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File: 1699503448789.jpg (180.93 KB, 800x368, sluts.jpg)

No. 357632

Containment thread for fujoshi/BL shitposting and hornyposting. Do not breach containment.
>No shota, no het
>No 3DPD, actors or otherwise
>Spoiler your shit when necessary
>Follow general site rules
>If you don't like what is posted please just hide the thread and move on.
Let's keep it fun and civil.

No. 357633

File: 1699503631387.jpg (123.25 KB, 600x800, justgirlythings.jpg)

Welcome sisters, don't make me cry

No. 357634

We already have a /m/ thread?

No. 357635

Anons were saying they wanted to yaoi shitpost but couldn't do it because the fujoshi thread is for more serious discussion.

No. 357636

it's a containment thread for the girls shitting up /ot/

No. 357637

File: 1699503957899.jpg (725.84 KB, 1920x1200, DRAMAtical.Murder.full.1450548…)

I always hated Aoba's design, but honya lala some how makes it work in her illustrations
I think this is meant more for horny/shitposting

No. 357638

Warm welcome from the retarded hornyposting husbando thread! Now I finally have a place to post hot m/m pics and sperg even more about sexy 2D guys.

No. 357639

File: 1699505135190.gif (1.09 MB, 478x474, peace-disappear.gif)

You should have appreciated me while you had the chance. Fuck this gay earth, goodbye

No. 357640

Stop being a faggot

No. 357642

thank you nona, i just hope people decide to use this
why do you hate me?

No. 357645

Because my boob itches

No. 357647


No. 357650


No. 357651

File: 1699510360587.jpg (15.43 KB, 346x360, f1230501d33cb2c6055b2d6ea221a2…)

hello. its been rough

No. 357659

File: 1699515739911.jpeg (31.84 KB, 432x243, IMG_0103.jpeg)

Finally, a place where I can admit my darkest secret… I like pairings where an older, uglier man is the uke and a handsome adonis is the seme. Picrel

No. 357660

Samefag, I saged out of instinct kek

No. 357661

can we use this now

No. 357662

File: 1699516981139.gif (6.9 MB, 480x480, aoba_sparkle.gif)

yes please. i am tired.

No. 357671


No. 357674

File: 1699522044979.jpg (154.54 KB, 600x845, 909f348e87926.jpg)

posting them to spite the skelly haters in /ot/

No. 357675

File: 1699522462364.jpg (345.44 KB, 1200x1055, 87r_ffa3d8641f7_3918976b702980…)

No. 357676

File: 1699522508787.jpg (Spoiler Image,234.83 KB, 2048x1520, a4671a.jpg)

No. 357677

File: 1699523129402.jpeg (67.01 KB, 446x830, D9V4U0HVUAAiqRE.jpeg)

I miss Rae drawings, her dedication to her dmc shipping was off the charts.

No. 357685

File: 1699525851474.png (Spoiler Image,624.08 KB, 800x600, __tanigaki_genjirou_golden_kam…)

Need a man like this so bad you wouldn't understand

No. 357689

yumes and husbandofags get the fuck out you have like 4 different hornyposting self insertion loser threads to yourselves this is for m/m only

No. 357692

Y'all ain't even using this thread to begin with, retards

No. 357695

File: 1699531913373.jpg (64.13 KB, 600x800, Bm8wkgXCMAUsotx.jpg)

Nothing can top DMMD as pure faggotry and memeable content. What the fuck was that game shit

No. 357713

Tbh, it could be gay moids and tifs posting about wanting to fuck random anime boys “in a gay way”.

No. 357747

How many of you nonnas are both a fujo and a yumejo at the same time? I’m really attached to a particular anime character and I like seeing him by himself or getting railed by another dude (I like seeing him paired with a female character too but there’s not much content for that pairing). I guess I just want my husbando to be happy, or at least sexually fulfilled. Plus there’s the whole “one man is hot, 2 men together are hotter” mentality at play.

No. 357753

i think plenty of girls are fujoyume hybrids. I lean more fujo but i still husbandofag a little and like seeing him with both me and other guys. it's not like he's real anyway, the more pairings the better
i really need to play this game already, don't i?

No. 357754

yes I'm like this too! My husbando is very commonly shipped with his friend but I love both characters and I think their ship is very cute

No. 357758

i think a little yumeposting should be allowed at least in the beginning of this thread, we all know why it was really made anyway. solo male pictures without any reference to het sex should be bearable. after things calm down we can let it become a pure fujo thread.

No. 357761

No thank you, you people have your own thread no need to shit up ours. The bara cow can be posted solo though.

No. 357762

>you people
i'm not even a yume and i'm literally the thread maker, i'm just trying to be diplomatic here. we all know this thread was made to relocate the hornyposting from /ot/

No. 357763

kek the other anon was right, this OCD level of insane is something else. Hopefully this diplomatic thread gets far.

No. 357766

File: 1699554569882.png (831.53 KB, 1080x1328, opisafaggot.png)

I refuse to use this thread simply because of what a faggot the op is

No. 357767

Everyone and everything surrounding this thread is cuck as fuck

No. 357768

What is even the point of this thread? Attracting fujo-haters? Watch this thread get locked by triggered mods before it reaches 200 posts.

No. 357769

Jannies have already been active and pretty much indirectly told anons to stop shitposting in other threads, so this is allowed. Anti-fujo anons will just get banned because this isn't the thread, just like how fujos who go to the fujo cringe thread get banned if they infight. Plus fujo anons were the ones who said they didn't have a thread for shitposting.

No. 357771

File: 1699555260750.png (1.14 MB, 1277x2055, lizardbitch.png)

op is annoying with the link spamming and one of the reasons why we got exiled from /ot/ in the first place. this thread deserves to die, Id rather take my chances with dead as fuck fujochan than this dump with a turbosperg watching over it like a hawk.(ban evading autist)

No. 357773

then fuck off already

No. 357790

File: 1699564129700.jpeg (84.17 KB, 697x500, IMG_2228.jpeg)

ME I swear we are the silent majority. I just want to see the characters I love. I like yaoi, yume, otome, even just sexy pics of singular guys alone. No more sister wars. Let’s unite under our love for hot fictional guys.

No. 357832

It's spergy yumes who wear an edgy fujo mask just for ~triggering~ retards and moids in /ot/. Look up, literally from day 1 they're bargaining yumeshit in this thread because 10 other husbando hornyposting ones apparently weren't enough for them kek

No. 357835

Like I want to see my husbando by himself, with another dude (uke), with another dude (seme), with 2 other dudes at once, with a woman, with a dude and a woman simultaneously, as a woman with a dude (heterosexual), as a woman with another genderswapped dude (lesbian)… basically I want every possible incarnation/sexual coupling of my husbando (except for him as a TIF kek)

No. 357836

File: 1699581704266.jpg (394.99 KB, 1684x1838, 1590061644583.jpg)

Based af nonna. I understand and agree with why there are separate threads for yaoi and yume/het content: they are two different genres and some people aren't into both and that's perfectly fine. I've just never understood the shitting on each other and starting fights.

No. 357849

fuck this retard cuck thread but you are very based nonners

No. 358002

I never got the fujo culture for this, the only somewhat attractive characters were Spy and Sniper.

No. 358138

File: 1699689395335.png (264.27 KB, 554x760, 1596233029600.png)

I think they are all super attractive and lovable and want to see every iteration of pairing of them kissing and fucking, including same class with same class.

No. 358318

>I've just never understood the shitting on each other and starting fights.
It's because when there's a "fujo shitposting thread" it takes them 2 seconds to start saying "actually we should be able to post yumefagging right" when if there was a husbandofag thread they would screech and get every fujo banned if they happened to wander in there. Absolutely no respect for fujos who they always expect to be "diplomatic" i.e. accept anything thrown at them. If you're a yume posting here then whatever, post fujoshit all you want, but the line is drawn at the "GHAAHHHH I WANT HIS DICK RN NEED A MAN LIKE THIS" bullshit.

No. 363008

File: 1701794273228.jpg (133.21 KB, 1200x757, E8Rxu60VIAAkzZt.jpg)

No. 363009

I love these two retards so much, but only as a ship, individually they're nothing.

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