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No. 343241

>guy i REALLY like at my job
> we’re both leaving in 2 weeks, too little time left at job to get closer
>too scared to ask him to hang out alone outside of work
>the thought of never seeing him or talking to him again makes me so sad and i know i’ll regret it forever
>he goes to my uni
>if i had a way to know where he was, i could pretend to run into him on campus again and again

should i install a tracking device on his car? it would be really easy to do without anyone noticing
has anyone done this before?
does anyone have models of tracking devices they recommend?
i’d need something with a long battery, i don’t want to have to replace it(does not warrant an entire thread)

No. 343242

Stop being a delulu fucking creep do some small talk and ask about what he’ll do after work or some shit. Some degenerate ass behaviour YUCK

No. 343244

learn to integrate

No. 343250

sorry i guess i don’t truly understand or just never thought about how it might be gross. if someone did it to me because they liked me i wouldn’t mind. but i know he probably doesn’t feel that way at all

we make small talk all day, but making the jump of asking him to do stuff outside of work feels huge

sez u

No. 343254

The instant the jig is up and he finds out you were pulling creepy shit like that, your chances with him are null. Don't be a wimp and court him the way the rest of us do, as in man up and talk to him.
Weird nonnies around today.

No. 343256

I think we're being infested by tiktokkers and ccfags. I've also noticed emoticon use has skyrocketed lately, I used to only have to report that once in a blue moon and lately it's multiple per day. Crazy shit.

No. 343257

idk, aren't some guys into le ebic yandere?

No. 343260

2D yanderes, yeah. However moids will just think you're a red-flag BPD stalker, I've actually seen guys beg others not to "stick their dick in crazy", it would have to be incredibly rare to find a guy who is into dumb shit like that.

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