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No. 271337

Anyone here trying to reinvent themselves? After a break up and just a general distaste of who I've become, I'm planning on changing myself. Obviously some thing won't change like my favorite hobbies or mannerisms, I'm not trying to do this in the toxic way.

I'm going to be more social, improve my fashion, and develop confidence. I also want to be kinder, friendlier and more pleasant to be around. I even considered using a new nickname and completely abandoning old me. I'm moving into my new house soon, and I'll start then.

Anyone else?

No. 271351

don't tell yourself you'll start later, otherwise it'll end up like new years resolutions which most people don't stick with. if it'll be too obvious to do a whole 180 now try starting to implement new smaller habits. i'd replace feeling "confidence" with the goal of feeling competent. small shift but i think the latter lends itself to leading to concrete goals. the new nickname seems silly, you don't need to invent a new persona and don't want your new actual personality tied to something like that. you just need to be the person you are and want to be.

No. 271353

So a glow up basically lol

No. 271355

Yeah you're right, it's just some periods of life lend themselves better to things. Rn I live with my parents and feel I can't properly express myself, so it feels like the wrong time to do it.

Basically, but it feels like a step above that!

No. 271369

File: 1655838796990.png (849.26 KB, 1554x2031, 292733492011211.png)

Good luck, nonny! We have a couple of self-improvement threads I think, so you can update us on your progress there once you move into your new place!

I wouldn't exactly say I'm reinventing myself, but I am definitely trying to 'glow up' this summer for a few reasons. I realized that I'm only getting older and I don't want to have any regrets, like wishing I took more care of my appearance when I was younger or wishing I did more things (even if I have to do them alone). I'm also starting a fulltime job soon and it's a high stress job. I want to have other parts of my life that I enjoy so this job doesn't kill my mental health. Also a lot of my friends are moving away, so once I start working I'm going to have like no social network nearby. I have to learn to be content being by myself again… As a result, I've been trying to dress cute and more "my style" even if I'm just going out to do something by myself, trying to find hobbies and growing more comfortable doing them on my own, and I made a pretty big breakthrough this summer in terms of my self-esteem. I've always struggled with being incredibly self-critical and constantly comparing myself to others and disparaging myself for being different. I had a random breakthrough where I could see myself with a lot of clarity (including all my good traits), so I've been trying to build myself up and focusing on the things I like about myself (rather than on things I don't like that I can't really change). It sucks that I had to wait until I was 24 to start wanting to do all of this, but better late than never. I am very excited for you and will be supporting you!

No. 271373

Thanks nonna! Good luck! About the friends moving away, you can easily make new ones through facebook groups. Search for groups like "Girls in [city name]" and there are really friendly girls looking to meet up/make friends. I was a loner until I did this, now I have several good friends and a bestie.

Nothing wrong with being comfortable on your own tho, but socialising is more important than I thought. I always laugh at breakup advice to "learn to be by yourself" or "spend time alone", because that's the opposite of what I need right now kek as I was a shut in for so long.

>It sucks that I had to wait until I was 24 to start wanting to do all of this, but better late than never.

I'm 24 too, nearly 25. It really does suck but we have decades of life ahead! It's not that bad. My friend reinvented herself at 26 and now she's a social butterfly that everyone loves lol.

No. 271507

File: 1655895319079.jpeg (156.82 KB, 1024x945, AE8268C0-CAAC-4B0D-B958-4CC9BF…)

Yes this is me right now

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