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File: 1670137869550.jpg (53.07 KB, 600x900, iEtWuoXKx4ZKbIWwJp1V76Heavy.jp…)

No. 302224

Just as the subject states

Post and discuss women you find hot who would possibly be considered unconventionally attractive.

Picrel is my example I think Bonnie Aarons is stunning and so attractive

No. 302225

I couldn't find a similar thread so if one does exist I'm sorry it's buried

No. 302226

File: 1670138213503.jpeg (4.02 MB, 2592x3872, 26B6CC81-BF85-4556-A90E-D87053…)

i love and adore big noses so much

No. 302227

Just a heads up that there is a search function and catalogue available.

No. 302228

I'm aware and I must have missed it, I thought I looked well enough but I didn't see it. Too late to delete my bad

No. 302229

oh well not like there aren't 300 male related threads

No. 302233

that thread is shit anyway, most women posted were conventionally attractive with maybe one unique feature.

No. 302320

Based nonna. I have always found her supremely cute, plus her lisp really works for her.

No. 302326

File: 1670190229358.jpeg (199.69 KB, 1920x1080, gwcSl5K.jpeg)

Herd that the actress for the new Wednesday adams show listed her as an influence, and one of her songs was used in stranger things, so currently I wonder if she's gonna go viral soon. Given her past ties to neonazism IDK how well she'd go over with the modern crowd though lol.

No. 302329

What song of hers was used

No. 302333

File: 1670191715368.jpg (175.63 KB, 736x1025, 031522afc7c53871829dc92cb06f7a…)

No. 302338

Neonazism? Explain please

No. 302358

How is this pin up unconventional

No. 302361

File: 1670200421088.jpeg (29.25 KB, 487x630, DD55CE7F-EC03-4582-9404-85A396…)

Is this Eartha Kitt?

I was thinking the same thing, but if it is Eartha she had very unique features and was always deemed as ‘unconventially pretty’

No. 302368

I wouldn't consider eartha kitt unconventional she's a bombshell.

No. 302369

File: 1670201126508.jpg (171.89 KB, 540x807, 66953ae7b64806caa1e138ba011e08…)

No. 302385

File: 1670207010748.jpg (95.48 KB, 676x1200, dfsg.jpg)


No. 302386

Eartha Kitt has the same type of face as Jackie Kennedy, but imo she's a more gorgeous and has that enticing star factor.

No. 302409

kate berlant! shes gorgeous and brilliant i’ve been following her work for a few years now glad shes getting the attention she deserves

No. 302529

She used to wear nazi memorabilia to be edgy.

No. 302534

The way those " unconventionally attractive women " look much better than the average looking moid

No. 302535

When you see men troon out you realize how hideous and monstrous ogres moids really are. Like for 99.9% of them, there is nothing remotely beautiful or aesthetic about them. Even the most butch, masculine looking woman is 10000x more beautiful and aesthetic than the prettiest man.

No. 302547

A lot of punks did this, it was definitely in poor taste

No. 302590

File: 1670322354076.png (318.46 KB, 809x458, Capture_.PNG)

In-universe she's meant to be ugly and the art-style makes everyone look pretty, but are there any IRL women who look like this?

No. 302597

well that does look ugly

No. 302745

Yeah, yo mama

No. 302936

File: 1670463718222.png (54.33 KB, 320x180, episode-image-320x180.png)

I'm only a tiny bit embarrassed to admit that Dobby from Peepshow is honestly like my perfect woman. Something about the way she's styled here in particular drives me fucking insane kek.

No. 302937

Samefag sorry for the shit quality I can't find any higher quality versions sadface.

No. 302942

File: 1670464841212.jpg (114.25 KB, 1070x913, Screenshot_20221207-195737_You…)

I want her.

No. 302953

I look like this but with longer hair

No. 302961

Nonnie…will you marry me?

No. 303452

File: 1670737175975.jpeg (985.03 KB, 1762x2218, CDC41A03-A405-4E20-8742-404B75…)

I can fix her

No. 303454

File: 1670737835700.jpg (56.78 KB, 896x500, ezgif-3-6e0d38239b.jpg)

Most of my celebrity crushes are totally conventional of the tall pale girl (Taylor Swift/Deborah Ann Woll/Yuju from GFriend), jock chick (young Michelle Rodriguez/Alex Morgan), and cute geek buddy (Jenny Nicholson/Aubrey Plaza) "types."

Amy Schumer oddly pushes some buttons though. I don't even find her funny at all, it's just "somewhat confident chubby woman" that does it for me.

No. 303456

There aren't any confident chubby women more likeable or attractive than Amy Schumer?

No. 303457

In Hollywood? Probably not.

No. 303463

File: 1670744622012.jpeg (55.03 KB, 352x352, BD30514D-DA4C-41CD-B81F-D99865…)

together we can

No. 303465

File: 1670745709015.jpg (69.12 KB, 990x733, barbie-2.jpg)

>it's just "somewhat confident chubby woman" that does it for me.

No. 303480

Same. Amy reminds me of this hot German milf chiropractor I had who was strong as fuck. One of the most attractive aspects about her is that she doesn't cater to moids (at least not as much as the average celebrity) but also doesn't look like she sacrifices children to Satan like Lena Dunham does. It's refreshing to see a woman in Hollywood that actually looks like she eats and doesn't have implants, lip injections and fake everything else

No. 303481

Confident? I have to laugh.

No. 303484

radioactive vampire demon from outer space aesthetics, keep the sarcophagus on

No. 303624

File: 1670812390937.jpg (66.9 KB, 564x700, 96b7f75ab1c479c8766ef2a7596fa2…)

I swear to god, for some reason when it comes to women i am a total chubby chaser.

No. 303634

I'll help you out of the rain. No no, you don't need to fix your top, it's okay.

No. 303646

Did she get implants? Where were those tits in euphoria? I remember thinking how unfortunate she was to be chubby with no boobs

No. 303654

File: 1670835742907.jpg (136.35 KB, 644x1015, 292df4ad2ec69fe64b597bb834df47…)

Ayrt I worry they think I wouldn't be attracted to them because I'm a bit of a lesbian gymbro. I don't know how I ended up as a chubby chaser either. I like slim and muscular women too, but chubby women are special.

No. 303911

File: 1670972592015.png (891.75 KB, 542x709, Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 19-57…)

Whenever I remember she exists, I think she's the perfect woman. Happy her gf is also cute and they look beautiful and happy together.

No. 303915

File: 1670972912874.jpg (283.68 KB, 1152x2048, EQcjM8tXsAAS97x.jpg)

they're so cute ! i didn't know she was into women, it gives hope to find a cute gf like her !

No. 304007

Im built just like her wow, someone marry me already plz. Im losing weight but i hope i never lose my curves. Thanks for the confidence boost, ill be here waiting for a nonna to love me kek

No. 310040

File: 1674490139629.jpg (520.49 KB, 540x764, Tumblr_l_17410881355123.jpg)

I said P!nk was my first big lesbian crush at a bar once and I was laughed at, so I'll post her here. I can't help it, she's so hot.

No. 310041

File: 1674490182231.jpg (52.84 KB, 576x697, Tumblr_l_17417085138080.jpg)

No. 310049

Lowkey hope I meet someone like either of you one day, I'm confident and take care of myself, work out, etc., but I struggle with losing weight due to genetics, so I'm trying to own being chubby. I like most body types, but prefer and feel more comfortable going for ones similar to mine, but I wouldn't say no if someone fit was legit into me, lmao.

No. 310053

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being chubby (and I prefer chubby women too) but there's nothing in your genetics that stops you from losing weight. Thyroid problems can make it somewhat harder but your body can't break the laws of thermodynamics, if you consume less energy than you spend you will lose weight no matter what.

No. 310063

spellbound iirc

No. 310077

pink was one of my first crushes too, her attitude is so sexy

No. 310134

File: 1674556585335.jpeg (84.27 KB, 535x568, E98FB04F-6FA1-4595-9ED5-156ED8…)

She was really cute in her tumblr era.

No. 310496

She has incredibly beautiful lips.

No. 310567

File: 1674926844927.jpeg (30.08 KB, 449x627, 5faa7892df0f5.jpeg)

young Patti Smith. one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen

No. 310568

File: 1674926898065.jpg (137.1 KB, 1536x1526, AR00185_10.jpg)

No. 310569

File: 1674927024354.jpeg (93.38 KB, 1080x1076, aHR0cDovL2ltYWdlLmloZWFydC5jb2…)

No. 328969

you're so real for this anon

No. 329210

how do you not know who siouxsie sioux is? I'm not even trying to be rude, but she predates that show and is an icon in her own right. she isn't even obscure, she was probably the most famous new wave band in the 80s lol.

she isn't a neonazi or have "ties" with it. there's one photo of her from the 70s where she was wearing a shirt with a swastika on it. she was wearing it to mock and make fun of skinheads who were invading the punk scene of the 70s and 80s with an ideology of hatred, which continued even into the 90s. it's hard to pick up on nuance on these things, because, you first have to realize context, motive and the history of punk music as a whole. we see a shocking symbol and assume the worst. but for the nonnas that don't know, she was wearing it to make fun of real neo-nazis because they were cringe af, apart from being horrible of course.

No. 329213

Me too. Some of the plump women I used to see in fatspo threads (when I used to browse EDtwt for fun and milk) were so cute.

No. 329298

She's conventional too

No. 329800

File: 1684647344036.jpeg (75.34 KB, 1536x864, 9EBE6B66-8BED-4268-9A8E-B8198D…)

Idk if she counts as unconventional but would. Weirdly enough I’m not even that terfy compared to most posters on here and her videos bore me but she was so fine

No. 329801

saw Magdalyn on home page and immediately had to click! I love her and you are powerful for seeing her beauty. May she rest in power

No. 329914

File: 1684697609826.jpg (356.24 KB, 1464x2048, licensed-image.jpg)

Betsy Sodardo
1/4 her voice 1/4 her charisma 1/4 her eyebrows 1/4 her figure (cute chub)
Love her to bits I wanna kiss her on the lips as the famous db would say

No. 335138

File: 1686637131618.jpg (74.16 KB, 564x702, 26d170d212c9e068883fb22b4477a7…)

Kelly Mccormack

No. 335325

File: 1686711490964.png (103.49 KB, 534x496, Imogen_Heap.png)

No. 336575

File: 1687214565094.jpeg (23.17 KB, 602x338, IMG_4320.jpeg)

I’d love a girlfriend like her minus the homicidal part

No. 336577

Anon we must be connected via brain link, I had downloaded some pics of her when the incident first occured, one with her smoking while on the phone and she looked so damn cool outside of the stunt she pulled. Not like the moid died but… anyways… just thought it was so coincidental how I check LC and she's on the front page

No. 336578

samefag but she is also not "homicidal" she was sending a message

No. 336579

File: 1687214979009.jpg (51 KB, 500x750, jeI7QjZlhaq3oxwkkI08TDgwmK0.jp…)

Diamanda Galás

No. 336583

File: 1687215927990.jpeg (55.79 KB, 593x614, IMG_4330.jpeg)

We must be. You wouldn’t happen to have the same type as me kek?

No. 336634

Wasn’t she a cosplayer too? I remember looking at her insta and thinking she looked so cute sorry nonnas

No. 343859

File: 1691541446480.png (3.12 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3820.png)

I’m not normally into her type of fashion but this look is hot. It’s doing something to me…

No. 344301

She was so fucking attractive, not the type I usually go for but her dry sarcasm and nonchalant unkemptness was doing it for me.

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