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No. 281274

Tell your story, Nonnas

No. 281275

>had emotional affairs constantly

>regularly broke me emotionally, then recorded me crying and begging me to tell me that the awful things he said to me weren’t true to show his friends that i’m nuts

>insulted my appearance and weight

>cancelled me on facebook for ‘abusing’ him

>told all his female orbiters that i was crazy/abusive, resultantly they harassed me until i deleted all social media

>pitted me against his ex then lost interest in me romantically when i and her reconciled.

>won’t do housework but nitpicks my washing up/laundry skills

>constantly calls me stupid. i have 3 degrees.

>used dating apps for our entire relationship

>threatened to abandon me forever and blocked me constantly. i’d cry and freak out EVERY time and he knew it

>broke up with me every few months or so to keep the relationship ambiguous so he could continue affairs

>had an emotional affair with an underage girl

>would tell me he loved me but then tell his friends he didn’t really love me

>during an argument, threatened to tell people i RAPED him

>threw wine all over my wall and screamed at the top of his lungs at me while i painted over it

>whipped me with a cable on my 21st birthday

>threatened to move out if i air bnb’d the spare room

>still identifies me as his gf when convenient

>spent months convincing me that V and S were ‘just a friend’ and blocked me so he could sleep with BOTH of them

>threw hard objects at me with force when angry

>destroyed my cream carpet with kratom and coffee after i specifically told him how important the carpet was to me

>would regularly tell me ‘i don’t like you’ while still sleeping with me

>one time he asked me to mail him painkillers because he didn’t want to walk 400 metres to the pharmacy. not abusive, but pathetic

No. 281287

Wow. He deserves to fall into a woodchipper and that's not an exaggeration.

No. 281299

Why did you get with him in the first place? kek. And it sounds like you are still with him

No. 281306

why haven't you poisoned him yet

No. 281308

yeah. i am going to need therapy for a long time to try and recover from his crimes

No. 281309

he was nice, charismatic and intensely charming at the start

No. 281314

>started dating the first guy I met after I moved to a totally new city 500 miles away during a global pandemic
>was super kinky, degenerate shit. I was so into it. Would give me his credit card too.
>things started seeping into everyday life.
>called me stupid and dramatic consistently
>wanted to date but didn’t want to date
>I was super emotionally attached to them because only person I knew
>took me to dinner one night and lots of drinks later he broke up with me (for real)
>I wasn’t going to leave him at the bar because worried how he was gonna get home
>we leave the bar, he’s calling me stupid hitting me. He falls and bust his head wide open.
>I call 911, my keys are at his apartment so I ask the EMT for his keys, they can’t find them.
>I’m stuck but luckily had my phone and wallet. Figure it out.
>I become more attached because I’m worried about him, want to help him recover etc.
>keeps drinking super heavy, is abusing me every time if I’m there.
>finally hits me hard enough to give me a black eye, I have a professional job and feel nothing but shame that everyone’s gonna know.
>I finally left .
>threat after threats for months. Avoided the area he was in, won’t go to any places I ever went with him
>I now don’t trust anyone drinking
>I don’t trust men to not turn sour

No. 281794

i’ll add asked me for money to go and meet a tinder date in the city to that since that happened today.

I’m beyond done. i feel fucking sick

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