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No. 262417

does it work? what are your experiences?

for those who shifted, which method did you use?

also why are you shifting and where if you feel comfortable sharing?

been trying to shift since december 2020 no success yet tho i‘ve gotten lazy at times, past few months i‘ve been trying a lot though and had some symptoms

No. 262418

mfer it’s just called maladaptive daydreaming. We’ve been over this

No. 262419

I have a friend that said he tried to get into shifting (before anyone asks, he's a gay twittard so of course) and he started to experience psychosis-like symptoms so he stopped and the symptoms stopped. I don't know, it sounds scary to me.

No. 262421

not only are you asking here about zoomer make-believe, you are also namefagging. it's time to close the tab, girl

No. 262422

can i fuck a hot demon using this?

No. 262424

If anons here make fun of shifting, why is the manifestation thread still up and has over 200 answers?

No. 262425

If you believe in shifting you believe that you are crossing over to other universes and actually interacting with the cast of Harry Potter or whatever. If you believe in manifesting you believe that you can make good things happen to yourself if you think and believe hard enough. It's different.

No. 262426

because this is a new thread and that has unfortunately been around too long to start being an asshole willy nilly.

No. 262428

Years ago I came across some subreddit regarding shifting and it had a specific "universe number" in it's sidebar that would help you tell if you had shifted universes. So for shits and giggles I tried the two cup method. Did not work of course.

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