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post trendy shit ITT, discuss whether you like it or not

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how do we feel about hemlines being so low for the "autumn fashion trends"? Im not too into fashion really but it makes me think of that thing about hemlines corresponding with world crises. Heres a quote from vogue: "Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Sacai, and more pushed longer, floor-sweeping lengths for fall 2022" - I wonder if normie consumers will reflect this and we will see long sweeping dresses getting ruined by autumnal weather

No. 283768


I think it's a direct response to the mini that was all the rage the past two years, people are tired of it.

I welcome dramatic skirts, I wish we weren't welcoming low-rise pants and y2k fashion. I've seen some serious crimes lately at retailers that remind me of middle school.

No. 283775

File: 1661557511005.jpg (37.77 KB, 659x1200, fddc7db0e2a5903102c46f315f141e…)

I already own quite a few lower hemline skirts and dresses so it's nice to know I'll be able to find them more easily. The lower hemlines corresponding to economic situation theory is interesting. But Id love to see more interesting silhouettes overall in normie fashion

No. 283917

where is this skirt from?

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