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File: 1645076635766.gif (1.41 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

No. 235018

Discuss conspiracy theories. Commentary around current world events are very welcome.

No. 235022

The succeeding global truck convoys are glowops. They are too organized. Not one violent outburst in Canada and it’s almost been a month. Australia tried last year but failed, why?

No. 235041

You are a glowop to make me lose hope

No. 235046

Lol no no, I think I’m reaching. I’m just on edge because things are looking too good to be true.

No. 235056

What's your conspiracy theories on the Ukraine/Russia/US situation? I think US is bullying Russia to try to get Ukraine to join NATO, which Russia understandably doesn't want.

No. 235061

Russia doesn’t wanna
Ukraine is like lol
USA reeeeeeeeeees in the distance

No. 235107

Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram censoring astrology and tarot content starting next month

No. 235112

Lol why? I ain’t watching the vid.

No. 235130

euphoric atheism and cult of troons only bro

No. 235138

I'm glad I was born in time to live thru truly free internet. Its been funny not being herded like cattle towards engagement with the proper allowed globohomo media, websites, advertisement, and content.

No. 235141

No. 235162

So you're also an oldfag?

Let's talk about how female spaces got erased from the internet. Was that a conspiracy?

No. 235677

It's a symptom of multiple things. Mostly because the internet and real life have merged imo. I remember the time when it was considered a faux pas to bring the internet offline. Everyone is getting herded into a select number of corporate mega "social media" sites and the culture can be controlled that way so naturally "they" like it. It's all about money mainly. control the culture, force them into controllable spaces, force adverts on them. I've heard rumors about hollywood basically hiring people to psyop fake nonexistent "fandoms" for whatever dumb show theyre shilling to get fandom spergs interested lol.

Women's spaces online have been hit extremely hard during this shift because of the tranny globohomo demagogue. Instead of people able to peacefully post on special interest forums in peace which were run by mods and admins who were into whatever thing the forums and IM rooms where based around we now have to content with the unwashed masses of twittertards/facebook normies/tiktok zooms and very un-nuanced catch all moderation based around mass reporting and vague rules about "hate speech".

Being a terf is Doing Hate Speech and we all know by now that terf being woman with a spine, not trans exclusionary radfem these days.
Sadly a lot of women are ok with this treatment because they have been thoroughly brainwashed and also never experienced the older "freer" internet.

No. 236567

since this site is borked for the time being here's a /tinfoil/ shitpost

No. 236618

File: 1645157147981.png (570.27 KB, 1109x652, zot livestream.png)

Much as I have been enjoying watching the convoy livestreams I think it might have been a mistake for truckers to agree to appear on them, I'm concerned they're probably giving the cops a lot of information they wouldn't have otherwise

No. 236625

File: 1645157762769.jpg (31.89 KB, 250x528, 1655754332497.jpg)

they're very cozy. what's that fedvan doing?

No. 236727

they deserve the shit they get

No. 236761

I keep thinking about when I’ll be in my elderly age and how the world will be pretty much homogenized. Pretty much only geography will be the distinguishing factor.

No. 236841

I’m talking about customs, cultures, architecture, urban planning etc. English will probably be cemented as the default language worldwide. I know I know it’s an American-centric view.

No. 236975

Watching this vid now.
The almighty barely working algorithms need to fucking go. I want control over YouTube video search, I want control over my Facebook feed.
They use the algorithm as an excuse to shove unwanted content down your throat and filter out content they don't want you to see. Enough.

No. 236996

There's a soyboy on the thumbnail, I don't feel like watching it.
What bullshit reason did they give for censuring such harmless shit?

No. 237002

The flimsiest excuse ever. Apparently there's a lot of pushy direct advertising of readings which don't follow rules. Instead of cracking down on those, they just decide to suppress it all.
That's what they say, but the guy says it as it is: it's become a huge industry, with lots of money involved. They're just cracking down on the industry.

No. 237058

Idk. Ww2 wasn't that long ago. I'm in my 30s. I think the most change I'll see will be technology based and maybe more times of stability and peace with most conflicts being contained nationally between uneducated groups. I think the population is becoming more educated and with that I hope it sees more openness to other people, less hostility. I think it's right to be weary of strange social psyops like trannies and discussions based on segregation.

No. 240363

File: 1645336239073.jpeg (148.2 KB, 900x600, Screen-Shot-Trudeau-Emergencie…)

I saw some people speculate that Justin may be trooning out. Now that I think about it he definitely used to look and sound more masculine. That might explain his chimp out, his hormones are all screwed up.

No. 240402

That would be hilarious. Imagine tranada being more fucked than it already is

No. 240422

filler filler. yikes

No. 240455

Please let this be real. If trans dystopia is happening anyway I at least want Trannydeau memes.

No. 240456

KEK Tranada here we come.

No. 240458

Tranada cements itself as the worst country on earth sans literal legal rape/kill lands that day.

No. 240468

File: 1645338216939.jpeg (178.16 KB, 1442x1423, EB479549-819B-4ECD-B146-1A7B17…)

This is from r/elsagate, I wanted to talk more about the weird YouTube kids videos, I wonder what the purpose is behind these disturbing videos, and how come they’re always targeted towards toddlers.

No. 240470

it's still..ongoing?? that was a hot topic 5 years ago. it even surfaced to mainstream discussion, i think? how are they still making content.

No. 240477

File: 1645338500112.jpeg (413.54 KB, 1613x522, 2F21D9D1-CA8D-43AB-8BD4-16730D…)

It’s not really Elsa and Spider-Man anymore, it’s games like Poppy’s Playtime and Peppa pig.

No. 240495

File: 1645339109030.jpeg (230.81 KB, 1080x1116, 5B1CE305-2779-4117-8D8F-F799C2…)

No. 240509

damn parents should consider using adblock

No. 240615

someone is sabotaging from the inside

No. 240619

File: 1645342324489.jpg (55.64 KB, 470x711, 1639964671773.jpg)

A war is coming this decade, a real war, not some insurgency in some third world arab/african country

Be prepared nonna's

No. 240620

doubt, too much to lose

No. 240623

the 2010's were an era to weaken us and set us up for the real wars

No. 240769

Hormonal imbalances in women like PMS and PMDD are caused by eating meat of hormone-pumped cattle. It's not a lack of vitamin D or any other lack of nutrient, it is not natural, it is caused by excess foreign hormones.
The meat industry is trying to convince everyone those hormones that end up in us through the feeding chain do not have any negative effect. That hormones you ingest that way have nothing to do with your hormone levels, and if they're off it's your fault, take an otc multivit and shut up.

No. 240886

Do you mean Ukraine doesn't really want to join and USA is pushing by creating a panic?
Ukraine's been wanting to join for a while now. It's been on a table since 2004 or so and was only put on hold during the rule of pro-Russian president Yanukovych. It's not something that's done overnight anyways, Ukraine's yet to get the membership action plan.

No. 242300

Ukraine wants to join but the problem is that when the soviet union was dissolved, the NATO promised not to expand to eastern europe. That was factually a condition for the retreat of soviet troops from its western territories. That promise has already been broken several times with NATO/American forces clothing in on Russia.
Now with the Ukraine and the conflict with the people's republic of Donezk and Luhansk Russia feels more threatened and honestly who can blame them.
Russia has been invaded by the west a lot throughout history, WW2 wasn't that long ago from a historical viewpoint and the invasion by the US, UK, France etc. during the Russian Civil War happened only about 20 years before that. Over 20 Million deaths will shape a nation.
Russia's reaction of pulling together troops at their border is both reasonable (it's their border for fuck's sake) and actually a calm response. A Russian invasion due to the ongoing attacks by Ukrainian fascist in the Donbas region is also unlikely because this has been happening for almost ten years now and while Russia takes in refugees, Putin hasn't been involved very much (probably because the region is ruled by socialists while Russia's government is conservative-capitalist.

Imagine if Mexico joined the Brics states and Russia and China would station their troops right next to Texas. I doubt the American response would be as calm as that of Russia right now.

No. 242454

Gays Rights bit off of the Civil Rights movement and appropriated a lot of the talking points (which was very interwoven on Black Baptist/Protestant culture) to push their movement by aligning themselves with another persecuted minority. Homosexuality as an identity is fairly recent, most gays throughout history were sex trafficking pedophiles, so it's really nonsensical how a sexual behavior (that is associated with abnormal lifestyle practices) is tied in to a natal characteristic like your ethnicity. This kind of confusion in the first place is how it got so easy for transgenders and other kinksters to tie themselves in the LGB community since the walls of logic were already burnt down when people thought an ethnicity and a sexual behavior belonged in the same box.
Unfortunately, not many are willing (or care) to address this. Gays are so accepted now that I doubt people would care to even look at it in the same cynical lens the past generations did despite gay acceptance being a direct link to inevitable normalization of transgenderism and other sexual garbage anyone who isn't a retarded terminally online twitterfag hates. And most of the people who dislike gay and trans culture also inevitably link it with being a certain ethnic group like the dumbasses they are kek

No. 242462

I wrote about the hormones tinfoil before but not many believed in me but I agree. They're knowingly fucking up women's hormonal balance. Maybe not intentionally but it's clear they know what they're doing but can't be arsed to make the changes because they simply don't care.

No. 242472

The leaders of our countrries look ugly, dress bad, and don't care about anything at all (which is worse than the majority of kings btw) which is why the people do. We truly live in a time where the leaders do not have one fuck to give to the people or feel an identity with them at all.

No. 242478

Is this about Boris Johnson's haircut

No. 242479

Kek yes he's ugly but so are many leaders of republics tbh

No. 242489

do you believe no one is born gay? regardless I think it would be objectively worse for women to have gay men repress their sexualities and marry women

No. 242510

He's been caught messing his hair up on purpose before appearing places. He does it as part of his bumbling goof persona to get people's guards down.

No. 242518

Trudeau's new hair also looks like shit

No. 242525

That might be his plan, but when I see fat and unkempt politicians, the message I get is "I don't even care about myself and you really expect me to care about you? Haha"

No. 242531

Being born gay is probably a lot rarer than what's expected, with sexual attraction being mostly formed by exposure and behavioral factors. I got this impression from how so many male attracted TiMs become opposite sex attracted after transitioning and how many straight men become jailhouse gay. Or how many people escalate to hardcore fetishes after long-term pornographic exposure despite showing disinterest in the same material years ago. Many historical homos were often bisexual in practice despite being identified by their peers as a group that comes close to the modern homosexual identity (just for a more archaic example.) I don't consider the homosexual identity to be complete fiction, but I think treating every sexual urge as the "real" you and anything short of completely embracing it as a terrible suppression is how the gay rights movement lead to how you have all these kinksters like troons, furfags, bdsmfags, ect making their sexual attraction their entire identity using the same arguments as the gay rights movement.

Even if you don't agree with my opinion you should at least give it a look with how it can form into a slippery slope, because as we see gay rights IS a slippery slope into gender theory and TRA movements.

No. 242540

Dairy comes from cows and is full of hormones

No. 242587

>Russia feels more threatened and honestly who can blame them.
Anyone can blame them since no one forced Putin to illegally annex Crimea and invade eastern Ukraine when pro-Russian protests were happening. I don't think it's fine to simply take a part of other country and claim it as yours, or that it's okay when just a group of citizens is unhappy with something and decides that the whole region must undergo secession. Putin is always strangely eager to help the self-proclaimed republics (yet only if they want to join Russia) and give out russian passports, why is that? The same shit happened in Georgia in 2008. He's power-hungry and homesick for Soviet union, which he wants to revive, little by little.

>Russia has been invaded by the west a lot throughout history

Well, Russia is not exactly harmless and defenseless right now (at least it has the most nuclear weapons), and you could try to look at this situation from a Ukraine's point of view. Ukraine has been fighting for its independence a lot throughout its history, especially from Russia, and even long before Soviet union. At the times of SU, its people suffered genocide (famine) carried out by soviet government. Even to this day Ukrainian culture and language are still being devalued by Russia. There've always been pro-russian politicians and propaganda in Ukraine. The ex-president Yanukovych and ex-prime minister Azarov couldn't even fucking speak Ukrainian properly and give normal speeches that wouldn't become memes. Anyone who's not pro-russian is a "threat" to Putin because it's simply inconvenient for him, he wants loyal dogs like Lukashenko and Kadyrov. So it's no wonder Russia tries to push the idea of Ukrainians being fascists and it's no wonder Ukraine wants to be closer to the west than to its eastern neighbor.

Speaking of fascism, guess what, no one kills or arrests people for speaking Russian in any Ukrainian city, even the western ones. There's just a relatively new requirement that people should use it on the official level (documents and shit) and in education, and some people are pissed because they have to use their national language _sometimes_. Does it qualify as fascist in your opinion?

>ongoing attacks by Ukrainian fascist in the Donbas region

For the last few days, Donbas region has been attacked by separatists and Russian military itself in order to create fake news where roles are reversed and to provoke Ukrainian military. It's once again a classical Putin's move. It happened, for example, before the Second Chechen war in 1999, when Russian FSB agents were caught planting a bomb in one of the Moscow apartment buildings. Putin's known for his lies, manipulations and evasiveness, some Stockholm syndrome suffering Russians even adore him exactly for that and love it when he refuses to answer questions raised by Russian journalists (or kills the most inconvenient ones!).
He's not a victim or something, nonnie.

No. 242611

>treating every sexual urge as the "real" you and anything short of completely embracing it as a terrible suppression
This is the thing that bothers me the most about kinkfucks or polys and so on, interesting post

No. 242848

I do think it's interesting how all the gay people I know suffer from other mental illness that started in childhood, or had tough home lives. There seems to be a higher correlation in non-heterosexual attraction with mental illness and I wonder if one has an effect on the other and to what extend the effect is, if at all.
Sexual degeneracy is permeating our culture and I think that is the slippery slope than gay rights. Twitter is an all ages platform that also hosts adult content. It's sick and we're headed down an extremely scary path and it will harm people in poverty and the lower class the most.
WAP is borderline pornographic and is extremely popular in pop culture. If a child uses the internet unsupervised and knows any kind of pop culture, they would have found it. SJW's say something like "Well parents need to monitor their kid's internet access." If the parents are actually working 2-3 jobs to put food on the table, where are they going to find the time to look at and enforce the child's internet activity? The internet is a cheap form of entertainment that lasts for hours so it's also some of the best entertainment the parents can afford for their kids.

No. 244025

>He's power-hungry and homesick for Soviet union, which he wants to revive, little by little.
immediately stopped reading there. what a libtard

No. 244031

Redpill us on the droof then

No. 244157

It was kind of hyperbolic, but Putin does like to have a lot of territory under his control, doesn't he? He's already illegally recognized independence of DPR and LPR btw, very nice. Such a reasonable man and a savior.

No. 244847

Dasani water dehyrdates you. It's been proven.

No. 244857

thought it had to do with plastic

>it's really nonsensical how a sexual behavior (that is associated with abnormal lifestyle practices) is tied in to a natal characteristic like your ethnicity
homosexuality is biological even if sexual orientation as an identity is new. there is no simple gay gene but there is research on factors that contribute like hormonal exposure. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prenatal_hormones_and_sexual_orientation

No. 244886

I like this band but their lyrics are very occult-flavored and I know that some of them are into that stuff… It unsettles me but I still like their music (I'd rather not name who). Am I bad for this?

No. 244906

>has the largest country in the world by land area
>still not enough for him
Classic scrote behavior TBH

No. 245097

Now after Russia officially recognized the separatist regions I don't care who's right or who is wrong anymore I just don't want to die lmao
Wether Russia is an aggressor or just defending itself doesn't even matter, the NATO wants war, nobody can deny that. Hell even if they won over Russia, by war or diplomatically, it wouldn't stop, the NATO would move on to China next. Europe got a short break during the Trump Era because he was more focused on destroying his own country, but the rest of the world has never stopped suffering from imperialism.
Doesn't matter for us normies who's right. It's us civilians on every continent whi are going to suffer.

No. 245256

>Europe got a short break during the Trump Era
Good times.
Trump literally made love (and married) not war with Slavs. Now it's back to warmongering. Shit.

No. 245283

>Now after Russia officially recognized the separatist regions
It doesn't end here, because no one's accepting it.
Russia continues pushing the idea of Ukraine being aggressive by creating fake news, also still states that there're dangerous nationalists/fascists which isn't true, so there's still a possibility of Georgia scenario playing out. Russia doesn't want NATO expansion, but it IS an aggressor anyway, and it had no reason to gather all that military force on Ukraine's border, because Ukraine wouldn't start anything: it makes no sense to start a full-scale war with someone who's much more prepared, with more military force and nuclear weapons, when U. has none. And it's not like anyone's rushing to help. There were promises to enforce sanctions, but economy is so interwoven everyone's gonna lose something with them, so how serious can they be? I really doubt that anyone wants a literal war. Ukraine's gonna wait till Russia wants another piece, maybe Odessa or something, and Russian people are gonna live in even shittier and poorer country (no one there except for lunatics is happy about DPR/LPR thing). Also it's not only about NATO, because Russian government and propaganda still tries to convince everyone that Ukraine isn't even a real country but something that occured by chance after the Soviet union dissolution. It's been happening for years.

No. 245294

>I really doubt that anyone wants a literal war
Behold the power of nuclear deterrence

No. 245296

China is legit the only threat due to their financial power and they aren't interested in helping Russia lol. You have no idea how shitty the life in Russia is, they don't have some grand army, they can only threaten smaller countries at their borders. Russia is heavily dependant on trade because their soil is shit and they only have cold seas.

No. 245301

Putin is smart enough to know this, he knows Russia can't challenge the US directly and has been building up power and influence and trying to weaken the US with the littlest risk possible
his current plans are built upon trying to build Russia up to reclaim at least some of it's Soviet Power

No. 245384

The people who hate babies usually dehumanize and hate mothers and women too, especially on reddit.
>wow, congrats on getting cummed inside
Is the most disgusting thing I've seen those fags say towards young mothers happy with their kid.

No. 245412

Agreed. I get it, you're so special you dislike babies but love your cat or dog. You're really cool, really showed 'em. Keep being mean to literal newborns and their mothers.

No. 245427

Yeah. There were a few "childfree" women here too which hated on any woman who had or wanted to have children. They boast about the weirdest stuff like how they're prettier, tighter, etc. compared to women who had kids or pregnant women. How pregnancy makes your hair fall out, tears you, a gesture your looks and stuff that's clearly not genuine worry for the other women but mockery instead. It's just another type of pick me. They're not having kids not because they don't want to, they're not having them because they're afraid they wont be "fuckable" afterwards. I think this whole childfree movement will lower birth rates in countries unless men step up and stop taking their wives and the mothers of their children for granted but we know it's not going to happen.

No. 245430

I wonder if it's part of the depopulation agenda.

No. 245435

Depopulation = less workers and less consumers, so no one rich would actually want that.

No. 245446

NTA, but thank you

No. 245458

Good point but if they don't want it why do billionaires like Bill Gates and Ted Turner harp on about it? Are they just fear mongering, playing the part of a bad guy?

No. 245464

File: 1645544967167.png (122.28 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20220222-094711-190…)

I'll probably be called an antivax Karen for this but any mom anons scared to get their kids vaccinated? I was always very pro vaccine, especially for kids, even mocked antivaxxers too but now it just seems like so many kids are "accidentally" getting adult doses of the COVID jab, not just for the COVID shots but even simple shots like flu and tdap are "accidentally" being switched out with large doses of the COVID jab. This almost never happened before COVID

No. 245465

It's proposing individualistic solutions to problems caused by large corporations and the rich. Other wise they would have to take actual responsibility.

No. 245468

My husband thinks I'm crazy for this, he's skeptical about the vaccine as well but he truly believes that it's whats best for our baby, his heart is in the right place, but I refuse to let our child be contaminated
I'm a mother and I fee something is wrong with this, I feel it in my bones

No. 245493

File: 1645548412316.png (134.66 KB, 630x1260, 555.png)

summarily, It's odd how saying something along the line "think of the children" gets you mocked and insulted online
just look at some of these comments

No. 245538

These people sound crazy ngl.

We live in an era where contraception is easily available and having kids doesn't give you any advantage since there's no blood bound inheritance system. So you can have more money and completely ignore children in your life? If you want adult content, visit adult spaces and adult sites and let kids have their safe space. Those people sound like permanently online nutjobs that are bothered they can't act degenerate in the open.

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