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File: 1650678751943.jpeg (38.66 KB, 473x728, D1518472-9C47-435A-B754-26A30C…)

No. 258211

He’s so hot and many others agree here we shall discuss how cute he is and our beloved himbo.

No. 258213

File: 1650678860629.jpeg (408.29 KB, 460x1137, A07F9020-98EA-46CA-9402-005B37…)

Truer words have never been spoken

No. 258214

File: 1650678898615.jpeg (113.71 KB, 1440x1440, 74C28782-DB1C-400F-ABF8-28B4CE…)

No. 258215

File: 1650678924668.jpeg (51.2 KB, 640x1351, 7BE65AC7-7371-480A-AE40-B8048C…)

Such a qt

No. 258216

File: 1650678950385.jpeg (70.89 KB, 752x1041, 0F980667-91B2-4119-B572-5D8DC4…)

Innocent himbo vibes 10/10

No. 258217

File: 1650679007845.gif (730.41 KB, 268x268, BC1AD982-60FE-4F0B-9B00-3E974A…)

No. 258219

File: 1650679090617.jpg (104.59 KB, 900x600, 653435.jpg)

Bedazzled is my favourite movie of his, I love his varied characters and goddamn this man just puts a huge smile on my face. Also I love that he just plays an awkward nerd throughout the whole film. Take me back to the noughties

No. 258223

Why here and not on /m/?

No. 258235

I need a man like this in my life

No. 258241

File: 1650685298613.jpg (636.46 KB, 2902x1920, bedazzled.jpg)

God I love Bedazzled

No. 258275

File: 1650697215212.jpg (47.98 KB, 636x469, erkc91tfsg4z.jpg)

Lesbian, so not attracted to him, but this guy has had such a big influence on my psyche either way (due to being the love interest of Rachel Weisz). You know how men end up basing their entire personality on Patrick Bateman, fight club, or some other dumb movie? Fraser was peak masculinity to me and I still bring a pic of his haircut from the Mummy to the barber.

No. 258293

File: 1650706180527.jpg (57.43 KB, 567x589, awoooogah.jpg)

I'm honestly surprised we don't see Airheads posted here more often

No. 258295

>Fraser was peak masculinity to me and I still bring a pic of his haircut from the Mummy to the barber.
kek nonna that's adorable, I love you.

No. 258296

The better question is: why do we have a containment thread for this guy at all? At least the Driverfag containment thread (which is what this is trying to be) is justified considering the nuicanse the driverfags were spamming Adam Driver everywhere, was this guy ever posted about? Same for the danofagging thread in /m/

No. 258298

Yeah we don't need to contain him because no one is complaining about Brendan posting AFAIK.

No. 258299

he's sensitive okay??

No. 258339

File: 1650727694886.jpg (115.32 KB, 767x843, 832741d83.jpg)

I love you too nonnie!

No. 258347

I'm just gonna leave this here. His voice. His eyes. His smile. And he's just so ridiculously polite with the reporter, you can tell he's a genuinely sweet person

No. 258356

Because I just wanna sperg about him and scroll down and still see him not some kpoop fags and ugly British men. I’m literally like in love with him man

No. 258358

Just came here to say I love him and he’s a king.

No. 258362

File: 1650733717625.jpeg (11.75 KB, 204x247, 8F3D3961-3949-487A-ADA1-B5B55D…)


No. 258368

File: 1650735891705.png (468.28 KB, 477x730, 1bophm9lt0o51.png)

I just want to say that I love this thread. He's hot AND nice.
Agreed, I just want to get to the good stuff

No. 258369

File: 1650735989796.jpg (35.17 KB, 357x495, 1weuoghnrinfgb.jpg)

No. 258371

He looks great in this pic, do i have to watch this movie now? How bad is it?

No. 258374

File: 1650736601141.jpg (152.68 KB, 1125x1689, as8566udcfl71.jpg)

I like that there's a separate thread, so it's not just for thirst posting. He's like 90's nostalgia personified and the memes about him are great and wholesome.

No. 258375

Damn is there a pic of him dressed like that?

No. 258376

File: 1650737202359.jpg (54.85 KB, 612x747, 8q34vu5n0v34985.jpg)

Here is an artist's rendition from reddit, that's all I could find and I'm not interested in finding more kek, just want to help a thirsty nonna out

No. 258382

File: 1650737962475.png (628.76 KB, 704x411, 1apijossa.PNG)

i haven't watched it either, but it doesn't look all that great tbh. maybe like wayne's world.
i like finding pictures of him in this role though, i like the rocker look. hot.

No. 258385

Good lord imagine how epic it would be if he appeared like that in the movie.
Guess I'll just rewatch the Mummy for the ???th time.

No. 258401

Containment threads don't have to just be for posts about topics people want kept out of other threads, they can be for containing posts about a general topic that anon want to post but don't want to scatter around a bunch of threads.

No. 258487

What are some of his best movies? Or should I just watch all of them?

No. 258513


No. 258559

I love how Brendan Fraser stans are a million horny women and also moistcritikal.

No. 258568

and a weird butch lesbian! >>258275 (me, though maybe I count as a horny woman for Rachel Weisz)

No. 259071

File: 1650969766824.jpeg (18.34 KB, 225x225, 95455BEA-80AA-4F75-8B04-8FC2EA…)

No. 259072

File: 1650969822204.jpeg (79.59 KB, 720x944, 832F36F5-2040-4EFE-933B-31D829…)

I watched the scout and it was pretty meh I only saw it halfway. But I found it cute when he was singing “I love New York”

No. 259073

File: 1650970065730.jpeg (14.99 KB, 188x268, 7318EFCD-D03C-4AE7-8771-85DE0C…)


No. 259074

Pure himbo energy

No. 259077

File: 1650970682955.jpeg (71.01 KB, 1200x699, 45A1A302-ABEB-4694-A6E9-414558…)

He just makes me so happy. I never appreciated him as a kid, in fact I thought he looked kinda funny for some reason (I mightve been a crack baby) and during my teenage years it was worse I don’t think I even had crushes I just “liked” whoever paid attention to me. Ffw to a year ago, when I put George of the Jungle on for my siblings. I see a beautiful pure man that is familiar to my childhood, i also think being a Jojo fan made me appreciate beautiful sexy buff men. I pray everyday that I get with a nice hot dude like him. Very unrealistic, they literally don’t make em like this anymore

No. 259078

Have any nonnas met someone like him? I had a younger white dude coworker who gave off the same big puppy energy he does, he was like 6’+ and we had to cram into a small office and he was like “i can barely fit in here” lol so cute he also had wavy red hair. I rarely see any cute dudes because I’m 22 and I live in my hometown where everyone became a bloated alcoholic and ballooned up within less than a few years after high school

No. 259080

File: 1650971111863.jpeg (141.82 KB, 859x1390, 6BC870A3-3892-4C20-8C52-3A23A8…)

I wish I could fuck him sooo badly. Should I get a fuck machine and stare at him in Gods and Monsters

No. 259081

File: 1650971163408.jpeg (18.21 KB, 145x348, CB32792E-0C49-4307-8B3C-4D7A35…)

Literally a Greek statue

No. 259082

In the most respectful way possible, I like how his muscles are shaped. I never liked the big gymbro tiddies everyone keeps hyping over, he's really… compact and lean and not grotesquely popping all over with muscles.
Can you believe moids tell each other this body type isn't strong enough or looks like an underaged teenage boy?

No. 259098

Sage for astro sperg but Brendan is a taurus rising and I love men with this placement, they always come off really warm and funny. My bf is a taurus rising too and I even joked to him that he reminded me of brendan when when we first met (before I even knew his bday)
Yes, my own bf lmfao. Nonnies they are out there believe me

No. 259114

Please green text as much as you can about how your bf is similar to Brendan I will feed off of your joy, nonner

No. 259152

same, I live in a small hometown where guys are either beergut gross oilfield workers or scrawny incels that are useless.
I just want to have a muscular man. Nothing crazy. I’d say I have a good bod too, I just want someone to match that. But guys are lazy shits.
Brendan’s physique is perfect.

No. 259240

Im only doing this to give you hope that there are men like this out there lol
>Is about 2m tall (I believe 6ft if american)
>Wide shoulders and strong body features
>Soft face with a huge smile and warm green eyes
>We dressed up in pots and pans in a kitchen store when we first met
>Works in IT so is incredibly nerdy and tried to impress me on our first date by hacking into IKEA and changing their music
>Always smiling
>Wanted me to meet his mum and dad a week into dating
>Super friendly but has a shyness to him with others
>Sings songs loudly around the house
>Wears funny items from around the house on him and begins mimicking pop culture
>Has what I call 'zoomies' where he just runs in and out of rooms because he knows I find it funny
>Mongolian throat sings in the shower every morning (again to make me laugh)
>Cuddles me multiple times a day and asks for 'cuddle sessions' in bed (cringe I know)
>Has a dorky laugh
>When we go drinking/clubbing with friends and thots try to talk to him he always preaches to them to be wholesome women and gives positive reinforcement
>Helps me stop having mood swings by generally just being hilarious and fun, hates seeing me sad
>Always being chivalrous
>My toxic girlfriends always come to him for boyfriend advice
>Loves shitposting with me 24/7 and even in public
>Is an optimist about everything
>Had a harsh upbringing yet is still incredibly family orientated and loving
>Believes in true love
>Loves the colour orange so exclusively wears orange all the time
>Because of his size he is super clumsy
>Uses things like 'silly straws' when he drinks at home
>Writes obscure poems and enjoys art and film as well as being a science nerd
>Puts on voices and faces every day

Not sure what else to write really I could go on all day but thats just the general gist off the top of my head.

No. 259254

Anon that sounds like heaven on earth . You’re so lucky I am manifesting all of what you said

No. 259287

>Works in IT so is incredibly nerdy and tried to impress me on our first date by hacking into IKEA and changing their music
Wtf this is so cute and impressive. This is the kind of fun shit IT bros should do instead of becoming gross incels that only use their skills to dox women

No. 259416

File: 1651089215337.jpeg (20.64 KB, 236x419, 81DFB611-F079-4D47-93E8-71F30A…)


No. 259453

File: 1651095446083.png (211.5 KB, 464x304, georgie.png)

No. 259512

File: 1651109505468.jpg (54.42 KB, 916x458, e8a40a2694f05fa4ec3bedb715c49d…)

Wow. You took the words right out of my mouth! I was going to ask if anyone here idolised Brendan growing up. He was very cool as Rick in The Mummy. Basically my ideal self; tall, strong, Rachel Weisz as a gf he's making me feel dysphoric. I'm pretty femme irl, but I'm considering going full >>258368.

No. 259545

He’s hot too but not a himbo

No. 259586

File: 1651130894291.jpg (110.8 KB, 798x966, 89qwuerewervqercqer.jpg)

Also witty, polite and likes to learn. There are worse people or characters to idolize, really. it was probably caused by the fact that there were no lesbian role models for me growing up, I didn't even know what lesbianism really was, so I internalized these things as to what attracts women. I was really happy when Rachel Weisz started taking on lesbian roles kek I kinda want to go as Rick and have someone else go as Evelyn one day for Halloween, admittedly I have some normal day-to-day outfits which already look a lot like it.

No. 259591

the amount of times I quote this fucken scene a year is astronomical lmao based and brendanpilled nona

No. 259602

Anon you're adorable

No. 259617

Exactly. For me, I was a tomboy with mostly male-dominated hobbies, I couldn't picture myself as a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by a man. And like you said, with no lesbian role models, it's hard to imagine a woman as the same archetype as Rick. If someone didn't particularly look like Evelyn, but wanted to hang out on Halloween, would you say yes? Asking for a friend.

No. 259750

File: 1651211508959.png (456.78 KB, 749x513, 15823360_1266988976657151_6156…)

>I was a tomboy with mostly male-dominated hobbies, I couldn't picture myself as a damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by a man.
Yeah same, I never grew out of that though kek
>wanted to hang out on Halloween, would you say yes?
Yes yes of course! Would be a lot of fun!

No. 260475

File: 1651424809171.jpeg (61.16 KB, 715x1024, 7C23950B-F16B-4F04-9545-9C8332…)

Hey anons I just saw something that said that all the things you hate is a projection of yourself but that also applies to all the things you love about yourself, now Brendan Fraser is my idoru. I have a shrine of him, I’ve drawn him many times. He is my muse. I think some things I see in him (that I also see in myself) is how wide eyed and innocent he is. I always cringe whenever I see girls post “men who I would trust my drink with” and it’s a bunch of Hollywood scrotes who are probably not great people . There is something about him that is so disarming, like a giant baby. I just want to hold this giant big man and protect him from this vile vile world

No. 260487

File: 1651425842730.jpeg (298.65 KB, 635x870, 48D003E7-60B7-4231-A498-41824E…)

No. 260548

I don't know how to explain this, but I'm trying fancy Brendan Fraser. Obsessed with his body but his eyes ruin his face

No. 260570

File: 1651446395936.jpeg (171.45 KB, 1028x1390, 6EF6E190-9FD6-4511-BCD5-75104C…)

I see what you mean he kinda looks “funny” but it makes him look better IMO. I can’t recall which thread it was but some anon a while ago said “unconventional men are more attractive than conventional men because their ‘flaws’ make them seem more attainable.”
Also Brendan Fraser always plays a himbo, I’ve never seen him as anything besides a handsome hunk that is aloof. I think he gets typecasted because he is like that. He is a really nice man as seen in interviews. I know this is the bare minimum but unlike other former cuties (Johnny Depp, Leonardo Diccaprio) he doesn’t date 21 year old models every 5 years or so. He seems to care for and love his family a lot. He doesn’t have social media.

No. 260610

Ayrt. I totally get it, and what's bizarre is that if you described Brendan Fraser on paper he sounds exactly like my perfect guy but when I look at his eyes something is off. Everything else about his face is fine like every other detail about his face is perfect for my tastes

No. 260729

File: 1651514674513.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.94 KB, 540x720, 16133672429010.jpg)

Just wanted to post this meme

No. 260841

>He doesn’t have social media.
Smartest man alive just for this alone.

No. 260843

Yes, an online friend, himbo energy even though we never met IRL (but I found a pic of him). And then one day, he just disappeared

No. 260877

File: 1651556023353.jpeg (384.52 KB, 1218x1600, 13DB3969-95D2-4577-8DEE-D4BB57…)

This bear has his eyes

No. 261274

Has anyone seen him in Gimme Shelter? I love the paternal energy he has in that movie

No. 261393

Maybe we should suggest watching the Mummy to moovienight nonas. It has someone to simp for every sexuality and the movie recently turned 21.

No. 261570

Can any anons that are good with editing do a CapCut edit of him to phonkytown in Gods and Monsters

No. 261580

no, it has far cuter eyes. no offense to fraserfags. is this bear serious being this cute though? how can something be so beautiful? i love him/her so much i can't stand it. RIP momma bear

No. 261921

File: 1651918748932.jpeg (24.3 KB, 310x163, 528C4B19-1120-47D4-BF6B-E3302A…)

Lesbian so not attracted but George of the Jungle was my first himbo. I absolutely adore this man.

Look at him. Nothing between those ears but love and dust bunnies.

No. 261925

How many of us are there even kek?

No. 261957

He’s so sweet I’d suck him off and he’d moan like “Golly!”

No. 262695

File: 1652138095693.jpeg (297.11 KB, 2358x1640, 0E772EA9-E1C0-4BDC-A71B-8E65F0…)

let’s start a meme chain

No. 262740

File: 1652164069469.png (475.88 KB, 650x670, 16113990_1278799588809423_2475…)

No. 262743

File: 1652164300001.jpg (24.21 KB, 403x534, 125186378_858819801539208_8257…)

No. 262744

File: 1652164600855.jpeg (131.95 KB, 800x985, a41 (1).jpeg)

No. 262746

File: 1652164812747.jpg (35.63 KB, 557x594, 78bc2ab11c8eb6c5736c84ed46e39a…)

No. 262747

File: 1652164908971.jpg (82.19 KB, 563x746, c4f43dab4f2a8ee81decfcbd4f7c57…)

No. 262748

File: 1652165101222.jpg (30.16 KB, 563x421, 450adf0294ed51f5bbe959ae7e8e42…)

No. 263957

File: 1652563108933.jpeg (127.4 KB, 1280x1844, F1020A46-92FA-41FA-9407-CB0D1B…)

No. 264032

god I miss the 90s

No. 264051

Harry Styles and Co. wish they could be this comfortable in their masculinity.

No. 264062

Peak female gaze

No. 264067

Hoooooooo boy

No. 264105

god i love this perfect himbo

No. 265328

File: 1653083516228.jpeg (155.72 KB, 312x555, CB0DAB3F-8AEF-47E6-A8A2-99C225…)


No. 267803

File: 1654226955491.gif (5.07 MB, 480x480, 4A977D60-3098-458F-B3DD-2C72B5…)

My baby! My sweet sweet man. You deserve the world. You give me all the instinct to protect you because you are just a cute man. I love his eyes they are so wide and innocent. I just want to kiss his forehead and lean on his big shoulders. I want him to look me in the eyes and tell me everything will be ok.

No. 267806

File: 1654227621980.gif (10.41 MB, 480x480, 3198D53A-02E5-4CBA-BF4D-7F0872…)

I love the contrast between his sweet face and that big sexy body. True golden retriever energy.

No. 267809

File: 1654228167746.gif (12.78 MB, 480x480, 4683381E-3B3F-486E-A7BF-334E20…)

@wheeze.the.juice posts some good edits of my husband and Blast From the Past is one of my biggest comfort movies. I cried during my first watch because I was on my period and I was like “I don’t think I’ll ever find a man like this.” Still holding on to a crumb of hope. I love him so much it hurts.

No. 267811

This is my mother's favorite movie of Brendan Fraser. She use to play it all the time. I almost could recite some scenes of the movie by heart. Kek. I like to watch it for nostalgia. It's a cute movie.

No. 268027

File: 1654335521166.jpg (144.3 KB, 1242x1549, zd35yttdfj391.jpg)

the average poster of this thread

No. 268057

They even framed it. That's nice.

No. 389038


No. 389042

File: 1712195505836.jpg (680.14 KB, 868x488, 09gkdxdzek401.jpg)

Is not uncommon that people do these kind of requests to hotels, but this man has a good taste and culture.

No. 389043

File: 1712195621227.png (361.23 KB, 598x682, 09gkdxdzek4012.png)

No. 389046

File: 1712196487310.png (314.34 KB, 598x682, 09gkdxdzek4013.png)

No. 389174

File: 1712267813318.png (597.66 KB, 2650x655, classic.PNG)

throw back thursday

No. 389228

File: 1712290802446.png (381.08 KB, 414x517, IMG_5352.png)

A few months ago I had a dream that I was in a European villa with Brendan during covid (but he was younger). I was making tea and comforting him. It was warm, and the breeze came through the open windows. I could hear children playing below.
I ended up on the couch with him, and as dreams cut unexpectedly, I was sitting on his lap. He was saying such sweet things and I brushed the hair out of his face. He kissed me so passionately that when I woke from the dream I felt dizzy and my cheeks were warm. It was so intimate. I keep thinking about it months later… the way he held me and kissed my forehead… wowowowow

No. 389232

did it feel as realistic as real life?

No. 389280

Yes, and I was dazed for a few days. I wonder if it was some astral projection/lucid dreaming, how lucky would that be!

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