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No. 297506

What are some of the things you'd like to teach your daughters to make them well rounded people?
Here's my thoughts:
>realistic sketching
>sewing and repairing clothes
>healthy cooking
>redpill on scrotes & self-defence
>to add to self-defence: physical fitness and a training regimen
>based websites such as lolcow, libgen and scihub
>how to take care of animals and children
>beautiful and meaningful literature, art, preferably by women
>history of our country and our region
>how democracy and government work in my country
>general knowledge of anatomy, psychology and biology
>also physics, maths and chemistry
>computer science and cybersecurity
>philosophy (but not to deep since most famous philosophers were annoying incel manchildren anyway like Schopenhauer, just the basic concepts)
>horse riding!
>driving and taking care of her car
>organizing her space

You can also post toys and books that you would like to share with your daughters.
>inb4 it's a lot
Those are just most basic things that every educated human being should grasp. If kids spent less time on tik tok they could quickly learn it.

If public school will be bad enough that my children were coming back home exhausted, I'd look into homeschooling/private tutors.

No. 297507

do you think letting your kid go on lc is a good idea

No. 297509

when she's 18 of course (since there are nsfw things here). but I'd rather have her here than on reddit or 4chan.

No. 297511

Should've called it Raising daughters.

Anyway I'm never bringing kids, certaintly not daughters, into this hell world but if I did I'd want to teach her most is to think independently from religion, since religious values negatively affected me, my sister and my mother personally a lot.

No. 297512

I'm certainly birthing kids into this world. Daughters cuz I can't stand scrotelets. I need to spread my based man-hating genes to the next generation.

No. 297518

Based and retarded

No. 297533

>based websites such as lolcow
Anon how would that make them well rounded?

No. 297542

they will never know what the internet is or have concrete and asphalt touch there shoes

an appeal to heaven

No. 297570

If I ever have kids, they're not touching a phone until they're 11, and tiktok and insta are banned. We don't need more kids in the world with body dysmorphia and a shitty attention span.

If anyone tries to indoctrinate them in trans shit I'll be having serious words, involving a chainsaw and a hammer. My daughter can wear pants is she wants to and no one will tell her otherwise.

If I get pregnant i'm gonna pick out the cutest teddy for them to snuggle.

Oh, and they're growing up on a pc like I did. None of these crappy mobile platforms.

No. 297576

Is this like hypothetically or actual parenthood? If so does anyone know how to wash glow worms?

No. 297611

Sorry nonna, google is only returning actual bugs for me. If it's all fabric/plushie with no electronics, you can toss it in a gentle wash and dry load inside a pillowcase (this works for most stuffed friends btw). If it's fabric on the outside but has internal electronics, you'll want to spot treat with whatever nontoxic fabric cleaner is safe for your family unless you can remove the electronics and wash the outside. If it's plastic or other nonporous material, you can probably get away with the sanitizer and wipes you use to quick clean pacifiers.

No. 297615

doublepost sorry. Washing and drying plushies in the machines can sometimes change the texture of their fur. It can also take away the "lived in" smell and replace it with whatever your detergent smells like. I don't know if your kid is sensitive to these kinds of changes, but it can be tough for some kids to adjust. Letting them help wash their toy if they're old enough to pour in some detergent can help them feel more comfortable about their friend going through bathtime. Good luck with your glow worms!

No. 297628

This is retarded.

First: how are you gonna get daughter specifically, designer baby?
Second: I can already tell you're autist, you're not going to raise no kid.
Thirdly: I don't believe a person who reads lolcow can raise a child, and I hate seeing threads like this on the site.
Lastly: this gives me Chris Chan level of creepiness with his "daughter" crystal.

No. 297629

Why is there calligraphy and horse riding on this list, but nothing like how to wash your face and hands? Hand hygiene is way more important for children than learning how to play with fountain pens.
This thread is retarded, but this
>I don't believe a person who reads lolcow can raise a child
Also retarded.

No. 297630

Get pregnant. Get sex screening. Abort and repeat until result is female. Give birth.
U mad?

No. 297636

nayrt but among the people who suggest "Girl or abortion", how many of them have actually had an abortion? Like, sex screenings can be done as early as 14 weeks, but aren't usually accurate until the 18-20 week mark, aborting at that stage is possible, but rough. You're well into your second trimester by then and almost halfway to due if you're going by sex screenings.
Haven't had an abortion, but a friend of mine had to take Plan B once and it was a miserable experience for her. I can't imagine abortions are any easier on the body especially after months of fetal development.

No. 297722

File: 1667622772258.jpg (112.27 KB, 747x934, 8d467cb458d804264f27dfbc42c13a…)

I would be very tempted to fill the baby room with vintage kitsch stuff.

No. 297740

Well, I'm a brutal barbarian. I don't particularly care.

No. 297742

So what did an 18-week abortions feel like anon?

No. 297860

I had an abortion three months in and while it wasn't hard on my body, I seem to have become infertile and I often feel like a murderer. 0/10, would not recommend. Don't get rid of a fetus unless you really have to.

No. 298351

File: 1667887838216.jpg (685.03 KB, 1639x2048, merlin_150756744_01a79213-ffe0…)

I want to get my future kids Bucc-ees merchandise. When you don't live in a Southern state this beaver feels more exotic than anything from Sanrio.

No. 298354

You can find out the gender at 12 weeks with a blood test. The blood test is for down syndrome and other genetic mutations, but coincidentally it also finds out the sex with 99% accuracy (because it either finds a y chromosome or not). Some countries like Germany don't tell you the gender until 14 weeks tho so you do not have a gender based abortion. After 12-14 weeks abortions are illegal in almost all of Europe. Only in America can you abort a full term baby (up to 40 weeks in New York). Fucking disgusting barbarians.

No. 298359

My mother has saved a lot of my old childrens books from when I was a child and now I am starting to read them to my daughter and it is the most wonderful feeling to remember all these stories and share them with her. I would never buy a pozzed modern kids book that teaches about LGBTQ+ shit. I like to go to fleamarkets with my husband and find old books for her from when I was a child and they are super cheap so now I have a big collection and I read to her every day. We also will show her only TV shows from before 2006, preferably from the 90s, before everything became so shit. No way will she ever watch Spiderman poops on Elsa or whatever kids are watching on Youtube nowadays.

No. 298373

File: 1667895585631.jpg (4.74 KB, 201x250, c6c98af9-7e6b-4595-a2d8-2ce79d…)

Thoughts on this orangutan as my daughter's primary childhood stuffed animal?

No. 298375

it's ok, maybe something more unique than from ikea

No. 298376

sweet, i like it

No. 298380

yes its an awesome idea i bring him with me everywhere, he was even my carry-on when i traveled by plane kek. his hands and feet have velcro in them so you can join them together or have him hang off of things like a real ape, so cute !

No. 298386

I can only think about this meme.

No. 298402

I love monkeys and orangutans so so much. Did you know there’s a book that compatible with the plush too?

No. 298452

anti-choice fags are so retarded. just a quick google search tells anyone who bothered to look it up that no, new york does not allow abortion up to 40 weeks. late term abortions in america are only for healthy emergencies. shut up.

No. 298460

I'm not anti choice. I'm anti late-term abortion. There is a reason the entire developed world limits abortions to 12-14 weeks. Americans are fucking disgusting aborting almost entirely developed babies ON REQUEST. Not for medical emergencies.

No. 298560

I'd allow her on maybe CC, or LC if it was only the off topic boards. But introducing your daughter to imageboards, especially LC, seems like a way to destroy her self esteem

No. 298659

but we don’t. show a state within the US that allows abortion on request in the third trimester. where the fuck are you getting this bullshit from?

No. 298722

honestly I wouldnt, because most plushies are made of polyester, both the filling and the outside. This is basically plastic and considering your baby will be chewing and breathing in the fibers, I think its important to find one made of natural materials. There are some brands that make them for example out of wool. The research is worth it! I'm gonna link some toys that are plasticfree. Most microplastics get released from fibers and are known to disrupt the hormonal system.




No. 298789

What are some shows you like watching with your kids? I love watching 90s Moomin with my son, he likes it too.

No. 298797

My husband had a bunch of old plushies he/his mom saved for when he has kids. He wants to share them with the baby we have on the way. I've already established that the one stuffed with peanut shells that can't be allowed get wet will have to be decorative. Should any polyester toys be reserved for older children that have grown out of mouthing things?

No. 298809

>childhood toy stuffed with peanut shells
Nonnie which world war did he grow up during?

No. 298841

KEK her husband remembers the great depression

No. 312039

Nigel and I have been rewatching media we enjoy and deciding on if we'd show this to our children and at what point in time we think they'd really soak this in and when it would be appropriate, like games with gore in them. It's so nice to have someone to be on the same page with. I thought I thought about what I'd show my future children was excessive but I'm happy that's how a lot of us are when enjoying things, with children in mind.
I'm going to show my children my favorite bands, like my parents did to me. I grew up LOVING Depeche Mode because my parents bonded over their music. Nigel and I pretty much did the same the other weekend, singing the lyrics while out shopping and listening to songs on repeat in the car.
I have an abundance of stuffed animals, pretty rare ones as well, that I am glad to share with my children. Like, all the stuff I own, especially the stuff intended for children, I don't want to gatekeep them from my children. Partially because I didn't get to have much of a childhood and want to ensure my child is able to enjoy actual toys and neat gadgets meant for play.
I think I have baby fever pretty intense right now. I have list of movies, games, toys, clothes, and books I want to have in our household for when the time comes and we're ready to be parents.
I want my child to know about Digimon. I want to show them how to draw. I want to show them awesome and simple recipes they could learn to do themselves. I want to go out to trails with them to see nature.
Nigel's only worry is that our child grows up to become a "Twitter leftist" lmao but I assured him it usually comes from neglect from parents who likely had a child by accident, which we will not be doing. I also hope our cats don't get jealous when baby comes.

No. 312481

>Nigel's only worry is that our child grows up to become a "Twitter leftist"
what an online thing to say. Your Nigel needs to interact with more real people because twitter leftist are rare in real life

No. 312487

How not to become evangelical wackjobs or conservative trash

No. 312515

I know this was a while ago, but just the 80s. His mom also buys vintage lead paint toys on eBay for my nephew, despite modern versions being available made from nontoxic wood for less money. Fortunately, he is fine with stuffing these items in a box or on a high shelf instead of using them.

No. 312784

They're pretty rare, but he's ended up with a few they/them coworkers who look like the stereotypical Aiden. We live in a large city, so the type is more concentrated in the field of work he does. I also have a sister who's a Twitter leftist so it's a little too familiar for me as well.
However, this is something he's only mentioned twice in passing when we nerded out over the games we're into.

No. 312823

Wife is expecting a daughter, sorry for king sperg

I’d like to get my daughter a lot of dolls, to grow her imagination. I have so many fond memories of playing dolls with my mom, and coming up with stories together.

But ofc, if she doesn’t want dolls or feminine things, nothing wrong with buying her boy things. I’m gnc and enjoyed boys stuff a lot as a kid too. I’d teach her that it’s okay to like masculine things as a girl, and it doesn’t change anything about her identity.

I’ll warn her about the dangers of men, in age appropriate increments. Probably 0-4 it’ll just be stuff like “stranger danger” and once she’s old enough to comprehend deeper issues, I’ll teach her about those with honesty. I won’t lie to her, but I also won’t ruin her childhood with brutal description.

I’m torn on internet, because I had restricted internet as a tween and it socially stunted me and made me a target of bullying because I didn’t understand anything. I won’t treat phones and tablets like sacred treasures, because that’s how kids get addicted, they see the electronics as a forbidden fruit and cling to it for dear life. It’ll just be a regular part of her life, as regular as TV. But with obvious parental controls until she’s mature enough to understand the internet and social medias impact.

I’ll likely have uncomfortable conversations at some points, and I hope she will be trusting enough to come to me for said difficult topics. I want her to feel safe confiding in me. I don’t want her to do something bad and think “my moms gonna kill me,” I want to be someone she can turn to for help. I’ll be honest, even when it’s easier to shelter her and lie.

No. 312847

I played old strawberry shortcake and care bear VHS for my daughter today and it was so nostalgic. I miss old kids films. Also old barbie movies roasted the shit out of each other

No. 319439

a lot of that stuff has lead unfortunately. I also wanted to do this
My daughter loves this too!

No. 319568

My son just turned 3. He talks so clearly, and I taught him how to be polite. I think I hit the jackpot and had a really chill kid, he doesn't throw tantrums and he is happy all the time.
But sometimes I tell him to do something and he runs away and laughs and thinks I'm joking and he'll be like " mommy I am the alligator" like ok? Pick up your mess please. Hes adorable but sometimes i feel my patience thinning. Anyone else go through something like this with their toddler?

No. 319582

I was just gonna write some books or use my data science skills to produce statistics for the future generations like Dworkin’s continued influence on women around the world. You can’t guarantee that your daughter won’t defy you and become a pickme.

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