself, not her viewers. She never becomes the streamer girlboss milking her paypigs for money and living her best life, all of the endings end up with her crashing and burning due to her hubris in one way or another. The whole purpose of the game is to break and abuse her, it's pretty clear from the beginning and the main character you're controlling even says it out loud. Her calling her simps pitiful nerds is consistently portrayed as both her lacking self-awareness and getting a self-confidence boost from putting others down, not some well-deserved finger pointing.

The only people who think she's so relatable and rocking the "hustle" are exactly the people the game is making fun of. I didn't think it was some scathing satire of fetishizing menhera or pointing out anything we didn't know about already, it was more of a scrote fantasy of conquering the vapid streamer stacey they have a superiority complex over.

No. 240867

File: 1645363641294.jpg (239.87 KB, 1500x1400, 1630730822395.jpg)

>The only people who think she's so relatable and rocking the "hustle" are exactly the people the game is making fun of. I didn't think it was some scathing satire of fetishizing menhera or pointing out anything we didn't know about already, it was more of a scrote fantasy of conquering the vapid streamer stacey they have a superiority complex over.
Absolutely based take.

I am glad to see more people who considered how it all actually affected Ame's happiness and life. After all in the ending where social media dies, she still wants attention and comes back and in the true ending she still makes the same mistakes with drugs and self harm, the only thing that changed is that she didn't like the male roomie version of "P-chan" and would make P-chan a cute girl next time (depending how you interpret the crayon drawing), she didn't become fully independent she just decided to invent a new identity in her head and it serves as a shock to male readers that they were discarded but it doesn't make Ame much healthier.

I know a girl who speaks Japanese but only did the first 3 endings and already changed her avatar and header to Ame and keeps talking how relatable she, while she writes long depressing bpd rants and pities herself. I really wish the actual ending of the game was a wake up call to the people who idealize defining yourself only through pop culture and social media. Instead it's like those who watch fight club and think it's about becoming a macho man who rejects modern society.

No. 240873

*relatable she is
Also I just remembered how ironically the game does reference fight club, if the "P-chan I was thinking while watching that movie…" tweet was a reference the true ending, then they failed.

No. 240877

File: 1645364232280.jpg (215.08 KB, 1000x1500, FLKH-LtaQAEc44R.jpg)

Ive been playing ak since the game first launched and never made a single purchase in app. As a f2p player i can say the game is very forgiving to us and i have a lot of fun with it. I love the character designs a lot as well! Definitely give it a try nonna, the start can be pretty slow but the gameplay picks up in difficulty fast and if you enjoy games with strategy elements you might enjoy it. Also its nice to see other AK players here

No. 240887

Same honestly. I still like the game but I think she was being overdramatic. Your mother is working hard for you, nobody likes school, get over it girl!

No. 240890

Really depends on what you're into nonnie. Most of them have ads though.

No. 240892

>The only one who's supposed to be seen as pathetic in the game is Ame herself, not her viewers.
Why not both?

No. 240911

NTA I agree that the viewers are pathetic but ultimately the player/Ame makes the choices to check social media, to shitpost on image boards, to fight with strangers and to make controversial streams. While the viewers are basically a horde of beasts, it's your choice if you will let them control your life.

Also the sadistic bad ending read to me like some pixiv "break the cutie" mindbreak doujinshi I often see. A good example of a story that makes you question things and feel bad is Lisa the painful RPG.

No. 240946

good taste nonnie

No. 241074

genshin is so shit but I'll still play it again when a new region comes out

>poorly written story

>poorly written characters especially women
>game "difficulty" means adding more HP
>worldbuilding is poor and done without thought or effort
>puzzles so simple a toddler would be offended
>no dendro still
>dungeons are just a simple mob fight like in the overworld
>abyss panders to panders to current banner like its a car salesman runnin the abyss

exploration is literally the only good thing about this game and even then they try to fuck it up with retarded occuli and baby mode puzzles

No. 241104

>poorly written story
No, the story is pretty good and leaves room for theorizing so you want to see what happens next. The Inazuma chapter was really bad, I'll give you that, but the world quests in that region and the ongoing story about Enkanomiya is nowhere near as shit as the Archon quest. The Dainsleif storyline is fascinating as well.
>poorly written characters especially women
I like a lot of the characters but the majority of the female ones are unarguably shit because they keep pushing out more just to milk waifufag bucks.
>game "difficulty" means adding more HP
Somewhat agree, I think Azhdaha was a fair challenge but Signora and the new weekly boss are just a lame "more HP means more difficulty" excuses, they're not even hard but simply boring.
>worldbuilding is poor and done without thought or effort
Why do you feel this way? The worldbuilding is probably the best part of the story in Genshin.
>puzzles so simple a toddler would be offended
Some of them are too easy but I like the ones in Enkanomiya when you have to plan ahead.
>no dendro still
Why is this a problem? It doesn't change the gameplay at all. Why are people so salty about dendro? I'd rather have them think it over well instead of releasing a half-broken new element in the game.
>dungeons are just a simple mob fight like in the overworld
Are you talking about the artifact dungeons? Well, yes, they're challenges you get rewards from, not really dungeons.
>abyss panders to panders to current banner like its a car salesman runnin the abyss
The only people who give a shit about abyss are minmaxing moids anyway, who cares? All the rest of us just get our free primos and ignore it for the rest of the BP period.

No. 241197

>>241104 kek
what is it with genshit players and doing this when someone criticizes their special interest game. it is shit, accept it and enjoy it anyways like the little piggies you are.

No. 241200

I am considering picking up genshin when I get a new laptop but it's wild what an army of whiteknights it has on twitter and reddit.

No. 241206

Can't wait for /m/ to work again so I can hide any Genshit discussion.

No. 241217

How is this whiteknighting? Half of the points were even agreed upon and the original anon wasn't even elaborating past "this totally sucks".

No. 241365

File: 1645379153309.jpeg (414.66 KB, 1151x732, 3C2D6D78-9642-4376-BCDF-1E7EF5…)

I hate iXima's art style that Miku's company keeps making her use. Looks gormless maybe, plain, I don't know. Kei's art is so gorgeous and he still obviously loves the vocaloids he's designed based off his Twitter, but I don't think he's made any official art for them in a while. I also hate how thin her pigtails are here and I prefer her V1 design. iXima just has a serious case of same face or something.

No. 241376

File: 1645379501416.jpeg (282.22 KB, 726x416, 5578D2C4-E898-44A5-B74B-2F3173…)

Samefagging but damn what a downgrade I'll never forgive

No. 241387

Looks like a distant cousin of SAO (which could be said about a lot of designs nowadays, admittedly…)

No. 241404

What's sad is that it's still better than the human designs in project sekai

No. 241436

File: 1645381786070.jpeg (67.61 KB, 640x481, 9B17A41F-90D7-4ED2-A272-3D32DE…)

Based anon I completely agree but I’m still hyped for Sumeru and Scara-mousse.

No. 241455

File: 1645383036795.png (149.73 KB, 540x463, tumblr_43efb6c561c3ba71433f812…)

did anyone here used to play flash dating sims all the time as a kid?

No. 241458

Miku in particular looks a little lifeless but tbh I can't say I liked f, f2nd, or future tone looks better because they were so ugly. She looked cutest in the switch game and FT songs like ohayodel where they had different shading.

Len and Kaito straight up look 1000000000000x better in sekai than they ever did in the diva games

No. 241474

File: 1645383627539.png (148.97 KB, 668x501, simgirl.png)

I used to play the shit out of the SimGirl flash game that was floating around everywhere. Does anyone else remember this?

No. 241483

File: 1645384054670.jpg (75.57 KB, 640x709, whoa.jpg)

nta but

No. 241486

File: 1645384261259.png (10.59 KB, 500x240, Id_by_pacthesis-d1pyta5.png)

i played it once but i didnt really like it, it was more for scrotes.

I remember pacthesis and nummyz were both popular flash sim game creators at the time, does anyone remember them?

No. 241487


No. 241497

I did not but I wish I did kek it looks so bad in a good way

No. 241500

i mean it was made like almost 12+ years ago by teenagers using flash.

No. 241502

I didn't know a person could WK a soulless CCP game this hard. It's a shitty unity product

No. 241513

File: 1645386195237.jpeg (14.36 KB, 227x297, pedo smirk.jpeg)

i remember pacthesis! what was your favorite game and boy? i loved wonderland and the cheshire catboy back then. i bet i would change my mind if i replay them now tho.
have you also played amiralo's games? they are still fun to replay as an adult.
thanks for bringing back precious memories, nonnie.

No. 241520

I miss Kagepro so much. Babys first autistic fandom obsession

No. 241530

File: 1645386959902.jpg (315.1 KB, 1000x1250, xolga-and-mr-toko-again.jpg)

idol days and wonderland(bcus of catboy) was my favorite and that game series xolga and mr toko i enjoyed, i dont remember what the ending was though.
>have you also played amiralo's games?
the name is unfamiliar but i played alot of sim games so i probably played hers too.

No. 241540

File: 1645387358944.png (1.45 MB, 1250x1500, Chrono_days_promo_poster_by_pa…)

Fuck I remember playing Pacthesis games when i was a kid like 24/7, its what got me into otome games actually. Picrel was the best one imo, I really liked Oz and Roland. Memory days was sweet too. It's a shame she took them all down

No. 241542

I hate fanfics that have all the characters act OOC because of the original video games' localizations being weird or just plain horrible. Will I ever find a decent Ace Attorney or Fire Emblem Fates fanfic?

No. 241561

>its a shame she took them all down
oh that sucks i just checked her deviantart and you are right.
Her old stuff is what basically made her well known in the first place so its very shitty of her to do that when she is using her old fans to promote some webtoon i never heard of.

No. 241564

I'm so bored waiting for my switch to be delivered so I'm trying out shitty gacha mobage only to find out I accidentally deleted all of my Bandori data. RIP to my girls. There aren't enough brainless free games for me to waste time on!!

Amazing picture nonnie
This is sending me down memory lane holy shit

No. 241575

same anon, and I still have those songs on repeat to this very day

No. 241578

Yeah it was kind of weird when she took them down, she kind of shitted on her old fans and the genre in general saying her games were promoting toxic behaviors and were making people's mental health worse kek. I did some googling and you can download the games on flash archive sites though!

No. 241581

File: 1645389140342.jpg (32.32 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-273.jpg)

>Instead it's like those who watch fight club and think it's about becoming a macho man who rejects modern society.
The writer of fight club is very buddy-buddy with reject modern society macho right wing influencers and has been featured on podcasts multiple times kek so my mindset changed that this interpretation of his work is reading too much into it and Chuck is just a hyper mysoginistic gay man.

No. 241591

Maybe I'm basing it too much on the movie but after all the narrator literally kills his ideal macho alter ego. I don't think that's too deep, classic "don't take things to an unhealthy extreme because they'll hurt you." Both spineless wagecuck and schizo explosion man were unhappy with their daddy issues and he swapped between them to escape.

No. 241608

Yeah the book ends differently, i think the director wanted to make it slightly more moralistic.

No. 241638

Doesn't the book ending imply he's a total schizo loser?

No. 241656

File: 1645392047128.jpeg (36.28 KB, 379x600, d3dfe020f7a01b3f1d95ecf15cb0d6…)

Nonnas in the book thread who recommended this book, I want to say thank you. It made me seethe and cry and hate scrotes even more. I'm gifting it to all of my female friends and family members, it should be a recommended read for everybody.

No. 241666

I'm afraid that if I read this book I'll go full doomer mode

No. 241697

No. 241699

You're welcome, it's an important book and should be widely read.
I think it's mainly showing the importance of having women in important roles in society because men will not consider our perspective and needs at all. Which of course, can be very depressing because of the consequences described.

No. 241734

I was too but I think choosing to ignore the hurtful reality just hurts us women in the long run even more.

I'm never going to be able to un-read this book, but being angry is a price I'm willing to pay to be able to recognize the sexism around me in things I didn't even know could be sexist.

No. 241770

I just looked at the reviews on Goodreads, and all the low star reviews are fucking troons crying about it saying women as in the actual biological reality and not their fucking made up head feels.

No. 241804

I'm gonna read this but I doubt it'll make me even more pessimistic than I already am.

kek typical

No. 241921

What points stood out to you nonnie? I'm interested.

No. 242150

File: 1645414572000.jpeg (263.05 KB, 2048x1046, 48AA2276-61F2-4A94-8531-9C7635…)

I fucking hate this guy's fanart sprite. Way too coomery. It looks like a western h-game, and not even a good one. Ignoring the coomer, the shading and her facial features just look bad.
I don't get coomers. Just draw straight up hentai if you're going to do this.

No. 242232

File: 1645419488609.png (2.07 MB, 1920x2000, 990F15AD-8DB0-4B4B-82A0-05DF3D…)

So anyways I finished the event today with chests to spare. I have over 25 fates for kokomi and pity maxed. Her weapon is ready and I have some of the artifacts for her put aside too. All that’s left is farming but that can wait tbh.

No. 242237

Not to be rude, but what the fuck is that?

No. 242240

File: 1645420308844.jpeg (19.49 KB, 550x417, B5342134-CF61-4F0A-B72F-5579CD…)

I-it’s kokomi from Genshin impact as an Axolotl.

No. 242259

Thoughts on Euphorias new episode tonight? I was relieved that Nate told Cassie to leave his house, shows that no matter how much you give to a dude, they will still save you like nothing.

No. 242275

File: 1645423632678.jpg (41.64 KB, 318x438, 11938.jpg)

I wish I could find an ebook of this, but I can't find one anywhere. I mostly want it for the sexy scenes

No. 242280

Try libgen.is anon, I found it there!

No. 242314

I was already aware of all this shit, made me want to make little flyers with this info to pink pill the women in my area but I’m lazy.

No. 242316

Why tf do men always assume you're in love with them?? I feel like I can't even laugh at their jokes without them thinking that I'm into them

No. 242344

And I think that's just adorable!

No. 242362

File: 1645431067682.jpg (103.13 KB, 278x358, The_Books_of_Earthsea.jpg)

this was overhyped
I read book one of Earthsea and hated it, it's so fucking dry. I actually watched the movie afterwards by Ghibli and enjoyed that way more than the book.
imo its way too focused on its own worldbuilding, on its philosophies or languages or culture or identity rather than on the characters themselves, I hear the series gets getter in later sequels but ehh I don't have the time to slog through 3 more books and wait for it to eventually get better

No. 242368

did anyone order 18+ BL doujins from suragaya thru buyee? they completed my order even though it says it's forbidden stuff to import

No. 242370

Explain yourself

No. 242390

File: 1645436173469.jpg (113.52 KB, 1400x2100, smiling-friends.jpg)

I might have weird internet humor but I really enjoyed this show. Had a good laugh too and definitely made me smile. What do you nonnies think?

No. 242391

Did you buy one of the inspection plans? If not you should be fine

No. 242423

Is alright. A couple of things made me chuckle but it really feels like they amp up the hyperactive random humor every 5 seconds. I wish those moments would happen more sporadically. I'd rather something more lowkey weird like ATHF

No. 242498

File: 1645444293787.png (125.78 KB, 265x257, 1470202011359.png)

>Soul Hackers countdown
>trailer for Soul Hackers 2 published just a few minutes ago on twitter
>it looks like basic, ugly otaku bait shit
>gameplay looks more like Persona than what the original SH was like
>on everything except the Switch
Can't believe I almost got my hopes up for this piece of trash. I pray that Nemissa doesn't show up in this one, even as a cameo, this would be insulting otherwise.

No. 242545

They have retard ego.

No. 242549

Kaneko's artstyle NOTICEABLY absent, music generic. Only good thing is it looks like a female protag.

No. 242573

Yeah but the female "protagonist" looks like absolute shit. It's gonna be like the original SH, we'll have a self-insert male protagonist who doesn't feel like an actual character and a female character who is way more important, like with Hitomi and Nemissa. I also just noticed that they made Victor look like shit as well. Lord have mercy.

No. 242575

I love the console sprite version

No. 242579

Yeah you're right, she does look like shit. Imagine a female protag in Kaneko style. Sigh, the bar is getting lower and lower for SMT and Persona. The style drifts to become more generic and anime. I didn't even realise it was Victor right away. Wonder if the story will be as shit as SMT 5.

No. 242581

Also, know everyone's outfits look embarrassing. Not based off of cyberpunk styling, but like a more modern anime must have 100 unnecessary things as part of the outfit style.

No. 242591

I watched it last week. It's a nice and funny show, too bad Zach couldn't get Chris chan to voice the oil puddle like he initially wanted

No. 242609

Please don't spoil SMT5, I'm still not done with my first run because I was playing The Great Ace Attorney at the same time. At least in mainline SMT I don't expect a good, or developed story because the focus is more on gameplay. The spinoffs' appeal usually is the story/multiverse shit going on, like how you have SMT if, Devil Summoner and Persona happening in the same timeline and some of the characters meeting.

>Imagine a female protag in Kaneko style.

At least we have Tamaki (unreleased retro game) and Maya (retro game that wasn't released in Europe), haha…….

>unnecessary things as part of the outfit style
Yes, I hate this so much. The characters don't look stylish or iconic at all compared to most of the characters from the rest of the entire megaten series. If only they just looked different, but they just look bad and over designed. The guy with the shark teeth makes me want to puke, we went from having as many pretty girls and guys to having a generic main guy and an ugly as fuck playable guy.

No. 242659

I accidentally watched Love Is Blind drunk af and I’m going fucking crazy I need to sperg about it pleaseeee

No. 242677

I both find it hilarious and absolutely blackpill fucked up that hets DO be like this

No. 242700

back to twitter pls

No. 242709

Stfu bitch I didn’t even know it’s like popular or something

No. 242713

whatever you say…

No. 242745

No one likes a downer babe, lighten up

No. 242819

I hope all schizos could just finally disconnect their routers.

No. 242828

No. 242850

Recommend anime to watch! I’ve always kept to a few select shows: AoT, Physco Pass, Lelouch (can’t remember the name saw it when I was 14), Hanbei Renmei, Tatami Galaxy, all of Satoshi Kon’s work, Miyazaki, Ergo Proxy. Probably watched more when I was a teen but I can’t remember.

No. 242853

Because moids only give attention to women they're attracted to, so they think women are just as mentally diseased as them.

No. 242860

>Lelouch (can’t remember the name saw it when I was 14)
This made me laugh anon. Try ID Invaded.

No. 242878

If you like Tatami Galaxy for it's art, The Night Is Short Walk on Girl has a similar style and cute romance story. Iirc Galaxy is also getting a second season soon if Night is Short doesn't do it for you.

No. 242983

File: 1645457037176.jpg (2.06 MB, 2191x3000, OTH.jpg)

so I was binge watching One Tree Hill for nostalgia reasons and I kinda forget about how pervy it was virtually every woman on the show is brutalized in some way, sometimes multiple times

also constant chevage shots, shit like an adult rockstar dating a teenage girl, teens in high school living alone with no parental supervision and it is very obvious a narcissistic sociopath was just getting jollies off to abusing and perving on women.

No. 243063

I just watched this yesterday. I was never a OTH fan. Had no idea the guy who made the show is a pos. I've had my childhood TV show memories shit on multiple times by these males. This same thing and these same stories from the set are in the works for shows like Euphoria. It's probably gonna be even worse.

No. 243081

To this day I have no idea what the plot is. I kept missing episodes on tv but my sisters insisted I'd watched that with them when we were teens and I was always confused.

My youngest sister told me she'd never watch Euphoria because it looks creepy or disgusting, no idea which one is the most accurate translation. She's still obsessed with Zendaya because of that horrible disney channel show though. Hearing her saying this about Euphoria was very relieving, no way I would have let her watch that trash.

No. 243099

this is really her vibe

No. 243113

File: 1645459875000.jpg (1.11 MB, 1748x2481, __arataki_itto_genshin_impact_…)

I didn't get Itto when his banner was up, and I'm kind of depressed about it.

No. 243120

Ngl all fujos and men should die

No. 243121

Dude me too! I ended up getting Kekking instead and I’m still bitter about it.

No. 243128

It was originally about two brothers who had the same father competing over Basketball and the girl they both liked and it just lingered around them in being in high school and even though the actors were very clearly in their mid 20's they were supposed to be highschool students but the thing is they were doing adult stuff and acted like adults, stuff like starting their own nightclubs or getting married, then it did a 10 year time skip where where the characters had actually evolved but then they almost instantly regressed into their pseudo-high school characters with in a season
plot points would get shuffled around a lot, it was a game of improv basically
1)Peyton's cancer
2)2 serial killer characters
3)one character had a brother that was a serial killer but it turns out he wasn't a brother
4)Nathan becomes a talent agent and then kidnapped by the Russian mafia for half a season
5)Dan(Nathan's father) had so many fucking weird arcs and he ended up dying in a shoot out

No. 243153

Any /ira/fags here or am I truly alone? I need recs on good lesser-known TAL episodes

Please don't start shitting up this thread after you got chased out of the /ot/ one, no one wants to see yuri and mommydom spam. This thread has been very chill and on topic so far.

No. 243165

Any decent shoujo romance manga from the last 5 years? No Korean webcomics please. I can't stand those kek

No. 243183

Aw anons I'm sure he'll get a rerun at some point. He's definitely worth the primos though, he's a sweetheart and a laughably strong DPS.

No. 243353

File: 1645464851394.jpeg (164.34 KB, 1920x1068, 0D8CA802-7512-4C76-BBC9-83F68E…)

Finished all of the new story quests and the enkanomiya event. I did enjoy Raiden’s quest, I feel like it was longer and a lot more effort was put into it than most quests. But Yae’s story quest was boring. Now I’ll take a break and come back for Ayato. I hope he has a cute butt.

No. 243354

What's this got to do with /m/

No. 243361

Yeah, but it’s going to be forever from now. At least I have Ayato to look forward to? But he’s really no substitute. I want bare chested, six pack husbando.

No. 243366

>no one wants to see yuri and mommydom spam
NTA but speak for yourself

No. 243374

He's sexy as hell, can't wait until I progress in Inazuma so I can level him up.
But I can't stand his eng voice, so annoying.

No. 243404

NTA but I love his eng voice, prime himbo

No. 243441

I got kekking instead of the hot Himbo dps, at least I got the pupper guy though.

No. 243459

File: 1645466137299.jpeg (503.74 KB, 1200x675, F15F6525-7977-4089-B339-6053E5…)

I watched it when I was so zooted and slightly scared, but it made me laugh especially the first episode.

I hate this dude tho, everyone calls him “chill” and stuff but he’s so lazy and boring, he reminds me of people I know who are actually like that.

No. 243563

I would have given you recs if you didn't say "from the last 5 years" because it's been a long time since I read anything in general, let alone anything recent.

No. 243719

raiden and kokomid are already getting reruns and it feels like their banners came out 2 days ago, itto won't be so long

go dilate or groom minors on discord or whatever else you people do

No. 243733

Don't know how you define decent, and I'm also not too sure if they're really from the past five years but I think I've read them when I was about fifteen, so this ought to be about right: Risouteki Boyfriend (has a kuudere LI which I feel like is rare lol), Koiwazurai no Ellie (I love Eriko, she's the one protagonist I could identify the absolute most with when I was a 16 year old myself lmao Also, the LI is a well written tsundere, which is qt), Ouji ga watashi wo akiramenai (the school prince has a crush on MC but he's actually nice and cares about her), Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku (Love the art), Jigoku no Enra (Loved it but the ending came out of nowhere…), Koisuru Harinezumi (I personally didn't actually like it all that much, but I also can't stand shiotaiou LIs at all and normally avoid them, but I wanted to mention it in case you like them), Mairimashita senpai (same as koisuru harinezumi), Toshishita no Otoko no ko (senpai MC and kouhai LI; quick and light read), Harumatsu Bokura (Again, a shioutaiou LI which I didn't like, but I have a crush on the secondary LI up to this day), Namaikizakari (might be closer to ten than to five actually; Another femSenpai x maleKouhai relationship and the LI is closer to 2000s LIs than to those from nowadays, which is something I feel like I should warn you about), Yumemiru Taiyou (one of the LIs is quite a bit older than the protagonists though, so again, warning just in case lol). Also, Otome Youkai Zakuro. This one is 15 instead of 5 years ago, but I feel like barely anyone knows about it sadly, even though it's so good, and it ended its seven???? year old hiatus last year, so it's basically just six to seven years old, anyways, no???
Some shameful mentions that I feel like wouldn't go over that well on lolcow actually, but I've got trash taste so I wanna mention them anyways lmao: Mizutama Honey Boy (LI is basically some okama-light (dw, no tranny shit)), Taishou Otome Otogibanashi (don't know if it's really all that shameful, but since I feel like it could be called coomerish, I'll sort it here just to be sure; Might be a shounen actually, because the protagonist is male? but I'm not sure)
I wanna mention though that most of these aren't fantasy shoujo a la Akagami no Shirayuki-hime, Akatsuki no Yona or Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii and more like "ermagush im some plain jane and the most popular boy in school likes meeeeeee????", so if you don't like these kind of stories you can bin the majority of the list already lol.

No. 243821

women like yuri too, you're being silly

No. 243833

They keep changing the idle lines of Diluc and Kaeya so they sound less robotic and I like it. Kaeya’s Japanese voice is like butter in my toast and Diluc’s tiny change on one of his idle lines makes him sound fucking cute and I just want him to fuck me already.

No. 243847

It looks like the retard took the original sprite too literally. I've never read any of those VNs but, I think I prefer the Steam sprite, it's almost perfect except for the retarded way the top was drawn under the chest

No. 243949

I've wanted to read this book, but I haven't gotten around to it yet (there are many books I want to read). I was afraid it would be a bit generic

No. 244028

File: 1645481761070.gif (1.1 MB, 497x372, 6C497536-6D36-402C-A705-776040…)

Please recommend me switch games, any at all

No. 244030

No. 244042

Splatoon 2, Hollow Knight, Crypt Of The NecroDancer, Miitopia and Cafe Enchante

No. 244048

Ronald Reagan and the 7 Stones

No. 244070


No. 244109

I didn't know they changed it! Is it a change on JP only?

No. 244243

I think it’s only the Japanese ones! I honestly don’t play with the English voices because paimon’s voice gives me ear cancer, and my pc can’t handle all of the files, but I noticed the change in Diluc’s and Kaeya’s voices because they’re my mains kek.

No. 244879

File: 1645493564685.png (6.34 MB, 2480x3507, 96433629_p0.png)

Bad/hideous art thread represent

No. 244951

File: 1645496213521.jpg (1000.36 KB, 2048x1536, Tumblr_l_2314247422574.jpg)

i miss that thread so much

No. 245029

Anyone know if it's Miyuki Sawashiro who voiced Franziska in Gyakuten Saiban pachislot?

No. 245057

File: 1645501453156.jpg (32.57 KB, 539x397, 657e9c893920ffecb0d9d70c84f1b9…)

I miss the AC thread nonnies.

Anyone ever go back and revisit your towns on older games? I'm burned out on New Horizons I just want the chill AC experience where aesthetics don't matter and you could have what ever villagers you wanted. I still have my WW town from when I was a kid and though there isn't much to do I still like to revisit and see my old friends

No. 245065

File: 1645502305641.jpg (817.63 KB, 1377x2039, 1579617381671.jpg)

It's not generic, I will give it that
the world building is nice and well thought out, it's just that the book explains it in a dry way, If your into that or can ignore it, I recommended it
also everyone is brown and swarthy in this series(the Island civilizations are based on the Indonesian archipelago) except the Kargs who are the only white people in the series and are big, burly barbarians who raid and pillage and don't use magic and worship their "old gods" that are actually all evil

No. 245124

i still want to kms for deleting the town i had since 3rd grade on wild world. so no.
and my wii has long since been gone so the city folk town is also lost.
didn't play new leaf and got bored of new horizons after like 3 months

No. 245129

this shit looks like rohan kishibe x the ferngully bat as a human

No. 245131

I did that on my NL town I'd had since launch in 2013(?) I still regret it even though I didn't love my layout. I really want to nuke my NH island and start again though bc I'm insanely bored and want to do a theme, but I have so much time sunk into it even if I don't play it anymore

No. 245173

I can't play the video right now but she did voice her in some of the games' trailer. I remember that from the AAI2 trailer. And Capcom usually tries to use the same voice actors except for the anime and the professor layton crossover.

No. 245441

>and now it's happening
Thanks, I didn't know this. Why didn't I make the full transition to 3DS pirating earlier? Now I'm too attached to legal 3DS games and the eShop. I wish I could feel nothing.

>People won't stop saying AAI2 is the best game of the series
I wish I could give you my opinion on that, since I also hated 5 and skipped 6 entirely, but I haven't played AAI2.

Did you at least enjoy it back then or were you shocked in a bad way?

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