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ok to preface looking back on all this I kinda feel dumb but never mind that. I went out with this guy (let's call him Jayden) for like three months, to begin with, he was nice and we were both smitten at first. I started noticing little things at first, like how he would hide things from me and lie about stupid insignificant things.

Jayden went on a trip to Melbourne to visit some family over there. when he got back I decided it was time to end things. so I did. while I was in this relationship we never did more than some kissing and quite light-hearted stuff (this will come into play later). At the beginning of the year, he befriended a girl (let's call her Sophie). Sophie was all over him and the two were always talking to each other even when we were together. now I'm not the jealous type, but don't get me wrong I do get annoyed when it's just me and him and he's glued to his phone ignoring me to talk to her. he promised me that there was nothing going on with them, at the time I trusted him, but now I'm not so sure.

anyway like a week after week after the breakup Jayden's with another girl (let's call her Hannah) and his excuse I got when we got back together for the 2nd time was that she was going back to Queensland so they 'had to' date because otherwise, they would never get to. While they were together he would constantly send me drunken and sober voicemails saying he didn't like her and that he loved me and that he hates himself for want he did)He then complains that she was using him and stuff like that. I have no sympathy for this boy. Anyway, I went back to him after all this spite all the red flags this is really when things start to go downhill. As soon as we get back together it's as if everything has gone full circle we got back together when he was in Melbourne again (he goes back and forth often) and when he got back things felt normal again.

As I said above Jayden did not want anything remotely sexual at the beginning of the relationship when we first went out. We were both fine with this rule. Don't get me wrong I'm not fridged but I was just trying to respect his boundaries. Suddenly all he wanted was sex which was really out of character. It was also making me think, if you think about it I doubt he just rolled over one morning and said yes I feel like going all the way today when he has only wanted that on VERY few occasions. This means he prob got this drive from someone and I know it wasn't Hannah as it would have been headline news if anything had actually happened between them. Sophie on the other hand is known to be wild, to say the least. she's very open about her sex life and like everyone to know about the threesomes and stuff she's been in lately.

In conclusion, I decided that they had probably done something together probably while he and Hannah were together and possibly before when we were together and maybe even now. It makes my skin crawl at the thought that that's who he was doing all that with when I thought we were in a committed healthy relationship.


this is actually going to sound insane but here we go in. One of my now Ex Jayden's few personality traits is that he's Croatian. now the family that I willingly got involved with was far from what I thought. His grandmother seems to know everyone in the city. I and Jayden both attended the same private school and somehow through the grapevine which is the Croatian club she heard that I was a cheater.

Now this statement was proved wrong by myself in front of most of his family at a gathering but to get to that point he had done nothing. Jayden had been listening to his family slander me for weeks and did not defend me once and stayed silent to spite knowing that it was all a bunch of lies.

over the whole family thing mixed with the fact that I was shown by a close friend that he was indeed cheating on me with Sophie. Which I had refused to believe but now there was proof there was no denying it. so I broke things off with him for good.

Istg this man can't stay single either it has only been less than a fortnight and he already has a new girlfriend (let's called her lily).

I'm hesitant to do anything so I've blocked him on most platforms I'm scared that I'm going to end up with him again in this toxic cycle.

I've probably left a lot out but this will have to suffice for now please leave advice I don't know what to do!!(shit thread )

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you're gonna get banned

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He sounds like a nice guy. I think you should give him what he wants and have sexx with him

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Go do your homework, Alice

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You have to be over 18 to post here Alice, not 16.

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