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No. 323305

> Experiences and stories (good or bad) dating women or looking for women to date
> Do you use apps to find other women? Which ones?
> Do you find other women in person?
> What kind of woman are you looking for?
> General women looking for women discussion

No sexuality infighting or discussion of dating or seeking men

No. 323436

Ive had crushes on friends and many of them assumed I was gay, but I never made a move. I felt like an imposter because I never had any experience, and I certainly had much anxiety over the fact I thought of a friend in that light.
I didn't want to cross a line and ruin what is a wholesome and supportive friendship. Or, make a friend feel like that was the objective all along. Idk maybe im a phoney

No. 324163

you're not a phoney nonna

No. 324183

I'm not good with dates, so when a lesbian friend asked me when I was with a certain woman we were talking about, I replied incorrectly. She said, "that's not what I heard, I heard [correct year]". I immediately realised she was right.
That creeped me out. My homophobic city's gay/bi community is pretty tight-knit, but it's one thing to know someone's orientation so you know they're in your dating pool, but this is too much. Why do total strangers (the woman who told me friend) know my sex life better than me? It's kinda disturbing.
Please don't do this.

No. 326203

I only use apps. Tinder, it's the best app where I live (France). The idea of flirting with a straight woman puts me off. And even living in big city I find that there are few places for lesbians. Maybe I didn't search hard enough.

My worst date was a woman who looked nothing like her pictures. So no big deal even though I was disappointed.

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