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File: 1702676063563.jpeg (70.58 KB, 1400x738, modesty.jpeg)

No. 365644

I grew up in a really progressive household in a really progressive city. I always thought that my upbringing was typical of my generation but in hindsight I was raised with a level of gender neutrality that isn't really found outside of large, liberal cities.
Anyway as you can imagine I had sort of a 'lulwut' reaction when the traditionalist trend arrived on TikTok a few years ago and people started telling women to dress modestly. I was not offended like a lot of my friends are when they hear such things, just perplexed. I did not know that this discourse used to be such a big thing, I had to do a lot of reading to figure out where the Gen Z tradcons were coming from.
Anyway after hearing about the modesty police on TikTok I did sort of a review of my own wardrobe. After reviewing my clothing choices I determined my attire is modest by my understanding of the word, however it would not pass some traditionalists' tests. I have a very tomboy style, which is to say baggy sweaters, T shirts and jeans. These clothes are modest if the word 'modest' has any meaning, because they are not form fitting for a woman of my size. However, in my reading project I learned that the most extreme traditionalists think that pants on women are categorically immodest regardless of fit. I have no idea where this is coming from. The common use of the word 'modest' equates it with 'form fitting,' while the dictionary definition of the word includes all attention grabbing styles (bright colors, form fitting clothes, extremely large jewels, etc).
Despite my extremely liberal upbringing, I don't see the traditionalist pro-modesty perspective as crazy or offensive or anything. I don't think there should be laws forcing women to be modest, though I do find it odd/'not relatable' how so many women wear things that let random moids see their butts in public. Such a thing is not desirable to me. What I protest heavily is this idea that my own attire isn't modest. How are loose fitting pants immodest? They are not immodest in the way that word is commonly used, and they are not currently immodest in the West going by the definition of that word. If women wearing pants became rare then doing so would arguably be 'attention grabbing,' but it isn't rare for women to wear pants today.
So to answer the question in the thread title: yes, I practice modesty. I vehemently disagree with anybody who says that I do not.

No. 365646

I'll dress however the fuck I want. I want to show my boobs when I want to and dress modestly when I want to. It all depends on the time and place.

Only idiots would always dress sluttily or always dress modestly.

No. 365647

I dress modestly because I’m getting fat. Nobody wants to see the rolls

No. 365648

Even when dressed modestly some man will find it "sexy" so there's really no point in doing it to avoid attention. It's all bologna.

No. 365649

Modesty is never on my mind. I dress appropriatly for the occassion and as comfortable and convenient as possible at all times. If I leave the house I try to dress somewhat cute in an ultra basic bitch normie way. Any modesty or lack there of is a result of the aforementioned and never stems from a deliberate choice/desire to be perceived as modest or the opposite of it.

No. 365663

This could've gone in the random questions thread on /ot/

No. 365670

everytime i see a twitter trad moid whine about women not being modest my urge to fish something out my collection of cute miniskirts and go braless raises tenfold

No. 365673

You should pluck your eyes out instead of lusting over women, anon.

No. 365686

I always wear baggy shapeless clothes and a face mask and a hate because I hate strange men looking at any of my body parts outside. It still draws attention but I feel disgusted when I catch men leering at my exposed body parts. I’m not even joking it makes me feel like I’m being raped when men who aren’t my bf gaze at my body. I have no idea how zoomers go out in such revealing clothing and feel comfortable with gross men leering at them all day, in a way I admire their bravery but I also worry for them.

No. 365687

Hat** lol

No. 365811

I personally draw the line at the very last 2 because it's basically underwear at that point

No. 365815

Not healthy at all. Thinking of men to this extent when you dress up means you're mentally unhealthy regardless of if you show off or hide yourself to extreme degrees. Especially the face mask reminds me of someone whos insecure of how people view them rather than scared of men.

No. 365820

I think female socialization is way more damaging than immodest clothing. Miniskirts and high heels might attract negative attention but being overly humble, quiet, obsessed with group approval, humourless etc. is far worse.

No. 365836

Okay but I didn’t ask for your armchair analysis.

No. 365837

>its unhealthy to consider what you’re wearing when you’re going outside next to literal rape apes who commit 97% of violent crime

No. 365840

if a man is a rapist , he'll rape you regardless of what you're wearing. women get raped in extremely modest church outfits just as much as slutty ones. the real stacy mentality is to wear whatever the fuck you like and decenter men. don't let them live in your head rent free

No. 365841

nta but I agree with her. I know personal situations and culture vary and of course women are always stuck navigating all the stupid rules like our lives depend on it (because our lives might depend on it) but the truth is it's a waste of mental space to worry about it that much. Dressing for who you imagine is looking at you is kinda crazy no matter the situation but also: dressing modestly will never protect us at the end of the day. I kinda worry when people advocating for dressing modestly as a form of protection from men (even for personal reasons that aren't my business) because it implies women are in any way responsible for the actions of males and it's so easily flipped into blaming the women for getting assaulted if she wasn't dressed perfectly modestly.

No. 365843

Nta I'm agreeing this is true but dressing in something provocative does attract way more attention, not increasing the chance of rape or anything but moids feel more comfortable making inappropriate comments and flirting. I definitely notice moids feel more okay with touching me and being weird if I dress slutty than if I dress modest. Although if you dress modest you attract moids with weird ruining fantasies who are always abusive too

No. 365848

I grew up in an islamic home and so it still has influence over my fashion. I never felt comfortable with certain western clothes, like bikini and short shorts. I wear a hoodie and jeans in every weather, in almost every circumstance. Even my gym fashion is loose i.e baggy shirt and black flare yoga pants. I don't think I'll change because this is a reliable form of wear for me

No. 365849

the physical violence isn't worth it. It's easier to change clothes than personality

No. 365854

lately theres been a 'trend' in my country for woman to rip or burn their immodest clothes, they believe all the atrocities that happen to us are somehow a result of woman dressing non modestly and not following god, yes i'm sure you wearing three layers in the fucking boiling sun is gonna help the army sooo much. god I hate this mindset but most of all I hate that when people ask them why they didnt donate their 'immodest' clothes for people who don't have anything else to wear they say it's beacuse by doing that thet they would be 'dooming other woman for faliure' and that is in their eyes far worse, infuriating.

No. 365857

Moids will sexualize your toenails so I don't think it matters that much. For me I feel more comfortable in 'modest' clothes (long skirts/dresses and oversized things), it's subjective though, I don't like frumpy tops so some people might say it's still trashy because you can see my boob outline or whatever.

No. 365859

Samefag, didn't realize this was a run-on sentence lol.

No. 365862

I just wear whatever I want but I mind the context and the weather just because someone wears long skirts forever doesn't mean she will go to heaven faster or that she will be left alone by moids, just like how wearing strategically placed pieces of fabric doesn't mean she will be the coolest woman that has ever existed and that moids will want her romantically.
As long as the pieces of clothing fits, aren't raggedy, are clean and comfortable, I can wear them for as long as I want.

No. 365864

I've worn the same sweater everyday for maybe a month now and haven't left the house in 2 weeks. Who the fuck cares what you wear the male gaze will always exist, you can either choose to interact with it or ignore it

No. 365865

based lolcor-core

No. 365874

that’s what I mean though. Everyone always focuses on how makeup and high heels are “damaging” but when it comes to female standards of personality it’s radio silence. at least dressing up is fun.

No. 365879

I grew up in a Muslim country as well, always worse revealing clothes. Was always seen as a slut for that reason lol.

No. 365881

File: 1702752117179.jpg (49.73 KB, 426x600, actor-abby-shapiro-480772_larg…)

I practice it because my tits are so big compared to my waist that everything I wear looks immodest anyways.

No. 365898

The concept of modesty is sexist. Covering because you’re fat or it’s practical isn’t practicing modesty.

No. 365899

No. 365905

Used to be modest as a teen now not anymore because I want to work out and appreciate my body while I still can. because I plan on having kids and I don't think ill be a pilates mom kek

No. 365906

I like the look (completely non-sexually, even though it did come about from sexualized male gaze culture) of mini skirts and crop tops. I don't wear them often myself, because I don't like pleasing moids. It's a sad side effect that they will sexualize your body in their mind. But they will sexualize elegant clothing too. Can't win.
Sometimes I feel like my (admittedly) great body is wasted on being covered by sweaters and loose shirts. I don't have a boyfriend to show myself to either. My youth is fleeting.
I also always liked vintage fashion and things considered "modest", in an elegant femme fatale way. I loved wearing fashion inspired by the 30s-50s, but I never did it for moids or for "morals".
A moid ruined vintage fashion for me by complimenting how "modest" and "traditional" I am. I took it for a moidy compliment at first, until he started showing me dresses "I might like". He fucking showed me Zsusanna Anderson's swimwear brand.

No. 365917

Forgive my sperging, I love this thread, I have a lot of thoughts.

I like dressing modestly, even if it alienates me from people, or gives off the wrong idea. People have actually gotten mad at me for dressing modestly, since they think I'm either not looking like I should be looking or that I'm better than them. I have actually been encouraged to dress less 'modestly', because then I become 'more pleasing to look at' (ew).

The truth is I don't do it for any religious, insecurity or medical reasons, I just love clothes that cover me. However, fashion will always have a political dimension which is unavoidable, and people will always judge us by that which they think we covertly communicate. I could go on and on regarding how each demographic (political leaning, sex) treats me due to the way I dress.

I receive judgment from both sides of the conservative-liberal spectrum: for the former, while I do dress modestly, I do not dress femininely or in a way which is friendly or appealing (I only wear black in Winter, no waist emphasis on clothes, I don't wear jewelry, I don't do my makeup), and for the latter, it seems to them that I directly reject sexual liberation by disallowing my body from being sexualised. What thet fail to see is that I cannot possibly conform to 'traditional' modesty, because I refuse to act upon the original social virtue it represents.

One more thing. I actually suit showing skin. I look really good, perhaps at my best, when I wear short skirts, shirts that show my clavicles and shoulders, tops with thin straps etc., things that are 'in' right now. I could easily conform, very succesfully, to everyone's expectations, with immense reward… but it wouldn't make me happy, so I don't do it. My choice of dressing 'modestly' brings me no approval from anyone but myself, and this is what matters to me. It makes me happy. I don't do this for anyone but me. If I were motivated by fear or approval, I would be miserable. While this answer was very centered on 'others' (mainly my observations), the person I think of when I dress is nobody but me.

No. 365918

loose-fitting pants are considered to be immodest because modesty is built upon the enforcement of patriarchal values through clothing

No. 365925

File: 1702769424859.jpg (102.42 KB, 726x480, 1620096928491.jpg)

I dress depending on how much I want to tan or synthetize vitamin D

No. 365932

No. 365935

I feel you nona. disregard that retard labeling you as mentally ill. why does no one make the moids stop being creeps who stare and it's always our fault?

No. 365948

I do because 1) most people around me show a lot of skin and I never liked normie shit; 2) my skin is sensitive as fuck so it easily develops rashes or burns with the smallest amount of sunlight (as in, it doesn't tan, it gets greyish and soon the surface layer starts to peel off), so I need to keep it covered anyway; 3) I'm hairy as fuck and I am disgusted by overly hairy people in general, so I don't subject others to my excessive hairy-ness; and 4) I'm terrified of insects and being fully clothed makes me feel protected against them landing on me (I'd love to wear a long veil covering my face or something, might as well go full creepy old widow).

No. 366043

I refuse to sexualise my body. I can see myself being topless but wearing a bikini is degrading.

No. 366053

no one should have to explain yourself, wear what makes you happy and comfortable for you and no one else. they aren't wearing it

No. 366108

File: 1702838044188.png (583.2 KB, 728x840, Screen Shot 2023-12-17 at 1.32…)

I was trans + NLOG ages 11-17, and I still don't feel comfortable dressing in stereotypically feminine cuts AND colors (one or the other is fine, I guess? lol)
I go out braless but 9 out of 10 times it doesn't matter cause my clothes are baggy. I wish I could show more of my body in a casual way, cause I love crop tops. I'm just too insecure.
I bought picrel from LAA, but I've only worn it once with cargo pants to a party.

No. 366129

I have always wished I could be topless like men. It looks so nice and comfortable. Especially when doing outside labor and sweating so much in my bra, it feels so fucking nasty. When I had to be outside all day working for a few weeks a while back I bought big bandaids and just put them over my nipples so I could go braless, it literally felt SOOOO much better, a world of difference. but the problem is if you do that too many days in a row it starts to hurt and irritate your skin.

No. 366143

I dress pretty modestly and femininely but there isn't really a deep conviction or ideology behind it, it's just genuinely what I like. Fashion/clothing is one of my interests and I like having fun with colors and details. I mostly wear vintage-y or generic cute j-fashion dresses, and lolita.
I am really comfortable with my body but I don't like exposing certain parts that are normalized to expose just because they are personal to me, and as a smaller reason because I recognize that women get judged for having visible body hair. It's not a sexualization thing since I know everything is sexual to creeps, and I could de-sexualize myself harder if I really worried about it, and I'd rather women didn't see much if I could help it either. Idk how to explain that I just like to keep to myself.
It bothers me when I get people either telling me I'm a prude and should "show off [my] nice body" more (and it adds fuel to the fire that I'm not very openly sexual in behavior/interests), but those internet "trad" types are gross too because they basically fetishize modesty. I've never met any of the latter people in real life so I think they're really just another flavor of terminally online weirdos finding something to obsess over. Oddest nitpick I've seen from that crowd is a woman saying that women should have long hair because short hair is mannish but not too long (like mine would be according to her) because once in Ancient Greece or something it was a sign of being a prostitute? Basically just setting the goalposts so that her own hair is perfect lol.
I know people irl who would count as traditional/conservative but they are just normal and don't sperg about clothes this way. I even met a priest a while back and asked him what he thinks about the debate, and he said it doesn't matter as long as you're taking care of yourself and not wearing something blatantly offensive or disruptive, people at his church show up in shorts and sweats and he's just glad they're there.

No. 366245

I dress utilitarian, not modest. "Modest" seems like an inherently feminine term tbh and I wear cargos (so I can carry my flashlight and multitool), hoodies, boots, open carry a knife, etc. Honestly if I was a little bit more fit I'd wear revealing clothes because I like them. I used to be skinnier and I'd wear crop tops and short shorts all the time. Not together though, I wear one or the other because I think it balances the outfit. Honestly I'd wear crazy revealing shit if I knew there wouldn't be any men around. Yeah I know men will rape me regardless of what I wear, but I don't like their eyes on me at all.

No. 366254

File: 1702892058582.png (1.03 MB, 584x864, lmaolookatthewarping.png)

I dress modestly because I like how it looks for me.
My husband likes it too because it kind of shows I'm a bit spergy, personally I think it is just very flattering and makes me feel comfortable.
I have small boobs so its not like I'd have clevage anyway, but I like wearing stuff that covers up to my neck and just above my ankle. Cardigans for my arms.
When I find skirts/blouses I like, I buy multiple in different colours.
I know Shein shopping is hit or miss on this website but I really love these skirts, theyve added green and navy.
I'm starting a new job this/next week and I'm going to wear a shirt with this skirt in black. I like them because I can wear it in winter or summer because the fabric is kind of meh but dressy enough irl compared to what other people I see wear.
I may end up buying business pants but I hope I can avoid that.
Look at the warping on that pic tho damn, I didnt notice that when I first bought these skirts

No. 366255

Sometimes I do end up in an outfit that could be considered modest but other times it’s in an outfit that could be considered slutty. I just like to look cute and fashionable in a slightly punk way. Some things I love and can’t get enough of: tartan and plaid (especially pleated skirts) lace, crotchet, fishnet, velvet, silk, ribbons, dirndl style white blouses, waistcoats and dark florals. In the winter I wear a lot of short pleated skirts so I can layer with leggings and tights and be really warm, but in the summer I wear a lot of long dresses and sandals. The other day I wore a knee length pleated red tartan skirt with a tight longsleeve and then layered it with a loose fishnet top, black tights, boots and then a long green trench coat and lots of silver jewellery and a male friend who I secretly dislike told me I looked frumpy and suggested I wear skinny jeans.
Before that I wore a long black skirt, a low cut white blouse/crop top, a black corset on top, a belt, fishnet tights and black ballet pumps with a silver buckle and lots of jewellery and I got a tonne of dirty looks cos my stomach and boobs where showing a lot. I don’t really care to dress modestly and I also don’t care if people think I look frumpy but people definitely do treat you differently.

No. 366263

I don't really give a shit about modesty. When it's 40 degrees outside you bet I'll be walking around in a minimal top and I don't give a shit. Other times I'll be wearing a maxi dress. Modesty is never on my mind, except when there's a certain formal occasion in question. I never wear bras, so my nipples are basically always visible since my wardrobe consists of tight shirts. Never caught a man staring uncomfortably long, probably because I'm flat.
However, I have a pretty big ass and hips and I do feel uncomfortable in extremely tight and short skirts. I'll forever be jealous of tiny women that look adorable and sweet in short skirts while I look like a slutty hulk since I'm also tall. It's basically like this anon >>365881 said.

When I think back on all the instances I got sexually assaulted or inappropriately touched I was never once dressed immodestly, in fact quite the opposite. This is why I feel like modesty as a method of protection from men is kind of bullshit. This is of course based purely on my anecdotal experience and many factors could go into this besides the clothing, like my height that might make men more scared of me, or my face that isn't all that cute.

No. 366285

I believe in dressing well depending on the occasion, but basing your appearance on people's comfort level and expectations is weak. Live by their praise, die by their insults. Dress how you want and what you're most comfortable with.

No. 366286

I live in a hot ass country, nobody's questioning me for wearing less clothing I be a fool to do otherwise. Everyone looks at me crazy when I wear my turtleneck sweater and boots. There's nothing weird about a girl wearing shorts and a crop top in the middle of a tropical city

No. 366287

>dressing normal and comfy is now considered "modesty" instead of just… Being normal and wanting to be comfy in baggy clothes

I hate tradthots and moids so much for what they did to women's fashion.

Op I say this in the nicest way possible, touch some goddamn grass and stop giving so much unwarranted attention to what losers online who likely don't go outside say about women's bodies and clothes. For fucks sake. This walltext in the OP screams terminally online.

No. 366288

Exactly as this anon says.

For Christ sake just dress according to your climate in non restricting clothes you enjoy wearing, everything else is pure retardation and fetish fuel outside dressing up for an event or anything like that.

I fear for zoomers if this is the shit they are drilling into young women's heads now.

No. 366312

seriously why the fuck is anyone actually in this thread responding seriously about whether they dress "modestly" or not. Referring to your style of dress as modest or immodest is essentially the same as referring to yourself as a madonna or a whore, it uses the exact same framework for viewing women. No one refers to men's clothing in this way, it should unironically be a large topic of feminist discussion that higher coverage clothes should not be referred to as "modest". I can't believe I've seen literal normie fashion content creators making tiktoks and shit for "making an outfit more modest". It's inherently regressive

No. 366326

How the fuck is this tradshit thread allowed to stay up?

This. Being insecure about your body to the point you want to cover as much as possible isn't "modesty", it's insecurity.

No. 366329

>seriously why the fuck is anyone actually in this thread responding seriously about whether they dress "modestly" or not.
/g/ and /ot/ has been newfag central for the last few months. This thread shouldn't have even lasted this long.

No. 366334

I never wore revealing clothes when i was skinnier because I felt ridiculous wearing them because i am not conventionally attractive. Now that i am bigger, my style choice are just based around what fits rather than what i think looks nice, mainly very baggy clothes. Even if i was snatched and tiny i like i used to be i would never dress that way. Also, those clothes in general do not gravitate to me, i cannot pull them off. I also hate how shaving is a requirement to wear a lot of revealing clothes, i haven't shaved in years.

No. 366352

Moids don't ever talk or worry about dressing modestly do they? They will happily rip their entire fucking shirt off in public, even when fat and old.

No. 366400

No offense but is this written by chatgpt?

No. 366407

this is indeed a shit thread. Subject matter aside I hate how OP blogposted in the thread's description

No. 366412

I dress modestly, not for moids, and not because I think my body is dirty, but because I feel better when I’m covered up. I don’t cover my hair or anything, I just prefer to wear long sleeves, pants, and shapeless dresses. Tbh, this is only when I leave the house, because I actually just wear shirts and underwear when I’m at home

No. 366818

your body is made for men to look at

your genetics are a millenia-old artistic project by men to sculpt your body into a sex object, except its made with semen and cocks, not marble and hands(0/10 bait)

No. 366847

File: 1703119405803.gif (81.05 KB, 440x498, peter-griffin-discord-mod.gif)

No. 367634

men shouldn't be allowed to walk around shirtless. it's a crime during the summer how many disgusting "dad bods" i am forced to witness outside.

No. 369133

i dress modestly because i have acne on my chest and back kek

No. 371773

I have acne on my back and shoulders and I hate how it looks, did you ever find out why it happens and what can be done?

In fairness, I have facial acne as well, and it keet going past the age at which my friends stopped getting it, so maybe I'm just shit out of luck lol

No. 371775

Hair products (stop using them to see if this is it). Hormones to some degree (try DIM supplements and start eating more cruciferous vegetables). Environmental hygiene issue like clothes or bed or towels being dirty. Or just go to the doctor and ask for one of those prescription acne treatments.

No. 371777

whats a cruciferous vegetable?

also I should probably change my sheets and house clothes more frequently .__.(.__.)

No. 371779


This is all great advice and you need to practice it religiously. Change pillow case daily and do not use a towel twice. Wash on 90 degrees.

Shower with a shower gel after youre done putting stuff on your hair and make sure you got all hair product off your skin. Sleep with your hair out of your face and skin

If your facial acne is along your jawline and cystic, it's most likely hormonal and you need to see your obgyn to check you for pcos or hormonal imbalance. After that you need to see a dermatologist and tell them what hormonal issue you have

If you don't have a skincare routine, start a simple one now.
1. Wash face in AM and PM
2. MILD exfoliant like cosrx bha (no paulas choice) once a week
2. moisturizer AM and PM
3. spf in the AM

Product don't need to be expensive, make sure they are from this list to be on the safe side:

Unless there's something more serious going on, you should see improvement in less than a month

No. 371782

I practice it because hair removal gives me red dots at the hair roots and nothing works. Also have hair everywhere like my back and stomach and I want to be a feminist and wear short stuff with body hair but I can't stand the stares and laughs.

No. 371784

That's not what modesty is. That's just covering up because you don't like how you look.

Modesty is specifically covering up to avoid sexualisation (or perhaps in a more old fashioned take- to avoid causing lust in others)

No. 371785

I guess that was the reason I was modest as a child and teen in a majority muslim country. Then I never stopped.

No. 371787

You can always try shaving

No. 371789

most of my facial acne is on my cheeks, the pimples on my jaw are small and rarely occur

No. 371790

My hair is dark and thick so it shows even right after shaving and grows very fast unfortunately.

No. 371791

Then you're not shaving right. My hair is similar but if you shave correctly it should be fully "clean" for at least a day. Waxing and lasering are much more torturous than shaving imo so I stick to it.

No. 371792

I don't want to derail any longer but it literally shows under my skin as gray dots.

No. 371796

I can't diagnose you. If you want it to get better, try taking seriously what was written above. If it doesn't get better, I'd say there is an underlying issue and you need to get checked and attack the issue as well as practice cleanliness along with a simple skin care routine

No. 371817

Modesty in the sense that it implies a woman's body is something inherently sexual, no.
For anonymity in public I wish I could wear some kind of full-body/face covering in a way that doesn't call more attention to myself or imply that I believe in a retarded moid religion.

No. 372460

File: 1704911518377.jpeg (160.95 KB, 749x1070, 1704892135064.jpeg)

I don't think modesty matters a whole lot for this reason. High value men don't care.

No. 372461

File: 1704911797409.jpg (290.22 KB, 1200x1800, oversize-outfits-fuer-damen-we…)

Baggy clothes can give you anonymity in the West like a burqa would in Afghanistan.

No. 372462

The stares and laughs are in your own head.

No. 372463

They know she keeps 12 bodies on her high rise apartment and they don't do anything…horrific

No. 372467

And people say pretty privelage isn't real

No. 372476

Imagine the smell

No. 372481

File: 1704915057861.jpg (736.93 KB, 1000x1000, GDD_3B2bEAA1i7v.jpg)

I'm usually either wearing lolita/jfashion or dressed like a librarian I felt called out by the anon who called this style "autistic" but she's right so I guess I'd consider myself "modest". I'd be lying if I said it was 100% for myself though, I used to wear shorter skirts but men would stare, try to take upskirt pictures or touch me and all that behavior decreased significantly once I started wearing longer skirts. I hate that it's like that, women SHOULD be able to wear whatever they want without worrying about their safety but unfortunately that's too idealistic since we live in a society of rape apes

No. 372491

File: 1704918365716.png (2.38 MB, 1015x1352, foxy.PNG)

I wish wearing clothes like your picrel or "modest" clothing in general wasn't seen as that odd when it's mostly arbitrary. If you live in warmer climates, surrounded by people who don't put any effort into what they wear, or around people that are too concerned about following trends (which generally encourage women to look provocative or appealing to men in some way) then you will be weird in comparison. Ot but calling clothes "autistic" should really only be reserved for stuff like picrel

No. 378226

File: 1707471026177.jpg (33.15 KB, 736x724, Tumblr_l_172738378148687.jpg)

I dress modestly mostly for ideological reasons. So much women's clothing is literally made to humiliate us, degrade us, and sexualize us for men. If you look in the women's section of any big store at the mall, So many clothes will be purposely impractical and painful, cheaply constructed and revealing to the point of being almost pornographic. I feel like it's a purposeful humiliation of women by society, and we are psyopped into thinking it's "attractive" and "empowering girlboss" when you don't see men doing this shit at all.

I don't feel like I have to hide my body because it's shameful, but also I feel like it's humiliating to dress like I'm in a moidbrained porno every day for randos on the street.

being insecure about my body is just a side reason lmao

No. 378288

I dress pretty modestly most days purely for comfort. tighter/revealing clothes are less comfortable and need constant adjustments, and I hate men leering at me. I always wear swim shorts going swimming, which I sometimes feel self-conscious about (I feel like maybe I should “enjoy” being fit and young while I can), but I’ve been wearing swim shorts since I was a teenager when I had self-harm scars to hide, so I’m just used to it now. sometimes I’ll wear revealing outfits when I’m going to parties or bars, but it’s a conscious decision to be a little showy because sometimes the attention is nice when it’s on my own terms

No. 378298

>Modesty - do you practice it?
>If so, is it for moids or for yourself?
I don't want old people to stare at me. Old ladies can be brutal also.

No. 378370

File: 1707538203661.jpeg (449.46 KB, 1365x2048, 1661818731618.jpeg)

I am sorta practicing modesty? I want to literally be the only one ever to see my body everyone else can fuck off.

No. 378721

normal people do not spend hours and hours of their lives thinking about these things and instead actually interact with other humans

No. 378732

File: 1707717380230.jpg (303.8 KB, 816x1396, 20240107_233015.jpg)

I dress like pic related shoulders down.
I grew up in a poor household so it was easier to just get "unisex" (male) clothing for everybody.
It stuck and now stuff like skirts, make up, or high heels feel unnatural to wear. Rather than modest, it's more just lazy and unfashionable though.

No. 378793

File: 1707750625285.png (551.88 KB, 921x472, modesty.png)

Like I have dresses that are 3 from the left length but the top is more similar to 3 from the right. And I'd wear the two most "immodest" if I was on a sunny vacation. It's really not a picture set idea especially for 99% of nonnies where the main point of modesty is to fulfill your spirtual needs. It's important to have some courtesy based on where you're going especially regarding safety but that's it.

No. 378869

Women say they aren't dressing for Men, and they are right. They are dressing to pwn the other Women.

No. 378870

Anyone who’s dressed in revealing clothing and gone outside knows what you’re saying is bullshit. You absolutely do get more negative attention and sexual harassment from men when you wear sexy revealing clothing and many men see it as a direct invitation to approach you. Dressing like Jesse Pinkman isn’t going to automatically stop you from getting raped, nobody said that, but it does significantly decrease the amount of male attention you’ll receive. If you put a girl in a micro mini skirt and crop top and 8 inch stripper high heels, and another girl in a smelly flannel shirt and baggy pants, and make walk down the same street, guess which one is going to receive more sexual harassment, groping and gross comments from men?

No. 378871

what the hell are you talking about. I dress the way I do to have sex with other women

No. 378873

hell yeah

No. 378876

I’ve also had people get mad at me for covering up. I got shamed by other women when I didn’t want to wear a bikini at a beach. I got shamed for wearing long skirts and pants during the summer, people would stare at me, come up to me and passive aggressively ask stuff like ‘aren’t you hot’ and ‘why aren’t you wearing something lighter/shorter?’ even friends would tell me I should take my cardigan off. A lot of people in the west feel entitled to see womens bodies and it’s kinda disgusting. There was a feminist group a few years ago in my country who would walk around topless and go around snatching womens headscarves off or trying to lift up ladies skirts to prove there’s ‘nothing wrong with nudity or immodesty’ and it was so embarrassing and counterproductive.

I think women should be allowed to wear whatever they want and not get bothered or harassed for it, but unfortunately that’s impossible because womens bodies and personal choices are treated as public domain and constantly questioned and criticized. Personally I always feel better when covered up. Anytime I left the house in revealing clothing I would usually end up wishing I had covered up more because there would be some man or situation that made me feel uncomfortable. I’ve even read that American and European women are starting to carry shawls and shirts around with them nowadays so they can cover up in public when needed to. I don’t think the west is particularly safe for women anymore and rape and sexual assault cases keep on rising. I wouldn’t comfortable boarding public transport while wearing something revealing, men are just too rapey and brazen nowadays and think any woman who looks sexually available to them is fair game.

No. 378882

There was a TV show called Snog Marry Avoid in the UK a while ago lol and it featured women who looked like typical British ‘slags’ who were then given a makeover and made to look modest and dressed down. They would show the women in both states to men, and ask the men their opinion of the woman. It was interesting how they always talked really badly about the women in their ‘slag’ look, would say she looks easy, old for her age, looks like a slut and has probably slept around a ton etc, when they were shown the modest version of the woman they would be much more respectful and say mostly nice things about her. The women would also complain about how they only attracted scummy men, manwhores, rapey dudes etc whenever they dressed up in thotwear and heavy makeup outside.
Even though it was entertaining I think that show kind of blackpilled me tbh. Men really do dehumanize women who are dressed sexily, and even though they like it because they get to see womens flesh, they are very disrespectful and disgusting-minded towards those women and blame them if they get raped or assaulted.

No. 378980

Who the fuck still says pwn?

No. 379007

Gen-X neckbeards I guess, even in 2007 it was already outdated.

No. 379067

lmao this comment cheered me up considerably thank you

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