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No. 289857

Talk about anything related to halitosis, tonsil stones, cures, treatments you found have worked etc.

No. 289858

I’ll start. I’ve had bad breath since childhood. I believe the cause is tonsil stones, which I’ve also had since I was very young. The only solution seems to be a tonsillectomy. Have any nonas had a laser tonsillectomy? How long did it take to heal and were you woozy for long after the anaesthesia?

No. 289859

Also, I’m really worried about scabs that form afterwards. I’ve heard some people say the scabs you develop after a tonsillectomy are disgusting and smell really bad, they take a long time to heal, and that swallowing them makes you want to puke. This sounds pretty horrifying. How long did it take you to lose the scans completely and did your breath smell even worse while your throat was healing?

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No. 289862

Kek very specific thread, I feel like this could have fit in a dental thread though

No. 289864

Uhhhh I didn’t realize there was one. Well I think bad breath is a pretty common problem, a lot of people don’t eve realize they have it. It’s harder when you brush 3x a day and have tried just about every cure besides surgery. I’d just like to hear other nonas experiences, I’m sure some people here suffer with it.

No. 289868

Do you nonnies itt brush your fucking tongues

No. 289878

Does the anon from a past relationship advice thread that complained about her bf sucking his tonsil stones still browse here? Are you guys still together? I'm curious…

No. 289881

I literally forced myself to forget that post jfc

No. 289886

No. 289888

No. 289889

Yes ofc we do. Everything you can think of we have tried.

No. 289934

This makes me want to kill myself.

Not to discourage but I had my tonsils removed when I was nine and I get “tonsil stones” in these little pockets that were left behind. I think they’re probably not real tonsil stones but they are calcified masses of unholy stench. They never get big though because the pockets aren’t big and it’ll start to hurt once there’s any sort of mass to them. I either have to take a smooth hook tool to open the pocket and try to coax it out or use a bent-neck syringe to squirt it out. The skin is so sensitive there that it bleeds if it takes me more than 15 seconds.

No. 289942

I've read there is an increased risk of bleeding out and complications if you get them removed later in life.

No. 289943

i got tonsil stones really bad a few years ago, i went on keto diet for weight loss and they went away completely and my tonsils looked way smaller.

i haven't been on keto for awhile (not really sustainable) but I do try to not eat too much sugar and bread products. i haven't had tonsil stones since then, or if i have they haven't been a problem really

i also don't really eat dairy at all bc of lactose intolerance, and i have heard people say dairy triggers stones for them

No. 289946

I think tonsil stones is one of the grossest things the human body does, over going to the bathroom/ throwing up (in my opinion) like they just feel gross are smelly and are so nasty when they come out wtf.

No. 289948

Samefag, I heard just gargling with mouthwash (like way deep in the back of your mouth to your throat) should help decrease them. I gargle mouthwash every time I brush my teeth and haven’t had many tonsil stones recently

No. 289979

try gargling a few times a week with salt mixed in with warm water - do this consistently and see if it helps at all

No. 293035

I was never taught how to properly brush my teeth by my grandma, then once I went to live with my mom she used to tell me all the time I had bad breath. I grew up not talking because of this because so self conscious. It’s gone but my shyness has morphed into anxiety bordering on selective mutism

No. 293074

I had a tonsillectomy at 18 (for the second time, had it as a child but my tonsils grew back lol). Read a lot of horror stories online but the recovery really wasn't that bad.
>How long did it take to heal?
About 2 weeks to feel normal-ish, and probably 2 months for your throat to feel completely back to normal.
>were you woozy for long after the anaesthesia?
Nah, only for an hour or so.
>I’m really worried about scabs that form afterwards
I really didn't feel the scabs at all, just a very sore throat. No idea about having a bad smell while it's healing, you won't really be talking much during the recovery time anyway.

No. 293079

this is making me so sad. kids shouldn't have to feel like this… i'm so sorry

No. 306763

why are you reminding us of this shit

No. 306778

you're reminding everyone else right now

No. 306919

I got tonsil stones ever since I was a kid. I remember getting one and thinking wtf. It was scarier than getting my first period. My mom had no idea what they were and this was before Google. She thought it was lumps of fat or something from what I was eating and she started freaking out thinking she was over feeding me. Tonsil stones are so fucking gross and I still get them when I wake up occasionally. I use a q tip to dab mouthwash over my tonsils and gargle with it so it gets into all the crevices. When I eat garlic or onions my breath smells really really bad for some reason. I can’t eat them at all

No. 306976

I got a plastic syringe like youd get after wisdom tooth extraction to irrigate tge sockets but put mouthwash and warm water in it to irrigate my tonsils kek ill plug the sink and let it drain into it to see what comes out.. gross I know but it works. I dont really get tonsil stones much but every once in a while, usually after binging a lot of sugar and dairy, I wake up with rancid breath and know its time. 1st time I ever realized I had them I saw them in the back of my throat they were huge. Never came back to that extent they probably grew over 2 decades when I was unaware. But irrigation really cuts down. That, and tongue scraping. Tongue scraping after coffee, garlic, onions, etc straight up gets all the weird stink film off. Nasty. So effective.

No. 306977

I used to have bad breath as a high schooler since i didnt have good hygiene. i knew it, so i always spoke with my mouth kinda closed or mostly covered my mouth when speaking. Now i struggle with people never hearing me and not being abe to raise my voice in case my breath smells. i didnt get any comments on it in the last 3-4 years and brush my teeth before going out.

my question is, how long after chewing mint gum do you still have good breath? i wanna chew more to reduce anxiety over bad breath, but lotta people get annoyed by chewing gum so i wanna spit it out quickly.

No. 306983

Do you floss? Gum will wear off real quick if it is just masking rot breath. Ime mints make things worse immediately after cuz sugar or sugar substitute. Sometimes its like spraying air freshener after a bad shit…not it smells like flowers and shit.

No. 306984

i dont floss but i brush very throughoutly and dont think i need to? idk i havent gotten any complaints about my breath after high school. do you think flossing is necessary?

and thanks for te advice on gum, i guess it really isnt a good substitue.

No. 306998

If you have bad breath you absolutely need to floss. You also need to clean your tongue. Some kinds of toothpaste can give you bad breath too.

No. 307196

Have either of you thought about seeing an ENT (ear nose and throat dr.)? I had severe tonsillitis and it started with tonsil stones and escalated to me eventually having to get them surgically removed. I'd have a checkup with a regular physician just to get them looked at, mention the stones esp. if your tonsils bleed from irritation when you pop them out.

No. 307239

one of my tonsils is always so big but all of my GPs said it’s fine. no lady it’s not i have a testicle in my throat. i’m going to a throat doc for it soon because i looked for tonsil stones with a qtip two days ago and still coughed up a stone yesterday so there’s hidden pockets i cant get to for sure
i hate my bad breath but it does get better if i dont eat garlic and brush tongue regularly
i had really bad tonsillitis before since then i get those demonic stones
recently quit smoking too so that’s a breath W

No. 307249

Yes I’m due to see one but I’m not very optimistic as most of the treatments have failed, I have tried nearly everything and keep myself incredibly clean and practice excellent hygiene with a very good diet. I’m actually starting to think I might have some genetic condition that makes me stink and am thinking of seeing an endocrinologist or enzyme specialist because it might be a problem with that instead.

No. 318282

I've suffered from horrible breath for years and I have tips to help and get rid of it. My bad breath comes from stomach acid so this might not help everyone.
-Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day AND brush your tongue
-Use Therabreath and Hydrogen Peroxide as mouthwash. Throw your head back and gargle it in your throat too (this helps a lot)
-Use parsley pills/eat fresh parsley if you're eating anything bad or if you're on an empty stomach
-Drink a lot of water with lemon, lime and mint. This saved my breath and BO
-Make sure you're filling your stomach. A lot of bad breath comes from stomach acid

No. 320144

Twice now I have coughed up a tonsil stone while getting fucked prone (lying on my belly). Luckily I was able to hide the event from my Nigel's discovery. I can't recreate it on my own. There should really be a yoga pose for this.

No. 320353

Same, Except it was kids at school a couple of times and it stuck with me. What helped me was this:
floss using a mint floss, and then brush teeth for 2 minutes, (make an oh face will brushing so you can get into every crevice), then use a tongue cleaner and scrape the tongue gently,8 times (downwards not upwards, like changinga diaper). Then, brush tongue for 2 minutes. When finished do not rinse the mouth.

This honestly helped, and nobody has ever said I had bad breath again, one of my friends told me that my breath always smells fresh. My mouth feels really clean too. chewing mint gum is the best feeling. Also, this method is dentist approved because on my last checkup, she said I am cleaning really well. lots of saliva and no blood. The point for this routine is that it increases your saliva, which is the best way to combat bad breath. I hope I helped!

No. 320361

Has anyone ever tried oil pulling for oral health? So say it's good for your teeth and breath, I have done it a few times but haven't noticed a massive difference though my teeth feel slicker

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