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I guess I am just posting here looking for some input/advice/solidarity. I have been over weight a lot of my adult life (170lbs) but tend to hold my weight well, so it was never a massive issue for me. I gave birth 9 months ago and while I was pregnant I was maxing out scales at 320lbs. Now at 9 months post partum I have gotten myself down to 230lbs but the number is still extremely alarming and upsetting to me. I had a C-section and the part of my tummy that hangs disgusts me every day. I am lucky that my partner isn't bothered by this weight gain and frankly, I think he might be into it but I need to really stick to my guns and lose this weight for me, but also for my son who deserves a mom that isn't a total pig. Currently working out while my son sleeps and eating in a calorie deficit. Has anyone here experienced a gross amount of pregnancy weight gain and managed to lose it? Did you have a C-section and were you breastfeeding? I have never posted here before, but I assumed I would get far better input on here than I would on /fit/ (although I do follow the board). This is something I can't discuss with my IRL girlfriends as they are all fairly thin and are nowhere close to having children.(shit thread)

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I knew creepshow art was pregnant kek

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There's multiple threads you could've posted this in.

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Are you breastfeeding? I heard it burns 600 extra calories every day.

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