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No. 265749

Alright nonas, you’ve approached the magical stones at Craig na Dun. In this special scenario you can go back to any time or place besides 18th century Scotland that you want. And yes, you can get back. I want to know:
>where are you going?
>what time period?
>who are you going back to see, if anyone?
>what are you wearing?
>what are you bringing with you?
Let’s do the time warp ladies.

No. 265867

File: 1653342338209.gif (1.84 MB, 498x268, 8eef14e2ddc2b67af55e07961e570c…)

Yo cool thread!
I would probably go to two places


Paris 1889
>The world fair is happening
>The Eiffel Tower serves as the entrance, lit up and casting a warm glow over paris, all beautiful
>There are escalators, cars, lightbulbs all newly invented and exciting, it's the centre of Europe, it is the heart of creativity and art
>innovation everywhere, you can see how early models of things worked and they could often be built by hand
>Claude Debussy (the best composer ever) is about to be inspired by some FIRE gamelan music at the world fair. Obviously I want to smoke weed with Debussy. I would also introduce him to Psychedelic Indie, the good stuff.
>I would bring centimes to climb the Eiffel Tower, probably enough to live on so I can wait ten more years until 1899 when Natalie Clifford Barney (lesbian simp, icon, writer) would start a relationship with Liane de Pougy. It would be super fun to get to know Natalie and observe her love life and read her letters and poems.
>Whilst waiting for the queen Natalie to arrive, I would probably visit my family's countries of origin to meet family from a long time back. And the town I grew up in, to see how it looked back then.
>Would probably wear men's clothes for comfort and safety, and bring a tazer or gun. Would have to brush up on French for a couple of weeks to get back to the level I was at.
>i would bring my nintendo to the world fair because it's portable and i feel like it would frighten a lot of the people there as it glows and makes noise and stuff. then they could all see animal crossing
>would try to take videos of stuff to bring back to the future
>would try to live under a chef's hat and help him become a famous chef
>would definitely want to see how cars were built back then, the earliest cars, and have an experience working with my hands and living as a nobody in a very exciting place, taking the train around france. i would hope to be male for this experience, that seems to be one of the only ways you can get a 'main character' experience. or if i could shift between male and female that would be cool
>would go to church and drinking places just to see people together and how they were. would definitely want to get on a merchant ship to work and explore the world


I would definitely go back to when my mum was younger, living in my hometown.
>my hometown is actually not in decay and notorious back then, it's interesting and clean
>i would hope to go to school with my mum and get to know her better, on the same level
>i would completely go on day trips with her and all her sisters/my aunties she had to look after, and would help out so she could study or rest
>would share music tastes, i would bring her the coolest goth clothes and accessories from the future
>i feel like it would be so much fun as she is such a naturally funny and warm person, i don't think she sees it
>i would keep her company at her boring ass factory job, we'd put our savings together for really cool things
>we would definitely shop for novel earrings and records
>probably talk about books and we'd take bus journeys to the city
>i would definitely get to know her dad/my granddad so i could hear his stories and play cards or chess with him, i would give him all the hugs he deserved and make him fresh desserts with rhubarb in them. i feel like he would kind of recognise me from the fair, curly hair we share, and from our attitude to things. i wish i could have given him money so he didn't have to work so hard, i wish i could thank him for giving everything to his daughters and standing up for justice, for living without fear. whenever i remember his life and sacrifice i want to live fearlessly, earnestly, with adventure and hard work.

i miss my family so much

No. 265983

But I wanna go forward in time. Why are these time travel romance stories always going back to some shitty time without proper amenities.

No. 266167

I want to go back to meet the Others: the Neanderthals and Denisovans and other close cousins.
I've always felt we lost so much when we lost them. I would love to renew contact. I'm very curious about how they actually were.

No. 266218

Aw yeah going back to the Middle Carboniferous Period to pet a giant dragonfly!

No. 266228

Oh my God anon I came here to say this kek. My biggest fantasy is to go back when things were giant. But I think we wouldn't be able to survive the atmosphere

No. 266241

>besides 18th century scotland
Maybe I wanted a hot scottish hunk like Jamie. Are you really going to deny me of that, OP?

No. 266547

When insects are giant it usually means that there was more O2 in the atmosphere. I think you would be fine.

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