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File: 1650920450670.png (1.12 MB, 909x895, dental.PNG)

No. 258919

I didn't see one of these. For anything involving oral and dental care or cosmetic dentistry.

No. 258940

i always despise eating after dental work so I usually starve until i heal. even gumming jello and mashed potatoes hurts on my stitches, and flushing the wound of food sucks. recently i figured out that using an extra syringe the dentist gave for flushing dental stitches works great for injecting broth and milk into the back of my mouth without irritating any stitches.

No. 258941

Eating with a numb mouth sucks, but I still go to eat after a dental appointment every time.

No. 258947

I got my wisdom teeth out about a year ago but my upper right gum area still hurts often. Especially on days when I get less than 8 hours of sleep the pain in that area becomes very sharp and distracting. I saw some people online saying they had tooth/bone fragments in their gums after wisdom tooth removal and I believe that's what I have up there too.

No. 258956

I have the shittiest luck regarding dental shit, my gums are way too sensitive i genuinely want to kill myself every time i get a cavity or something, i HATE syringes and they hurt LIKE HELL (for me), I've been brutally abused by almost every dentist in the past: unnecessary and painful procedures, using anesthesia just because, etc, I'm traumatized. Now my last dental work got damaged and some cavities are exposed again and they are getting worse, but i can't make an appointment, jfc just kill me

No. 258957

You are meant to brush your gums everyday. If they bleed you keep brushing them until you aren't spitting blood. Then you continue brushing them the next day. Your gums should be pink. This goes for everyone itt! Brush your gums.

No. 258963

I'm sorry you've had so many bad experiences with dentists anon. I also hate getting shots, but I had one dentist who managed to make me barely feel it and I wish it was like that all the time. I know it's not the dentist's fault that needles hurt, so I try to just suck it up and let them get it over with as quickly as possible. I've thought about making something to squeeze for that part of the procedure.

No. 258970

i just got braces fitted today and it aches so bad. brushing with them is so finnicky and makes my mouth hurt, does anyone have any tips/experiences? my ortho said not to bother flossing since it's too difficult, just to use those interdermal brush thingies

No. 258975

I had braces for my entire childhood. It definitely aches the worst right after you get them on for the first time. Take Advil and eat soft foods and it will go away soon. Brushing with braces is like brushing two sets of teeth since now you have like 7 dimensions of surfaces to clean instead of the usual 4. Dental wax was a huge lifesaver because there was always some part of the braces poking the inside of my mouth.

>interdermal brush thingies

What the heck, I never heard of these. Mine just gave me those plastic needles to thread the floss with lol.

No. 258980

Tons of dentists are straight up sadists. Opening someone up, making them vulnerable, sticking shit in their gums/putting a drill on teeth, it's literally a torturers dream. My childhood one drilled a shitton unnecessarily and I'm forced to keep getting fillings bc they fall out after a while. We wouldn't even need most dentists if our food supply wasn't tainted. Literal con men. They'll burn in hell.

No. 258981

They can regrow teeth nowadays but ofc that's only for the rich. Back in the industrial era when lots of ppl started getting dental issues, it was normal for ppl to fork over the money to extract everything and get dentures/implants. But ofc nowadays they made extractions and dentures/implants super expensive.

No. 258982

I'm sorry for your experience anon. Can I ask why you're getting braces in adult life? Did you ever have anything pointed out that you may have needed them before? My bottom teeth are crooked as fuck and my jaw is tilted and I wanted to get braces to see if it would fix anything, but no dentist brought anything up in the past so I feel like I'm overreacting

No. 258985

File: 1650934425518.jpg (17.78 KB, 500x369, tumblr_07b6b63f37b40edd26d8032…)

Anyone else had braces and loved the taste of the glue? It was like concentrated sour. They always warned me to keep my tongue out of the way because of the taste, but I loved it.

No. 258986

i'm in the uk so it might be different, but as a teenager my dentist referred me to an orthodontist as i had pretty bad overcrowding and crookedness because of it, but the orthodontist said it wasn't severe enough to be covered by the NHS, so i'd have to go private. i wasn't the wealthiest growing up and since it wasn't causing any physical problems, just cosmetic, i never bothered. now i'm an adult and can fund myself, i've opted to have it done privately for both cosmetic reasons and to see if it'll help my recently developed TMJD (jaw disorder). you should probably just go for a consultation! if you have crooked teeth i would say that's definitely grounds for some work in general, maybe not full fixed braces but it depends on severity etc

No. 258990

I'd like to hear if it does end up helping with your TMJD because I have it as well, along with bruxism from this autistic chewing habit I have kek. I messaged an orthodontist today but have yet to hear back. Sadly my insurance doesn't cover adult braces and money is a bit tight but I at least want to see if they may be the right choice down the road when I'm able to afford it

No. 258998

File: 1650940057770.png (763.39 KB, 497x1175, 28293737328.png)

My teeth are kinda yellow because of tea and coffee staining, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I have charcoal toothpaste but I dunno if it makes a huge difference. I remember reading that natural human teeth will be a little yellowed in color, not this bright intense white. I think we've been memed in believing super bleached teeth are healthy and attractive by dental companies to sell more products and make you feel insecure about natural human things.

No. 259000

Charcoal toothpaste is bad for your enamel btw, it’s quite abrasive which is why it’s touted as being whitening. Plus being a ~natural products~ fad

No. 259003

I don't care if it’s a trend or stupid, I want my teeth to be as white as my eyes. What’s the best way to go about doing that? My dentist only offers making you a mold that you then fill with gel you buy at the store. I’ve tried whitening strips, but they don’t seem to do much.

No. 259005

Are you brushing the back of your teeth? How about your gums?

No. 259007

Yes. I think my enamel is as white as it will naturally go. My dentist said natural enamel color ranges quite a bit and OTC products typically can only remove stains and not take you past your natural shade.

No. 259008

Have you been drinking coffee everyday?

No. 259009

No I don’t drink coffee or tea with tannins.

No. 259011

File: 1650943274256.jpg (49.98 KB, 1200x627, jaws-teeth-with-mouth-and-tong…)

I was born with over a dozen extra teeth and it fucking sucks. I could have had them removed when I was a kid, but my mom didn't want to deal with it for some reason. Now it's gonna cost me $3000 to get the extra teeth from lower jaw removed because my current insurance apparently doesn't cover "birth defects" and that's not even covering the top row extras. I also have to pay $800 for a crown for my dead front tooth and another $300 for a deep cleaning. I ugly cried in my car at the dentist's parking lot for like an hour after my consultation in December. I just got a new job so hopefully I can fix everything soon.

No. 259025

Just need to vent about my first world problem, I've been wearing the same Invisalign tray for a month now because I couldn't schedule an appointment earlier and it makes me feel so gross.

No. 259027

Wow anon I'm sorry you're struggling with this. I had a lot of crazy teeth too poking out every which way so I know how awful abnormal dentition feels. But I got them mostly fixed and now just need to stabilize my TMJ issues. Hope your new job can take care of this so you can love your smile. You should try to start small with the deep clean and work your way up to the higher ticket items. Maybe you could use a credit card to help pay for the removal once you've figured out if your new job is going to be stable and long term.

No. 259061

how can I have constant good breath? I use a water flosser, an electric tooth brush and a tongue scraper after every meal. But I still feel that is not enough throughout the day. Should I start chewing on mint gum constantly? I don't wanna have acid re-flux.

No. 259064

File: 1650964118619.jpeg (34.99 KB, 350x452, E4E07737-6BDA-46D4-8418-0A6B32…)

is a yaeba procedure still possible anywhere? i cannot find anything about it. if not, can you ask a regular dentist to enlongate your canines slightly?
me too anon. the first dentist i ever went to traumatized me for life.
i got one of my molars so diseased it turned every color of the rainbow and after protesting my mother made me go to the dentist, so already i am afraid as it was my first time going as well as because it was not my choice to go in the first place. this lady jabs this huge numbing syringe into everywhere in my gums with no warning & after a few minutes or seconds she starts to pull on said molar with her plier tool. immediately she gets a hard time because it is stubborn so she gets so frustrated she literally puts her FOOT on the chair in which i was laying down & starts pulling on my tooth with all her might. WTF? so obviously i was terrified so i screamed and cried but she didnt even care just kept on acting like a sadist, whole time this was happening the numbing wasnt even working so i felt everything. i was only about 8 years old. it honestly sounds ridiculous and made up as i type but it was definitely real since my mother also remembers. anyway thanks to that witch i eventually had to get 7 years of braces.

No. 259065

I have the same thing and I hate chewing gum too because it makes me hungry. What I found helps is just consuming less sugar and pasta in general as I found that these often leave a taste in my mouth that later turns to bad breath

No. 259130

I got braces about a month ago. The first couple of days really sucked, but I don't really notice them anymore. I used the wax they gave sometimes but now they don't shred my cheeks anymore. Definitely use interdental brushes and maybe buy a waterpik. And painkillers for the first few days. I know you can't imagine not being aware of them all the time, but it will improve really fast. I ate a lot of ice cream and still eat a lot of soups, but even chewing gets a lot better, don't worry.

No. 259134

Brush your gums.

No. 259137

Not sure what country you're in but I would assume it only existed in Japan or East Asia in general? I feel as though you'd be hard pressed to find someone in, say, the US doing that kind of cosmetic dentistry cuz they'd say it's unhealthy and most only care about straightening or making blindingly white teeth

No. 259149

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide. This elevated my breath game 10000%.

No. 259158

I don't know where to get it done but I know some people have gotten vampire teeth as a body mod and said they got it done by a dentist. You could look for a dentist who does that and they'd probably be willing and able to do what you want.

No. 259185

Just a random thought, but it's crazy how well fillings can blend in with the rest of your teeth once they have worn down. My root canal filling feels no different from the rest of my teeth.

No. 259198

i. know. right!! i got my first filling a few months ago and i was terrified it'd feel super different and i wouldn't be able to chew on that side or it'd look weird, but i literally cannot tell where the filling was, nothing to add, but i agree, it's insane to me

No. 259199

Has anyone had any experience with having multiple/more than the normal amount of roots in their teeth? I'm not sure whether I should bring it up to my dentist as my mother had 4 rather than 2 roots in her back teeth, which they only found out during surgery, it didn't show in xrays or anything. I'm not sure if it'd be genetic or anything, and I doubt there's any way for them to check?

No. 259207

i have nothing to add but damn, that's crazy. 4 roots!

No. 259210

File: 1651017739157.jpeg (76.85 KB, 1024x809, B3FE8362-11E9-4975-B487-D0ADFA…)

I thought that wasn’t uncommon?

No. 259215

im 24 but my wisdom teeth hasnt come out is that normal? i have 28 teeth still and my brother who's 3 years younger than me got his at 19, my mom told me she got hers at 30 but i find that hard to believe is there anyone who got theirs after 25? ive heard its extremely rare to get them after your mid 20s

No. 259226

I'm 33, my two top ones came in not that long ago and my bottom ones are just about piercing the gum lately. No idea what took them so long. It's meant to rare over 30 but not totally unheard of.

No. 259258

I’m 26 and they told me mine will never come out.

No. 259434

Got my first cavity at the age of 26, felt super depressed over it. I religiously took care of my teeth, I don't understand how could it happen, I'm not some soda drinking or candy eating kid, like wtf?

No. 259448

Enamel strength can be genetic so could be totally unrelated to how you look after your teeth.
Other stuff, keep your mouth hydrated, gum and chlorhexidine mouthwash can also help reduce the amount of bacteria on your teeth.

No. 259449

Some people don't have them, some peoples never erupt, it's no big deal

No. 259450

I can't believe my genes betrayed me once again. I didn't know about keeping mouth hydrated. For some reason remembered how I was told chewing a gum was bad for the teeth so I avoided it. Thank you for all the tips you gave!

No. 259457

Just make sure it's sugar free gum, you can also suck on hard boiled sugar free sweets to help stimulate saliva production.

No. 260758

I feel so disgusting. I lost my dental insurance a few years ago and haven't gone back since. I brush and use mouthwash but I guess I haven't been doing a very good job cuz I just noticed some built up tartar on the inside of my bottom teeth. I'm trying to get some metal scraper and go to town but god I feel so disgusting and stupid. They're crowded and crooked too so flossing is difficult

No. 260774

Isn’t a small amount of tartar buildup somewhat unavoidable? I like to think I brush and floss pretty well, my dentist always says I do a good job, but I still get some buildup by the time my cleaning is due. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, I think most places offer fairly inexpensive cleanings, the prices only get outrageous if you have something wrong.

No. 260776

how often are you supposed to get a cleaning done

No. 260778

It looks quite caked on there and didn't budge when I tried with a toothpick.
But you're right, I seem to recall university dental programs do them cheaply too so I might do that.
It's usually once or twice a year recommended, every 6 months

No. 266471

I recently switched to a soft bristle toothbrush and wish I would have done so years ago

No. 266475

My dentists forbids me to use anything but those because I have sensitive gums

No. 266479

How do I know I'm flossing well? I know the long term answer is to see how the buildup is going and how mt gums are looking, but I'm wondering if I can tell now that I'm doing it okay or not?

No. 266492

Get a WaterPik if at all possible. Your gums will feel so much less inflamed.

No. 266495

File: 1653660900904.jpg (148.97 KB, 720x960, 178063272_1607025456173196_799…)

Not sure why hard-bristled toothbrushes are even a thing.
When I floss really well, I don't smell anything in my mouth.

So I have a cavity– my first one in a decade– and it's pretty intense due to there being a hole. Unfortunately, my filling appointment is mid-June. It only hurts when I chew or poke at it, and I've been keeping it pretty clean so hopefully I can hold out until then.

It's a sign for me to stop eating so much sweet stuff..

No. 266501

My incisors are slightly twisted and it's never bothered me until now because flossing them is a pain in the ass. I always accidentally cut my gum trying to get the floss between them. Adult braces are so fucking expensive (I'm a burgerfag for reference) so I don't even know if they're worth it because my other teeth are perfect.

No. 266507

This is gross and TMI I'm sorry but I wanna see of any other anons relate.
Back when I was super depressed NEET 18-23 I did not brush properly all the time. When I'd get my teeth cleaned growing up and during this time it was fine but then I noticed at some point it began to smell really rotten and poop-like every time I flossed.

After that I kept up with oral hygiene but the rotten smell when flossing out plaque never went away and still persists now. Even with using mouthwash. I was always super self conscious of kissing in case they like, tasted the rotten smell but I never got any comments. I also have a history of bulimia and GERDS so idk if that contributes in any way? Or maybe because of hormone changes? They say that bad smells can be underlying health issues but I don't think anything was up with me at the time to point to that. Idk if having poor dental hygiene for too long would do anything irreversible if I was cleared for any cavities and didn't have gum disease or anything nasty, but maybe so.
I had another friend this happened to as well when I bitched to her, so I guess it's not unheard of.

No. 266514

I just got an appointment to talk about that! Most of my teeth are perfect except for 2 lower incisors that are like -/–\- and it makes flossing on both sides of them really hard and painful.
I'm considering getting something like invisalign and making it clear that I'm not looking for aesthetics but quality of life.

No. 266534

So you are cleared for not having periodontal disease? It could be your tonsils (if you have stones in there), and yes, gerd can contribute.

No. 266540

I'm pretty sure, at least none of my dentists pointed it out at all during exams. I do have tonsil stones on and off but would they contribute to the poop smell of my plaque? And yeah, figured it might be the case

No. 266793

Had a piece of tooth fall out, went to the dentist thinking it might not be anything hugely seriously. Turns out one of my fillings has fractured and the dentist wants $280 for the pleasure of fixing it. Let's hope my insurance covers it, rip

No. 268118

I think I fucked up my enamel trying to do DIY teeth whitening as a kid. I don't remember what it was, probably baking soda and peroxide, I just know that I left it on way too long. If you look closely you can see…gaps? Spaces? On my teeth. Roundish places that I can only assume is less enamel? Anyways. Is there anything I can do about this or did I permanently fuck up my teeth being a stupid unsupervised kid?

No. 268121

To add: I now have some teeth sensitivity that I don't think I had being doing this. And a few months ago I ran my tongue over my teeth and realized that one of my front top teeth had chipped. I don't remember biting anything hard enough to do it, and my front teeth overlap my bottom teeth so it wasn't from teeth grinding. Not sure if either of these are related but eh. I also have slightly yellow teeth, probably a combination of not being taught to brush for a long time, soda/coffee drinking, and daily smoking for a few years. I bring this up because I'm not sure if professional teeth whitening would even be an option considering my teeth are most likely already damaged from my DIY attempt. I'm pretty insecure about it.

No. 268414

Saging for absolute level III retardation but I have one of the horrid puppets as seen in the OP thread pic. There's a squirt bottle you hold in the in-puppet-ass hand and you can squeeze it so it spits on the audience.

No. 269144

I'm very frustrated right now. I've had two phases of braces and had a lot of work done of my teeth growing up cause of how crooked they wore. I was finally done with everything at 17 and had worn retainers since then (like 7 years ago). They stopped working and I apparently didn't notice until recently. Now my bottom teeth are kind of crooked and my top is crowding a bit so now I have to shell out $2700 dollars to fix it aand wear aligners for the next 6 months.

The retainers I had were wired and acrylic and said to be replaced between 5-10 years, they look totally fine tho and I took very good care of them. Now they're saying when I'm all done the retainers they're giving me are going to be in the clear plastic ones like what the aligners look like but I read they need to be replaced every 3 years? Which feels like a short time span for retainers. Obviously I will to avoid my teeth regressing but dam shit is expensive.

No. 272801

please there's gotta be at least one dentist here…surely

No. 272802

thank you for posting this because the imagery is cracking me up

No. 272804

Is it really better to brush teeth with soft bristles?
I just got one and it's so soft I barely feel it brushing.

No. 272805

File: 1656624521162.png (30.24 KB, 1164x900, 1632604686666.png)

this is lolcow, so you might get a dental assistant at best, anon. sorry.

No. 273318

I have a canker sore right by my unerupted wisdom tooth and it hurts like a bitch. I keep on applying benzocaine gel to it but it keeps on wearing off within half an hour. Should I try to seek medical assistance? The pain is unbearable without any numbing but I can't apply anymore gel without getting scared of methemoglobinemia kek

No. 273389

Yup. My dad wore his gums away from using a really hard toothbrush when he was a kid. Had to get corrective surgery for it.

No. 288833

Does anyone have experience with facings?

No. 290692

Yes! Soft bristle brushes are the way to go. Often times, we brush harder than we need to because we like the “clean” feeling it provides, I catch myself going too hard all the time. But a light exfoliation of the teeth twice daily is enough!

Keep the area clean nona! Maybe some salt water rinses to placate the canker, if you’re a chronic canker sore sufferer, a dentist could prescribe medicated “magic” mouthwash. The proximity of the sore to the wisdom tooth is worrisome though. If you’ve got the insurance for it or the extra cash, make a “limited exam” with your dentist. They can evaluate the area without the super high treatment costs.

I have plenty of experience gluing them back on when they inevitably fall off! I’m a little bias, but I really dislike facings/veneers. As a dental-fag, I think a comparable result can be accomplished with aesthetic composite work!

I’m so excited to find this thread! I’ll help as many people as I can!! Luv u nonas

No. 290700

Even professional whitening will cause a little sensitivity afterward, but it should be temporary. I know you did so as a child, but there’s really no good “DIY” whitening method, but what you used shouldn’t be permanently damaging. It’s difficult to say what the holes in your teeth are without a picture. As a starting point, I would invest in a nice sensitivity tooth paste like Sensodyne pronamel. I would also pick up ACT fluoride mouthwash, this will also help with sensitivity and protect that enamel!! I also recommend limiting your coffee/soda consumption. Easier said than done, but the acid in those beverages are exacerbating everything. Please don’t feel so self conscious about it. Teeth are never naturally white, and never naturally perfect.

As for the chip you noticed, if it’s straight across and lacking a jagged edge it could still be attrition. If you have the means, I implore you to see a dentist for a general cleaning/exam. If you have any anxiety about showing the dentists your teeth, please know they LIVE for cases like yours. There’s really nothing you can show us that would scare us away!! I hope this helps a little!

No. 383752

File: 1709889943979.jpeg (362.21 KB, 2048x2048, 77F5DA6E-5133-4456-8B32-E611D0…)

Ok nonnies give it to me straight, do any of these really work? What’s your experience with do it yourself kits? Any recommendations?

No. 383766

my teeth are naturally yellow-ish and i drink lots of tea and coffee. i used crest whitening strips a few times before for events i knew i'd be photographed at (weddings, parties, etc). they worked well and made my teeth whiter, looked natural. also made my teeth tingle. the tingle didn't really hurt but i probably wouldn't use them frequently because i don't know what kind of cancer chemicals they put in them

No. 384397

Mouthwash with Clorhexidine works for reducing bacteria in your mouth, dentists say

No. 384427

NTA but they didn’t work for me at all. I don’t drink tea or coffee, I think my enamel is just this color. It looks so gross, are veneers my only option?

No. 384435

NTA, but I've used sumigaki charcoal toothpaste before. I've had family I haven't seen in months and they noted my teeth were very white. The thing with the charcoal toothpaste, it made my teeth feel weirdly soft and gritty over time so I ultimately stopped using it. I would advise maybe brushing with charcoal toothpaste every 2-3 days. You could probably start a full week of charcoal toothpaste, then reduce it to every other day or so. I might go back on charcoal toothpaste thinking of the idea of switching off and on.

No. 384440

That really does damage your enamel, anon, please don’t use it anymore. Not to archeologyfag all over you but the reason everyone had thin, ground down, brittle teeth by age 30 in prehistoric times was due to the natural grit in their food wearing their teeth down till they died toothless at age 45. Obviously brushing with charcoal grit every now and then probably wont cause that extreme outcome, but the mechanism is the same (even accelerated since you’re brushing it in) and it’s not worth the damage.
Plus, if your enamel is just naturally yellow, it wont help because there’s no white layer to scrub to.

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