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No. 353262

What do nonnies think of this book?

For me it’s been incredibly informative and useful. It’s great for feeling confident and capable of seducing anyone in any situation

It’s also fantastic for awareness of tactic other people might be attempting to use on you

https://ia800708.us.archive.org/29/items/the-art-of-seduction-robert-greene/the-art-of-seduction-robert-greene.pdf(retarded newfag, use the book thread)

No. 353291

>written by a man

No. 353294

So? It’s quite useful, and a rather interesting read

No. 353295

You should have just posted in the books thread. This isn't 4chan or cc

No. 353298

Do nonnies have any suggestions for books of this sort written by women? And sure I should have posted it in books. But it’s a bit late for that now, isn’t it?

I love the concept of seducer archetypes, the historical examples, the types of “victims” that can be seduced, the anti-seducer qualities etc. (In general it’s a great basis on how not to act if you want to be viewed positively by anyone, really).

48 Laws of Power is a bit sociopathic, but I’ve implemented it into my daily life, particularly work, and it’s extremely potent

If anyone has any suggestions for books like this that aren’t written by men, drop em here

No. 353299

In general, I think this thread would be a great place to discuss seduction and seductress qualities in general.

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