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No. 319042

so tired of being the only nonny here. i know there’s nonnys all over new york. if you’re here reach out and join the autism. let’s be friends.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 319046

I know this great girl called Luna, she’s a little bit out of the city but you guys should hang, she loves going shopping !

No. 319047


No. 319049

i would hang with luna but she smells and lives too far lol kill me

No. 319056

Kek, at least you don't live in ohio. I gurantee i am the only motherfucker in the state of ohio using this site especially since there are only 150 active users.

No. 319058

I'm from ohio, too.

No. 319064

I was seriously surprised to learn there's more than one other texas anon but I guess our state is pretty big

No. 319070

how do you even know how many active users are in certain areas?

No. 319073

anynonny from wisconsin in here?

No. 319075

Yeehaw fellow Texan anon

No. 319077

any philanons on LC?

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