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No. 241180

long story short: a few months ago a gay scrote friend from my friend group told me he also browses lolcow and CC because he feels more "in it with the girls". he also told me how he adopted certain words like scrote and nonny to fit in more.
since i thankfully dont have to talk to him ever again i wondered if anyone else feels like they can never truly know if theyre interacting with other women or not? like maybe me replying to someone just helps their fetish by replying to them.
also yes im massively overthinking everything, how did you know??

No. 241184

Why did you make a whole new thread for this
I'm calling bait

No. 241190

He'll never fit in, he's an XY. He can type as many "nonnies" and "scrotes" as he likes, he's still a disgusting male and he will never be "one of the girls". Gay moids really think they can be one of us because straight moids hate them. Newsflash to any gay moid browsing here: you're just as disgusting as a straight male and should gtfo of women's spaces because you are a parasite, just like every other male.

No. 241194

i can (metaphorically) smell males through the screen personally. I won't say anything to be nice/not a schizo but men reading this should know that when I read their posts I can always tell

No. 241196

Don't you think giving them attention like this will just encourage them to be here more
Negative attention is still attention and what would moids be here for other than female attention, which is what you're giving them

No. 241203

Don't you think OP's post is giving them attention? Idrgaf, I'll shit talk moids any time they're brought up. If we don't shit talk moids, we'll turn into Crystal Cafe which as we all know is overrun with moids and trannies. If they start posting their disgusting degenerate shit because an anonymous woman called them retards, then they're actually retarded and should kill themselves.

No. 241294

I first found LC because my ex scrote mentioned it to me one day while I was watching this munchie type youtuber. When I met him he had just gotten his shit together but for years he'd been unemployed and basically drinking the days away with only his laptop for company. So I met him as this fairly okay guy but obvs.. the longer I was with him the more I realised that he'd spent those years arguing with strangers online and developing extreme fetishes through porn binges. I dont doubt that he was posting shit on here at some point.

No. 241298

don't feel safe here don't feel safe anywhere kek

No. 241551

Damn hire a bodyguard

No. 241559

As I said in the other thread, tell the faggot to fuck off and kill himself, he is not needed and he will never be a woman no matter how hard he tries to imitate us.

No. 241585

The retard who replied to my post in the things you hate thread yesterday was a scrote retarded enough to out himself, sure enough his post is gone now. It seems that males have infested this place.
I wonder if the one who made that "nonnie nonnie nonnie" post in the /ot/ bunker thread was the same faggot or another one?

No. 241644

Males infest any place because they are retards who deliberately refuse to take "no" for an answer. You'll notice that men are obnoxious tards about how everything has to be "inclusive" nowadays but they whine and moan and force themselves into places that are not for them. Men are hypocrites of the highest order. It's best to pay them no mind and to spam wholesome/cute/interesting images whenever you see scrote bait tbh.

No. 241714

I mean, first and foremost this is an anonymous image board, even if it's women oriented of course there is no way to know for sure. Sorry I don't have anything better to offer, it's part of the reason I only post in the fitness/skincare/etc and such threads never threads that deal with sex/relationships Im too paranoid about it being fetish fodder for some gross moid.

No. 241766

File: 1645397024585.jpg (125.25 KB, 720x679, JUST.jpg)

I agree. The other day in the /ot/ thread one of the anons was crying about how everybody was ignoring the obvious male bait, as if saying "kill yourself scrote" is supposed to make them leave? They literally come her to get female attention. Some of these so-called man hating anons don't even know how men's chimp brains work, it's not that complicated. Do. Not. Talk. To. Males.

No. 241853

one more case example of why you should stay away from able-bodied men who have ever been unemployed for a long time. doesn’t matter if they’re the damn ceo of applebook now just stay the fuck away

No. 241876

People who brag about showing threads to their nigels deserve a ban. Don’t bring your fucking bf here, or your gay bestie, or any male, and if you admit to it get banned.

No. 241922

Thank you for understanding nonnie, I wish more farmers did

No. 243280

Why would anybody not post on any imageboard for any reason? You don’t even have to register an account. It’s like you’ve deliberately decided to use the least secure format possible, and somehow expect a curated userbase. It’s practically self-sabotage, which I guess is fitting for a lot of the posters here.

No. 243294

t. not just a retard, an autistic retard.

No. 243307

I'm going to sound bad here but unless their cover comes off we'll never know who is and isn't a scrote. I'm also sure actual nonnies who just disagree on things get banned here as scrotes. People who say bad shit about women should get banned, no matter if they're women or men, but as long as they keep the peace, we'll never know who has a penis or not. As much as I hate males, bringing paranoia into the site and calling each other scrotes will just cause another big infighting like the one we had some days ago.

No. 243318

Damn anon tell em. Seriously, if its so aggravating for women to know men covert post either a) petition for a closed secure community or b)get off the internet because men and insidious and everywhere. There is no safe space that is also public and no log ins required.

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