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File: 1676309179266.jpeg (42.95 KB, 596x447, 43E1FC92-027B-42EC-8D32-DCFA9A…)

No. 312659

Every time i see a photo of myself i realize how MESSY i look. I don’t care about clean girl aesthetic per se, but it’s like my clothes always fit weird, my toenail polish and nails always chip, my makeup always looks smeared whenever I try. Nonas, is it possible to be lowkey depressed and still look clean? Does anyone have any tips

No. 312661

>take care of your hair
>shower daily
>soap and deodorant
>moisturize dry ass skin
>use chapstick
>wear perfume
>iron your clothes
>stand up as straight as possible
>make sure your clothes aren't full of holes or don't have obvious missing pieces
>wash your clothes
>wash your shoes
>wear sunscreen
>keep nails clean and as symmetrical as possible
>maybe wear a coat of transparent nail polish
It's basically that.

No. 312662

Don't wear nail polish. Clean bare nails always look better than chipped painted ones. Long nails in general are also terrible for harbouring bacteria especially if you have acrylics.
Style your hair in ways that keep it out of your face like a ponytail or braid - french braid is a really good one that is comfortable and keeps hair out of the way. Shower every day, clean your face every day and maybe carry some tissues around to blot oils from your skin.
Also, maybe I'm biased but I think a clean bare face always looks more "put together" than any sort of makeup look, even if you have acne or textured skin I still think it looks less tacky and greasy than most makeup. I always associate makeup with clogged pores, smudges and foundation marks. I just don't think it's hygienic in general when you can look good with just some tinted lip balm and cleaning your face. Also remember to brush or comb your hair, if you have naturally oily hair like I do then you really do have to keep up a frequent washing routine no matter how much people will tell you just to not wash your hair for 2 weeks (it's bs if you are naturally prone to greasy hair and will just make you itchy).
Also a really small one but invest in some minty shower gel and also carry some gum/mints around with you. I feel 10x better when I smell clean and know my breath isn't stank.

No. 312663

I’ve realized that there are some girls who always look polished and put together quite effortlessly and then there are other girls like myself who will always look a little bit messy no matter how much we take care of ourselves

can’t do anything about it except learn your kibbe and makeup and clothes that suit you

not everyone can do the polished clean girl look

No. 312664

This is super bad advice. Nerd ponytail, bad skin and short as fuck nails make women look frumpy and practical rather than put together.

No. 312668

File: 1676317227809.jpg (14.16 KB, 320x480, braided hairstyles 15.jpg)

Agree. That advice will only work on women who are already gorgeous, with good skin and long fingers…

But on point: learn how to make your hair look great in a seemingly effortless way. Picrel difference between a regular ponytail and a chic one; also of a sexy braid, assuming this is what the above poster had in mind

No. 312669

File: 1676317272196.jpg (101.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Sorry, forgot pic, here it is, notice the difference!

No. 312670

File: 1676317582513.jpg (91.67 KB, 855x938, 5-shaggy-beach-waves-for-layer…)

Also learn to curl hair in a natural way, I've specifically chosen a picture of an Asian girl, in case of anons saying their hair is too straight (Asians have naturally straighter hair, no offence meant!)

No. 312679

Not OP but my face always looks dirty and sickly no matter how many times I clean it, idk what else to do. Someone once thought I was on drugs lol.

No. 312680

i have the same problem.
>very frizzy hair that has random curls and random straight bits + cowslick. brushing does nothing to make it look neat. clips just seem to fucking fall out of my hair. nothing "sticks".
>sensitive eyes - even the type of make up designed for sensitive eyes just waters onto my face within an hour
>dry lips - i can exfoliate and hydrate them but this only lasts a couple of hours and lipstick will dry them out faster. i've tried all kinds.
>short + weird stance/gait issues. i think my body just looks dumpy kek
>i feel very uncomfortable in tight or "fitted" clothes so always want to wear baggy things that intensify the frumpiness. probably just a shit taste in fashion too. I'm clueless.
>the worst dark circles/eye bags from lack of sleep

I gave up trying to look even a little bit glamorous a long time ago (it's not my thing anyway), but I just want to not look like a fucking mess all the time.

the only thing I do that helps is using an eyelash curler - makes my eyes look slightly less dead and found a nice pair of ankle boots that make my outfits look slightly more stylish.

No. 312683

Yeah, god forbid women look both clean and practical. Let's all just wear acrylics and slather our skin in foundation instead of just focusing on hygiene to actually look clean and presentable. Retard.

No. 312684

i decided to lean the other direction and start frumpmaxxing. 100% would recommend, not every woman is made for the clean girl shtick.

No. 312685

Practical for what? Manual labor? This isn’t the 1400s sweetie.

No. 312690

nta but you're wiping your ass with those nasty long nails, that's manual labour.

No. 312693

File: 1676325290135.jpeg (65.97 KB, 512x398, lynn.jpeg)

a guy once told me that i reminded him of Lynn from Alan Partridge and I've never forgotten that. he wasn't even saying it to be insulting (apparently) I just give off that frumpvibe, what can I say…

No. 312694

File: 1676325582093.jpeg (133.41 KB, 600x903, morikei.jpeg)

good for you nonnie. i think frumpy girls are cute, but i hate being frumpy myself. why is that?

also i always thought the mori kei aesthetic would be a form of frumpmaxxing, although it still requires some attempt at styling.

No. 312698

hell yeah i love mori kei! i guess some people look more harmonious with a refined style but for others like me it doesnt do much. theres this youtuber, 'style thoughts by rita', (who i dont really like because her vibe is all kinds of off, but i cant put my finger on why) and she made lots of very interesting videos about this concept.

No. 312711

Kek I feel this so hard nonna, literally every single one of these. I'm too broke to mess around and buy products/clothes for them to not work/look good on me, I want to look nice so bad. The only thing going for me is my nails, but even then, one nail breaks, the rest look too nice so I just end up odd looking
I don't think mori kei is frumpmaxxing, it's just very layered/cluttered in a presentable/put together way, those girls look very cute and approachable compared to >>312693 so sorry anon you got compared to Lynn kek

No. 312712

File: 1676338891506.png (498.82 KB, 798x782, oriental-shorthair3.png)

I'm just so sloppy. My glasses are always smudged and my hair is frizzy. I'm also overweight 26 BMI and I just look fat and silly. I can't help slouching, even when I was scrawny I did it, I think it's cause I'm so tall. When are we gonna stop pretending that makeup is exhausting and Styling your hair in anything except for a hair clip is frustrating.? Just be clean I wish I saw more fellow sloppy women around.

No. 312713

Samefag and I think people can tell I wear cheap clothes I got from the clearance rack but oh well

No. 312715

>When are we gonna stop pretending that makeup is exhausting and Styling your hair in anything except for a hair clip is frustrating.?
it is for some hair types. mine is a permanently frizzy giant curly tumbleweed that takes several hours to stay down (and sometimes even comb). it's pretty much impossible to style and comb easily unless i flat iron it or shave it all off

No. 312717

i feel like this >>312663 as well
so i leaned into looking kind of "messy" as part of my look.
>>312661 this kind of stuff is basic hygiene and will help you look like the messy is intentional though
so dressing in ways like kinderwhore, boho, morikei, whimsigoth, grunge etcetc. all of these kind of styles you can kind of lean into being "messy" and not have perfect nails, hair etc all the time. I dress kind of whimsigoth so i like leaving my hair in my natural waves and wearing smudgy makeup.
if you want to look cleangirl or oldmoney etc tho. you have to be perfect all the time and its exhausting lol

No. 312721

File: 1676345039157.png (129.71 KB, 1500x636, nail_shapes2.png)

I'm basically the same, this is what i learned
>Don't being attention to your flank points.
Pick your battles carefully. You will never be flawless, but you can go unnoticed.
> Nothing beats clear skin.
Isn't always possible, but is worth trying. If you're broke stick with the basics. Some neutral soap, a nivea cream, maybe some aloe if you're puffy. Some girls say olive oil works great but i don't know.
> Find a cute short hair look that fits your face
it's easier to manage, the most low maintenance the better but it has to look good.
> Choose clothes that fit.
This is vital. Shoes too. Tailor your shit, nothing screams frumpy like clothes that doesnt fit you
> Nails can be short and just painted with clean nail polish, but they need to have an actual shape.
Picrel. If your nails are prone to yellowing french tips or some neutrals can't go wrong.

No. 312722

Same Here, I kinda like leaving my hair messy tho. As long as it's not that tangled and clean I don't see why it should offend anyone, can't believe I used to be embarrassed of it

No. 312735

I've also been frumpmaxxing over the past year or two. Shag haircut, no makeup, and a more androgynous version of mori sort of loose/earthy/layered/thrifted style. And I look better than ever! People compliment my fashion style. Perhaps it's the confidence, but some looks suit certain people and that's that. My personality is a bit rough, messy, and eccentric and it's nice to look the part.
Hygiene is always top of my list of course. I shower daily, wash my face 3 times a day, and wash my clothes after each wear. Everyone should keep good hygiene.

No. 312742

>soap, nive creme
If you want to give yourself clogged pores this is a great suggestion. Aloe doesn't depuff. Want a simple skincare routine? Get a gentle cleanser like Vanicream, a moisturizer your skin likes and a sunscreen. For acne or antiaging, get an active your skin tolerates (tret, bha, aha).
>short hair is more managable
Kek. This really depends on your texture and the style but I would argue against it in most cases. You have to get it cut more often, it gets greasy quicker, it requires styling products to keep in place. Bobs and pixies are the worst imo, you have to constantly keep the hair from flipping weirdly and a nap can ruin it. Shoulder length hair with some layers to frame the face is actually low maintenance.
>french tips
It's not 2005, just get a nude polish and a long lasting top coat. Keep your nails painted to prevent damage, splitting etc.
Have you tried the curly girl routine? If your hair is curly comb it in the shower with a wide tooth comb and leave in conditioner.

No. 312753

like someone said, there are some girls who just look frumpy no matter what and some girls who could wear a sack and still look glam. i don’t want to sound mean but it has a lot to do with weight and if someone’s face looks conventionally pretty. if your face is busted you will still look worse than a naturally pretty girl wearing the exact same clothes even if you’re well put together. genetics play a big factor in frump level.

No. 312757

Nta but you literally don't know what you're talking about. French tips have never gone out of style, and the ones now-a-days don't look like the ones in the 2000s.

No. 312760

No. 312761

>shag haircut
I love how these haircuts look. do you find it lower maintenance? what kind of hair type do you have?

No. 312763

Nta but you have really bad taste please don't give advice.

No. 312764

OP asked for advice about looking put together, not looking practical and lazy. The look you advised reminds me of a nerd in highschool rather than a normal woman. You're aping out probably because you look that way and think you're so much better than bimbos, aka women who actually style themselves the way they like.

No. 312766

>my clothes always fit weird
Had the same problem, now I just wear drapey t-shirts and high waisted leggings with some kind of skirt to cover my bum kek.
It's really comfy and looks better too (because the leggings just stick to your body, they don't create any new weird shape).

No. 312767

I disagree. Looking frumpy isn't the same as unattractive. A fat unconventional looking woman could look more put together than a skinny pretty woman, it's all about styling and I'm saying this as a skinny woman. Sure clothes fit me better because most brands cater to thin or average people but that doesn't mean overweight anons can't get their stuff tailored and look as good as any skinny girls outfit.

No. 312778

>put togther
nta but isn't that a bit of a contradiction? too much is too much, after all.

No. 312783

i always found leggins extremely uncomfortable precisely because they stick to the body kek

No. 312788

Nothing I recommended was about taste, except nude polish and a mid length cut. It was practical advice. Nude nails are never out of style and layers are practical and trendy - see the current obsession with 90s haircuts, the rachel, etc.

No. 312789

I looked real frumpy after my last breakup. Now I get loads of attention but I reject all of them and it's how I heal. Tips:
>Drink water, take Vitamin C, B12 and iron.
>Eat more fiber
>Buy hyaluronic acid cleanser, moisurize skin with a mixture of Argan oil and your regular moisturiser(use the one your skin likes the most)
>Use argan oil in hair, brush, let hair air dry in ponytails. Sleep on silk pillowcase.
>Don't wash body everyday, but moisturize everyday.
>Buy high quality extensions.
>Walk 10K steps everyday
>Stick to skirts and dresses until your body looks right (you have lost weight). It makes you feel less conscious.
>Buy an expensive (or expensive looking) staple item like a purse, coat, shoes that makes you feel like that bitch and wear that shit.

No. 312799

File: 1676402470332.jpg (48.69 KB, 500x700, 1614810789240.jpg)

tips for looking nice with less mental effort, specifically clothes edition:

>make sure you have a "core wardrobe" of basic clothes that go together and make you feel and look good. e.g. i'm a tall, masculine clotheshorse type so my core pieces are giant sweaters in neutrals and my favourite colour, a big blazer, some 70's-cut pants, and chunky platform loafers. the idea is to have a reserve of reliable, comfortable clothes you know will look good together even with minimal outfit-planning that can also serve as the basis for more 'fun' outfits when you feel up for it.

>go clothes shopping with either a trusted, female family member or friend who has an eye for style. the female part is important, because even if your male friend/bf/brother/whatever is in the 1% of nice men, they never really seem to get what clothes make women feel stylish AND comfortable. if you really want to know about male clothes, however, sometimes it is better to ask a guy or just browse a few male fashion blogs/comms/etc
>don't feel pressured to redo your entire wardrobe in a big dramatic transformation. you don't have to throw anything out unless it's torn/stained and you don't feel like fixing it, it doesn't fit you, or you never really feel like wearing it.
>there is no need to perform femininity if it feels contrary to your nature. similarly, there is no need to buy into the glossy, smoothed-down insta '''clean girl''' look that is in right now. i see girls dressed like that in real life and they always look like they're cold, uncomfortable, and wearing a weird costume.
>a nice fragrance can help you feel more 'put together'. fragrance bottles last a long time and cheaper scents usually smell pretty bad, so i would recommend springing for fashion house or good indie scents. scents are very personal and can smell completely different on people so i recommend sampling as many as you can.
>lastly, a good, clean pair of shoes always elevates an outfit. they don't have to be terribly expensive as long as they look taken care of and don't distract from your outfit (unless you want to emphasize your shoes). hot take: monstrously high heels are entirely unnecessary, even for dressy outfits. platforms >> heels for casual outfits.

included picrel as inspo for my fellow masculine and/or alt friends who also want to look nice

No. 312800

I meant that anon probably thinks women who style themselves and do makeup, haircare, nails etc., are bimbos. I worded it wrong.

No. 312802

If your clothes fit weird you need to dedicate some time to trying on different styles of your staple clothes. Try different sizes too, sometimes going a size up or down makes a world of difference. If you don't want to buy a bunch of clothes get some clothes tailored. Work out frequently, doesn't need to be intense. Have good posture. Drink water and eat vegetables. Learn to feel confident and comfortable with yourself, otherwise you'll never feel good no matter how you look. And wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident, not what matches a core or aesthetic.

No. 312807

And you're also interpreting a lot of stuff she didn't say into her post lol

No. 312826

File: 1676422225314.jpg (93.77 KB, 735x724, 52c2c28589466f790e41cdb72d9da0…)

Late, but I find it pretty low maintenance as far as long hair goes. Nothing beats super short hair in terms of daily convenience, but I just shampoo/condition, scrunch, let it air dry, and it comes out fluffy. My hair is 2a-2b wavy I'd say.
I chose it since it looks like an intentional messiness.

No. 312854

Some of you are not going to like to hear this but the key to looking put together starts with a well taken care of base. A healthy lifestyle isn't going to make all your problems go away but it will help with the things that make you feel frumpy and messy and can help with depression. A balanced diet, staying hydrated, and keeping active/regular exercise will go a long way. Find simple skincare, haircare, and nail care routines. Keep your complete self (and your things) washed sanitized. Always wear sunscreen and antiperspirant that actually work. In the beginning it'll take some effort to stick to all of it, especially if you implement everything at once, but if you really want it, these routines will turn into your everyday lifestyle pretty quickly. Another key is that less is more isn't necessarily true; it just has to look like you're not doing the most. Is it going to take time to find your body type and flattering clothes that you like that actually fit properly? Hell yes but once you get it right, your wardrobe will look more "effortless" and getting dressed will become easier. A full face of makeup does not work on everyone. If it's always smeared, keep it really simple and learn techniques that fit your features. Long nails, whether natural or not, also don't suit everyone. Find the length you feel comfortable with. If you don't want to polish them with colors, the basic nail care routine should have them looking well enough that a clear coat or sheer tone will look fine.

No. 312855

thanks for the reply. love that style in the photo!
>intentional messiness
yessss this is what i need

No. 312864

Anon did you go on a date in the last two days? A male friend of mine went on a date with a girl who had no makeup on her bad skin and had her oily hair in a ponytail. The girl fit your description 10/10.

No. 312873

I doubt you have friends anon

No. 312877

Nta but how did you come to that conclusion?

No. 312892

I hate the thread pic, it looks like a corpse and everytime I see it in the catalog I fear we're getting raided.

No. 312907

1) not everyone has money to throw away in pricey skincare products. "Just find something your skin likes!!" Usually means a sensible chunk of money that not everyone has. especially if you have no idea about your skin. You should go to cheaper to expensive, it's less painfull to trown away a nivea tin than a expensive serum, if you're just trying to figure things out. Most of "skin problems" (sans acne, acne in adulthood usually means an hormonal disorder) are actually pretty simple lifestyle related problems, and you don't need a lot to fix them. Getting your skin addicted to a shitton of chemicals right of the bat is a horrible idea, and there is no harm to find cheaper or natural alternatives frist.
2) You can have short layered hair, fyi.
3) I did mention neutrals in my post but fuck you, french tips would be always cute and there is a lot of ways to do it. Cope & sethee.

No. 312910

No, I would rather kill myself than ever go on another date with a male - they're not exactly the pillar of cleanliness. Good for her for going no-makeup, though.

No. 312920

1) No one said anything about buying expensive skincare. K beauty and j beauty is cheap, western drugstore brands have gotten better in the last few years too just look at The Ordinary for example. Trial and error is a part of life, take advantage of samples, research the web before buying anything and use forums like reddit to find real opinions. Of course it's fucking dumb to blindly buy a $100 serum but that's why you read reviews beforehand. Your skin is skin, it's an organ and it can't get "addicted". Some people are fine with water and vaseline and some either aren't that lucky or want their skin to look, feel and be the best it possibly can. A simple routine of 4 products won't break the bank, and it won't ruin your skin. Your Nivea creme is full of chemicals too, everything around you is a chemical. Natural doesn't mean better.
2) You can, and I did and it required more styling and care than longer hair.
3) Whatever grandma. I have nothing against french tips but trendy they are not. Unless you count the bimbo y2k crowd.

No. 314218

File: 1677272032500.jpeg (113.33 KB, 1200x1199, tousled-layers-on-wavy-wolf-ha…)

update: i got a shag cut (or "wolf cut") and love it. I have thick wavy frizzy hair and it just seems to suit this style. creates waaaaay neater looking waves, almost like i blow dried my hair without doing anything to it. got side bangs though instead of the blunt kind, so it's giving some 70's vibes - which I don't hate. sort of like the lady in picrel.

anyway, i recommend this to my fellow wavy-haired frizzheads

No. 314237

Did you get it done at a salon?

No. 314239

Nonas I need some life and aesthetic advice.
I’m mixed race (half mena half white) and I have no idea what aesthetic to follow.

Truthfully I love the traditional aesthetic of my ethnic sides culture, but I feel like when I try to express it and wear ethnic clothing I get judged by those people for not being ‘authentic’ enough (I’m not fluent in my ethnic sides language and I have only visited my mena parents country once) and I get a lot of passive aggressive or patronizing/negative reactions and made to feel I’m ‘too exotic/foreign’ for white peoples acceptance when I embrace my non white side. I also used to lurk 4chan a lot and saw how much racism and hatred people had towards people like me, calling us mutts, sh*tskins etc and truthfully it really hurt me and made me extremely paranoid.

For a while last year, I started wearing contact lenses and lightening my hair and wearing super normie western clothing to pass as more white because I felt like it was the only way to get people to be nicer and more accepting to me (and the sad thing was, it actually worked and people began treating me better because they thought I was fully white, but truthfully I hated it and it gave me an identity crisis because I felt like I was betraying myself). Now that I embraced my natural hair and eye color and started incorporating parts of my ethnic side into my outfits once again and don’t try to whitewash myself, I feel like again, people are generally a bit ruder to me and less accepting. I assume it’s because I live in France and truthfully people here are very racist. Maybe it would be different somewhere else.

I love cleangirl style but I feel like it’s so not me. If I could I would wear my ethnic cultures clothing everyday but I know people would treat me like shit so I darent. Does anyone know a style that suits a more racially ambiguous person? I don’t want to become a Kim K type, I honestly hate that aesthetic and every single brown girl nowadays seems to copy it to the point it’s a negative stereotype about us now.

No. 314257

Oh my god PLEASE just get a personality instead of shopping for one on Tiktok. Wear the clothes you feel comfortable in. If you don't know what you feel comfortable in, go try on a lot of clothes. Honestly, if you're looking for a new style that isn't retarded, avoid anything Tiktok popular like the plague. Don't make your style your personality either, it's just fucking clothes. If you're so insecure in yourself that you need other people's permission to exist, maybe get off the internet and go talk to someone who doesn't demand a DNA test and birth certificate to prove you're mixed.

No. 314273

I'm mixed too. Wear whatever you like and anyone who has something to say about it can go to hell. If you don't know what you like then wear whatever is comfortable that doesn't have clashing colors/patterns. People have always tried to assume my race and sometimes treat me differently based on it but I don't really care anymore. Sometimes in life people perceive you incorrectly but it's fine because it really doesn't matter and theyre just another random person, trying to control how people perceive you is unnecessarily stressful

No. 314285

I'd only normify myself if it affected my job prospects and financial well being. No other reason is worth it.

No. 314292

Why do people overcomplicate this? Maybe the women I know are just ugly old hags but it's never been my experience that makeup/nails/skincare is any sort of mandatory baseline. Keep yourself and your clothes well-washed, and don't bother with anything that a (presentable) moid wouldn't.

No. 314297

I'm a fellow mena girl who passes as white and I still get called a terrorist, shitskin, monkey, etc. by more brown looking Europeans than me whenever I mention my ethnicity, kek. Just ignore them, you have a great culture and carry a unique type of beauty and allure none of them ever will be able to possess. I think you can try experimenting with different makeup and hairstyles to figure out which one suits you more, your features and body, etc. matter more than your ethnicity when it comes to these things. For example regardless of ethnicity someone with a sharper jawline could look great with a ponytail while a more delicate face could look better with most of your hair down. Same goes for makeup, sharper features tend to look great with heavier makeup while smaller features don't do as well with the same type.
It's great that you've been embracing your own features though, I've also gotten a lot of people advice me to dye my hair lighter or compliment me because "I don't look middle eastern " which really sucks.

No. 314303

I DIY'd it because i'm poor, impatient and never happy with salon cuts anyway. I did something like video related except I made 3 sections and just left the bottom one long, as I didn't want to lose any length. It's always risky doing it yourself but if you wanna try, use the right kind of scissors for hair cutting and start with cutting tiny amounts, in case it goes wrong. Also make sure to do it on wet hair. I just air dryed it except for the fringe.

No. 314368

File: 1677398153998.jpg (397.35 KB, 3574x983, nayls.jpg)

Moisturize your nails and cuticles moisturize your nails and cuticles moisturize your nails and cuticles!! They don't even have to be long nails or anything but oush your cuticles back, cut the dead skin, and moisturize. I use Hard as Hoof. Essie nail polish in Ballet Slippers is almost undetectable with 2 coats, and makes the nails look very healthy and more clean-looking.

No. 314369

File: 1677398175059.jpg (13.81 KB, 530x530, essie-nail-polish-ballet-slipp…)

Essie Ballet Slipper

No. 314374

Don't overdo nail hardeners, your nails are supposed to be bendy! If they grow out with that shit on they'll snap and break. Only use it while they're stubby. And you don't need fancy nail treatments, the only type of oil that nails can actually absorb is jojoba oil.

No. 314398

>Essie nail polish in Ballet Slippers is almost undetectable with 2 coats, and makes the nails look very healthy and more clean-looking.
how to spend money for literally no reason 101, marketing is a powerful tool huh

No. 314400

I feel like frumpiness is in my DNA or something. Like the other I was wearing a similar outfit to a coworker's but she pulled it off and I didn't and I couldn't figure out why

No. 314406

File: 1677425528370.jpg (160.75 KB, 736x851, 743daf74645d74219b56d1d72d4f6b…)

Probably different body types.

No. 314410

File: 1677426497621.jpg (31.92 KB, 288x335, ally_sheedy_before_and_after.j…)

I feel the same, even when I straighten my hair and do my darndest to not sweat it does not look like how I fixed it up after 10 mins plus the clothes that look best on me are pajamas. I've been wearing baggier jeans and shirt to fit my frame. (Broad shoulders stocky overweight and tall) And my makeup looks best when I'm halfway washing it off. But I don't wear makeup a lot mostly cause I don't like how it feels. Find a looser looking style, like a lot of grungey looks accommodate this or even hippie boho styles. I like the former on myself.

No. 314651

what they did to her was a crime

No. 314806

I did the kibbe test which strongly suggested I was a romantic but it's the style I personally like the least kek. I hate fitted clothes because it makes me uncomfortable and don't like stereotypically romantic or "girly" styles. maybe that's my problem. I love loose and simple clothes. maybe there is a way to combine for a comfy romantic

No. 314808

samefag. i'm also uncomfortable showing off my boobs, hips and butt so try to cover them up which is obviously very unflattering for my body type and ends up looking frumpy. I feel like having curves means either looking "sexy" or frumpy. I really wish I could pull off loose and draped clothing without looking like a sack of potatoes.

No. 314818

I have the so called ethereal essence (you know the wide set bug eyes with alien/angelic looking face), that's the only description I found that fits my features. My body is probably soft classic so how am I supposed to dress myself to match both my face and body? I feel like what fits my face doesn't fit my body and vice versa

No. 314819

Still struggle with kibbe. I'm short, id say my face is feminine with some sharpness, like full lips and cheeks, catlike eyes and sharp jawlike, heart shaped. Narrow frame with big hips, pear shaped, feminine also with some sharpness, like long limbs. Yet I grow muscle really easily, and have pretty muscular legs and arms.

Feel like I look the best in clothes that define my waist. Pants usually make me look frumpy. Mid lenght is also awful on me. Same with bell sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

Soft gamine? Theatrical romantic?

No. 314863

you can dress in more classic lines, it won't look the best for you but classic lines look good on everyone.

No. 314865

File: 1677715624984.jpg (10.19 KB, 236x353, 17ce9bcc2ae31df49298f60a3a4bc5…)

Same anon, i got soft famine and there's so many recommendations for to wear shorter skirts, but i prefer skirts long and i don't like ultra floral or chiffon kind of stuff. The thing is, i already knew that kind of stuff will look good on me, but i just choose to look frumpy instead, especially since i have have that does whatever the hell it wants. I also do not like to be traditionally feminine in a flirty kind of way either, it just doesn't suit my face if that makes any kind of sense. I think I genuinely look good frumpy.

No. 314866

Holy shit i even went out of my way to fix the typos but i guess it didn't save kek, sorry for anyone who got brain damage

No. 314976

As a "romantic" in the exact same position as you, kibbe is a load of crap mostly, its like the unfashionables' astrology. All you need to know for your body type is
1) have some waist definition (belt, waist-legth jacket, high waisted jeans and fitted clothes are your friends). This is basically the key to being not frumpy-looking.
2) if you wear fabric that is heavy like leather, thick denim, or any coat, make sure your waist is defined, ex. tailor your jeather jackets around your waist and make sure they fit your arms.
3) wear bottoms and pants that fit you, and make sure they're ankle height - long bottoms make you look shorter.
4) absolutely no offense, but losing weight helps, I'm doing it now for this very reason.
I hate feminine looks, honestly. But if you look around you, there are plenty of women who don't "follow their lines" and they pull it off. To some degree yes, knowing what to wear makes you look better, but you don't want to just wear things because others would like how it looks, right?
HBC, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore (personal favorite), Kathleen Hanna, Madonna, Liz Taylor all have the same type as kibbe described and wore clothes that were considered bad for their body type but they don't give a shit and they still look good. Not a single truly fashionable woman knows what a kibbe is and you should forget about it too.

No. 314984

ayrt. that's all good advice, thank you!
>unfashionable's astrology
this is actually so true kek
>losing weight helps
i'm actually only 115 lbs but I swear you have to be literally underweight to look slender in most clothes, when you're under 5'3 and have curves. I really need to get to grips with this waist definition thing because I always just wear baggy tops so this could make all the difference.

No. 314986

my favorite thing about kibbe is how it opened my eyes to the exponential number of ways someone like me (specifically) can look fucked up and unfashionable so that i can pick my favorite way to be fucked up and unfashionable. i have discovered that wearing oversized clothes makes me look like a demented monkey that killed a zoogoer and escaped after stealing his clothes and if thats not the vibe i dont even know what is.

No. 314991

File: 1677797899846.jpg (48.03 KB, 475x754, notes-ebec763712c3a28560bd16fd…)

It brightens the nails you absolute dolt. I smell scrotum

>i'm actually only 115 lbs but I swear you have to be literally underweight to look slender in most clothes, when you're under 5'3 and have curves
This is so true and I'm so glad to see someone else struggling like I do with this. Also fitness and calorie counting becomes so confusing when you're an adult around 5 ft. I also like "bigger" clothing because I hate showing my body too much. (Side note but this kinda sucks because since I lost weight I like my body a lot and I think a lot of more revealing looks are so cute and I would wear them out if it weren't for scrotes) Try sticking to very light-weight fabrics and follow the rule of thirds. I always dress in black, and I have to buy boots that are both black and skin-colored (am white lol) so I can stay monochromatic in shorts AND pants. Proportion is so important for petites, I started sewing young in order to make small alterations that make a HUGE difference. Can you post an example of your coworker's outfit so maybe I can help "translate" it into a midget outfit? I'll meet you under the table at 3 o'clock so we can discuss. Godspeed

No. 314992

No. 314994

My fucking SIDES

No. 315012

File: 1677806542003.jpg (460.21 KB, 1870x900, 6eb709fd07952d3f9d7db.jpg)

i used to find the kibbe thing frustrating but after learning that this is what the man himself dresses like, i don't take it seriously anymore kek

No. 315013

Aw I think they're a cute couple kek

No. 315014

this is hilarious. that third one is especially ill-fitting wtf

No. 315025

File: 1677810438005.png (1.67 MB, 1068x1064, Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 1.17…)

Honestly the only thing I can thank kibbe for is helping me understand why I don't look how i'd like to look, it was honestly more of a body dysmorphia thing but with stuff like picrel i would get frustrated why I wouldn't look like Cher no matter how much weight I lost when I was closer to Raquel (but not even because i'm a romantic!) The sad matter is that I only started looking less frumpy when I started wearing tighter clothes. My favourite more 'professional' look is a turtleneck and a long pleated skirt, looks kind of 1950s and is pretty easy to just throw on. Easier said than done if you don't like your body/don't like tight clothes though.
Honestly I don't think i've ever looked at a woman and thought "Wow she's frumpy" or any variation of that

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