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File: 1662311599959.jpg (42.41 KB, 500x667, b88063f525ab6aa493c4d56e3e1057…)

No. 285348

There seems to be a few j-fashion centric threads in the catalog, but they’re all about 3+ years old. Let’s draw up a fresh one. Share inspiring coords, fun, weird, or interesting stories, talk about your favorite people/brands/items, etc.! Here are some topic ideas to start us off, but you don’t need to respond to every single one:

>What are your favorite styles/trends/fads?

>Styles and trends you wish would come back? (or die off?)
>What do you think about what’s currently trending in alternative j-fashion communities?
>Do you wear j-fashion on a regular basis? would you like to?
>Do you have conflicting interests/styles?
>Do you take part of any communities/have friends who also wear the styles you like?

My favorite casual style is himekaji. It makes me kind of sad that himekaji isn’t exactly as popular as it once was. I want to see my soft pink girly floral patterns and princessy outfits! A current trend that I’m just kind of meh about is the kind of dark girly/edgy cutesy girl styles with the dull color palettes and clunky platform shoes, it kind of bores me, but I understand the appeal. I was really into mori girl when I was a young teen, and I still have a soft spot for it.
picrel, one of my favorite LL shop staff coords!

No. 285349

I don't know anything about jfashion, but I went to japan a few years ago and loved how popular long skirts and dresses were, here if you wear something like that, people will think you're a religious nut or yuppie

No. 285351

Seriously, it's awful. I used to only wear long skirts for a few years (I still wear them a lot now, but I have other lengths as well) and people, including my friends, would make jokes about me being amish, evangelical christian, or "a librarian" lmfao

No. 285376

File: 1662318862359.jpg (213.64 KB, 684x1024, 20210915184821723.jpg)

I love the "girly" brands like Jane Marple and Emily Temple Cute! Skirt/JSK with a cardigan is basically my uniform. I get called a librarian a lot lmao. I know Pink House is super trendy right now and I love how it looks but I'm not particularly interested in wearing it myself. There's also that tracksuit trend but I think it's kind of hideous kek
yes I love long skirts! So comfy. I guess it depends where you live but here going out in anything other than jeans or sweatpants really makes you stand out, like I don't even see normie dresses when I'm out and about. I wish I lived somewhere where people were generally more well-dressed

No. 285377

File: 1662319097760.jpg (115.86 KB, 480x854, b6210be6905f55e63a52a6a2f0f91c…)

for me I love agejo so much, i wish ma*rs went back to making things like this and not the new jiraikei thing that every brand is doing, i find it so painfully boring

No. 285381

File: 1662319469797.png (93.31 KB, 1620x464, crooz end.png)

kms. im so upset it shut down i legitimately am devastated. my heart sank, i never even got to archive all the coords i liked and the images are all/mostly broken on wayback machine. ugh

No. 285391

agejo is such a fun style, it really hurts me that all the fun and cute brands like ma*rs have slowly been blending together into some black, gray, and dusty pink hellscape that's literally indistinguishable from one brand to the next. They're taking "mass production type" a little too literally lol

No. 285402

File: 1662328616274.jpg (298.49 KB, 936x1280, original.jpg)

I always loved the vintagey vibes of Katie. Especially their collections around 2012/2013. Current cutesy trends just don't compare to larme kei of that time imo.

No. 285404

File: 1662329214359.jpg (115.32 KB, 640x640, 10817617_536298083173161_30346…)

Swankiss was another one of my favorites, it had a nice balance between ott and casual elements. There was just something really refreshing and fun about it. I remember they had these jeans with heart cutouts and pockets that were shaped like swans. The designer(owner?) always had cute coords.

No. 285418

God, i miss larme. People can argue until the cows come home about whether or not it was a "real style", i just want that glorious balance of sexy/mature/cute back again. i've been seeing people putting that jirai shit in the larme kei tags and my eyes just roll on their own

No. 285419

I haven’t done much j-fashion, but I did have an ouji phase. Lolita wasn’t for me, I liked the more androgynous style. Plus my face and body are not “cute” enough for Lolita, so I got to wear a pretty close style!

No. 285429

File: 1662339571542.jpg (31.97 KB, 480x640, 000000010101-01-xl.jpg)

Does anyone have any recs for brands that make clothing like bubbles? (current bubbles)
I like the dark and feminine style with the cute details. and I know people consider bubbles jirai-kei so I looked at other brands… but bubbles is definitely different to me.

No. 285435

Evelyn, though a much less "dark" brand, is the only brand that I can think of that might be able to match Bubble's current elegant style, you might be able to get some things from them that would work in tandem.

No. 285461

File: 1662365533822.jpg (54.54 KB, 535x695, 1483648169614.jpg)

MORPH8NE and wear jp.com is a good resource for outfit ideas

No. 285462

File: 1662365557176.jpg (96.64 KB, 466x623, tumblr_mwn1cu3H2V1ro5bwro1_500…)

>What are your favorite styles/trends/fads?
Anything dark even better if it's mixed with some cute or historical elements like kimono/yukata
>Styles and trends you wish would come back?
Crusty 2000s gyaru
>What do you think about what’s currently trending in alternative j-fashion communities?
I love the mixing of styles and elements I have been seeing lately like neo-decora.
Jirai kei on the otherhand is stale and lacks range and I am over it.
>Do you wear j-fashion on a regular basis? would you like to?
I would love to wear it more often but I mostly wear western goth on day to day basis.
>Do you have conflicting interests/styles?
Kinda, I really enjoy the mixing of black and neon colors ala cybergoth but there always needs to be some sort of strong black base or element.
>Do you take part of any communities/have friends who also wear the styles you like?
Does lolcow count?
No I don't but would love one or two friends who dressed alt and had an interest in Jfash but as an old lady it gets harder to find other child free jfash people who aren't super sjws or tender genders.

No. 285492

meltie jp could be a good option!

No. 285583


i hope that trend dies soon bc now even when trying to find old ma*rs on buyee u have to scroll through the pink and grey vomit. Just ew
i just want hot pink leopard print to come back kek

No. 285711

Anyone have any thoughts about how it became trendy so quickly? Maybe it's because I don't follow brands so closely, but to me it seems like it happened overnight one day in 2020 lol. I hope brands start to change direction to something brighter because I can't imagine they didn't lose a good chunk of their demographic by switching to making everything the same 3 dusty ass colors. But truth be told I can't even imagine where the trends might turn next.

No. 286129

File: 1662569479063.jpg (264.63 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n0mcun2ww41ro5bwro2_128…)

Honestly I've been noticing MA*RS declining since around 2014 (pic rel) and I assumed they were just going to go the onee route. But all this grey stuff now is such a far cry from what they were releasing ten years ago

No. 287486

File: 1662990420830.jpg (195.27 KB, 1068x1600, b823fc28d4bb9d3524f850085e01e7…)

I am finally done putting together a first-time rokku gyaru outfit, but it only now occured to me that I don't have any clues what to do with my hair.
Anyone have any inspo/models who have straight bangs, but pulled off a rokku gyaru look? Or maybe in general a j-fash hairstyle with bangs that could pass for gyaru? Picrel is the outfit, except the hair is totally different, coat is long and boots are akin to 80s platform boots. Thank you in advance!

No. 287521

File: 1663002292341.jpg (931.3 KB, 2880x2880, 20220912_120401.jpg)

Honestly I don't think there's a limit to what kind of hairstyles you can pull off with this outfit. But you can definitely check soul sister mag scans for some edgy hairstyles if that's what ur after.

No. 287529

upper left is so cute

No. 287586

Omg this is the pinnacle of cool. Woah. I would look dumb in this as im blonde. But i would want to put glittery details with the black, mmm. Dark haired nonnas would pull this off

No. 287786

WHAT!? The only hair color, in my opinion, that can't pull off that look is algae green. I bet you'd look bad ass as Hell! Especially with glitter, it'd be a blend of cute and rock. Oh, and if you'd curl your hair it'd be CHEF'S KISS

No. 288169

File: 1663185569256.jpg (88.22 KB, 424x640, o0424064013136755041 (1).jpg)

i got this milk hoodie secondhand and im trying to find the matching hat bc its just too cute

No. 288187

sorry but I have to say it.. the fabric is awfully cut, the mish mash of pieces of cats isn't cute. That hoodie has literally only 1 full cat and it's towards the side (sleeves excluded). I hope the one you got has better pattern placement.

No. 288197

But the one on the right looks like it's peeking out of anons pocket, anon.

No. 288285

File: 1663230135924.png (617.46 KB, 1170x474, swankiss.png)

any recommendations where i can get some pants like picrel? these are from swankiss but I’d love to have more options. cute, girly, and casual. i hate jeans and plain pants, but i don’t just want skirts and shorts in my wardrobe either.

No. 291995

File: 1664718824834.jpg (142.45 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

Anons, any new/upcoming releases you're really anticipating from any brands you like? For me, Liz Lisa has uploaded a preview image of an upcoming print in their autumn collection and I'm obsessed with it.

No. 292165

For the last 12 years or so it feels like western fashion has become so boring dull and mass produced. Kim K under the influence of Kanye really ruined everything by making ultra plain clothing, muted colors and basic/throwaway fast fashion popular. I hate khaki and beige and clingy midi dresses and bicycle shorts and bandeau tops so so much because of her.

Japanese fashion is always so much more imaginative and detailed, but it makes me sad they’ve been following the much plainer, Korean mass produced street style trends and Korean style makeup over the past few years too. I’m just sick of cheap Chinese throwaway shit or ugly hypebeast streetwear with big gaudy designer labels all over it taking over.

No. 292214

im trying to buy some colored contacts online, but they all have a base curve of 8.6.
my base curve is 8.5. is it ok to wear the contacts with a base curve of 8.6? ive worn contacts with a base curve of 8.6 before and found them very comfortable, but im afraid theyll ruin my eyes or something.

No. 292219

Their actual fit may depend on a brand, like with shoes, from one brand you'll wear 38 and 39 from another. Should be ok but best buy one pair and see how you'll feel before committing to more though

No. 292239

>I’m just sick of cheap Chinese throwaway shit or ugly hypebeast streetwear with big gaudy designer labels all over it taking over

What I don't understand about western fashion is how it's usually a mix of both cheap and luxury. influencers will spend all their money on a designer bag only to pair it with their shitty polyester bike shorts and ratty crop top from Shein or FashionNova. It looks so trashy.

No. 292246

File: 1664850161998.jpeg (64.25 KB, 525x398, 5DEAB879-E15A-4B0C-A3A0-8C972A…)

Yeah I really hate that ultra cheap+ultra expensive thing. Like why wear a $10 dress with an ugly $5000 designer bag? Imo you should just invest in beautiful, quality clothing that will last a long time. People are so scared to be seen in the same outfit more than once and spend a shit took of money on ugly mass produced designer garbage while also buying 10 different colors of the same PLT Chinese sweatshop dress.

It’s horrible for the environment, adds more microplastics and microfibres into the water supply and our bloodstreams. I’m also tired of once high quality designers pandering to nouveau riche idiots with awful taste.

Outfit on right that some Korean celebrity wore cost 10K and it’s hideous.

No. 292823

Hell no, just mainstream fashion. Zoomer fashion is actually really cool and we have so many subcultures. It incorporates folklore, politics, different decades and imagination. I genuinely love our fashion sense, not our political views though haha

No. 292882

Unpopular for lolcow but I actually love the "mass produced type" look, especially all the rhintstone brooches/buttons and the more elegant looking pieces with pink/white combos. Pium and Honey Cinnamon come to mind for brands that do it well, but I understand why anons find the style tacky because of some of the other labels out there.

No. 292884

You and me both. Honey Cinnamon is one of my favorite brands, and I feel that most of their clothes work well.

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