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File: 1696364250774.png (769.4 KB, 1239x691, IMG_20231003_141527.png)

No. 351146

So, as we know, men are very malleable creatures that can be trained to obey your will, be it with positive reaffirmation, healthy doses of manipulation, or other means. Share your tips on how to train the men of your life here. (not just your boyfriend or husband!)

No. 351147

File: 1696364315593.png (212.85 KB, 565x1076, IMG_20231003_141150.png)

Thread inspired by this post (which is very good advice imo)

No. 351148

Tips I've heard and tried
1. Be happy and please yourself often. If you're in a good mood, men feel less pressure and control and feel like pleasing you was his choice. Doing things that show you respect yourself shows him how to treat you.
2. Act as if he will already do what he promised to do
3. Repeatedly describe him in the traits you want him to be. "You're so good with money!" "You're so romantic!"
4. If he does something you don't like, do not reward it with attention.
5. Tell him what you want without expectations.
6. You set the tone he sets the time-line. Reminding him shows a lack of trust. If you want something done sooner, make him excited about it. Negative emotions lead to procrastination.

No. 351167

File: 1696376271138.png (2.36 MB, 1080x1920, Puppy Fiance.png)

Wonderful thread, nonna! Thought about making it myself. I believe is the only way to have somewhat joyful relationships with men.
So far, great advices!

No. 351171

This thread is bleak af

No. 351174

this sounds like some girl defined classically abby fundie shit

No. 351186

Reminds me of those divine feminity accounts
Anyways you cannot win with moids if you say no porn they will take oblige but sneak around

No. 351187

Ike? If you have to train a male into being a good boyfriend, you're better off just being alone. Saves you the time, stress, and resources. Just my take on it.

No. 351205

I like this. Honestly I think a lot of it comes naturally when you are two functioning inedependent adults in a healthy relationship (encouragement, positive affirmations, setting expectations for your partner, not being ridiculously codependent). I do a lot of these things with my nigel without subtly trying to manipulate him or whatever because he's a grown man, but your list is a nice reminder that we should bring out the best in each other.

No. 351206

everyone "trains" their partner. thats why men prefer younger women a lot of the time (disregarding entitlement and pedo tendencies). they think we are "easier to raise into a wife". why cant it go both ways?
either way, the older the scrote, the less you can change his nature. i've heard bullshit advice from my mother that "men are mature over 30". this is not true. they expire after 30. don't date fupas in your early 20s. they're just as immature plus theyre ugly. the more a bachelor settles into his couch lifestyle, and the more used up he is, the less useful he will be to you.

No. 351207

Honestly you train tour partner by focusing on yourself and your needs. Make him cater to your needs, not cater to his. Ask him for help often, make him do shit for you, men love being used as slaves. Thats their role in nature, to provide and serve. A man falls more in love with you the more he does for you. The more resorces he pools into you. A man doesnt work like a woman. We like having things done for us. Men dont. He might appreciate it, but it doesnt make him love you like serving you will.

Literally dont waste any mental resources on him. >>351187
Thats where most girls, you included, get it wrong. You think its supposed to be struggle, wasting time and effort. In reality, that will make a man resent you. Men hate it when you spend resources on them, theyre bilogically made to be disposable, and they subconsciously know its wrong if the woman does the most. All the effort you spend on nagging him, helping him, wiping his ass, stop that, and use all that on bettering yourself.

No. 351208

Double posting to say I just told my boyfriend he is so helpful and makes my life easier. He is now gushing over me and keeps repeating how he is helpful in a happy voice to himself.

No. 351210

I make my man cook for me as often as possible. It has always been like that but I want to push it a little further. I love it when he brings me stuff so I like to ask him to bring me food or drinks etc. and act like a diva kek. I also made it clear that it won't change because I hate cooking but I do compliment him on his cooking because that motivates him.
I also learned that it is very important to set strict expectations if he tends to be a lazy piece of shit with chores. Now I always say when shit needs to be done and that it has consequences if he doesn't do it.

No. 351216

What are the consequences?

No. 351219

A big part of this is finding a man who is kind, emotionally intelligent, and loves you, then he will naturally fall into place and serve you. Most men have too much ego and are too stupid to understand their place, and it's not worth tard wrangling them. Something that helped me was when I was talking to guys and looking for a boyfriend, I never offered to cook or clean up after him, never acted nurturing, and in some ways acted somewhat self-centered. I would make us do whatever I wanted to do, made any sex talk all about my pleasure, was direct with my wants and needs, etc. Any decent guy will love those things about a woman because in the end he just wants to make you happy. I think it's really important that you know that even if you didn't act this way, that he wouldn't take advantage of you too. Sometimes I go out of my way to do nice and loving things for my boyfriend, and he appreciates it and dotes on me even more. The wrong guy will see this as "weakness" and use it to take advantage of you. It's really all about the guy you pick, not so much you manipulating him into acting a certain way. It's important to not look at men as Jekyll and Hyde, like if you do all the right things he'll treat you right, otherwise he'll take advantage of you. Some men are not capable of being good partners so you should not even entertaining trying to "fix" them.

No. 351221

I see the truth in this. I always feel so guilty about all the stuff I have my boyfriend do for me, but he genuinely seems to love and enjoy it. He says he loves to feel needed and useful, and wants to provide. I was baffled the first time I learned that “findom” existed, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense that it’s a sort of hijacking and perversion of the male’s innate desire to provide. This shit is so deeply rooted in them that it can be connected directly to base sexual arousal. Meanwhile I’ve never heard of any women into being findommed.

No. 351238

That I'll be mad, we're not doing thing x that we planned, no sleeping together etc. Or if it's really bad I'm making it clear that we will not live together anymore if it continues (yes it was this bad before)

No. 351257

File: 1696446508941.jpg (28.18 KB, 443x692, images.jpg)

How can I give positive reinforcement to my boyfriend?

No. 351260

File: 1696448455900.png (41.71 KB, 657x240, image_2023-10-04_214038115.png)

non-sexual physical affection works as well

No. 351262

File: 1696450838089.jpeg (60.07 KB, 612x612, lapdog.jpeg)

Any nonas have the problem of losing attraction to their moids once they become fully trained?
This is an issue that keeps coming up again and again in my dating life.
I'll have a scrote, he'll be all rebellious, I'll slowly break him in, over a few months to a year he'll transform into a submissive lapdog who exists only to serve my every whim. I achieve my goal, but I lose my attraction to the scrote, who no longer presents a challenge in my eyes.
Anyone have advice on either retaining attraction for trained men, or finding men who will take longer to break in?

No. 351264

wrong thread

No. 351266

>he'll transform into a submissive lapdog who exists only to serve my every whim.
This is the best part, sorry you have bad taste.

No. 351284

ntayrt but there is something intriguing about when he puts up a fight (not a real one, of course), but having some of his ego intact so he is really suffering is always good to me

No. 351296

I have this same issue nonnie, and I'm trying my best to break the cycle. If I were you I'd look up "unrelenting standards" as it relates to schema therapy.

No. 351310

Why would you think about it as manipulation and training? You're just giving him advice/affirmations…

No. 351314

Theyre jilling off to it

No. 351355

This thread is weird as fuck. My fiancé has always acted “trained” with me, because well… he loves me lol. Like, what is up with y’all trying to train men? Mine has done all of this shit for 5+ years and just gets better with time, I do nothing to “train” my man. He loves me and worships me like a queen. This has always been the case. He cooks for me, does the chores, does the shopping, brings me anything I ask for, pays the bills, takes on difficult projects for me, and it’s not something I initiated. He spent tonight doing my laundry, cooking my dinner, cleaning, polishing my boots, organizing my clothes etc. I decide what we’re doing everyday and he’s always thrilled to be with me and always looking for more ways to please me or serve me. And this is just how he’s been since we met. There is no training? If you have to “train a man”, there’s something wrong with you or you’re spending time with men who don’t actually care about you as much as you’d like to believe they do… and no degree of psychological manipulation will fix either of those things. Maybe treat them with respect? Men aren’t pets or dogs. You don’t have to be this extra

No. 351357

>because well, he loves me

No. 351358

I mean, just the way my man has always been thrilled to do little things for me like organizing my dresses or making sure I have freshly juiced veggies when I wake up is like… a love language? Like if you find a man who really loves you, they’ll naturally enjoy doing things to please you. It’s not something that needs to be forced. Just stop trying to train men and focus on being more lovable or something, not some nasty disrespectful woman who considers a relationship some sort of transaction. Try showing genuine love and respect instead of expecting and manipulating them to do shit for you. It works wonders.

No. 351359

Top kek for someone who’s never experienced something like that, I’m sure. Femcels are the worst

No. 351360

Oh look it's another rp thread

No. 351362

Your post was condescending and full of weird bragging to the point it made it sound fake. If your relationship really is so perfect, then that’s great for you, no sarcasm. Calling someone a femcel bc they laughed at your ott blogging is also funny tho lmao. Some of us just don’t feel the need to blog about things, no matter how wonderful or awful they may be.

No. 351366

It’s not bragging, just speaking my truth and sharing my own experiences lol. This thread is dreary and sad imo.

No. 351367

I agree that the training thing is kinda autistic because it’s just normal adutling imo, but I was talking to one of my granny aged coworkers yesterday and mentioned buying a cook book for my bf who seldom cooks for himself. She replied «oh, so you’re training him» with a knowing smile kek. My nigel was very excited about the book and was flipping through it for like the next hour. I love cooking too much to let him do everything, but cooking together is now one of our favorite past times. I guide him on how to prep different things and make sure to praise and tell him how much I appreciate this activity. Not to infantilize him but it genuinely makes me happy. He’s improved a lot in a year.

No. 351380

File: 1696513684470.jpg (30.46 KB, 493x622, images.jpg)

Let the autismo girls have their thread lmao, some people need to learn how to positivity enforce a guy because it's never too obvious for them.

You can always hide the thread too kek.

No. 351402

>polishing my boots
Kek and this is bait.

But unironically, bag a Nigel who cares about his appearance and clothes. You'll find that they'll want to do things to help your wardrobe too especially if it's something autistic like detailing shoes. When they go to do theirs, throw yours on top of their pile too, teehee~
t. woman with boyfriend-cleaned shoes

No. 351437

I think the big takeaway overall is to not get with an emotionally unavailable man. At the baseline, if your man cannot consistently provide financially, he's not going to be consistent elsewhere. He can't even take care of himself, so he won't be able to take care of you. Do not help him out, do not feel bad for him, do not tell him it'll be okay. Leave that man, hopefully you aren't providing a roof over his head for him.
Otherwise, if he's consistently able to provide financially, you can work with him.

No. 351438

I’m OP and it’s seriously not bait. Find a decent man who cares about you. In my case, my man has a shoe/foot fetish and he actually loves doing upkeep on my shoes. He quite literally was polishing my doc martens and cleaning my shoes. I’m happy to let him lol

No. 351439

>treat him with respect

No. 351932

File: 1696809785795.jpg (29.3 KB, 680x673, fishing pole.jpg)

This whole thread is b8
Relationships should be about mutual respect, mutual support, mutual trust, and mutual teamwork.

No. 351939

It is not. Positive reinforcement is not a bad thing, it's moids what we're dealing with.

No. 351970

Feet fetish usually overlaps with both pedophilia and porn addiction, retard. I've never known a feetfag that wasn't both of those things. Imagine boasting about your bf having a sexual paraphilia.

No. 351980

>decent man
>shoe/foot fetish
…good luck with that

No. 351984

Nona wtf he's the type of man who would buy one of those silicon foot molds with a vagina in it to masturbate with. Disgusting

No. 351986

If you have to put in effort to train your retard to behave like a normal adult with compassion, empathy and awareness of his surroundings you've already lost.
What's in it for you, Bob the Builder? You're just training him how to behave with his next gf after you get fed up with wiping his ass for him because he clearly doesn't care enough to treat you well, and won't ever stop because he got used to the treatment he gets from you.

>Repeatedly describe him in the traits you want him to be. "You're so good with money!" "You're so romantic!"

>If he does something you don't like, do not reward it with attention.
>If you want something done sooner, make him excited about it. Negative emotions lead to procrastination.
Get some standards and stop dating toddlers. This is literally how we talk to children in daycare. Find a man who actually cares about you and stop enabling deadbeats.

No. 351987

I tried being nice to a guy once he was crying about not doing his taxes annd not making a lot of money to afford rent and his mom was getting on him for it (he’s Asian) and he was stressing. So when he finally ends up getting it done before the deadline I told him how proud of him I was for getting through that stressful time. You know what he told me? “Well if I didn’t do it I’d just be homeless on the street” when I tell you that peaked me! It peaked me! I couldn’t help it so I was like “dang I was just trying to be nice to you next time I’ll tell you to work harder and do your taxes on time like the grown adult you are” Like? stupid bitch. How do I stop myself from lashing out like this? LMAO. I feel like he sees me as his mom 2.0 because I be ripping into him. He ended up apologizing and just said he was angry cuz his mom had cursed him out that day lol. And then here I go cursing him out too. I swear men and me are like oil and water I always end up arguing with one. Help me nonnas! Every time I try to be nice they become mean but when I’m mean they are nice IM DONE

No. 351993

The problem with this thread is anons think they can find a sloppy mouthbreather incel and mold him into the perfect nigel which is certainly a strat but just too much emotional labor and not guaranteed to be fruitful. You need to pick a decent specimen to begin with and go from there, read a couple of relational psychology books (can be applied to all kinds of interpersonal situations).

No. 351994

i think "i can fix him" is partly a trope for a reason, some women enjoy manipulating men into doing and becoming what they want and I won't shame them for it lol

No. 351999

I get where you're coming from, but imo the "i can fix him" meme is a poor example and kind of the opposite to this thread. It's commonly understood to be one of the classic cases of codependency where the woman is pining for some fantasy version of her nigel that never comes true. Women in those kind of relationships are hardly master manipulators, but often just as mentally unwell as their moid. For what it's worth I think this thread has some nifty applicable advice that those women could benefit from reading, but should also be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 352000

>"If you have to put in effort to train your retard…"
And so I link my post. Everyone who thinks about putting effort into training their boyfriends get it all wrong. You train a man by not putting effort into him and making him put effort into you. You train a man by making him spend energy end effort into maning you happy. Men get happy by serving and getting told they do a good job at it. When you make a man do tasks for you, its a self driving prophecy. He feels good about making you feel good, thats the only reward he needs, and thus he will keep trying to seek your approval by doing more things for you. Never forget that a mans ego is the biggest thing on him, exploit that for your(and his)own good. Now, you might think youre using him, but youre not. Because men show love by acts of servitude and by providing, and letting them do just that is going to make them happy and feel fulfilled. And that will trinkle into other parts of their lives. They feel more confident bc they feel like they please you, and that drives them to improve in other areas of their lives too.

Men really enjoy serving way more than they enjoy getting pandered to. Now, they might enjoy casual easy sex on tap by a bang mommy, but it doesnt fulfill them in the long run, it makes them resentful and gives them self esteem issues. Thats why women who do the most for men end up with the least. Men are the ones who are supposed to do the most. Especially if they have any sort of character to begin with. Men love striving to please the woman they love, men love serving a higher purpose, just look at religion/army/how men seek a leader to tell him he is doing a good job.

The best you can do for your own happiness, relationship longevity, peace of mind etc is to put your own needs first. But bc of female socialisation, a lot of women feel its more effort and harder than putting their moid first. If they are told being a bangmommymaid wont get them results, but putting themselves first will, they respond with saying thats too much effort and they rather be single.

No. 352001

You're still putting in excess effort by policing your language and behavior to make him act a certain way. You wrote a whole paragraph explaining what men like and what makes them happy.
>Men really enjoy serving
>they might enjoy casual sex
>Men get happy by serving
>only reward he needs
>make them happy and feel fulfilled
>They feel more confident
>Men love striving to please
You're pretending it's some 3D chess while he doesn't even give enough of a shit about you to think that far. Sis, your life still revolves around pleasing men. You're "putting yourself first" in order to get a man to act how you want. You're not putting yourself first for you.
I don't know how else to explain it. A man who needs this kind of toddler conditioning won't care about any of this. He won't pick apart his own behavior like you do. He'll just do whatever he wants for as long as he can get away with it. You will not be in his thoughts. A good man does not need to be "trained" like a child.

No. 352004

That’s not what I got from her post, and I think you’re being willfully obtuse. The thing that irks me, is all of these bioessentialistic strategies, whether it’s the redpill, female dating strategy or this thread, are largely similar. There is a sliver of truth to them because human beings are predictable and tend to respond similarly to certain situations or cues, need certain things to prosper and be happy etc., so it has a tendency to work kind of. But it’s made by and for autists who need a written script in order to function socially, which they view as the gospel, so it’s entirely black and white. I think a lot of the tips mentioned in this thread are generally good life advice but it’s common sense for normal individuals, not some kind of scrotehack.

No. 352013

My moid has a foot fetish and it seriously annoys me. Nothing about that is caring about you, it's just a gross fetish and all about his sexual pleasure and objectifying you. You're just misinterpreting it as him worshipping you kek. I always tell my bf to fuck off with that shit.

I love how this thread is on top all the time lmao

No. 352021

>The best you can do for your own happiness, relationship longevity, peace of mind etc is to put your own needs first.
Can you not even read?
Plus, what you quoted is helpful for women who are still brainwashed by female socialization, because they don't have it in them to be Machiavellian in any way. So saying shit like "deep down men really love serving women and want to because it gives them a greater purpose in life" makes them feel less guilty and is an easier sell than telling her to not give a fuck about his feelings and do whatever she wants.
Yup, foot fetishes, like any kink, are only worth anything if the woman is the one who initiates it. If your scrote comes to you begging to worship your feet or clean your shoes because it makes him horny then he sucks. Men should let you introduce any kink, if they bring it up on their own they are just asking you perform like a porn star for them.

No. 352023

Even a good man will turn into shit if you spend all your energy wiping his ass. Nobody can help you if you think letting a man do the work for you and caring about yourself is too hard and challenging and difficult. Sorry you have internalised struggling and serving as a female so hard you think acting differntly is a struggle.
>" is an easier sell than telling her to not give a fuck about his feelings and do whatever she wants."
You really think any woman really wants to spend her energy bangmommymaiding a moid and that its oppressive to say dont do that shit? You really think deep down any woman wants to live like that, that they havent been brainwashed by the patriarchy to serve men at every turn? No fucking way doing what they wants involves doing everything for their moid and its actually inately hard for them to love and cherish themselves instead.

No. 352024

>You really think any woman really wants to spend her energy bangmommymaiding a moid and that its oppressive to say dont do that shit?
Why are you mad? I was agreeing with you. I was simply saying that it's easier for many women who have trouble fighting against their socialization to go from mommy bangmaid -> "putting myself first is better for the both of us" rather than mommy bangmaid -> "My boyfriend exists to please me and I should always come first." Hopefully they get to the latter eventually, but they usually need that intermediate step. A lot of former pickmes learn how wonderful relationships could be when they find a moid who serves them.

>Even a good man will turn into shit if you spend all your energy wiping his ass.

Not really. A good man will insist he should do these things instead and might feel guilty, but not resent you for it. A man who resents a woman for being kind towards him is just a misogynistic piece of shit with self-esteem issues.

No. 352027

pretty sure they're baiting, their whole post reads like word salad. these kind of threads tends to attract a certain type of illiterate anons. just ignore

No. 352032

Not giving a shit about what men want is not being Machiavellian at all. You want to be some manipulative maneater so badly, it's cringe. That is my whole point. It's literally easy: just don't give a shit about men. There, solved it for you. You don't need some epic manifesto on why they actually like it. Their opinions shouldn't matter to you whatsoever.
>Even a good man will turn into shit if you spend all your energy wiping his ass.
That isn't what I said at all? I literally said the opposite.
>Sorry you have internalised struggling and serving as a female so hard you think acting differntly is a struggle.
Kek how the fuck did you get this out of me saying that you should not center men or what they want at all?
Show me on the doll where in these I even suggested that you should serve a man at all.
>Don't center men in your life
>Decent men don't need to be "trained" to do what you want, they will do it anyway
>Put yourself first because you should, not because men will like you more if you do
Reading is hard sweetie, I know, but if you try just a bit harder you'll make it! I believe in you.

No. 352033

>You don't need some epic manifesto on why they actually like it. Their opinions shouldn't matter to you whatsoever.
And I'm saying many women are socialized to feel guilt towards even having their most basic needs met, so yes, they will feel "Machiavellian" for putting themselves first and not pandering to their scrote. You are so far removed from what most women actually think, not everyone is at your level yet so they need to be eased into it. I don't care what men want or think either, but the average women can't relate to that and don't want to be mean and selfish uwu.
Yeah, you are right. People here are way too trigger happy and don't even read.

No. 352034

The only ones baiting are the people coming here and bumping the thread to complain and not contribute. Who cares if women treat men like dogs.

No. 352035

I cringed a bit initially upon seeing the thread but now I’m seriously considering doing some of these things… let them cook even if some of it seems larpy it’s fine I will keep reading. Not like mean mopey guys should be tolerated in your life, we should only accept nice boys

No. 352038

Nta but I totally agree with you. If it helps some women get there they should adapt this mindset first.
Kek I really like this thread. It attract lots of weird anons, it's kind of an unusual and refreshing topic and I'm always looking forward to new posts.
I also don't mind the meta discussion about the ifs and hows.

No. 352059

This post is unironically hilarious

No. 352061

If you have to train your man then I feel sorry for you kek

No. 352882

This thread is so sad. Not even baiting, wtf is wrong with you nonnies? You’re talking about men like they’re a different species. Learn to love men and see them as equals, and you’ll benefit so much more. Life must be sad when you’re this desperate to find a man to “train” and speak about them like they’re pets that are in need of treats and punishments etc. It’s sick. This thread is full of femcels 100%

And to the people bitching about foot fetishes or fetishes in general, are you absolutely dried out prudes? Do you not enjoy your fetishes being entertained, you are not willing to indulge a man in his even if you care about him and his pleasure? Y’all need some serious help.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352883

Go back to 4chan moid.

No. 352884

Your moid is going to a. Leave you for someone who cares about his sexual pleasure more than you do b. Become a porn addict when you’re not around or c. Secretly resent you and care less and less about your sexual needs since you don’t care about his

It’s no wonder so many of you have sad relationships and feel like you need this thread. And not me being baffled you call your boyfriend a “moid”… I doubt he even exists tbh. Is this your imaginary moid? Because women in actual happy relationships just use the terms boyfriend, fiancé, even husband.

I wish you femcels and man hating closeted lesbians the best. I hope your trained moids bring you some brief satisfaction before they leave you for a woman who treats them like something more than a pet dog.

No. 352886

Sadly for you I’m not a moid, I’ve been with my fiancé for 5 years, and I’m a very happy, fulfilled woman who happens to enjoy men as a whole. There are some bad apples, sure. I’ve dated them. The trick is finding a good man, not training one. And fucking weird that you’d respond so immediately, since this thread has been dead for 5 days and I saged. Obsessed much?

No. 352887

Keep projecting. I'm not on a mission to be picked, just felt like calling out a moid fishing to start more drama per usual. If you were so happy you wouldn't give a shit what fantasy other women are engaging in. KYS.

No. 352889

>Not even baiting

No. 352893

File: 1697305508706.jpg (62.56 KB, 736x736, c9c14c7465618f817cfcbf8b3d4a43…)

My problem with this thread

No. 352895

Except that I’m not a moid fishing. And definitely don’t have a dick kek. It’s like you can’t conceive of another woman actually enjoying men as a whole. As a long time poster on these boards, I absolutely have a right to express my opinion on a thread. Doesn’t make me a moid but it’s cute that calling me one repeatedly is your only comeback. Am I projecting, or are you?

No. 352897

File: 1697307062651.jpg (24.13 KB, 289x400, 144 (1).jpg)

>Not even baiting
>thinks men and women are equal
>thinks not liking fetishes is prudish
>especially a fetish that highly overlaps with pedos and porn addicts
>doesn't realize men with fetishes in general are mentally ill

No. 352902

I just wish my guy would stop looking at porn.

No. 352904

>Your moid is going to a. Leave you for someone who cares about his sexual pleasure more than you do b. Become a porn addict when you’re not around or c. Secretly resent you and care less and less about your sexual needs since you don’t care about his
If he does that he is not worth it lmao get out of here with your stupid ass shit. Btw anything is better than being a pick me (if you're really not a moid)

this. kek

No. 352916

This single sentence fucked me up. Sad. I wish the best for you, nona. If he doesn't respect you enough, then you deserve so much better.

No. 352920

He says he stops but I either catch him or he admits it. I have no idea how often it's happening, he doesn't really get alone time to watch it but when I'm away he always does.
It's literally the only thing we have arguments in our relationship.
I'll still choose him over another man even with the porn issue, he is a beautiful soul inside and out

No. 352951

He's a beautiful soul inside and out yet he lies to you about stopping porn? Porn makes you uncomfortable and turns into arguments, which is sad. Damn. I won't pick into your post more, I just wish you peace. That's all.

No. 352977

>I'll still choose him over another man even with the porn issue, he is a beautiful soul inside and out
He watches drugged up women getting raped, he's an addict to women getting humiliated, stop being delusional, his soul is far from beautiful

No. 353036

If pick mes are women who actually care about men, treat them like human beings, and respect the fact they they have sexual urges and needs just like women do… then call me a pick me. No woman who puts down their men for their sexual preferences or calls them moids is with any man’s time. It’s no wonder so many of you are alone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353037

Worth any man’s time*. To be so entitled as to expect men to act like puppies and ignore their personal needs to prioritize your own is disgusting. A relationship with a man is a partnership, a friendship, it’s mutual respect. It’s shared responsibility, openness about sexual needs and desires. It’s not training a man to be subservient to you while completely dehumanizing him and ignoring his desires, faulting him for his shortcomings, etc.

No. 353039

Suggest watching porn with him that you both enjoy. You pick the porn. Share the experience with him instead of being insecure about the fact that he enjoys it. It can be fun foreplay if you’re open minded(dumb bait)

No. 353040

I have LOTS of fetishes and I don’t watch porn often, and I am not mentally ill. As a woman, does that mean there’s something wrong with me? I enjoy engaging in my fetishes, as well as entertaining my fiancés fetishes. What’s so horrible about that? KYS. You are all femcels I swear to god

No. 353047

Of all your tragic takes, this one is the most insulting. Porn is disgusting and as another anon said, mostly drugged women being raped in some way or another. If this is something OP is genuinely hurt and disgusted by, why the fuck should she try to accept her shitty moid’s addiction? The fact you have to keep sprinkling in “no wonder ur all alone/femcels reeee” is funny and telling. I think the number of single farmers isn't nearly as high as pickmes like you like to suggest. Hate to break it to you, but most men are dogs and should be treated as such. Fuck off with your wahhh muh equal partnership shit lmao just hide this thread, it’s not for you.

No. 353050

Don't reply to bait nonnas

No. 353054

How is it “bait” if I’m expressing me genuine feelings? And I’ve done sex work and I watch porn, nonnies. I enjoyed it and do still enjoy porn. What kind of porn have you been exposed to? Most of it is very consensual, sober, and sometimes homemade porn is very loving and tender, between actual couples. You’re all so sick in the head. Some men are dogs, most men are genuinely decent human beings. Who hurt you all? And wtf keywords do you use when you see this alleged “drugged rape” porn? Get help. Most of the women in this thread are seriously jaded and brainwashed into thinking all men are muhhh evil. Do any of you have brothers, fathers, male friends? Like calm the fuck down. Men aren’t creepy mean animals out to destroy your life. You’re all fucking unbearable, I feel genuinely sorry for any men in your life.(still dumb bait)

No. 353055

Newfag detected

No. 353056

You’re very likely to die alone, and never have a genuine and equally fulfilling partnership with a man. It’s quite sad.

No. 353057

Nope. Been here since 2017. Anything that makes you feel better nonnie. Keep grasping. She must be a moid, she must be a pick me, she must be a newfag. Whatever makes you feel better about someone actually disagreeing with you

No. 353059

Everyone dies alone.
>fulfilling partnership with a man
>expecting this from creatures who want her ass-gangbanged and spit on
Lol, lmao even. But whatever, I'll play along- what if my favourite kind of porn is castration porn?

No. 353061

It's bait because u are posting this in the wrong thread. If you don't like this thread don't read don't post just go away

No. 353063

Stop fucking replying to the feet fetishist male. Oh my god! Do you genuinely believe a woman is the one saying we will die alone because we don't play along with feet fetishists???

No. 353065

Kek I don’t need to have a “fulfilling partnership with a man” bc I’m married to a woman. You sure sound unbothered tho!

No. 353070


No. 353077

I know this is a male but kekking at watching porn being foreplay. No, no fingering/kissing/carressing/pussy licking/fun stuff, just watch rape videos with him and then let him reenact the rape on you! Wow go kill yourself.

No. 353079

No. 353082

File: 1697378750991.png (Spoiler Image,483.67 KB, 2388x1434, i need to do this to a boy.png)

>you pick the porn
>chooses twink torture porn
>ball busting
>cute males being whipped
>close-up shots of dick and balls in a vice
>femur-breaker tier screaming
Then what, moid?

No. 353085

Based alpha Stacy detected.

No. 353086

I’m dying laughing over all the nonnies thinking I’m a moid just because I have a different opinion. Seethe harder. I’m a happily engaged woman, who’s been with a decent man for 5 years kek. Not agreeing does not make me a moid. Having a fiancé with a foot fetish does not make me a moid. Enjoying men does not make me a moid. And watching porn doesn’t make me a moid either. I’m losing it, like it is to telling that anything someone says in this thread that triggers you means “it’s muhhh moid”! It shouldn’t be so shocking to you nonnies that there’s a woman who disagrees with your bullshit tryhard train a man thread kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 353087

I actually enjoy this type of kink too, and I’m not a fucking moid kek. Holy shit! The cope in this thread

No. 353088

Tradfags gtfo

No. 353089

Watch some cuck and castration porn with your scrot or he's boring and vanilla.

No. 353090

Then why are you even in this thread? What is your purpose in this thread? To seethe and hate men as a whole I’m guessing.

No. 353091

As I said, we enjoy exploring kinks together, what makes you think we haven’t already delved into that?

No. 353092

You really need to spend less time in moid spaces. Women would never naturally agree to their partners watching porn because it's inherently humiliating and disrespecting. Those who do only do so because we're socially brainwashed/bullied into doing so.

No. 353094

Stop replying to the male/baiter. Replying to obvious male posters id a bannable offense. Why the fuck are you entertaining someone that you know is either a male or a baiter?

No. 353095

Unfortunately there's women who're genuinely brainwashed into agreeing with this shit so who are you to tell me that is or isn't a moid?

No. 353096

I’m done trying to convince you idiots that I’m a woman and don’t have a dick. If that’s how you all want to cope with the fact that I have a very different opinion, then go for it. I’m not going to post my fucking vagina with a time stamp that says “NOT A MOID”. Nonnies in this thread are deranged. Enjoy trying to “train your men” kek I’m out

No. 353100

based af. men should be trained to want to cut their dick and balls off, but not troon out.

No. 353101

Have tried this, he ends up putting it onto his own because he's not into what i am into (male dick stroking).
All the shit he has put on is the same body type and hair colour. Idk how one could not be insecure about that. Guess they are just stronger women than me

No. 353102

Nobody asked you to post your so-called vagina. You should have left the thread a long time ago. You’re the one who is seething to ridiculous levels. And yeah, I’m married to a woman but I used to date men so I like popping into these kinds of threads kek cry about it to your oh so perfect and fulfilling man who popped the question 5 years into the relationship.

No. 353107

It's a man who's saying we should agree with feet fetishes or we will die alone. Even pickmes don't entertain feet fetishists, lmao.

No. 353108

No, it's not

No. 353112

Quit replying to baits. At this point I think it's the baiter samefagging

No. 353113

I’m trying to understand what is so wrong about a couple enjoying a foot fetish together? It’s not that weird at all. There are much worse fetishes

No. 353204

File: 1697416279862.jpeg (125.44 KB, 1908x1146, IMG_2146.jpeg)

>Foot fetishists try not outing themselves as completely unhinged and deranged: impossible edition

No. 353307

Oh I see this shit is still going on.
The cringe is too strong. Imagine suggesting this deranged shit outside of preddit. Also us being sick in the head for not enjoying porn is peak comedy.

No. 353568

Don't let a pornsick moid determine your own self worth, he doesn't deserve you if he's making you feel like shit. Don't let him make you a porn widow.

No. 353797

How do you deal with the fact that even when they stop watching porn they still can rethinky porny scenarios in their head?

No. 353800

what do you want het women to do then? kill themselves? feel miserable?

No. 353876

NTA but I am straight, and have had relationships and sex before so not a virgin or "femcel" as some TikTokfags would call it.

You are incorrectly assuming that you'll be miserable if you don't have a moid. Stop falling for that propaganda. Women are objectively happier on average being single; it is moids who, on average, end up gaining an advantage and whose lives improve when they marry a woman. I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than allow a scrote to trick me into thinking he doesn't get off to the abuse of women and doesn't have pedophilic tendencies, a moid who will probably want me to dress in humiliating ways for him and shave my body hair because porn and media have trained him to hate my body's natural, healthy, mature state otherwise. Even if he truly loves you oh so much, what if he breaks his dick due to his increasingly degenerate tastes as it often happens? And that's only if you're lucky, because many will want to force you into cooking and cleaning and/or get you insecure enough about your body that you'll feel like you have to get plastic surgery and turn yourself into a living sex doll just to not make him leave you. If anything, it sounds to me that not having to worry about any of that shit and much much more leads to a less miserable life. Even though I naturally feel sexual desire for men from time to time, who cares if I never find a moid who's compatible with me and isn't a porn addict, neither romance nor sex are the only purpose in my life.

Oh no, whatever will I do! Because everything that matters in this world is to have someone to fuck, right? It's not like I can get meaningful relationships from my family and friends, right?
"Dying alone" might be the worst outcome to you but not everyone gives as much of a shit about it as you do when you can do so much more with your life. Shocking, right?

>Do any of you have brothers, fathers, male friends?
they're all porn addicts that get off to borderline illegal teen "fake" rape and fetishized incest, just like 99% of all males nowadays. Any moid you meet, including those in your family, is bound to disappoint you eventually due to this fact. Even if they have cognitive dissonance and they appear to respect women whenever they're not browsing the internet or talking about women and sex with their scrote friends. Thousands of men who maybe could've been decent boyfriends and husbands 50 years ago stand no chance against the out-of-control porn industry of today. Porn is now everywhere and it ruins the minds of everyone who consumes it, even women.
Any retard who thinks about it for more than 2 seconds will realize that it's no coincidence that porn is the most popular it's ever been exactly as it's become more normalized for women and even little girls to sexualize themselves every day and when the "sex-positive" movement is being shilled everywhere, and that it's no coincidence that it is strictly women and children who are overwhelmingly exploited sexually in porn, prostitution, human trafficking, and even mainstream media. Think about why it was you who sold her body and dignity to scrotes and not the other way around. Think about why male trannies fetishize femaleness by equating it to prostitution and objectification so much.

Try reading any of these:
https://theviolenceofpornography.blogspot.com/2017/10/kink-is-new-sexual-sadism.html (requires account to view due to new Blogspot rules)
If after seeing all the evidence you're still convinced that porn is good for women or even just acceptable I don't know what to tell you

No. 353926

Based nonnie

No. 353931

Why are people taking this fetish thread so seriously?

No. 353939

It's not a fetish, it's about how to make your life easier when you live with a moid. Also obviously many also don't take it seriously judging from many posts here.

No. 354404

youre just insecure(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354405

femcels do b insecure about porn and sheeeit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354458

No. 371621

You're disgusting, he's cheating on you(necroing for literally dumb infighting)

No. 371683

This advice is so based I need more.

No. 371971

I know this is months old but since this thread was necroed anyway - absolute TOPPEST OF KEKS on this level of larping and seething. This has got to be among the top 3 of the most triggered moids on this website, good job based nonnies kek.

No. 376173

sage because i have no intention to necro this thread, but i have a few tips i would like to contribute from my own experience

>1. choose an eligible nigel

you honestly have to be extremely picky at the start. if your moid has few prospects, bizarre fetishes & inability to do intermediate hygiene, this moid is not worth your time to train at all. your moid needs to have equivalent or greater IQ than yourself. you're looking for a diamond in the rough– someone that can be polished to perfection.

>2. gamify his madonna/whore complex

EVERY moid will categorize you into one side or the other. you have to play both sides of this extremely strategically. tradthots are wrong because they feel you ALWAYS should be virginal, god-fearing, wholesome, non-argumentative & obey gender roles (madonna side) while the reality is that an woman who walks the line between the two keeps their status unpredictable to a moid. moids love videogames kek so you need to be the element of suprise. if he's trying to be flirty in public and is grabbing at your hips and waist, get mad and annoyed and give him a little hell. when he gives up eventually, THEN pull him into a private corner and do something sexy and flirty spontaneously. if you fall into a predictable behavior cycle, your moid will have wandering eyes.

>3. childlike wonder

some of the nonas in this thread that talked about making your moid do things in service of you– this is definitely effective. moids love to do things for you IF you return the service with childlike wonder. inb4 weird kinky stuff, i mean like doing a small cute happy wiggle when he brings you cold water. or getting super smiley and giving him hugs when he picks a flower for you off the side of the road. im not sure if all moids are innately pedos or something but they LOVE this childlike joy that feminine energy can capture. the key is to only GIVE the wonder when they have serviced you, so it serves as positive feedback loop.

>4. have a "weakness" that isn't too weak, but something he can have a bit of worry over

i think this is why some moids are obsessed with mildly autistic girls. they want some sort of small vulnerability to see in you so that they can feel heroic when they protect you. i have anemia and my nigel loves to make sure i feel okay. once in a while ill even fake feeling a bit dizzy so that he can do his little heroic montage of bringing me a snack and water and sitting with me. he absolutely loves it. i think the key is to make sure your weakness is not TOO debilitating – if you cross the line into something nuts (like multiple personalities, shoutout to the jill thread kek) you become TOO burdensome.

>5. have at least 1 impressive hobby that you are advanced/nearly an expert in

you need to be better than your nigel at something super objective–moids love to be softly dominated in a few areas. it makes them see you as more capable. reading/cleaning/organizing/cooking doesn't count, even if you are phenomenally good at those. personally i play piano, sew and paint at a super advanced level. i put aside 3x a week to do my hobby and my nigel loves it, and he loves bragging to others about my talents.

>6. flavored suppositories

ok this is probably the most random discovery of mine, but if you buy flavored suppositories for your vagina and he tastes a neutral pleasant coconut flavor while going down on you, he will be lovestruck. i dont know how else to explain this. when i first met my nigel and he started eating me out, he insisted i must be such a healthy person with such a balanced pH level since i tasted sweet.

i have more i can share on request, these were just a few top of mind

No. 388223


I know these posts are months old but this is really good advice, nonnas. My nigel I think has a lot of potential(very high IQ and good at coding) but he's lazy and I'm trying to encourage him in subtle ways to be more productive, get fit, make more money etc but he has to think it's his idea or else he'll get feel pressured and procrastinate even more. Looking for any ideas or success stories anons might have had in using positive or negative reinforcement strategies.

No. 388226

This is so fucking pathetic. What is the point in being the perfect pickme for a guy? So he doesn't cheat on you? Men only need to show up to a relationship and have women cater and pander to them perfectly like this. You sound like his slave.

No. 388228

I've decided to just steal a male that has been thoroughly trained by another woman instead.

No. 388229

>i have more i can share on request, these were just a few top of mind
It's been 2 months but please do

No. 388231

Damn get your own dog goddamn why steal it

No. 388237

you're not training your moid, your moid trained you kek the kind of shit I have to read in this board.

No. 388248

> >6. flavored suppositories
Nona wtf, that’s horrible for your vagina because it’s full of fragranced chemicals. You don’t need to do this.

No. 388256

She doesn't care about her own well-being. She's just another unfortunate woman who has been brainwashed into being a moid's slave.

No. 388276

Straight women are embarassing(hide the thread if you hate it so much)

No. 388285

Just be happy you can date women and move on, we know we're dating dogs.

No. 388302

No joke. This is sad. Nonas need to read 'What Men Don't Want Women To Know' by Smith and Doe and open their eyes to why doing all this is so useless. You can never truly train a moid. It'll work for a bit until it won't anymore. Love you nonas and want you guys to save yourselves. It's not worth it

No. 388314

Yeah dumbest suggestion I've ever read on this site. My pussy is all natural and my nigel begs me every day to eat me out while I hardly ever reciprocate

No. 388430

they should rename this thread to "How to train your pickme". all this effort only to still get dumped for a more attractive younger woman who doesn't do any of this.(then leave, stop baiting)

No. 388489

KEK mods call this bait but not the anon putting herbs and spices in her coochie

No. 388561

are all mods here cockloving whores or men?(ban evasion)

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