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No. 264912

Since it was mentioned in the consoomerist thread on /ot/, here's a thread for meal replacements. Share your experiences, how often you have them, what's your routine, which ones do you recommend, ask questions etc.

No. 264938

I'm a big fan of Huel. It's a bit pricey (tbh all complete foods are) but it's very convenient and I know I'm getting all the nutrients I need in one oaty shake, the cinnamon swirl flavor is really quite nice along with the apple cinnamon! I'll generally have one or two small shakes to replace breakfast and lunch, probably the most satiating complete food I've tried, it also makes my bowel movements amazing but I do find it makes flatulence far more frequent and stinky, but perhaps that's a sign of good digestive health? I'm not a fart expert, sadly.
The bars and the hot meals are pretty nice too, if, again, quite expensive, the hot meals especially. But goddamn the mushroom and chicken flavor really scratches my itch for instant pasta like Pastaria, as does the mac and cheese one though the sauce is pretty grainy. I've yet to try the new bolognese pasta, but I'm hopeful it will impress. Now a lot of the other hot flavors are kinda shitty tbh, sweet and sour and korma especially. Tomato and herb just tastes like canned soup, mexican chili is alright but nothing I'd shell out for again, thai green curry was the only curry flavor I liked but then again I'm just not a thai green fan tbh.
I'm thinking of trying Plenny sometime in the future, sad I missed out on their limited edition chai flavor but oh well. Saturo was ok, but I got the bottled shakes so the price was pretty hefty.
Very interested in Vite Ramen, but they don't ship to my country yet so I had to get a shipping company to forward an order for me, which is far too expensive for me atm. What I tried was pretty neat, really tastes just like Nissin instant ramen and makes a change from nutritional sludge like powder Huel. Very steep prices, but also quite tempted to stock up on some once they ship to me. An aside, they created some questionably scrotey gijinkas for their noodle flavors, unsure how to feel about supporting them. There's also a British company called Future Noodles that go for 20 pounds for 6 pots, similar pricing to the Plenny pots, not that cheap, but perhaps I'll try them in the near future and report back on the quality. Seems they're all out of stock currently, bummer.
Interested to hear other nonnies' experiences with complete foods/meal replacements they've tried, I'm always up for something new to test out.

No. 264945

What is the point of meal replacements? Are you really just that fucking lazy that you don't want to learn how to cook?

No. 264952

Sometimes I like ‘large coffee’ if i run out of time but need calories. It’s like:
>coffee powder
>butter, but coconut oil is tastier
>sugar (one teaspoon)

It’s a bit cheeky but i noticed myself undereating and having like one meal a day because i was too much of a pushover to refuse shifts at work. Manky but it works.

No. 264956

meal replacements remind me of those capitalist dystopian novels where everyone survives on blocks of jelly or grey nutrient paste

No. 264957

I would maybe be interested in them since my small intestines have very bad stricture and I'm on a nearly liquid diet most of the time because of it.

No. 264959

It’s a bit sad isn’t it? Food is supposed to be for your soul as well, not supposed to be eaten in a rush. But I do know what it’s like to be that busy.

No. 264994

Anon I've been thinking about this for a good amount of time because i'm trying to figure out how you consume this. Do you mix all the dry stuff together and add hot milk? Do you put all the dry stuff everything into the milk one-by-one? Or do you blend in the dry stuff and slowly pour the milk in so the butter/oil emulsifies? Is this like your version of bulletproof coffee? So many questions.

No. 264998

Oh yeah bulletproof coffee, I guess it’s like that ! You put coffee with sugar dry, and some coconut oil, then a little hot water so it mixes together, and then a lot of milk so it’s all lukewarm but blended up.

No. 265017

>I'm not a fart expert, sadly.
Thanks for sharing non!

No. 265020

some of us actually want to eat nutritional goop anon.

No. 265021

If it didn't cost so much I would 100% live on meal replacements. Before you ask, yes I am lazy. I know how and am able to cook, I just do not want to. Food and eating is stressful for me so the thought of a pure liquid diet is do appealing. I don't care if I never have a solid shit again. Soylent Green when

No. 265023

God I also love food and cooking but I hate eating so much it's stressing. If meal replacements were cheaper and more available in my country I would 100000000% live out of them.

No. 265026

File: 1652976408471.jpg (16.36 KB, 852x480, 1 (1).jpg)

No. 265031

Ah, I see. Sounds nice actually, I'll give it a try tomorrow!

No. 265032

Idk about anyone else, but for me its cause I’m severely adhd so sometimes when I know i need to eat but am overwhelmed by the concept of preparing food I like being able to just glugg down what I need real quick. Bam. Satiated.

No. 265039

I get anxiety/stressed about purchasing ingredients and making meals, like sometimes I don't want to mess up my kitchen or plan a meal.
Especially when I'm working long hours I just don't want the added stress and anxiety of cooking.
I had disordered eating issues for years and have ocd and an anxiety disorder so it's definitely linked to my mental health state.

No. 265044

Why is eating, specifically, stressful for you?

No. 265048

For me it's because I overeat. I make too much food. And I love food too much. I think meal replacements give me exactly the nutrients I need in a single portion without me binging.

No. 265049

I think the problem with meal replacements is that theres too many crazy ones. The best meal replacements are very basic protein shake type things, but then the market for meal replacements is full of these mad concoctions of seaweed and stardust and the arse hairs of a witch. You literally can not go wrong with a nice thick creamy protein shake, preferably banana flavoured

No. 265050

I like healthy food but in my mind it's too much of a hassle to make it, it's never good enough, I dislike counting calories and using oils etc. Giving me a portion solves these things I think.

No. 265099

None of those anons but for me the process of eating is too time consuming, like even just chewing in itself, and I don't like how most foods taste or the texture unless I'm super hungry (I rarely even get hungry in the first place)

No. 265103

File: 1653003344934.png (84.45 KB, 568x548, 1652724050233.png)

i like iconic protien drinks because they are lactose free. it is nice to make a hot chocolatey milk for breakfast or a coffee drink. having to cook every day just kills my appatite, like I'll wake up starving and then spend an hour making breakfast and then I'm not even hungry from all the smells and work of cooking, so I eat half of what I make when I'm not even hungry. Just becomes a ritual of wasting time and tactile nightmares. Having a nice cup of something and being able to get back to freelancing is so much less miserable.

No. 265125

Kek thank you for this beautiful description anon, I could have written it myself. I don't know if I'm slightly autistic or just a freak but the act of cooking is terrible to me and even if I make something good I just lose all desire to eat it if I've made it myself. If I could only eat at restaurants and drink all the rest of my meals I would

No. 265377

Can you make your own meal replacement, somehow?

No. 265395

But even the flavored ones are dogshit mostly, they taste bad for anyone who doesn't have the tastebuds of a child.
Though let's be real if farm earth wasn't stripped of nutrients we could just eat 1 meal a day. There was a period where I ate only nongmo straight from backyard stuff and I just stopped being hungry. Eat once a day and I'd feel full, no brainfog or bloating either and full of energy. Even though food has become highly palatable and pretty, it's gone too far where the after effects are becoming too great. Hence shakes, since few people can afford to eat straight from farm nongmo in current system.

No. 265396

Solid food makes me nauseous bc stomach issues. I usually drink slim fast when I was ana but I'm trying to gain now so I'll get a peanut butter and bacon shake from 5 guys and take it with a multi. Also high calorie ensures are nice as well as Ovaltine. Bougie ig fit girl meal replacements for some reason taste so gritty and awful to me, it would be nice to have something other than glorified milkshakes though

No. 265486

Slimfast is based. Literally always had it for breakfast in high school. not even for ana purposes, just to get smth down when i wasnt hungry but needed nutrients

No. 265701

File: 1653283807499.jpg (52.39 KB, 976x549, _103468488_mediaitem103468487.…)

Anyone ever tried soylent? Whats your favorite flavor?

I'm always hungry in the morning but eating early makes me feel sick so I'm thinking a meal replacement sounds worth a try.

No. 265704

I’m the same with being unable to eat early, I wonder what’s up with that? I asked a doctor about it a few years ago and he said it was probably anxiety. My stomach always feels a bit nauseous until I’ve been awake for at least a few hours. I’ve tried meal replacement drinks before but I’ve never found a flavor that I really like, they’re either “okay” or kinda cardboard-y and gross.

No. 265707

Interesting! I feel the same way (nauseuous) until a few hours later from when I first woke up. I don't know if it's anxiety though.

I hear meal replacements can taste lame. Soylent seemed to be memed a lot back a few years ago so I wonder if the taste is better than others or something.

No. 265724

File: 1653297414874.jpg (28.58 KB, 251x396, Soylent_green.jpg)

Why the fuck would you name your food brand after a fictional company that sold food made out of human flesh? On what planet is that a good marketing decision??

No. 265730

I knew a friend who drank it for a bit and said it was decent. But apparently it gives you rancid farts, though I heard they improved the formula over the years. Seems par for the course with this stuff as fartchan poster mentioned. I want to try it too because they're available in stores now instead of having to order online and commit to some subscription deal like so many of the other ones make you do.

No. 265758

which meal replacement would be the most affordable? I'm thinking of getting some to replace breakfast at the least and both breakfast/lunch at the most

No. 265765

That’s exactly why I’m looking into it now. At my next grocery trip I’ll pick some up and report back on how they taste.

Kek my mom was telling me about this movie when I brought up soylent the meal replacement to her

No. 265779

Outrage that leads piqued interest and remembering the brand kek. I doubt they would’ve really given that much of a shit if the name wasn’t somewhat inflammatory.

No. 265787

File: 1653327277780.jpg (114.79 KB, 680x1027, 0396e2d2adcab93822033b7352ea5f…)

I also think it was basically a joke + pun. Seems like some ironic naming, like naming a soap company as Durden or whatever
Anyway this thread reminded how I actually really like meal replacements. For lazy days or days where I'm not very hungry it's great. I wish we had cheap soup/salty meal replacements in my country as well, I'd love a quick corn soup at night, for example.

No. 266707

File: 1653759105433.jpeg (39.72 KB, 554x554, images (5).jpeg)

Sorry for such a late reply, anon! But I just found out that you can
See if you have something similar in your country to picrel. It's an unflavored nutritional powder, it's usually used for patients that can't eat too much or to help older people get all their nutrients in. You can use it on juices and soups, or a protein shake powder that you like the flavor of - then you could have the powder ready to use. It's great cause you get more variety, there are a lot of protein powders with different flavors in my country but not much for meal replacements.

No. 266710

About to go on 3 meal shakes a day for a week. Put on heaps of weight and need to drop some as well as get over my food cravings.
Anyone ever been on a 'just shake' diet? Did you lose weight? Did you feel sick/bad?

No. 266728

Not personal experience but I know someone who did it because of crohns or something while traveling. They were fine, not hungry or sick, but they did say the problem with only consuming liquid is that it all comes out liquid so it was a bit gross and not great for long term.

No. 266759

Ntayrt, but thank you for saying what I was wondering. I wanted to try meal replacements, but I absolutely do not want diarrhea after just figuring out how to stop it kek.

No. 266762

You could try balancing it out, like eat it with whole grain bread on the side or make one meal like multi grain rice with meat and the other too, use the MR shake.

No. 270922

File: 1655592954708.png (1.61 MB, 1280x960, Retail-Line-Up-4-on-blue.png)

Soylent anon here. I picked up 4 flavors that were available at my grocery store, they are;

Chocolate: tasted pretty decent, wasn't hard to to drink. Its a good choice.
Mint Chocolate: tasted pretty similar to the chocolate one albeit a bit minty. Pretty good though, my mom thinks it tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream but I personally think the chocolate was the main flavor in it.
Strawberry: I really liked this one, it tasted pretty good. Didn't have a medicinal taste many strawberry-like flavors have. Probably my favorite.
Banana: My least favorite. It tasted pretty sweet despite only having 1gram of sugar. Was hard to finish. Probably won't get it again.

No. 270926

ty anon I've been wondering about soylent. if available to you would you try the cafe mocha, cafe chai and vanilla flavors?

I've been on a Huel kick myself. I bought their best-selling starter bundle, probably should have built my own. their most popular is chocolate, and I'm not the biggest chocolate person. it's not disgusting or anything, but I only drink it out of convenience. I'll probably try the strawberry powder next. the ready to drink bottles that came in the bundle were pretty good too. one of the protein bars was good, don't remember what flavor, the raspberry-chocolate one was disgusting. I don't like that flavor combo though so ymmv. their shaker bottle is genuinely really good, much better than any others I've tried. I wish it didn't have the big logo on it but eh

No. 270931

I'd try any flavor they have honestly before saying no to it. Unfortunately the 4 I listed are the only ones available so far. I think they have vanilla but it's been sold out whenever I go.

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