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File: 1694908694064.jpg (79.33 KB, 736x736, 7809499f1f9152585583bea466599c…)

No. 348964

What is a Seasonal Color Analysis?
>"Color analysis (American English; colour analysis in Commonwealth English), also known as personal color analysis (PCA), seasonal color analysis, or skin-tone matching, is a term often used within the cosmetics and fashion industry to describe a method of determining the colors of clothing, makeup, hair style that harmonizes with a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color for use in wardrobe planning and style consulting. It is generally agreed that the wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone while harmonious colors will enhance the natural beauty of the individual making them appear healthy, brighter, and possible more attractive or put-together."

Kinda similar to the Kibbe thread, this one is specifically dedicated to personal palettes and colors.

>Share good palettes

>Ask for advice on the best clothes or other products for your season
>Find out about your own season
>Vent about your color frustrations

No. 348965

File: 1694908801702.jpg (76.42 KB, 736x920, 35dfc9186eaf2128e54ff0846e447a…)

East Asian version

No. 348966

File: 1694908907659.jpg (73.49 KB, 735x672, 0f542a58975ddf13dd928cd6d84689…)

Black version

No. 348967

A bit of Kibbefagging, but makeup advice for a Soft Natural Dark Winter? Color theory makeup (strong lip, vague slight blush) looks great on my face with my colors, but too stuffy on my body, and Kibbe-ish makeup (muted colours, lip gloss) makes me look dead. It's also very difficult to find clothes the right color for my image ID.

Now for the real sperging. I know seasonal palettes might be restrictive in terms of skin, hair, eyes, but if I see another warm-skinned poc be typed as a "summer!1!!" (especially on reddit) I'm going to commit a war crime. Why the fuck don't you bother reading up a bit before you make someone overhaul their entire closet? Muted = Summer believers should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

No. 349020

File: 1694958299648.jpg (59.45 KB, 736x482, 9c3ac1e7f16c171413a7d1b5b91242…)

I think I'm a deep/dark winter but I'm still confused about it.

I've noticed that some colors made me look sick/weird/grey even before I knew about that seasonal color analysis thing, so I tried my best to avoid them. But for the longest time I thought I was an autumn until I got some warm earthy colored shirt that looked kinda weird on me.

So, the things I've noticed:
>I look awful in bright, barbie pink
>Same for that very bright royal blue
>Look okay in black or white, but better in ivory or a grayish black
>Look really good in jewel tones
>Look really good in wine/Bordeaux, okay in bright red
>Very high contrast, almost black hair and eyes and my skin is pale. I am pretty sure my face is cool toned but my body seems to be warm toned

Sometimes I just don't know

No. 349032

>I am pretty sure my face is cool toned but my body seems to be warm toned
You're probably warm toned. It's still possible to have some redness in the face if you are pale, even if your skin tone is warm. but because the undertones makes it look a bit different, it can look like your face is a cooler tone than your body rather than what you'd imagine typical redness to look like.

…Can't you just make a mix of these two make-up styles ? or just do the color theory make-up but with a slightly less strong lip ?

Keep in mind both Kibbe and color palettes rely on archetypes ultimately. If you are "mismatched" (have facial features that are not often associated with your body type) you have to think harder to find a common thread to tie your make-up to your clothing style to create a consistent aesthetic.

No. 349109

so glad you shared this one. But I'm also wondering, with a sample that excludes hair dyeing, would everyone end up on the left side?
I think I am a dark winter but the language used to classify the types (hair color, eye color, undertone) is really misleading to me because most East Asians have dark hair, dark eyes, and a yellowish tone. So it's not saying anything helpful that differentiates me from other Asians, even though I can tell that not all of us have the same palette.
Although I have a yellowish tone like most do, it's not warm yellow like some Asians but olive-ish. Almost gray or green. So like a cool yellow? I think the dark winter and dark autumn women in this pic show what I'm trying to say; I look like the winter one. But people always insist I have to be a warm season because I'm not pale pink like some white people and "yellow = warm" and that confuses me. Is cool-toned yellow not something that makes sense?

No. 349136

Does anyone have a quiz that seems accurate? There are so many that I don't want to waste too much time.

No. 349138

Being a dark autumn is suffering fr. Shoes and bags I can deal with, but the specific deeper shades that look good on me are so hard to find. Thrifting has been the best so far, and trends last year were relatively favourable so I finally got a coat. But it took me ten years to find a coat in the colour I like that is thick and warm enough and looks good on me without looking like I dug it out of my grandmother's attic where it'd been sitting since 1976.

No. 349139

Asians cam be cool toned despite having a yellow tint. Undertone and overtone is different. You can have a cool undertone and a yellow overtone.

No. 349146

File: 1695060134444.jpg (179.19 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I'm a bright winter. I can wear crazily bright stuff and look nice, hell I can wear some spring colors if they're saturated enough, yet this palette is admittedly not very appropriate for some occasions as these colors sure look hella tacky at times, it's very awkward when you don't really want to stand out, though grey and black are options.

I look jaundiced in yellow, orange and green, gold doesn't do shit for me neither. I'm forever pissed I cannot wear pastel "princess" colors, if it's not colorful I look undead which is a shame. Autumn neutrals are all the rage rn, so it's hard to find fashionable colorful stuff nowadays unless you're into Y2K styles.

My mom is bright spring, when I was younger I wore her makeup (which is mostly gold and warm) and of course I looked washed, when I bought my own makeup I decided to go for cool tones like guava, silver and blue.

No. 349147

File: 1695060574875.jpeg (21.78 KB, 250x250, 1560897416682.jpeg)

He slayed this blue shade, I'd say he's soft summer

No. 349150

I'm a warm spring. I think it looks fine. I used to wear more black, but I've been changing my wardrobe since I shouldn't wear it kek.

No. 349160

thank you, I think I'm definitely dark winter then. My favorite color combo is navy with bubblegum pink accents which seems to fit.

No. 349161

that doesn't make sense to me, where would the undertone come from then

No. 349164

nta, i think a good explanation is that if a person has a yellow tint but a cool undertone, dressing them on warm colors is going to make them look extra yellow or jaundiced, believe me is not a good look, there's a difference between a warm person and someone looking like a traffic light cause they wearing orange

No. 349168

is dark winter the most common season type or why are there so many of us on lolcow?
i tried taking multiple photos of myself and putting them through an analysis app and it always gives me dark winter, which i think could be true because dark winter colors do look the best on me, especially deep reds and dark greens. that's the greatest type if you want to gothmaxx kek

No. 349177

Honestly, I find it so hard to determine what colours would suit me as I only wear black, kek. I know that I look dead when I wear bright white, but that's it.
Any good apps or websites out there that helped you determine what colours suit you and maybe also, what undertone your skin has, I just want to mix up my wardrobe a little bit, black is amazing, but sometimes a little bit of colour would be nice.

No. 349335

File: 1695154368010.jpg (464.98 KB, 1650x1650, GettyImages-967995662.jpg)

Anyone knows what her color palette would be? My hair, skin and eyes are all similar to her. Her name is Chiara Scelsi if you need more pictures

No. 349423

i always just assumed i am some autumn type, the warm autumn specifically but i think i actually might be warm spring

No. 349463

i tried this fake and gay color analysis shit and it came out different every time. i got either cool winter or summer (i hate these ugly ass pink and blue palettes for real too) when my skin is pale but it has yellowish undertone irl, my eyes are warm brown and hair is brown which are actually closer to some autumn type, right? since i never looked washed out in olives or earth colors and these are colors i actually like

No. 349472

File: 1695240718569.jpg (729.78 KB, 960x1281, 20190120_16592269_M.jpg)

Her contrast is very high as you can see in this picture, her dark eyebrows and eyes pop up immediately on her skin, her hair color variates from black to brown with golden highlights which implies hair dye and that skews my analysis, either way: I'd say deep autumn/ winter, these two sub-types are somewhat correlated

No. 349475

File: 1695241154054.jpg (303.65 KB, 1500x1099, close-up.jpg)

I don't think it's fake at all nonna, we humans got color, and those colors do have a system and balance behind them, color seasons are sadly used by the same schizos who like kibbe stuff so a lot of things online are complete bullshit
>i tried this fake and gay color analysis shit and it came out different every time
Online quizzes never get shit right, it's best to follow your intuition and ask people irl, but either way i want to help you, could you post a close-up pic of your eye like picrel? good lighting pls

No. 349476

File: 1695241403574.jpg (10.78 KB, 214x235, 2Q==(14).jpg)

Going by "I look like.." is a bad way to go about finding your season, every season has a close neighbouring season that looks close.

No. 349477

Ok nonnas pls help me settle this once and for all. My wife’s mom has said I am a summer since like, we met. I always for some reason thought I was a winter? For reference I have red/ginger hair (think Sadie Sink color, true red) and a lot of freckles particularly on my face, and I’m quite pale BUT I do get a tan in the summer to a peachy gold color since I’m always outside. My eyes are like gray-green with a little blue. I look good in a lot of pastels and bright colors, as well as most pinks, oranges and browns and green (NOT lighter olive green or khaki or like beige nude tho) and only look good in black (IMO) when I have a tan. I can’t wear most shades of purple, besides lavender/or plum. Cannot stress how bad I look in true purple. I have cool/pink undertones but when I’m tan it changes things a little. Pls oh wise nonnas tell me what I am kek

No. 349480

File: 1695242592975.jpg (218.23 KB, 1200x1200, sadie-w-1528062024.jpg)

Both winter and summer can be very pale, the difference lays on the contrast of the facial features
>I have red/ginger hair
Natural gingers are very rarely winters, winter needs cool contrast/darkness to the point the warmest and lightest it can get naturally is dark brown at most, so for cool options we are left with summer which is already unlikely too as summer is muted and your coloration seems very intense with such a strong color like a true red, i'd say spring

No. 349481

AYRT thank you for the answer! I think you’re right, spring it is. I appreciate you replying ♥

No. 349501

what season is anya taylor joy?

No. 349503

File: 1695257161216.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1000, 58c710ecd999270a2c4b5940_Getty…)

Her season has been an actual debate for years now. Spring, summer, winter…tbh i think she's a light summer, but some see spring which is valid too

No. 349504

Is this the same when she has different color hair anon? My palette is on par with hers, especially when she had the copper wig in queens gambit. Literally can't figure it out for the life of me, I had been suggested pastel blues and such but they look awful imo

No. 349506

>Is this the same when she has different color hair anon?
Hair dye cannot change your color season
>I had been suggested pastel blues and such but they look awful imo
Hm, could you elaborate? why do these colors looks so "off" on you? do you notice any unfavorable changes?

No. 349507

Idk how to describe it? It was only one girl who I'm pretty sure was trying to sabotage me. It just looked so weird and out of place when clashing with my hair (similar to the copper color described)

No. 349508

which is your natural hair/ eye color anon?

No. 349510

I actually didn't like how it suited her. She looks wonderful as a platinum blonde imo, or whatever she's had lately.

No. 349519

Auburn hair and brown eyes

No. 349521

File: 1695270767676.jpeg (16.01 KB, 242x209, 6D926F21-249C-4023-AF38-1FD5AC…)

What color seasons are best for fair, cool olives? I would say my coloring is very close to picrel except I have blue eyes. My best colors are baby blue, lavender, and olive green. My worst colors are turquoise, fuchsia, and coral. Black, mustard yellow, and terracotta look alright. I can pull off warm and cool browns but not warm and cool blues. Even true red lipsticks pull super blue on me and the rest super orange. Only dark brick reds look good on me. Brown and beige lip colors pull pinky nude on me as well.

No. 349526

File: 1695273965428.png (2.25 MB, 640x1136, 6BCB551A-5FD6-4D89-9137-3004F6…)

My color palette is similar to Kylie Jenner do any anons know what she is? I feel like I am a autumn or summer

No. 349527

File: 1695275136595.png (1.06 MB, 800x691, 1665774949123.png)

nta but to me platinum blonde is her worst one yet. i think golden like picrel suits her more

No. 349528

She's literally one of the only people who actually look good and not harsh with blonde hair and brown eyes. So many brown eyed blondes look like insecure girls who fell for the ~blonde~ meme in high school and experimented with box dye

No. 349534

I disagree with this a lot. I think blonde hair and brown eyes is the best combo

No. 349544

I think it's just that a lot of women pick the wrong shade of blonde

No. 349548

File: 1695301372625.jpeg (223.32 KB, 1280x1035, IMG_5800.jpeg)

I agree w the other anon who says it’s about choosing the right color, but also there really are some people who look bad blonde kek. Christina Ricci in Sleepy Hollow looked gorgeous imo and I think the fact they bleached her brows really made the look.

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