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No. 264598

A thread to write about the things you're grateful for, no matter how small it is. Don't be shy to post daily!

"One of the early research studies on gratitude journals by Emmons & McCullough found that "counting one's blessings" in a journal led to improved psychological and physical functioning. Participants who recorded weekly journals, each consisting of five things they were grateful for, were more optimistic towards the upcoming week and life as a whole, spent more time exercising, and had fewer symptoms of physical illness. Participants who kept daily gratitude journals reported increased overall gratitude, positive affect, enthusiasm, determination, and alertness. They were also more likely to help others and make progress towards their personal goals, compared to those who did not keep gratitude journals."

We used to have a thread like this, but it died on /ot/ and I think it could find a better home here on /g/.
Please keep cynicism and sardonic comments to a minimum.

No. 264607

File: 1652812538278.jpg (20.4 KB, 207x275, 1652132682167.jpg)

I love this idea, I am quite a pessimistic person but I've been trying hard to be more positive and grateful about the things I have.
Despite being unhappy with my body, I really grateful for the fact that I am able to exercise, and can fit the time into my day to go to the gym.
Despite not getting paid well I am still grateful for the fact I can decide my work schedule and that I can work from home.
I am grateful that I can have food on the table, and that I have my own privacy with my boyfriend and a roof over our heads, as well as clean water and heating.
I'm grateful for my lovely cat who is spoiled, fed well and keeps me from going batshit crazy on days where it feels I just can't handle things.
I'm grateful for fate (or just coincidence or luck I'm not sure) for getting me out of an abusive family situation and landing me here, no matter how difficult or stressful it gets at times. Things could be a lot worse for me, they could be a lot better for sure, but they could be a lot worse and I have come quite far from the darkest points in my life.

No. 264613

File: 1652813001573.jpg (48.23 KB, 800x450, NJXXXGDF3GdjurxoeWzNYQ.jpg)

I'm so grateful for free, open source programs. These people are doing God's work.

No. 264667

File: 1652818951843.jpg (78.21 KB, 640x640, Jxlh2rhGoNCQGcyUo9Y3EsD7_RNjCc…)

I'm happy my body still fuvking works after everything I put her through. I am enjoying everyday I can without pain because I know one day it will not be like this. Even if I don't always like the way it looks its still functional and I will treat her right

No. 264669

I'm really grateful for the fact that I have food and a home. Even if I'm a NEET right now. I'm grateful for my parents' love and support. And I'm grateful for the opportunity I've been given to become an independent adult this year.

Me too!

No. 264686

I'm really enjoying my new office job and I feel like I'm actually doing valuable work, a feeling I never felt at all in my hospitality jobs. also at my last job everyone was really cliquey and I felt like the odd one out all the time, which isn't the case at my new job as everyone is so different in terms of age and background. I'm so grateful that I don't wake up in the morning filled with dread for the day ahead now. I'm also grateful that I live on my own now and that I have a holiday planned for next year. life is going pretty ok just now!

No. 264706

File: 1652829307017.jpg (52.43 KB, 564x752, c4958e31a21ebc667bd16cdf0f376c…)

Starting today, this week is gonna be the coldest in 30 years here in my city. I am so beyond grateful that I have a roof over my head, that I have clean winter clothes, thick duvets and warm food. I can't even express it enough. I am also glad that all my loved ones are also safe. I am so lucky in this life.

No. 264713

I am so blessed to see this cute cat

No. 265168

Everyday I'm very thankful for my parents.

No. 265211

me too anon… it makes me so sad and grateful all at once.

No. 265505

File: 1653180060031.jpg (51.04 KB, 650x714, 6077e8e922fa2311c016d4060d19cb…)

I'm so thankful for having this bed that I can just crash in after a long, tiring day

No. 265507

I'm grateful for my dinner.

No. 265509

File: 1653183660348.jpeg (28.97 KB, 563x559, 4FF807F1-AE1F-47BD-ADC3-FD543E…)

I’m grateful for a lot of anons on this site. I don’t have any girl friends I speak to regularly so coming here is refreshing. Plus you all are really helpful and nice whenever I vented here vs on other sites where they just make fun of me. I really appreciate that. It helps me a lot

No. 265511

I am so happy my son is healthy and smart, there have been so many times he’s been sick or something and when he was first born I was so scared for him in this world but he’s so funny and intelligent, and we made it this far! I love that kid so much, I like watching him play and reading to him and having him ask me questions or repeat things. I just think he’s so cute too. He is a toddler and I love his gangly little limbs and his round tummy.

No. 265528

I love talking to my sister. We had the best convo on the phone tonight. She's so much fun.

No. 265553

Me too, and I’m grateful for you anon! As well as the other anons who make me laugh here daily

No. 265820

File: 1653333670567.jpg (167.38 KB, 998x974, cst.jpg)

I'm grateful for the fact that I still haven't been kicked out of uni even though I am barely hanging on to my grades. I suck at attendance and participation and I feared that I'd fail this one class, but thankfully my professor told me today that my participation is enough and all I need to do is pass the exam. I'm taking this course for the third time because it's so hard and I just want to get it over with. But phew, looks like I can sleep tonight. I was so anxious over the last couple of days. I am also grateful for my comfy bed, food and no anxiety over dropping out. I'm gonna treat myself with some nice dinner, lay in bed listening to music and playing Animal Crossing.

No. 265843

I am really grateful for morticians and what they do to make such a hard time a bit easier. My grandma died very recently, and even though I was immensely sad, when I was taking a breather I thought about how awful it probably is to deal with a lot of the stuff that goes into that work.
Spoiler for a bit of graphic detail My grandma was pretty big and heavy. She was buried in a regular sized coffin. We could only see her face and her arms in the coffin, the rest was covered by flowers. I believe the morticians had to take a lot of fat out of her body and make it look nicer for us and to fit the coffin. I can't imagine that work being pleasant at all, even if you are desensitized to a lot of stuff.
So thanks, morticians and other funeral home workers, for making it possible for us to give our last goodbyes in a much smoother fashion.

No. 265995

I'm very grateful that to still have my dog here with me. She is 18 and has slowed down considerably. I say that I've accepted it, when her time comes, but I know that I will still be overcome with grief and sadness. At the end of the day, it is still a blessing to be able to say goodbye after 18 long years together. The hole she will leave behind will be too big for anything to fill, but I think the grief and sadness I will have to face is a small price to pay for all the years of happiness and love I have received in return. There are days when I regret ever wanting a dog, but death is inevitable. All I can say is that I truly feel blessed to be able to grow up with a dog, and to be blessed to have her see me grow into an adult. We could have lost her much, much sooner, but by the grace of God or the universe or whatever else, I have been able to come home everyday to her.

I love her so much. Words really cannot describe how grateful I am for her.

No. 266040

File: 1653416292269.jpg (32.59 KB, 206x361, 9fd5de1f-3c54-40be-888e-9da3ae…)

I am very thankful for all of the mice that help us with science. I love rodents (I love all mammals, really) and I know their conditions can be less than ideal sometimes and I know they're not there willingly, but thank to a lot of these mice and rats, we can save a lot of lives and make breakthrough discoveries. This is not much, but I want to honor their spirits.
I'm so sorry, mice friends. But thank you so much, a thousand times, thank you.

No. 266061

That's a really sweet thing to be thankful for nona ♥ I always think about the contributions animals have made to science research because I do want to study biology some day.
It sucks knowing that there is a lot of necessary evil in the pursuit of knowledge, especially for the medical field. Not even for just animals, I imagine a lot of people had to experience a lot of pain before we knew what the fuck we were doing. Though hopefully we know now a lot of things are obsolete to test now.

Reminded me, The secret of NIMH and Plague Dogs are good fictional stories about animal testing though they are pretty bleak

No. 266070

Today I'm thankful for the fact that I have food to eat and a place to live, and that I have parents who love me.
In also thankful for being able to study something I actually like and am good at from the comfort of my home.

No. 266224

I'm grateful for when I tell my parents "oh this thing is really yummy" and then they keep coming home with more and more of it and I just have to eat it until I'm absolutely sick of it. I love that gesture of parental love. I'm very physically affectionate but my parents aren't, but I'm grateful for all the little things they do for me.

No. 266245

Thanks, I think you may know, but The Secret of NIHM is based of in this real life experiment. Warning for animal abuse. I loved the movie as a kid (although it scared me) so it surprised me that it was based of a real thing.

On topic, I'm very grateful for Wikipedia! I know it's discredited a lot, especially in the earlier days, but it's such a good site. I think I use it almost daily, even if it's just to check what is the name of this specialized word in english or or any other language or see how old an actor is, for example. Maybe I'll just read it for fun because there are some topics that I had no idea even existed. I really love their message of never monetizing the site to keep knowledge open for all people that have an internet access. I was reminded of this because I got an e-mail from them thanking the donation I made last year (it was a really small amount), and now I feel like donating again, they really deserve it.
Thank you: Jimmy Wales, the programmers, the editors, the scientists, the consultants and everyone else all around the World that makes Wikipedia possible and accessible.

No. 266327

I am grateful I have clothes on my back.
I am grateful I have food to eat.
I am grateful I can think, feel, move and express.

No. 266388

File: 1653592855100.png (5.22 KB, 240x240, love.png)

I would probably hate most of you IRL because I'm a radical leftist and I don't hate trans people, but I'm still grateful for this community and the sense of sorority you guys provide. Thank you for being the meanest, most brutally honest, funniest community I know. You guys helped me through very tough times and gave me some of the soundest advice I ever recieved.

No. 267364

File: 1654028870110.jpg (90.22 KB, 700x692, b8641d2062f405acd3154d20b26341…)

Despite being an utter failure, I'm grateful for such supportive and patient parents. For still having food to eat and a place to sleep. Things could be much worse, and I am so lucky.

No. 267380

File: 1654036567102.jpeg (207.39 KB, 750x1125, F53C60C3-12B1-4C1E-9F64-41A5C0…)

Aw nona, I love this post. I am now also grateful to all the lab mice and to all the lab rats and monkeys too! Your post reminded me of this statue in Russia that they made to honor lab mice. Totally forgot about it until now.

No. 267395

This is such a cute statue. I wish every country had one of these near big laboratories!

No. 267458

I'm grateful I have a good paying job that I like doing. It makes me feel like I have purpose
Also. Even if everything else in my life is shitty at least I'm not broke.

No. 267461

>radical leftist
>doesn’t hate trans people
>but I wuv you all
No backbone, I don’t love any of this bitches and I’ve been here for almost eight years

No. 267469

There are people in the mtf thread who didn’t mind trannies until they came here and she appreciates the community. There’s nothing wrong with her post. This also isn’t a conservative website or anything so she doesn’t stand out as a radical leftist, though I don’t know what that means other than communism?

No. 267470

I honestly believe this is one of if not the best websites online. I’ve spent the last few days elsewhere and just the sheer lack of inceldom and scrotery is amazing. This is the best website, the misandry keeps it so fun and clean. I’m definitely grateful for it and the silly/sensible posters.

No. 267499

can also mean anarchist

No. 267687

My uni's library
>Can lend unlimited amount of items
>No fee if a book is brought back too late (may back fire in the long run? it's a recent change but for now it's nice)
>Specializes in field that are also my personal fields of interest so I've lend a lot of books for reading in my spare time that my local library doesn't have and I'd otherwise would've had to buy
>Can lend from connected universities in the country that specialize in the same/related fields and they sent the books over to my uni all free of charge
it's great anons, I've never shied from pirating ebooks but lending physical books in my preffered language legally with such ease and at no cost as a student is an absolute blessing.

No. 268379

File: 1654463994529.jpg (122.85 KB, 736x1308, ff9632d3a33f9867f4127b022cbd4d…)

This will sound very corny, but I'm thankful for beautiful skies. It makes me feel at ease. It's such a nice, peaceful thing in such a chaotic world.

No. 268392

based. enjoy the little things, we're not here for long

No. 268685

File: 1654583683198.gif (974 B, 19x19, emot-biglips.gif)

Samesies anon

No. 271882

File: 1656047193006.jpg (50.63 KB, 700x875, 8eb832efd6c492d55052f60522aa62…)

I'm thankful for having fresh water to drink

No. 271890

File: 1656057028974.jpeg (55.21 KB, 678x452, images.jpeg)


I feel the same for fresh fruits and vegetables. I feel lucky to eat a variety of them but scared that it will be a luxury soon due to droughts, heatwaves or increasing prices.

No. 271894

File: 1656059796635.jpg (169.78 KB, 611x611, wfw25252.jpg)

I'm grateful for all women who've fought and still fight for women's rights.

No. 271916

try to grow your own, nonner. there are some hardier veg that you could even grow on an apartment balcony, and plenty of nutritious herbs can easily be grown indoors. if you're really enterprising, you can even try indoor hydroponic gardens.

No. 271939

I am grateful for my new job. For my mom for helping me go back to school. For my boyfriend who encourages me every day and listens to my anxious thoughts and worries. I must work on myself. I must not let anxiety ruin what is right in front of me.

No. 272752

I’m so grateful for having access to a mooc website through my university email despite graduating

No. 272762

I'm also very grateful for still having access to my university e-mail even after graduating! It's super useful for me, and it has way more space.

No. 272859

I'm very grateful to my friend for helping me learn programming. I managed to make a simple page with a Java plugin and it wouldn't have been possible without his help.

No. 273154

I'm so grateful for my mother.
She's had such a crappy life and although she hasn't been perfect, everything she did was with love.

During her pregnancy with me, my grandma (dad's mum) was a nasty bitch towards my mum, stressing her out, but mama always chose the right foods, stayed optimistic and physically active so i could be born healthy.

in my early childhood, she made sure i study well to get myself out of poverty, cleaned people's houses so she can earn money and buy me and my brother food we normally couldn't afford, despite my dad not being around much and having to provide for herself and two children, she made sure i was fed, clean, tidy, homework done, attended every parent-teacher night despite working 12 hours and did her best to satisfy my bratty wish for girly things.

in my preteens, my mum found out about my dad's love affairs and although she hated his guts, she chose to make it work for my brother and i, so we don't grow up fatherless. he still left a couple of years later and spiraled into depression that no child to see. despite all that on her plate, when i told her about my suicidal thoughts she simply hugged me gently and we cried together. to this day i blame myself for making her life worse by doing that but she managed to get me a counselor and saved my life. she's recovered now as well but i will never forget days that she tried to hide her tears from us. still put me and my brother as a priority.

in my teens, i was a rollercoaster. we either had a great relationship or i was a total bitch to deal with. having to figure out my identity and typical teenage hormone problems alongside dealing with the aftermath of what my dad did + depression made me an absolute nightmare to deal with.
i never "rebelled" i just had a pessimistic and bitchy attitude.
my mum would go on to retaliate in ways ik she's not proud of, but i now know she was doing her best. at one point even broke down crying to me saying that she's not sure how to properly parent anymore. just really happy those days are behind us.

now, i am 20, still developing and nowhere mature or wise enough to understand the full picture, but i do understand so much more than i did before and man i am so grateful for everything she's done for me.
i just love my mum so much.

her childhood was shit, abusive alcoholic dad, her youth was shit, married at 18, fled from an ethnic cleansing with a baby at 19 and three younger siblings + 1 deaf older sibling, lost her husband in that war.

even after it was all over and she started a new life in a new city, my older brother would have health issues that needed treatment in another country. a few years after that she meets my dad and gets pregnant with me…

there is no doubt that most of her life has gone to absolute shit, yet.. she chose happiness.
she chose to try at life no matter how bad things got, she never EVER quit, forgot about her children and despite being at her lowest, still tried even harder.

my mum is my hero, she is a legend and a genuine inspiration for me.

i love my mum

No. 273197

Buy your mom some flowers, on me. Wish I had a mom anywhere near as encouraging and fantastic as yours.

No. 274154

File: 1657298452701.jpg (570.14 KB, 1078x1195, Cutedog.jpg)

I'm grateful for my mother and the values she's taught me. I spent so long sucking up to my father because I wanted some affection from him only to be chewed up and forgotten whenever he found a new girlfriend. I found out he cheated on my mother and started a one sided "open relationship" when I was born. I cut ties with him and I've never felt so free and I've only just realised how much my mother has done for me.

I've been given the opportunity to study abroad and she pushed me to take the chance and do it. I would have never had the bravery to do this without her.

No. 274197

Your mum sounds like an amazing woman nonna. I bet you will grow to have heart and strength just like her. I’m going to remember to enjoy my time with my mother from now on.

No. 274741

File: 1657582269405.jpg (6.4 KB, 240x240, 1503248346889.jpg)

Same here, I've been coming here more often than the shit flinging cesspool that is 4chins. I can share, discuss, contribute and enjoy things with other like-minded nonnies without moids ruining everything. Also the moderation here is good.

No. 275765

I'm grateful for having a place to shower and clean sheets everyday. Today was a very tough day but I'm still so lucky in life

No. 275766

Im really thankful for my bf and being able to work in a family restaurant together. Today I got to share 5 compliments on his food, and each time it was so much fun. I switched up the delivery, and broke his stress with the compliments to the chef.
I also love having these interactions with repeat regulars who light up when they see Im working. Im so thankful to he here, to be supporting this local community, and I appreciate the random string of events that led me here.
A few years ago I faced tragedy and deep loss of a loved one. It really took the life right of of me, and the pandemic only pulled me further under a depression. I started feeling like i didnt belong anywhere. Or that I wasnt good enough to be important. Truly, the spark was gone, like it died with them. Leaving the house felt impossible but all these loving people kept checking in and boosting me up. Fuck i love my friends too.
Ahh im rambling and tearing up but i love the old grumpy gus that comes in. I love the persnickety old gals that one up each other in life stories
I love scooping ice cream TOO big for kids, and saying “ohhh noooo i accidentally scooped another one ooops so clumsy”. I love being here and its simple but wonderful ok bye thank you for listening im grateful for you too!

No. 275767

Im glad you made it through nonna, rest well. I hope tomorrow is better. Cheering you on!

No. 275768

File: 1658025797404.jpg (174.35 KB, 1440x1800, 209625404_859130864685249_4466…)

No. 275771

File: 1658026027400.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1536x2048, 89369608-24E1-4C3E-B58C-3B8560…)

I love you too nonna
a heart for you

No. 276263

I’m grateful I was able to get my collage wall hung up yesterday and that I got all my measurements right so it looks just like I wanted it to.

No. 276547

after near 40'c weather for the past couple days, the temp is dropping and in a few hours its going to be 17! Never been so grateful for a gloomy, rainy overcast day.

No. 276953

I'm grateful I can more or less be my cold, spergy self at my job and not get reprimanded for it, because having to ~exhude warmth~ and suck up to people like is expected for women in the workforce is exhausting.

No. 276957

File: 1658440187933.jpg (103.3 KB, 735x866, 4ca60deae1375fa153053f575c5997…)

Thank you, nonnas, for your kindness! I'm also thankful for so many kind, uplifting anons in the farms.
I'm doing much better now. I can also be grateful that that particular stressful situation/event is over.

No. 276968

File: 1658445697309.jpeg (52.98 KB, 500x375, EDD521B4-3A9A-4570-8169-47252D…)

my friends, both new and old, online and offline. after thinking I was literally going to commit suicide, I'm glad I'm still here. otherwise I wouldn't have met some of these lovely, beautiful, amazing people who've kept me grounded the past few months

No. 276974

So so so so grateful for having my own clean and quiet apartment, my fan and ac in this way too hot weather, my new desktop setup, my flexible job with no shitty coworkers, my not being broke, my friends and my bf, my being in good health, being fit and attractive, my cute clothes and my makeup and my perfumes, my houseplants, almost being done my accounting certificate, and above all being far away and fully independent from my loony family. I'm so used to everything being a non-stop shitstorm in prior years the fact I'm here and living better days is like a dream.

No. 277285

File: 1658540223558.jpg (139.16 KB, 736x981, c5221934f4b00993d24aedc6331236…)

Thankful for everything that's currently going my way in my life.

No. 277290

Shit's awful right now for me but I'm grateful for where I am in life, at least. Also grateful for the few friends who have stuck by me

No. 278079

File: 1658870573582.jpg (142.38 KB, 700x877, 5335eb5b42ca757700d0d0d5d5588c…)

I'm grateful for:
>Finally leaving my forced NEETdom
>All the pets from the neighborhood that let me pet them on my way to/from work
>Good food
>Hot showers after a long day
>Not having to constantly do meetings at work
>Coming back home before the sun sets and enjoying the sunset

No. 278084

I am grateful for
>having great friends that support me and have fun with me
>finally getting a summer job related to my studies with the possibility to continue working
>living in a country that payed for my education, therapy, and living while unemployed and didnt put me in prison for doing crime, without that I would not be able to have the life I have today
>not hating myself anymore

No. 278158

Grateful for vaginal orgasms and pleasure during penetration which are apparently pretty rare. Grateful for symmetrical and pretty breasts. Grateful for short easy periods. Grateful for proportinate body. I didn't realize how lucky I am to be in this body until I started reading a lot of other women's experiences and feelings.

No. 278721

I feel you on this. I am so thankful I have small areolas and not tea saucer sized ones. I am also thankful I inherited my mom's nose and was spared the one that's been haunting my dad's family for generations. He escaped it but his sibling did not.

No. 278800

File: 1659191755139.jpg (102.49 KB, 640x800, eed4d3b77493951b2021c3259fed9b…)

Everyday I'm so humbled in my life.
Today was very very cold here in my country, my stomach is hurting a bit and I had to wake up really early to go to work. I was kinda grumpy, which I know it's okay to be, but as soon as I get to the subway station and see so many people sleeping on the ground in horrible conditions. So I'm really grateful for being able to be waking up early from a cozy, clean bed to go to work. I wish everyone's worries could be as small as mine.

No. 278803

File: 1659193718760.jpg (42.06 KB, 748x420, 1659083974578900.jpg)

its been a rough summer but im grateful for my friends that have stuck with me, especially since ive lost a lot in the last month. im grateful i have my medications in order and that, no matter how much i struggle with it, my brain still works with me as much as it can and i can still get simple tasks and chores done. im grateful for taking care of my hair this last year, because now it's finally getting to shoulder length again and it looks healthy w/ no dead ends. im grateful for my hobbies and interests. im grateful for this board for letting me reflect on all of the wonderful things in my life.

No. 279062

>Born and Bred in a northern European country.
>We have some Latin American Tex-Mex chain restaurants that serve wet flour tortillas garnished with vingery lamb for the low low price of $18 a plate.
>Spend some time abroad, meet my partner who is a Latino guy with no formal catering training.
>He offers to cook for me, throwing together whatever is in the kitchen. This man can cut a wedge out of a lime in a millisecond, dice and garnish food effortlessly and even marinate the most delicious and tender meat in whatever we have in the cupboard.
>The food he cooks for me is unlike anything I've ever tried. I never really "got" cooking until I put that food in my mouth and I could taste every high and low note on my pallete.
>I have been blessed with the love of my life who happens to be one of the most talented cooks I've ever met.

No. 279072

I am grateful for my family and that my parents tried their very best with me because I think they did well and still do to this day. I am grateful for my friends, the real life ones and also the online ones, especially the ones I can just chill with/talk about anything really/ and the ones that have been there for me when I really needed them. I am grateful for good music and being able to afford music streaming services. That my family is from a village so I get to see the stars when I visit them. I am grateful for having a healthy and nice body, I even like my short legs even if its not a beaty standard. I am grateful the lokál government has invested a lot in greening the area so there is a lot of shade and fresh wind. I am grateful for my cycle being regular. I am grateful for him and I am feeling hopeful.

This really does feel nice to write it all down, some of these things O really take for granted.

No. 279677

File: 1659656659062.jpg (114.71 KB, 736x567, 51280f8595012b19493ca7e95c17a3…)

I got a lot of small gifts and ate a lot of delicious things today! I'm super thankful for everything

No. 280686

File: 1660003600160.jpg (82.64 KB, 720x957, 392d4a709a3b29e810dd227db9ddcf…)

I repeat myself a lot in these threads, but I'm always so amazed at how lucky I am and grateful for a hot shower and a warm bed on a cold day and after a long day standing up at work. I wish someday every person in the world knows such comforts.

No. 280916

File: 1660133953516.jpg (28.59 KB, 474x308, th-2584791213.jpg)

Every day I am more and more grateful that I didn't troon out in my teens. I could've easily slid down that path but something saved me from it. I'm coming to terms with my body and feel like my best life is only starting. I may be a weirdo but I'm owning it.

No. 280922

I'm grateful painkillers exist

No. 280928

you sound like such a lovely person. i'm grateful for the food today, i am so lucky i have food on the table everyday. i have clean water and i have a home where i feel safe and comfortable.

No. 280941

Naps are the best truly it feels nice snuggling into my blankets when you get home from an outing

No. 281024

File: 1660185514367.jpeg (239.78 KB, 796x994, 0357E6A4-FD93-47BB-9333-98C87C…)

Im really thankful to live in a place full of different landscapes. Im really thankful for the space and trees. And for this little dude

No. 281122

I am thankful for my parents, I love them so much they mean the world to me and I am thankful and hope that they live a very very long life

No. 281920

File: 1660559804305.jpg (126.81 KB, 640x480, IMG_6062.JPG)

I'm so thankful for the 6 years me and my sweet boy Oscar had together. He died suddenly on Friday and I'm still in shock and grieving hard. I'm so grateful for all the joy he brought into my life.

No. 281921

I'm so sorry for your loss nona. It's good you had so many fun times with him, you can treasure them in your heart forever! Oscar sure looks like he was a lovely dog!

No. 281922

Thank you so much for your kind words. The pain right now is so strong, I'm trying to hold it together for my parents but the house just feels so odd without him. All our lives revolved around his routine.

No. 281925

What an angelic dog, that face is so sweet and kind. You can just tell he was such a good boy! I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope you can spend some time remembering good times you spent with him and taking care of yourself. Much love your way nona

No. 281936

I bet he left this plane feeling loved and at peace. I can tell you looked after him well. Take it easy nonnie.

No. 282081

I'm so sorry for your loss nonna, I can't imagine the pain. Thank you for loving him for the past 6 years. He may be in puppy heaven now, but know that for 6 years, heaven for him was right here on earth with you. May the treats be endless and tasty, the toys bountiful and fun, and the wait for you to reunite with him not feel so long. Thank you for taking care of him, now it's time to take care of yourself. Dogs are so special and life changing, and it's awful that the time we get to spend together is so short. I'm sorry that you lost him so suddenly, but I'm sure you know it was a good choice to have made all those years ago.

There are so many good boys and girls up there for Oscar to play around with and befriend while he waits for you. ♥

No. 282134

File: 1660645394663.jpg (68.44 KB, 720x960, angel.jpg)

Thank you so much nonnas, it's still so raw for me but I am coming to terms with it as each day goes by. I keep sniffing his toys, catching his stinky doggy smell and finding comfort in that. He was such a lovely boy, super affectionate and loved attention! I imagine that every time I see a shadow out of the corner of my eye that it's his little spirit with me always.

No. 282165

Aww what a sweet baby. Rest in peace little guy

No. 282429

Grateful that my Chad bf loves me despite my absolutely lesbodian tastes in hair and fashion and body hair. Blessed
(NOT grateful that I posted in the year-old gratitude thread on accident just now fucking bye)

No. 282450

File: 1660818898151.jpg (22.27 KB, 612x345, istockphoto-1180570351-612x612…)

I'm a poorfag who has been dating someone well off for a couple years, he sent me perfume samples and got really happy that I unwittingly chose the most expensive one

No. 282534

File: 1660861612335.jpg (47.27 KB, 564x533, c8cfbcd68d927fa661f1086c1c44e2…)

This is going to make 0 sense to non britfag anons but today I am grateful for my A-level results and the people who supported me to get them.

also yes this is shameless bragging but I'm allowed this one time

After missing a year of school bc life and being sectioned (ty CAMHS) then covid happening I didn't think i would actually sit my exams on time. Then a false allegation made by people at my 6th form about me caused me to be the center of a popo investigation while I was sitting my exams. I had 0 confidance that I would get an A in anything. I thought i was going to let my entire family down and everyone that has supported me when they realized how stupid I actually was. I was convinced I would fail. I got A A A in Computer science, philosophy and maths. I'm still in shock and don't believe this isn't a dream. If this is a dream the fact that I'm dreaming about scrolling lc is actually really sad.

having these results has just made life 100x easier for me. Also I'm so lucky to have a partner who would be just as proud of me even if i didn't get these results, and a parents that have always tried to put my well being first. Idk, just ty universe for this one

No. 282535

samefag I meant

No. 282549

Congrats anon!! Wtf was the false report accusing you of?

No. 282590

Thank you ^_^ It claimed I was being trafficked / abused by my partner. If you know him or me then you know that is bs. however it really gave my mum a scare and caused a whole lot of upset at home. I still have no idea why or who lodged the report, but i just know it was started by my then best friend exposing some of the details about my sex life at a party / with some of her friends.

It's over now though, it was pretty easy to clear up since I am obviously not being abused. just made me want to yeet from highschool even more(^_^)

No. 282598

I’m grateful for all the pain I suffered because it opened my eyes to love and beauty.

No. 283279

File: 1661293511493.jpg (103.61 KB, 736x1098, 8cedb867e8c399277a387ec543005b…)

I ate delicious food today, bought by my amazing mom. I came hungry from work and although it was basically junk food, it was so delicious I could feel my body getting more relaxed and even a bit sleepy. Amazing sensation. I then had a hot shower that made me even more relaxed.
I also did pet about 4 dogs today, and they are so cute. I love you, neighbors' dog.
I have a great family, and I am enjoying my day to day life so much more right now.

No. 283281

Late but congrats on your amazing results fellow britbong!!!

No. 283366

>I got A's in Computer science, philosophy and maths
This is so based, nonnie. What are you going to study next?

No. 285743

Didn't know there was a thread already made for this.
One thing I'm grateful for is to have been born in a place that gives me the freedom to learn and pursue higher education. I've started following more radfems on tumblr and its has really helped me see how these things can be taken for granted. To show my gratitude for this, I will make sure I study and work hard.

No. 285818

File: 1662485177401.jpg (453.37 KB, 1242x1242, 1650469386198.jpg)

This is so inspiring and sweet. Good luck in your studies!

No. 285858


Aw thank you nonna

No. 287072

I'm grateful for getting to see the vibrant full moon and the clouds framing it perfectly tonight. I'm grateful for being born on such a beautiful planet.

No. 287516

I'm grateful for hyperfixations/the ability to hyperfixate. Sometimes when I'm in a depressive slump and everything seems meaningless and I hate myself, I just tell myself "Well I'll just keep existing if only so I can read more about 'x' interest" and it works lol. The amount of serotonin and adrenaline I get when new information is released is insane. I don't have many things in my life to be proud of. I don't have like, any hobbies or accomplishments or many friends to talk to on a whim. Sometimes I feel like my life is nothing, but I've had some interests for years and it feels comforting to know that probably no matter what I'm always going to have an interest in those things and that well, at least I know a lot about something even if it's completely arbitrary and pointless to most people (and even creepy), but it's something unique to me that sets me apart. I'm happy my brain does this. It's almost like being in a relationship or a friendship where I know I can always turn to researching my interests when I'm bored or need to snap out of a slump. When I'm deep into something, I feel like I only exist to consume information and that nothing else matters (and it's a great feeling especially if I'm depressed). I do wish my brain picked something a little nicer to fixate on, but this is the gratitude thread so I won't go into that.

No. 288118

File: 1663171793282.jpg (63.3 KB, 736x858, cadade7a39a18dbc85183709dc91fd…)

I am grateful for having a day off today. I feel like I really needed it.

No. 288212

Im grateful for music. I’ve been listening more to Ryuichi Sakamoto and ambient music albums, and I’ve found it helps pass the time in a relaxing manner.

No. 288488

I am extremely grateful that I can barely work out and look good. I stg I did a week of ab exercises and stationary bike 15 mins and my stomach and legs look toned already. I'm also doing as many push-ups as I safely can which is only 3 sets of 3 but that visible progress is a little bit slower going. I'm grateful for my good health and intuitive, healthy eating habits.

No. 288492

I’m grateful for my dad. I did some researching on 9/11 as I do every year and paid my respects to one of my dad’s friends, who died on the 93rd floor of the North Tower. He was killed instantly since the plane hit right there. His daughter, 1 year old at that time, likely does not remember him at all and it made me realize that I should be grateful to even have my father be alive. All the times we’ve fought or I’ve taken his presence in my life for granted… There are so many children who have lost their dads and I am so lucky to have mine in my life. With this in mind I really want to change our relationship for the better and be a better daughter and family member. I am sorry, dad, and I wish I came to this realization sooner. I hope I can fix our relationship and make you happy the same way [my younger sister] does. I love you.

No. 291477

File: 1664523315749.jpeg (218.46 KB, 1200x1596, FcLuUbZaUAAb43T.jpeg)

This might sound dumb and cringe but I'm grateful for the whole Tumblr Sexyman Tournament, Reigensweep/Sanssweep and Sans vs Reigen that happen on Twitter. Plus the community, memes and fanart that were made. It's just that you don't see male characters or husbandos that often trending or as memes other than horny scroteshit stuff and waifus/traps/femboys. I'm also happy to see my husbando being a big part of this as well. This month was a blast, fun and entertaining. One of the best birthday gifts I could ask for.

No. 293780

I'm so grateful for music. It's amazing to me that you can just listen to something and that it can make you feel such deep things or distract you from whatever else is going on in your life even though it's literally just soundwaves being played into your ear. I always look forward to my drive to and from work because I get to listen my favorite albums. It's really one of the only things I look forward to anymore.

No. 293782

Me too and I'm so glad that most of the discussion around it is laughing with, instead of laughing at sexymen and the women who like them.

No. 295532

I'm really grateful for all the people in my life, even acquaintances.
Moved countries all by myself and was so unsure of who I can trust or not, but met so many amazing women who make me feel like less of a foreigner; Really grateful for this relatively transition.

For some reason it makes me really happy when people put in the effort and learn how to properly pronounce my name.

No. 295534

Nonna it's never too late to patch things up, you sound lovely and I'm sure your dad is the same so it shouldn't be a lot of trouble.

I always wished for a dad so it makes me happy to hear that there are women (men too i suppose) out there who have good dads and love them.
Anyone reading this, tell your father/mother/whoever took care of you as a child that you love them (for me) <3

No. 307353

File: 1673401087515.jpg (98.66 KB, 736x736, fd503972e102a5e1a654bc201bced1…)

Very grateful for the beginning of the year so far, it's been really good for me in general.
I'm also very grateful for my day off tomorrow! Today was a good but tiring day, I'll sleep to my heart's content and I'm really happy and looking forward to it.

No. 330196

File: 1684815678271.jpg (6.76 KB, 318x318, 9e4eafa6dd5683fd0a8539f4066bec…)

I'm thankful for having a roof over my head and my belly full of food

No. 330603

i'm grateful for my manual/artistic abilities, and my confidence to do things.
i'm grateful that i have shelter and food and don't need to worry about money at this moment.
i'm grateful for my family and friends.
i'm grateful for gendercrit and gnc women.
i'm grateful for being able to see.
i'm grateful for sausages in my fridge.

No. 337870

File: 1687881379124.jpg (94.18 KB, 735x908, 643ec6628de8b2aac3afe4f9838ebc…)

I'm grateful for finally finding my employee ID badge! I thought I'd lost it and was actually super embarrassed to ask for a new one because I'm super new and it would make me look kinda bad.
Also, using this as a segway, I'm very thankful for my new job. Sometimes it's rough but sometimes it feels like a dream.

No. 337892

File: 1687894849288.jpeg (56.84 KB, 720x708, IMG_0057.jpeg)

My life isn’t glamorous and I’m not rich by any means but at the same time in many ways I have a life that people would kill for. Today I woke up at noon (I stayed up late), made coffee and did a few minor things but I’ve basically been in bed doing nothing this whole time and it’s almost 3PM. I keep it a secret from almost everyone because I don’t want to come off as bragging, but I only work about 10-15 hours a week (from home) and make more than most people who work 30-40+ hours. I’m so grateful because I am actually disabled and any other job makes me suicidal and sick. I need to express my gratitude more and complain less about things. My situation could always be better but I’m in a good place for my needs right now

No. 337895

I am grateful for my body and my health

No. 337909

I’m grateful for my trip to the other side of the world, and that even if some things have gone wrong so far I’ve met amazing people from around the world and I’m having the amount of fun that my younger, more self conscious self would think I would never have. Life is good.

No. 338067

i'm so grateful for the opportunities i have to chase my dreams. for finding a mentor in the trade i wanted to be in since i was a kid, for finding people who want to hire me. im grateful for my home, for all that my ancestors left for me, for my animals and my neighbors.
im so privileged and i always remember that others are not as lucky as me. i have a steady roof over my head, i have family that im tight with, a support network. lucked out in life.

No. 338105

I'm grateful to have been born now.

I learned this week:
When women were first allowed to participate in sports and have their own league, they had to play a special form of basketball with no contact. The societal concern was that any player collision could hurt the women's reproductive organs and affect fertility.

I am so happy I was not around for that or any of the far worst things before it…

No. 338192

grateful for both of my jobs. both jobs have helped me talk to people better and the money has been nice :) this is unrelated but i thought of it as i was writing but i'm thankful for all of my past experiences that have brought me to where i am now. i used to regret a lot of things that have happened in the past but i don't think i do anymore, since they brought me to where i am today.(:))

No. 338397

File: 1688167821792.png (22.21 KB, 393x320, 80-803920_mother-and-daughter-…)

I am grateful I have such a strong relationship with my mom. It's something a lot of people don't get to have and I am really stepping back and realizing how valuable and grounding it is. I know she will always have my back 100% and I will always have hers. We have the same sense of humor and get along like friends, and are always doing things together just because we enjoy each others company so much. I am really lucky to have been born to such a wonderful woman.

No. 338403

I’m thankful to have my job in an all-female office, where everyone is nice and they just accept my weird little quirks and find them charming. Also for the amazing, smart, talented, and funny older women in my life (specifically my mom and godmother) that I look up to as role models. I just bought a new car a couple weeks ago and I’m absurdly grateful for it. Honestly things are going so well for me after a decade of pain and bullshit and I couldn’t be more thankful.

No. 343558

File: 1691368066580.jpg (62.78 KB, 563x754, f1fe6fbbcffa83d5db25c11a8aeb50…)

I'm so grateful to my dearest mamma. Both of my parents are the reason I don't give up on life, but my mom is the rock that keeps me going. When I have a bad mental episode, even talking to her on the phone helps. I only wish that I wasn't so messed up. They deserve a better daughter and I hate that I bring them unnecessary worry with my anxiety attacks. I wish that she felt better these days; peri-menopause is really tough on her. I wish I could make her aches go away. She is my gem and my stars and I miss her every day we are far apart.

No. 344842

File: 1692155461522.jpg (85.15 KB, 736x736, 4e6d6886523f47b1be1b611568d57e…)

After a string of pretty shitty days, being sick and a lot of crying, I actually had a pretty good day today so I'm very grateful for that. Here's to more good days.

No. 345452

My room is beginning to look more like mine. I moved here to start over and now I can see it coming together, even if it's out of sight most of the day, it gives me a base!

No. 345490

File: 1692464308766.jpg (29.4 KB, 610x610, love-meme-on-my-way.jpg)

Thank you nonnyfriends for keeping me company on slow work days and making me laugh after the tough ones.

No. 345496

I'm thankful for my in laws. Not just my parents-in-law, the whole extended family. For the first time in my life I feel welcome, wanted, and unconditionally loved.

No. 345523

File: 1692481749534.jpg (299.76 KB, 1125x1087, tumblr_070ab06747e21563800f29a…)

im grateful for my friends, even though i treat them like shit most of the time. im grateful that they love me enough to care for me anyways.

im grateful that im not as bad as i once was, and that however slowly its happening, i am getting better.

im grateful that im not ugly. if i was this mentally fucked and also ended up with a giant deformity like my brother i would totally be dead by now. i think i take being medium pretty for grateful sometimes, and thats bad.

im grateful that the eceleb im obcessed with has stopped posting the last few months, thats been good for me (as much as i hate to admit it). ive always known the way i am with him is unhealthy, but ive never had the self control to not engage when he posts. its much easier now to just try to keep myself from watching his old stuff, though still not really easy.

No. 345526

I am thankful for my friends, they are so supportive and they seem to genuinely love and care for me. I love them and I'll do my very best to show my love for them.

I am grateful for some of the nonnies here too. So many have helped me in the past and there are things I can only say here on lc. It became a cozy place for me in a way. I try to be nice too and I hope I give back the support I received. Love you nonnies.

No. 345548

You sound like a horrible person

No. 365270

I'm so grateful for my loved ones. I'm also grateful for the great friends I have, we can do anything together and it doesn't feel awkward or "too weird". I'm also grateful my country has such good public transport. I'm grateful that my family can be really thoughtful. I'm grateful that my family are all healthy. I'm grateful that I'm able to stay in touch with friends and family who live in different countries through the Internet. I also feel happy because I saw the cutest baby today, she was in a big fluffy onesie with a bear hood. I'm grateful that school is going well. I'm grateful that I have warm comfy clothes in these winter months. I'm grateful for the Christmas gifts my family have bought me and also grateful that I get to give them gifts. This thread is really nice it reminded me that I'm grateful for a lot of things and I have so much to be thankful for.

No. 365283

I'm grateful for the manager I had 5 years ago, she believed in me and her push got me to where I am today (2 job hops later, successful, and stable). She passed away in 2019 and every time I get promoted I just wish I could tell her and thank her. I just accepted a promotion this week and my first thought was how proud she would have been. I hope I can do the same for other women one day.

No. 365284

I'm happy I'm not in physical pain rn. I literally don't care about anything else.

No. 365335

I am grateful for my bed, I have a good mattress and lots of warm blankets and soft pillows. It is a really safe place for me. Sometimes I like to think about the writings from this one Roman emperor (i forgot his name) where he was talking about how nice it feels to sleep surrounded by his furs and how whiny he feels on the inside when he thinks about emerging, but he has to do it anyway, since he's emperor and all… we have so little in common, but it makes me smile to think about two totally different people from across millenia having the exact same feelings about something

No. 365337

I'm grateful that I had a beautiful, amazing and loving relationship with my darling late husband and I'm grateful that he's watching over me in heaven, as we both wait patiently to be reunited.

He is so kind, handsome and sweet. He is he best person I know.

Although his death has bought me agony and misery, I am still grateful to have been his favourite person, and he mine.

No. 370334

File: 1704124700262.jpg (53.1 KB, 736x736, 605e535dbdfc7ce80df3f81a0153bc…)

Starting the year with some gratitude!

>I am thankful for my parents, as always. I love them from the bottom of my heart and I hope I can be more patient with them this year, they deserve everything.

>I'm grateful for the roof above my head. So many people lost their homes or are born without it, I am so lucky to have a place to stay and food to eat.
>I'm thankful for my job. It's pretty good and the people around me are genuine and great.
>I'm thankful for all of.my opportunities to learn new things and grow as a person.
>Despite it's problems, I'm grateful that my body is functional, and that I don't have any serious or irreversible ailments, diseases or injuries.

Hope 2024 will be kind to me and all nonnies!

No. 370336

Happy new years nonnas im thankful for this space I stopped using years ago & recently got back on I love my fellow bitchy women. I’m grateful that things are never as bad as my pessimistic mind makes them out to be. Cheers to health, wealth & achieving our goals /clink

No. 372302

I am grateful that God made me to be who I am amidst this sea of filth.

No. 373258

File: 1705181420412.gif (1.04 MB, 500x250, 78398.gif)

I'm grateful to have all of my human rights, to be able to maintain my health, and to wake up to a new day every day. I am forever thankful that God has placed me in this position and for all the possibilities he has given me.

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