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No. 271019

I've always been interested in saving money and get the best ratio quality/price and long lasting items.
Let's share advices to get good quality products in any field: food, housing, transportation, fashion, cosmetic, misc… At the best price!

No. 271022

I use excel for my budget and write down any expenses, so I know exactly what I am spending.

I also like sewing clothes and some purses, I save a lot on fashion.
With good fabrics, vintage timeless cuts, the clothes last for years.

No. 271027

I think a good way to save money is to simply not spend it where it isn't needed. 2 for 1 deals aren't actually deals, it just gets you to spend money and think you're saving money instead. You could save money by not spending it on the 2 for 1 deal in the first place. Seems like common sense to not buy something you don't need, let alone 2 of it, but some people think they're being smart when they're just falling for manipulation.

No. 271037

File: 1655660251128.png (204.76 KB, 500x500, 4e32.png)

>The Autistic Budget Savvy Thread
A woman can't even be interested in saving and buying quality and life lasting items without autism

No. 271040

I agree, I avoid any supermarket and junk food, industrial products full of chemicals.
I made them myself such as cosmetics, plus you don't need that much.

I am worried about the increasing price of food.
I would love to have a garden and grow my own food, but for now I rent an appartment and need to buy my fruits and vegetables from the local sellers.

No. 271042

I use Mint for tracking my finances and budgeting.
I make my own nut and oat flour, and I also use coconut flour more often than regular flour now because a large bag lasts a lot longer since most recipes don't need much.

No. 271046

not really budgeting but i always try to put aside my disposable income and invest it (stable things like ETFs or blue-chip stocks) so that i don't have money lying around that i'm feel encouraged to spend on something stupid

No. 271130

how much money do you get from those investment nonnie ?

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