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File: 1703375758195.jpg (237.16 KB, 1080x705, cokeasian.jpg)

No. 367797

A place for Caucasian women to chat, vent, offer advice, discuss European and white cultures.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367816

hm. maybe this is a good place to complain about the fetishization of various white races.
i think that slavs get the bulk of it, from both western AND non-white men. slavic girls get both the "submissive cute demure housewife" stereotype asian girls get, as well as the "sex goddess hot slut" that latinas and black girls get. both madonna as well as whore. you can't even escape it by altering behavior against the stereotype, because then you fall under the other one.
there is also that savior complex western men have when they try to date us. a german seriously tried flirting by offering me a "life in germany, where he has his parent's house we could live in" and was suprised when i laughed at him and said i prefer my own house in my own country. they think we will eat their ass and thank them, if they toss euros, dollars, or pounds our way.

No. 367818

Now this is embarassing, just because the others have a thread? kek
We already have a euro thread and a murican thread, we don't need one together.

No. 367819

I’m Slavic and I think this is a dumb thing to complain about, personally. Having positive stereotypes is a privilege for us and makes dating much easier because people already have positive preconceived notions about us from the get go.

No. 367821

Also, I think I’m pretty plain/average, like a 5-6/10, but when men learn I’m Slavic they suddenly think I’m beautiful, kek.

No. 367823

White girl problems aren't a thing. We can have problems due to being mentally ill and/or due to moids being shit. But none of that is because you're a specifically white woman.

No. 367827

i have over $100 in starbucks gift cards people have given me but i don't like starbucks. people assume that just because you're a caucasian women you're constantly feening for starbucks but it's not true.

No. 367828

Is there a name for the white version of an Uncle Tom? Meaning a self loathing white person who self flagellates to appease other ethnicities.
>inb4 liberal/SJW

No. 367831

The reason I’m asking is because I see a lot of white feminists doing this around poc women, and it makes me cringe.

No. 367832

The white woman is the most controversial figure in the world.(bait)

No. 367833

I mean I don't know that the thread is super necessary, but this isn't true at all unless you only have other white people in your life

No. 367836

Speak for yourself, I'm good

That's literally how it is for the majority of non-americans tho? Meaning again, the murican thread would suffice

No. 367838

These kind of threads should belong in /ot, like the country threads.
I don't think they fit in /g.

No. 367845

People took the phrase “weaponized white women tears” and ran crazy with it.

No. 367846

These are stereotypes based on location not skin color, nona.

No. 367847

Feels like youre just looking for something to bitch about without any real basis tbh.

No. 367848

people keep asking me if I'm a taylor swift fan. WHY.(bait)

No. 367850

i'm a girl with no problems.

No. 367852

Murican problems, nobody would ever do that to a european girl

The only "problem" white people have is skin aging and a tendency to gain weight/get flabby. Thw former is something you need to learn how to cope with and the latter is something you can control. All other negative aspects in our lifes are never due to our color.

No. 367853

I’m beginning to think this is true, look how many seething baiting replies this thread got in under 2 hours.

No. 367854

Although I have a feeling it’s the same moid from the black girl and Asian girl problems threads who is currently shitting up the board with troll posts.

No. 367855

>implying the thread itself isn't bait

No. 367859

File: 1703385073995.jpg (242.01 KB, 1600x1069, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg-converte…)

questionable thread title, but that reminds me, i hate the slavic stereotypes you mentioned with a passion, so how do i channel the evil hollywood russian stereotype? how do i inspire the same fear and unease as the evil gymnast girl from the spy who dumped me? it would be very useful. i already have the accent, just missing the looks and the childhood trauma. tips?

No. 367861

File: 1703385412091.jpg (436.6 KB, 2727x1818, uighur-mihrigul-tursun-ap-1833…)

Any eastern euro anons who moved to the west and now have to deal with being viewed as le ebil yt colonizer "your people owe us" garbage? Burgers are so far up their own asses not only about that but their white guilt too. Sometimes I wish I never immigrated from my third world poverty shithole, at least racial tensions weren't an extra added thing to deal with in daily life. Similarly interesting that immigrants from eastern diasporas (Uighurs, Siberians) who look more asiatic get treated like social justice queens even though we are literally from the same background, speak the same language and probably have the same great great grandpa. I have friends who people assume to be more knowledgeable about our mother country and culture because they LOOK like a ~exotic poc~ to Americans. Don't care if this is a bait thread I have nobody else to talk about this with.

No. 367862

white anons can't stand a minute without victimizing themselves and not comparing themselves to women of color. the victim complex most of you possess is akin to 4chan scrotes crying about muh white genocide. t. a white woman

No. 367863

>t.a. "white" "woman"

No. 367877

File: 1703389955552.jpg (118.99 KB, 960x720, tumblr_mt4g2afiFR1s3e0fwo1_128…)

Why the FUCK do we need all these race-specific threads? Seriously. This is scrote-tier shit. I already dislike the "black girl problems" thread enough as it is, but if I DARE complain about it, I know I'll get banned for it. I dislike that we need to further divide ourselves on a website meant to be an open space for women to legitimately speak their mind.

No. 367884

That’s simply not true, you must be sheltered as fuck to have not experienced the pitfalls of being white in this day and age. Our leaders sold us the fuck out. And the aging thing is bs overblown, and blacks are far more likely to be obese.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 367889

Tinfoil: all these "X girl problems" threads are one moid or a discord server coordinating these threads.

No. 367892

yeah I think all these threads suddenly popping up after days of a moid fighting with people in the black girls problems thread is very sus. idk why mods don't just permaban the obvious troon that's been shitting up the whole board

No. 367896

I'm sorry you're in this circumstance nona. I used to be upset about this whole disclosure a couple of years ago but as time went on, every POC that I befriended told me I wasn't "white". When it comes to westerners, white usually means whatever white ethnicity is majority in their country; for example here in UK when they say white they actually mean white anglo-saxon British people. An american friend who would sometimes criticise white people told me the same thing, that they're referring to white Americans whenever they rant. It doesn't mean that we're not white, it just means that colloquially white refers to the ethnic majority in that given context. I never get upset or take it personally in the slightest. Hell, even in eastern europe a westerner can be a white monkey kek

No. 367921

these stereotypes brought me nothing but pain and harrassment, especially from non-white moids

No. 367926

ditto. my guess is some 4c /pol/ type.

No. 367928


It's still women talking amongst themselves, one thread doesn't negate that. The alleged moid went in our thread and claimed we'd be offended if there was a white thread and an Asian thread so he made those. Funny thin is the Asian thread is mainly Asian women talking about problems they face within their community (almost like that was the point of the black girls problems thread all along and it wasn't a cool kids club) and honestly I'm sure this thread will either die or be used the same way as the Asian girl's thread since I do trust women to be less insane

No. 367929

i thought it was a nonnie with a sense of humor.
it doesnt elude me that this thread was made to parodize the other race threads, and that most of the cultural issues can be talked about in yuro and geographical threads.

but, having said that, we can share sunscreen tips here before mods lock it

No. 367930

it is funny that the actual convos are likely women discussing real issues

you can clearly tell the race baiting in each thread. the black thread suddenly derails to affirmative action and college admissions. just so happens that leads to whites/asians getting more mentions and the discussion thrown from being about black women to being about race.

No. 367932

Moids have this delusion that women can't get along and that all it takes is male attention and opinions to throw us against each other.
It's almost comical how repetitive the actual trend of their bait in these threads ends up being.
>obvious bait about dating white men
>actual nonnas poiinting out the debate, moving on to actual worthwhile topics
>random attempt at the white male issue again
>get bullied, conversation returns as normal
>another attempt at THE SAME bait with no change between iterations
>rinse and repeat
No actual nonnas would fail to lurk or backread this hard. And it's almost comical gow convinced he is that this is going to work eventually.

No. 367937

Yes and it's also very unfortunate because we are already taught to have our guard up against racism so much so that issues related to our sex as black women fall to the wayside which is why some black anons suggested staying on lsa. I can imagine the black girl's thread was first created by a well meaning nonna to talk to other black women who align more with what lolcow is known for. I only started joining when the second thread was made but I hope it goes well because I truly believe that it doesn't have to be a "divisive" thing

No. 367965

well i mean your "mother country" colonized them and wrecked their shit you are not the same (siberians etc indigenous peoples who russia took over… them speaking the same language as you is nothing but a sign of how russians forced their language and culture on them lmao!!)

No. 367967

White girl problems are the sun burning you to a crisp in 2 seconds because your pale skin ain't doing shit to protect you from it, and your whole ass family being brainwashed into thinking prematurely aged and damaged skin looks better because it's 1 shade browner than your normal skintone. People here would rather do blackface levels of tanning, real or fake, than be their real pale skintone.

My mom, aunts and grandmothers spent my whole life calling pale women ugly, pasty, unfortuante, sickly-looking, and countless other insults while praising darker skin. Someone being mixed race enough making them look tan at all was the ideal. Everywhere had ads for tanning beds or fake tan lotions. Just because it's not "racism" (since they're all white) doesn't mean that didn't harm us growing up with shit beauty ideals. I know not all americans are like this, but any time I've told one about this they just scoff and tell me "that's not a thing", "reverse racism isn't even real" or similar to minimize my experience, but they'd "yasss queen" any girl with brown skin having the exact same experience (in their native brown country) in reverse where their family told them brown skin was ugly instead.
Talking to brown girls from other countries online and us all realizing we had the same issues in reverse was SUCH a huge relief and help to heal this distorted mindset we were brought up in.

No. 367977

I started refusing to tan at a very young age (around 2010) and it was not that difficult. Some women also shill blonde as superior and yet most still manage to not dye it. Meanwhile in many brown countries you will be bombarded by commercials and have disadvantages at jobs and marriage if you don't give in and bleach yourself.

No. 367980

Yeah, non-white moids are the worst for this stuff. Some of them put white women on pedestals more than white supremacists do, it's creepy.

No. 367989

Yes, born in a war refugee center and grew up not minding the taste of lightly expired food and the fighting between my parents over leaving our house too soon to be looted, many dead extended family… but had my experiences minimized and forced to make every paper or rundown of my life story with a balancing act of white guilt and center every narrative to american tastes, even after high school, where you'd expect a more intellectually open environment. American professors are so obtuse they only started giving me praise for my writing after making it exactly what they want and expected, a "we lived in America happily ever after, the greatest country on earth!" type story. (I expect the current Ukrainian children will encounter a similar yearning from their teachers to hear this praise about their host country, to set aside everything ruminating in them and just say they are saved and better off now)… even the most leftist one craved me writing that American foreign policy as well as shadow subterfuge didn't contrubute to the events of my country. Some esteemed educators didn't even know enough geography to know it has ever existed.

I do have a lot of resentment for certain events in my life that would have transpired differently and opportunities/connections missed if I looked the way they wanted a victim to look, but I'm over it now because I think the eternal victim/colonized mindset looks extra cringey on me (my country was ruled with forced conversions etc for many years so I could claim that angle if I wanted to fight for it- that's a different subject altogether). Overall, if I am to share blame for miscellaneous world events dating back who knows how long, on a continent my bloodline just stepped on, so be it. If people look at me and think "privledge", then I better make the most of it, make some money, and live up to their assumptions.

No. 367993

> without victimizing themselves
> the victim complex
kek anon, I think you got the race wrong

No. 368656

Why has this thread been redtexted but the others haven’t?

No. 368664

oh, this too. we are "white and privileged" when it is convenient for them, but we are subhumans otherwise. slavs, meds, and the irish have not been seen as "white" according to the anglosaxons that built america. we are still seen as "low tier" whites.
at most we have "white passing" privilege. as soon as they hear your foreign name, that is thrown out the window.
because it's an obvious racebait/parody/trollpost.
there arent enough problems or experiences unique to white girls to warrant a thread. or they are too race-specific within the "white" umbrella, like "slav problems".
when i saw this thread i knew it was bait, but it is an okay place for slav-venting. maybe i wouldnt mind an unironic slav venting thread, though we already have eastern european geography threads.

No. 368669

Well, half of anons itt think that they are dainty delicate flowers that any non-white man dreams of raping when in reality you are quite crude broads.(bait)

No. 368676

i would understand this >>367861 post better ifit wasn't from a fucking russian person. like seriously.

>people call me colonizer! so unfair!!

>is a fuckinf russian (complaining about how the people they colonized get "unfair" treatment)

lmao fuck you retards americans and slavs are the same expect at least americans can actually take some criticism slavs have biggest damn victim complexes in this entire damn planet

No. 368678

These threads were shit to begin with but the fact that some anons only complain about a white thread being made is eye-opening. I don't want to argue with anyone over race because if I've learnt something about men is that everything is a porn category to them: white, black, Asian, Arab, Hispanic, old, young, child, beautiful, ugly, fat, average, thin, disabled, alive, dead, asleep, mother, daughter, sister. They would rape anything if they knew they wouldn't face consequences. Let's not fight about X group of women not being fetishized because of their race because men literally fetishize everything. I am a white woman and I feel fetishized by non-white men and white men alike. I am European Mediterranean and I face prejudice and abuse from central and northern European men who come to my country for prostitution.

No. 368679

(also before the whiners starts whining, my people had been viewed as subhuman non proper whites by both anglosaxon germanic types and slavs so how about that)

No. 368682

I'm not white but the only reason why this thread exists is because of complaints about the black girls problem thread. If you lurk on our thread, we said we don't care if you make your own

No. 368684

Sanefag It's other white women who may not feel a connection on the basis of being white and so don't want the thread vs others who want to use it for their specific ethnicity within the white race. Every demographic is different and what works for one may not work for another but it's not fair to act like this was the only thread getting pushback

No. 368690

idk how exactly that relates to my post because i was just pointing out that some of the slavs (mainly russian slavs) here whining about not being viewed as proper whites have been doing that exact same damn thing to other people too and in that sense it is rather hilarious seeing them complain about being called colonizers by the evil americans because… well… if your people have forced their language and culture on other people and taken over their lands or tried that… what do you call that, huh…

No. 368691

>The fact that some anons only complain about a white thread being made is eye-opening.
But there's literally multiple white girls threads if you count all the eu threads in /ot/.

No. 368693

>oh, this too. we are "white and privileged" when it is convenient for them, but we are subhumans otherwise. slavs, meds, and the irish have not been seen as "white" according to the anglosaxons that built america. we are still seen as "low tier" whites.
at most we have "white passing" privilege. as soon as they hear your foreign name, that is thrown out the window.

as an irish person this is so dumb kek. we were seen that way in the 19th century but have been fully assimilated into being considered white for a long time now and have have great relations with anglo-saxon countries. maybe this is true for eastern europeans bc they're still poor in comparison to western europe and don't speak english but for irish people only a time traveller would consider us a "lower tier" of white lmao

No. 368697

Ayrt I thought the point of making these threads in /g/ (X girl problems) was to talk about specific issues related to appearance, beauty, cosmetics, fashion, makeup, skincare… Why would we talk about that in /ot/? There are multiple threads in the board but only the American, Canadian and European threads use English, and two of those threads aren't only used by white anons. The Dutch, Finnish, Italian, French and other threads have a language barrier and some anons don't belong to those countries.

No. 368698

>white girl problems
>90% of posts are russians complaining about other europeans
Lovely… like I said, there are no universal white girl problems, the individual country threads totally sufficed

No. 368700

I'm not white but I look white. Do I count as a white person?

No. 368702

am I white if one of my parents is european and the other is from mena (considered white on the usa census but brown in europe)?

No. 368704

I'm not even sure if the Asian thread is being used seriously because I saw an anon claim their Asian PARENT accuses them of yellowface………?

No. 368706

This thread is gonna turn into white girls from different countries fighting each other.

No. 368711

File: 1703462725540.jpg (4.63 KB, 222x148, tswift1.jpg)

Any strong opinions on Taylor Swift?

No. 368712

I've noticed that behavior but I don't think it has a specific name? "White Savior"?


No. 368713

My bad I replied to the wrong person

No. 368716

Never really understood the tanning thing growing up, especially if you burn. That being said, tanning is usually associated with the leisure class and having access to regular outdoors exercise. Think surfer's tan, tennis tan, just got back from vacation tan.

I think it's weird when people think tanning means you want to mixed/black, when it has more to do with class signalling.

No. 368719

I honestly have no problem with a white girl, as long as baiting moids don't interfere.

No. 368720

*white girl thread

No. 368725

I find her music very basic and her fans as bad as kpop stans, but the taylor swift pr machine fascinates me

No. 368736

I don’t know if this thread is safe but I sit on my ass and think all day about women’s issues so I have formed opinions on the subject of white women specifically.

I think it’s fucked up when I hear progressive takes that I agree with make a specific point to say they’re issues exclusive to marginalized women. Because white (sometimes heterosexual) women aren’t suitable to protect from abuse.
For example I saw someone critiquing the porn industry for abusing women, but only because marginalized groups of women suffer from fetishization. Are white women not allowed to be a victims? It just really rubs me the wrong way. I care about all women and preventing their abuse.

I also don’t know what “white feminism” means despite hearing it for years. It’s used by many different kinds of people just to describe feminism they don’t like. It’s not consistent.

Also, moids being sexist as fuck and adding the word “white” in front of women to absolve themselves from criticism. You can’t call out their misogyny otherwise you’re actually racist. God I hate liberal men they’re just as bad as any other man but deflect by cloaking their bigotry in progressive language.

That’s really it.

No. 368748

White girls get unbelievable amounts of shit on social media all the time for the specific crime of happening to be white women. From the 'white girls fuck dogs' bullshit through the Karen-calling and into the constant twitter threads of specifically white women being called the most promiscuous whores on the planet.

No. 368753

Women of other races are often dragged by men, frequently of their own race, for similar reasons actually. I see it bleed over into unrelated spaces if it goes viral enough.
I will say that it’s true that WW online are in a unique position when it comes to criticism. White women are undefendable from a liberal/progressive perspective and they’ll never police misogyny (against white women) if there’s enough lib men and pickmes using roundabout language to recontextualize her as an oppressor.
I don’t think this is as true as libs make it out to be. I think white women can and do perpetuate oppression, yes, but 90% of the motivation as to why they’re vilified is because people want to be misogynistic but can’t get away with it unless they say “white” before they do.
It’s the same way TERFs/swerfs are treated online, and there is a definite overlap. It’s just a group of women deemed acceptable targets for misogynistic abuse.

The “fuck dogs” thing is just pornbrained male projection. Men across the board sexually abuse animals at much higher rates than women, to an absurd degree.
The “Karen” meme is acceptable misogyny against white women combined with men’s visceral hatred of older women who they deem unattractive.

No. 368754

So many white women jokes are just blanket misogyny that can apply to any woman of any race scrotes deem as 'stupid' but are too afraid to say with their whole chest.

No. 368786

progressives don't take class or misogyny seriously which is why they make stupid takes. They think o white women as the default women and there's no need to talk about the mainstream women when you get way more points for larping as marginalized women. a lot of hat they say "white feminsim" is is third wave/neoliberal feminism, but that hits too close to home.

I wouldn't be surprised if the rise of tradwife stuff is connected to anti-white women animosity in leftist circles

No. 368789

I don’t see anyone but radfems give tradthots any pushback. If libfeminists/leftists believe any lifestyle choice a woman makes is an act of female empowerment, why would they make a fuss? They can’t defend the exploitative sex industry on the basis of free choice and hate on tradwives for exercising that very same “free choice”.
Actually, nevermind, the only thing they’ll mention is how pickmes for conservashit moids are perpetuating racism with their 50s aesthetic while their husband demotes them to the status of subhuman.
If more and more just seems like women are entirely ignored and if their mistreatment is unavoidably apparent, it is reduced to “her choice”. The only wrongdoing going on in a “traditional” marriage where women are deprived agency and subjected to abuse is that they may potentially have racist thoughts.

No. 368792

One of the reasons why I resisted feminism for the longest time was because of the insane focus on choice, as if choice isn't connected tot he context, or the consequences of said choice or of it was a fair choice at all. Is an impoverished girl in Romania "free" to become a prostitute if she has another options? Is the hijab really a choice when there's a real death penalty for removal and eternal damnation in hell? It's so easy for liberal women to focus on choice, because they grow up in sheltered environments and only listen to women who go along with the narratives

No. 368793

I see it as a double meaning. Leftists hate white women because she represents western femininity and luxury and they want that for themselves but they can't deal with the cognitive dissonance of their own hypocrisy. And they do hate women in general and are thrilled to have a politically correct way of venting this. I've seen this pattern repeat with the "evil white cis gays" that troons love to use. It's almost always the most self-hating weirdos who push this

No. 368794

*has no other options

No. 368805

A White girl problem? The way misogynists get a free pass if they add >white before complaining about women.

No. 368806

The way this turns into a victimization context is embarrassing.

No. 368813

see >>368690

retard. point isn't who is the biggest victim, point is that whining about not being viewed as proper whites is hilarious coming from people who do that shit to others especially when they try to victimize themselves over it.

but of course russians whining about being viewed as colonizers by the tumblr social justice kids or not viewed as proper whites by the british uglies is actual victimization we need to take seriously, also irish people's historical victimization can be used as fodder too but if someone points out that lol slavs also have their own ideas about who is proper white or not and place others beneath them THEN it is just about others having a stupid victimization contest. it's all so predictable.

No. 368844

>I started refusing to tan at a very young age (around 2010) and it was not that difficult
I did too after a while, I just had to endure being called ugly and told that boys won't like me becuase I look like I'm sick and dying. And being told I was over-reacting if I wanted sunscreen and shit like that. I just don't want skin cancer, thanks. I do still get bombarded by tanning ads and influencers, but I think it's started to go down lately which THANK GOD honestly. I wasn't really "disadvantaged at marriage" because my culture is less sexist and doesn't do forced marraige or anything though, which I'm grateful for.
>Never really understood the tanning thing growing up, especially if you burn.
People here legit think being bright fucking pink and looking like you've been skinned alive somehow looks better than just being naturally pale. I don't get it, I will never get it. It looks disgusting to me.

No. 368845

The majority of people on earth aren't white people, plently of white people live in cultures where white isn't the majority and they are literally the minority and sometimes get discriminated against for being white. But that doesn't suit the racism narrative being pushed so "reverse racism isn't real" is something people (americans) say with their whole chest.

Men all over the world are shit. Plenty of them sexualize, fetishize and even rape white women just for being white. I don't get why that's supposedly so controversial to say out loud.

No. 368849

if you ever want to know what an anxiety disorder is like, just read this book

>t. black nonnie

No. 368867

I've seen many a video of white blond women overseas getting crowded by non white men.
Or getting stopped to take a photo and harassed and touched.
I most certainly would never travel alone to a third world country as a women, let alone as a white woman.

No. 368876

>your people have forced their language and culture on other people and taken over their lands or tried that… what do you call that, huh…
Everyone did that. Mongolians, Chinese, Arabs, what's your point?

No. 368891

> Also, moids being sexist as fuck and adding the word “white” in front of women to absolve themselves from criticism. You can’t call out their misogyny otherwise you’re actually racist. God I hate liberal men they’re just as bad as any other man but deflect by cloaking their bigotry in progressive language.
I got called a Becky and a bunch of other insults by a gay moid just for a milquetoast opinion on beauty products and it really made me realize how socially acceptable it is to demean women with these names because white women seem like the most privileged to moids and need to be knocked down a peg. I would have called him out too but his level of vitriol just because I was a woman was astounding. I imagine that he thinks he can get away with being misogynistic bc I'm white and the 'white' adjective makes it a-ok to be hateful towards a woman.

No. 368897

Yeah white women in a white culture know we aren't usually being targeted by actual "racism", that doesn't mean we should shut up when mens thinly veiled misogyny is hurled at us specifically. We all know they rarely mean JUST white women, they're only expressing it in a way that will get them cheers and applause instead of the disapproval it would get if they swapped it for another race, or even just left it at just "women". "White women should shut the fuck up" makes people cheer (including white guilt woke women), while just "women should just shut the fuck up" (which is what they really mean) is suddenly misogynistic enough for people to care.

No. 368900

> white guilt woke women
I'm so sick of these women, they're the same ones who cape for trannies and will crucify women to the end of the earth just for some non-pro-tranny opinions. I feel like these guilty western women are mostly millennials who got swept up in discussions of privilege and the empowerment BS of liberal feminism and have completely lost the plot. Zoomer women are a bit different from those retarded millennial libfems but I see the same extreme worldviews and witch hunting tendencies in them as well which I think comes from extreme internet usage and so-called "cancel culture".

No. 368953

Given that this thread was created as bait and any attempt at reasonable discussion has devolved into racebaiting and infighting, we are going to lock it. The general regional threads in /ot/ may be a better outlet for some of the actual discussion that was occurring here.

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