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No. 284445

Discuss medications:
>Side effects
>Whether they have helped you
>How it has made life easier/harder for you
>Why you started/quit taking something
>Did it have an effect on your period? I don't see this being talked about or mentioned often enough, even in the pamphlet they often leave it out.

Obviously for both physical and mental illnesses.

THIS THREAD IS NOT MEANT TO DISCUSS RECREATIONAL USE. Prescripted drugs in the prescripted amounts only.

No. 284450

The only med I have real regrets about taking is effexor. I know people have mixed experiences with it and for some it's a godsend but I was one of those people who went nuts on it. I wasn't exactly prepared for that. I thought that it'd be similar to ssris I've tried before and that it would take time to build up and have a mild effect like them too. I'm pretty sure I was experiencing mania from it. I'm a quiet person but I had no filter on it and was picking fights with people who I'd usually be passive with. I felt aggitated and wound up. My inhibitions were way down. I was pacing and felt like I had nervous energy. I felt off but wasn't aware of just how off I was at the time.

And I was isolated att, living with roomates that I wasn't close to and far from family so nobody around me could really pick up on the signs to tell me something was obviously wrong. I ended up in hospital within weeks and as much as I knew the effexor was why… the psych there refused to acknowledge it. They acted like I was just having an episode for no reason. I've never been inpatient before or been manic before or since then but sure. They switched me to a mood stabiliser for a few weeks before releasing me again. It was like I had been drunk for a straight month and then I sobered up again and could see it.

No. 284451

Medications have messed me up in the long haul, and I was on them since middle school. I wish I never took them and I'm so happy I tapered off everything and don't have that burden on me anymore. I'd rather be sad a lot and fidget-y than have the side effects medications left on me.

I do think it's interesting (read: misogynist) how the way they effect periods has never been discussed to me by any psychiatrist I had, and my ratio of male-female was 50/50. I stopped having periods entirely on a SSRI+antipsychotic combo (which made me crazier due to hormones), but either of those medications by themselves did much in regards to my period. I've never been on birth control (was almost prescribed it though despite having normal periods and not infertile) but I know girls who are on a cocktail of BC and medications and I wonder how that's going to work in the long run.

No. 284466

Glad you're off them nonna, if you can live without it's the best not to take them. I feel like medicine is made by and for moids without taking women into consideration. So many can do damage to your body, I have a female doctor and she never has mentioned anything that has to do with periodss/fertility when prescribing medication. Though I still trust her, I haven't had many and she's not one of those doctors who throws a script at you and tells you to fuck off. I'm lucky to have a female doctor but it surprises me how little cycles are mentioned, I've never seen anything blatantly saying that it can have impact on fertility either. Medication sucks anyway. I have a friend who used to be depressed, they gave her a cocktail of medications and these days she has developed new conditions that don't usually develop later in life. I don't know exactly what she's taking but I don't doubt the medication has something to do with it. A moid friend with ADHD was prescribed medication (some sort of stimulant) as a child, he told me he was relatively quiet before but started picking fights and being aggressive with everyone after he started taking it. He had to be moved to a special ed school where he dropped out because he couldn't get along with the others (who actually needed special ed), I feel bad for him, he has no real education or self esteem (or a job that could help with that). I'm trying ADHD meds right now and I feel so weird, I think I'm going to quit. Sage 4 huge blog.

No. 284469

I've taken Lexapro for a few years and it's great. No side effects and no more panic attacks. People who like their meds rarely post about them online, so it's easy to assume meds are always bad. I did have to try many meds before this one, but the frustration paid off in the end.

No. 284484

I'd issues with anxiety and depression that popped up at like 12. It was basically just a reaction to the household I was living in but social workers were on my parents ass and I ended up being put on SSRIs at 12 whether I wanted them or not. That was my parents "see we're treating it" get out of jail card. The easiest solution to get them off their backs.

My depression worsened the whole 6/7 years that I was on them and I'll never know if that was truly 'my' depression or the meds side effects. Things got dark but only after starting them. I read a book years ago that went into detail on why developing brains and SSRIs don't mix well and how teens on them are at high risk of becoming more suicidal. Their own leaflets admit it too. My parents sure as hell never thought to research it. I'll never know whether my problems would've improved better without the meds or whether they caused more issues than they helped. I felt like a zombie on a high dose as this underweight lil 12 year old. I gave feedback the whole time that they made me feel worse and still was kept on the same shit til I could argue back at nearly 18.

A few years later my mom died and while I was grieving my partner put so much pressure on me to go get on meds… I'm freshly grieving. Let me have feelings.

No. 284485

I hate birth control. Was prescribed it by some moid gynecologist at 17 for no issue other than acne. I hate how birth control makes me feel and how it makes me gain progressively more weight. It's been 8 years and I've tried to quit it many times but every time I do I get the worst side effects I've never been warned about; my hair falls off in chunks, my weight skyrockets, my face and back break out and a chronic inflammatory skin condition flares up like there's no tomorrow. This is my third time trying to quit them and it's been 5 months and I still feel terrible, but this time I'm sticking to it. I wish someone would have warned me about the side effects of being on and off BC and I wish gynos would stop handing them out like they're candy.

No. 284489

Seroquel is the worst medication created. I understand that it can be useful for people who experience psychotic but its also used as a sedative, fattening ppl up and turning them into a shell of themselves. How that's "healthcare" is beyond me.

No. 284493

do meds age you? i saw a moid say that and now i'm paranoid

No. 284501

You're literally aging right now as we speak, stop being stupid and don't listen to retards on the internet

No. 284503

i'd sooner die than stop being retarded

No. 284513

Yeah, I don't think SSRIs/SNRIs/etc should be prescribed to anyone under 18 because of how they affect brain development. The only people I know who benefitted from them at all just took a low dose as an adult combined with a healthy lifestyle and therapy, which not everyone has access to. But my pediatrician said it was okay for a kid (me) to take them because I was suicidal…from being violently bullied. Why not just let me change schools instead of numbing my emotions and making me borderline asexual?

The fact people who don't have psychosis get prescribed these medications is crazy to me. Antipsychotics made me super fat too, but I'm not even schizophrenic or bipolar.

No. 284516

I swear drs have no fucking clue what they're doing. I was prescribed klonopin, which is an anti seizure med, for insomnia, like what the actual fuck, it was a dr that didn't even know me and she just told me to take a benzo every day for the foreseeable future, what kind of psychopath just gives a highly addictive medication to a 20yo that has never taken any kind of medication?

No. 284539

I totally agree! I’m finally loosing the 4kg I gained on it and it’s a slow process. It also takes forever to get off because you can’t just stop when you want. Took me 4 months until I was off after taking it for almost 4 months

No. 284544

I've gone through several psychiatrists and ironically I knew more about medications than them, and I just have surface level knowledge. But they get mad that I "pretend I know more than a professional" when I question why I'm being prescribed a medication for a condition I'm not diagnosed with (ex. an antipsychotic when I'm not schizophrenic).

Benzos aren't even prescribed where I am unless in extreme circumstances, they restrict the amount of pills and you have to pay out of pocket. I used to Xanax as needed, not every day. What the fuck.

No. 284568

>an antipsychotic when I'm not schizo
Anon, the drug class isn't the only thing that matters. Your individual symptoms in of themselves matter. Hence why as a bpdfag I was prescribed risperidone and Seroquel, I had paranoid thoughts due to the bpd and indeed, the antipsychotics helped. You're just making yourself sound stupid.

No. 284570

I'm the same nonny as >>284513, I explained that it just made me fat and didn't even help for the off-label reason I was given it for. Luckily I changed psychiatrists and was taken off of it, but most doctors are so flippant about this it makes me not take most of them seriously.

No. 284571

I'm taking lexapro. I can't tell if its doing anything, I started it in May. There are times I feel like I should switch to a different medication but I want to wait it out, at least til six months to really see if the effects come. I started taking it for depression and anxiety.

As for my period it's always been irregular and heavy. First two days are the worst cause of the cramps so I usually take ibuprofen those two days. But since starting lexapro I haven't noticed any changes.

No. 284574

only one that helped me was (legal, prescribed) ketamine lol, and that's because it obviously works differently, helped me see things differently. I mean, maybe my other meds helped and I'm still on two but it's harder to tell and the most change comes from personal realizations that lead to lifestyle changes. so I think even the ket mainly helped because it prompted some realizations. I'm skeptical of meds due to my experience and also the obvious bad ethics in big pharma, but, still not completely closed off especially since learning I might have needed higher doses this whole time because of a possible diagnosis, but, reluctant to try that at this point. I'm doing better

No. 284636

>implying you know more than a licensed professional that went through 11 years of school
Anon you sound insufferable, I'm sorry. Psychs frequently prescribe meds interchangeably regardless of frequency of use for a disorder because of the drug treats the area of the brain causing your mental issues. A lot of people with bipolar are schizo affective and experience hallucinations which require an FGA/SGA even though they may not be diagnosed with full blown schizophrenia. Or, like >>284568 and you have violent intrusive thoughts with non specific symptoms. Educating yourself on your mental disorder is one thing but you will never come close to knowing more than a board certified physician. If you can't trust their expertise go to therapy and figure out why or seek out another doctor.

No. 284645

How did you get it prescribed? I keep getting instagram ads for ketamine treatment, was it something like that? Pronably not but was it covered at all? I'm really considering saving up and paying for it, I'm really tired of the med game.

No. 284650

Three months is long enough to have the effects of an antidepressant kick in. I think waiting another 3 will just be wasting your time.

No. 284651

nta, I did a full course of ketamine therapy. Cost a lot and didn’t help at all. I wouldn’t have kept doing it but I didn’t think it was necessarily harming me and my parents wanted me to keep going and offered to pay. At the end the doctor said something like (in more tactful phrasing than this), “maybe you’re depressed because your life just sucks.” So YMMV.

No. 284701

>If you can't trust their expertise go to therapy
NTA but this is fucking hilarious to me because the therapist that was helping me with medical related trauma kept honing on the fact that we as patients need to speak up, we need to demand answers and advocate for ourselves. And honestly mistrusting doctors is for the best, you need to take care of yourself as an individual since you're the one that has your best interest at heart, I don't give a fuck if I sound insufferable but I'm not going to meekly put my life and well being in the hands of a 'trained professional' that likely sees me as a statistic, patients need to be made part of the medical process, their diagnosis, treatments and they need to be respected and treated as persons with concerns, doubts and anxieties, not pieces of meat you dissect like in med school.
Maybe you're one of those burnt out healthcare professionals that ran out of empathy and that's why it bothers you that patients actually give a shit about their lives instead of bending over, and if that's the case please take the time to seek therapy for yourself.

No. 284733

>think I'm dying or have a horrible illness 24/7
>takes valium once
>it all goes away, ah pure bliss
>oh so it was just anxiety

Taking it just a few times healed my health anxiety as I realized it wasn't a real problem but just worrying.

Now, I haven't found ANYTHING that works for the accute torture that social anxiety is. No benzos, therapy, anti-depressants (avoid) work. Beta-blockers somewhat help with keeping your heart rate low but nothing gets rid of the dread and pain of being in an anxious situation.

No. 284770

NTA but my last psychiatrist kept writing me a prescription for a drug I didn't take every time I saw her for 5 years. For the first couple of years I handed it back to her and reminded her I wasn't taking that drug anymore. Eventually I just threw them away. One of the last times I saw her, she asked what colleges I was thinking about applying for. I was about to graduate with my bachelor's.
Always question your doctors, especially in bullshit specialties like psychiatry where most of them are just in it for the money.

No. 285961

Nonnies, do any of you have experience with the long term side effects of Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine)? This is the first med I've been on for more than a few months straight and wasn't made aware of long term side effects even being a thing. I've been getting increasingly dehydrated as time goes on and having ruled out all other factors, I'm 99% sure now that it's the meds. My doctor just keeps saying to up my water intake (which I've done) or stop the meds, but I'd rather keep them if I can since they've worked wonders for my ADHD.

I've never had dandruff and acne as bad as I have it now, I have circulation issues, and no matter how much water I drink it never seems to be enough. I like this medication but I don't know how much longer I can take these side effects being the uneducated dumbass I am with physical selfcare. I don't know what proper skin routines should be for me because I've always used the same moisturizer and face wash which now aren't doing a thing. I've tried various dandruff shampoos, medicated and not, yet nothing seems to help. Like I'm fine with adding more to my routine to stay on these meds, I guess I just don't know exactly what to add. Like what on earth am I supposed to do when my skin flakes so much that even after weekly physical exfoliation they appear again within the hour and seemingly pile up day by day even with light chemical exfoliation in between? Do I put lotion over the flakes? Cause it feels like when I do I wake up with another bump or blackhead on my face. Am I not exfoliating correctly? Wtf is a "splash" of water and won't it just mean I'm spreading my own excess oils and flakes further into my pores if I'm not using a cleanser and exfoliating? Do I even rub in a "splash" of water? Ugh I'm just so lost and those are only some of the questions I have after doing research.

Maybe I should put this in the skin care thread but I felt more comfortable putting it here since medication is the cause. I'll sage it just in case.

No. 286332

I have anxiety about literally everything in my life, I wish i was being hyperbolic, valium is the only thing that chills me out too. I can't get a prescription for anything except low grade benzos which really don't work unless i take 2 at a time which is way more than advised and it sucks. Somehow my mother swindled a valium prescription from our long term family gp for the mildest work related stress though. Kind of offends me lol

No. 292883

I got put on Topamax recently to see if it would help with a complex brain injury I have. I have been anti medication for a long time now and my body is super sensitive to it. I am excited about the potential weight loss but I'm also scared because it has a million other awful side effects, and I saw a bunch of people say how it ruined their lives. I took it years ago for mental health reasons briefly and it made me have awful mood swings so I'm hoping that doesn't happen again.
I hate meds. If this doesn't work then I'll be forced to be on tricyclic ADs which will make me gain 50 lbs and have even worse side effects. I hate that doctors tell you not to Google side effects or deny that they do anything bad to you, when they absolutely can and sometimes irreversibly change your health.
Anynonnies have experience with Topamax/topiramate?

No. 292914

It was a long time ago and I have some brain fog for that time but what I remember of Topamax is 1) always feeling sick and 2) couldn't taste any carbonation in drinks, it was weird as fuck. I went off it when the sick feeling didn't go away after a week, it did seem to help with headaches I was having but it wasn't worth that trade off to personally. I can definitely see how people would lose weight on it if they stuck with it longer than I did.

No. 292939

FUCK Olanzapine. Doctor who prescribed it didn't understand my case at all and just wanted to wash his hands of me. I was on it for four years and stopped taking it a year ago, and in that year I must have dropped 20kg without doing anything, and I have the concentration to read books for the first time in years. I genuinely feel like my life stagnated for those four years and I was stuck in a constant haze. Anti-psychotics are not to be taken lightly.

No. 292941

My BC is effectively a mood stabiliser for me. I used to get horrific mood swings around my period as a teenager, and BC has worked better than actual psychiatric meds for it

No. 292992

Nta but I usually hear that BC does the complete opposite in most cases.

No. 293030

How do people self inject? How to get over the pain? Not numbing cream?

No. 293044

Same here, I was put on it for having premenstrual dysphoria

No. 293379

Been on seroquel (quetiapine) for a few weeks now. Haven’t noticed any side effects yet, although I know antipsychotics decrease brain matter. My sleep has been incredible and falling asleep has never been easier. I’m scared to go off it, though. How bad is the withdrawal, nonnies?

No. 410798

i take lamotrigine, has anyone else experienced decreased blood flow/poor circulation after being on lamo for a few months? my veins are so so dark blue all over my body

No. 410813

I am in a state of constant anxiety and insecurity caused by the judgement of other people that I feel CONSTANTLY. Might have been medication withdrawal plus the hatred and belittling of people I thought wanted the best for me that caused this. Ritalin and advil are the only things that relieve it. I don’t want to die though…

No. 410926

My veins do seem more visible after being on multiple anticonvulsants and antipsychotics, i thought i was just over analyzing it.

No. 410938

File: 1719856761621.webp (73.88 KB, 300x300, melatonin.webp)

Maybe this isn't quite the right thread for it, but has anyone used melatonin? Some people report awful side effects while others say it does nothing, just curious if anyone here has any experience. I mean the over the counter stuff.

No. 410940

I do, I did daily and I basically got used to it and it had no effect. So I don't take it until say I have to get up really early or need more sleep etc. I do think it makes me feel cloudy the next day and it is harder to wake up. but I am on various other meds so I can't say. I think you just have to try and see if it suits you

No. 410946

Ive tried liposomal melatonin, which is a delivery method that makes it more bioavailable. Worked pretty well at putting me to sleep and I didn’t notice any grogginess in the morning. I would also recommend a low dose of extended release melatonin, that’s also a good form for avoiding grogginess.

No. 410954

i take the cheapest otc and take it 1~2/week, 1~2h before sleeping and it works 95% of times, with no side effects.

No. 410955

I've been taking this for a while now due to working late nights but it no longer works so I guess I can tell you that its easy to gain a tolerance to the point where it no longer does anything for you. I'll also say that melatonin might give you some strangly vivid dreams, nightmares even, when you first start taking them or take them after a long break. Other than that, no side affects.

No. 410974

I tried over the counter and even when taking large amounts, it did nothing for me. Some people say you got to take it hours before you sleep for it to work, I tried that too, and there was no difference. I guess you won't know if it affects you until you try.

No. 411006

i started concerta for ADHD 5 months ago. it really helps with my focus and organization. but when it wears off in the evening i have this period of like 40 mins of intense anxiety/depression (i do not have this typically) and i usually have to cry it out to go back to normal, it is a very intense comedown. and i feel SO THIRSTY all the time. my mouth is always dry and i am drinking so much water im pissing every 15 mins, but still dehydrated. and on days i dont take it, i just lie in bed and dont have motivation to do anything. i dont like the idea of being dependent on anything. but its doing its job and actually helping me. i really do not want to take this forever. but i am doing so much more now because i'm managing my time better and working much more productively, and i am able to stay on task and finish shit because im not getting distracted by random things, and i really like this momentum. i don't want to go back to unmedicated demotivated underachiever, and my responsibilities have increased with being capable of doing more work now, so unmedicated me im worried just couldnt do it all kek. my country only has ritalin and concerta, and then non-stimulant meds like strattera which ive heard just has brutal weird side effects, so i dont want to switch. has anyone had experience with tapering off adhd meds while somehow maintaining the boosted focus?

No. 411011

>has anyone had experience with tapering off adhd meds while somehow maintaining the boosted focus?
Nope. ADHD isnt fixable without medication, it's a lifelong condition that seriously affects motivation and function. Meds are pretty much the only thing that work to quell the symptoms for a while. The side effects you listed are normal and common.

No. 411154

DA but damn, I guess I'm fucked since getting a doctor to prescribe ADHD meds are expensive where I live.

No. 411709


Still on Lexapro. I think in the end it did help me with my depression/anxiety. I still deal with it but it's on a smaller scale now. But I was able to make some super big changes in my life and I think Lexapro helped. I'm talking about getting an adult job, flying across the country for the interview and even moving a few states away from home.

My period appears to be regular now. My sex drive is a bit different. I can still orgasm and can still feel aroused. But again it's on a smaller scale. My main concern was if I'd be able to orgasm when I first started lexapro and the first week or two it took me nearly an hour to reach climax which was super unusual for me. After some months it's never been a problem but I don't feel the need to masturbate nearly as often as I used too.

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