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No. 269156

Long time ago this girl that went to highschool wrote a thread on me on lolcow. Keep in mind We were both 16 at the time, I was still a MINOR and she lied about my age saying I was 19 so she could post stuff about me (the rules). She spent countless hours putting together a fking collage saving images and editing them. Its so messed up. I understand you guys talk sh*t on celebrities and popular influencers. They don't read any of it. I was a nobody though and my friend sent me a fking link to this website with photos of me with a bunch crazy made up lies underneath . Having random people on the internet go on my social accounts, comment on my photos and talk about me was scary. She also posted which CITY i lived wtf. Im 21 now and I look up my name in google search bar and see a lolcow thread as the first pop up with her creepy ass collage of me. I just wanna talk about this on the own website that basically she published on. Sorry.

No. 269157

Report it on /meta and email the admin. You can also report on the actual thread posted. It should be deleted if it’s been locked for some time.

No. 269158

I'm sorry that happened to you :(
I has an insane guy make a ton of threads about me on /pol/ and /b/, so I can understand that panic feeling. thankfully the internet has a relatively short memory.(:()

No. 269164

I had a tranny post stuff about me here in the personal cows thread while he larped as a female friends of his. Anyways do what other anons said and please report it, it'll get removed. Your friend is a retard.

No. 269236

Shouldn't have posted your images to social media for anyone to take.

No. 269242

Lol I don’t feel bad for you tbh. You must still be annoying to be coming here years later just to act unintegrated.

No. 269325

Cool what if I take your photos and inspect element your captions to make you say the most unfathomable things. Then show your employer.

No. 269327

Come on, really? I know this is lolcow but if OP is telling the truth, she was 16 for fucks sake.

No. 269334

Years ago someone tried to make a thread about me too. I had no followers except irl friends because I'm not known in any way so I knew it has to be an ex-friend, back then it looked to be really common for people to just shit talk anyone with no milk. Thankfully nonnas didn't give a crap and everyone ignored the thread. I'm sorry you had to go through that at such a young age, must have felt awful.

No. 269351

damn if you were a minor, you could have contacted admin. new admin is so distant you would have had better luck earlier.

No. 269352


op here, I had actually had to contact student counseller and the principal got involved. The person that did this to me got suspended for 2 days. She said she doesn’t remember the password to delete the post. I was 16 so I didn't know how to contact admin or navigate the website well. Think the admin during the time only locked the post. If you search up xx name its the first thing that pops up and I’m afraid my future employers will see. Terrible experience to go through when I was 16. I understand making fun of adult lolcows since their brains are fully developed, they don’t really care but writing an lolcow on a minor is kinda new levels of fked up.

No. 269355

File: 1654814766231.png (10.35 KB, 300x40, Untitled.png)


No. 269357

Not a real email

No. 269358

OP doesn’t probably use this site just wants to vent or something

No. 269382

are you retarded? no one born after 2000 can guarantee someone else hasn't taken photos of them and put them online.

No. 269394

im sorry anon thats super shitty. I think anyone level headed knows when someones a cow and if they arent they move on, which i hope everyone commenting did. people who cowtip are cows themselves anyways.

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