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No. 253415

This is a thread for any anons who want to discuss their smoking habits. Whether or not you still are a smoker, wishing to quit or have quit and have succeeded in not picking it up again, this is a thread to discuss it all.

No. 253419

Been smoking since I was 15, going on 25 now. I literally don't want to smoke because of health reasons but I can't stop myself. It's tempting every day and I've tried the patches, lozenges, cold turkey, vaping, everything. I still end up going back to it. My longest streak was about 2 months and then I still went back to it. Help nonnies, whats the best method for a weak willed retard like me?

No. 253420

i'm trying to quit but any cheap e-liquid flavors and brands that are on ONE site that you guys are recommending? i'm at a fairly high % of nic salts and i need to stop with the high nic salts, just need a mid tier amt with nice flavor. i'm also not paying fucking $12 and $17 shipping for 4 coils and then another stupid amount just to find a reasonable flavor. so this shit is getting out of hand w finding a reliable site that carries a wide selection of coils and liquids. i hate so many flavors too.

i swear so many eliquids taste like ass that the disposables blow them out of the water, and those suck too

No. 253421

same, i find i feel best when i'm patching and i have a backup vape at a low %

No. 253422

dude im in aus and its legit illegal to have nicotine oil. Its so hard because all these americans suggest nic oil but I cant get it anywhere! Maybe just trying patches again and just using my vape normally may help.

No. 253426

damn, that sucks. do you have like… any disposable vapes or how is the situation there to get a vape? are they all disposable or can a dr give you eliquid and what is the selection? ugh. like i get banning cigs but in comparison vapes are nowhere near as bad, i just don't want to be reliant personally but it's such bullshit they're bringing the hammer down on vaping while cigs are a-ok. granted i know you guys have smart packaging compared to us burgers but still, fucking get rid of it and switch to vapes or something instead of solely demonizing vaping

No. 253427

They increase our cig prices every year too by a few dollars so even if we have relapses we have to spend sooo much money on them its insane. And the packaging doesn't mean shit, we literally meme about the packaging all the time.
We have vape shops and vapes are very common and I see a lot of people using them, I even have a good one myself, but not having the nicotine messes with you after a while.

No. 253429

wait wait, so they're just selling the liquid at 0% and that's it? no nic at all???? jesus fuck i'm so sorry. i alternate with some 0%s but to have none at all when you just want a few hits fucking sucks. i'm so sorry. almost no one here buys 0% so that's crazy to me that you guys have a whole industry operating off 0%

No. 253430

Yeah legit. Just 0% everywhere, even in the janky tobacconist stores that sell illegal ciggies, they don't even sell nic oil. You have to go on the black market and fuck doing that.
It sucks anon! We have hundreds of vapes and flavours and it just feels useless sometimes.

No. 253434

I used to vape nic free juice. I've struggled with agoraphobia on and off for years and just having something to do with my hands during walks helps me. I eventually gave it up because of cost.

Then lately I spotted disposable ecigs selling cheap in a store and thought what the hell.. they had nic and by the time I got home I got sick from it. Very sick lol

No. 253440

Does this thread include smoking weed or not?

No. 253441

I think there is a weed thread but its dead so feel free to talk about it here, why not

No. 253494

I don't smoke daily or while driving, but I do smoke a few for special events or if I'm on vacation. I used to be really bad, I'm hoping this is enough for my health to recover.

No. 253495

I used to smoke a pack of red malboros or yellow camels everyday. Now I tried to switch to iqos and it actually helps. I don't cough anymore, so it's great. I still miss cigs, though, iqos just doesn't itch the scratch like cigs do. I don't have this nice feeling of cig smoke burning my lungs or a strong taste of tobacco.

No. 253576

I thank god every day that I can pick up and put down cigarettes as I please. Actually they are nasty more often than not so that works in my favor.

No. 253595

Did anyone else here first start smoking because of Skins?

No. 253648

My addiction to cigs got worse BECAUSE of skins lmfao

No. 253657

skins influenced me to steal some of my grandma’s cigarettes and try smoking. naturally i got caught and my family still teases me about it to this day. kms

No. 253757

YES I actually learned how to properly inhale from Skins. Don't smoke anymore but am currently struggling with compulsive vaping.

No. 261373

how often do your coils last you? like one coil, how often does it tend to last you? do you clean your coils when they get nasty and the cotton gets dirty or do you just throw your coils away?

No. 261376

Im currently on the patch to quit smoking and got a nicotine vape. However when I go out with friends I can still go through about half a pack of actual smokes in a night.
Would wearing a higher dose patch help the cravings if I only wear them on nights out?

No. 261377

probably better off smoking a vape with higher mg because the patch is time release so if you're feeling a particular craving while going out, it's not going to make you satisfied as quickly and it's a waste to leave a high mg patch on

No. 262985

What happens if you smoke too much nic oil? How bad are the effects on the body?
I'm trying to quit smoking from being a heavy smoker but I've been smoking this nic vape all day all the time.

No. 263159

If you smoke an insane amount you can get chemical pneumonia or nicotine poisoning (headaches, vomiting, passing out, sweating, etc.) how much are you smoking and what’s the level? I haven’t vaped in forever but I used to do a 12 nic level, which is pretty dumb high or binge smoke cigs.

No. 263175

i don't want to smoke but i want to be aesthetic what do i do

No. 263185

File: 1652312167467.png (129.48 KB, 1195x1600, IMG_0322-3095369870.png)

Fucking idiot smoking isn't an aesthetic
These are for you

No. 263195

Im not sure about levels and stuff, im from aus so we have to buy our oil illegally from tobacco stores, all I know is I have a 2ml chamber in my vape and I fill it up with 1.2% nicotine oil. If that means anything lol
I do around 5 puffs an hour for a whole day

No. 263196

Okay. I’ll try to explain. I think I get what you’re doing. A cigarette is normally 10-12 mg of nicotine. The low end being like 6. The high end being 28 so they can vary on brand but to give you an idea of reference. E-cig oil or nic oil goes from 0 - 24 or 30 normally. Anything over a ten to 12 you’re getting into Nic salts which are more concentrated. Think the Juul pods if you’ve seen the little black sticks from the UK or the states. Normally 15 puffs is considered on par with a cig in normal vaping. So if you’re doing 5 at 1.5 you’re getting less nicotine than a cig an hour. The people who were getting chemical phenomena were hitting the highly concentrated Nic salts at a 20-30 mg Nic level and going through 2 pods a day. Which is like 40 cigs a day. No one should smoke anything that much.

No. 263197

Yeah at that rate of smoking, thats fucked.
Thanks for that info anon I didn't actually know it was all like that. Might go and do some more research actually.

No. 267847

So how bad is vaping nicotine oil for you? I keep reading awful information about lung inflammation and popcorn lung etc.

No. 267988

Light blue American spirits >>> any other ciggies

No. 274635

To any nicotine oil or just vapers in general I guess, did you develop mouth ulcers? Or any other mouth related lesions?

No. 279719

I got tiny Virginia slims

No. 279726

I no longer vape/smoke but did anyone else get really bad cystic acne from vaping? Specially I got really bad deep cystic acne on my chin/lower cheeks while using JUUL a few years ago, as soon as I quit it totally vanished and even when I picked up vaping from other brands it never came back. I’ve never seen that mentioned as a vaping side effect before, but it seriously cleared up within days of me stopping using JUUL products

No. 279780

how did you switch from juul to other? I need something to switch to that isn't chunky as most vapes. Yeah, I have really really bad acne right now and figured it's nic related not just juul related. If anyone has any recommendations that are relatively cheap that I can grab at the gas stations please drop it.

No. 279783

not same as first nonnie I tried to quit cold turkey but it was really hard and I only got about 1 week during lent. I'm autistic and I feel nic is the only thing that stims me enough during the work day that I can function. Anyone replace vaping with another "healthy" addiction (games, anything else really)

also, I've been hiding my addiction from my parents for 10 years since I started smoking when I was 15. Would telling them add some sense of accountability? Really lost on how to quit would rather just quit all together tbh

No. 279784

I feel like shame never worked for me. It just made me better at hiding. Also autistic. Have you thought about switch to just mint and rolling papers. Maybe with a little cedar, when I need more of a sensory thing I put a drop of peppermint oil on the filter.
You probably have an oral fixation and the act of smoking is the stim. The breathing, break from everything and motion. It’s soothing to non autistic people too, but I think it can be more so for us. Since I’m not addicted to anything I just find the action soothing I smoke the herbs way less when I’m stressed. I also focused on finding other things that helped and tried to lower the things working against me overall. Basically didn’t look at just the smoking but at the entire routine that led up to it and why I was getting overstimulated or burnt out or stressed.

No. 279910

I quit vaping 18mg Juul2 pods (went through about one a day which is apparently the equivalent of 20-30 fags) cold turkey three weeks ago and while the first few days of withdrawal are long gone I still crave nicotine literally every day. I’ve been contemplating buying cigarettes because I find them generally a bit disgusting so the habit has never stuck; non-tobacco nicotine products are what make me nervous. What would you guys do in this situation? Just tough it out?

No. 279911

I couldn’t do juuls or disposables, they never stuck for me. Combination of bupropion 75mg and an actual vape (right now I use a couple different dotmods and an aegis legend/z-max tank)with 6mg synthetic nicotine was been the only thing to work, especially after having to take fucking Adderall. Coilturd has great juices, too, if you’re picky like myself.

No. 295317

Do any nonnies here smoke herbs? I heard catnip is nice.

No. 295326

File: 1666453616309.gif (85.37 KB, 220x176, killer-upset.gif)

Cats do not belong here. LEAVE

No. 295444

Go away cat. Human only.

No. 295456

Don't be retarded nonnie. Be cool like me and suck on a cola vape.

No. 295466

Not even female cats? This site is so speciesist SMH

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