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No. 367662

A place for latina and hispanic women to chat, vent, offer advice, discuss latin american and hispanic culture. Spanish and portugese talk welcome.

No. 367680

File: 1703353938960.jpg (426.02 KB, 1296x730, Encanto_Group-H-2022.jpg)

>family looks like the Madrigals

>I'm Pepa, the one who inherited zero melanin for some reason

>Non Latinos don't believe me when they say I'm part black and indigenous

This shit is giving me aids

No. 367712

I believe you nonny

No. 367723

What's the percentage of latinas using this website? I feel like there's very few of us here

No. 367726

In /ot/ there is an entire Spanish speaking thread which isn't necessarily Latina of course but it seemed fairly busy.

No. 367747

Any other american latinas very removed from their latino culture? My mom is mexican but she grew up relatively close to the border, thought mexican culture was cringe, didn't teach me spanish, didn't listen to mexican/hispanic music. She was basically a huge Ameriboo. She's still catholic but hates foing to church lol. Idk I just feel kind of very removed from a lot of what people say being latina is like. Just a small vent. It doesn't really bother me much, but sometimes it does get to me a little bit.

No. 367781

Arent Latinos like 20% of the US population? That’s a high ratio for immigrants. Id say statistically there’s much more likely to be more Latinas on here than Asians or black women.

No. 367805

Same here, it doesn’t bother me for the most part and sometimes I forget that I’m Latina lmao. Though there are moments when I feel like its a part of my identity that I am out of touch with and should know better.

No. 367824

Same, except my parents just didn't do much to keep up the culture and would laugh at me whenever I fucked up speaking spanish.
Now I can't speak Spanish and they can't speak English.

No. 367871

I remember I said I was Mexican around some other Mexican girl who was like “surreee” bitch was just as white as me, I’m not even that white I’m light brown and I look like an Inca sculpture or some shit. It be ya own.

No. 367874

I remember when someone told me the problem that her Colombian friend was having and let them know I was supporting her. They went full "oh look at this white [nationality] supporting a dark Colombian, stfu".

I'm still a latina, you pos.

No. 367882

Yes anon, I live in a city with mostly other Latinos like me but neither of my parents are fluent in Spanish so I'm not either and now I'm very insecure over it. I'm trying to learn and you'd think it would be easy with so many people who only speak Spanish in my area but I'm just stupid. My broken Spanish makes me feel like a fake, I just want to reconnect with the culture despite having no living family still in Mexico.

No. 367883

You can always practice with us, anon. Just remember that Spanish can be quite hard because each country has its own slang or way to name an object, but learning neutral Spanish is a big step. Even in my country we speak Spanish like shit (we speak fast, we eat vowels and consonants and such), so do not feel insecure with your Spanish. You can do it.

No. 368699

People don't believe me when I tell them I'm more black than white lmao

No. 368710

I honestly relate to the white Latinos more because I'm a black Latino. Unfortunately people always think that I'm claiming that side of my identity to seem exotic but if they read a book they'd know that "that side" is just as dark skinned as me. Plus it's not my fault my dad was absentee for most of my life. I would like to learn Spanish as well. Whenever I try to practice with my dad he gets impatient

No. 369638

Aw, thanks anon! I'll try my best.

No. 369808

File: 1703879665073.jpeg (112.43 KB, 750x500, mayan-women-image-750x500.jpeg)

>Be Guatemalean
>Average height here is 5'4 for men, 4'9 for women

Height requirements are incredibly racist. Do you think any full blooded Mayan is ever going to be a supermodel, an air hostess or a basketball star? Fuck no. In America half of Guatemaleans are legally considered midgets.

No. 370009

Someone I knew made a joke about being "Guatesmallen" and it's been stuck in my head ever since.

No. 370021

I used to think the term "people of color" didn't apply to me because I'm not dark skinned enough, that shit is designed to make someone feel bad either way

No. 370024

What a cute pic. The Nonnas

No. 370055

Same. I'm considered a majority in my own country but if I go to Burger land, I'm suddenly a POC… If I make my skin a little darker thank by the sun. But I'm pale as a white paper sheet, so am I white??

No. 370090

I’m a Mexican and I am also yacqui and I’m kind of tall, (I’m also Apache) I’m like 5’7” my mom is 5’9” she is fully Mexican she gets her tallness from her dad who is like 6’4” I think some of the ones from around Texas and New Mexico are big, like my family. My mom used to say she hated being tall because everyone thought she was good at basketball but she was not. I’m considered tall but I’m like one of the smallest people in my family.

No. 370092

People for some reason (in the US not sure about anywhere else) are so gatekeepy about the culture it sucks, they’ll tell you you’re too white if you’re pale and if you’re Afro Latina because you’re black so you can’t be Latino even though it’s more of a cultural identity than a race. And race is a social construct.
Does anyone else really hate the term “copy and paste Latina” for their makeup style? I don’t do my makeup like that but it bothers me

No. 370349

File: 1704134140464.jpg (390.04 KB, 1080x1402, nasty.jpg)

I get so annoyed by stuff like this. These people don't want to learn more about other cultures, they just want to hear people with different skin colors parrot their worldview. I doubt they would be happy reading "Latinx" books from authors who supported the national socialist movement of Chile, Posadism, precolumbian human sacrifice or the tradcath life.

No. 370352

Lmao well meaning liberal white women get told they should be reading latinx authors, so they try but apparently they need to be reading radical tradcath latinx authors now?
Nothing is ever good enough, white women stop pandering to others already

No. 370353

>I doubt they would be happy reading "Latinx" books from authors who supported the national socialist movement of Chile
not even latinas would be happy reading that shit, gringa retardada.

No. 370355

File: 1704137603060.jpg (9.6 KB, 449x277, b63cf384020fa8ed390ea25bbccb97…)

> I doubt they would be happy reading "Latinx" books from authors who supported the national socialist movement of Chile, Posadism, precolumbian human sacrifice or the tradcath life.
I don't know how they teach books in other latam countries but where i'm from we just read some important (mostly males anyway lol) authors from different countries or our own, but i don't think a lot of people read those type of books, or even agree with them even if they care about those things
Also it's a reddit post (wich seems like a shitty place to ask for book recommendations) and
>very liberal and very inclusive, so trans, LGBTQIA+, Black, Latinx
is obvious virtue signaling and the book club sound boring af

No. 370358

Are you even Latina to be in this thread? I don't know what the other anon's problem is but the mentality you're spouting is exactly what's gonna keep women divided. You could've just said the mentality op has is divisive (assuming bad faith) but instead you say this. Maybe ask white women of America why they voted for trump, a rapist before you play this woo is me game.

No. 370360

>that username

No. 370368

File: 1704144141739.jpg (65.63 KB, 999x456, 1.JPG)

Half of white women voted for trump in 2020, and almost half of hispanics voted for him too

No. 370371

So they are also idiots and shouldn't complain when other women dislike them. I'd be curious to know which Hispanics voted for trump. As you know Hispanic isn't a race..

No. 370372

I'm 5'0 and fucking god, I'm tired of all the short jokes I receive. Not my fault that I don't belong to a Finnish bloodline or whatever.

No. 370405

>Half of white women voted for trump in 2020
>and almost half of hispanics voted for him too
am i reading it wrong or am i retarded? this isn't even the right thread for that

No. 370416

File: 1704155934708.jpg (33.98 KB, 480x360, 6g9u9fclk9431.jpg)

I, for one, would love to figure out why some Latinos think Hitler wouldn't have genocided them given the chance. Chilean Nazis in particular believed Mapuche indigenous people were a master race. Shit is weird, yo.

No. 370426

File: 1704158456013.jpg (181.08 KB, 600x900, native-peruvian-woman-with-bab…)

>be brown
>go to Europe
>everyone assumes you are either Arab or Indian

It feels weird to change racial classification without doing anything.

No. 370427

Another way to look at it is 5 out of 10 white women and 4 out of 10 hispanic women voted for trump

No. 370439

File: 1704161505458.jpg (20.87 KB, 720x720, 1000005598.jpg)

This happened to me when I was living in Ethiopia, everyone would just assume I'm Indian or Arab, but not Ethiopian for some reason.
Like, people would talk to me in Arab or straight up ask me if I'm Indian.

No. 370454

Latin people are very rare here. Just better chances of someone being arab or south Asian than Latin in Europe.

No. 370526

After leaving latin America I've come to hate it and latin culture more than ever. The only things I will be passing on to my kids will be the language and some food but nothing else. Disgusting low iq culture filled with violent incestuous pedophilic males.

No. 370604

Looks like the racebaiting /pol/ troon is back.

No. 371024

>implying childsniffing "I don't want my kids to grow up in a racial jungle" Biden and the proud wife of the womanizing scrote who repeatedly flew to Epstein's Island were any better than the rapist

People voted for Trump because they believed all available options were awful and it was clear other politicians were allergic to him.

No. 371043

kek last year I was in Japan for holidays and some guy asked if I was latina… but I'm north african. And my sister visited Mexico and then the US for holidays too before and a lot of people there thought she was Mexican at first. It's funny that it always works the other way around.

No. 371081

I didn't imply that at all. You are just saying I'm implying that. I'm not gonna pretend that trump being an open proud violent rapist is not worse than sleepy Biden though. If you think it is then you can join his victims, have fun. I'm so tired of these pickme fucking tradthots infesting this site.

No. 371082

Samefag. But no way are you justifying voting for trump. Let me guess, your family is a bunch of hillbillies and this is a cope. Or maybe you actively voted against your own best interests and this is a cope. Embarrassing and funny how other demographics of women get raked through the coals for being too critical but yh let's feel bad for the Beckys who voted for the child rapist. White women stop infantilizing yourselves please

No. 371112

People thought I was Filipino, it’s funny cause they knew my last name and a lot of Filipinos also have Spanish last names.

No. 371115

I have some online friends in Russia and Australia and France and they knew I was Mexican, I guess I just look the part, I’m a little puzzled by it because all Mexicans look different to me, there are some dark native looking ones and white ones and ones who look “exotic”(like the ones who get confused for being Arabic)

No. 371123

white women owe brown women literally nothing. The only reason that feminism and women's rights even exists (or even this image board, kek) is because of white women. We'll vote for whoever we damn well please. Just because our own moids are shit doesn't mean that you own us either. We don't work for you.(bait)

No. 371154

I’ve been making Mexican food and trying to supplement the greasy shit with air fried foods and low cal low carb corn tortillas the other day I made rolled chicken tacos with guacamole. I saw someone complain about greasy Mexican food in /ot/ and like I’m just wondering HOW you can’t like it, it’s always delicious.

No. 371158

Go cry somewhere else Becky

No. 371159

>latina/hispanic girl problems thread
>some insufferable burger politics nonsense
Makes sense in a way

No. 371367

>white women owe brown women literally nothing
you owe yourself not to vote for a child rapist(responding to bait)

No. 372571

File: 1704940130467.jpg (26.06 KB, 750x706, oyfimusoqr361.jpg)

>be [latam country]
>living in [latam country]
>People think I'm from [another latam country] because I don't talk like a normal [country].

And then people say Spanish is easy.

No. 373018

File: 1705089342173.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1957x2950, E02693A0-3D4B-4BD4-B8AC-5E5EB3…)

I'm trying to decolonize my diet but I can't find anyone willing to sacrifice themselves so I can use their blood to make tzoalli. Do you think Huitzlopochtl would mind if I used my period blood instead of sacrificial blood? I am a virgin and not too ugly.(autism so great even inti would disapprove)

No. 373029

File: 1705092879498.jpg (487.48 KB, 620x620, 74274417f88eb3eef58806f3d1d5b6…)

Alguna anona de Venezuela? Odio ser pobre, solo quiero comprar muñecas lindas :,)(:,))

No. 373030

File: 1705093014896.jpeg (10.84 KB, 223x226, 690BFD42-1506-47FA-8FCC-CF448A…)


I am learning Spanish so I can talk to my grandma better and not sound like a retard, I love her she’s hilarious. Outright said I’m her favorite. I like to dig through her trinkets and talk about them with her and she has noticed my improvement in speaking.

No. 373064

I know right, I want to be able to buy husbando merch. But it's such a pain in the ass to get stuff sent here, like at all.
Something inside me dies whenever I remember that I can't just save money and spend it however I want.

No. 373069

I have the advantage that Aliexpress have a connection with my country's mail to buy botlegs or even original stuff of my husbando, but I would be even be surprised if I find stuff of my husbando in any local store.

No. 376967

Alguma anã do Brasil por aqui?

No. 380945

File: 1708571164315.jpg (218.3 KB, 710x472, epo15306_9.jpg)


Same nona, I hate living in a third world country. I can't buy all the nice cutes I want

No. 381072

File: 1708625013172.jpg (255.94 KB, 1200x900, 4971.jpg)

I think it's funny when weirdos get mad about Argentina being too white.(racebaiting)

No. 381073

File: 1708625676842.png (738.17 KB, 1021x830, World Cup.png)

See the infamous Washington post about why "Argentina shouldn't have won the world cup because they're too white!".
If the writer was a real Argentinian (and not 9th Argentinian generation like she claimed at first), she would know Argentina didn't win for being white, they won because France team sucked at penalties and Argentina team grab the one players that play better. Hell, even Maradona wasn't white but people kissed his feet and ass for being good at football before the drug addiction.

No. 381083

File: 1708629888583.jpg (353.36 KB, 1668x2388, k2buludsysgb1.jpg)

Anti whiteness is wild. When schizos do things like this I never know if they include everyone with pale skin in their hate. Even if they specify they only hate colonizers and their descendants, that includes the majority of latinos..(racebaiting)

No. 381108

Americunts think all hispanics are brown, eat and tacos burritos and wear gigantic funny hats(racebaiting)

No. 381126

File: 1708648548801.jpeg (221.68 KB, 1365x2048, licensed-image.jpeg)

like picrel. She's white as hell but she would rather be POC (Puerto Rican) because white Latinos do not exist.

She's reason why America Chavez failed.(racebaiting)

No. 381230

As a Latin American I can't really grasp the burger concept of race. Plenty of us are racially ambiguous, while others just happen to pass as white, despite being just as mixed as the former. So what exactly is the line between "white hispanic" and, uh, regular hispanic? Do they have a one drop rule mentality for everybody or was it just for African Americans?

No. 381273

Why is the thread suddenly full of moidy /pol/ racebait?

No. 381294

because all the actual latinas are in the general thread on ot

No. 381321

Latin American people are obsessed with race and colorism more than people from the US. The US has a huge Latina/hispanic population and more English-Spanish bilingual people then all the latam countries combined, so I’m not sure why you think that. US latinas usually just view themselves as Latina, and Latin Americans are the ones who make a huge deal over their white or black heritage

No. 382739

File: 1709435467887.jpg (44.74 KB, 439x451, 1000013132.jpg)

Today I had this weird realization I guess? I hope I don't get banned for racebait, I'm not really trying to start anything, I just need to put this somewhere because my friends wouldn't understand.
So today I wore a dress to run an errand, nothing too crazy, I've been losing weight so I've been feeling better about myself.
But when I got home and took a shower, I noticed that I didn't perfectly shaved my legs, and I went out like this, and I didn't care, I still felt nice because I like to wear that short dress that looks better on me now that I've been working out and such.
And I remembered what my best friend said, that when she was visiting Europe, she didn't feel like she needed to shave at all, she felt perfectly fine as she is. But that made me remember how I felt like I was being judged harshly while visiting Europe because of my skin color, even though I probably, if not, surely I have a more stable life than the average European person of my age back then which let me travel back and forth.
I felt like I was being judged terribly like how I felt traveling to the Arab emirates, like everyone thought I was walking trash and that no matter what I wore, everyone felt as uncomfortable around me as I felt around everyone else.
At stores I would get followed around even though I subconsciously put my hands behind my back or just as close to my body as possible because I don't want to seem to be stealing. I also felt like people were pretty rude in general, specially at restaurants or any establishment really. It wasn't all of the time but it was still pretty uncomfortable.
It's kind of crazy to me how two people can have such different experiences even if they have the same passport.
Whenever I travel I feel like I have to look perfect all of the time, sometimes I even wear high heels and makeup. But my best friend was capable of just feeling comfortable and being herself, and like she was just part of the crowd.
I need to stop thinking about these things whenever I travel or just go out in general.

No. 382742

>and more English-Spanish bilingual people then all the latam countries combined
KEK what does that have to do with the race thing the other anon said?
i don't get why that's important either, like why would people living in their country need a second lenguage from a different country if they aren't even there anyway?

No. 382748

Because the US has a huge Latina population and aren’t disconnected from the culture of the country their parents or grandparents immigrated from, and people here care less about race than people in latam countries. The ‘burger concept of race’, as she said, isn’t how she described it

No. 382763

Sim, noninha, mas cheguei atrasada demais

No. 389429

I'm Mexican on my moms side and grew up with that part of family and I grew up in a town that is mostly Mexican immigrants/2nd, 3rd, 4th gen Mexican and I recently moved to the south in a state with a mostly white and black population. I am considered to be pretty white looking where I'm from but in this southern town it seems most people can tell my mom is brown just by looking at me. Although I speak spanish, my English is just as good if not better and people treat me like a foreigner sometimes. It's really surreal experience for me because in my hometown I was the werita the pochita fresita of my friend group. But here I have had both white and black southerners ask me if I'm foreign. I even try to sound as American as possible but some of them still treat me like I shouldn't even be here when I was literally fucking born here. This is an issue I never faced because even though my more Latino friends back in my hometown pointed out how European I looked, here it is like I am tainted or something. It makes me kindof sad but I also feel like I understand how some of my black friends in my hometown felt being treated like outsiders by the Mexicans. I am by no means hung up on skin color like other Chicago's are. I find the whole "mejorar la raza" ideology to be disgusting (not saying having babies with white people is disgusting but if u only get with white people to have white babies rather than because u love the person that I find to be fetishy of white people and gross). Like I look Italian at best. In my mom's family I am one of the whitest looking family members so it's jarring seeing white people in the south act like I am some brown invader. It also didn't help when I would work in customer service and be the only one who spoke Spanish. That made the southerners even more mad but it's like dude at least I'm getting us more customers because now the Venezuelans and Guatemalans and Mexicans know a Spanish speaker works here so more profit ya know

No. 389430

Samefag I meant to say Chicano not Chicago

Pinche autocorrect

No. 389466

if you look Italian why do you think you'd pass for white?
You don't realise how different 'white' latinos look compared to anglos, the difference is there and you're able to pin it down if you're white/travelled enough or something idk
I know a lot of kids like you that think they can pass as white, and even call themselves albino mexicans for some reason lol for simply being pale skinned but you can tell they're not white and then get shocked when white people pin them down and ostracise them
Also, racist whites like that will hate you for simply knowing Spanish, they have an inferiority complex about it

Please be mindful of the racists who will never be serious with you and only string you along if you plan on dating.
I hope it goes well for you because most racists are forever racists. Some can at least respect you for being 'capable for your race' at best but who wants that

No. 393930

File: 1714173455293.jpg (759.72 KB, 700x933, Tlalocan.jpg)

I just learned the culture of my ancestors enabled systematic child abuse and I'm not sure how to process it.


>According to Bernardino de Sahagún, the Aztecs believed that, if sacrifices were not given to Tlaloc, the rain would not come and their crops would not grow. Archaeologists have found the remains of 42 children sacrificed to Tlaloc (and a few to Ehecátl Quetzalcóatl) in the offerings of the Great Pyramid of Tenochtitlan. In every case, the 42 children, mostly males aged around six, were suffering from serious cavities, abscesses or bone infections that would have been painful enough to make them cry continually. Tlaloc required the tears of the young so their tears would wet the earth. As a result, if children did not cry, the priests would sometimes tear off the children's nails before the ritual sacrifice.[7]

>In History of the Things of New Spain Sahagún confesses he was aghast by the fact that, during the first month of the year, the child sacrifices were approved by their own parents, who also ate their children.[9]

Tlaloc, by the way, rules over Tlalocan in the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. I'm not sure why Disney thought honoring a brutal god who demanded the tears of children was a good idea.

No. 393977


Both these comments are so funny because I’ve been thinking about this for years atp.

One of my parents is 100% European, non Hispanic, and the other is mestizo. I am actually white looking. Not the way Hispanic people use the word “blanco/a”, where all you need is to have ambiguous features and slightly lighter skin, but fitz level 1 skin, strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, and have my white parent’s facial features.

Once, there was this guy who didn’t believe I was anything other than white until I showed him pics of my family. This is a fully Polish boomer moid from the NE. As soon as I proved it to him, the flip switched, and I was no longer white to him. “You can look white, but you’re not actually white” is what he said during the convo lol.

Which is literally true. I’m like 81% euro and 19% native according to dna testing. The race thing doesn’t bother me idc. But I remember my fully white neighbor saying something that realllly pissed me off when we were kids. She asked, “What’s your ethnicity?”, and I replied with both my parents’ backgrounds. She followed up with, “Yeah but you’re not really [insert Euro culture] like me, you’re just Hispanic!”. Man that shit gets me angry just thinking about it today lol. She didn’t realize, since we were children, she was erasing one of my parents in favor of the other, but omfggg I cannot stand this. I love both my parents, proud of both them, and someone “taking away” one due to the other…that’s just how some people operate.

The point is that you can literally be a redhead with blue eyes and unquestionably WASP-y features. It doesn’t matter. If you’re mixed with anything, INCLUDING an ethnicity outside of Europe, some people will not consider you white, or they won’t consider you “actually” white or smthn, to the point that if you’re mixed, you are now labeled under “Hispanic” in their mind, even if you’re closer to the non-Hispanic parent’s culture.

I feel like a lot of Hispanic people who haven’t been around white people that think like this get offended/insulted/sad because you were constantly told that you’re the blanca of the family. You’re treated better too, if we’re being real. You’re the light one, the one with pretty eyes, the one with red cheeks, the one with the “better” genes (fuck mejor la raza btw) etc. Just for stupid bullshit like that, we’re unfairly favored.

It can become a huge problem especially for immigrants. For example, I have a little niece who gets told she’s “white” by my family, even though she’s very obviously mestiza. My niece calls her brothers “negros” teasingly bc this is what the family taught her to do. It’s just the culture, right? But one day, my niece is going to grow up, and she’s going to realize that actual white people around her don’t view her as one of them, and in fact may treat her a little less than, and it’s going to suck at first because of the retarded colorism her parents taught her.

I can’t relate as far as perception on first impressions go of my race, but when it comes to the cultural thing, hell yeah, it drives me up the wall. I grew up in a 90% white town just north of one of the most diverse areas in the U.S.; ironically, this has only happened to me 3x. But with that being said, I kinda wish more of us - both full and half - were aware that there are parts of the country where, again, it just doesn’t matter. You’re not going to be viewed as one them, at least not all of them, and that’s okay. It’s just that the colorism and racialism we’re surrounded by in our families doesn’t fit into the strict parameters of the American view of race/ethnicity.

No. 394005

Que hueva me dio leer tu comentario todo woke. Si no te gusta no los veneres.

No. 394010

>menciona wakanda
Pueden por favor los gringos de este thread no mencionar a sus "ancestros" y al mismo tiempo a marvel y disney?

No. 394118

I feel most comfortable around other Mexican Americans like me, but I do feel left out when the conversations are exclusively Spanish. I'm a 3rd generation MXAmerican and was never taught proper Spanish. I started talking to this guy who has similar life goals, values, and his career is in a similar field. The thing that's making me anxious is I found his TikTok and he has more posts in Spanish than English, meaning he's probably more comfortable speaking his native tongue, so he'd probably prefer to be with someone who also is a Spanish speaker. When it comes to children, I'd like my future children to know Spanish, so if all works out he'd be the one to teach them better.
It's just overall weird being in my 30s in the dating world and preferring Mexican men who are sober lmao. Is it maybe too limited of a preference? but this is something I'm becoming way more comfortable acknowledging.

No. 394123

>The thing that's making me anxious is I found his TikTok and he has more posts in Spanish than English, meaning he's probably more comfortable speaking his native tongue,
How is this a problem? Just practice Spanish with him. If you need to practice Spanish with anyone you can learn it with your family too. There's options out there. If this is of any help, you could also ask questions in this thread. I might be able to assist you as well

No. 394130

That's true, one of the first questions he asked me if I knew Spanish and I said it's beginner level and he decided to continue further so it's not a big deal for him. I let my worries take over. I'm practicing at my job speaking to bilingual children and their parents so I think that's a good start.

No. 394150

Interesting post.

Just learn Spanish? You have your foot in the door already if you know some, proper or not. Also, sober Mexican men aren't exactly rare, I've known more sober ones than addicts and I'm not even from a particularly great neighborhood either.

No. 395220

Comparing UAE to Europe is a bit crazy here. Even in the US people are still super racist depending on where you live. Some white people do not care and others treat you really badly. I'm white but growing up in AZ and CO I've noticed this, some places the two mix together very well, and other it has a very segregated racist feel.

No. 407159

That's definitely true. White peoples definition of white is like.. idk Slavic or British looking. And where I'm from, where it's mostly Mexican immigrants and their kids and grandkids, white is when you're not dark skin. I am just so used to George lopez looking people in my family in friend groups calling me white. It was a culture shock moving to a southern state where the white people look like mama June and honey booboo.

Also I feel very called out with the albino mexican comment. Lol I definitely used to refer to myself as a vanilla bean

No. 407167

I noticed when I am talking online to a person from Latin America I don't mention that my mom is Mexican, they are impressed by my spanish speaking/writing skills but then if the topic comes up somehow they are kind of like, annoyed with me? This happens like 90% of the time when I talk to Mexicans. Like we will literally be online besties but then when I mention I have family in Guanajuato they are like disgusted and tell me how I talk like a ghetto mexican. I literally had one dude tell me I talk like a Blood in Blood out character.

But when it's someone from any other country they aren't annoyed per say but they will be like haha ur so mexican!!

I also notice Mexicans will kind of be upset I don't identify as mexican, like they think I'm ashamed of it. But they will also get annoyed that I mention it like I am stepping on their toes and trying to act like I'm more mexican than they are. Non Mexicans seem to accept me more and will be omg u are latina like me ! And they will positively bring up me being Hispanic and how it's a good thing I can communicate in Spanish

So now I don't mention that my family is mexican if I can avoid it mostly because I don't wanna piss actual Mexicans off with my ghetto ass Spanish. Which makes me sad because I like talking to people from different countries and I like hearing from people in mexico but because me being like gringo washed pisses them off I mostly make friends with latinos from Argentina.

No. 411120

I wish there were more spaces online to talk to other Latina women. I feel like using the internet too much is seen as lame and pointless in our culture. I guess its a good thing as it makes us a less terminally online peope but for introverted latinas like myself its already so hard to make friends irl let alone online

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