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File: 1653274124733.png (529.2 KB, 667x489, keanu_reeves_aging.png)

No. 265677

I'll start off with one of the most obvious ones (Asian genes ftw)

Despite the reddit-ness surrounding him (no fault of his own) the guy himself is in an LTR with a 50 year old woman, who looks equally elegant.

No. 265678

What is the point of this thread anon? There will be like three guys total.

No. 265680

File: 1653276406148.png (1.38 MB, 790x913, 480932743092.png)

Cillian Murphy is one of the best to me. He's not that old. He was 43 when this photo was taken, 45 now. Compared to a lot of other actors around his age he looks way better though

No. 265683

Also heed that most men get minor or major plastic surgery corrections as they age. Even keanu gets botox and filler. It's tasteful though. I respect the guys who still look like themselves and don't get excessive surgery

No. 265685

A lot of them could stand to get more work done kek

No. 265687

File: 1653279508953.png (704.81 KB, 595x792, 8409328490783207.png)

Tyson Beckford is still beautiful in his 50s, but then he's blasian so he ought to be

No. 265688

File: 1653280219048.jpg (52.26 KB, 639x975, Ming_Tsai_Blue_Ginger.jpg)

He comes off a bit douchy to me, and he has a bloated face in his older days for some reason. But he looks great at 58.

No. 265690

what is the point of this thread other than some limp wristed asian jacking off to her own race? as if we need an entirely new thread to "talk" about moids. there's already 10 threads about men's looks

No. 265691

File: 1653280787833.jpeg (97.52 KB, 1200x628, E5EDC94F-FAF8-49E4-83DD-008EA9…)

depends on the face, a good surgeon will know what and where to operate, but too much filler produces the saggy pug effect (picrel is an example of tom cruises filler droop)

keanu's an example of good work combined with good genes. he still gets filler and botox but it's good work. paul rudd is another one with relatively good work imo, both of them get a lot of praise for their eternal fountain of youth

contrarily tom cruise has been going too heavy on filler the past few years. he really wants to look 35 forever and it's not working. guys like johnny depps naturally good bone structure fell apart due to substance abuse. he's not the only one. people underestimate how bad drug facial wasting can age you

the goal of plastic surgery should be not to stop the aging clock entirely, it's refinement

No. 265693

File: 1653281609409.jpeg (152.47 KB, 800x600, C1ED033F-0207-49EB-AA52-40A35D…)

Paul Rudd (most obvious choice at the top of every "celeb who's aged fairly well" list)

my other considerations
Keanu already mentioned

Robert Downey Jr (laying off drugs was the right call)

Jeff Goldblum (is handsome for a man closer to 70 idgaf what anyone says)

John Stamos (idk what it is but he looks the same while also looking older)

Jared Leto (shitty person but seems to be drinking either virgin blood or the fountain of youth because the fucker does not look 50)

Brad Pitt (once again not a good person but looks good for his age and has fairly tasteful work done)

No. 265699

>Jared Leto …does not look 50
Holy shit. I don't like his features at all but his skin is amazing. Never would have thought he was middle aged

No. 265700

if you google pictures of his mom it's obvious that he has good genetics. vanity, botox and treatments aside

No. 265710

File: 1653290075772.jpg (377.13 KB, 2172x1210, PLUC4HQXE5F7JDDT7KWDSBHTUY.jpg)

Can't wait for a thread full of men with terrible aging skin who are still coasting on their reputation as handsome movie stars

Keanu looks awful these days, but people have meme'd him as aging like a vampire for so many years that everyone just ignores how he actually looks.

No. 265713

File: 1653291222629.png (896.63 KB, 1240x775, C0BEF2D6-54DC-4BB5-88BF-BB03EE…)

Yeah he was hideous without the beard at least he’s not like other Hollywood scrotes who get with models half their age tho.

No. 265714

Yeah plus he’s clearly dying his hair. He’s as grey as his pretty wife.

No. 265718

File: 1653293528822.jpeg (136.32 KB, 1280x720, 2FF935D8-5C9C-452A-B343-471D70…)

People always use him as a gotcha for men aging badly and frankly those people need to be shot’ he is still a himbo and he’s so sweet, he could be attending red carpets with women half his age but he don’t play like that (he is saving himself for me) but look at that dopey smile he’s too good for this world. The best scrote who’s ever existed

No. 265723

I'm sure he's a great guy, but no one ever lets women get away with letting themselves go after getting raped. Like if he was a woman, people wouldn't accept "trauma" as an excuse for failing to take care of himself. Like a third of women are sexual assault survivors and we don't age this poorly. Bit of a double standard, just saying.

No. 265728

I think everyone who saw recent Matrix knows he looks like shit unlike Carrie-Anne Moss who aged beautifully

No. 265731

He wasn’t just raped he had some physical injuries and had surgeries, and the divorce and his mom dying. I agree tho it is a double standard. Women are not given as much grace after being raped sadly. Poor Brendan tho, I just see him as a cute innocent man. If there was an anti Christ it would be him because he is so lovable

No. 265771

Bit ot but what happened? I looked this up and it sounds like he was just groped/assaulted not raped? I mean that's not good either but there is definitely a level of severity here

No. 265789

The only men I can think aged gratefully are Morten Harket and Rick Astley. I also think that till some point Harrison Ford looked better than when he was in the first star wars. I would also say Mads Mikkelsen but I feel I will be called out kek

No. 265803

File: 1653330780615.png (1.43 MB, 1093x950, 1890432840328.png)

>Mads Mikkelsen but I feel I will be called out kek
Same but fuck it he's hot. Regardless of what some anons think he is conventionally attractive, he doesn't have bloated surgery face and while he has some normal wrinkles he still looks healthy and hasn't lost his distinctive features. He also has an age-appropriate wife who he's been with for over 30 years which only makes him more attractive.

No. 265804

where are his eyebrows tho

No. 265806

is this actually conventional? idk his eyes are too tiny and he has no lips (or eyebrows kek)

No. 265813

Hes literally the only male i consider having aged gracefully in hollywood.

No. 265814

>He also has an age-appropriate wife who he's been with for over 30 years which only makes him more attractive.
This honestly has became such a make or break value in a celebrity for me to consider attractive, as retarded as it may sound. If I find some actor hot, google him and see a chain of past wives or much younger partner, or a breakup with a long time partner clearly aligning with the time when he got more popular, I'm unable to consider the man attractive anymore.

No. 265816

>strong jaw
>high cheekbones
>slim but balanced features
>hazel eyes
>clear skin
>still has a decent hairline
His lips aren't huge but they're still shapely. None of the men in this thread have full lips except Cillian and Tyson, look at >>265693 who literally has no lips. Or even compare Jared Leto who has lips that are basically as thick as Mads' but he isn't picked at in the same way. Mads seems very polarizing, maybe it's the no eyebrows which I admit is unusual but I think the rest of his features make up for it.

No. 265817

Me too anon, and sadly so many of them fail that test. I used to think Jason Mamoa and Lisa Bonet were cute (she was even older than he was) but now of course he's with someone like a decade younger than him and he had to run his mouth making sexist comments over the years.

No. 265818

He aged gracefully because he had a good bone structure.

No. 265836

One thing I've noticed is that a lot of short guys age very well. Cilian, Tom Cruise etc

No. 265842

File: 1653337118672.png (610.08 KB, 517x728, 9034828493274.png)

Kazuki Kitamura (52)

No. 265846

why is having full lips automatically considered to be attractive? depends on the features of the guy again. pete davidson has "full lips" and he looks like a gross trout

No. 265851

File: 1653339783188.png (391.55 KB, 539x356, manwithcat2.PNG)

you gave me the name of the manwithcat2 man, blessed you be nonako-chan

No. 265862

Kek you're welcome nona, that was actually how I first found him! Attractive men are only improved by a love of cats

No. 265863

I agree, I think they suit his face just fine.

No. 265869

i didn't mention the other guys since they weren't pushed as conventional, don't really find them attractive either

No. 266321

File: 1653561745357.jpg (27.42 KB, 500x623, 3489473927942.jpg)

Chuando Tan, currently 56. I love him and hate him. How is it fair to have genetics this flawless

No. 266323

Because manlets have the proportions of children.
Maybe they store collagen differently.

No. 266331

I'm usually ot into older men at all but woof woof bark bark.

No. 266360

File: 1653581669361.jpeg (38.79 KB, 720x414, 27E693A1-B8D9-4B94-816A-016DC3…)

No. 266368

No. 266370

i never want to see this picture again

No. 266394

looks extremely punchable

No. 266395

he just made my nose itch with annoyance, closing the thread

No. 266417

>He also has an age-appropriate wife who he's been with for over 30 years which only makes him more attractive.
He also has two children who threatened him with murder for not knowing who Rihanna is. What a wholesome family!

No. 266427

Girl I hope you're joking, they were obviously playing with him. Thank you for reminding me about that music video though

No. 266539

File: 1653684571805.jpg (104.07 KB, 1280x720, Sam-Neill.jpg)

I wish he hadn't retired from acting.

No. 266545

File: 1653688056678.jpg (148.8 KB, 1200x800, daily-dish-rhobh-lisa-rinna-ha…)

Harry fucking Hamlin is 70

No. 266558

File: 1653692749681.png (777.72 KB, 896x477, 4390284903284.png)

Pierce Brosnan looks great and his relationship with his wife has always seemed cute. Always hated hearing pornsick scrotes go on about how he must be gay or a feeder because he stayed and seemed just as into her as ever even when she got bigger

No. 266572

File: 1653695791188.jpg (1.18 MB, 2279x3000, 137104945.jpg)

Timothy Olyphant. Charming, funny and always praises his wife.

No. 266582

No. 266591

Lmao asian men look just as bad as any other men when they age, what is the OP smoking? Also nona who said Keanu looks ragged now speaks the truth. 99.9999% of men go to shit and fast, even the few who have been posted in this thread are presented as being "oh he's not that bad" instead of "aging like wine" KEK. Just look at pierce brosnan's wife, she looks so much better than he does.

>>266582 I agree

No. 266597

File: 1653712613745.jpg (10.34 KB, 300x190, Pierce-Brosnan-Net-Worth-300x1…)

He looks like he founded a friend chicken franchise. Also, this thread is stupid and pointless and most of the men in it are busted as fuck.

No. 266598

File: 1653713030605.png (520.94 KB, 743x511, 940328430256.png)

Agree that Asian men do eventually show signs of aging, but they definitely do not show it as quickly as caucasians. It's not just a subjective opinion it's been shown in studies. East asians have thicker dermises (less pronounced aging), more melanin (greater natural protection against the sun) and more fibroblasts (greater skin elasticity).
But anon some people are into that

No. 266614

File: 1653718552401.jpeg (39.84 KB, 359x479, 2E027691-686B-419D-BEF9-7FBD40…)

No. 266616

>He looks like he founded a friend chicken franchise

No. 266617

I'm joking. Or rather, I know his kids were joking but I love it because it reminds of whenever my mother doesn't know a famous singer or band I like and I go "gasp how DARE you not know [singer]???" as a joke.

No. 266618

ugly but that's based on his features, fat and balding head. Can't tell me his skin isn't good

No. 266625

asians have more collagen in their dermis, which makes it less prone to wrinkles, that's all.

No. 266634

They still go bald

No. 266639

File: 1653742568456.jpg (754.33 KB, 1000x1000, lucifer.jpg)

actor of lucifer

No. 266640

he is actually hotter now!

No. 266641

What kind of meth do you take

No. 266643

File: 1653742757873.jpg (546.86 KB, 1000x1000, shepard.jpg)

she's right !

No. 266644

Wine gets better with time. Keanu isn't better now…

No. 266651

he looks better imo. or just more mature.

No. 266653

Yeah me too, that's why I say you're right. They are rare, very rare, but some men look better past 30 yO.

No. 266658

kek sorry anon i thought this was the "men age like shit" thread because of the keanu thread pic

No. 266674

Keanu looks fantastic, especially considering he went through multiple tragedies, including the death of his wife and child. Most men hit the wall at 25.

He's also a very kind person irl. So that helps.

No. 266676

He is so kind. My friend saw in him at a restaurant in Alaska of all places, and he was so polite and said hello to the table.
He also bought my friends’ table a round of dessert for his parents celebrating their anniversary.
As someone who has worked on set in LA, most actors are assholes, and the people that have worked with keanu says he's committed, level headed, and fantastic to worth for.

No. 266677

(Sorry for typos im just getting up and brewing coffee, good morning beautiful nonnas)

No. 266692

Keanu Reeves is such a gentleman!! When I was younger, maybe junior high, I got roped into watching my 3 month old niece while my sister got her hair done. So there I am, sitting in the waiting area of a hair salon with my niece, and who walks in but Keanu Reeves.

I was nervous as fuck, and just kept looking at him, as he read a magazine and waited, but didn't know what to say. Pretty soon though my niece started crying, and I'm trying to quiet her down because I didn't want her to bother Keanu, but she wouldn't stop. Pretty soon he gets up and walks over. He started running his hands through her hair and asking what was wrong. I replied that she was probably hungry or something. So, Keanu put down his magazine, picked up my niece and lifted his shirt. He breast fed her right there in the middle of a hair salon. Chill guy, really nice about it.

No. 266704

No. 266714

kek I didn't see it coming

No. 266715

File: 1653761760381.gif (371.87 KB, 220x165, 28393828392.gif)

Anon I have fucking abs now from laughing at this

No. 266720


Thank you anon. I was too lazy to respond to scientifically proven asian skin anon myself

No. 266802

Right. And wrinkle-free skin looks better than shrivelled raisin skin, I think everyone will agree. Some anon posting an ugly asian like a big gotcha is pointless because no shit, there are ugly moids of every race. She only proved my point because his skin still looks great. Anons always get so defensive for no reason

No. 266804

Keanu Reeves is my dad (who works at Nintendo btw)

No. 271723

File: 1655981846118.jpeg (137.47 KB, 797x1200, GettyImages-687486188-797x1200…)

He's 32 !

No. 271729

No. 271762

Jared Leto is 50?! He's a pos but he does not look his age. I would've said early 40s

No. 271764

Good choice!

This had me rolling nona

No. 271794

I take back the Brad Pitt comment after seeing the GQ shoot. Yikes!

No. 291971

File: 1664709356196.png (324.26 KB, 640x320, 26233659_763186617209655_70538…)

David Byrne

No. 303102

He looks like he could be David Lynch's long lost little brother.

No. 303164

Bitch please. Elon musk's mom is like 100 and she could drag this faggot by his wig all the way to South Africa. He looks like erectile dysfunction personified. Probably can't even DRINK wine because he'll fall to the floor and break a bone as he starts doing the worm dance. Nigga looks like he has to wear an alarm bracelet when he doesn't have a caretaker guiding him to potty. He couldn't even make it to an adult diapers commercial with that face. Question of the day: can senior citizens get nosejobs? Because he needs a nosejob.

No. 303180

Why does he need a nose job?

No. 303190

Right? As if a nose job would fix anything

No. 303201

I realize the only old men I find remotely ok to look at still have a pleasant vibe about them, the other ones look like the smashed Berlin wall to me.

No. 303209

File: 1670607873599.gif (2.95 MB, 540x299, FA77C362-100B-4E9D-85CC-FFE0F6…)

Ultimate aged like wine man imo. He was handsome but when he got mid-40s, holy wow. I usually don’t like older guys at all.

No. 303238

Holyshit, looks like Snape.

No. 303340

File: 1670692584011.jpg (60.96 KB, 752x752, game-of-thrones-nikolaj-coster…)

While his 20s self is more attractive to me, I can't deny that he looks whole of a lot better than many men his age and even men much younger than him. He's 52 btw. Surprised no one has posted him here yet.

No. 303502

Oh yeah good taste Nonna. He is very handsome. I actually like him at this age better kek

No. 320226

File: 1680681498486.jpg (7.35 KB, 239x211, mike ohearn.jpg)

guy is apparently 53 wtf

No. 320228

File: 1680683354226.jpg (12.46 KB, 351x343, him.JPG)

he looks like this. i bet he smells like rubber

No. 320232

>>320228 he has hair, NO wrinkles and he is built while being 50. This is incredible from ageing standpoint and to top this tan destroys your skin

No. 320233

File: 1680684658878.jpeg (29.7 KB, 612x612, DBCEAF0E-E3E6-4E1A-8988-CDB9F3…)

I mean I guess when I rotate him a little he’s kind of cute. Unfortunately he’ll probably deflate by mid afternoon though

No. 320236

he looks his age in the face
this is what a 53yo looks like when you don't get fat and drink and smoke all the time
though some might be grey and/or bald which can make you look older

No. 320241

>>320236 he is on steroids and wears a tan which is far worst for your health than drinking and smoking.

No. 320243

File: 1680691263465.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.03 KB, 800x600, 50 year.jpg)

>>320236 50 year olds look more like this

No. 320244

File: 1680692041904.jpeg (374.12 KB, 1600x1067, 4FBDE8CE-8AA3-4F17-A2FD-4E6E5B…)

jon bon jovi

No. 320245

He looks older than 53 nonnie

No. 320254

dang he actually looks good

No. 320255

Why is his skin tanned leather now?

No. 320257

Absolute thread winner, I will be aroused for days just from one glance at that pic
Aw, I had a crush on him in elementary school. Good to see how well he aged, unlike my IRL elementary school crush

No. 320368

File: 1680750929786.jpeg (72.85 KB, 993x710, FCCE7FCF-36E8-4A4E-B82A-DB7295…)

bruce springsteen aged well imo he’s nearly 75 (right photo was when he was in his late 60s)

No. 320423

middle pic is the best

No. 356271

File: 1698873897609.jpg (32.3 KB, 500x702, f4bce073c58a79e76bc9f4af850b39…)

He was 61 here, he has a boyish charm you can see in candid photos, which many men lose early on. I never hear people bring him up when talking about men who aged well.

No. 356276

File: 1698874493549.jpg (37.81 KB, 736x459, dfd64e9486339268b690ca816cb46b…)

Dana Ashbrooks

No. 356278

File: 1698874690764.jpg (32.94 KB, 886x480, slide_294287_51558.jpg)

samefag but he is one of the most handsome actors ever to me

No. 356331

God he is so beautiful.

No. 357032

this aged like milk

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