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No. 306227

Any talk relating to swim clubs, swimming, pools, etc.

>Would you consider yourself to be an avid swimmer? What is your experience level?

>What has your experience been like in relation to swimming?
>What does your swim routine look like?
>How do you discipline yourself to stay consistent and stick to a swim routine?
>What are your favorite and least favorite strokes, styles and/or techniques?
>Has it been easy to get comfortable and make friends?
>What are some challenges you face in your swim life?
>Have you or others that you know faced misogyny/sexism during your swim journey?
>Any advice for new swimmers?

No. 306230

If there is a thread like this feel free to let me know and I'll delete as I haven't found one after searching through the lists! I've just wanted to reach out to any nonnies passionate about swimming as I feel a little isolated at my club and overwhelmed by all the men. I believe this is the appropriate thread to post this in as I wanted to begin a discussion particularly about being a woman in the swimming industry.

No. 306960

I taught swimming in a few places on and off for the last 5 years as a side gig to whatever I was doing at the time. Thinking about picking it up again as it's good money.

No. 307463

File: 1673472789196.gif (981.14 KB, 500x207, harugif.gif)

I miss swimming so much, when I was in the water it was the only time I had peace and calmness. I used to be a member of a gym that has a pool, sauna and steam room but I had to cancel my membership for being unemployed plus they bumped up the price. It was a nice small pool that was empty and quiet most of the time and the older people in the sauna would chat to me about life. The only issue was that the changing rooms were kinda gross and the gym was outdated. I also used to swim competitively when I was younger but had to quit to focus on studying.

I am honestly hoping to sign back up to a gym again with a pool since now I have a job but I'm not sure if I would have time to. My favourite stroke is freestyle, I hate doing backstrokes.

No. 307465

File: 1673473121618.gif (3.97 MB, 480x270, 86f6bc177276cf457ec237b31c1f13…)

Thought I might aswell ask here but has anyone gotten into mermaiding?

I recently discovered about it last year and I have been so keen to learn more about it. I want to get a tail but they are so expensive.

No. 307473

I've been learning to swim for just over a year, I've gone into deep water (1.7 meters+) occasionally but I still get freaked out.

I want to get to the level where I can swim full lengths in a public pool with ease - any tips or advice?

No. 307598

I love swimming outdoors so much, I feel so calm and free when I do. I think it's one of the things that makes me happiest in life, so much so that my dream is to have a pool in my garden one day. Shame i'm a poorfag and britbonger, otherwise i'd have one now.

No. 307619

I've always loved the water, my family would call me fishie because I loved the ocean and pools so much. I was shit at swimming though because my dad taught me the basics but I didn't go to swimming lessons or anything. I took it up last year at the university pool and I watched a bunch of swimming videos to correct my technique. I usually swim 1km for a standard workout and alternate between breast stroke, backstroke and freestyle with some breaks in between to catch my breath. I can easily do 1km freestyle though if I get into a rhythm. Still trying to learn butterfly, my dolphin kick is okay on its own but when I put it together with the arm movement its like I forget how to do it completely lol. My biggest challenge was learning a breathing rhythm with freestyle, but now its my favourite stroke. I really want to be a distance swimmer because I could swim at a relaxed pace forever, its so fun and it feels like I'm transported to another world.

I want to do open water swimming but the ocean water is pretty cold where I live (anything between 12-18 degrees) and I hyperventilate when I put my face in the water. Does anyone else experience that? Its like I can't breathe out for longer than a second before I need to gasp for air. Its not an issue I have in a heated pool and I'm not sure how to fix it. I want to join an open water swimming group, but why the fuck do memberships cost so much? Its so much more than access to a chlorinated pool that actually has to be maintained lol.

No. 307632

My biggest regret is that I wasn’t raised somewhere warm and sunny, near the sea. My entire life I wanted to swim, surf, paddle etc but my house is thousands of miles from the nearest beach and it’s cold here too. I genuinely get depressed over it at times.

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