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File: 1654861796008.jpg (181.78 KB, 1242x1233, 268.jpg)

No. 269475

you know the drill by now

previous shameful thoughts >>>/g/182842

No. 269504

after reading this new milk, being kidnapped by ezra miller

No. 269508

Fuck, same. What's wrong with us?

No. 269509

Do you also wish he would throw a chair at you?

No. 269550

i know anon, i can't help it!!! no matter how much milk
sure, he could also choke me onto the ground

No. 269551

him kidnapping a fat girl gives all ezrafags the delusion that maybe he'd fuck them

No. 269553

i am skinny so him kidnapping a fat girl actually makes me feel the opposite

No. 269557

The girl straight up looks like me when I was a little hamlet so ngl I am getting those feelings kek. His they/them ex was also pretty average looking so a girl can dream.

No. 269558

File: 1654884372307.jpeg (640.4 KB, 828x1319, F770EF95-0B4B-4E51-8C09-656973…)

not an ezfag I don't know who he's dated but I feel like whoever he has he probably doesn't have a type, he's an unstable guy

because he publicly dated mostly white actresses but has evidently hooked up with woc as well

No. 269732

cannot believe miss kravitz date miller… weirdo4weirdo

No. 269734


No. 269770

yeah she is so out of his league

No. 269778

Piss, specifically men pissing themselves accidentally. But also men pissing outside, just looking at them peeing etc. I especially like guys bedwetting. My ex told me I was a witch bc after I told him that, he started having small accidents waking up pissing himself lmao not while I was there so it was pure coincidence not him indulging me.

A children's show here had an episode where the bully I had a crush on pissed himself in fear and that did it for me as a kid. Shows how malleable sexuality is ig. Made me like cocky guys getting humiliated.

No. 269846

File: 1654985470299.jpg (50.46 KB, 721x1024, eb9b63b2d3ba960400de8eb8560de4…)

Lately i've having fantasies about fucking a butch lesbian (if i'm lucky)/TIF who is a little too fujo brainrotted and tries to skinwalk a yaoi submissive top. The contrast of such female fantasies being performed by a masculine woman/a woman pathetically trying to be male makes me so horny. Especially if she's a tif, the idea of her being excited about me using male pronouns with her little yaoi larp, being convinced that she's the yaoi prince of her dreams when i'm just playing her delusions because i like masculine woman, she being obtuse like that is just the cherry on top. I know this is terrible, as most lesbian tifs are just traumatized woman and this is eerly similar to moids using them for a quick way to get pussy swearing to them they're totes real guys having totes real gay sex. I'm not proud of this, maybe i'm reading the ftm threads a little too much and those "forced detransition terf domme" are getting in my head, but i would DIE to have a tif like picrel.

No. 269850

Same nona but my piss fetish is a lot more general than yours, I enjoy piss in all kinds of situations, men and women pissing, me pissing on them.

No. 269857

after being far too long in the unconventionally atractive me, i want to find an incel virgin loser with long dark hair and glasses to steal his virginity.

No. 269858

unconventionally atractive men thread i type too quickly for my own good, sorry

No. 269862

It seems like there's no way to prevent fetishes forming because so many come from run of the mill childhood experiences

No. 269864

nonna you are so based

No. 269868

You do not want an incel, just a nerd who's socially awkward.

No. 269870

Virgin killer here and it seems a nice idea but the sex is usually awful and then they become obsessed with you after. Tread carefully

No. 269873

fellow piss kink anons. i have never told a soul about or acted upon my piss kink and tbh i'm not sure i'd actually want to act it out? i'm really only turned on by seeing men or women pissing, not ingesting it or any humiliation stuff mixed in or anything. i maybe would enjoy being pissed on but idk.

i do think i've had mine for a while, like since childhood. i remember when i was first experiencing sexual arousal i got the feeling confused with needing to pee and i think some wires crossed and created a piss kink LOL. i've always had sexual dreams about peeing too. i had one recently where i was sitting on a girls lap and i started peeing on her lmao

No. 269874

I sort of have a piss kink too. I've fantasized about using a man as my human toilet and forcing him to drink my pee as I sit on his face. The thought doesn't get me off but it's just something that satisfies me to think about.
I think my wires also got crossed from the having to pee feeling. I think squirting is super hot but I was never able to do it, just the idea of unleashing from an orgasm. Sometimes I'll think horny thoughts while peeing to automatically make my body stop the flow and the sensation is super arousing. I know it's still up for debate on where squirt fluid comes from but the idea of it coming from the bladder is hot, idk

No. 269875

NTA but true
samefag, long dark hair and glasses is a godtier combo tho

No. 269876

I hate make centered fiction (including bl) but I love yaoi RP - preferably with other women also playing male characters. Making my character suffer degradation is so fun lmao.

Only thing that sucks is I like RPing the bottom and I do like having female characters around; bottoms are a find a dozen and fujos tend to hate women. Scrotes who will do m/m usually want disgusting femboy shit.

No. 269993

I want to be kidnapped by Ezra and I would let him do whatever he wants to me but make me call myself they/them

No. 269998

ag cook converted me to the one true faith… britich guys with glasses and long dark hair…

and his hands… aughh

No. 269999

i'm the spainfag from last thread and i've found myself fetishizing mainly-american groups: hasidic jewish men, white-trash, alt-right macho men…

when will my pasty looking knight come and woo me with his non-culture?

No. 270002

Yaoi rps used to be so fun, no need to be ashamed of it. Where do people rp nowadays?

No. 270005

probably amino. or tiktok, i've seem a few videos about the tiktok rp community, but they where by a mexican youtuber, so maybe it's only in latam

No. 270014

I'm laughing so hard at this
Just imagining a reverse of his ex's complaint where he pets nonnie's head while fucking her and says "good themby"

No. 270132

Discord for me, I’m too old for all that other shit. Apparently people in RP servers (there’s plenty of random ones but many dedicated to finding partners) cross post to Reddit sometimes but fuck that. Thank you fir the kind words dear nonnie.

No. 270230

I want to crumple up some discharged underwear of a girl and put it in my mouth and chew on it like Big League gum. I want her to be grossed out by me too, also want to be around a girl who gets so scared she owes her pants. I don’t know why.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 270324

i dont get how shit like this doesn't have anyone batting an eye on here but the moment I say I like HRT femboys everyone loses their fuckin minds

No. 270326

most fakeboi chasers are lesbians or bi women, most femboy chasers are men. simple as that

No. 270330

>>269778 I wish I could make men pee themselves on demand too! You’re so lucky haha

No. 270331

Fakebois are mentally ill butches, lesbians are attracted to them. Trannies are mentally ill men, mostly men like them. Also I've never ever seen a woman use the term femboy or like hrt changes which usually make men look like psychos. Liking fem guys or pretty boys isn't the same as wanting a skinwalker.

No. 270347

I'm so horny on my period I desperately want someone to eat me out but I'm afraid getting blood like that everywhere is disgusting

No. 270349

I get horny during my period but more so for penetration. My ex was an asshole but I loved how unphased he was by blood. He'd throw down a dark towel and get on with things as normal. God I want that again.

No. 270356

>>270347i used to work with dudes in a restaurant and i remember them joking (they didnt see me walk in) “if you can walk through mud, you can fuck through blood” and its absolutely true.

No. 270374

this is so depressing

No. 270387

I always used to have sex mid-period with my ex, he was also great at eating out (off my period lol) and is the first to have made me orgasm through it. But it seems like a lot of "heterosexual" """men""" are terrified of vagoo

No. 270403

My boyfriend eats me out during my period too. He is not disgusted by that (although he'd totally have the right to be), body hair, etc. Too many men are weak children grossed out by women in general, literally had an ex who criticized me for getting "too" wet when he touched me, he'd constantly wash his hand off or wash his mouth out mid-sex.

No. 270410

That's fucking gay kek

No. 270766

I'm ashamed of wanting to tie a man up like shibari style. I lowkey think my femdom fetish came about when I became a radfem. I want to actually use hot guys that are college aged in their physical peak, tie up their muscular bodies, make them beg and whimper, and nearly smother them to death while I sit on their face.

But the only guys who like femdom stuff are pornsick.

No. 271516

bisexual men dating each other and cheating on each other with women

No. 271550

The negative of getting eaten out during your periods there is no going back to pussy fearing manbabies.

No. 271818

he doesn’t have the right to be “grossed out.” Your period blood is holier than his sinful flesh ever could be.

No. 271819

>college age
>physical peak
Wrong. Males start falling apart after they hit 18. A 20-something frat is practically a walking corpse.

No. 272145

I was
and oops I meant east asian girl with assertive personality. Even if their shy I find it super attractive when they boss you around in a funny playfull way

No. 273263

Nazi's. I find german men extremely atractive because of this. Worst thing is that i would've been killed by them lol. I could elaborate further. The uniforms are also really hot.

Also jewish men.

No. 273299

File: 1656875659209.jpeg (157.03 KB, 640x634, 1656805722327.jpeg)

Honestly I'm pretty grossed out by the concept too, since the blood smells awful, but damn, if only the person eating you out wasn't bothered by that, I could maybe get into it.
Why can't vampire bfs exist… Does anyone know any fiction or art where this concept is explored with hot vampires?

No. 273317

What about German Jewish men in Nazi uniforms

No. 273319

priest outfit, the all black with the collar. Gimme. (I just feel bad because I was raised catholic.)

No. 273415

uhm. i think i prefer them apart. domming the religius and subbing/domming the nazis

No. 273416

File: 1656940396787.jpg (198.77 KB, 969x1280, hmm.jpg)

i was also raised catholic, nonna. i don't really get the appeal with catholic priests, anyways. i prefer eastern orthodox and mormons.

No. 273442

as a zombiefile, not ashamed btw, i approve. I like my men with blood on their mouth and i think this would be lovely

No. 273455

>Your period blood is holier than his sinful flesh ever could be
I like this and screenshotted it

No. 273480

haha same. my high school crush used to get really frequent and really really bloody nosebleeds, so now i associate hot people with nosebleeds.

No. 273500

sorry for spainfagging, but after investigating more about women who worked for ETA i would like to be gangbanged by all of them. why am i like this

No. 273503

puking. i have no idea where this came from. generally, vomit grosses me out if im being completely honest. its not the actual vomit, just seeing a person being so helpless, drooling and eyes watering is hot. i watched maxmoefoes milk challenge, and seeing him puke was hot lol.

No. 273595

KEK love these daily dispatches from the rabbithole from spainanon

No. 273614

did u also watch him in vomit cake

No. 273719

File: 1657088408184.jpeg (210.15 KB, 719x349, 4FAE2634-11B7-46B2-AD5E-B15082…)

He was so cute when he started crying and begging.

No. 273726

is this translucent?

No. 273758

basque nationalists are hot in a way only true intellectuals understand. thank you spainanon

No. 273761

File: 1657111513948.jpg (Spoiler Image,98 KB, 800x533, miguel angel Silvestre (2)-001…)

I love Spainanon because I'm also deeply attracted to spanish men. Picrel is my favourite, he has the sexiest photoshoots.

No. 273762

samefag but I'm not normally attracted to such masculine men but something about his structure just feels Adonis-like. I could imagine his powerful hands gripping me while we passionately kiss

No. 273763

spanish men always seem so slimy and creepy to me kek

No. 273783

File: 1657117086613.jpg (14.19 KB, 310x409, Salvador_Puig_Antich (1).jpg)

not into ones that look like that but spainanon has it right about puig antich

No. 273792

File: 1657120081498.jpg (320.07 KB, 2048x1638, leon.jpg)

I get so turned on seeing guys being groped or held down while forcibly experimented on or examined medically and being visibly nervous or distressed like picrel

No. 273793

I wanna be the scientist to the right.

No. 273794

Based, that image of Leon is way too erotic

No. 273797

File: 1657121578212.png (521.95 KB, 640x468, C6F6051C-6A79-4561-AA65-97A03D…)

Nancy Grossman’s work is making me feel something! She’s a legend.

No. 273856

File: 1657140529880.jpg (107.49 KB, 1061x1511, -7.jpg)

No. 273903

File: 1657157279423.jpeg (55.67 KB, 513x640, AAE5BEC9-404E-4891-A3F6-21FD97…)

Same but I’m also a lesbian. And not even just the outfit, the whole schtick, mass and prayer and church. I also like the nun thing but I prefer masculine women.
Picrel is Father Anne, I am so into her in some of her pics. I even watched some of her videos just because it’s so hard to find content for this fetish that I actually like.

No. 273910

ayrt he looks delicious as well.

No. 274063

Oh, you would love the second season of this show called Flowers, then. Lol

No. 274611

i have this EXACT same fantasy nonna you are so based

No. 274683

This is gonna sound weird but I’m almost ashamed of how much I like looking at naked male bodies? Or at least I feel kinda weird about it, because women are not “supposed to” be turned on by visuals. I especially like looking at balls and guys’ butts (penises are just kind of neutral for me, they’re certainly not bad but they don’t look amazing either).

I’ve never just sat there and masturbated to zoomed in pics of male body parts. But I still enjoy looking, and I’ll sometimes incorporate that imagery into fantasies that I have later. I’ve always been worried that it was kind of an abnormal and “male” thing to do.

No. 274684

It's not that women aren't "supposed" to not enjoy looking at naked male bodies. Imo it's just that moids are so vulgar regarding women's bodies, that women's visual preferences just seem tame in comparison. Liking to see naked male body parts is not wrong, weird, uncommon or shameful.

No. 274687

File: 1657559948453.jpg (90.16 KB, 1273x1167, da2tcpt-70b51a66-6b17-4ece-a6f…)

Impregnation/pregnancy fetish. Having a kid would be the worst thing ever though. I feel like my hormones are trying to trick me into reproducing.

No. 274688

>I’ve never just sat there and masturbated to zoomed in pics of male body parts.

I have lol

No. 274700

I'd love a harem of men slaves. And by slaves i mean real slaves, ordering them around and having their absolute loyalty. Of course they would be sexual slaves as well but not just that. I'd also appreciate if some of them were just slaves with nothing sexual going on, to be honest. I'd choose who is worthy of sex or not, for my benefit.

Sometimes i fantasize about being a dark triad woman and getting multiple scrotes attached to me like that. Fuck you for existing, scrote, now deal with the way of your kind and see how it affects you.

No. 274701

Same. I would fucking kill myself if I got pregnant irl. I accept it's, like you said, our hormones trying to trick us. And I use it as a fap material and nothing else kek.

No. 274844

File: 1657642591451.jpg (34.33 KB, 800x360, comunicado-eta_0.jpg)

kek nonny YES. the women are also really hot and the accents are just 10/10. and their names are also so beautiful (Iñaki, Nekane…) aughhh.
Pic related, it's a eta announcement. Mask kink enjoyers are welcome.

I feel really bad for sexualizing them, tho.

No. 274845

File: 1657642810627.png (291.44 KB, 375x375, waawaaweewaa.png)

uggg i know nonny. i don't even find catalonian men that atractive, but he's different…
i think about his arrest and death every day…

No. 274846

i love you too nonny.
i prefer javier bardem, quim gutiérrez, aitor luna and paco león.

i am glad to expand spanish horny culture across the atlantic and far beyond haha

No. 274848

You can reply to several posts at the same time

No. 274849

i like to reply singularily. that way i can add pictures and it feels more comfortable, nonny

No. 274850

human cows, both genders. lactation included, also futa. and men with vaginas (not MIF, cis men with a female reproductive sistem)

No. 274852

File: 1657645194617.jpeg (Spoiler Image,37.64 KB, 623x492, images.jpeg)

No. 274860

i would love to tell you that i don't find this hot, but i may be more demented than i thought

No. 275071

i get omegas, because they still have a penis, but "cis men with a female reproductive system" with vaginas makes not only little sense but absolutely zero sense. are you a lesbian?

No. 275086

i am a bisexual woman. i find men atractive, but i don't really like dicks. i said cis men as in assigned male at birth and presenting/feeling/identifying like a man, but with a vagina. i hope that cleared it up!
i don't find A/B/O hot, tho

No. 275110

ok shame me.
men transforming into women. not trooning. just a man going thru a transformation and becoming a woman, exploring his new body and going thru the "totally straight man to slut" pipeline.
i am sorry

No. 275143

I really like selfcest and incest, there's something about people being so close without boundaries that does it for me. It could be that it would be much easier to get sex or satisfaction without working too hard for it.

This too. I don't think I'm attracted to women but I don't mind masturbating with another woman pretending to be a man.

No. 275209

I can kind of see where you’re coming from, but basically 100% of that type of stuff is produced for men, and all the men who are into that stuff have SUPER weird and creepy ideas about what it’s like to be a woman and what it means to be “feminine”, which really turns me off of the whole thing.

No. 275228

I find men and dicks attractive also in my fantasies they often have vaginas as well. And they're not troons (because ewwww), they just are some fantasy men with very weird genitals. I'm bi as well

No. 275231

Question for nonas who are into being pissed on: what about it turns you on? What's the appeal? No judgment, I'm just curious.

No. 275239

Mental illness.

No. 275241


but usually it goes along with being degraded i think

No. 275244

I assume your first crush was Ranma? lol

No. 275276

I used to be into that as well as pissing on moids (but never did either irl), but thank fuck lolcow changed that. Now I'm only into the latter kek.
The reason is simply pornsickness. The appeal for me was that it's gross, but not as gross as literal shit. Also, when you piss, you feel relieved, it feels good, and I like to hear and watch the men I like doing it, it's hot. The feeling of submission and degradation to me wasn't an important part of the appeal. It was more like "we're doing this gross, intimate, kinky thing together" and that was hot. But again, I never acted it out irl thankfully.

No. 275285

i know it's weird. i just like men exploring their new body and i am really into the idea of a man who is like super misogynistic and homophobic becoming addicted to sex. i am not so much into the femeninity as the exploration and confusion
no lmao.

No. 275288

aah we're sisters from another misters. i am really into the idea of a supermasculine dude with a shaved pussy. bonus points if he fucks a futa. sadly, there's no works with that dynamic (as far as i know)

No. 275292

It's the contrast I think. I also like a supermasculine man whose cock I'd suck and finger his pussy at the same time. I'm a degenerate who's ovulating right now so forgive me. I need Jesus

No. 275298

same honestly.also really into the idea of a futa with separated dick and pussy (not an extended clit)

No. 275300

I like corruption and redemption.

So a bad character turning someone bad or a good character helping reform someone through the power of love kek.

Also futa but I think thats more wanting to know or feel what its like to have a dick but not forever, like If I could make it appear or disappear.

I need jesus too sorry

No. 275301

I have a fetish for men with impregnation fetishes. Like, the thought of being impregnated doesn't turn me on, but the thought of a guy who wants to impregnate someone does (even if they're fucking a dude kek). Actually getting pregnant isn't part of the appeal, it's just the primal instinctive drive that's hot.

No. 275318

same anon, i've never been able to explain why i like it because the thought of pregnancy is terrifying to me but yes it is very hot when a guy has that primal instinct to breed

No. 275348

>I need jesus too sorry
Lmao me too, but not in the way you're thinking.

No. 275352


No. 275356

short men are great if they're the "you're an amazonian goddess" kind instead of the "napoleon complex" kind.

No. 275361

How tall are you Nonna?

No. 275369

File: 1657883559386.jpg (19.09 KB, 300x225, mommy.jpg)

also, basque women aren't usually atractive, but some of their traits are kinda hot (light eyes, dark hair, skinny faces and tall height)
pic related, female etarra that i think is hot

sorry for more spainsperging

No. 275464


No. 275482

File: 1657912686564.gif (759.78 KB, 220x201, AE138F07-ADD0-4E73-B46A-0D0B4C…)

No. 275485


No. 275513

married men

No. 275521

forbidden fruit enjoyer, just like me

No. 275523

low hanging fruit more like

vanilla asses

No. 275525

No. 275547

Are you physically unattractive or suffer from low self esteem? What pushes you to fantasize about married men?

No. 275550

It is definitely a self-esteem problem and I’m aware of it (the thread is called Fetishes You’re Ashamed Of.)
I’ve never acted on it and never will, but I think a destructive, evil part of me enjoys the idea of wrecking a man’s life.

No. 275553

There's nothing about fucking a married man that wrecks his life

No. 275564

uhh you're just punishing his wife

No. 275570

I don't like the idea of being purposefully pissed on for degradation, I'm into more like fingering a woman until she loses control of her bladder and makes a little mess. So I think it's the appeal of a good orgasm. I'm sure I'm still a degenerate but well

No. 275571

I used to be into that shit a long time ago and the others are right. You're only thinking about him, but what about his wife? You're just being selfish. It's definitely some sort of porn-induced brainrot that tells you it's totally fine if you want to fuck married men, because who cares about the wife, right? (scrotes don't)

No. 275576

Admit it’s a bit of a pickme thing, honestly I had the same thing but would never act on it. It’s just good to feel so desired sexually despite them having a vowed commitment to somebody else. Seems straightforward how that would be a turn on.

No. 276302

nonnas, which profession or nationalities do you fetishise?

i'll start: park rangers and icelandics

No. 276339

male nurses because they are warm and kind and turkish men

No. 276342

Young priests or any moid in church leadership and not really a nationality but I fetishize rednecks lol

No. 276392

I fetishize Japanese men, specifically nerdy ones. As for profession, probably salaryman

No. 276408

Firefighters and I don't like any specific nationality when it comes to men, but I like white guys if that counts somehow.

No. 276415

college professors, they have an air of pathetic-ness about them I find irresistible. Nationality wise, Spanish, or middle eastern guys that have long angular faces and strong noses.

No. 276425

I like Arab guys too but only date white since since most brown moids have unbearable personalities

No. 276429

>they have an air of patheticness
What do you mean?

Butlers, I guess?

No. 276431

File: 1658211504033.jpg (230.95 KB, 1024x1275, MV5BNmY0ZTllODEtYzg1MC00ZTFjLW…)

isn't Lauren Jauregui said to be Basque-descent Cuban? do you think she looks the part?

No. 276457

File: 1658227162147.jpg (4.62 KB, 186x197, dammmmm.jpg)

>>276339 smash
>>276342 pass
>>276392 smash
>>276408 smash
>>276415 smash and based

>>276431 hi nonna, i'm spainfag. she doesn't look basque at all lol. she looks very much latina. basque women have many notable traits and she doesn't have any of them: pale skin, small pale eyes that are located pretty far away, dark hair and eyebrows, small lips… basque people are pretty singular when it comes to looks since it's one of the only autonomic communities that wasn't invaded by romans, germanic tribes, north african tribes… the girl you shared looks pretty much like what americans think all spanish women look like, but in spain we consider hispanic

she also lacks the terrible mullet many basque women have along with ultra baby bangs. the kale borroka haircut really damaged multiple generations lol

No. 276478

>basque people are pretty singular
idk spainonnie, im not denying your picrel is as basque as they come but she does have features in common with people from the balkans and/or of jewish descent

No. 276483

well yes nonna, some ethnic characteristics may be similar, but that doesn't mean they belong on to the same race. i was talking about a race belonging to west europe, not eastern european/arabian

what may be the case is that now that we know basque comes from Mali (you know, the African country) some physical characteristics of african merchants who satyed there may have something in common. idk, it seems highly unlikely.

another thing is that after La Reconquista, the Sefardíes who refused to convert (even tho many of them still practiced their faith behind doors, see "marranos" wich could literally be translated to pigs) fled to the northern territories. but once again, most of the sefardíes went to Galicia, not País Vasco, so i don't really know why many basque people look eastern european

i also tried to look for the least ugly vasca, i didn't want all of you to bully me for my tastes
(even tho this literally started because i talked about how much i wanted to be railed by etarras)

No. 276512

not a nationality but black men

No. 276517

I thought this was a cute boy

No. 276525

File: 1658262636101.gif (997.21 KB, 245x255, Adrien Brody GIF - Find & Shar…)

I can't help it I love jews, can't be attracted to a man who doesn't have a big bird like nose like it's impossible. I need the man to have dark hair and a beak and be skinny and there's nothing I can do about it.
For profession I've always wanted to date a chef because I don't cook and don't really care about food so it would be convenient. Also it's hot af, it's like an art but it's also one of the most useful skills you can have plus traditionally feminine thing to do so it's hot when a man does it

No. 276528

File: 1658264003655.jpg (590.08 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pzliciAvqZ1uf89qwo2_128…)

well yeah. basque women and men look a lot alike. it's like they're androgynous, but only for women. they look like men basically lol (este no es un insulto a las mujeres vascas; os amo de todo el corazón, chorvas, besiños)

>>276525 ou em lli nonna, we are the same! i feel like crushing on snape back when i was younger awakened something within me, and i also love adrien brody. bonus points, reading ASOIAF made me have a crush on the greyjoys just because of how they look in the books (long dark hair, beaky noses, dark eyes, confident…) pic related is my favourite one, aeron, who made me develop an affinity for extremely religious characters (art by amuelia)

No. 276529

Asian men with big noses and middle eastern people. The only white men I ever am attracted to end up being jews kek. Also am super weak for aussie or nz accents on anyone.

No. 276536

File: 1658268205740.jpg (36.4 KB, 474x711, cykeemwhite.jpg)

I'll add on to you nonna: black guys with long hair/dreads. I can't, they look so cute especially if they take care of their looks.

No. 276538

We have the exact same brain nonna.

No. 276568

File: 1658280198827.jpeg (249.03 KB, 1536x2048, tamino.jpeg)

Nonas into big noses, here's Tamino if you don't know him yet.
Posting him because I had a sex dream about having sex with a friend and in the dream we were only attracted to each other because of his music kek. She's one of my best friends and I've been ashamed of that dream since I woke up (it involved ass play and I hope I get over this before I see her irl).

No. 276573

File: 1658282659046.jpg (27.96 KB, 400x533, despair.jpg)

Being a sex slave, and to a lesser degree, petplay. Feel like I have serious brain worms but at this point I'm trying to embrace it. Still feel disgust with myself sometimes. Do wonder how I got this way. Nothing else gets me off even remotely as well.

No. 276575

wanting to be degraded/bullied/treated like a slut because of my low self esteem makes me feel like a degen porn addict i need to rewire my brain

No. 276594

File: 1658297409368.gif (3.2 MB, 500x281, OddballWellmadeEgg-size_restri…)

ayrt but I love pathetic men. Men stuck in jobs that they hate but it's all they know, divorced is a bonus, maybe their wife hates them for being a doormat. Men who have this sadness in their eyes because they never got to achieve anything they wanted to, have been beaten down and aren't angry or willing to stand up and change but instead just continually get cucked by their existence. While I'm not physically attracted to him, think of the main character in the movie "A serious man" by the coen brothers.

No. 276617

based, based, based, I love pathetic men

No. 276621

the premise of Czech hunter videos is so hot i love the idea of straight men paying themselves out for another man to fuck them. i like how they don’t enjoy the sex and they’re not bifags they just seem like genuine random straight men. the fact that it’s Czech somehow makes it hotter but I’d never be into like bi threesomes or forced bi, just exclusively gay for pay type premises

No. 276624

what do you think it is nonnie? What is it about a man who's a complete failure that's so alluring?

No. 276630

Now I want to pet you, purr for me Nonna!
People wearing nothing but a undershirt/wifebeater

No. 276643


Absolutely love this harem fantasy, anon. For me- I would add on that they absolutely are OBSESSED and think of nothing besides you every waking moment. That’s something I fantasize about: having men powerless in how obsessed with me they are, how they would give anything for the chance to even touch me. Every waking thought should be on the woman they serve.

No. 276645

File: 1658320484496.jpg (7.27 KB, 193x261, antonioo.jpg)

he's cute, but i personally prefer the flores family. tamino's lips are kinda too small for me too consider atractive.

>>276594 i also love pathetic men, nonna.

No. 276646

File: 1658320826741.jpg (49.65 KB, 720x380, puchoo.jpg)

i am dropping by and adding c tangana just because i think his clothing will make some of the nonnas like him

No. 276653

chess players but idk what nationality. i really like the idea of a relationship between someone from the soviet union and someone from a capitalist country

No. 276674

I love these. Good stuff, nonnies.

No. 276720

Yeah gotta admit that I also fetishize Jewish American nerds a bit, I love their eyebrows and noses and their dark hair
Probably that they know they're garbage and advertise it to the world, begging to be physically abused. I'm not actually sure what it is, tbh but I like it.

No. 276747

tfw no cute soviet bf… life is torment

No. 276750

seconded. tfw your pussy is not strong enough to tempt a man to betray his country

No. 276751

You remind me of american coquettes

No. 276752

no, its just that i grew up knowing about the soviet union and my first crush was slavic

No. 276759

me but with black women. i just find them so atractive

No. 276765

File: 1658352716066.png (Spoiler Image,1.41 MB, 1802x928, Screenshot_17.png)

do my fetishes count if i'm strictly 2d/writing/etc. fictional only? i find most fetishists go "oh this totally turns me on irl, i want to try it but i'm ashamed" but for me it's solely the idea of the thing. like deep-throating, or example; or piss. i'm not sexually attracted to either of these things irl. i don't want to do them, or be involved with anyone that does.

i also never envision myself or anyone real in any of my sexual fantasias, it's always various anime characters (kind of like ocs, i guess? they're not realistic looking at all though)

it's like i'm creating an h-doujin inside my head, and fapping to it. see pic related (spoilered because it's slightly nsfw)

No. 276776

NTA but fuck I love Flowers, I am literally Amy Flowers.

No. 276782

You'd really like my one college professor I had, he taught a mandatory writing class. He was super super pathetic, and I really think he was gay but mentioned having an ex-wife (could have divorced because he discovered his need to go on grindr and get TOPPED but i don't know). He was charismatic though and funny in a sense that you don't know if you're meant to laugh at him or with him (self deprecation). He definitely had a sadness in his eyes.

No. 276784

reminds me of my music teacher who was really shy and probably not very sane mentally. he sounded like he was about to cry everytime the class who act up. he was really nice and really passionate about music, he knew piano and violin and from what i could take from his rambling, he also studied law along with music (no wonder he was so depressed)
i used to have a crush on him, aah. when i left high school i even got to hug him and he told me that if i ever had something going wrong, to message me. good man

No. 276787

>do my fetishes count if i'm strictly 2d/writing/etc. fictional only?
Yes, tbh I don't like these conversations about which real life race has the hotteest features or whatever. It has dragged on for too long.
>i find most fetishists go "oh this totally turns me on irl, i want to try it but i'm ashamed" but for me it's solely the idea of the thing
It's ok. I'm a femdomfag but I have no interest in real relationships anymore and I certainly don't worry about how to get a sub bf because all I do is look at, read or draw femdom and that's all I wanna do. Which is why I don't bother with the femdom thread anymore as most of the post have been about real life relationships with males, and I don't care about that.

You should stop consuming so much porn for moids though

No. 276792

> I don't like these conversations about which real life race has the hottest features or whatever
>You should stop consuming so much porn for moids though
don't know what makes you assume i consume a lot of "porn for moids", but i'm fine honestly. the things i like in fiction have never ever spilled over to my irl tastes, and what i want for myself. i get that other people have issues with "pornsickness" or whatever but i think i'm too mentally strong to be led astray like that

No. 276796

I don't understand the appeal or attraction towards pathetic men.

Is it a vulnerability thing, they are lesser, if you showed any kindness they would treasure it more ?

No. 276800

Can't speak for all nonas, but it's basically all three of those reasons for me. I think the vulnerability of being pathetic incites a feeling of wanting to take care of somebody, while knowing you're better than them makes you feel like you're the one with all the power in the dynamic (which is attractive for a lot of women). And then feeling like if you were first person to show someone kindness or love in a long time that it would hold more importance to them than someone who would take it for granted. It's just a fantasy for me though, since I know moids in real life probably wouldn't treasure my kindness no matter how pathetic they are. Also irl pathetic men just turn me off and make me cringe although maybe I just haven't met the right one lol.

No. 276801

File: 1658362844901.jpeg (34.39 KB, 664x374, 34200A39-B594-4A05-8FAE-DD8E1C…)

i want to force feed a fat man until he chokes

No. 276806

nta but the first part is about the discussion from other anons earlier, she's saying she'd rather hear about 2d fetishes instead of that. second part was about the image in your post.

No. 276807

NTA but that reminds me of a math teacher I had in high school who was kinda young and obviously very bad at working with teenage students. He wasn't respected by any of us. The best part about his appearance is that he wore glasses so I thought he was cute. He scolded me very badly in front of everyone once for drawing ponies in my notebook instead of paying attention kek. And he literally cried once in front of all of us, IIRC because most people got a low grade that semester or something, and a bunch of them decided to confront him about it. Me and multiple classmates felt bad for him when he started crying. It was moe tbh, and I think I'm a little fucked up for thinking so.
all of them

No. 276809

I also like pathetic men. Yes it is all three! Though I am conflicted on whether I want to beat them or be nice.

No. 276816

Fucking same

No. 276820

Yes!! These are the type of men I mean. I had a music/philosophy teacher that was exactly like this. I would banter with him in class and he would really just take shit from the students without any push back, just make the occasional joke. If they can be bullied by teenagers and just let it happen it speaks to the patheticness more.

I think it's all 3. I like the idea of being the best thing that's ever happened to them, and my fantasy usually involves fucking them in secret. Partially because it'd be shameful if anyone knew I was sleeping with them, but for him it's the most exciting thing to happen to him in decades. The thrill of that as well as how vulnerable he'd be with me, allow me to take the lead and do whatever I want with him, it's an odd mix of things

No. 276823

samefag but it just occurred to me to add that I think a love for pathetic men also comes from the fact that men everywhere have insane egos and you're more likely to find men who think way more highly of themselves than they actually are. Wanting a man who actually has his ego in check and realises his true worth is arousing because they have an awareness of where they stand.

No. 276857

File: 1658399243774.png (735.76 KB, 500x737, dcw61z2-124d25eb-8eba-43c3-9ce…)

I see, I can sort of understand it a little better now thank you, Is there then an appeal that through your influence and actions you help this person be less pathetic and more confident as long as they don't become ignorant, arrogant or disloyal towards you ?

I suppose for irl men there's different sorts of pathetic, one that's just pathetic without hope and one that sort of trudges along still persevering (I have an big appeal for the latter)

I can sort of understand this in a twisted way, I wouldn't do it myself but I feel like I'd be annoyed if it was someone else being nice or beating them, would you want the person to hate you, be afraid, develop a crush ?

You make it seem like its two different exchanges going on nonnie, the guy finding some joy and happiness maybe hope and you finding a chew toy kek
Yes, someone that's more grounded and self reflecting seems nicer than some fake lofty ego.

Thanks for your answers nonas, I think I have a similar draw towards those that are struggling but still pushing on despite setback after setback, I like the idea of being a lifeline that's cherished but not taken for granted

No. 276866

This discussion about pathetic men made me realize something about myself. I have two very different attractions, i want to be with a man whom i respect and love, but i also want another man whom i don't respect at all and bully. Juicy story incoming.

At my last job i had a coworker, 29, who was a little bit smaller than me in height and really skinny, nerdy, somewhat smart but not too much, shy but he would hide it well, always nicely groomed. When i first arrived at the job i could see he was attracted to me but he was so fucking bad at complimenting me, so corny, so pathetic, but i let him do it. He always put me on a pedestal, told everyone i was so smart and impressive. A year later we had developped this relationship where i was always teasing him in a mean way (i remember one time he was with a client at his desk and i came by and acted like i had something important and work related to tell him and i whispered in his ear "you're a piece of shit" in front of the client who thought i was just talking about our job. He laughed. I could see he loved how i degraded him, and as time passed, i would even hit him, throw his pen/papers in his bin to annoy him, take his wallet to look inside of it without permission (looking at pictures, cards, etc).

When i tell it like that it sounds like i'm a crazy bully but we actually were friendly, it just developped into this sadistic, violent way for me. I didn't know i had it in me, and i think it takes a very special kind of pathetic men for me to be like that.

I kinda miss him, not really HIM lol, but this dynamic was so fun for me

No. 276868

do you also like the pathetic and whiny men? I would never be able to be together with someone whiny. A man who is highly devoted to me would be more preferable for me because at least I would have to not play his therapist and he would do things I am too shy to do lol

No. 276871

>I kinda miss him, not really HIM lol, but this dynamic was so fun for me

I get this, it must of been really freeing, like realistically how often do we get to behave in that manner.

I don't mind whiny as long as its backed up with actions, like they can complain a little but still do what's asked.

No. 276897

>Is there then an appeal that through your influence and actions you help this person be less pathetic and more confident as long as they don't become ignorant, arrogant or disloyal towards you ?
NTA but for me, it depends on if it's a romantic context (rare) or a purely sexual one (usually). If I just see him as a sex toy I would want him to remain as pathetic as possible so I can keep taking advantage of him. But if I actually liked him beyond that, I'd like to see him grow more confident and happy without becoming egocentric and entitled, but such a thing is almost impossible in real life.
>would you want the person to hate you, be afraid, develop a crush ?
Realistically, if I managed to have a one-night stand with a pathetic man who also hates me I wouldn't mind, because I wouldn't have to see hiim again. But ideally in all other cases, he would just have a crush on me, maybe also be afraid at the same time because that sounds kinda hot.

I guess it depends on what he whines about. About his shitty life, sure, I don't mind listening to him, as long as he's also devoted to me and lets me do what I want. But if it's about me or incel shit, no way., then it just becomes disgusting.

No. 276904

>would you want the person to hate you, be afraid, develop a crush?
None, I'd want the person to be committed to me for life. To think that they were born for me. Not in a yandere way though.

No. 276980

AYRT, Not particularly whiny. I'm more of a bully like some of the other anons, so the whinging would put me off. Stuttering though? And struggling to get words out? Super fun to tease.

No. 276987

Okay, I know I'm gonna get called a degenerate but I enjoy lesbian loli/oneeloli content and I wish there was more of it. Strictly in fiction though, and I despise the regular moid lolicon trash. I can't explain why but I like it. I'm also a fujo into (gay) shota but I'm not as embarrassed to admit that one. Again, these are things I only like in fiction so please don't crucify me.

No. 276989

you couldnt waterboard me to get me to admit this

No. 276995

So you've watched all of Boku no Pico and thought it was hot.

No. 277081

when i read hentai, i really like goofy ahegao. like crossing the line between hot and retarded.

No. 277082

kys pedophile

No. 277088


No. 277111

slave play. but not american slavery. roman slavery. roman clothing and everything

No. 277113

File: 1658503828672.jpg (444.47 KB, 888x1221, mdkmn.jpg)

spainanon here. done talking about basque traits, about to sperg about how much i like to sexualize old timey cowboys.

No. 277238

Gosh you're annyoing. There I said what everyone was thinking!

No. 277264

Thank you holy shit

No. 277280

At least the cowboy cute

No. 277281

Meh I'd rather hear about cowboys than loli hentai shit.

No. 277296

stop nonna this reminded me of my repressed attraction to jesus

same. i blame tumblr. during my most formative years of puberty i got exposed to so much teachers pet lolita lana del rey bullshit. still like this even though i havent willingly looked at porn in like 8 years. i never wanted to literally act like a child or a daughter or anything but ever since i was like 13 ive been exclusively attracted to older men and have a strong sexual need to be smaller, coddled, degraded. i would NEVER a partner this unprompted though and its a part of myself i deeply resent because i know how fucked up it is and i hate giving men power over me. actually when the 2x board was still a thing it helped me a lot in deconditioning the more masochistic kinks i had

so fucking based, american ashkenazis are so hot. all i gaf about on a man is being lean, having a hot nose, and having nice hair

No. 277300

i want to deny a dominant man pleasure and make him aggressively beg for me until he tries forcing himself onto me to the point he's wrestling me trying to fuck me. i love the idea of teasing and slapping a dominant man and refusing to let him have me until he gets fed up and fucks me with force. one thing ive loved doing is edging a guy until he gets pissed off and slaps me (im not proud of this and thats why its in this thread, no need to remind me how awful it is, i havent let a man slap me in a long time)

im also super into the idea of being fucked by my bf in front of someone with a crush on me. the idea of the person getting all flustered and frustrated while im embarrassed by being seen in such a state, all while my bf doesnt care if im embarrassed or that the guy's feelings are hurt, he just continues anyway smugly and aggressively. mm

there was a time period where i really wanted to go to catholic confession and say all kinds of lewd confessions of mine but i knew it would be a bad idea kek

No. 277376

File: 1658571458450.jpg (110.5 KB, 640x853, yyyss.jpg)

communist propaganda and uniforms. i really like the soviet working man/woman type

No. 277379

i'm sorry i answer the questions other anons ask. i am just really passionate about my country and culture. won't happen again

No. 277380

File: 1658572926565.jpg (77.22 KB, 1024x768, iiii.jpg)

"ooooouuhh why can't men wear suits anymore? why do they all have to dress casual?"

they are literally right there. go to brooklyn or something

No. 277381

>actually when the 2x board was still a thing
It's still there and active, nona.

No. 277405

wrong thread? who are you responding to

No. 277406

no one in particular. there are many anons here that like jewish men, tho. so i kinda leaned into that
also many people like to camplain about men loosing style

No. 277408

I actually do think a lot of Orthodox men are pretty

No. 277418

me too, sister. me too

No. 277429

I like their features but I don't like religious men.

No. 277436

yeah. i kinda wanna secularize an orthodox nerd.

No. 277593

File: 1658646170279.jpg (686.56 KB, 1678x2200, popy.jpg)

nazis, weird looking men and priests. finding out that pope benedict xvi was in hitlers youth and was kinda cute when he was younger was a pleasant surprise (he's the one in the right)

No. 277625

Every single german kid was in hitlerjugend anon, even if their family wasn't actively pro nazi party, it was obligatory

No. 277762

Piss kink. Peeing into a cute guy’s mouth and on them, watching a cute guy pee desperately after holding it in or soil his pants. Idk why piss turns me on so much

No. 277765

help me nonas, back when i used tiktok i found a bunch of people talking about a certain faceless youtuber uploading audio-only videos of him literally wanking and whimpering and i listened to one bc i was curious and thought it'd be funny but i still think about it to this day fuck me

No. 277786

I think op is weirded out by the wording, finding someone was involved in Nazi activities shouldn't be a pleasant surprise

No. 277861

No. 277881

his channel is smth like moon x

No. 277889

that's so hot holy fuck

No. 277891

spanianon i'm the one that called you annoying i'm sorry i was in a bad mood that day you're not really annoying i was just kidding!

No. 277892

pls come back

No. 277896

to any anons reading this, there is quite of bit of nsfw male audios/asmr ytbers. especially japanese and korean. some search terms are 'boyfriend roleplay' 'asmr moans'. hell you could even search kpoppie names because chances are some kids edited asmr videos to sound like their idols KEK

No. 277899

I like r/gonewildaudio whenever I wanna hear someone moan every once in a while when my bf isn’t around. You can filter and search by tags. M4F, and then you can add whatever else you want like mdom or msub or masturbation

No. 277900

File: 1658789414756.png (Spoiler Image,226.21 KB, 863x640, chrome_KYIsjZQP1r.png)

samefag its in cd drama territory, where you could find japanese roleplay cds made for women. there are officially translated ones on dlsite on girls/bl side of the site. i probably don't need to warn you the rest of the site has coomer moid shit


No. 277903

i have a violent hatred of porn but listen to lewd audios a couple times a year without masturbating just because. i always end up pissed off because the rest of whatever site im looking at just has degenerate pornsick moids circlejerking

No. 278342

Kek anon a lot of men did peak in high school but I feel weird saying it. Old men tied up just sounds disgusting. Give me young bulging pecs with the ropes tied around them hnfff.

No. 278909

I have a fetish for insane jock bullies now. Idk where it's coming from, idk if its "new" or if this is something I had but didn't know about. But I literally can't get enough of jocks and I keep fantasizing about built men with broad chests and strong jaws being rough with me

No. 278916

Ayrt. I take it you're the same then kek what happened?

No. 279045

File: 1659329623370.png (Spoiler Image,803.91 KB, 822x812, slutty man.png)

i love pecs. i know it isn't that weird but i like them so much that it feels like a weird shameful fetish. i just wanna make a cocky gymbro squirm by suckling on his nip ahhhh

this meme awakened something in me i think. sorry for sperging

No. 279176

File: 1659410702331.jpeg (63.7 KB, 455x456, 1637165830571.jpeg)

My chubby fetish came back full force, last night I dreamed about meeting a pale chubby guy with a cute face, about as tall as me, who was obviously into me, and wrapping one arm around him and squeezing his belly with one hand while horny several times throughout the dream, and then kissing him. kill me

No. 279923

i've forgiven you, nonnita. plus you were kinda right
>>279045 i also love men's tits

No. 279943

Anon, my pec love is so uncontrollable (thank you Germany from hetalia) I think I could actually pay for pec implants for a hypothetical boyfriend. They mean so much to me. You’re so not alone in this- also men accidentally (Don’t think too hard about the logistics of this. Males are retarded ok) peeing all over their chests. Like oh nooo I can’t stop wetting my massive fucking gravity defying boy honkers nooo. Not my jug a boobas! Lol

No. 279961

LOL same, my bf has large ones from working out and I’ll just squeeze them throughout the day, it’s nice because they’re a bit hard and can flex but still squishy.

No. 279978

>men accidentally peeing all over their chests. Like oh nooo I can’t stop wetting my massive fucking gravity defying boy honkers nooo. Not my jug a boobas! Lol
im fucking losing it at this post. but i have to ask are they upside down while they pee their boobs?

No. 280001

Sex with chubby men feels good

No. 280002

File: 1659853922456.jpg (Spoiler Image,322.33 KB, 1084x1600, 001-12.jpg)

>Anon, my pec love is so uncontrollable (thank you Germany from hetalia)
nta but kek same Hetalia porn gave me a severe case of pec/male nipple play fetish. fucking marumary
when I was younger, one of my dreams was to squeeze a man's pecs. none of my boyfriends had squeezable chests, they were all average or skinny.

No. 280004

I don't want to think about how much I'm missing but at the same time I also want to know why it feels so good.
Why can't I score a cute chubby guy? I always ruin my chances to fuck one. I even rejected one who was in love with me and I was this close to giving in and kissing him, and now I regret it every time I'm horny for fatties. Just any fatso won't do, I specifically need a pale one with a cute face, nice hair and the right body shape. That kind of guy is very rare here. It doesn't matter if he's around my height or three heads taller than me, they're both hot to me in their own way. Not even in fiction it's easy to find a cute chubby husbando that I like physically.
I hate having this fetish, it drives me crazy and it's embarrassing. I don't even know how I got it.

No. 280013

If they're taller than you as well so gooooood

No. 280146

the idea that they might crush you during sex is so hot and I don't know why kek
being hugged by a tall (cute) chubby man is one of the best things that have ever happened to me

No. 280588

File: 1659978152662.jpg (824.95 KB, 4000x3267, god i wish that were me.jpg)

i wish i could fuck a male angel. ever since i was a teen i've been obsessed with angels and i really like androgynous looking men, plus the corruption aspect of it is really hot

No. 280589

File: 1659978257943.png (648.7 KB, 760x887, Skärmbild 2022-08-08 180509.pn…)

I heard that they're pretty found of human women.

No. 280590

ahh, i wanted to add that drawing, but i couldn't find it. thank you nonna.
i feel like we could create beautiful nephilim children… also, imagine a supernatural being loving you so much it sacrifices inmortality just to get a bit of pussy, lol

No. 280598

You're welcome!
Would that technically make your partner a fallen angel?
I wonder what a half-angel child would be like.

No. 280600

mm. i think he would become a fallen angel afterwards.
>I wonder what a half-angel child would be like.
probably inhumanly beautiful, smart and tall (see nephilim)

No. 280610

mormon missionaries

No. 280629

Nawww imagine him fluttering his wings excitedly during love making

No. 280630

It must be a heavenly experience.

No. 281288

It’s probably not that unusual and I’m painfully straight, but I love the feeling of guys being bigger than me and being immobilized underneath them. You don't even have to be particularly tall, I think I prefer guys who are close to my own height as long as they’re reasonably fit, it's just the difference in weight/muscle mass that does it. I remember when I just started hooking up with guys, being surprised at how much stronger guys who were a similar size to me were. Anyway, I just started hooking up with a guy and he likes lying on top of me hugging me, and the feeling that I can't move makes me instantly wet. I’ll star squirming and pretend that I’m trying to get away and I think he's into it too. I just spent the night at his place and had to leave early the next morning, so I got up before him to get dressed etc. then went to wake him up. He got on top of me to give me a hug and we start kissing, I could feel him get hard and he started grinding his dick on my sweater and it turned me on so much lmao. Maybe it's just that everything about him turns me on and it's been so long since I’ve felt this way towards anyone and it feels great knowing he can't help himself either when he's around me. I also loved going out wearing the sweater he’d been humping without anyone else knowing lmao.

No. 281293

that’s not a fetish it’s called being an average straight woman

No. 281298

Anon fell in love with a guy and thinks it's a fetish

No. 281304

A guy being able to restrain me like that is terrifying and the way he seems to like it even more so. I hope he's not a degenerate who ends up hurting you.

No. 281311

In the last year, I have really gotten into femdom. I was always pretty kinky but always on the submissive side of things. I started talking to a guy and he is like 3 inches shorter than me (not even that much but he's overall tiny for a guy and I'm only 5'5) and all I could think about was wrecking him, to push him to the ground and make him beg, peg him, the whole 9 yards. We've been dating officially for a few months now and I really like him and his company—overall great guy, great in bed, a little kinky. Recently I have brought up pegging him and tying him up, and he's all for it. He gets really pathetic now. I feel bad for creating this dynamic. I feel bad that I fetishize being able to take control over him. And I feel bad that he's pathetic enough that he lets me.

No. 281312

File: 1660323372615.jpeg (311.94 KB, 1592x2400, why am i like this.jpeg)

samefag, but quite literally a hobbit but a little plumper lmao
I want to make him dress as a hobbit when we go to the ren fair next month.

No. 281320

I don't get how the first part is hot. Men are obviously physically stronger than women. When a man flaunts that, it's more pathetic than anything. Almost as if he's trying to reaffirm his masculinity by controlling someone much frailer than he is. Peak loser behavior.

No. 281330

feet and everything?

No. 281331

based and adorable. do it nonna!

No. 281333

Anons saying this is hot and normal, I don't think so personally. I would not want to be squished by a man who is too retarded to know his own strength. I deserve to be treated gently like one would treat a wild animal, with gentle care and constant observation.

No. 281337

Thanks for your concern anon, and believe me I get it. I've had bad experiences being immobilized in the past and I thought it had traumatized me for life, but I guess I just have very strong chemistry/mutual attraction with this guy. So far I haven't been in a position where I've had to assert boundaries (we always ask each other is it ok if i do this or that), and I guess you don't really know until that happens. For all I know he probably is a degenerate, I know he's into anime so he probably watches all the hentai, but at the time being I don't really consider him bf material anyway, I just feel insanely attracted to him.

No. 281339

Different strokes for different folks. I think part of the reason for why it excites me so much is because my ex bf (bless his heart) was drug-addict tier skinny. He is 6'2 and was clinically anorexic when I met him, so whenever we playfought I could overpower him and I don't even lift. I know it's not a unique experience, but I'm excited to finally be with a regular dude I guess.

No. 281350

I hate violence against women (really just male on female violence) but I'd be lying if I said women fighting didn't turn me on. I saw this pic of a stud lesbian about to throw hands without a shirt on once and I always think about it… I want to join a kickboxing class but i know I'll get my ass beat and like it

No. 281360

I know what you mean. It's regular straight women stuff, but even that is embarrassing to admit being into sometimes.
I literally just had an experience like you described in OP and it felt so so nice, but he stopped talking to me so I guess it won't happen again thanks for reminding me nonny kek

No. 281364

damn it, me too. where's a hot butch lesbians who will crack my back like a glowstick and fuck me after we leave the hospital when i need her?

No. 281631

have you ever had your ass beat?

No. 281637

What the fuck having a skinny easily overpowered boyfriend sounds way hotter

No. 281647

It's not really a fetish nor am I ashamed of it, but I couldn't find the appropriate thread, so here we are. I love my boyfriend's meaty, sturdy, thick thighs, arms and butt. He is built in such a way that he is broad and sturdy by default, without being fat whatsoever. He also tans really nicely and has flattering dark body hair which embellishes his build. But most of all, I just love how meaty he is… I love squeezing his thighs and butt or biting his arms (lovingly). It's so attractive how broad he is. He looks so good in shorts.

No. 281653

i was gonna say i like being choked/ slapped hard by a bigger man but i think thats too vanilla for y'all… suddenly i don't feel ashamed…

No. 281654

I'm jealous anon, the guy I'm seeing right now is fit but his butt is so tiny. Men don't realize how important man-butt is. Don't skip ass day.

No. 281656

you should feel ashamed

No. 281658

I love muscular thick thighs and ass on men. Around here most guys are chubby or skinnyfat, it fucking sucks.

No. 281659

Nonnie, I love you! I feel the exact same way. You even described my boyfriend kek. I adore big meaty men. Bonus points for when their joints are huge and thick idk why I find that so attractive

No. 281663

I'm the anon who posted about being immobilized and I feel you. Idk if it's ok to post those kind of fantasies or whether there should be a "shamefully straight" thread lmao.

No. 281665

>how important man-butt is
probably an unpopular opinion but i think men with large asses look weird tbh. but asses are the least attractive body part to me in general.

No. 281666

Ok so I'm drunk off my ass right now and Idk if this is allowed but pic related is my attempt to explain. I don't like guys with vuloptious asses either, but by tiny ass I mean basically #1. Like disproportionally small ass in comparison to the rest of the body. #2 is ideal and #3 means there's something endocrinologically wrong.

No. 281667

File: 1660419647631.png (71.97 KB, 1538x705, a.png)

Forgot picture

No. 281668

Ntayrt but I'm meaty-thigh-OP and I concur. It's gross when a man has feminine fat distribution. But when his body is masculine and full (as opposed to skinny), it is attractive to me. I love being able to grab my boyfriend's but and actually feeling something there which I can squeeze.

No. 281669

I downloaded a pose book a while ago and one of the guys had an ass like #1, very bizarre seeing it in reality

No. 281670

I'm so jealous but also really happy for you nona!

No. 281672



No. 281677

Cross necklaces are so hot. My boyfriend always wears one and it's too much for me when it dangles above my face or chest when we're having sex. Or when his shirt is slightly unbuttoned due to it being summer and sweat drips down his face, that cross just finishes the look and turns me on. Or when he goes down to eat my out and the cross hits my privates. I also adore it when he spergs a little bit about the Lord like a cute Christian boy, as opposed to some pretentious larper. It gives him this endearing, sheltered countryboy air that makes me want to get all over him. Or the idea of him having sex with me in the same outfit I wore to church earlier that morning. I'm glad he is attracted to that idea too. I'm embarrassed to fetishise these things so much, it makes me feel a bit like a sinful temptress. I had been exposed to too much coomer nonsense as a younger girl which lead me to develop strange fetishistic ideas about my virginity and "purity". I think it has now seeped into my relationship and tainted more elements of my life.

No. 281681

Can't speak for Norwegians but sorry to burst your bubble nonny, our moids are nothing like you've described. They're smilar to germans. Either hairy with big bellies or pale soy boys. Maybe approx. 100 men in this entire country fit your description.

No. 281685

nah you should be ashamed

No. 281686

my bad replied to the wrong post this was meant for >>281653

No. 281698

You fucking an Italian or something?

No. 281705

I’m super into men with 3 if they’re very muscular also, accompanied by massive honkers. Everytime I go on here and read about other women’s tastes I become convinced I’m a weirdo kek.. surely I’m not the only one seeking hourglass figured bois

No. 281706

are italians really passionate about god?

No. 281708

File: 1660433783435.jpg (4.83 KB, 321x272, hh.jpg)

1 lokks like hank hill

No. 281709

I always imagine the scenario as him sitting down to pee for the first time (preferably in a public restroom) and doing something stupid with his penis!

No. 281711

Picture this: a car crash, the guy driving had his spine broken in such a particular way his dick is resting limply next to his head. They’re touching each other so the creature resembles a curled up pillbug. A dick has never been so close to having a brain.
We’re in a magical universe where the doctors manage to fix him into a relatively normal looking guy, but he turns into a freak that has to drag a colonoscopy (?) bag along with him at all times. His intestines curve out of his tight butthole like a snake, the plastic it’s lair. We’re in a fantasy world so the entirety of his organs are sitting happily outside his voluptuous body and you can see his prostate squirm when he’s too happy about something. He’s a high-end office worker at some large corporation and whenever he screams at his underlings they can all see his shit aggressively moving inside his wormlike structures. Like a bulge passing through his tunnels faster and faster the madder he gets.
I don’t know what my endgame is, but I suppose I just want to see a man’s most private parts made public, as brutally as possible. Plus, prostates and gut-stuff are man things so I don’t see why a straight woman wouldn’t be fascinated with it.

No. 281712

File: 1660437166641.gif (2.31 MB, 200x200, 1632225104732.gif)

No. 281716

how do i unread something

No. 281717


No. 281725

You make me feel so normal and sane. Thank you anon.

No. 281726


No. 281737

File: 1660446490955.jpeg (20.66 KB, 275x269, 1659290051358.jpeg)

i love this website

No. 281738

Nonnie wrote a fucking Junji Ito story as a fetish. Incredible

No. 281739

That's what I thought, nonnie should genuinely consider writing horror

No. 281742

i'm scared but proud of you nonna. you're something else.

No. 281770

This reminds me of when I was thirteen and wrote a 15 chapter book in class when I was bored about a fallen angel that fell in love with a human but he couldn't kiss her or he'd suck her soul out. Yes twilight was huge at the time and I didn't like that series so I think I made my own horny version where they could touch but couldn't get more intimate than that. I still have all the pages in a box somewhere.

No. 281771

There's a guy I've known for years that I think is one of the most beautiful men I've ever met, he has this low voice that's so sexy, and though our love affair was brief if he ever told me he wanted to try dating properly, regardless of the time past, I would say yes. Though, his ass looks like #1 and I believe it's his only fatal flaw. It saddens me because the thought of marrying him would be perfect if not for the fact that I'd have his flat pancake ass to pathetically squeeze for the rest of my life, I need an ass I can pinch and slap and bite.

No. 281788

nonnette, how much do you want for all of the manuscripts

No. 281791

File: 1660475315960.jpeg (46.75 KB, 459x352, god_forgives_but_i_don't.jpeg)

this was written by a men (possibly a future killer, the details shows how much you have thought about it, no one making a joke could invent this), I just know it, I wish I could call the police on you, your hard drive cannot be clean, I hate you.

No. 281793

For my long term Nigel to piss on me in the shower also him letting me have a pet GF who is a masochist

No. 281798

the polyfaggotry should be more shameful than the piss

No. 281799

We’re on an anonymous imageboard so there’s no way of possibly proving this, but I can pinky promise you that I’m just a bit quirky. There’s nothing particularly disturbing in my search history except maybe for a coleslaw recipe. That, I have no excuse for. I’m just nasty I guess!

No. 281812

I'm actually laughing my ass off imagining this, you should write dark sci fi

No. 281845

written by a scrote. idk what about it though

No. 281854

Yes?????? of course, do you know what roman catholicism is

No. 281860

Nah I don't think a scrote would write something intentionally disturbing and unsexy about men unless he had masochistic tendencies about himself

No. 281933

Seeing a guy who is into nofap/noporn and he is denying me, and that makes me even more horny. Like we are only going to touch eachother and get off that way.

No. 281956

idf chads

No. 282013

I feel ashamed for getting off to the idea of having sex with two bi guys who pleasure me but also take turns pleasuring each other (no butt stuff though, just oral, handjobs, kissing and touching each other).I realize how unrealistic and gross it is when I'm not turned on, but lately it's been one of my go-to scenarios when I'm horny.

No. 282018

File: 1660591633508.gif (1.41 MB, 400x224, sharp-objects-stop.gif)

No. 282061

tbh that just sounds like an MMF threesome, which isn't that gross or unrealistic imo (as long as you can find bi men who are open to it). Ngl I'm kind of into it too, somehow. It's funny because I've literally never been into M/M stuff, like it's never done anything for me, but for some reason I find MMF hot.

No. 282067

idk. it's more about tradition/custom rather than actual belief

No. 282068

My favorite scenario to fantasize about is having sex with a man who has a girlfriend. I would never do that in real life, though.

No. 282070

nonas i just today discovered i have a 'fetish' for men crying. not in a based way, i don't like seeing anyone hurt, but when an attractive man cries it makes him even hotter to me and i just wanna console him and then fuck him

No. 282144

Why are you ashamed? It's hot and consensual. One of my favorite fantasies.

No. 282147

is this xi jinping's face on top of that WWE presenter??

No. 282150

nta but yes

No. 282181

this is normal and hot, good taste anon

No. 282185

>tbh that just sounds like an MMF threesome, which isn't that gross
yeah it is
enjoy the 100 STIs. bi moids are plague rats/

No. 282187

As opposed to straight moids who only use condoms if their partner nag them and have sex with prostitutes?

No. 282188

enjoy putting a cock that had shit on it into your mouth

No. 282189

Nazis had the most stylish army clothes

No. 282194

bisexual moids have the worst aspects of straight moids AND the worst aspects of gay moids anon

No. 282206

eh it's hot in fantasy but yeah i would not recommend putting in practice

No. 282219


MMF fantasy anon here. But yeah, I'm ashamed because bi moids are probably even worse disgusting coomers and also probably riddled with STD's. Straight men are too but you know, bi guys play for both teams.

No. 282237

Kind of ashamed because I thought it was just a porn/hentai thing, but I realized I like sucking on fingers as part of foreplay, if the guy initiates it.

No. 282245

Is it really a porn thing? I've never watched porn but always had a thing for it, I always assumed it's due to me having some kind of oral fixation lol. though i like both ways

No. 282302

Tbh I don't know. I always assumed so, because when I saw depictions of it I didn't see the appeal. But the other day I was getting cozy with a guy when he started touching my face and mouth. I realized it turned me on so much, I couldn't help myself lol. Idk if I have an oral fixation, but I'm probably a soft sub and like that it's slightly intrusive and resembles giving head.

No. 282332

At 5'2 he has no other options and likely you are the only woman who has ever shown interest in him. He is pathetic because he is terrified of losing you so he'll do anything you say even if he doesn't want to do it.

No. 282348

I like sucking and I like being sucked on. Or at least I did last time I had sex kek

No. 282359

I'm ashamed of finding this kinda hot. I'm more into soft femdom, but also short guys to the point that I quite literally can't be attracted to a guy who is a lot taller and larger than me.
>mfw I'm average height so few guys are shorter than me
>mfw no pathetic short incel roach bf

No. 282642

it's the cut… it's hugo boss.

No. 282643

I love medfet and teacher student crap, though either of those situations irl would disgust me. I can't roleplay them either because it would still gross me out. I am hoping one day I don't find these situations hot and maybe by acknowledging I do in fact find them hot, I can move on from them.

No. 282651

Sucking on a finger like on a dick feels too, hm, porny to me, like I rarely do it when I feel man's finger feeling on my lips.
One time we were laying in bed with a guy and I had my hand on my neck. Guy was behind me and he wanted to initiate sex, but couldn't kiss my neck so he started kissing on my hand, licking fingers… Remembering his tongue in sensitive spaces between my fingers still gives me a feeling inside. I feel like it's too tame to be a fetish but I'm definitely into it

No. 282691

solidarity with the other feet nonas. my ex was a foot guy, and it rubbed off on me for some reason. but i dont like feet, i like guys who like feet. idk how to explain it, its weird. when bob odenkirk was found out to be following a foot fetish insta it made him even hotter imo. like, thinking about a cute non-rapey moid my age kissing my feet is exciting kek. idk if that makes me a feetgirl, but if it does, i'm fine with that

No. 282705

omg same nonnie, it's shameful to admit I loved when my ex would suck my toes. It's such a pleasant feeling.

No. 282706

Definitely gonna click that

No. 282840

at the beginning of our relationship, my husband made fun of 'footfags' since men like to make fun of each other for liking feet. maybe i just have cute feet but he's definitely a footfag now kek. i'm neither here not there on it but seeing how into it he is makes it fun.

No. 282879

Find your short king nona! It's worth it.

No. 283205

Profession wise I want a tutor or a scientist. Brainy and hot is a good combo for me.

Nationality wise I really like scandinavian and dutch dudes. I'm a size queen and I heard from friends that they're tall as hell kek

No. 283207

Want to use man as toilet for pee

No. 283215

Short men who don’t pathologize it are generally funnier and have really great senses of humor. Plus when they got big dick it is big.

No. 283259

when they got big dick it is big.
can confirm

No. 283400

nothing shameful about using moids as objects

No. 283435

"Size queen" is about dick size, nonna.

No. 283440

>most fetishes are developed from childhood

What the fuck happened to me as a kid that made me like giantess?

No. 283464

This is the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread, everyone who has that kind of fetish is aware of how hypocritical they're being. Also most of the fetishes and fantasies here are not about being dominated by males, much less to that extreme.

No. 283537

File: 1661453090229.gif (928.79 KB, 220x215, augie-ahh-ahh.gif)

i want to sexually tease, pleasure, degrade, spank and educate a 19-24 yr old virgin incel. 'older woman tames pathetic teenaged brat' shit. it would have to be recorded just in case he wanted to lie about the experience or brag about it. blackmail's a good way to keep brats in line.

i'm going outside now

No. 283538


do you remember anything from your childhood that triggered it?

I have it too but I think it was like the borrowers (uk movie) or some early episodes of totally spies that kicked it off for me.

No. 283539

What’s the name of the guy in that gif?

No. 283541

kek i was going to ask this too

No. 283546

it sounds like a moid to me. like poking fun at what nonas have posted here in contrast with the userbase/posts in other threads

No. 283547


No. 283552

File: 1661457202208.gif (753.92 KB, 1008x720, serial-experiments-lain-gif-9-…)

I hope not all fetishes are from childhood (probably false) because why was I already fantasizing about sex dungeons and whips and chains before I was in kindergarten… my "fap fodder" if you will was thinking of people, men and women, chained up naked and being brutalized. Then it became just men being tortured. I feel like this was all in elementary school… what the fuck is wrong with my brain. I used to fantasize about myself in BDSM situations (with another woman though) but now I think it's cringe and I just want to watch men get tortured erotically. Vanilla sex is based to me now.
Anyway maybe a taller girl bullied you or something.
The true enlightened state is wanting to pee on a man while reminding him of his father issues (jk, just peepee on him)
If this happens you must share, though incels are kinda repulsive

No. 283556

I'm a typical DDLG fag with the stereotypical "suffered from parental/family abuse" background. Unsurprisingly, the men who partake in this fetish are disgusting, degenerate sociopaths. So I just have to find alternative ways to be satisfied, I guess.

No. 283561


I genuinely have no idea. I think it might be discovering DeviantArt at young age of 10-11, but I liked giantess before I found out about the kink side, it just wasn’t nearly as sexual. I was as young as 5 when I would make my larger dolls play with Polly Pockets because I liked the idea of a massive size difference. I don’t even think it ever would’ve turned sexual if I didn’t have easy access to porn at a young age.

No. 283562


Oh, definitely not all, for sure. But a lot of them do. The most common are rape and abuse fetishes from abuse survivors. Also DDLG from people who never had a loving parent take care of them. I like the mommy fetish, but had a very loving family, so it’s definitely not ALL fetishes

No. 283567

I was never raped though (thank god).

No. 283597

did you watch cartoons?

No. 283608

>my "fap fodder" if you will was thinking of people, men and women, chained up naked and being brutalized.
You couldn't have gotten that idea out of nowhere. You probably watched or saw something that had those things once in your childhood and just forgot about it.

No. 283629

yeah, probably some media could play a part. even things that are seemingly innocent like, i don't know, indiana jones or invader zim do a number on children.

No. 283641

File: 1661512290092.gif (3.18 MB, 640x360, killer bean dies.gif)

I have a mommy kink (as in wanting to be the maternal partner) and I'm ashamed of it, because men are ungrateful and don't deserve to be taken care of like that. Fuck them.

No. 283645

File: 1661514973402.jpeg (105.06 KB, 1024x557, 0D69C5C8-82D4-4405-825B-A96A84…)

I wonder how many started from The Princess Bride. It sucks that this is how it works though. I don't see in all cases how influence could be prevented without unfairly altering media, basically censorship, when not all of it is meant to be sexual. Or, keeping your kid from watching most things, but that's pretty sad too. It's weird also how these fetishes don't "activate" for everyone, for example I was exposed to outright kink material online as a kid and got funny feelings from certain shows but I'm not into those things today.

No. 283658

File: 1661523137081.gif (1.57 MB, 498x498, pepefrg-13-3018498136.gif)

Yeah probably
Never watched Invader Zim much, did like Indiana Jones a lot but I don't remember anything like that in those movies.
You're onto something! But I could've sworn I liked dungeon rape before seeing that movie, but probably not. Probably around the same time I guess. I unironically think a Betty Boop Cinderella crossover (black and white) actually activated it for me, I remembering putting the VHS in and getting cozy under a blanket in the basement and touching myself. It's funny because I've never liked Betty Boop since I found her repulsive and ugly. My sister had a Betty Boop beach towel and I hated it. I hate her! She did this to me

No. 283667

Tickling. I feel like a scrote for it but there's just something about the squirming, the helplessness and humiliation. I have a recurring fantasy of tickling a man until he pisses himself (I don't have a piss kink though. I promise.)

Also there's something hot about the way a good tickler's fingers move, good looking fingers turn me on so much it's embarrassing.

No. 283683

File: 1661530787618.gif (67.16 KB, 498x405, 1658656585436.gif)


No. 283687

Can somewhat relate, ashamed of how much a really desperate "mommy" from a guy has a chokehold on my moist-meter, I usually use it to exacerbate their mommy issues if they have any lol.

No. 283688

freudanons why do I like futa so much

No. 283692

File: 1661535636827.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.96 KB, 540x302, my broken mariko.jpg)

i like seeing self harm scars but maybe only the idea i think. like thinking about it now a guy with baby surface scratches is disgusting and faggotlike to me but if they had hardcore deep self made scars i wouldnt know what to think. i guess i only find women with self harm scars hot. just a to preface, i am keloided to the max too.
maybe it has something to do with it usually being a secret/hidden and a contrast with the exterior vs what the scars imply their mental state to be like or has been like at some point.
i follow this chinese girl on twitter that is so adorable looking but also posts the most gruesome self harm you can think of, followed by outfit pictures kek. i mean not kek i feel bad for her i wish she could be better and spared from anything making her even want to do stuff like that to herself but i understand at the same time because im in the same position in a way.
i also like the implication that they arent squeamish, i like that in a person.
maybe its that i would like for a person to understand what ive been through too or rather my thought process for why i am the way i am, why i do things i do.
one time my crush offered to self harm together and i told her no for her own wellbeing and because its a fucked up thing to enable in general… but to be honest, i found it really hot that she wanted to do that with me, because its usually an intimate private thing you wouldnt want to share with anybody.
sorry about me anonettes, i will never be in a relationship and i generally stay away from people as they do with me rightfully, so nothing to worry about. i really dont want to be the reason somebody does things like that to themselves and i dont want to enable this behavior either. just find it hot in my own private mind that's all.

No. 283705

I love you

No. 283713

I feel less ashamed about this after reading about other anons with a pee kink lol but still pretty ashamed since it's not about humiliating moids. The guy I am seeing is into "pee control" so I have to ask for his permission every time I need to pee. Sometimes he makes me hold it until it starts to hurt (but never long enough to get a UTI and I used to hold it for long periods when I would get hyperfocused on something so in that sense I'm used to it). He's the first guy I've been with who is into being a "dom" and it's so hot to me, especially the pee control lol ugh. Lord forgive me.

No. 283718

what if you need to go in the middle of the night or something?

No. 283721

If he's asleep I just pee and don't ask for permission lol and sometimes if I have to go really, really bad I don't ask and don't tell him I broke the "rules." If he doesn't give me permission in a reasonable amount of time after asking, I pee anyway and then tell him I couldn't hold it. He's not a total sociopath despite being into the dom/sub dynamic so if that happens he just tells me I'm a "bad girl" and will maybe make me hold it a little longer next time or make me write a lengthy apology and promise to be good, but other than that he doesn't actually "punish" me for it. It's really more about the control aspect more than anything else.

No. 283725

>"bad girl"
ewww nonnie, why would you let him call you something like that, that's so creepy and ridiculous. A bit unrelated but ever time I hear about a "dominant" men, they are always saying the goofiest shit or they are straight up sex pest

No. 283731

You have brain worms, and you're retarded. I can't believe some of you guys do this to yourselves, and let moids dictate WHEN YOU PISS!!!!!!! STOP HATING YOURSELF LIKE THIS WHY ARE YOU LETTING A MOID CONTROL WHEN YOUR BODY PERFORMS NATURAL FUNCTIONS????? This is seriously so pathetic, is your life that boring that you need to spice it up with some loser letting you know when he wants you to piss??? Please fucking grow up

No. 283732

I know lol that's why I'm posting in the shameful fetish thread. Can't say we're not both fucked in the head so…I'm sorry nonna but I'm into it.

No. 283735

Vore. I was looking for sonic animations, went down a rabbit hole. My taste has changed from “2010 sonic vore flash animation” to “Attack on Titan but instead of ugly things it’s a hot lady”

Some of you have never felt the shame of telling your parent that the kink you like is physically impossible

No. 283736

You're my naughty little pookie… think before posting next time, kitten. You wouldn't want daddy to pinch your girly urethra next time, right? mouth breathes down your neck

No. 283739

I really truly am ashamed of this but I'm really into incest, specifically brother/sister, especially with an older sister. The only two guys I've been somewhat serious with (one was only online though) are the same racial mix I am so they kind of look like me. Both are also younger than I am. I have/had kind of a thing for my real younger brother, though I've never actually met him in person.
I also read a lot of incest erotica and have a ton of books about incest at home. I sometimes worry that people will see all my incest books (they're not erotica, just on the topic) and know but I don't want to get rid of them.

No. 283740

It's always people who don't know what it's like to have a sibling of the opposite sex who fetishize this

No. 283741

File: 1661548704050.png (376.76 KB, 960x720, E06EA25D-FECA-4C00-A8AF-246ABC…)

watching this scene as a kid inflicted irreparable damage on my sexuality

No. 283745

That's a good thing though, and means it isn't that bad imo because it's not like it's actually possible for them

No. 283746

wait I reread her post lol. Strange how this is a whole phenomenon with estranged siblings

No. 283747

Fwiw, I don't think it's that bad since as a woman you're unlikely to ever inflict it on somebody, or at least not without their consent. Maybe I'm an outlier in this thread but I don't see what's so bad with some of these fetishes if they're just fantasy

No. 283749

lesbian raceplay…

No. 283754

Please tell me you've meant to say partner anon

No. 283763

I love lesbian white x Latin American porn. Rare to find.

No. 283767

>raging incest lover
>older sister younger brother
>is older sister
>has younger brother
>wants to fuck him
>never met
God really does exist

No. 283779

The other nonas clowned on you but you're literally living my dream rn. I hope you have fun!!

No. 283791

Yeah, I guess.
To be fair it's kind of known phenomenon, look up genetic sexual attraction.

No. 283823

Are you me?

No. 283857

I looked it up, it's apparently pseudoscience

No. 283915

Lately When i masturbate i usually imagine sub male and a domme female and the dom has the sub in restraints because he is sex crazed and become violent during sex so he doesnt like letting himself loose and neither does the dom. But they are doing foreplay and she is arousing him with light touch play and verbal teasing all while he is in ankle cuffs, on his knees and with his hands tied behind his back. But the arm restraints arent tight enough and as he gets more and more aggravated with her teasing he squirms and realizes this, breaks free, attacks and forces himself onto the dom. Switching the dynamic into a male dom and forced female sub situation. I switch off on imagining myself as the man and as the woman and then as a cuck just watching. Ugh whats wrong with me. Feels like a scrote ass fantasy and im deeply ashamed.

Though it is an improvement from my old masturbation material.

No. 283925

It's not even pseudoscience, it's complete bunk and the opposite is true. Humans are naturally predisposed towards genetic diversity. Ever wondered why your family members smell even when they shower? It's your body telling you they stink so you are dissuaded from breeding with them since they have similar genes to you.

No. 283928

No. 283946

File: 1661639058961.jpg (63.84 KB, 827x622, ES4egIHXsAUtxo7.jpg)

I'm a born again Christian and voluntarily tried conversion therapy but when my crucifix necklace is dangling over my wife as we have sex and all that's coming out of our mouths is "God" this and "Jesus" that, it drives me absolutely wild. It's total hypocrisy and it's absolutely divine.

No. 283985

I've found my true lust in M4F audio porn a few months ago. At first I wasn't paying much attention to the scripts, just the voices and sounds because like >>283725 says, certain names and phrases can kill the whole experience very quickly. Like, something that turns me off is growling and trying to sound animalistic.

>>283736 it is rare that the dd/lg dynamic doesn't close me up like Blockbuster but my personal shame isn't any better - enemy to lovers and similar scenarios with dubcon and objectification. A common setup is a prince and princess forced into wedlock. "You'll learn to love my body even if you don't love me," made me so white woman wet I hate enjoying these toxic fantasies

No. 284006

Only child here. My father smells very very bad to me, but my mom doesn't. Why's that?

No. 284008

I want to coerce a man into sex with me, I had a dream I was following some dude around at a theater. He worked ther. He was a tall white sort of nerdy guy with glasses, scrawny. and I was talking to him , he was cleaning rooms and he had an all black uniform on. Finally we get to a room and sit, I was flirting with him, coming on strong, he keeps acting oblivious and then I grab his dick, it was already hard but I made it get real hard. and he got flustered and was like “we shouldn’t…”he was still on the clock but my mind was on the cock i sucked it and he fingered me and ate me out. He went from reluctant to horny af I wish there was more to the dream. But that turned me on so much. I just want to corner a shy gangly nerd and make a beast out of him.

No. 284009

Are you heterosexual?

No. 284019

It's so hard to find good M4F audios where they're not overacting or trying to be cringey daddy doms. There's an otherwise great begging audio that's taintedlol by the guy's inability to shut up about "taking his cock", and so many others are ruined by artificial moaning. I'd take a less extreme but genuine audio over these fakeass porn recordings any day.

No. 284222

I don’t find him attractive because I don’t like baldies (his brother isn’t bad cause he still has hair) but the video of Andrew Tate “assaulting” his girlfriend is hot as fuck, yes I’m a degenerate
Irl that shit won’t turn me on though because I can’t distend my awareness of reality for long enough to get off on a guy acting alpha when in reality he’s just playing a part he thinks women want cause at the end of the day he just wants approval
Also when most men try to act dom it just feels fake and cringe, even my boyfriend can’t get it right, and I won’t blame him for that cause not wanting to be aggressive during sex is a green flag, not his fault I have fucking issues

No. 284317

i think i'm actually an autoandrophile, or maybe i just have internet brainrot

-get futa fetish in childhood
-have genderspecial phase
-ex i had during my phase called me a faggot during sex and i got incredibly turned on
-bf jokingly called me a guy and i liked it
-my fantasies are me having a dick and having sex with women, or making a man suck my dick
-currently struggling to not purchase a strapless strap on to masturbate with

end me

No. 284333

>it’s a mild mutual pleasure fantasy

No. 284334

This is absolute bullshit because all men smell like turds no matter what since they can’t be bothered to wash their shit-covered bungholes and won’t touch a bar of soap even after fingering their prostates. No amount of “muh genetic pheromones” can cover up the stank of male filth.
Signed, fellow heterosexual gal.

No. 284409

ultimate fantasy is to be mutually in love with a guy and have sex with him and then right as we both orgasm we put our heads together and one of us shoots through both of our heads killing us instantly i just think it would be so sexy and romantic

i understand you anons

No. 284410

No. 284411

I imagine me and my Nigel being two people in the cowboy times. I’m a farmer girl and he’s the rough cowboy. Yee haw

No. 284412

If you told him do you think he would he indulge in it with you?
Get matching hats

No. 284415

newfag, there's a delete button for a reason

No. 284441

sounds like me when i first discovered yaoi and would fantasize about being a twink version of myself kek

No. 284459

lmaoo I never had a yaoi phase I think I just have severe penis envy and a futa fetish I can't shake. I understand you though it's more comfortable to imagine yourself as a guy sometimes

No. 284479

File: 1661884223913.jpg (61.38 KB, 803x600, 0378___10000.jpg)

I imagine a guy getting raped and (especially psychologically or medically) abused by a man or a woman, and then switch between imagining myself as him or as the torturer and repeat every single detail of the scene over and over again. The point is he's done something bad and thus kinda deserves it. It's also important that he doesn't die but is left permanently disfigured and/or traumatized.

I've done this since I was young but it only got overtly sexual when I hit puberty. I feel so fucked in the head and like some anons upthread I keep wondering what made me like this.

No. 284491

There's one anon on here who has a boyfriend that has a thing for yeehawing in cowboy accent during sex, the two of you are fragments of the same soul.

No. 284528

Nona I respect your kink (and am also into stuff like omorashi) but please don't do that. You'll have incontinence about 40 years sooner than it should happen. Look up what happens if you hold pee constantly. Sneezing, coughing, laughing, orgasming - all of it will open the gates. UTI will be the less of your problems. Leave it for the sex and not your daily routine.

No. 284617

i love all of them. i believe in true equality

No. 284648

I have a feeder fetish, that is, I fantasize about fattening up cute guys. The bigger, the better, as I am into literal hamplanets too. Stuff like burping and farting is good, too. I had this fetish as long as I remember myself (I remember feeling funny when there was a "character suddenly gets fat" on TV).
I don't want to act on it in real life, so I don't want to date a feedie. I also don't want anyone to know about it. So I just keep this stuff to myself.
At first I tried to get read of my fetish, but it seems impossible. So I just kinda accepted it and try my best to keep it in check.

No. 284655

We were just born with the Stacy gene I guess

No. 284664

Anon, are you me? I love this artist too, her name is Nancy Grossman. Stacy ahead of her time.

No. 284676

nta but could you discuss this in an art thread? I'd love to hear your thoughts on her art.

No. 284714

File: 1662001919629.jpg (17.9 KB, 583x380, sex!.jpg)

i'm a petplayfag… i like being a puppygirl. being told to do things and then being called good girl, being pet, i like saying… woof… i wanna be loyal and obedient. and also be helpless dumb mutt who loves her owner and will do anything to please them and maybe slapped around and dominated

No. 284720

same, i don’t know why i like it so much it feels so porn-y and i hate that most guys who would be down are creeps. but confession time: sometimes i listen to the gfd M4F mommy audios on the nsfw asmr subreddits… im incredibly particular about the ones i listen to but… when i find one that i like i listen to it a million times over kek

No. 284722

I actually found her through this thread, she's great. Would the femdom thread be appropriate for discussing her art? I'd feel like a gross coomer for posting it in a regular art thread kek.

No. 284729

>I imagine a guy getting raped and (especially psychologically or medically) abused by a man or a woman, and then switch between imagining myself as him or as the torturer and repeat every single detail of the scene over and over again. The point is he's done something bad and thus kinda deserves it. It's also important that he doesn't die but is left permanently disfigured and/or traumatized.

No. 284756

My friend joked about how I'm his pet and he's my owner. That was weird but also made me horny as fuck.

No. 284761

I'm going to get hate for this, but I have a fantasy of a guy edging himself off inside of me, sort of using me as a live sexdoll/fleshlight. I get turned on by the idea of a guy being so stupidly horny that he's only thinking about his dick, but at the same time taking it torturingly slow and prolonging the pleasure as much as possible. I enjoy slow sex and am able to cum vaginally, so although part of the fantasy is being "used", the edging is mutual.

I like edgeplay in general and also fantasize about being the one in control, although I'm not as ashamed of that fantasy. I used to sort of edge my ex when giving him hand-/blowjobs or riding him, but he was too proud to act like a desperate slut for me kek.

No. 284765

File: 1662048477654.jpg (33.54 KB, 600x338, 281d809982c8fbf7-600x338.jpg)

Like nonna upthread the biggest fetish I am ashamed of is being an incest lover.

I never thought much about since I exclusively consume fictional stuff like art/literature/fanfiction but suddenly, as an adult, I'm getting worried about how I became like this. It was my first fetish at age 12 and I remember it was like it just materialized out of nowhere.

I've read all the major incest books I could find between 12-14 (flowers in the attic, a song of ice and fire, etc). I first started having a thing for brother/sister and nowadays I consume mostly older/younger brother or dad/son anime boy weeb media. idk why but the grooming does it for me, but also unwilling older brother and hypersexual younger brother

Lately I've been wondering if it's because I was molested as a child or something because IRL my sexuality is practically nonexistent and I start dissociating whenever I'm being touched and I have a panic attack whenever something penetrates me

Also no siblings irl so no need to worry kek

No. 284769

You would likely remember if you got molested, nonnie. Repressed memory theory is linked with the satanic panic & unethetical and unreliable methods of 'therapy'. You just have a fetish.

No. 284793

>>but also unwilling older brother and hypersexual younger brother
pls gib recs

No. 284794

I am OBSESSED with Nazi x Jew holocaust scenarios. I read a fanfiction like this when I was in middle school and I've been obsessed ever since. It doesn't matter whether they are both men, both women, or if it's het which one of them is the man. The most important thing is that Jew has to be in constant pain and starving. I like thinking about him/her being fed leftovers from the Nazi's dinner in exchange for sex. I sometimes read holocaust memoirs or testimonies just to get more masturbation material.

No. 284804

Kek this is so depressing, imagine being the ghost of a holocaust victim and knowing that randos get off to your misery. You ever see that weird animation/storyboard of the nazi woman and the little jewish prisoner woman? It's posted on 4chan sometimes as a long ass gif

No. 284806

Off topic, but when I was deep in my ED, I looked up Holocaust testimonies for thinspo, kek. Shit is embarrassing…

No. 284809

Art is art! Plus, the femdom thread is pretty much dead along with /g/

No. 284817

Double penetration. Specifically vaginal+anal one, especially when they're stimulated both times. I hate myself so much for liking this because obviously anal shit is gross, painful and scrotey (and gay) but I can't help but like it. I also really like fantasizing of the guy at the bottom kissing me while the guy at the top plays with my neck and/or ears at the same time.

Pretty sure this all started when I started watching/reading hentai shit when I was in junior high. Which I shouldn't have because I have had brain worms ever since.

No. 284819

If it makes you feel any better nonnie I'm in the same boat with that fantasy too kek. And yes, I hate myself for it too.

No. 284821

Maybe it's just me, but honestly I don't think this is much to be ashamed of. Liking anal isn't necessarily wrong unless you like or do it for the wrong reasons.

No. 284825

Nonners I hate myself for it but I'm also a petplayfag. Not in the sense that I want to imitate an animal, but I have a fetish for being kept (and cherish/spoiled) as a human pet

No. 284826

nonita i used to read so many petplay fics. i don't want to see a woman being treated like a pet, but there's something about a man wearing a collar and being made to kneel… sneaking the collar under a turtleneck or a scarf because he wants to feel owned in public as well.

there's something attractive about self-harm scars on a well put together, seemingly normal person (male or female imo). genderspecials and neon haired dumpy women look even more hideous to me if they have scars, but someone who looks like a model or an attractive normie revealing dozens of cuts under their clothes does it for me. maybe it's the intimacy/secrecy

No. 284836

>why are self harm scars on hot people attractive
Because the mental illness makes them "attainable" to you. It's the same thing as men liking hot women with nerd glasses, but 10x more psycho.

No. 284848

uhhhhhhh link nona?

No. 284849

how do i stop being into free use? i feel like this is bc of my low self esteem but if i dont get taken advantage of somehow, im not as turned on and i kinda hate myself for it

No. 284850

do you masturbate regularly to it? you've conditioned yourself. you have to stop masturbating to it, and may completely have to for a longer period. Then only do so when focused on the sensation alone, and on different fantasies. Getting a good vibrator or sex toy can help.

understanding why you developed a mental association between men abusing women and sexual pleasure takes time, stopping and changing how i masturbated came first for me.

No. 284852

i try not to but then my mind wanders to just another scenario that would pretty much just be me getting fucked over somehow or having my privacy invaded/broken. but yeah youre right, thank you for being understanding

No. 284854

File: 1662079657804.jpeg (47.42 KB, 410x410, 3E124F49-02CB-4A5F-8FA3-44E2F5…)

honestly i just want to peg a guy but not just any guy, a man that considers himself to be one of those alpha athletic jock types. the idea of him losing himself completely and turning into a submissive fucktoy gets me going so much. i hope i’ll be able to do it one day..

No. 284864

i wanna beat up dudes. i never watched porn growing up so idk where it came from. sometimes i feel guilty about it but it's better than being into nasty moids trying to act tough and hitting me

No. 284866

I had a normal childhood too and was still into the bdsm shit from a young age. reenacted a scene from a movie i got a glimpse of where a chef forces a woman into an oven with my friend and got excited by her helplessness and was turned on by the scene in a bug's life where the ant gets beaten up. thank god i didn't become a deviantart degen. any bdsm that involves women as submissive is gross to me now but i still like hurting men

No. 284895

Yes, the one with Negev. I like it but I prefer stuff with more words. To be fair I don't masturbate thinking about random holocaust survivors and their suffering, I just use their testimonies to have a more accurate picture of things that might have happened in concentration camps. I get so deep into my fantasies that if something is totally historically unaccurate it really upsets me.
That is fucked up kek. I've never been in a situation where I was malnourished but I feel like my life is just constant suffering and me having to push through to survive, that's why I relate to Jews in concentration camps. Sometimes I put myself more in the POV of the prisoner, because the idea of someone helping you and taking care of you and letting you rest is so appealing (even if they basically want to rape you and treat you like shit). Sometimes I put myself more in the POV of the guard because I like the idea of being in complete control of the life and death of another human being.

No. 284897

File: 1662116369406.jpeg (298.73 KB, 2000x1310, 3Q-Gigliola-Staffilani-Women-i…)

I think a lot about one particular scene: I am kneeling in front of a woman sitting in a chair, she holds my my neck with one hand and hits my face with the other hand and I rubbing against her shin. but the whole situation is not in some kind of "cruel humiliation watch online for free" porn style, but in a kind of loving sense. how she likes to hurt me and she likes that I like it when she hurts me, and vice versa. how I am her precious find and we have a deep emotional connection. maybe in the process she calls me affectionate names and praises for my patience.
bonus points if she's a lanky brunette, bonus points if she dresses like a stereotypical academy woman and wears glasses (damn I miss my ex).
just submission without emotional connection does not in itself work for me, although it would make my life much easier.
not that i felt ashamed of this fantasy, i lost my sense of shame en route to my thirtieth birthday lol. I think I'm more ashamed of wanting emotional connection because I've come out of a "work over people, mind over flesh" environment and that makes me ashamed of emotional needs.

No. 284917

I posted about it on /m. This is making me wish I could get back to drawing or have the time to draw something but then again I'd probably just draw some Nemu tier shit.

No. 284926

I want to fuck a married woman who has been neglected by her husband for ages. I want to notice all the little things she's doing, which he doesn't notice. At first I'm my overly polite self and and just give simple normal compliments, but knowing I'm a lesbian, she keeps pressuring me for my opinion, asking whether she's still "got it", wanting to show off increasingly lewd outfits etc. Maybe she hadn't even given serious thought of being with a woman before, but she's just really interested in the attention and one thing leads to another. It would never happen irl probably, completely crazy scenario and probably pretty dangerous. Honestly a recently divorced woman would be great too. I don't know, I feel some type of way when I see women in shitty relationships with scrotes and sometimes daydream about making someone like that feel wanted and actually seen again. I hate seeing scrotes take women for granted.

No. 284949

I think your fetish is kind of sweet, actually, or at least not shameful. And while it'd probably be a very questionable thing to act out irl I have to think your scenario is very realistic and you could probably definitely find a woman in a situation like that.

No. 284960

I don't know, I feel like I sound like one of those incel/nice guy posts on reddit kek

No. 284979

a bit unrelated but absolute god tier taste in women nonnie, my story is being told

No. 285033

File: 1662174527962.jpeg (766.47 KB, 1069x1023, 66EB2BD6-0FA3-4836-A901-398520…)

>My clit watching me reach for my vibrator while pulling up clips of Lady Dimitrescu’s boss fight.

I like her a lot. Not in the same way scrotes do, they like her “human” form. I want to fuck the dragon.

No. 285037

Anon this picture is repulsive. I thought we were getting raided.

No. 285038

Mark is that you

No. 285041

wait do you want to literally peg the dragon? or do you want her to do shit to you in her dragon form?

No. 285043

it's not really a fetish but I have the habit of fantasizing about anime characters and self inserting via another character who looks a tiny bit like me, it's so bad. i blame maladaptive daydreaming

No. 285062

The love of my life has recently decided he wants to move states to be with me but for the moment we're long distance and christ, the fantasies I'm having.

Our sex is so good and he's the first person I've truly, wholly trusted with my body. I've had so much trauma from previous partners but something about his kind, calming presence just makes me feel totally at peace. He couldn't hurt a fly, I know he catches and releases insects even.

When we first had a fling a few years ago we were both in a space where we weren't ready for a relationship, having both just broken up with long term partners. I was openly dating around at the time (something I regret) and he is very, very monogamous, so it kind of fizzled out.

This time round though, I want no one but him, and it's made me develop an embarrassing kink for being owned by him. I want him to tell me "you're mine" all the time. I want to completely serve him. Never in my life have I wanted to submit to a scrote and let them have any power over me, but the thought of completely handing my body over to him makes me wet as all hell. I want to show my chaste dedication to him, I want to prove I want no one else. Anyone who knows me would not expect this from me in the slightest as I've always been quite free and untethered. I want a bracelet only he can unlock, a choker is too cringe. I want to serve him and please him and tell him my body is his. It's ridiculous how dedicated I am to this.
The thought of him grabbing my pussy and asking me who's it is, telling him it's all his. This is honestly so embarrassing for me nonnies, I've completely melted into a pile of mush.

No. 285070

>I have the habit of fantasizing about anime characters and self inserting via another character who looks a tiny bit like me, it's so bad
there's literally nothing wrong with or shameful about this.
>i blame maladaptive daydreaming
I doubt you really have it, but even if you do, honestly, it sounds like bullshit to me and it's not even recognized as a disorder AFAIK but I digress.

No. 285073

just want my boobs and collarbones sucked and to be foreplayed with unapologetically and then beg him to get me pregnant. once he does he can nurse me all he wants. ugh I swear I do not have a mommy thing at all usually, I just have a very sensitive upper body. but I've always had the fetish at the back of my mind of wanting to get pregnant by someone I find incredibly attractive and have him relish my awful disgusting sloppy body

No. 285113

>he was still on the clock but my mind was on the cock
This is poetry

No. 285116

Based af, how I wish I had that kind of dream too. Or have it happen in real life.

No. 285162


Do shit to me in dragon form. I would kill to have that long tongue lick me up and fuck me. I’m insane

No. 285168

I have a nazi fetish

No. 285175

>pregnant body
>awful, sloppy disgusting
A bit uncalled for but ok

No. 285179

so many anons have this specific neurosis

No. 285180

i was with you until you said awful disgusting sloppy wtf. strange verbiage to describe a pregnant woman's body

No. 285187

You and Holocaust-chan should kiss.

No. 285188

I wanna stomp on a guy's dick and balls. Don't know why though.

No. 285196

that's the spirit

No. 285222

damn nonny aint fuckin around. I think onyxia has a sexy voice so i cant be throwin stones in glass houses for being into dragon women kek

No. 285224

Blackmail. In my fantasy, a hot person is secretly in love with me and does it in order to get closer to me. Later I end up catching feelings for the person.

No. 285247

I have body dysmorphia from hell okay my body in my mind will always be disgusting

No. 285256

Tell him all this nona. No matter what some radfems may say in this situation you actually have all the control. You can always say stop and a good Dom does actually care about their sub. Shocker to some I know.

I think the bracelet idea is also beautiful and you could even go so far as to have something engraved on the inside that only the two of you understand for an added touch. As a collar hipster I understand not wanting to be lumped in with the rest.

Honestly I read a lot of myself in your post and just wanted to encourage you to enjoy this fantasy even if down the road it doesn't still do it for you or things change just fucking enjoy it now!

>he is very, very monogamous

You saying this makes me think he would appreciate the message of devotion and love from you expressing this fantasy. Men love to feel secure in their relationship and in power even if it's somewhat an illusion.

Sorry for the blog, seeing these rare posts give me hope.

No. 285287

>No matter what some radfems may say in this situation you actually have all the control. You can always say stop and a good Dom does actually care about their sub

No. 285311

Hope for what? lmfao

No. 285405

File: 1662329500804.jpg (52.11 KB, 749x505, oogitaboogita.jpg)

please tell me im not the only nona here into boot/shoe worship. i wanna make some loser lick dirt and blood off my platforms.

No. 285406

That fetish is hardly unique, I think youre not alone

No. 285411

I kinda have a formal shoe/boot kink. I love wearing boots and looking at men wearing beautiful formal leather shoes with a full suit or even just trousers. Now that you mention it, I wouldn't do the worshipping/licking boots myself, but I'd love to make a man lick mine for sure. They look so cute and pathetic doing it.
It would be even better if the guy cleaning my boots with his tongue were wearing formal clothes and a pair of shiny dress shoes. Oh great, that actually made me aroused. Thanks nonny, you gave me a new favorite fantasy.

No. 285447

File: 1662355325049.jpg (175.75 KB, 1155x1155, combatboots.jpg)

I have a thing for combat boots and men's formal leather shoes, both wearing them myself and seeing someone else wear them. I wouldn't call it a shoe fetish per se because I'm not turned on by the shoes themselves, but seeing an attractive person wear the right kind of boots makes him / her instantly 100x more attractive to me.
Like >>285411 I wouldn't lick shoes myself but making a man lick my shoes sounds like a good idea.

No. 285448

after confiding in a friend they cut themselves to show support/solidarity (weird i know but oddly sweet) and i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I understand you now

No. 285504

i hate to admit that while watching the movie red eye, the scene where cillian murphy's character chokes and throws rachel mcadams character around an airplane toilet, i found it so hot and thought they had such sexual chemistry that i can't stop watching it sorry

No. 285518

I hope he dies

No. 285519

He does kek but it was still really hot!!!

No. 285559

omg that was kind of hot. the yt comments on that vid think so too

No. 285587

I love the thought of a guy I'm into confessing to me that he's jerked off to me like a pathetic simp (especially a jock or a "bro", someone who usually acts tough). I want him to explain it in every little detail, like what he was imagining we'd do and what body parts he's staring at when I'm around, while we're having sex and while he's begging me to fuck him. The thought of driving someone so insane to the point where they can't help but to find a secret spot to jerk off is so hot to me. I want to be the only thing on his mind 24/7 and force him to succumb to his pathetic animalistic brain and make him feel all small in bed.

No. 285595

This is what it had been like with my ex and it's one of the things that I missed the most about our relationship. Having someone desire you so much to the point of desperation that it's become pathetic is so hot and I really enjoyed having so much control over someone in that way.

No. 285648

It's only ok because he's kind of cute. That and the heavy breathing and confined place.

No. 285698

File: 1662460056368.jpg (40.37 KB, 1080x719, mens-wedding-band.jpg)

i'm not sure if i would call it a fetish but i have a thing for married men, not sure why but it's probably a self esteem issue. like you have a wife you should be loyal to yet you want me? damn

No. 285704

yeah that’s it, he has such a nice jawline. i guess if he was really ugly it probably wouldn’t be the same

No. 285777

i love men's hands

No. 285795

That's fine as a fetish, but heed my warning: when a man cheats, it's not because he loves you so damn much, or bc you're better than his wife, or because his wife did something wrong. It's because he wants to cheat. You'd just be the vehicle/means of cheating.

No. 285810

i have to admit that's kinda hot but it would be even hotter if she smashed his head against the mirror and kicked his teeth in and he'd have to beg for his life spitting out blood while her pressing a mirror shard against his carotid artery. i'm sick in the head kek.

No. 285836

Same, when I see the hands of a man I'm attracted to I imagine what they would look and feel like when he's fingering me

No. 286179

omg anon

No. 286185

samefag but i went and watched the movie to feed my sick fantasy and there's at least actually a scene where he gets stabbed in the throat with a pen. Good shit.

No. 286191

I love having my ass eaten. I even have open back panties for it

No. 286238

Did you like it anon? I really loved it and watched it twice over a few days kek. I thought he was really hot but got what he deserved

No. 286249

Lmao I love it, too. Even more confusing is the fact I don't really like being eaten out vaginally. Like, what the fuck.

No. 286339

i found my ex watching that secretly and other choking/knocking out scenes in his youtube history. so odd

No. 286342

I'm glad he's now an ex.

No. 286346

Ok i think i've developped a new fetish i couldn't bear dying without trying it but i don't know how and i think it'll stay buried in my head unless the stars align themselves for it

I want to be in a throuple (me, another girl and a moid) where the man is the bitch. I want the girl to be a radfem like me and i want us to laugh at the scrote behind his back, bond over using him like a sextoy, etc. When you think about it scrotes have this fantasy but really it puts them in a position of weakness, it's two women against one male, in any argument who will back up his scrotish ways? No one, we'd be two women against him, alone. We know how misogynistic men are so one woman is never enough for them to shut the fuck up because they don't value our opinions as much, but if the moid is all alone what the fuck will he do? He'll shut his mouth, especially because he wouldn't want to lose the privilege of having two women.

I want to live like that, but i'd have to find a woman to have an unbreakable bound with, wouldn't want her to turn into a pickme around the scrote. Obviously she would have to be sexually attracted to me and me to her, too, so we could also have sex without the moid.

Also recently i've come to love the idea of slapping a moid in the face during sex, not even in a specific femdom scenario, say he fucks me missionnary style, and i just start slapping his face lmao that sounds so exciting

No. 286348

This awakened something in me omg, I'd love to find this kek

No. 286353

I know i've been dying thinking about it, i just lay in bed at night and imagine all the fun i could have, i imagine so many scenarios.

Really it's the ultimate position of power for us women, you just outnumber the scrote so he's a minority in his own relationship. He thinks he won the lottery so he stays but really we control it all. Also i wouldn't want a naturally submissive moid, like the ones interested in femdom. It's less fun if he already gets off to the idea of being lesser than us. Just a normal moid who has the dumb fantasy of being with two women, let him think he's won it all.

Also men are so emotionally dangerous to us when we're in a traditional couple, you always end up miserable, gaslighted, unhappy. But if another woman is here with you?? Not only do i think you are less likely to get hurt by the scrote because he's not your everything, even if it happens you have the other woman with you to back you up, love you, comfort you. And she understands you because she's a based woman like yourself.

I don't know recently i feel like i NEED a ride or die woman in my life and i'd be unstoppable. I feel like the emotional bond with a scrote can never be the same as the one with a woman, but at the same time i like dick so the throuple solution is really the perfect disposition for me. Ah, i can only dream…

No. 286369

I want to go to Japan, find me a cute otaku virgin with glasses, seduce him and take him to a love hotel to steal his virginity.. Then leave the country and never contact him again. The shameful part is that otaku are gross pedo coomers, and I feel like I should be ashamed of wanting to fuck that kind of moid. It's not like I want to date them, I just find some of them really cute physically (ofc the social awkwardness is part of the appeal too), cuter than western nerds because I like the stereotypical Japanese otaku look more, and I want to unload my sexual frustration on one of them.
I have written out this fantasy in detail, and I was considering posting it in the sexual fantasies thread, but decided to post about it here instead because I feel like it's wrong somehow..

No. 286384

Yes, it was actually a decent movie. Always a bonus because now i don't have to admit that i watched it for coom kek. He absolutely got what he fucking deserved and it was so good. Also the ending where he coughs blood thank you filmmakers for giving me this moment.
Nona please marry me.

No. 286394

ayrt and this is so sweet nonnie, thank you for your well thought out response. The idea of engraving something on the lock is so cute too, I'll have to bring that up with him. He's actually quite vanilla and I don't really plan to get too kinky, just moreso make it known to him that he does have my whole heart, and I'm really giving myself to him.

I did tell him all of this as well, and he responded very well, he thinks it's pretty hot I want him this much, given he has a fairly low self esteem too.

No. 286408

I'll gladly marry you and once we are comfortable and solid enough in our relationship we can bring an unfortunate scrote into the deal! We'd debrief the sex together and mock his failures at giving us pleasure! So fun.

No. 286425

I love giving blowjobs too so I love 69ing if he eats my ass out while I suck on him

No. 286451

My other fetish is that I love when a guy is sweaty. Especially his dick. I don't know why, but the smell of it after a guy's been exercising is intoxicating to me. On a psychological level, I think it makes the guy seem stronger and more manly to me as well.

I have a fantasy about being groped by a huge buff guy at the gym who's done with his workout. He'd find a spot and fuck my face while I revel in his cock's smell

No. 286460

tbh irl polycules and ORs are so retarded and I hate the stereotype that if you're bi you must be fucking both sexes all the time but the way you described it makes it sound strangely appealing. Like using a scrote, laughing at him for being a pathetic coomer and then tossing him away.

No. 286462

honestly nonas, i am down so bad for breastfeeding/lactating. i have no idea where this fetish came from but everytime my bf sucks my nipples and i imagine he's taking my milk it makes me 100000x hornier. i literally have dreams of being pregnant and full of milk and turning over in bed for my bf to nurse from me. i really want to be an over producer one day when i have a child so i can continue pumping well beyond their need and donate it to a hospital for nicu babies.

is this abnormal or is this just the primal urges of a mid-20s woman? i feel sooo weird for it.

No. 286467

I am sooooo into it, but I don't want children or to become pregnant. I just enjoy the idea of my fluids being inside of him, it's like I'm becoming a permanent part of him.

No. 286497

Both of you have exquisite taste in sexual fantasies.

No. 286700

i get way more turned on when i fantasize about men other than my bf. not that i don't find him hot, not that i'd actually cheat, the forbidden aspect just makes the fantasies so much sexier so yeah… obviously ashamed

No. 286972

i'm gonna rewatch this film today, with my nan, for this scene only

No. 287032

>rewatching a film with relatives just for a hot scene
Very relatable. What did your nan think of the film?

No. 287049

I like a well-formed penis but balls just disgust me. I've never been with a guy whose balls didn't have sparse hair or smell. They just seem like "extra" accessories that detract from their overall appearance. I'm not into hurting men, but if I could convince a boyfriend to have his balls removed or have them at least relocated internally and the scrotum removed I would probably marry them.

No. 287052

Are you me, I'm >>286249 and I also love sweaty men, especially when my boyfriend has worked hard and smells down there. He showers every day, but when he comes home, he'll often let me sniff and suck him off before he showers. I have never tried 69ing with my ass being eaten, but I definitely need to try. I also love blowjobs and I love teasing him and showing off how I know exactly what to do. I feel like I'm very primal in my fantasies, I'm not really kinky, but I love sex often and I like the primalness of it.

No. 287053

I love balls. I wish there was more to do with them than just suck and fondle and lick them. To each their own! Some are better formed than others though, for sure. I don't mind hair in general so it's ight to me. I like chest hair on men, nothing too much, but I hate naked, hairless men. It looks weird and porny to me.

No. 287056

hi anon, thank you for asking what my nan thinks!! she really enjoyed it and was gasping a lot and the headbutt scene made her jump. she also thinks cillian murphy's eyes are very pretty and blue. we watched it whilst eating pizza together kek

No. 287088

I like getting guys mad to the point where they’re breaking down and hitting themselves and crying and yelling. It makes me tingly and warm down there. Just hearing men whine and act so pathetic. Obviously not a good fetish because it’s dangerous to be around angry moods.

No. 287110

Trying to give your nan a heartattack or something? kek

No. 287158

>down there
gtfo scrote

No. 287181

i have a thing for bruising my legs for some reason. it feels so good to press down on them. I also cant get over being degraded or treated like somewhat of a pet, its so embarrassing. sadly i dont think theres many women who like doing that to other women, ffhfhhhhg. if a man did that to me i think i would dry up like a desert

No. 287185

Hairy buttholes on girls. But I like to just yank a few hairs out when they're not expecting it.

No. 287260

Kek me and my nan love watching horror movies. We have watched every horror you can think of. We love gory slasher movies. Once my nan got so scared she said she was having kittens. I love her!!!!

No. 287281

Oh no nonna, i almost had a heart attack before you said you wouldn't like it with a scrote. And sadly enough for you i think you might be right, for instance i love the idea of degrading a scrote so much but i'd never enjoy doing it to a woman, despite being bisexual. Just nothing arousing about it to me, i see women as my equals and don't want to degrade them at all. Men on the other hand… I want to beat the shit out of them.

No. 287287

Your nan sounds cool kek. And also Cillian Murphy does have pretty eyes. Now i'm trying to come up with an excuse to watch this with my folks when i go see them, maybe nostalgia for the early 00s? this movie is so 2005 it's giving me memories of when we used to rent a VHS every saturday. Sorry for the derail, gonna fuck off now.

No. 287288

Absolutely based.

No. 287301

File: 1662914068322.jpg (25.19 KB, 401x225, th.jpg)

Just watched this dude's YouTube video where he made butter by shaking a jar of milk. He kept talking while he was out of breath and it made me very confusingly turned on.

No. 287315

I want my OC to rape a man in the ass with those German stick grenades after violently plucking the entirety of his body hair with tweezers which tear tiny bits of his corrupt whore flesh out with each individual hair pulled. (What, did you think a boy could walk around with a nasty hairy hole and not face divine punishment for it?) When she’s done, she would blow him up by probing the machine in his ass with a ten foot pole. I know there wouldn’t be any remains left but I’m horny and it’s MY fantasy so I get to decide what happens. He would ideally be considered the white boy of the month like Harry Styles or that marvel faggot who looks like he’s holding a frog in his mouth so the press would pay me for the photos. Just one pathetically flat pale ass lying on the floor all by himself as the rest of his body has totally evaporated into debris! The force of the explosion would’ve left a small crater in the forest floor, so she could skip the digging a grave part and bury the cheeks in less than 15 minutes but that would be too merciful. She would instead pluck out his (no longer tingly) tingly winky out of his ass with the aforementioned pair of tweezers and mail it to his father in a a bag of roasted chickpeas. His old man has always been a retarded deathfat so I doubt he would stop for a moment and consider he might have just chomped on his dead son’s prostate as he bites into a particularly gross and soggy chickpea.
What I’m embarrassed of is that I honestly don’t find the type of man I just described attractive at all, but I let my hatred blind me. It’s only the suffering and pain that entertains me in this scenario, not the male himself.
What I would actually love to do is turn an office boy into a crackwhore. I would first have him become financially dependent on me and then start cutting off his crack supply little by little. He would have to eat me out until I’m dry to get a filthy chicken nugget served to him in a doggy bowl. Or he doesn’t get to eat. It’s not a problem for me, I love skinny boys. I love how they are permanently collared by dainty bones. I love plump musclepigs, if he sustains his weight, if he makes me cum 16 times for 16 soggy nuggies, I’m still winning. And he’s still whoring himself out for crack and fast food.
As a principle, I am strictly against buying men things. Sadly, I don’t think he would have any money left when I’m done with him so I would have to finance this myself- I would buy juvederm in the pound and go wild with it. Make his now gaunt and hallow face resemble the plump pig he once was, make his cheeks puffy and pink again and start building up from there. I would fix his papercut lips, give them form and function, sculpt a new man out of the flesh of another, become his second creator; second mother, second god. I would eventually turn him into an abominable alien because I can’t be trusted to know when to stop. He would end up looking like a mentally ill faggot, kinda like Pete Burns with his wiener lips ready to burst open although no man in my proximity is allowed to be a faggot. Him eating me out would start feeling like scissoring, he couldn’t bite my shit even if he wanted to, his overfilled lips would halt any protrusion significant enough to cause damage. If by some biblical miracle I start feeling bad for him, I would burn a sewing needle at the stovetop until it’s red but not yet soft and start popping away. Obviously it wouldn’t work, he would just bleed out. But I think it’s enough to show my goodwill!

No. 287347

you need to post the video nonny

No. 287351

hurting men in general but one thing thats turned me on ever since learning about it in school is circumcision for scrotes kek

No. 287353


Sorry if this isn't the right way to post a video, I've never done it before.

No. 287355

There's a "Youtube" field right there newfag

No. 287381

Me writing my ocs backstories like

No. 287383


Sorry. Said I didn't know how.

No. 287391

Bump because cp spam

No. 287395

Kek nonny I get it, he involuntarily made a very female gazey video kek.

No. 287396

File: 1662945637164.png (Spoiler Image,291.41 KB, 1024x576, thelesson.png)

i really want to fuck my bf while we're covered in fake blood but i feel like it would be too inconvenient to do irl without being really awkward with setting / cleaning everything up

No. 287408

File: 1662951656459.gif (896.47 KB, 220x220, 1657208700197.gif)

>kinda like Pete Burns
I love de/g/enerates

No. 287465

me too.
when my bf gets really overwhelmed or we're arguing alot, he'll start to hit himself and/or cry. something about him punishing himself and feeling bad is so sexy/satisfying. i love it when he cries and verbally degrades himself. especially in a non-sexual context. it turns me on to know that i have the power to always get him into this state, i just chose not to because i know its bad for him. i know hes actually distressed when he does this so i always try to comfort him or stop him from hurting himself.

No. 287471

I'm really into girls with flat chests, but it feels wrong

No. 287472

File: 1662982956190.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3393x2263, jesus_washing_apostles_feet.jp…)

I have a low-key foot fetish. I’m not sexually turned on by feet themselves, but I wanna give a guy a foot massage. I’d prefer it if he’s wearing socks cause I think it looks more aesthetic kek. He doesn’t have to get off on it, I just like the submission/servitude aspect of it. I’ve always been afraid to bring it up with guys I’ve been with tho, because I feel most would be weirded out.

No. 287473

the bigger problem is finding one without stinky/ugly feet

No. 287477

Lol that's too funny that we're both so similar. Sweaty cock gang rise up

Definitely trying 69ing with your ass being eaten though. It's the only thing better than having a dick in your mouth

No. 287478

Resorting to hurting himself during arguments to forcefully put the other person in a caregiver role is something a specific type of awful guy does, idk your boyfriend but I’d look out for other red flags

No. 287512

Balls are pretty great. I like them best when they're both in that nice single ball shape as opposed to a grocery bag with two balls dangling. They're perfect when I'm going down on a guy but my throat needs a little break. I try to fit both in my mouth at the same time

No. 287592

I like to have my bf stand naked with his feet spread a little over shoulder length apart and then I sit down on a little stool, you know the kind farmers use to sit down and milk a cow then I put some gloves on and hit his balls like a speed bag. He's been in the hospital twice because of this but he cries and screams and asks me to stop. I don't stop until he throws up

No. 287594

Kek me when I was like 9
I wish this was real

No. 287608


No. 287629

hes a little too dumb to be manipulative, he has emotional problems. also im his first girlfriend and hes immature. sometimes, i do let him hit himself for a bit. hes a good boyfriend and he tries his best, i like to bully him sometimes bcs he is dumb. i have a thing for himbos.

No. 287642

He is gonna end up beating you, just saying. Men aren't uwu dumb himbos poor widdle babies.

No. 287714

This, don't underestimate moids. They're not as innocent as you think.

No. 287799

sorry your bfs treated you like shit kek, my bf is good to me. and i wish he would hit me cus i have a thing for that too but hes too much of a pussy

No. 287800

I like you nonna, the way you view your relationship sounds based as fuck. Keep at it. Bully him. Control him.

But also be careful because i think other nonnies might be right. Sometimes mentally unstable pussies become violent, and when they do, it's the worst kind of violence like they almost kill you because they've bottled up anger.

But pls bully him still, i like to know women are in the wild bullying men, helps me sleep peacefully at night

No. 287804

There was a time in my life when I cheated on my long term boyfriend with his best friend, and ended up fucking them both for about a year. Sometimes I would fuck them both in the same day.
It was kind of an open secret that I was doing this, and it was so hot how both of them would fuck me like animals trying to one up the other. They would both try to call me out and get so upset and angry but all that did was turn me on so I would just UwU my way out of the argument and into a nice angry dicking.
They both had a bromance and literally kissed each other before all this happened so REALLY I was hoping I could play this to my advantage to have two boyfriends that worshipped me, gave me DP and played with each other. They were too jealous and insecure and in love with me though and I couldn't deal with the male BPD behavior.

I still fantasize about it a lot but I've never liked two men like that at the same time since.

No. 287818

>to have two boyfriends that worshipped me
That's what I want to and that entire situation you describe sounds incredibly hot. You're lucky to have experienced it. Shame it didn't work out.

No. 287821

File: 1663115791819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,123.85 KB, 794x730, EAD5A583-7069-45B8-82EB-2DF16E…)

This moment in US imperialist history kinda slayed tbh

No. 287822

File: 1663116170799.png (Spoiler Image,93.69 KB, 305x305, DD3FA1CC-9E6C-40EB-BAE4-E63814…)


No. 287830

I just knew I'd see this on this god forsaken thread someday

No. 287984

What is this

No. 287992

Jfc I saw some weird indie theater play that was a fictionalized account of the woman in these photos and you just made me remember I found a lot of it weirdly hot. So much weird military sexual tension

No. 288007

Exhibitionism is my biggest turn on of all time. Not in the moid way of flashing the unconsenting but in the way that I would love for a group of people to actively watch me masturbate or have sex.. I think i just like being the centre of attention

No. 288038

God I wish I could be there in the audience too, preferably behind you so i could play with your hair while watching

No. 288081

What's going on here?

No. 288107

Abu Ghraib prison scandal

No. 288126

File: 1663174849838.jpg (93.94 KB, 958x958, 1660953680.jpg)

>and i wish he would hit me cus i have a thing for that too
unbased, I don't like you anymore

No. 288129

You've got it backwards. Only weak and pathetic men hit women.

No. 288211

File: 1663198616292.jpg (33.17 KB, 735x734, sad.jpg)

god i fucking love pierced dicks so much i wanna fuck a guy with a jacobs ladder

No. 288243

BASED i love them so much when they actually know how to look pretty and classy

No. 288244

File: 1663210794970.jpeg (1.68 MB, 4278x2048, GRECO_ROMAN_TWINKS.jpeg)

greco-roman aesthetics, specifically involving twinks… nothing else does it for me the way they do

No. 288245

i always considered asking for blood from a butcher to fulfill this fantasy of mine

No. 288272

>being fucked by my bf in front of someone with a crush on me.
Fuck im into this too.

No. 288305

i can't believe some nonas in this thread will be like 'i like when my boyfriend lays on top of me! i kind of want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and another man too! it would be fun to watch them kiss hehe' and will get 40 replies in a row like You Should Fucking Kill Your Self You Heterosexual Patriarchy Pilled Degenerate Moid Loving Bisexual Fucker Freak yet this mental case writes paragraphs about looking directly at, and i quote, 'squirming prostates', yet nobody says shit. this thread makes me feel like i'm losing the actual plot. you are all so retarded

No. 288315

for real, I did not see this post you linked but some posters here should be recommended to go see a therapist because some things here are extremely unhealthy and inhumane. Some of these posters sound like the trannies, who write in such a horrible nd brutal way about women

No. 288327

>yet nobody says shit.
are you blind? that post has the most replies ITT, most which are shocked and one saying that it's probably written by a moid

No. 288333

File: 1663256374565.jpg (627.4 KB, 1594x1683, 1623512411480 (2).jpg)

Anyway what I'd give to whip a delicate man across his slender, small shoulders until welts form and gently bleed down his back. His hair will get heavy from the blood and I'll unstick it and move his locks to the front and kiss the tears from his eyes, letting him rest on his stomach while I get the alcohol rub and pour it over his wounds. He will scream one last time, but it will soon be all over and he can lick fruit juices from the palm of my hand as a treat.

No. 288351

What about eyelashes sticking together from all the tears?
Shit bait.

No. 288352

That sounds cute! I shall suck the tears out to unstick the eyelashes.

No. 288358

I'm really ashamed of this one, and I haven't done it. But part of me thinks being a cuckquean would be hot. I have a few reasons for being ashamed:
#1: The reason I think it's hot is unironically because it would make my fiance seem more masculine or cool if I saw him fuck other women. I already think he's cool and hot, and I already like it when women express interest in him and knowing that he's mine. Something about seeing him have sex with them is the perfect encapsulation of how much they like him and how desirable he is. I feel like this reason is embarrassing but I can't put my finger on why.
#2: I think I'd feel really about using another woman for sex.
#3: If we were to ever do it, I wouldn't want to be some sort of cringey unicorn hunter.
#4: It just feels like it would be disrespectful to him for him to fuck another woman in front of me, like I'd be devaluing myself or our relationship.
#5: It seems like a stupid thing to do, especially as he & I age… it seems like a pretty obvious outlet to eventually get cucked out of a relationship.
Make fun of me all you want. I haven't done it, but I'd find it really hot if not for all my reservations.

No. 288359

samefagging, but I made dumb word-omission mistakes
*I think I'd feel really bad about using
*disrespectful to me for him to

No. 288407

im glad someone else is into this too, i'd love to make a pretty boy cry and scream.

No. 288696

File: 1663575698132.jpg (144.9 KB, 1080x1350, 66318297_148459636260236_17009…)

This one isn't anything outrageous, but I feel like it's such a porn meme so I'm embarrassed as fuck. I've been seeing a guy I'm really attracted to, so I'm acting kinda dick drunk whenever I've been with him. He's an electrician and this morning I saw him for the first time in his work pants (his are a little more fitted than pic related) and it looked so hot with all the tools etc., I couldn't stop staring at his bum. I don't wanna be a weirdo about it because it's his job (how do you even do sexy electrician roleplay kek), but it's hard.

No. 288765

i'm into the idea of my wife and i keeping a short guy as a pet. of making him service us and be our personal servant/maid. no cringey outfits though, just pure submission. i want to be cruel and make him watch us fuck, but never allow him to cum. i have zero sexual attraction to men, it's the dominance that turns me on.

No. 288769

Finally we're back. I want to rape males.

No. 288797


No. 288844

This but I want to be able to ring a little bell to call him. Kek.

No. 288878


ksksjskd anon i can't believe i'm seeing this here on lolcow but lmao same. my bf is an electrician and these stupid pants make me want to jump him everytime i see him in them. i guess my brain just kinda goes into monkey-mode like "he can handle all of these tools with his bare hands, so talented, so masculine, perfect". idk why but i'm so glad i found someone else who's also weirdly into electricians lmfao.

No. 288901

My bf wants to be an electrician as his "dad" career and honestly… I could see how it can be a turn on. I like the idea of seeing my man working hard, hauling around a lot of equipment, sweating his ass off, glance over at me, and make a cute and quick smile. Then me going over and offering to help him take a break for a few minutes and rubbing his back and giving him kisses on the back of his sweaty head. Also the noise of his pants coming off with all the tools clanking around lmao

No. 288943

I've been having a fantasy about demeaning guys in something they can't control and no matter how much I humilate them about it they can't help but fall in love with me because of my beauty and tenderness. In one fantasy, my bf is slightly shorter than me and has a small penis, in another fantasy my bf is a bedwetter, and in the final one my bf is a different race and has tanner skin and I act racist towards him and act like he isn't good enough for me. (I swear I'm not actually racist)

I just need to get that off my chest. I'm not a mean person nor do I have the confidence so I don't think I can ever fulfill my desires like that.

No. 288945

I like the idea of those monster sextoys with oviposition and fake cum but not on myself, I just think it'd be really hot to either help or watch another woman take them. I can't picture telling a partner this, though.

No. 288949

File: 1663640351461.gif (2.26 MB, 224x126, 20090847-4B3E-4085-9F75-4AC8FF…)

I guess tentacle porn is very common so I’m not sure if this is even much of a big deal. But I’m sexually aroused by razor clams, bivalves and squid. Octopuses not so much, because they’re intelligent and I think it’s cruel to engage in sex acts with them. They also have sharp beaks.

But I’d be lying if I haven’t thought of going down to a fishmongers and buying some clams to wiggle on my vagina. Before any vegans bite my head off, I have no interest in eating or killing these creatures. I just really want to feel one squirming around on my clit, it looks like it would feel really good.

No. 288951

File: 1663640786221.gif (2.99 MB, 498x390, C3B74159-D94D-435E-A846-79C6EC…)

Great, now I’m horny again.

No. 288957

I am not a TCC-chan or a Columbine-chan, but… I find the whole school shooter aesthetic very sexy, you know, attractive and skinny socially awkward white guy in black trenchcoat/dusters holding guns, think Jason Dean in Heathers. I don't feel any attraction towards real life shooters but I constantly fantasize about a random guy I created in my mind for those fantasies. He is loosely based on my ex bf appearance wise, but with a different personality and name, among other things. I imagine him putting a gun on my head and making me do things sexually with him or he will shoot up the school/me. Also sometimes he is a yandere/controlling bf that wants too shoot up and makes me his partner in crime so we can die and be forever together.

No. 288969

Lol honestly I'm sure this appeal is exactly why there are a bunch of tcc-chans and Columbine-chans in the first place. I think that edgy, yandere badboy archetype is popular with girls (especially if you look at anime and stuff) so it makes sense that the aesthetic is appealing even though it's hilariously misguided since almost all school shooters are autistic virgins. Have you ever watched Scream? If you like the JD aesthetic from Heathers then you'd probably like Billy Loomis in Scream.

No. 288972

File: 1663649077310.jpg (136.33 KB, 954x1200, C_PySGzXsAIU2gb.jpg)

major difference being is that skeet ulrich was actually attractive and no school shooters are ever attractive and neither was christian slater

No. 288978

File: 1663653948316.png (107.6 KB, 696x572, I Never Called it Rape Address…)

No. 288983

these posts… dear lord

No. 288990

I wanna fuck a werewolf so badly.

No. 289002

patrician taste noni. i got a custom made ovipositor to try it out but its a bit finnicky to use alone, think its a better toy to take turns with. but also i would rather die then tell any girl irl I have novelty sex toys like that kek. praying my future gf is perverted enough to admit shes into these things to me first

No. 289004

I've been interested in post-orgasm torture. I want to restrain a guy, gag and blindfold him, and then ride him until he comes. And then keep riding him for a long time while he's overly sensitive and in agony as I'm repeatedly getting off using him as a human dildo.

The problem is keeping him hard against his will. I'm having trouble finding a cockring or other way of forcing an erection without causing damage from the lack of circulation. But yeah, the idea of simultaneously getting pleasure while he's writhing in discomfort turns me on immensely. I'm not sure I could convince a guy to let me do this to him intentionally, so I've been considering ways to trick a one-night stand without getting in trouble.

No. 289013

>i guess my brain just kinda goes into monkey-mode like "he can handle all of these tools with his bare hands, so talented, so masculine, perfect".
YES this is exactly how I feel, I’m so glad you understand anon. Also I’m not very practical or dexterious myself (not for lack of trying), so I admire those skills in other people. And I like to imagine other ways his handiness can be used kek.

This is prefect, your description made me a bit flustered tbh. So cute.

I also like that he’s probably not rinsing his work clothes very often, so they’re soaking up all that masculine body odor/crust haha..

No. 289018

I get that he is gentle and treats you kindly, but if he's really as nice as he says he wouldn't want to dominate you.
>I've had so much trauma from previous partners
As most submissive and/or masochistic women do.

No. 289026

Day 26744 and the fantasy of having a threesome with two bi guys still won't leave my mind.

No. 289027

same but also bonus if they're dating each other and i'm the third wheel. wouldn't go there irl but i like imagining this with some ships of mine

No. 289074

thank you nona, you made me feel less degenerate because I thought this was more of a male thing to like. if you don't mind me asking, does the fetish get less interesting once you try it/have the toys?

No. 289157

monster fetishes like ovi and tentacle stuff are very common with women, you don't need to worry yourself at all noni. ive found my fetish has escalated now that I have the toys for it, having the physical sensation paired with the mental part of the fetish makes it kind of addicting.

No. 289173

nonnies I totally agree with this. I love men that work with their hands, it's an obscene turn on. Ausfag but "tradies" have been some of the sexiest men I've dated. I've been friends with my (now) partner for years and one day I bumped into him while he was on a job wearing the high vis, the pants, and big work boots, having a smoke on his break, and it turned me on like nothing else. He also used to be a fish monger and there's something about imagining him perfectly deboning a fish that makes me so horny.

No. 289174

That's your concern? And not the clam fucker?

No. 289175

ayrt and I think a lot of anons are misinterpreting my post. I'm not really into bdsm, I don't want him to hurt me or do anything classicly in the wheelhouse of domination. I just like the idea of totally giving myself to someone I trust. I'm a very head strong person in all other aspects of my life so "giving in" and allowing myself to be vulnerable to him is a very big reversal in how I operate, which is the biggest part that turns me on.

No. 289602

I'm into this as well in the exact same way you described. Have you seen the movie Piercing (2018)? I'm a lesbian but it turned me on so much. I think self harmer Mia Wasikowska is so hot.

No. 290015

i want to be raped in front of my boyfriend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290017

late but omg same anon
I'm also mostly into yaoi but one day I decided to cheack out /u/ out of curiostiy and that's how I found the itou hachi threads, her manga is what get me into onee-loli, her art and story-telling is exectly what I wanted in yuri, I tried other yuri manga but they didnt catch my intrest as much. unfortunatly most of the onee-loli content is made for scrotes so I just have to wait until she releases something new

No. 290052

Mindcontrol, I've this very detailed fantasy where I'm an incredibly powerful villain with hypnosis-related powers and I get to use and abuse every hero/male villain in the area whenever I want without them even realizing it, often leaving them weaker and sometimes in the verge of death.

No. 290053

File: 1664045998689.jpg (45.28 KB, 563x681, kys.jpg)

go back to 4chan and stay there scrote

No. 290077

Kek anon I think this is a bit too shameful even for this thread I guess

No. 290110

how is this shameful, are you from based.com?

No. 290154

I make my boyfriend let me watch him pee. He gets really shy and flustered, he's really embarrassed by it, which I find amusing because men stand up to pee because they all think they're so macho or whatever. That's about the extent of that kink for me, though.
I'm ashamed of the fact that despite my boyfriend having had a vasectomy, we like to pretend we're husband and wife and trying to get pregnant together. Men are such pickmes and they love the idea of being picked that way

No. 290155

Watching men piss is so erotic and I also like how shy they get. I used to watch golden shower porn a lot and noticed even confident well seasoned porn moids would hesitate or struggle a bit to get flowing on camera. I’ve always wanted to hold a moids dick as he pisses.

No. 290165

I don't get off sexually to it whatsoever but my bf and I pee with eachother in the bathroom, we never watch and we usually turn around as the other one pisses. But seeing (the back of) him pee standing up is somewhat attractive to me because it's so… male. I would never want to see his dick actually peeing or hold it while he's peeing though and I would never want him to see me wiping.

No. 290166

Exactly this. I prefer to watch the back of him, because the stance is so entrancing. I can see his face blush and when I turn a bit to look at him (I don't actually look at his dick though) he has this certain shy smile that drives me nuts.

No. 290190

pretty boys who are sleeping peacefully. I could stare at it all day. Looks so comfy. Asmr videos where guys will breathe into the mic or leave it on when they sleep for like 7 hours…their lil moans and groan are just…so cute. It’s the ultimate relaxation technique that has a chokehold on my life. Idk why this is like my fav thing I might need therapy

No. 290197

i-i'll never be a roman lady with a cute twinky germanic slave. what's the point of life anymore…

No. 290315

I enjoy stomach bulges but you people make me sick

No. 290418


No. 290423

My bf has a friend they suspect is bisexual. I’ve only met said friend once, but he seems like the stereotypical kinda narcissistic bi guy. Attractive enough and a little possessive of my bf lol. I know it’s fucked up, but recently I’ve been fantasizing about having a mmf threesome with the two of them. My bf is conventionally masculine, kinda petite but muscular (I love everything about his body, he is so attractive to me). I want him to fuck me while getting fucked by his buddy. I want bf to feel embarrassed at how much he’s enjoying it and I wanna hold his face and pat his head, look into his eyes and tell him how good he is for taking cock so well. I wanna hear his cute little moans and feel his dick get harder inside me with every thrust his friend makes until bf finally loses control and turns into a sobbing mess while he cums. In the fantasy his friend is slightly jealous of me, but bf’s love for me is stronger kek. I’m too jealous and insecure to do anything like this irl (not to mention idk if bf would be into it) but it’s nice to think about.

No. 290436

Oh he’s the faggot “straight” male friend groups pass around like a communal chew toy after a couple drinks. He doesn’t want to share him with you! Little jealous skank.
Have fun with your fantasy, I think he would be into it.

No. 290439

>Little jealous skank.

I mean I kinda hope he would. He likes it when I pet his butt, but says he is not used to it, surely a sign of suppressed homosexual urges. Your comment is making me unironically excited, just something about my bf seeming so "straight"/manly that I want him to get dominated by another guy and act a little bit gay.

No. 290978

I enjoy rape fantasies sooo much. It makes me so horny. Not like violent rape (getting beat). Though, I dont mind a little slapping, choking, manhandling. I like the idea of resisting but then made to cum like never before and to feel shame and embarrassment after. I hate how horny it makes me. I literally can't create OC couples without implementing some rapey shit.

No. 291020

easy solution, kill yourself

No. 291022

i've been really into forced orgasm (both ways, but mainly me doing it to my bf) and femdom lately. it's so hot to see him try not to cum and fail and i feel like i have so much power over him. sometimes i even get the urge to slap him lightly and idk wtf is wrong with me because i love him so much and the last thing i want to do is actually hurt him. i'm normally so against bdsm and kink but when i do it to a man it feels like i actually have some agency and power.

No. 291027

>it feels like i actually have some agency and power.
kek biggest cope ever. women like you love to pretend that making their scrote cum is some act of blackpilled stacey feminism. you're only fooling yourselves.

No. 291028

>power is when I make a man orgasm
Le sigh. Just feed him your shit like a proper dom.

No. 291029

Who gives a fuck? its a fetishes thread

No. 291030

Making a man cum isn’t a fetish.

No. 291031

i recognize this too, hence why i posted it in the fetishes im ASHAMED of thread.

No. 291032

Its not that deep autismo

No. 291033

Can’t you at least lean into the bit? Like by actually punching him in the stomach for starters.

No. 291040

File: 1664385965343.jpg (205.65 KB, 966x538, Screenshot_20220928_132544.jpg)

if you want something more "fetishy" that i'm into that's embarrassing, i really like the concept of fuck machines, but only if i have complete control of it whether by a remote/manual controls. i think it came from going to pilates lessons with my mom when i was little and seeing all the borderline fetish gear restraints there and it awakened something in me. actually upon reflection, pilates equipment in general might be a kink for me.

No. 291041

Prostate milking perhaps?

No. 291042

I like you mention slapping him "lightly", like the one dominant thing you mentioned in there and you minimize it. Making a man cum isn't dominant btw. It's okay if you like it, but it's comical to frame it as something empowering.

No. 291049

empowering isn't the right word i guess, i didn't really mean it in the libfem sense. i've had men be violent towards me during sex before and i guess it just scratches an itch in my brain to want to hurt them back. so i guess a better word would be like revenge? sadism? i dont really know how to describe the feeling. i don't watch porn so i don't really know what "hard" femdom looks like but slapping and choking my bf excites me but i feel bad because having those things done to me traumatized me hence being ashamed. the stomach punching anon also piqued my interest but im just kind of dipping my toes in and dont know where to start or go, or where my limits are yet.
excellent idea nonna, apparently these machines cost thousands of dollars though…haha…not that i've looked it up or anything…

No. 291052

having a fetish for it is one thing, coping about muh "power and agency" is another. that's not a part of the fetish, that's just delusion.

No. 291067

No. 291114

File: 1664400509968.jpg (51.61 KB, 500x500, artworks-zScXecE2Py4GTkvo-iIZn…)

No. 291126

Tutor/student dynamics. I’ve never been a teacher/student girl, but I’ve always liked the idea of a fellow student/person my age being the “teacher” because the dynamics are more variable. There are a ton of storylines I like in this dynamic, like forcing me to work while I’m getting fucked, blackmail on either side, public sex in libraries and classrooms, forcing the tutor to try to explain some subject to me while I’m actively seducing him etc. etc. etc.
The reason I’m ashamed of this is I have an actual “tutor” rn for the first time since I graduate college and I can’t stop thinking about filthy stuff when he’s trying to do what I pay him to do. He’s kind of a snobby type, which is even cuter. Unfortunately, he has a gf and would never screw a student even if he was single but I literally think about it so much

No. 291127

File: 1664405301865.jpeg (97.96 KB, 564x739, e0fb51a0ffba82a67b45d283cd5107…)

SO TRUE!!!!!!

No. 291131

File: 1664405682842.jpeg (38.96 KB, 564x564, 8470b3beadfdd8f5a298ebbb198438…)

No. 291150

File: 1664410050825.png (2.83 MB, 1280x1100, F2CAB5AC-E70B-4E64-A739-E54CDE…)

not really a fetish or ashamed of it, but i wish i was an attractive intense exotic woman back in the 60s to 80s where i could be like a beautiful international spy who seduces and is seduced by beautiful men (doesn’t even have to be typically attractive men, just the vibe i have more power over them is hot). i’ve always liked the 60s film modesty blaise and austin powers lol. but i wish i looked like and had the dominance of a woman straight out of a helmut newton photograph.

No. 291151

griffith is a rapist faggot

No. 291152

File: 1664410300276.jpeg (68.84 KB, 424x640, 1147F1AC-E2D9-4C2E-934E-61C7E5…)

i also just in general love 20th century european glamour. on the sex side, i think seducing a very uptight conservative guy would be fun. but only if he’s sweet and cute like a mister rogers type, like pushing him up against the wall and having my way with him reluctantly, excited that i’m making him destroy his reputation.

No. 291153

Great but it’s not what this thread is for lol

No. 291174

go back to twitter faggot

No. 291179

File: 1664413534090.jpeg (62.49 KB, 493x650, 0AC4CF46-54CB-427B-8B1D-F73738…)

the unrealistic fantasies thread is dead, so i’m just gonna agree with the above nonnies that nancy grossman is a gigastacy and i would like my attractive international 70s spy persona to wrap guys up like this

No. 291180

Her stuff is the sexiest! I love the body type and big lips she sometimes ads on to his men too. Just what I like. My fav pic of her is herself as an old lady standing next to her statues. She’s so cute.

No. 291234

ooooh this is hot, who's the artist?

No. 291301

Nonny… the post has her full name kek.“Nancy Grossman”

No. 291452

Military uniforms. I hate war and what they represent, but damn, I love a good looking guy sharply dressed in an uniform. I love Prussian, Red Army, etc. And well, Nazi uniforms. However, the thing is that they have to be a bit anachronistic in appearance, for example, they must be clean shaved with short and combed hair, etc. Modern uniforms don't do much for me, though. Though I saw a pic of some Bundeswehr solidiers and they looked very cute

No. 291612

Ih God, Russian soldiers with balaclavas and camo uniforms can smash my cervix in I swear

No. 291626

>Modern uniforms don't do much for me, though.
Same. I blame Hetalia.
there's a sexual fantasies thread you could post your unshameful fantasies in

No. 291629

mock executions are hot

No. 291636

File: 1664588317554.jpeg (78.62 KB, 602x578, main-qimg-ad746055695202cb1fcd…)

My boyfriend got me into body armor since he's such a sperg about guns. I was already into the concept of uniforms and masks in general, I didn't really focus on military gear until recently.
I wouldn't mind getting my boyfriend horny while he's in gear like pic attached and hearing him breathe harder and moan through the mask. I love the more futuristic designs.

No. 291641

File: 1664589219146.jpg (644.14 KB, 1280x1920, 2022-09-12 08.33.58.jpg)

Omg yes nonny, I find military uniforms extremely attractive too. I like modern uniforms more than historical ones personally, especially when they're form fitting hehe.

No. 291643

Nonnie, there is something very sexy about the mask outlining his face (I am blind kek, though he was a mannequin at first). The boots, and how he is fully clothed. That image is way more erotic than if he was naked, and I mean it.
Tfw when no nordic soldier bf

No. 291655

Extremely based

No. 291656

Just get him into motorcycles and cars (or at least the protective clothing they wear), it'll be the next best thing.

No. 291685

File: 1664605656255.png (Spoiler Image,102.98 KB, 844x563, P1.png)

NTA but I watched this on your recommendation, nonna. Holy shit, it was so good and checked so many of my boxes. I hope you wake up with the smoothest skin tomorrow.

No. 291691

the way the thigh garter looks around his leg hhhfghhh…

No. 291753

is this pic a screenshot of some call of duty game?

No. 291781

I thought so too, his skin looks really smooth. If it's real, I wonder what he looks like under all that because he has to be hot. Even his eyes look cute kek.

No. 291792

I think uniforms in general are attractive, and it doesn't have to necessarily be military related either. I realized recently that I am REALLY into baseball uniforms and I definitely think it's related to the fact that I'm already into military uniforms. The look alone is really appealing to me, but I also love how uniforms have a deindividualization aspect to them too.

No. 292037

I love when I can hear guys grunt while they work out. Tfw no buff gym himbo who will carry me around and let me slurp his bara tiddies

No. 292124

There’s a certain race of men I’m highly attracted to and I’ve been fantasizing about being gangbanged/raped by them a lot lately. Makes me feel kind of gross but I can’t help it.

No. 292129


No. 292145

File: 1664806726512.jpg (Spoiler Image,431.46 KB, 943x960, 1590835226544.jpg)

No. 292148

Which race? Spill the beans, nona.
NTA, but I have that fantasy

No. 292149

Call me a whore but I have this race thing with black guys
Football uniforms get me wet. They make the guy look sooo much bigger

No. 292158

nta but oh god slavs are so fucking hot. i second >>292148

No. 292159

God I know. Why are Slavic men so god tier. Is it because they’re the only men who aren’t complete fags anymore?

No. 292161

idk nonna. i personally prefer slavic men who aren't hyper masculine, i like the ones who look weak, preferably with a femenine voice. or the ones who look like they escaped a gulag. basically just young karpov for the first one and grischuk for second

No. 292168

No. 292169

As a fujo I want a big black man paired with what >>292161 wanted.

No. 292172

t. Tranny who’s still obsessed with Yuri

No. 292173

nonna stop projecting on me

No. 292181

eh the abusive culture being normalized and those shitty shaved haircuts aren't really 'god tier' imo..

No. 292184

Don't just leave us hanging Nona. No one will know. Promise.

No. 292202

she already confessed in >>292149 i think

No. 292204

No I'm the OP who posted about liking a certain race.

No. 292206

Jokes on you, nonnie but the shitty haircut makes it better

No. 292229


No. 292233

I thought I was the only one lol. Femdom by itself makes me cringe but I love the idea of femdom turning into maledom (without the violence tho). Just some guy getting fed up with being teased for so long and having to be super horny without getting the same satisfaction as me that he just takes control.

No. 292237

is it Indians or Pakis? come on nonna you don't want us to keep guessing much longer

No. 292245

I’m not saying because people will be like ‘why’, it’s a specific nationality actually.

No. 292259

As a girl with a hairy butthole this makes me nervous

No. 292279

As if maledom isn't the cringiest shit ever.

No. 292295

>Femdom by itself makes me cringe but I love the idea of femdom turning into maledom

No. 292314

breastfeeding/suckling a woman is my ultimate fantasy and has been for a few years, ever since my ex gf suggested it

I'm also discovering I have a thing for pregnant women after watching a show where a character I had a crush on goes thru a pregnancy kek it feels so cringe and moidish

No. 292342

It reeks of internalized misogyny to me.

No. 292347

I dont think theyre moid-ish, everything you said are natural processes of our body (which in a way, are related to sex too), I feel it's nornal to feel attracted to them.

No. 292349

I feel like if I met a guy who was into it I’d just think he was too online. It seems like such a meme kink, like I can’t take it seriously even though I do think about trying femdom-ish things once in a while. I think it’d be nice to get those urges out without having to commit to the role long enough for it to make me cringe. Plus there’s something about a seemingly pathetic guy secretly having some bite to him that appeals to me. Genuine patheticness is just… Pathetic.

No. 292353

Oh, you like pathetic men. That's why you like maledom.

No. 292505

This but the other way around. Come get me pregnant nonnie.

No. 292800

File: 1665131436613.jpeg (26.81 KB, 317x313, melted.jpeg)

Never found the idea of normal sex appealing, but i really wish to peg a power bottom man.
As if not being able to feel him or cum in him wasn't bad enough… how adorable it would be if he would tease me because of it, i want to fail to make a man taste his own medicine and feel the absence of the physical pleasure i'm trying to imitate.
I can't even hide it from my dreams, but then again i'm just a normal girl that wouldn't even give that impression so maybe i'm condemned to stay a virgin forever.

No. 292855

Kek, I like pegging for the exact opposite reason. I get clitoral stimulation from it, while the guy has to deal with the inherent discomfort and will likely receive little to no physical pleasure from it. The imbalance makes it hot, and you can't do that with PIV.

No. 292937

I want someone to drink my pee. I have this idea of going to the beach with my husbando and I eventually feel the need to pee but there's no bathrooms so I have to go somewhere secluded and as he watches me he can't help but crouch down to drink it. But there's too much and he can't swallow it all so it gets everywhere and he's covered in it. He still tries his best though. Then we get back into the water to wash all the piss off.

No. 292954

what husbando

No. 293018

I have a hypno kink. Sadly a large portion of hypno content seems to be retarded bimbofication stuff, and while I’m into being sexually submissive I hate that.

I’m not so much into the brainwashing/conditioning, but like the idea of someone holding that amount of control over me, making me go outside my comfort zone and loving it while it’s going on, only to come to it later with just hazy memories of what occured. Obviously I would be apprehensive of letting anyone hypnotise me irl (I think I would only do it if the person wasn’t into the kink initially, but learned to do for my sake kek), so for now it’s only something I would like to roleplay.

I 100% blame Bioshock for this kink and would specifically love to RP as Atlas x Jack haha..ha.

No. 293837

Not really a fetish, but I'm too ashamed to put this in any of the the other threads. This comes from my religious upbringing probably and how I view myself as a sinful monster, but also I'm avoidant and while I can be really well behaved when it's my own idea (or I think it's my own idea), I'm quite oppositional and defiant. I kinda go back and forth on religion, but when I was a lot younger I tried to sell my soul to the devil in the hope for a succubus. Witches and demons just seemed to have way more fun.
So then there's the game Catherine. I know that she wouldn't even be able to appear to me, that she's only there to punish scrotes (which is based) for wasting women's time and that she's basically a manic pixie dreamgirl with fanservice looks. I wish I could take it day-by-day with a demon who takes me back to her underworld and who doesn't want kids and who probably killed thousands of scrotes. Or Jennifer, it's not even necessarily just that she's played by Megan Fox, but she literally eats men. It's kinda the same themes and reasons for my love of vampires. I'm aware it's scroteish af. Maybe I should send letters to women in prison.

No. 293841

Okay that last bit is a joke, about writing women in prison. I want to add though that apparently it is actually a fetish to want to fuck demons, it's called Spectrophilia? Well I blame the church.

No. 293893

Having a delinquent best friend who encourages me to be a slut. We'd be a little forceful, blackmail men and take their money. Her empathy for people is a little low, but she loves me and sees men as nothing more than walking wallets/dildos. I know MFF is a scrote fantasy, but the appeal of this fantasy to me comes from being corrupted and bonding with another woman through the degradation of males.

No. 293901

Hot NGL, I see the appeal. Emotional intimacy and knowing you have each other's backs while also actively doing sketch things and degrading men.

No. 293973

I was rewatching some RLM earlier today, and they spun on this tape, but didn’t show it. I decided to look it up for fun, and i’m weirdly entranced by the smoking octopus’s voice….. it reminds me of the chamberlain in the dark crystal, that type of smarmy creepy british accent. brit anons where does it come from……

No. 293975

not a bong but I'm pretty sure this type of accent is called received pronunciation, basically the most posh or fancy accent. Eric Blore is who this voice actor is more or less impersonating. He kinda sounds like Jeremy Hillary Boob from Yellow Submarine. Cute.

No. 293979

I want an inuyasha demon to crawl in my bed and sniff me and lick me and then he could keep his long robe on while I whip his peen out (it’s a human dong) and we have sex missionary, don’t come at me and say it is boring, I scratch his back and comb through his gorgeous long hair and he groans (Richard Ian cox VA noises) throughout and he’s like “oh nona, this was all I ever needed” he is so sexy and evil. I’d fuck sesshomorou too, but with him it’d be less intimate, I’d probably let him hit it from the back and no t much affection during foreplay, just head and making out.

No. 293981

Okay nonna, but no peen for me, only vagene.

No. 294108

why would anyone prefer inuyasha over sesshomaru tho? you know sessh has definitely the biggest dick and he looks like he at least showers himself. inuyasha looks like the kind of guy who doesnt even know he has to push back his dick skin to wash its head.

No. 294116

NTA but I never got the fangirling of Sesshomaru. He's pretty but at least Inuyasha has more variety in expression than looking apathetic and vaguely pissed off at everything. Then again, I'm also a Kougafag, so maybe I should shut up lmao.

No. 294119

File: 1665839818869.gif (1.98 MB, 640x428, did-we-just-become-best-friend…)

Inuyasha is suuuuper immature tho and like I said hes messy as hell. I love Sesshomaru's stoic and quiet personality. You know hes probably a freak in the sheets.
This being said, I am also a Kougafag lol

No. 294143

Naraku and sesshoumaru threesome for me

No. 294151

At least inuyasha isn't a lolicon lol

No. 294182

File: 1665866298381.jpg (142.24 KB, 634x884, she gets it.jpg)

I need to vent this, I know it's moid tier.
For some reason a supplement I was taking dampens my libido, and now that I reduced my intake I KNOW this is true.
She came back with a vengeance and now I've got weird fucking fetishes again. Nothing too bad, just impossible irl and not as normal as I'd prefer. Specifically I'm finally coming (heh) to terms with the fact that I'm an agalmatophiliac, mainly if the object is sentient in some way. I'm a doll collector and have been in denial of this aspect of my interest for…10 years, shit.

I think it's the control aspect, the body horror possibilities, and size difference that appeal to me. I'll always eat up size difference (within reason) so this follows, I guess. Just imagine having a literal living doll or mannequin boyfriend who relies on you and is at your mercy, nonas. He has no blood and no organs, and you can remove all of his limbs…real, human men lack appeal, but this does it for me to an alarming degree. He's just not sexy unless he's in the uncanny valley.

No. 294185

Nonny, is that your serial killer's background story?

No. 294194

What's the supplement? I wish I could kill my libido.

No. 294198

Fortunately I am a harmless and law-abiding sex pervert.
Evening primrose oil. Supposedly it affects hormones (raises progesterone), and in my anecdotal experience it lowered my libido but also caused hair loss. It also left the things I actually cared about (acne and period flow) unchanged.
In others I hear the opposite things happen, if anything at all.

No. 294206

Okay yeah that doesn't sound worth it at all. I wish I could find a way to become asexual w/o massive side effects. I hope your acne calms down and your periods become more manageable.

No. 294210

getting off to the idea of being fattened. Would never do it, though

No. 294212

I'm a doll collector too and I don't want to think of my boys in this way because I want them to be a wholesome thing but I see where you're coming from

No. 294223

I love Koga! He’s so hot in theory.

No. 294236

same nonnie, same. I value my body too much, but I think that's why the idea of letting go and fattening up is such a turn on

No. 294388

File: 1665967934216.jpg (97.71 KB, 479x359, istockphoto-866879852-170667a.…)

I think I have a fetish for bandages, of the white wrap type that you always see in anime, edgy vent art and whatnot, and the eye patch is truly the cherry on top of the degen cake. Whether it's on myself or on somebody else doesn't matter.

Mind you I am not a sadist, or a masochist, or even very sexual at all. It's just, idk, a special kind of satisfaction. I don't fantasize about the injury that's in there, much less the accident that led to it and especially not the pain and trauma, and the fetish doesn't extend to things like casts and braces. For me it's really about the feeling of safety, healing and good care.

Maybe it's the metaphorical wound of my crippling depression that I want to heal, maybe it's not that deep and I'm just an edgelord. I can actually trace it all the way back but let's not blogpost any more than this

That's not scroteish at all anon it sounds pretty cool actually. I wish I was a man-eating demon, life is so unfair

No. 294398

100% have this "fetish" or whatever. It's really aesthetic for me, as well as hot. I even have a dumb OC that eventually wears all medical bandages like that. And a separate eye-patch/eye-wrap OC. Just to have a reason to draw it. I do like the pain that goes with it though, cute cuddly little wounded wrapped up people.

No. 294407

I’m not one for pet play, but I wish my bf had a tail sometimes. We have the typical dog bf cat gf dynamic and I really like it tbh, but what I wouldn’t give for him to have a tail even for a day I just find it so hot? When we started dating he naturally took a more dominant approach but my personality is very soft domme so eventually he asked to try being in a sub role (which was very exciting) he’s asked about collars and stuff as this is his first time being in this kind of dynamic but I think dominating him is so hot, sometimes his eyes get teary and it makes me feel insane. Also I don’t think I’m into piss but a few times when we’ve been intimate I’ve accidentally pissed and it felt so great.. but i’m embarrassed to tell him I want to experiment with it more.

No. 294533

omg me too it's good to know i'm not the only one lol

No. 294736

I don't have a specific OC for this purpose, I make up a random model for each piece, but I have a hard time even coming up with drawings that don't involve a bandaged part sticking out of a skirt/sleeve or even just the eye patch. If I posted my art online people would probably assume I just can't draw the other eye.

I think the aesthetic aspect is a small but important part of the fetish and the reason why it's specifically the white ones that are appealing, they enhance the beauty of the person that wears them in a way, I find it so angelic looking personally. A form of admiration/worship is an important part of fetishism in general, it seems.

There's also a contrast of feeling and behavior, between the bandaged part which you have to be careful and touch only lightly and the actual flesh that you can kiss and touch more intensely, that's really erotic, whether on the giving or receiving end.

I'd like to play nurse a bit with someone… but not a hospital larp. It's a regular house, with a cozy little guest bedroom in which a fallen angel is being kept safely like an injured dove in a box, unbeknownst to the outside world, and taken good care of until they are healed…

No. 294755

Finally got to roleplay with my boyfriend and he got way more in character than I expected kek I was blown away at how he made up lines on the spot since it was per my suggestion. Anyway, my secret kink is home invasion/kidnapping. I got a fake knife recently so we can use it for next time. I feel dirty admitting this even in this thread because I’d judge others who have these fetishes or at least those who publicize and normalize them. It’s fun to act it out and fuck in a different character role or situation sometimes. I never pretend to be non-consenting though.

No. 294780

Footjobs but in the reverse (inverse?) as in foot rubbing against pussy. Very little content for this and virtually none of it heterosexual.

No. 294789

I like the though of peeing on a guy

No. 294794

Ouch, I was going to say that I've seen a decent amount of art of this, until I read the last part. I don't think I've ever seen M/F content of that. There's always seeing if there's an artist who will draw it via commission, I guess.

No. 294800

This is very interesting, especially how we essentially have the same fascination but slightly different. Yes I also like the whiteness and I do find it angelic. I like angels and angel-aesthetics in general, and I find it amusing that nooners on here like demons instead. I don't care about the admiration/worship, but the vulnerability is nice.

No. 294804

I'm interested in this, but I hate the submissive connotation behind anything involving feet. They are cute, I want to rub myself against them without the humiliation bullshit.

No. 294806

AYRT, MTE. On another note, say what you want about feet but any kind of sex act that doesn't involve a penis is annoyingly underrepresented in F/M erotica, even in supposed femgaze stuff. Very disappointing that external clitoris stimulation as a whole is seen as secondary, if not downright inferior to penetration.

No. 294810

It's retarded that there's so much porn that involves handjobs (to completion even), yet almost none of it involves rubbing clits. And if it's there, it just happens for 2 seconds, before the girl begs to be fingered or they just move onto PIV. Even in content created by women… How do all the women who write/draw this stuff happen to ignore the clit completely? Hello?
That being said, I'd love it if there was more porn/erotica of women humping men. Their legs, hands, feet, I don't care. Just the woman rubbing up against him and using him. Not as a way of teasing him, but purely for her own pleasure and orgasm.

No. 294866

I want to get mercilessly verbally and physically bullied by a guy I’m attracted to. People usually say they want to get called “slut” and “whore” and shit but none of that does it for me, it actively turns me off to be honest. “Freak”, “ugly”, and “worthless” tip me over the edge completely though.

No. 294868

File: 1666221882867.png (432.57 KB, 613x608, Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 7.23…)

felt and im glad someone else said it

No. 294870

>any kind of sex act that doesn't involve a penis is annoyingly underrepresented in F/M erotica, even in supposed femgaze stuff. Very disappointing that external clitoris stimulation as a whole is seen as secondary, if not downright inferior to penetration.
NTA but yeah. It's odd that PIV sex is considered like the ultimate sex act when most women don't even experience vaginal orgasms. Personally, vaginal sex was painful and not physically pleasurable at all, so it's a real bummer that most erotica for women doesn't focus on "foreplay" as much as "real sex".

No. 294876

Nice taste, I wish there was any sort of easily accessible content regarding this kink that didn’t have those words popping up so often. I want to get degraded for being an ugly sexless virgin not a person who apparently has a lot of sex and can’t keep it in their pants. No ASMRs, no drama CDs, can’t even find any fanfics nor art regarding it, but moids get a shit ton of stuff like this catering to them.

No. 294880

So true, need more humping porn
Me but at men

No. 294884

for real like personally mutual degradation is the sweetest piece of pie i could ever eat however to find any male that thinks of that as anything other than calling you a slut or whore, which i have a visceral negative reaction to, is impossible. on the other hand, i could come up with a billion different creative horrifically pointed insults for any man i encounter.

No. 294888

Something like only 30% of women in the US have ever experienced an orgasm. Add on top of that only a small fraction of those women orgasm from vaginal penetration.

Fuck this earth.

No. 294889

No way in hell only 30% of american women have ever ogargasmed in their lives. Like, with PIV sex I can believe it, but EVER AT ALL? No way.

No. 294893

No fucking way

No. 294903

ooh another hypno kink anon. most of my fantasies are fairly cutesy after having read far too many creepy and rape stories in the past when I was younger. I like the idea of a villainess threatening and hypnotizing other women unless the heroine submits to her, and the heroine is embarrassed but really enjoys it and uses the idea of saving others as an excuse to engage in it. The villainess isn't truly evil, she's more playful though and really does love her.

I'm glad to be doing my duty to my country by flicking the bean and getting off.

No. 294915

I'm not in the US but I'm in a country that was super catholic up until the last couple decades. I think stats like that might be true if older people are skewwing the figures. Its not that long since we were for the most part cluelessly waiting til our wedding night, expected to only ever have one lover in our lifetime, you didn't get to try them out before committing to them for life. We'd be taught not to touch ourselves, taught that sex is a duty thats more for the mans sake etc. Just going through the motions.

No. 294917

I wonder why is that, like even erotica written by women for women is often all about PIV, to the point it's not even relatable anymore. Why do female writers do this? Do they just follow some established norm they've internalized? You know what? I write myself here and there, and I think some day I'm going to be the change I wanna see in the world.

No. 294925

i think being exposed to degenerate deviantart tier shit as a kid fucked with my developed because the only porn that turns me on and i masturbate to is feeder/weight gain shit. i've always been particular to those art sequences of girls gaining hundreds of pounds, growing into even immobile blob sizes. there's this one popular model i especially like (picrel) who was over 600lbs at her highest weight and i get so turned watching videos of her fat jiggling as she waddles around, being so wide she can't fit through doorways or easily stand up from her seat, needing two chairs to sit, getting out of breath from basic movements. and when i see her or other 350+lb women i'm not so much attracted to them as i am attracted to the thought of being that big. i'm currently thin now (130 lbs) and even at my highest weight i was 150lbs at 5'7, so like, mildly chubby. certainly nowhere close to the girls i fantasize about. of course i'm aware of the fact that being that massive would in reality be painful and exhausting and that the rest of society does not think needing to buy two plane tickets because your ass completely fills two economy tickets is sexy. plus i'm super neurotic about health issues, so despite being as coombrained as i am i fortunately don't think i'll be letting myself get to that size.

honestly? i kinda have a retard anachan mindset when it comes to my own body image and dieting to the point where i fetishized gigantic women, being attracted to the idea of completely giving up control and restriction and consuming endless amounts of decadent, delicious food. very hedonistic. never did i think i'd share this aspect of myself with anyone ever until my bf recently drunk texted me confessing me that he's a feeder. as someone with a lot of sexual experience i don't get flustered easily but reading that text made me turn red and i couldn't think about anything else for the rest of the night. lol my fingers were trembling sending a text suggesting he could come over and hand feed me a pint of ice cream. it sounds weird, but indulging in this fetish has actually been beneficial for my body image.

my bf is very wealthy and has a lot of status because of job and the self-imposed pressure of trying to resemble how i thought a rich man's girlfriend should look was exacerbating the pre-existing bone rattling. the first time he affectionately touched the bit of pudge around my lower belly that i wanted nothing more to get rid of my entire life almost singlehandedly cured any lingering body dysmorphia. yes, i know, basing your body image on moid's approval is absolutely retarded, but it's less that and more… viewing my body in a different way? like, oh, maybe i'm not a gigantic disgusting whale a la shayna clifford. my belly is soft and cute.

i think i'll let myself gain like 30 lbs or so just to see how it feels to be bigger. maybe combine it with lifting and exercise to build some muscle and maintain a flattering shape.

No. 294926

File: 1666260543059.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.52 KB, 640x542, wide load.jpg)

mfw forgot picrel

No. 294936

Based nonnie.
And honestly, I don't get it either. I don't doubt a good chunk of women like PIV, but to like it so much it's all you write about? Too many women mold their sexualities around what pleasures men more instead of themselves. Sex can be so sensual, but they reduce it to PIV just like men do.

No. 294944

This convo has made me rethink the ways I write smut. I think part of the reason I focused so much on PIV is because I wish it was satisfying and pleasurable on the receiving end. There are lots of theoretical reasons why it should be great, none of which we tend to experience IRL— but it's possible in fiction. So instead of writing something true to women's real life preferences, I just create a world in which those preferences don't matter. That's probably because of the female socialisation, moulding my ideas of pleasure around mens' tastes. Maybe instead of wishing I could enjoy what moids want, I can make a world where men go absolutely crazy for rubbing women off.

No. 294982

>think being exposed to degenerate deviantart tier shit as a kid fucked with my developed because the only porn that turns me on and i masturbate to is feeder/weight gain shit. i've always been particular to those art sequences of girls gaining hundreds of pounds, growing into even immobile blob sizes.
are you me holy shit

No. 295019

All my smut recently has men going down on women but never getting any themselves in return and they're all happy just to please the women so it's not even an issue.
I came to the same thought process as you some time ago when I was talking to some other girls and we realized that there's not many fics focused on female pleasure without piv being involved.
Do it nonnie. There needs to be more of us.

No. 295030

Accidentally fantasized my waifu went tif once when my mind wandered and I loathe how much I liked it. I get turned off thinking of any of my other fictional crushes transing but she makes it psychologically thrilling and wrong in a way that really does it for me.

No. 295072

I thought my Nazi fetish was gone but I saw some images a while ago and it came back in full force.
Which is weird because I absolutely want to humiliate a German moid and make him wear a nazi uniform and take photos and blackmail him with them.
Of course I would never do in real life

No. 295079

Cuntboys, I must say trannies disgust me and that I'm exclusively attracted to women but having transmale friends made me consider how hot it would be to trib with a gender larper. Doesn't help that most of them look like extreme masc women who have wide hips and big thighs (big clits are sexy too)

No. 295084

Pleaseeee same nona. Not in a femdom way because I personally don't like whiny bitches for men who coom and follow porn trends but the thought of accidentally doing it on his lap and him being ok with it even though it's gross just somehow shows that he likes me too much to not be completely disgusted by what I did.

No. 295085

nonna I was just thinking of something similar earlier and it was sticking with me all today, went to post about it here and saw your post. my opening to nazi humiliation fetish came from watching the ending scene of inglorious basterds during puberty. ily

No. 295180

Males crossdressing. Female dictators. Being degraded by a really sadistic woman. I also am into large aggressive men, me bullying them and them bullying me back. Female dictators. Being physically overpowered. If there is a God above, he weeps for creatures like me.

No. 295204

File: 1666382801073.png (467.94 KB, 647x846, 7823HW.png)

I couldn't tell you how it happened, but me and my boyfriend seamlessly, without prior communication, started roleplaying this morning. Neither of us have expressed interest in this specific RP but things just flowed. I was rubbing his lap and he started squirming in a particularly submissive way I haven't really seen him do before. He was like "it feels weird" "why is it so hard?" and I was immediately like, wow, is he initiating an age play sort of scene? It evolved into me being a older woman role and him being a teen virgin I was gently and sweetly taking advantage of. I was telling him that his erection was normal and healthy and saying things like, "this is what bodies are for" and 'teaching' him how to have sex with me while he acted really shy and flustered. In my mind I was pretending he was a particularly sheltered 18 year old and I was in my mid 30s. Honestly, it was the hottest sex I've possibly ever had. I think the hottest part is a bit meta- like how he initiated being submissive and put me in the role of caretaker (I seriously don't know how I would have reacted if he had put me in the 'young' role, ehh) Him asking to hold his hands and guide him and take care of his feelings. Feeling extremely safe in exploring these kind of darker aspects of our fantasies. He was extremely good at acting and fully embodying the role. It was all very surprising to me because he's a turbonormie and I know he's not at all familiar with kink stuff outside of mainstream media. Nothing about it feel porny or coomer- it was just very sweet and sexy. Our sex has always been really great, albeit super vanilla PIV stuff. I've never seen him act submissive, so this just came totally out of left field; he took a really vulnerable leap of faith hoping I'd be into it and it paid off 100%. If he had came to me and discussed it prior it would have toned down some of that excitement. I'll stop spergging now, I'm still coming down from the high.

No. 295215

No. 295233

The scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 where Leatherface uses the chainsaw like it's his dick really did it for me. I don't know why. Especially him nudging her crotch with it. Maybe it's fine to me in my head because he didn't actually harm her with it? I am never usually aroused by anything like this, it's so odd

No. 295248

I literally fantasize about having a very cute German colleague/friend and being enamored by his accent, looks and foreign culture, he has a slight crush on me too. We get closer and one day I walk into him doing the nazi salute/wearing a nazi armband/saying heil hitler and so the blackmail starts from that. The fantasy is not too rapey, he reluctantly consents. At first I ask him to do the salute naked and take pics, then wear the full uniform and have sex with me after that. I taunt and make fun of him and telling how much of a disgusting nazi scum he is and he loves it. That it is his destiny and how we know all Germans deep down have a Nazi inside them.
Sounds shitty writing but it is hot for me.

No. 295286

I actually did write a short story like that a while back, and holy crap it was fun! Definitely gonna do it again at some point. It's also great that it gives me the opportunity to write in some soft femdom themes, which are also not too common in erotica written for women.

No. 295384

File: 1666476275386.png (454.67 KB, 631x504, pile of cats.png)

I feel like I'm running into the risk of sounding like a troonbian larper, but I'm straight but having my face squished into one of my friends boobs when the four of us were cuddling like a pile of cats kinda did something for me

No. 295388

File: 1666478478916.png (1.79 MB, 1612x1517, 1509971473607.png)

I hate that I read these.
Nonnitas you should be very ashamed.

No. 295394

none of those anons but these are tame compared to the anon with holocaust fantasies from a few months ago

No. 295397

The holocaust-chan one was too much even for me nona kek
Sorry, nonnie, at least the humiliating Nazis part should balance things, no?

No. 295406

File: 1666480621300.jpg (59.81 KB, 564x706, f1c6880e7ed36ef579193cf45e1e9f…)

Any other bi/les girl here have a homophobia kink??? I love the thought of getting dominated by a taller, conventionally attractive girl who bullies me for being attracted to girls but then fucks me behind closed doors, telling me how much of a gross faggot I am for enjoying it.

Also into DDLG/ageplay, specifically the humilation parts. I want to be bottle-fed by a daddy dom and be treated like I'm a fragile, innocent little girl but also like I'm a desperate slut.

On the same topic, I fucking love omorashi. I don't like diaper shit but more as a thing of someone having control over me. And someone pissing on me as a way of asserting dominance, just a good ol' golden shower. I have a genuine piss kink.

No. 295408

No. 295409

Tranny hands wrote this.

No. 295412

The closest thing to a homophobia kink is that I fantasize about cucking a hot gay guy for his hot crush. Like, I wish there was the equivalent of those shitty anti-yuri ugly fat bastard hentai for moids but it's a woman and she essentially fucks the soft submissive boy in a popular yaoi pairing and ruins him with the sheer power of her mighty pussy clench, making him never want to go back to cock ever again and becoming the woman's boy-toy. While the other man in the pairing can only seethe with a mix of anger of being cucked but also jealously of wanting to experience how good the pussy is that it was enough to mind break his friend.
What you typed is kind of gross though, though I guess I can't say considering what I've just typed. My apologies.

No. 295425

What you posted isn't nearly as bad as what that other poster said.

On the topic of piss kinks though, I used to like the idea of pissing on and being pissed on. Thankfully I stopped wanting the latter, now I just wanna piss on a man kek

No. 295431

i dont know what ive fallen into but audio porn is the only way i can cum anymore
its embarrassing to have to scroll through pages of fucking reddit audios to find anything good, but i just cant watch anything anymore. the men are so shamelessly slutty and loud…
i think blindfolding someone would be interesting – or someone completely deprived of their senses altogether, not knowing where i am or where ill be next.

No. 295446

Why am I ashamed of myself when you exist?

No. 295684

Same nonny! Most men are ugly to me anyway so the only thing that gets me off anymore is imagining it's a cute guy moaning when I listen to these.

No. 295699

what are some good ones
asking for a friend

No. 295885

Tbh I think I have an ageplay kink, or I just like it when my boyfriend handles me and directs me to do things. He's 3 years younger than me but it feels like he's more emotionally mature than me when it comes to many things. When we have sex, I sound like someone who just discovered sex by using the "proper" terms for our genitals and I blush and I cover my face a lot and make high pitched sounds. When he grabs my face, I melt into his hands.
I really want him to fuck me while he wears a ski mask. I might bring this up to him very soon.

No. 295979

I’m not sure if this fetish has a name, so I just call it a reverse pregnancy scare fantasy.

It’s starts off consensual. He’s a regular scrote, preferably someone I know peripherally, and we’re just casually hooking up. He’s inexperienced in being dom'ed, but curious enough to let me do it. He’s tied up to my bed and I start riding him, but once we get into it I let it slip I’m not on contraception, telling him how much I love him and want him to impregnate me so we can have a baby together and so on. This guy is sane enough to not let his dick get the better of him, and is now terrified and holding on to dear life trying not to cum but it feels so good, while I ride him like a BPD-chan, using is cock to get myself off over and over again.

Sadly I don’t want kids, so this sort of rp would be way too risky irl.

No. 295991

this is hot.

No. 296016

i think mine is relatively tame but i have a breeding kink. im not into pregnancy at all but just the thought of being came into is really hot, esp if its because the guy cant help it. i am ashamed of this tho, and my feelings fluctuate. when im horny it seems incredibly hot to me, but when im not i dont get turned on by it at all so idk. is it possible to get rid of a kink? i went months without being turned on by this, and now its kinda back in full force even tho i thought i weaned off it. and also, sometimes i experience this weird thing where a fetish will seem hot to me in the moment, but later on i'll realize how gross it is and be unable to get turned on by it. anyway i wouldn't say that breeding kink is particularly shameful, but it's not something i'd ever try out irl of course. i feel like it's only something i could get my fill of in fantasy.

No. 296022

oh my god I relate to this so much. Deviantart truly ruined me with feeder shit, and I'm also super neurotic about health/staying thin, which I always thought was a huge factor behind wanting to get so big. I'm with you in solidarity nonnies, I feel like there's a few of us out there.

No. 296032

>I fantasized about taking younger bf virginity
Did this 5 times irl.

No. 296034

I haven’t gone a day since my 18th birthday without an emotional support older man. It’s so degen and gross but I love nerdy creepy old losers with big hands. My favorite old man dumped me for an age appropriate gf and I’ve been trying to do the same but It’s so hard. I don’t feel like I can trust young guys with BDSM stuff because they’re all pornsick, troon risks, or psychopathic if they express an interest at this age.

I feel guilty being a masochist because getting hurt is one of the only things that gives me genuine sexual stimulation (muh trauma) and the last time I tried to explain that to a guy my age he got weirded out and uncomfortable. Am I going to be forever alone nonas?

No. 296035

So you're the reason why all the bdsm videos feature young women with grotesque pot bellied balding old moids abusing them, I thought it was just males wishful thinking, as a sub girl who only wants to submit to very good looking men and is repulsed at the idea of doing anything with uggos besides humiliating/degrading them, why is there such an overlap between masochism and ugly old scrotes? Is it another form of self harm to see yourself being fucked by a rotund wrinkled liver spotted cueball headed ignored-by-all-normal-women scrotes?

No. 296038

> I don’t feel like I can trust young guys with BDSM stuff
and you think these old scrotes are any better? if they seem nice or kind it's because they'll do anything to fuck a younger woman instead of an appropriate woman who's there age. These men are sleazebags for sleeping with you.

No. 296040

Reverse pregnancy-scare anon here, I have this kink too and I get how you feel. The way I see it, it's almost instinctual to find it hot to some degree if you're a male-attracted woman, but I have some trauma related to this irl (had the kink prior to trauma happening), so my feelings were complicated by that. I hate that sex has an inherent risk to women, but at the same time the risk makes it taboo and exciting to me I guess. Anyway, I don't think I'll ever get completely rid of this kink, but I practise it as safely as I can. I never let guys come inside me without wearing a condom, but I still love it when they cum kek. My current guy is reasonably endowed and when he cums he gets so hard and I can feel it twitching inside me and he makes the cutest moans.

No. 296041

Anon is a retard but I wouldn't blame young vulnerable mentally ill women and girls for what MALES have done throughout all of history
>why is there such an overlap between masochism and ugly old scrotes
Masochistic women have a high probability of having sexual trauma and needless to say they suffer from extremely low self-esteem which is why manipulative scrotes predate on them

>I don’t feel like I can trust young guys with BDSM stuff because they’re all pornsick
And you're not pornsick for wanting to practice BDSM so desperately? kek. Yeah I know you suffered from trauma but it's not like you can't make an effort to change your fetish to something less dangerous at least
>they’re all pornsick, troon risks, or psychopathic if they express an interest at this age.
Older males are just as pornsick, potential troons and psychopathic, what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 296067

About a third of the time, I masturbate to straight shota with huge dong stories. I feel ashamed, but nothing else turns me on as much. Pics are okay too, but mostly I read the same three authors on AO3.

No. 296077


Yes, I have genuine attraction to ugly older men, it’s shameful. Maybe they were sleezebags when I was freshly 18 but in the case of the incident I posted about, I suck him out as opposed to the other way around. I know, scrotes bad and I couldn’t possibly understand the Machiavellian mind games any man over 30 is suddenly capable of but maybe, I had some agency and had the sort of casual sex I was specifically interested in having. Plus he was cute and he left me for a woman his age.

I don’t watch, read, or listen to pornography. Objectively can’t be pornsick. I just like getting hurt and the things I like are categorically safe, just a little weird.

No. 296081

I am not desperate to practice 80s style hardcore BDSM, I just want a sane, age appropriate boyfriend who is ok with hitting me with a stick sometimes.

On old guys being as bad as young ones: Young guys are a wild card and much more likely to fall into the categories I described. Older guys can be gross in a lot of ways but I think at least a portion of them hold onto generational shame so that they don’t go too far onto any of those avenues. Not going to disagree but ime rates are lower/lower risk of being surprised.

No. 296089

I wish you a speedy recovery

No. 296199

Weight gain. Roast me. I love seeing people gain weight over time, and that led me to lurk in the feedism community. Not into deathfats but I’m very into weight gain and related teasing.

If you want to psychoanalyze me it’s actually pretty simple: when I was ana I wanted to look uwu tiny next to my partner and when I had to gain weight it was a cope. Now I’m quite disillusioned with the community and think it’s severely deranged but I can’t help but think it’s hot.

I suspect most people with this fetish have eating disorders in one way or another, otherwise I wouldn’t get it

No. 296202

Words cannot express how gratified I feel to know I’m not alone. I definitely can’t tell anyone about this ever irl, it’s way way too embarrassing

No. 296281

You’re very much not alone nonnie! I suspect this fetish might be more common than we think but it’s obviously cringe af to admit.

Like you I’ve never talked to someone about this before so I’d love to ask you a few questions if you’re comfortable answering:
>How long did you know you were into this?
>Do you identify more with gainers or encouragers?
>How does it affect your irl dating?
>Do you have ED history too?
>What do you like about it and what do you hate about it?

No. 296296

I've heard that phobias and the like can sometimes turn into fetishes, and I'd like to find our if it's actually true or just a myth. I used to be nearly suicidal about getting my period as a teen and almost trooned out due to hating them so much. Only gradually got over it in my early twenties, and guess who has a weird period blood fetish now.

No. 296323

>how long did you know you were into this?
maybe three or four years, maybe a few more than that
>gainers or encouragers
the former
>irl dating
i'm a virgin. I have been on dates with a handful of women though. I've never told anyone (or gotten close enough with another girl to even think about it)
>do you have ED history?
no not really. vaguely afraid of actually gaining a lot of weight but I've never starved myself over it

No. 296324

samefagging but sorry I feel the need to be pretty guarded!

No. 296329

I have this fetish too! I know for a fact that I got it from watching the totally spies episode where clover got fat as a kid. That show should never have aired on television tbh it exposed so many people to degeneracy too soon.
I ended up liking more minor weight gain than the show depicted, on both women and men. I have it kind of both ways: I would usually self insert as the woman or lust after the men, depending on who was described or drawn in the stories I read. I especially love stories with a bullying/shame element (probably because I’m so ashamed of it irl). I am a switch in general so imagining a hot skinny guy bullying me or me bullying a formerly hot guy that’s gained weight is top tier
it’s my deepest darkest secret, I would actually kill myself if someone found out. I never developed anorexia but I have definitely been more dedicated to not gaining weight and having a hot gym body than others because I “don’t want to let the fetish win.” It’s almost more awful for me to gain weight because it’s not just about body image issues (which I do also have); I legit get scared that people will know I’m a gainer if I do.
I’ve tried to train myself out of it for years and I’m doing so much better. I was into normal sex stuff as well and had other fetishes but a good picture or story could legit get me off in like 3 minutes without having to touch myself. It’s definitely hard to give up those super fast orgasms and I’m sure it’s bad that I’m repressing it but it’s literally so degenerate and cringe that I can’t stand to be associated with it anymore. I actually went cold turkey on wg shit by imagining a friend seeing my search history kek. Unfortunately I still get dreams about gaining weight and being made fun of, and have intrusive thoughts about cute boys and girls with beer bellies.
I hung out with guy from my college last weekend at bars, and he still had a nice face but had put on a little bit of weight in a really good looking builtfat way. He was flirting with me a lot and it drove me up the wall to think about bullying him for it as we fucked and I was beginning to shame spiral about it this week so I just had to vent when I saw all these posts lol

No. 296332

Omg samefagging but I didn’t realize how long this would be. I guess I’ve been holding it in all my life so it’s nice to finally write about it for once

No. 296335

I'm thinking of trying to go cold turkey as well because I feel so cringe and embarrassed over it. It's like my one weird thing and I think i'm otherwise pretty normal…

No. 296338

I would never fess up to this fetish but I think some of my friends have their suspicions, I’ve gotten a few “oh so you’re into bigger guys” comments bc of who I’ve dated.

Current bf and I have lived together for a year and he’s gained some nice relationship weight. He doesn’t know about my fetish per se but has gotten really comfy with me thinking he’s handsome at his current weight and sometimes even asks me for belly rubs

No. 296339

samefagging just to add I think the softer elements of feedism (a little relationship weight, enjoying cooking for your SO) are kind of wholesome. but death feeders are degenerate sociopaths and should be locked up

No. 296340

ayrt with the longpost, I’m literally the same way - I'm pretty vanilla and the only other fetishes I have that are “weird” are devil’s threesomes and corruption. This is probably bad advice for other nonnies but personally I am trying to steer my wg fetish into the corruption lane because i like pretty much the same dynamics in both (shame/teasing/control) but it’s less deviantart-tier divorced from reality cringe and I can rely on my own imagination, rather than having to look up deranged wg hentai. It’s going ok. The best part is that I have finally figured out how to get the dynamics I like to work when having sex irl.
But it’s not easy!!! I’m haunted by the specter of the weight gain fetish still!!! I’ve officially been off deviantart and ao3 wg shit since I was 19 and 5 years later I still have dreams about eating too much and looking fat. I really hope they go away eventually…
I would say it’s still worth it to go cold turkey if you’re like me and you genuinely cannot see yourself acting it out irl and being happy. like I said, I actually would kms before I told a partner about it and it doesn’t really seem healthy either. The hardest part was just taking the first step, I was addicted to how fast/hard I could finish from seeing or reading this stuff and I had to learn how to get in touch with my body again. But I feel so much better about myself and my sex life after doing it: now that some of the fetish brainworms have disappeared I finally feel like I’m having sex as my real self. Finally, I’m not just a shell doing whatever the guy wanted in bed so he could get off and then going home to look at fat anime girls compilation 13 to actually get off. Yes, that was literally me when I was 18-19 and I would rather die than go back. So if you feel similarly, I would completely recommend blocking deviantart and other trigger sites until you can exercise more self control and try to figure out other ways to redirect this urge

No. 296341

nta and not a fetish or sexual thing for me, but I honestly wouldn't mind a gf who would help/encourage me with bulking, because it's a lot more difficult than cutting (losing fat, not self harm)

No. 296342

longpost cold turkey anon again and god that relationship sounds so good! I’m super jealous!!
I really just want a guy who let himself go a bit… I want to cuff one of the former hot frat guys at my school who are still cute in the face but haven’t realized they can’t eat and drink like they used to anymore

No. 296368

I feel the exact same way about it being the easiest thing to finish off of.. would be nice not to feel like such a degen though so I'm cutting it out

No. 296497

Same nonnie, name!!

No. 296536

I hate e-girls, but I wouldn't hate to belong to an e-girl. I think I may have some trauma after my "best friend" just cut it off with me to hang out with prettier and more popular girls during defining parts of my childhood. It hurts, but I just want someone way out of my league to treat me like a pet or object they can take out their stress and frustrations on. Someone they don't need to be so perfect around all the time. Having some exclusive relationship where I get to be intimate with their worst personality traits.

No. 296589

>mostly I read the same three authors on AO3

No. 296642

I have nowhere to confess my sins so I will admit I searched "Nazi Prussia x reader" fanfics
I am so sorry nonnies kek

No. 296643

It is okay nonny way back then i just to search for Nazi Germany x reader on deviantart over it though

No. 296650

I want another woman to breastfeed from me… Sorry for scrote tier fetish, it's just a fantasy anyway since I don't have that much sensitivity in my nips. I need holy water

No. 296657

nonny what the fuck you typed out my most deepest and darkest secret desire, including a similar trauma as well. But it's not some sort of a cuck fantasy to me either, it's about having control over someone so coveted when they don't realize I have the upper hand. The thought of being the most intimate partner to a woman so many scrotes lust after gives me the biggest kick of them all.

No. 296704

nona idk why but i have this same thing (except i wouldnt mind a man or woman to do it). this is the only time ive admitted to it and ive never really fantasized about it because i find it so shameful. it doesnt help that my fiance has told me he will never drink my breastmilk once we have a kid, not even just to taste it

No. 296712

I'd honestly be interested in that (the sucking then, I don't want to get pregnant), I'm into nipple sucking in general (both giving and receiving) but it feels too close to the creepy cringy mommydom shit and I don't want to prove Freud right. So I'll take it with me to my grave and never admit to it to anyone I'm dating.

No. 296807

shamefully same

No. 296889

I hate myself, but I love the stupid mommydom thing where a guy puts his head in your lap to snuggle your boobs while you play with his cock.

No. 296891

Okay this is super shameful for me ever since I realized how much it is associated with mommydom cringe and that it's mostly about the male's pleasure so it's not even real femdom, but I still like it a lot and personally I don't see it as a mommydom thing (personally, i know everyone else does)

No. 296893

I'm glad I'm not alone anon, I find it so cute and I like having my chest played with. The guy I'm with is good at getting me off, so I don't mind focusing on him sometimes and being "in control" of his reactions.

No. 296895

>I find it so cute and I like having my chest played with
yeah same reasons I like it, too. I like having my nipples sucked both because of how the guy looks, because I have an oral fixation, and because it feels good for me.
>I don't mind focusing on him sometimes and being "in control" of his reactions.
this too, sometimes I also like being the one who causes him to react in cute ways (it seems that some people don't get that)

No. 296899

It's ok, but I think it's cuter having your face against the guy's chest while he plays with your clit. It's a nurturing cute thing for a guy to do. Mutual is ok, but I prefer the guy to be in the nurturing position rather than myself.

No. 296911

to the feeders itt i have a personal vendetta against you because every time i look for cute stomach pics online (my fetish) it's all just fatties and deviantart bullshit. fuck you i guess.

No. 296970

It really turns me on when I see a tall girl and a short guy. Like in this video, for example. The main thing is that the guy should looks like a teenager. Not like a grown man, yuk. I don't know where I get this kink from. Maybe it's from Shrek, where there was a dragon and a donkey. Maybe it's because I'm tall (5"9") and I'm attracted to opposites.

No. 296988

I do not envy couples like this but you do you. Shame indeed

No. 296997

5'11" and have a thing for manlets too but they HAVE to look like a grown man and look strong or i find it creepy and degrading. might be projecting a little but irl manlets often come off like they feel a little competitive with me or crave my allegiance, or both, and that makes for some interesting premises if the guy is hot in the face, which a lot of manlets are for some reason.

No. 297056

I'm average height (5'3) but I prefer manlets too. Guys who are only a couple of cm taller than me are ideal. I like that our bodies are similar yet so different. Used to have a tall bf and sex was kinda awkward in some positions. I never have that problem with short guys lol.

I also think tall women are super attractive. They are not common around here, so I find them very striking. I really admire couples where the girl is tall and the guy is a manlet.

>5'11" and have a thing for manlets too but they HAVE to look like a grown man and look strong or i find it creepy and degrading.
I'm not sure I'd find it degrading, but I prefer them looking like an adult too and be a bit strong/fit. I'm pretty basic and prefer masculine guys.

No. 297072

Gooning. I'm already a porn addict, I might as well enjoy how addicted I am too, right?
Lots of shame with this one because I just see it as such a pathetic moid thing. I was raised in a 'only men are sexual beings' household so porn and masturbation had a 'you shouldnt be doing this' edge to it, and it all went downhill from there. I don't really want to stop though, I guess I sort of find how pathetic I am a turn on too.

No. 297075

Snowballing. If I allowed you to cum in my mouth, you better get ready to taste your semen too. I also think it's super filthy and degenerate which is what turns me on, but it's a turnoff if he's a pussy and refuses to kiss me like that. I should start warning scrotes before they ask me to give them a bj, and if they don't agree with letting me spit their cum into their mouth then I'm not sucking their dick (not that I'm having sex any time soon, anyway)

No. 297078

>I like that our bodies are similar yet so different.
I had a hard time explaining why I like shorter men, but this is it. I don't want someone who towers over me, but I don't want to tower over someone either. It's why I prefer my partner to be around my age, too.

No. 297086

File: 1667319666286.jpeg (495.75 KB, 1170x990, 893DD687-DF60-4F96-85D1-CD378D…)

i have a massive rape kink. sometimes when i’m not fantasizing about one of my animu twink muses getting raped half to death i fantasize about getting taken against my will until i bleed by some tall, muscular man. i hate myself. a lot

No. 297098

this is probably the most fucked up thing about me but when i tried reading fics/yaoiz with rape (like killing stalking) i realised i want to see the same thing but without the author trying to make it sexy, like without all the dick closeups and horny descriptions, and not drawn in an artificial looking animu style. i want it to be upsetting and visceral, and i don't want to be distracted from from the misery, idk what that even says about me

No. 297099

ayrt my preferred rape fics are like that too. i want them to be horrific and traumatizing. i was overjoyed when i found one with my favorite twink a while ago bc fics like that that don’t fetishize or romanticize but still contain graphic rape are so rare.

No. 297112

File: 1667332239737.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.93 KB, 369x286, 616A10D3-D07E-40F6-810D-9D15C6…)

i love seeing guys humiliated/dominated/in pain. i don’t really care who’s hurting them either, be it a man or a woman. i especially love it when the person getting tortured is an antagonistic character, particularly if they are deserving of it. its so hot to me to see a once powerful man getting exactly what he deserves.

No. 297113

Same, it's very satisfying. But I'm not ashamed.

No. 297115

I don't know what to call this but I like buff unga bunga ooga booga manlets. My ideal man is my height (5'5) with thick limbs, broad shoulders, wide neck, hairy, and we have a tarzan type of romance where he's a big smelly retard and I'm civilised

No. 297119

This is a bizarre one so strap in. I'm going to be vague because I would die of embarrassment if someone identified me. My irl boyfriend acts in his friends cringe little short movies. His character is a criminal and It's very sweet albeit embarrassing and painful to watch in a Jim Carry sort of way. BUT. For some reason the horny part of my brain really clung to this character and I've been touching myself to the idea of this absolute clown in his criminal get up smashing my cervix in. Goofy criminal fetish

No. 297126

Ayrt. Now that I think about it, the similarities enhance the differences, don't they? Like, of course a guy who is 6'2 is going to be stronger than me in most cases, but for some reason it's super exciting to me when a guy who shares my height is so much stronger/heavier etc.

Kek I feel you

This is so wholesome to me, thank you for sharing anon

No. 297139

Wow first time and probably the last time posting here, but it's a bonus if they are a strong man.

No. 297143

Same, tears are the best part

No. 297177

You're far from the first person to post this I think, but same

No. 297195

im ashamed of this but for years one of my fave fantasies is forced rape. but instead of the usual kind,the forced part comes from neither of us consenting and instead hes forced to do it. bonus fucked part is that a few years ago even after this fetish i actually got raped, guess i had it coming though

No. 297212

Good taste nonas. For me the best part is when the tables turn and he realizes what's going to happen and that he can do absolutely nothing about it. My only reason to watch dumb action films has always been to see the villain get the shit beat out of him kek

No. 297216

I have a huge crush on my friend's housemate. He's kind've a cocky prick, quite tall and broad-shouldered, nice arms, reasonably funny. One night I had a dream that he kidnapped me and took me back to his house, locked me in his room and had sex with me whenever he wanted. He then dragged me out to his living room and raped me in front of the decaying bodies of his murdered parents that he'd propped up on the sofa like a psycho. He'd pull my hair so that I couldn't look away from them. He'd keep fucking me even if I vomited. I didn't know that was a fantasy of mine until I woke up incredibly aroused by the idea, lol.

No. 297217


No. 297220

no one has rape "coming to them", okay? lots of women have rape fantasies and it is usually symbolic/meaning something else or related to self-hate and shame. They and you don't deserve it.

No. 297221

Could you recommend your fave dumb action films that are like this nona?

No. 297224

Nonnie you are alone. I have this too and i think it also stemmed from me having an eating disorder. I'm more interested in relationship weight gain. Such an adorable thing. I love watching the person I love eat the food i make or when I spoonfeed them. Its like a sign that theyre happy with you and theyre accepting the changes to their body

No. 297250

I think a woman from my work has became jealous because I was hanging out with a moid she likes. She is a lot shorter than me, curvy and by stalking I found out she posts sexy stuff on social media. Now I have been this fantasy of us being in a bar or something and her coming to show off how she is hotter than me. And things get aggressively sexual, like maybe I comment on her looks, she thinks Im making fun of her and slaps me. Then I crab her hair and kiss her and she becomes horny too and we go to have passionate sex. Oh god why am I so cringy and scrotey.

No. 297288

File: 1667419837583.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.33 KB, 314x307, 176DCEA3-4CA7-484E-9391-52BF56…)


hnng yessss. i want them to slowly realize that they have no power, that nothing they can do can change their situation. especially when he’s about to get raped. what can i say, i’m horrible.

No. 297333

Okay I've never been into cucking but something happened recently that has me rethinking everything, nonnas. I went on a really awful date with a guy and as he was driving me home he got pulled over by the cops for not having his lights on. I don't like cops but the one that came to the passenger side to talk to me was super cute (much cuter than my date to be honest) and he started flirting with me in front of my date and it was…. really hot. They told him why he got pulled over and I lightly poked fun at him for making such a stupid mistake and the cop started making fun of him with me. I was five seconds from sucking the cop's dick right then and there. My guy had pathetic energy. He was so desperate for any sort of action and he was trying so hard to be dominant when you could tell he was naturally submissive. He was tall and muscle-y but he didn't have any personality outside of his job, going to the gym, and sports. He also made some gross comments throughout the night which killed any sort of attraction I had for him. It was super sexy to watch my date realize that a random man was more charming in 5 minutes than he was the whole night. I wanted so bad to just get out of the car and leave with the cute cop instead, I wanted to put him in his place. Anyways I'm not sure if this is an actual kink of mine or just a very ultra specific scenario, but I can't get it out of my head now.

No. 297336

i've had a medfet/torture (not exactly snuff because i'm too scared of death kek) fetish since puberty and it's only gotten stronger since. like, i used to be able to get off to rape or even dubcon audio porn which is at least semi normal but at some point i stopped caring about sex again and went back to jerking it to evil doctor asmr rp on youtube. at least i'm self aware enough to cringe at the idea of acting it out irl.

that's fucked nonnie but i can see how it's hot ngl

No. 297376

Is futa solely a scrote thing? Obviously, I would never fuck a tranny, but I like the unrealistically perfect dickgirls. I will die a virgin anyways so the discrepancy between reality and fantasy doesn't bother me.

No. 297395

Reading all this mess, I got a though you nonies deserve a public lashing, but I'm afraid half of you will cum from it.

No. 297399

Did you remember his badge number?

No. 297415

The only girls I've seen into it were bi (but they call themselves otherwise) libfems who ruin yuri with it. I don't think there's anything wrong with the "mismatched genitals" fantasy (it's just not my thing though) but I feel bad for anyone who is into it but not attracted to or agree with troons IRL, lmao

No. 297418

I like futa, but only if I imagine myself being one. Mainly, I just want to have a dick and be able to use it on a guy while still being a woman. It was my biggest fetish until I found out about pegging. Trannies are disgusting, though.

No. 297434

I'm with you on this nonnie, I have no love for trannies but I would like to be able to have a huge dick whenever I so choose. unlike troons I don't let my weird sexual interest become my entire world, but that is what separates people (women) from animals (men)

No. 297440

When I was younger I used to watch futa porn. For me it was hot because of imagining the change of power dynamics but now I know it’s disgusting as fuck kek

No. 297477

Now that I think of it, it's difficult to say, because the violence is often only implied and then my sick imagination adds the rest kek. rn I'm watching Gotham (the tv show) which has a few decent torture scenes. The movie Stoic is basically a prolonged torture scene, but the guy didn't really have it coming for him so it wasn't as good.

No. 297678

This just reminds me of how much I hated Star Wars: Rebels and it's finale.

No. 297679

Oh anon how I wish that was me! I don’t like the word cucking as it’s too scrotey but there really isn’t one to describe our perspective. I’m not really a cartoon-fucker but the Nancy/John Redcorn moments from king of the hill catapulted me into fetish territory. I honestly don’t care about the guy being cucked most of the time but deliciously painful exceptions are present too.
Vidrel is literally responsible for all of this!

No. 297689

I think I’m a mild shotacon. I like younger looking boys but it’s mostly about having a cute face. I really like muscley men with baby faces but I also like shotas as long as their bodies look developed enough. So maybe anime teen boys ig. I hate the very overtly pedo pandering shota where it’s just a little midget noodle kid who is obviously coded to appeal to men who wanna fuck literal kids.

I know some nonnies will eat me alive, but I’m not predatory and I don’t fetishize their age like coomer male pedos do. If I see a cute 2d boy I just don’t care if he’s legal, sorry nonnies.

No. 297754

that's literally not shotacon nona

No. 297767

File: 1667655327307.jpeg (298.73 KB, 1280x892, 47F6DF9B-8D35-4380-AED5-990FDC…)

If you just like the average shonen anime protagonist, that's not Shota even if they're supposed to be 12 years old.
This isn't shota, nor is stuff like Jojo's bizarre adventure or the sorts.
My issue with moids and some people fetishizing teenagers, is that they focus so much on the age of the characters and the setting that they ignore the actual fetish fuel shit that moids create with obviously overly sexualized characters like your average anime in a highschool setting that tells you the age, height and weight of anime girls with ridiculously huge boobs and short skirts flailing around and shouting retarded onomatopoeias to attract a boring ass main character with a 2deep4u plot to justify some pantishots and nipples on camera.

No. 297875

I'm kinda worried about that too. Most of the time I end up loving characters who are obivously fourteen year old teens, like Hanako, Mob or Namazuo, but I swear it's absolutely nothing sexual for me. I just find them incredibly cute for some reason lol

No. 297993

I think you just like bishounen characters

No. 298034

File: 1667758606951.jpg (Spoiler Image,670.79 KB, 1628x1954, madk.jpg)

I really LOVE the bizarre porn content made by fujoshis/tifs/just edgy girls, but even the most normal porn made by moids makes my brain rot.

No. 298037

I feel like MadK isn't even that bad when it comes to bizarre porn, actual stuff moids are into is 100% worse

No. 298104

Not her but I’m in the same boat, except I’m into fat moids and wanted to answer your questions too.

>How long did you know you were into this?

As early as I can remember. I used to draw scribbles of characters getting fat from the candy room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I was like four.
>Do you identify more with gainers or encouragers?
Encourager, specifically at moids. I can masturbate to women but I have no interest in them outside the fetish.
>How does it affect your irl dating?
All four of my ex boyfriends have been fat. I did tell my friend who I briefly dated but rejected me that I had thought he was cute because he was chubby and basically caused him to get an eating disorder which I feel bad about.
>Do you have ED history too?
Not quite but I’ve been on the cusp of developing one. I’m underweight and always have been and recently have been on and off very restrictive.
>What do you like about it and what do you hate about it?
I love fat moids, even ugly ones to an extent. I think it’s fun but I do wish I was normal on occasion because I worry it will interfere with my sex life once I’m in a committed relationship again.

No. 298116

I think it's interesting how this version of the fetish is like the complete oposite of the scrote cuck fetish. Moids who like it think all women are cheating whores who prefer strong, dominant and aggressive "chads" who use women as objects, over men who treat women with respect and give them everything ("beta cucks"). They get off to women being treated like property that is stolen and it's also a borderline gay fetish because the moids who like this absolutely need the bull to have a big dick and be manly and muscular. Or instead of a muscular chad they want the man who steals the woman to be a fat ugly bastard for the degradation of the woman. It's disgusting and misogynistic.

But your fantasy is about dumping a scrote who treats you like shit and choosing someone who is a decent person (on top of being attractive). I don't think there's anything to be ashamed here, to be honest.

No. 298118

I'll add to this too, lol.

>How long did you know you were into this?

Ever since I can remember, I felt funny when I saw Lois from family guy gain weight in that one episode, that infamous spice girls one, etc.
>Do you identify more with gainers or encouragers?
Gaining, though I like encouraging in some scenarios.
>How does it affect your irl dating?
I'm bi and my fetish only really swings towards women, but I generally don't date skinny moids, and prefer them meatier. It's always a lot for me to open up to partners about it, but my current bf (who's a little chubby) knows and doesn't mind, he'll playfully tease me about it sometimes which makes me feel slightly less ashamed of it.
>Do you have ED history too?
Yes, my mom was very restrictive of my eating since I was little. She was very controlling over what I ate, would scold me if I had "too much" of a dessert, or if I asked her to get chocolate. I've always been pretty thin as a result, and I really boil this fetish down to her drilling these behaviours in me.
>What do you like about it and what do you hate about it?
I like the idea of letting it all go and giving in to gluttony. Not having a care in the world about how I look, imagining what the feeling of being huge would feel like. All the softness.
I hate that it's never something I'll ever even slightly indulge in. I like being thin and active, and I could never let go like that. It's something that lives only in fantasy and I think that's what makes it all the more enticing for me. I'll never be a lazy fatty making a permanent dent in my couch and hoarding mounds of junk food into my mouth 24/7, but god if all my inhibitions were out the window it'd be all I'd do.

No. 298125

File: 1667798032875.png (452.66 KB, 538x540, xDDDDDDDD.png)

i know there is worse but i feel so alone and rightfully ashamed in having a foot fetish, i find male feet attractive because i had a crush on a football player during highschool but i hate how in gay porn they make them look just gross and smelly
i will go deeper and confess that if i had money to waste i would even buy male sport shoes/boots for masturbation
if someone with feet fetish is reading this i hope you feel less alone and better than me at least

No. 298137

girl i suck on my bfs toes and rub his feet in my face. i esp like it when he wears white tennis socks, bonus of they're slighty dirty on the bottom so i can see the shape of his arches and toes

No. 298142

>sucking the toes
nta but now that's pushing it, there's not a single man on this earth who cleans his toenails

No. 298145

I’m turned on by extremely violent/gory acts but purely if I imagine myself being on the receiving end. I used to be a really scared kid when I was younger, I feared everything basically. I feel like after puberty I started coping with those fears by starting to think of the situations as ’hot’ and not scary. A common fantasy of mine is being toyed and tortured at first and then killed in a gory way by either a slasher type masked killer or a monster of some kind. There does not even need to be anything sexual in the acts, but I also like to fantasize about almost being killed but the man/monster changes his mind and rapes me instead. Sometimes I still get killed after the act, sometimes I’m spared and become a pet of sorts. Seeing something similar to this, even if a lot milder, in a fictional setting with two characters makes me feel disgusted though. I pity the victim a lot and it makes me feel sick. I’m mentally ill with low self esteem and a lot of self hatred, so I guess I also feel like I’m the only one to ”deserve” it. I’m fairly suicidal and think about my own death a lot, so being killed like that would be a win-win situation. I would never ever share these thoughts to someone I know and I feel like if I told someone and they showed any interest in it, I would feel sickened. I would probably benefit from unpacking this with a professional, but again I’d rather die than utter a word to someone about this.

No. 298153

I want to do this, but hate the submissive connotation associated with feet, kek.

No. 298183

File: 1667827413583.png (5.82 MB, 828x1792, 103D9695-2407-47F5-B959-5DFB90…)

I never had any reason to participate in this thread. Then that stupid “a giant woman..!” sound on TikTok happened. Something awakened in me. I too want to make an offering to a giant goddess woman. That offering is me. And I am ashamed but only a little.

No. 298284

File: 1667863059010.jpg (Spoiler Image,276.51 KB, 900x1200, FZ64BvGX0AAgp0g[1].jpg)

I'm not a domme and don't want to be one. It seems like too much effort. I definitely don't want to peg anyone (gross!) I saw picrel in the onlyfans thread and thought it was really hot, inclusive, and low effort. Basically just standing at a table waiting for your drink but you have something more cushiony to stand on plus you get paid for just standing there. It's the sub that's doing all the work. Low hanging fruit lol

No. 298289

So pegging is too far but not standing on an amputee.

No. 298291

Really gross. My experience is the male ass area is hairy and really smelly. At a minimum they should use a deep-cleansing mask in that area before I go near there lol

No. 298314

Male retards. I hate how they’re mostly fat but when they look relatively normal they really do it for me. 70 IQ. Drooling from the mouth, double points if he has massive cunt eating lips. It’s cute when they try to figure things out, but only in theory. They’re awful and violent in real life. I saw one hug a bunch of stray kittens yesterday and he had a massive dump truck too. I don’t like Syndromes though. They make em ugly in the face. If he can conceptualise shame around masturbating in public I don’t want him!!

No. 298315

i kinda get you. 70 is too much but a 90-85, just enough bellow average would be cute. I NEVER in my fucking life would attempt this irl, i don't even want to look at fiction about this but it's my little dirty secret. The right kind of autism can do it for me too. And the right kind of psychosis. There i said it

No. 298317

I knew I would find ~my people~ on here! Although neurodivergent isn’t enough for me I respect your grind.

No. 298321

I don't like the autism phenotype and their soulless stare disturbs me in a non sexual way, but if they look normal and just… Fall short in every aspect of life except some specific area (the hyperfixacion,kek) i love it. Irl those types would kill me in an autistic meltdown but oh well we will always have the fantasy

No. 298325

After an anon posted about wanting to be a cat and pet by her boyfriend, I started to slowly come to accept how hot that is and how I want the same thing with a guy. Not in a furry way, more like pet play. I want him to pet me and give me instructions and make me do humiliating things and call me his puppy. Maybe some pee play and punishments too…

No. 298326

I knew a retarded man. He's the son of a woman who works in the same hospital as my aunt. I met him once. He was legit mentally retarded, not literally a drooling retard, but had the intelligence of a young child, and looked relatively normal, and his mother (poor woman, a single mother too) bought him nice clothes. Admittedly, he was very handsome. Long story short, he asked me if he could hug me and I said no. Since he was an adult man, he got horny too, and I was told that he would pop a boner if he saw a very hot woman in public, so he had no sense of shame. Pretty scary to think about but from what I was told, he was obedient and was taught to ask people before hugging them. So there it is, nonny, exactly your type

No. 298336

Would this be a himbo? I know that some people regard bimbos and himbos as dumb

No. 298341

the whole point of himbos is being dumb, attractive, and nice all at once, just being dumb doesn't count.

No. 298365

why do himbos get to be uwu nice while bimbos are still a weird misogynist transformation/mind control adjacent fetish? fuck this shit.

No. 298390

are you me omg

No. 298504

I'm glad i'm not the only one, but also so sorry lol

No. 298542

Maybe I just feel this way because of Twitter autists, but I feel guilty about fantasizing about horny teenagers fucking other teenagers/characters in their 20s. Maybe I'm just missing my horny teenage days because my libido died when I turned 18.

No. 298556

Find an autist whose hyperfixation is pussy eating and be happy nonnie kek

No. 298606

Breast inflation. I think I saw a scene like this in an anime once and it awakened something in me. Especially if the character goes from mostly flat to a mostly large size. Most expansion videos start from someone with an already large chest into ridiculous planet-sized orbs and I’m not a fan. I had a lot of weird boob related anxiety when I was a kid because I had small boobs so I guess I sexualized it.

Also hucow and forced impregnation. I feel really gross about female body functions and I guess it somehow rolled over and became a fetish. Most of this content has a weird horror edge or hypno/bimbofication aspect, so its really hard any to find that’s just about temporarily being turned into a hucow. I think most erotica, especially fetish erotica, is written by men and you can tell because the situations are always extremely degrading, characters stay stuck in some eternal fuck prison, there’s usually some violence. Let me enjoy my freaky fetish in peace moids

No. 298616

be honest nona. did you find this website through searching for your hucow erotica?

No. 298617

i love chikan hentai. I fantasize a lot about public places but im particularly turned on by a bus /subway setting. I love the idea of being fucked in a packed subway train in the middle of everyone but no one notice.

No. 298619

Wow I liked that

No. 298629

Autopedo. it sucks. I'm not titillated by actual child abuse just fixated on degenerate manga. The oneeloli anon ITT is my kindred spirit or if she imagines herself as the oneesan, perhaps my soulmate? I probably need therapy.

No. 298631

No, actually and urgently.

No. 298636

oh fuck no.. close the thread NOW kek

No. 298638

File: 1668132726865.jpeg (102.66 KB, 639x353, 211A4AA3-8190-41E1-9A7A-8D1394…)

Anon tf

No. 298658

i really like consensual somnophilia. i think it’s probably bc i’m a sucker for the “oh no there’s only one bed in this room!! we’ll have to share!!” trope in fan fiction and movies but i don’t know. i just like the idea of waking up and being halfway to coming already.

No. 298665

I don't see how somnophilia could ever be consensual since you are unconscious and not aware of your surroundings but I do like it sometimes. I think because I like feeling powerless and immobile. Would never claim fucking someone in their sleep could ever be consensual though.

No. 298705

I'm surprised how many of the anachans upthread are into feederism.

My sweetheart is "weird with food", non-weight-related ARFID sort of thing and I silently wish I could infect him with my own disordered thoughts because he looks so beautiful when he's all malnourished and not taking care of himself. Now he's taking supplements like some tasteless retard who values his health or something.

I've asked his BMI and I'm lower than it so don't go calling me a hypocrite, and I'm not going to act on it either.

No. 298740

female on male chikan, especially with a large, gentle giant or serious business kind of man as the victim

No. 298758

Do you have any story recommendation about this?

No. 298796

i think i may be a feeder or some kind of fat fetishist when it comes to certain fat scrotes. I just had a disgusting thought of I want to feed him until he explodes, i want to punch his belly. I want his warm body to cover me. I hate it. I seriously do.
I bet a porn addiction years ago, only for it to come back and for the least attractive group of scrotes. A certain someone was talking about how he eats out of stress and it just…shamefully did something for me.
I dated a fat scrote when I was younger but my attraction to him wasn't even his looks, just that he flirted with me a bunch and I have/had low self esteem.
Now I find myself mostly attracted to fat tall high pitched voiced quickly

No. 298818

File: 1668206288494.jpg (18.95 KB, 635x477, dfd[1].jpg)

Nonnie, why don't you take a seat over there

No. 298852

>serious business kind of man
This one is my favorite. Sucks that most content like this is gay/fujo tho.

No. 298864

I want to have a threesome with my boyfriend and his brother. It turns me on for reasons beyond my comprehension.

No. 298866

Vorefag here. For me it feels like a grosser form of establishing dominance/being possessive, where a man is so starved that he simply cannot control himself around me and needs me inside him to satisfy his hunger or just wants to be close to me 24/7 so he melts me away in his gut. Or I see it as an extreme form of cuddling where his tummy is an extra bed for me to curl up in on cold lonely nights.

Sadly there’s barely any good vore media besides shit that appeals to gross furries, and that alien digestion scene from NOPE made me so disgusted that I questioned my existence.

No. 298873

I kinda understand you. I think the appeal is the feeling of wanting to be taken care of by an older, female figure. I used to be into oneeloli when I was younger, and even wrote fanfiction about it kek but now I just kinda mellowed out as I grew up and now have normal tastes. I hope you find a woman like itou hachi someday anon kek

No. 298874

Too bad that you're not into women because the uterus is far more comfy than the churning acids in the stomach and it can support life. But it's true that furries fag up everything good on the internet, they need to be tagged and tracked.

No. 298879

This thing is called unbirth, right? So the male equivalent would be anal vore. The asshole doesn't have any nasty acids in it, so you can chill there.

No. 298882

File: 1668236238912.jpg (Spoiler Image,487.82 KB, 2048x2048, shina_buon.jpg)

I like this guy even though he is probably dying cause he's 182/50

No. 298883

well this feels really god damn tame in comparison now, but i still hate it and am ashamed/disgusted about it and try not to indulge it much in my mind and would not enjoy it irl. i have what i guess is a mild humiliation/exhibition kink, i know it is common but i still do not like it. lately i really enjoy the thought of a woman filming herself getting me to emotionally melt and obey her while mildly criticizing me/my body. eventually she is undressing me and still filming, secretly appreciating what she sees or showing me off a bit but trying to still be mean. sometimes she's filming to save for herself later to study the anatomy/artistically, other times it's strictly porn and she keeps it privately to enjoy, other times it's a stream and she's being ruthlessly mean to the people watching. eventually its my turn to help her orgasm and she's ends up being rude to me too and calling me a turbovirgin failure and shit, but as it goes on she gets more into it and really enjoys it and stops filming. but afterwards starts filming again and makes it a point to explain how badly i did and say that she didn't enjoy it. i have really bad stress about performing badly sexually and not being able to please women so i guess this is my gross 4d chess brain way of coping with it lol

No. 298905

I also have this kink.

Kinda related, had drunk sex with a friend once and later that night I woke up to him kissing and grabbing me very roughly. This was during a dark time in my life where I was more or less ready to let any guy take advantage of me, so although it was a bit uncalled for I just figured he wanted another round and got on top of him. After he finished he asked me what had happened. Turns out he had been asleep. Learned sexsomnia is a thing. I kinda wish I’d find a guy like that, but I’m sure irl it would be exhausting.

No. 298921

nayrt don't remind me. fucking love unbirth and am ashamed at how much I want an overly affectionate friend curled up inside of me.

No. 298929

Samefag I get the whole idea but shoving someone up you vagina just painful. With the digestion part I would imagine it feeling like your being tickled in the most gentle way possible and it puts me to sleep from how good it feels.

No. 298954

Do you guys have favorite vore artist/media etc? Im desperate for something that isn't made by autistic furries

No. 298960

i found a tiktok that revived my fetish for hasidic men, but i'm a newfag who doesn't know how to put non youtube videos. sorry nonnas

No. 298962

you download them as webm (you can just find sites for that by googling tiktok to webm or something) and you upload a webm to lolcow like you would a photo.

No. 298980

Don't know much about the artist but I rather enjoyed this story: https://imgchest.com/p/wqb4zwml4jm

No. 298992

Some of bigbig’s stuff is nice but I wish he drew men more often

No. 299024

He has a lovely body but I bet the ED is causing his teeth and hair to be fucked up

No. 299030

The subconscious mind is a strange thing, people sleepwalk and have sleep sex, one man actually got acquitted for murder because it was sleep murder. I don't think it would really be considered non-consensual because the body is acting and not being forced it's just that the consciousness is not there. I find the concept of subconscious sex incredibly hot and a good bonding experience if both partners were asleep when it happened.
At 50 kg and 182 cm his body is probably completely starved for carbs and in ketosis. With no fat or muscle to catabolize his body is probably catabolizing his brain, bones, and heart. He needs help.

No. 299194

i know if i ever get caught i will probably enter in a sex offender list (idk if my country has one) or pay 15000 euros fine but i really like public sex. its not that i like people looking or something like that but the fear of getting caught doing something wrong in a public place is so nice? and of course i take care to not do anything in front of minors the only places ive had done this:
>shopping bathroom
>mc donalds
>my old school (this one i really regret doing)

No. 299198

I get you, I honestly like flashing in places without cameras specially if I know that there's no people around.
But the funny thing is that I don't even like the thrill of suddenly getting caught or something like that, I just imagine myself living in a magical world where I'm the only one who exists, there's no people and I can do literally whatever I want, like walking around naked, or wearing comfy clothes that I can easily take off without getting judged or seen, masturbating at neat places like the beach or at the balcony of a nice hotel room or apartment, maybe at the pool of a cool house, or a fancy car. But nobody exists and I'm just having fun on my own.
If I was filthy rich I would just buy my own island and create my own sort of city so I could do whatever I wanted on my own, nobody would ever get invited and I could take off my clothes whenever I wanted and wherever I wanted. I guess it could get considered the world's most expensive sex toy/vacation island ever.

No. 299199

how tf are you doing it on a BUS of all places and not getting caught. unless it's some giant magical spacious bus kek

No. 299204

its not that hard actually. i guess i forgot to mention that its not always PIV sex. The bus one was just a fingering and a bj. but it was really nice anyway! i also forgot to mention club bathroom but i don't think its as weird as the others places
>I guess it could get considered the world's most expensive sex toy/vacation island ever
KEKK i get it nonny but its not really my thing to make these things alone. i think i like that weird conection of having a secret together, like us vs they way of view, like "haha we are having sex and they don't know". hard to explain.

No. 299221

One time I hiked up to the top of a volcano in the middle of nowhere and when I got back to the bottom I realized I’d dropped my camera on the trail and so I had to leave my group and hike back up to get it. It was super hot and I knew I wouldn’t run into anyone so I just took my shirt off and tied it around my neck like a 90s Frenchman. Felt freeing.

No. 299259

Been playing a new game recently and one of the characters awoke a serious violence fetish in me. Like I just want to grab his hair and slam his face into the navigation console. I'm usually just playful rough at most, but this guy makes me want to brutally rearrange his face and then make out with him while he's all bloody. Don't know how to handle this new development, definitely ashamed about it for the time being.

No. 299260

which game which character

No. 299263

File: 1668442471619.png (510.63 KB, 439x568, raqiohno.PNG)

Raqio from Gnosia. He's apparently some genderspecial/"nonbinary", but there's a whole scene where another character points at his dick in the shower, so. He's insufferable though, I want to enter the game just so I can slam him into a wall or something. There's another yummy character in this game, but the only thing shameful about him is how much I want him inside me.
(repost because I can't spell, sorry)

No. 299273

Lewdness aside, is the game good? Is it like 999 and stuff?

No. 299283

File: 1668450366069.png (Spoiler Image,616.43 KB, 918x522, rolecall.PNG)

I'm not familiar with 999, but it doesn't seem like it from what I'm reading? It's more Werewolf/Mafia game as a single player video game, with a flavor like Tumblrfied Persona 3 Sci-fi Horror. tldr some of your crew are "infected" with Gnosia and must be voted into cold sleep before they eliminate enough of the human crew to take over the ship. Picrel are the roles each side can take during each loop, spoilered because this is getting ot.
I've played about 70 loops (loops are about 5-15 minutes each) and enjoy the game. It's repetitive and has some cringe tropes, but the tense atmosphere and provoking characters are enough to keep me playing. iirc some nonnas talked about Gnosia months ago in the video games thread on /m/? There's probably anons there who played it longer than I have and I'd rather not keep sperging about an ot interest in the fetishes thread two posts is probably enough

No. 299290

File: 1668456041810.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.38 KB, 850x770, IMG_8048.jpg)

I like spanking but only over the knee spanking. I was spanked a lot as a child, so that's possibly where it stems from. I also remember seeing an episode of the big bang theory where Sheldon spanks Amy when I was just entering puberty and being really turned on from it.
Bonus points if its a woman spanking another woman.

No. 299385

my ex had that, and it honestly traumatised me. It would be fine if I was awake and he'd start grabbing my hand to jerk himself off, I'd try wake him up but he was out, though it progressed over time to him literally getting on top of me and humping me while I was half asleep. Genuinely wouldn't recommend it.

No. 299396

File: 1668507628514.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.9 KB, 645x853, submission-in-black-obey-bdsm-…)

I'm hooking up with an Arabic guy for the first time ever, he's so fucking hot to me even tho I've never really been into middle eastern guys before, he speaks fluent arabic and it sounds hot as fuck, he choked me the right way (ifyky), he's super intelligent, has a cool sense of style and sexy accent, nice hair, wears the most intoxicating cologne I've ever smelled
He's pretty into his culture and speaks Arabic a lot and is no longer a super trad muslim but was before coming here, and now I have developed a fetish where I want to do some kind of raceplay where I'm the white whore who gets tied up and r*ped while he says shit to me in Arabic and grabs my face and spits in my mouth
I thought I wasn't that into bdsm anymore but he just brought it back out of me
Def ashamed of this though due to the racist undertones of associating Muslim men with being degrading towards women so I doubt I'll ever tell him

No. 299397

File: 1668509040087.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.7 KB, 900x900, uhh....jpg)

picrel's hands typed this post

No. 299402

That is sick. What is with the braindead idiots fetishizing what women have been killed over? You need therapy.

No. 299417

File: 1668521278860.jpg (84.87 KB, 908x647, Untitled.jpg)

i dont have any interest in getting involved in the bdsm "scene" but i think about james spader in secretary a lot

then i remind myself how no irl male dom could possibly measure up to him

No. 299419

oh god i love micro/macro. it's so silly and stupid but it's so hot to me.

No. 299420

I don't know why but in my mind he had already hit the wall in that film. I haven't watched it yet but I recalled seeing stills from it where he looked like he did years later in the Blacklist. Now I'm checking it again and he's suddenly still attractive. It's not fair, nona.

No. 299422

If you ever catch yourself fantasizing too much about it, a great way to throw yourself back to the bleak reality of men is reading the source material it was based on.

No. 299458

yeah i plan to eventually, i try to view the movie as pure escapist fantasy that could never happen so nicely irl

even after hitting the wall he still carries himself with such confidence and poise it’s hot

No. 299461

i want a hot jock guy to bully me for pissing myself. i've been stuck on this idea for like two months now.

No. 299496

File: 1668539141243.jpeg (107.56 KB, 600x300, DD3ECB99-7BD2-4894-8720-879315…)

>not choosing crash

No. 299503

File: 1668543885806.jpg (23.53 KB, 1017x533, 1464274652_2.jpg)

nta but this movie is so bad not even spader made it enjoyable, and i like cronenberg in general. i raise you Bad Influence which is so bad i only remember it for spader wearing cute glasses

No. 299527

Crash is Spader’s best movie but not at all a relatable fetish

No. 299546

Ayrt lmaooooo honestly had me laughing, I'm not though which is why it feels racist and shameful to have the fetish

No. 299583

How would the bullying go?

No. 299585

File: 1668576382839.png (584.06 KB, 697x853, SSchristophwaltz_y.png)

kind of looks like a young christoph waltz to me