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No. 317613

Welcome to to the Fortune Telling thread. Please reed carefully.

>I/ Info for people seeking a reading


There are not many readers and I won't be able to do all query so be sure you can check this thread often and give a feedback.
Lurking here is a good way to start, readers can ask you info about your query.

If you are lost need some guidance and advice, Tarot works best this way:
For example, instead of asking:
>Will this happen?
>Ask: what can I do to make this happening/increase chances to make this happening?
(if you want the situation to happen, of course)

Instead of asking:
>Will this bad situation end?
>Ask: What can it do to end this bad situation?

Instead of asking:
>Will I get this job?
>What are the obstacles preventing me from getting this job?
Etc, you get it.
Remember, you create your future by your actions.
If you are struggling or dealing with a very stressful situation, 5 minutes of meditation each day helps a lot.

-Leave a post here with your query and general details about it.
-I need a pictures that describe your feeling best. Other readers need starsign, gender or other infos, lurk here.
-Your question can't be something needed for the next day/next few days, as readers are not always available right away.
-Allow one-two weeks to get it done.
-If you don't get an answer after 3 weeks, repost it. Especially if the situation has evolved.

Although you may post your query here, it is not guaranteed that your post will be picked up by a reader quickly.
I'll tell you if I don't pick it and leave it to another reader.

>Info for readers

You can come here and offer readings for anons, how many spots you offer and how many questions you'll answer is up to you.
You may also pick up any query from this thread and answer it. Remember to disclose what your requirements for a reading are (age, sex, sign, lenght of the question, etc) and what method of divination you're using. If you are not taking a query, tell so, so we can know who does what.

>II/ Global worldwide predictions:

I'm very interested in readings about the news worldwide. I may post predictions now and then, because forewarned is forearmed.
> You can also ask a reading about certain news in your country.
For other readers, feel free to drop your predictions about news or famous people!

>III/ Reconnect with yourself

I'm also very interested in personal development. I believe everyone can reconnect with your intuition and with yourself.
Always trust your first impression.
I'll post usefull videos here.

>NB: For other discussions about divination or pending readings:

See older Divination thread. >>288268(Do not make duplicate threads. Search in catalog.)

No. 317614

III/ Technique to Relieve Daily Stress… Three Keys to Heart - Brain - Earth Harmony
By Gregg Braden

No. 317615

File: 1679247550435.jpg (8.8 KB, 181x278, moon blue.jpg)

>Am I ever going to hear from my friends again? All women.

Reversed strenght, wheel of fortune, reversed 10 cups, 2 cups, 3 wands

You are exhausted and lack self confidence.
Your friends are moving on and have personal project.
You need to move on too and focus on other goals.

I don't see anything with them right now, however there this one person you will connect very deep with (not sure if it's one of your
friend or a new person).

Advices: you are too withdrawn, go outside more and do some projects creative or something with the community.

No. 317697

Oh wow, thank you. You're very right.
>Your friends are moving on and have personal project.
I've known this in my heart for a long time now but I very much needed to hear it from an outside source.
>You need to move on too and focus on other goals.
And this too. This one person I'll connect with, I hope it's one of my old friends, one in particular, the girl who is an aquarius. But I have been trying to make new friends and am connecting more with one in particular right now. I'll put my energies into getting out into the sunlight and talking to other people more. Stop stewing in my grief. I'm trying to get back into painting so I'll focus on that and my writing. Thank you anon, I appreciate it so much ♥

No. 317806

You are welcome. Glad it helped.

It great you improve in your hobbies, painting and writing are a good fit for you and very relaxing. It will bring positivity and attract the right people.

No. 317809

O.B (initials)
Q:Is the path that I am on right now, right for me?

No. 317811

Lurk more.

No. 317822

No. 317843

File: 1679353595547.jpeg (100.21 KB, 780x900, 58F3CA76-7D6F-4033-9389-27EA51…)

25, F, Leo sun Gemini rising Virgo moon.
Am I finally taking the right path to improve my life for good?
>I feel like I am, but I am struggling a lot, picrel. General life and mental health, attempting to undo years of emotional abuse in a properly healthy way for quite possibly the first time in my life. Thank you in advance.

No. 317852

File: 1679358987379.png (53.56 KB, 1060x640, dzqds2t9bfla1.png)

Taurus 24F
Am I doing the right thing by trying to accept my situation or should I be making some kind of change?
I've been pretty depressed for a few years. I felt stuck because my job is really stressful and I'm really lonely where I live. Recently I've been trying not to stress too much about making some kind of drastic change and have been trying to focus on being happy with what I have. I just wonder if being patient about change is the right move or if I'm forcing myself to be content when maybe I could be happier.

No. 317873

it’s someone mini-modding. you’re fine.

No. 317931

File: 1679438590557.jpeg (158.93 KB, 749x911, FBC56E80-94F0-4C6F-AC55-97AF8A…)

Sagittarius Sun/Moon, Scorpio Rising

Where do I go from here after this chapter has closed?

>Just finally got through a hellish time in my life and have some peace and routine again. I feel like the picture though, sitting around an empty room and looking pretty. Waiting? Resting? Don’t know. Feels stagnant.

No. 318278

File: 1679673872124.jpg (88.06 KB, 413x717, The-Moon.jpg)

>let's go with if the relationship is going to last.

You and the relashionship:
It seems you work hard to achieve what you want. Yet you feel it is not engouht.
You may be envious at other couples, if so, don't. And take your time, don't rush a ceremony.

Obstacles: reversed hierophant, reverse hanged woman:
I feel there is a negative group dynamic and pressure from peers
making you feelling stuck.
Remember: you don't need external approval to succeed.
You are ready to go it alone and do it your way, even if that means going against convention.
Give yourself permission to trust your inner guidance system as you create your own path forward.
You don't have to accept the rigid structures, tradition and dogma surrounding you.

Possible future:
knight of cups, 10 pentacles
The relashionship will last and you probably get married.
Your intuition guides you in everything you do.
10 pentacles reflects permanence and creating a lasting foundation for future success.
It is a card of commitment to a sustainable future.

Add: The Empress, reversed Sun, revrsed Hanged woman.
However be careful thing mught get tricky if you plan to have a baby.
It'll be very demanding and you may shut yourself off. Stop and rest.

No. 318284

thanks nonnie.


these make a lot of sense - i feel a huge amount of pressure given that we've been together for [x] amount of time but still haven't taken "big steps" like many of my friends have told me we should have.


i haven't even thought about this. i know that i'm personally a bit selfish and think i'd be a shitty mom, this is good to know, though

No. 318296

Why did you make another thread? The other one was fine

No. 318298

You are welcome.

You are not selfish for not wanting kids. Free yourself from social pressure and rigid structures.

No. 318299

Then stay in the other one.

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