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No. 255744

Let's have a thread for single ladies

1. Why are you single?
2. What are the advantages of being single?
3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

No. 255747

>1. Why are you single?
I'm almost a full hikki since COVID started, and around the same time I was thinking that, despite being very attracted to men and kind of a sexually frustrated pervert who also needs to really know someone before having sex with them, I had been going in and out of relationships/attraction too fast, although it had only been like 5 guys in total since my first bf in high school. And each relationship was shorter than the last, with me being the one to break up every time, so I saw that as a bad sign that maybe I was just getting tired of relationships and that LTRs are not for me. And after every breakup the guy will almost always try to contact me after a while, or we'll remain friendly but he'll still have feelings or whatever and that's exhausting. I don't like hurting people's feelings, and I don't like burning bridges, so I simply don't have boyfriends anymore.
At this point, I've already accepted that I'm never going to get married, hopefully I won't have kids either (for that and many other reasons). But casual sex is not my thing either (too scared of STDs, unrequited feelings from either side, and so on), so I'm still frustrated lol.
Also I'm asocial and don't like going out much so no bars, parties, etc. The type of guy I'm willing to be in a relationship with the most is either a) rarely seen outside and b) usually trash in practice, the perfect guy that fits this type is ultra rare, and usually taken. Maybe I just have shit taste in real men but other types of men are equally as bad if not worse (rapists, abusers, NPD, cheaters, etc.).
You could also say that I'm disillusioned with romantic love irl in general since my parents set a bad example too.
Being a husbandofag, it's pretty easy to forget about real-life relationships.
Overall, I just don't find relationships to be that important, and since I started to use CC and then lolcow, I don't think I could tolerate the same shit from scrotes that I used to tolerate before.

I'm still open to the idea, though. But not right now, I'm not ready. First I need to be financially stable, move out of my parents' house, and overcome depression.

>2. What are the advantages of being single?

More time to dedicate to my hobbies/projects/studies/job. More money. More time to appreciate family and friends.

>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

Lack of money, time and eventually interest. Having to deal with one part not being as much in love as the other, and other kinds of drama. Discovering your partner's toxic traits (happens in most cases). The knowledge that eventually one of the two will hurt the other. Finding a balance between your romantic relationship and your other relationships and aspects of your life (it depends a lot on your partner as well).

No. 255750

1. Don't want to bother with men, havent found the right woman (or any woman for that matter kek)
2. Privacy, quiet, peace. I'm a very argumentative person who's stressed easily so having no one there to bother me when i'm having a bad day and invade my personal space when i need some time to relax and wind down is heaven
3. Jealousy probably

No. 255751

>1. Why are you single?
I've never been attracted to anybody ever so being single is the default for me (I'm in my late 20s), I probably have some undiagnosed personality disorders. It's kinda frustrating because nobody feels the same as me and people generally don't understand why I'm voluntarily single, they think I'm jaded in love and say I'll eventually meet somebody, which I absolutely don't want.

>2. What are the advantages of being single?

All the time for yourself, no additional source of conflict or stress, zero pressure to look a certain way…

>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

I've never been in a relationship so I can't really tell but having to sacrifice your time for somebody else is one thing, and moving in with a partner sounds dreadful.

No. 255754

I've been in 2 long term relationships. One was abusive and the other wasn't. I was miserable in both. I was obviously more miserable in the abusive one but I was still stressed and unhappy and craving space in the other one. Love wasn't enough to make it work.

My happiness levels go down in relationships. The lovey dovey moments, trips, gifts, shared adventures are nice and all but I feel like it never outweighs the overall feeling of constriction and frustration over that. I like my freedom. I love living alone more than anything. I barely want to share my bed for one night.. definitely not every night. I like not having to consider anyone else when I make plans. I kinda miss sex but then I always end up feeling burdened by it in relationships.

No. 255755

Samefag but I forgot. I'm really not romantic, most of the time at least. Basically I'm just always looking for a male best friend that I can fuck, kiss and hug when I feel like it. And except for my first boyfriend I've never seriously thought of marrying any of my boyfriends or men I've almost had a relationship with, so I always get ready to accept that the relationship won't last more than 1-2 years at most because we'll eventually grow tired of each other, and I just want to enjoy the time we'll actually be together, and calmly move on when the relationship inevitably fails. But of course they always think we're going to be together forever.
I think there's something wrong with me, actually. My whole life is like this, I have short attention spans, poor discipline, I can't stick to a single task or project at a time, and I rarely finish anything. I want to kill myself whenever I think about it.

No. 255769

I no longer choose to date because men have nothing to offer me. Companionship? I have friends and family. Financial security? I make enough money myself. Sexual pleasure? They're selfish and/or unskilled in bed and/or urge me to do pornsick coomer shit, I can please myself just fine instead.

Being in a relationship with a man is exhausting, they've only ever taken far more from me than they've given in return. Being single has left me with more money, more time, more freedom and more happiness. Hetero relationships are nearly always unbalanced in favour of the man and I won't subject myself to that no longer. Women give so much more in relationships than men.

No. 255772

very true, anon. good and true post.

No. 255776

When I was younger I was all-in whenever I was dating someone. I dated guys who were only too happy to move in quickly and spend every spare moment together.. I thought I wanted that. It didn't hit the spot I thought it would. It would end up feeling suffocating but then at the same time we'd eventually split and that felt like my whole world was gone in an instant. So I was never fully content in relationships but also hated the fallout every time one ended and upheaved my life. I resented becoming so intertwined with a person who was only going to drive me crazy and leave. It starts to feel like an investment not worth making.

I'm not against dating full stop (though I've taken a few years out and I'm happy to keep it up) but I think if I date again in the future I won't be aiming for living together or spending every free moment together. I can't breath in that setup. I think a dialled back version of a relationship is what I would want.. if I want one at all.

It would have to be something very easy and drama free to top the peace that I have in my life right now. I'm not actively looking for it. I'm at a point where selling a relationship to me would be a hard task. I don't know if that's a sign of growth or if I'm just carrying the weight of my past.

No. 255791

1) I'm sad and gey
2) don't have to deal with other people's bullshit
3) loneliness and my family thinks I'm retarded for being this old without dating

No. 255792

Oh wait I read the last question as what are the worst parts of not bring in a relation ship. Anyway that's my answer

No. 255822

1. I already don't like most men, I have a low libido so idc about sex, every man I've dated was shit or was incompatible with me (eg he wants kids but I don't want any), and I don't mommy men so they don't like me (it'll be a cold day in hell when I wash a scrote's laundry or cook for him because of some arbitrary standard for women). And now that I've "hit the wall" some guys will avoid me once they find out how old I am because they know I'm too old to put up with their bs.

2. So far I've been doing great being single. I don't have to share a bed, I don't need to put in any emotional or physical effort that I would otherwise waste on a relationship, having peace and quiet when I get home is priceless, I don't have to try to look nice for anyone but me, I can focus on my little farm, my cats don't have to share me, and I never have to worry about the negatives a scrote adds to ur life (stds, unwanted pregnancy, increased mental load from having to do shit for them, potential violence). And now that I'm a full time husbandofag I really don't miss real men.

3. Women have the most to lose in a relationship, as I've mentioned above. In the time I've been with men I've had to deal with pornsick coomers, "traditional" men who want you to uphold old values while not doing the same, "good Christian boys" who are worse than normies, mommy's boys who can't even wipe their asses and "feminist" men who are just as misogynistic as regular men. I don't think I'm missing anything by staying single.

No. 255827

1. Why are you single?
I'm really insecure. I haven't gotten the typical teenage experience of fucking around, going to parties, getting drunk with friends etc.. because I spent my years just going to class then coming home immediately after and shutting myself in my room. Even if the most handsome guy in the world asked me out right in this moment I would probably reject him because I'm not comfortable being in a relationship. I'm not attractive enough for men to approach me despite me not putting effort in my appearance and looking angry all the time (resting bitch face ftw). On top of that my standards for men are really high and I don't see men that I find attractive in real life on the daily. Things like smoking are an automatic turn off for me, that paired with all the physical appearance traits I really like.. It's nearly impossible to find kek. And if I did find a guy like that I'm sure he wouldn't want me but would want someone that's more in his league, like a skinny model.

2. What are the advantages of being single?
I only have myself to worry about. With relationships, there's the responsibility of talking to another person all the time, sharing your secrets, thoughts with them etc… I don't want to share my problems with people and I don't want people to expect for me to be their therapist. I'm really bad at giving emotional advice and talking about my problems so it just seems awful having to do that by default. I also really like being alone and living with someone seems like my worst nightmare. I'm a huge introvert and I really need my privacy otherwise I go insane. I don't even keep my friendships well because I have periods where I want to isolate myself completely, and I know that would definitely not slide in a romantic relationship

3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
The things I mentioned above. Having to be in contact with a person constantly, lack of personal space, emotional reliance?

No. 255834

1. I’m an avoidant person in general and it takes me a long time to get comfortable with someone (fine when making friends, less fine when trying to date). I had a crush in my first years of college (didn’t work out and in hindsight I’m glad it didn’t), but after that I haven’t met a single guy I would have wanted to date. Even when I’ve talked to guys who I thought were cute, there would be a disconnect where eventually I’d lose interest because physical attraction is really only sustainable for so long. I work in a female-dominated field so I can’t meet guys through work and I don’t go out really. It’s fine though. I’d rather meet someone organically or not at all. I’ve had friends try to set me up, but I think the pretense of being on a date or knowing that the other person is attracted to me (or viceversa) always fucks things up and makes things uncomfortable because I feel like it’s too much pressure. I also hate flirting and the whole ‘game’ a lot of people play when they’re into you. I really, really hate it.

2. Not having to deal with another person’s emotional labor. Being seen as my own person and not as part of a ‘unit’ with someone else. Not having to plan time to meet someone. I can move and live virtually anywhere because I don’t have to take a partner into account. Feeling independent and free.

3. I’ve never been in a relationship so I don’t know.

No. 255837

1. Why are you single?
>shy and dont like meeting people. Broke it off with hs bf pre pandemic so rip.
>low self esteem so i don't like putting myself out there.
2. What are the advantages of being single?
>you get to save money and work on yourself more. No sadness or heartbreak
3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
>the problems
>finding out more about them and then suddenly you're just tolerating it. It's as if you weren't really compatible in the first place.

Also fellow single nonas, are you ladies the type who lose interest with a crush the more you find out shit (be if negative or positive) about them or like be romantically approached?

No. 255839

I love crushing on people that I barely know, putting them on that unrealistic pedestal. I met an attractive guy last year and stalking his socials was fun at first. I just enjoyed the fantasy version of him. Now I know too much about him and its a crush killer.

No. 256352

based and pink pilled

No. 256475

All my aunts' relationships and my parent's marriage blackpilled me on relationships.
One of my aunts got pregnant from her boyfriend at high school age and ran away from home to live with the scrote and his parents. He and the family were drug addicts. Ironically, her current relationship might be the happiest of all my aunts', although the new guy is still a bit of a manchild and not very good-looking. They had another child together.
Another got pregnant for the first time at 14, the baby died at birth. Then she had 3 more children, all are still alive. She got married at 14 to a hard-working but deeply religious and older scrote. My aunt and her kids weren't allowed to sing or listen to anything other than religious songs, wear earrings or bracelets or any such accessories, or watch cartoons on TV. The husband is already dead, but I don't think my aunt will ever fall in love with anyone else.
Another aunt recently married and had a child with a fat ignorant cop who wants to control her life, and all her sisters hate him, but my grandma loves him and said aunt is her favorite because she's smart and had a child in adulthood which causes issues between the sisters and grandma.
Another aunt has had many boyfriends before, and had a kid with an asshole who won't even spend time with his son, which has affected his self-esteem a lot. She currently has a relationship with a lawyer who lives comfortably and has enough money to buy the kid gifts, they had been together before. But he's divorced and in the past treated my aunt like shit (he hit her once), he's a vulgar and loud piece of shit who loves to get drunk and make extremely homophobic comments, one of those males who value being a macho more than being a decent person, and he makes my aunt cry sometimes with insensitive comments.
As for my parents, they just stopped loving each other and I noticed. This hurt me a lot.
Yes, all the examples around me haven't been very good. And combined with the few relationships I've had, I've just come to the conclusion that I'll be happier without a boyfriend and that love doesn't last forever so why bother searching.

No. 256727

>1. Why are you single?
Left my scrote ex husband early November, haven’t been single for more than a month since I was 14, 26 now decided to try it out due to intense therapy and period of self-growth that occurred right before I initiated the divorce
>2. What are the advantages of being single?
So many, there is something absurdly freeing about removing the desire for male validation from your life. I’m not intimidated by men professionally and have zero issue putting them in their place regardless of how attractive I see them as. Free time to cultivate my hobbies and career, much less stress, I’m able to rebuild my finances, everything I do is for me. I’ve lost 30lbs and got my dream job basically the moment I decided to be single until the right person comes. That’s another thing, my standards have shot through the roof. I feel like I finally understand my value and the idea of having a partner that’s any less valuable than me is nauseating kek
3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Losing yourself in the wrong people.

No. 256748

>1. Why are you single?
My last relationship ended and so many bad things happened and my trust and faith in love was shattered lol

>2. What are the advantages of being single?

I can do whatever I want. I can be as introverted and lazy as I want and I can also have my extroverted social moments.

I don't have to consider someone else for big decisions. I can make future plans that can't be compromised because of someone else. I'm learning how I like to be and that if I was to be with someone they would have to work around what I consider important.

Essentially my time is my own.

>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

Honestly your mood being affected by the other person. I've noticed that when I'm single I wake up in the morning and if I want to have a good day it will be. There's no looming disagreement with a partner lurking to resurface.

I also don't feel responsible for having to make someone's say, it's just a bonus if I do.

There's also zero jealousy about other people.

No. 256793

Very inspiring and relatable.

Also relatable. Also had horrible examples of marriage and love from family, posted about it before but one of my great grandmothers was even burned alive by her lifelong husband who she spent all her life birthing kids for. My mother was similar, very hardworking and now my dad resents her. Why do I want to give myself to someone forever who is guaranteed to lose attraction and respect for me? It sounds more appealing to live my life on my terms and die at 45 than go through wife and motherly hell and grow old with a scrote.

I've also spent too long in manosphere spaces to act ignorant of how they really think. I wasn't even supposed to be born (accident +in utero medical issues) so I don't give a shit about continuing my genetics, especially imagining having daughters who have miserable lives or sons who grow up to become perverts and psychopaths. It's too likely to happen, and would be soul crushing.

In any case, it's also nice to have my weekends to myself and the vibes all my own. If you're with a man, and he's having a bad day he will ensure you have a bad day too. then you have to do emotional labor to fix both of your slumps. Good example was when his sports team lost and spend the afternoon quietly raging. His feeling had to be addressed always, mine? Never.

No. 256800

>1. Why are you single?
I broke off my 8 year relationship with my kid’s father because I got tired of his sex and porn addiction, and sleeping with other women. Been single for 2.5 years because I hate online dating and meeting men organically is apparently impossible.

>2. What are the advantages of being single?

Freedom. I get to do whatever the fuck I want when I want to(within the boundaries of motherhood). I don’t need approval or permission. And I don’t have a giant man baby to take care of who is literally worthless in the household.

>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

For me, it was that I was never good enough. And he convinced me that if I truly loved him, I would let him sleep with other women. Because I wasn’t enough- despite doing every gross coomer pornsick thing in bed; even had three ways with him. So i let him. For years. And then I had my daughter and I thought “what if my daughter was in my shoes right now”. So I told him to gtfo and I’ve never been happier.

No. 256806

>1. Why are you single?
For astrology nonas: I'm a Gemini Venus lol. I called off my engagement 10 years ago because getting married felt so viscerally wrong for me. I've been single ever since because when I thought about the things I want to accomplish in my life, being in a relationship didn't feel at all important by comparison.
>2. What are the advantages of being single?
Being completely on my own schedule, never having to worry about what someone else wants to do when I go out or travel. Never having to prioritise someone else's life goals over my own.
>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Having to be considerate of someone else when I make big decisions. Needing to communicate constantly, even when I'm not ready to. Jealousy/possessiveness. Being pressured to reach certain "milestones"

No. 256807

ugh your point about your ex and his sports team. every man brings others down with them and for what? my dad did it to our whole family, my ex did it after rage quitting Borderlands. literally learn any coping skills ffs.

No. 256808

>I'm a Gemini Venus
What does that mean?

No. 256810

>your mood being affected by the other person. I've noticed that when I'm single I wake up in the morning and if I want to have a good day it will be. There's no looming disagreement with a partner lurking to resurface.
God this, I really don't miss this shit. Admittedly my last relationship wasn't the healthiest so I experienced this on an intense level. Dude had the power to emotionally punish me all weekend long and he often did.. the amount of weekends I wasted because he felt I needed to be dragged down with him. Wouldn't even tell me what I did half the time. Living on egg shells.

Then he happened to be in an amazing mood on the anniversary of my moms death and insisted that I match him and have fun all day… let me have seperate moods ffs. I'm a whole person too. It was too much.

No. 256833

in my birth chart, the planet Venus (the planet of relationships) is in the sign of Gemini. some traits of this placement are indecisiveness with partners, getting bored easily with relationships, flirting then bailing out, etc kek. I mainly mentioned it because I like to joke about it and astrononas would appreciate

No. 256841

>Then he happened to be in an amazing mood on the anniversary of my moms death

They do this on purpose. Dragging someone else down and stewing in misery is a lot more satisfying and soothes their ego than processing emotions in a mature way. When you were mourning he didn't want to be the one "dominated" by your feelings. So he reversed it, to make YOU match HIM yet again.

No. 256865

Don't. Date. Down Draggers.

No. 256889

Thank you nonna! I really feel like lots of women are waking up and focusing on themselves. I absolutely love seeing scrotes seething about how women are too picky now. It’s kind of insane how we are sold this idea that true happiness comes from men and most of us will never realize it’s patently false. I am truly happier and more at peace than I have been in over a decade and I liken weaning off an addiction to men to alcohol and hard drug use. It’s so uncomfortable and terrifying at first, you learn to use those things as a shield. But once you can find even a modicum of self-love (or even just neutrality) and decide to nurture it things change insanely quickly. I really know who I am now, for the first time ever! I’m not defined by the man I’m with/want to be with, I’m just me. And Jesus, I actually kind of like her. I hope all of the nonnas itt have true happiness and satisfaction in their lives, love u all
Sorry for blogpost everyone in my life thinks I’m some extremist man-hating freak (completely true) so I only have nonnies

No. 257689

>Why are you single?
I left my pornsick drug addicted boyfriend who didn't want to actually better himself. I was done "waiting" for him to recover like he said he wanted to multiple times, but it turns out he was the same porn obsessed degenerate the entire time.

>What are the advantages of being single?

I can do tons of stupid shit without fear of getting hurt long term. Rejection feels more normal. I feel more confident in my choices and freer to make time for myself without having to consider a partner's time as well. Loyalty in a committed relationship stops me from taking risks, that can be a good or bad thing depending on how you see it.

>What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

Ending up with someone who does not have the same morals or goals as you, even worse when these goals or morals develop over time because of the person you are with.

I'm a huge romantic, and I crave to find someone compatible, but I can tell it's going to be a while before I come across someone I would actually want to be with in the long run. I now know exactly what I want and I know I should stay picky. I want to learn to cherish the single life in other ways besides gaining the ability to bounce around potential life partners.

No. 257711

>one of my great grandmothers was even burned alive by her lifelong husband
I'm sorry what? I know this happens but it's just so utterly shocking to hear, I'm so sorry anon.
>then I had my daughter and I thought “what if my daughter was in my shoes right now”.
You're fantastic anon, so happy to hear you broke away from that piece of shit and you've really done your daughter proud. She's lucky to have a mom who is truly behind her (known too many women who sacrifice their kid's well being for the sake of a man). I hope you get to focus on yourself more and more over time.

No. 257713

most of my crushes are just idealized versions of the guy instead of his actual everyday self, and i hate that but i can't do anything about it

No. 257742

1. Why are you single?
I am in my mid 20s and I have never felt attracted to anybody in my life. I don't see myself as attractive either and know any man who would date me is using me as a place holder. admittedly, I really enjoy the fantasy of being a wife and being taken care of, but this is not reality and it does not exist. If I did it in real life, I would end up being miserably. I do think this fantasy is more about me having no career aspirations and hating the idea of going to work. I also never interact with men either, they make me uncomfortable. To repeat points made by other anons, I feel that men have nothing to offer me. There isn't a single way they can add value in my life other than give me money and material goods and let me stay home and be a neet. I am not willing to jump through hoops to have access to their resources nonetheless, the misery and lack of self respect is not worth it. I would also be horrified having to entertain some kind of hypersexual freak who wants sex more than once a week and demands anal or has a fetish.

I've ultimately decided that I refuse to attempt to enter a romantic relationship regardless of the circumstances or if they are male or female. I really enjoy solitude and peace and having a partner introduced an element of chaos I do not want in my life since I cannot control their actions or always predict how they feel or act.

2. What are the advantages of being single?
I always see how women are constantly throwing themselves under the bus and trying to be fair with men, because they know that criticising them or being argumentative would interfere with their aspirations of marriage, even though a lot of these women will realistically die alone. I don't have to cater myself in a way that pleases men in a sexual way and I don't care if they call me ugly. I don't have to do things like be perfectly hairless or care about their existence. Males have a limited existence in my reality. Gives me more time to men who really matter aka husbandos.

3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Obviously I have never dated, but probably the fact that relationships with men are extremely unstable and you can never know what they are thinking no matter how much time you spend of places like fds. I would rather die than have to live a life where i have to make compromises or was unable to walk out on the relationship when I feel like it.

No. 257747

I relate to so many of you nonnas. I definitely feel like I have some kind of attachment or personality disorder that makes relationships a nightmare for me. I always felt I don't have it in me to share my life with another person so intimately and completely. It just feels wrong and intrusive.

I only had one long term relationship and he was violent and abusive so that didn't help change my feelings.

I thought he was a good match for me at first - kind of similar, seemed really chilled, liked time to himself too, didn't want marriage and kids etc. but then pressured me to move in together and made it really difficult and scary to leave him. Would get furious if I did anything for myself without consulting him. Just my nightmare come true.

>What are the advantages of being single?

I'm an only child and life-long loner. I'm very happy in my own company, so that helps in enjoying single life. Some great things about it:
>much much much much less stress
>more time to spend on hobbies and interests
>more confidence and self-respect
>your own routine
>your own personal space
>better off financially (in my case)
>more energy to devote to others, work, life in general
>security and self-reliance

No. 257795

File: 1650523301469.jpg (29.42 KB, 400x400, TfbcZgd0_400x400.jpg)

>1. Why are you single?
I'm an autistic butch lesbian, so the dating scene and the entire community is a bit of a minefield atm. I'm also ill (nothing infectious) and I don't think it's the right time for me to be dating. I lost a lot of muscle and I look like a ghost, so I don't feel attractive exactly either.
>2. What are the advantages of being single?
I have more time and energy to focus on my own shit, not having to deal with (community) drama, not making someone worry about my health, etc.
>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
How easily miscommunication can happen, fights about nothing, them constantly worrying about you, being dragged into drama, them wanting to U-haul, them eventually deciding that they want to do IVF, dead bedroom (not like I'm having sex now, but it's more depressing in a relationship), the wlw cheating epidemic, etc.

No. 257830

I feel like I am too selfish to ever be in a relationship. There are so many things that I will never compromise on and I don't think that will change. I'm fine living on my own because I can always get my way.

No. 257836

It's that simple for me too kek, I just don't think I could compromise like that.

No. 257840

File: 1650544388307.png (660.32 KB, 1200x630, kisshimnotme.png)

i'm in a committed relationship with a man who doesn't exist and i have no reason to seek out other form of romantic partnership. i love my husbando nonnas

No. 257842

Me too! Yumejoshi rise up

No. 257845

Single now because I’m young and not super interested/too nervous to get involved in anything committed, but for some reason I feel like deep down no one will ever love me for everything I am. I’ve never thought about where I’d want to get married or settle down, because I can’t imagine someone liking me enough to choose me for the rest of their life. Idk. My mothers a divorcee and I think hearing about what happened between her and her first husband when I was too young (he cheated on and abandoned her) really fucked with my head. Plus I’m a terminally online autismo and the only men that attracts are not marriage material.

No. 257901

> Why are you single?
I have no plans to reproduce but I still consider relationships more like a partnership for survival and self-improvement, and most men seem very unreliable in this regard. This isn't a manhate thread but they have shitty worldviews and shit takes on every concept out there, never touch grass, are plagued by weird "unorganic" desires and fantasies, it all seems so pathetic. I know it sounds kinda edgy lmao. Whatever, they're always looking for reasons to not actually improve themselves. Every man I meet disappoints and bores me. I'm starting to think it might not be a "they" problem…

I also have my own issues, aka my problem with "social" relationships. The idea of being used to maintain an image. Going to some gathering with him, and him saying "this is my girlfriend", when I think of this sort of situation I feel weird and a bit disgusted. Things like a movie date, going to the restaurant for Valentine's day, an engagement party. It feels fake, like some stupid show. Even just the words like girlfriend and wife feel kinda…unsubstantial, they're like names for roles in a comedy.

> What are the advantages of being single?

Not feeling like a caged beast. Complete freedom of thought and movement.

> What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

My last "official" relationship was at 19 (now 24). I hated that he was so clingy. We had to meet every. single. day. and he would require me to say "i love you" so often. He had other flaws, but they were independent from his relationship status, so kinda offtopic. Overall, I just hated having to drag this burden around everywhere, as mean as it sounds.

No. 370706

Anyone else like being single more than a relationship but dislikes the stigma of singlehood?

No. 370712

100% that's how I feel. People aren't even annoying about it, nobody ever bothers me or questions me being single, but I'm always paranoid people assume I'm sad and lonely (I'm not) or there's something wrong with me (there's not). I know being single is good for my mental and physical health, plus it suits my lifestyle, so I'm not worried about it. I just don't want to be pitied or looked down on, especially as I get older.

No. 370819

I love being alone but any time I talk to a relative the first thing they ask me is if I found a moid yet. Nvm my career or anything, how is it I'm still single after all this time? I'm a third worlder tho so that's probably why they're so annoying about me being single

No. 370820

It's really annoying, especially when you're a woman. I could be super successful, fulfilled and happy on my own, but everyone around me treating me like a failure because im moidless makes it so hard. It doesn't matter what I do, if I'm not paired up I might as well be trash to them. Even though I'm fine being alone, the way people treat me for it is enough to ruin whatever good feelings I've built up for myself. Sometimes I wish I could just pack up and go live in a forest away from everyone

No. 370987

Yes. 8 out of 10 times whenever I meet new people they ask me if I have a boyfriend within 5 minutes of meeting. Shut up! Can a woman just peacefully exist on her own please?

If I could settle down with a woman in a platonic relationship but outwardly pretend lesbian relationhip to get people to shut up, I'd consider it honestly.

No. 370992

Luckily enough nobody's bothering me about it, I have no contact with my extended family, my friends don't care, and other people generally assume I'm in a relationship (like most women my age) upon meeting me, when they learn I'm volcel they are genuinely confused though. When I get some "don't worry you'll eventually find someone", I just roll my eyes and laugh it off.

No. 370998

1. Why are you single?
My dream guy doesn't exist. I'm also nerdy and people don't like that.
2. What are the advantages of being single?
Not needing to worry about being cheated on
3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
The emotional manipulation and drama.

No. 371023

File: 1704396247853.jpg (114.78 KB, 736x981, 1000005958.jpg)

>Why are you single?
I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I talk to moids online or whatever but I get bored of them, I think I just can't feel any particular emphatic connection or something? Maybe it's my autism, or maybe I just have high standards because tbh, I refuse to even consider someone who can't speak at least two languages fluidly or who doesn't have a career like I do, and that's just the most basic points I consider whenever I look for a partner.
I'm also extremely straight, so I don't see myself dating a woman, I can connect emotionally with a woman but the physical part is important to me as well, I really don't think I can be sexual with any woman.
And like, idk, my family has shown me that being in a relationship isn't that nice, there's hardships and problems that tbh, I don't want to deal with. I would need to date a 100% organic, naturally fed extra virgin Nigel in order to feel like I want to be in a relationship with someone.
And it's funny because I've been a romantic my whole life, ever since I was a child I would fantasize about being in love and having a family with lots of children and whatnot, but it's depressing how males just destroy everything without even touching me, any illusions I may had as a child are dead now and only a miracle would make me want to date anyone.
>What are the advantages of being single?
Having time to do whatever I want whenever I want, being able to do chores or anything else at my pace, not having to spend money on food or anything else for another person, not having to deal with the emotional issues that may have the other person, one less person to take care of that isn't even of my family, not having to change who I am to please anyone else.
>What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
I think one of the worst part of a relationship is dealing with a family that isn't even remotely similar to your family, it's like, I'm sure that there's barely any mildly functional families out there, mine is mildly functional, so like, dating someone with a loveless family where everyone hates each other sounds like a pain in the ass, my brother is living that right now and like, you can do anything to get over your emotional issues, but they will follow you to the grave.
Something else I don't like is basically the whole process of keeping the relationship alive, it looks tiresome, from texting daily to trying to look sexy/cute for a date, it's annoying, if I were to be in a relationship, I want someone who will love me at my lowest as much as he will love me at my best moments.

No. 371027

1. Why are you single?
I am not very attractive, i am autistic and nerdy and a misanthrope, not exactly equipped for a hetrosexual relationship as well as having a low sex drive that can easily be fulfilled on my own. Not even going to bother trying to date women either even though i would entertain it, but it seems too difficult. I don't want a relationship if i have to wear myself out hunting for it. I also am surrounded exclusively by normies i don't relate with and cannot have a close relationship no matter how hard i try.
2. What are the advantages of being single?
No compromises, i can do whatever i want without having to worry about the feelings of the other half. Only my own desires matter, i have peace and i am free of drama.
3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Never been in one. It would probably make me feel a little trapped i guess.

No. 371373

>1. Why are you single?
My parents told me from an early age that I don’t have the right personality for a relationship.
>2. What are the advantages of being single?
Doing whatever you want.
>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Having someone take up rental space in your head.

No. 371487

>I want to learn to cherish the single life in other ways besides gaining the ability to bounce around potential life partners.

I’m at least a year late in responding but so happy you made this point. I don’t see it much on lolcow, but a mainstream frequently named pro of being single is that you can spontaneously go on dates and hook up with whoever you want. Unfortunately in my experience, casual stuff allows for more confusion, hurt, and general moid BS than actual defined relationships. So it’s hard for me to relate to it as a “pro” or even see someone who is constantly dating around as truly single or able to enjoy the single life in it’s entirety.

No. 371488

>Why are you single?
I used to be a serial monogamist but my last break up fucked me up so badly I don't really want to ever try again. Being told you're really amazing and you make them extremely happy but they're not ready for something like that is so much worse than just realizing you're not a good match. I've dated too many disappointments and I can't take it aymore.
>What are the advantages of being single?
More time for hobbies, more money, less pressure on how to live your life.
>What are the worst parts of being in a relationship
Honestly I think being in a loving relationship would be best for me overall but being in the wrong relationship is a fate worse than death. Nothing more soul crushing than wasting your time with someone who makes you feel lonely even when you're together.

No. 376197

Is it being single that sucks or is it how you are made to feel bad about it by society?
An example from the latter situation is women not wanting to be friends with me because I am single.

No. 377292

Kek to me that's neither nor. Sure it used to only be a small margin of women who were single and childfree back 40-50 years ago cuz society was about traditional work, family and motherland, right. But I feel no societal and no human pressure to find some guy to not be single.
However it sucks that that happened to you, nonna, but there are plenty of people who will accept being friends with you even if you're single. It's more their loss for them not wanting to get to know you and do things with you than yours.

No. 380031

I'm really picky I think, I've been on hinge, elite singles, eharmony and coffee meets bagel for a year and I'm yet to match with someone. Well thats a lie I've had about 2 or 3 matches but the conversations ended after a couple of messages. I really don't want to be less picky nonas but I'm also terrified I'm not going to meet anyone. I have no friends, only my parents.
Is my only option now to join some kind of club? I also don't wish to do that as my hobbies are kind of introverted (film, games, sometimes art) and I hate leaving my cat by himself for too long.
Should I try speed dating? I'm so lost anons but I'd really love to meet a nice guy at my age.

No. 380036

>Why are you single?
by choice, but also because i'm weird-looking and antisocial (by choice)
>What are the advantages of being single?
>What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
who knows bud. i'll never haave to worry about it.

No. 391610

I found a great cope for loneliness while single: I’ll do couple-y things for myself. I had a nice hike and picnic by myself last weekend as thought I was on a low key date. I even bought a cute mini bottle of wine!

No. 391615

File: 1713243239363.jpg (61.38 KB, 600x800, IMG_20240215_144813.jpg)

>why are you single?
Zero interest in sex; never met an asexual man.
Way less dramas in life, less likely to suffer violence from men
>worst parts of being in a relationship
I've never been in one, so idk, but having to dedicate free time from your life to someone else sounds exausting.

No. 391625

1. I waited too long and it’s too late for me. Also I’m an ugly weirdo, who shouldn’t even think of romance
2. Less drama, more money saved, more alone time
3.sex is mandatory if you want him to stay and I hate sex

No. 391642

File: 1713254918277.jpeg (634.1 KB, 828x820, IMG_2307.jpeg)

>why are you single
i post shit like picrel thinking it will make the men i like want me (it does not), everyone around me is boring after the first ten minutes or tells me “it’s weird how much u talk about 5 nights at freddy’s for an adult” (i’m doing a bit!!!!!!)
>advantages of being single
being the most version of myself again without dampening my personality for a partner, getting back into hobbies i cut back on in relationships, funny stories about dates, casual sex
>disadvantages of relationships
having to emotionally regulate a moid, being forced to interact with their horrible friends but having to keep your mouth shut and be polite, once men stop feeling like they have to impress you they stop trying altogether, sex usually gets progressively worse over time in a formal relationship, men often get kinda fat and ugly after dating for a while

No. 391675

File: 1713276728045.jpeg (45.49 KB, 844x640, IMG_8035.jpeg)

never had any interest in romantic relationships tbh
i can do what i want. i don't have to tone down my personality, take time away from my hobbies or get dragged onto something i'm not interested in. i do try to challenege myself and do things out of my comfort zone. i don't need or want someone else to do it for me.
also i was an extremely spoilt only child so i like having things go my way and not having to compromise.
besides im not good at relating to people emotionally so i really don't want to have to help regulate someone else's emotions or anything like that.
>worst parts of being in a relationship
ive seen so many people tone down or even lose parts of their personality when they get into a relationship, it's sad

No. 392337

File: 1713546500334.jpeg (208.85 KB, 1242x1508, IMG_9180.jpeg)

>1. Why are you single?
I’m fat now. My weight fluctuates on an annual basis from overweight to underweight and back, and I’ve noticed that I only get hit on when I’m a size 2 or less. I guess I’m one of those people where extra weight hits my face like a bag of bricks. Experiencing this has seriously made me lose all respect for scrote’s interest. You want me? LOL check back in next year buddy.

>2. What are the advantages of being single?

I can be a fat lazy sloppy pig in peace. When I was in my teens I’d get insecure about this but now in my mid-20’s I really enjoy my own company, even if I’m just lazy around all day reading webtoons or watching YT.

>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?

For me, it’s the anxiety. I guess this sorta stems from point 1. I can’t genuinely believe someone would like me for me so my relationships are never serious or committed. Oh well. I’m fine this way.

No. 392354

>Why are you single?
I'm a socially inept retard who is afraid of rejection and my parents don't make marriage look fun.
>What are the advantages of being single?
Being able to focus on improving yourself.
>What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
I've have never been in a romantic relationship so idk

No. 392357

File: 1713555482672.png (30.11 KB, 198x217, 1688405440000583.png)

>1. Why are you single?
My last potential relationship absolutely went nowhere and I got very sad about it, doing better now. Even if I've had men interested in me since then, I don't feel attracted to them, maybe it's because I can't get over what happened but overall I rarely feel attraction towards real people. I only have felt attracted to fictional characters, so my standards are impossible to meet. I wish I wasn't this way, but maybe it'll be easier once I finish my studies and get a stable job. I just now wanna be happy only by myself and not feel like I need to be tied to someone to be happy.
>2. What are the advantages of being single?
I can be as independent as I want, I can dedicate myself to what I want without changing for others. I don't have to feel self conscious about how I'm perceived either.
>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Being always together with someone absolutely is what deters me from getting a relationship. I'm already not super social (even if I have friends I hang out with at least once a week), so having to be with a man all the time just sounds exhausting and annoying.

No. 392362

>1. Why are you single?
Never cared about dating, relationships or guys.
Never been attracted to guys in that way , save for 3 exceptions and one of those was the only guy I ever slept with. I've had plenty of dudes chase me in my 20s. I was way out of their league, they all wanted to brag they bagged a fit stacy, all were fucking bitter I was polite to them kek. I'm not obligated to have sex with you.
Call me pickme or nlog, but I refuse to be in a relationship with someone I don't like , just for the sex, and that would be a fucking chore. Plus it's hard to find people to resonate with, most guys are boring AF. The day is short as is, can't imagine how quick it would pass with a guy.
>2. What are the advantages of being single?
I do whatever I want, whenever I want. I don't have to share my bigass bed with anyone. Egoistical? Maybe, but at this age I can't fucking imagine how it is to have a man chew your time. Nobody tells me what to fucking do. And I did get used to living on my own in an apartment.
>3. What are the worst parts of being in a relationship?
Never been into one so I wouldn't be able to tell lol. But from what I've seen with my friends, the woman always compromises more than the man. And most men have low to nonexistent emotional intelligence, so you have to dumb down to their level otherwise you will stress out for shit they don't even think about. Also I need my me time.

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