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No. 369372

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations.


No. 369377

excellent thread pic nonnie

No. 369380

File: 1703728678195.png (264.31 KB, 732x427, argonoil.png)

I am the argan oil nonny, but i've tried numerous argan oil products. I have curly hair so a dime size for my whole head isn't going to cut it for me at all. It's weird because idk what it is specifically about argon oil that caused this. For ogx i used it because at the time a ton of women with 3c-4c hair were hyping it up and saying it was amazing. Even products intended for my hair type with argan oil are very drying.

No. 369387

am moroccan; brands like arganoil and the like made for the western market aren't good if you actually have curly hair. they put a teeny bit of argan oil in and a ton of other things to make it smell good (pure argan oil is .. stinky kek). for most moroccan hair types it's useless though. ironically as these brands go ham marketing their products as moroccan, I guess cause it sounds exotic or something. if you've got any north african (maybe even middle eastern or pakistani) shops in your area I'd recommend going there and trying to find an argan hair oil that actually has a strong concentration of argan oil. it smells bad so you should use it as a mask before washing instead of just applying it whenever, but if you get the real stuff it is really good. only thing that makes my wiry coarse hair feel soft

No. 369395

That brand is mostly silicone polymers. No wonder it dried your hair out so much, it was just coating your hair.

No. 369408

I think the fact that it supposedly smell awful in its pure form is definitely the key here because all of the products i listed do not smell bad at all. Now i am actually interested in testing out actual argan oil, thank you!

No. 369435

I have North African Roots (Algeria) but I didn't inherit the dry and very curly hair my Mom has. I've only ever seen her used Shea butter as a conditioner for her hair, she never went for any very transformed argan oil products or whatever. Shea butter really does the trick for her, otherwise she does very little, she can even get away with not washing it for five days straight. My sister's got the same hair type.
I inherited the greasy and dandruff ridden hair with some curls from my father, so thankfully I don't have to deal with buying stuff for dry hair at all.

No. 370239

How often am I supposed to use conditioner? All the bottles used to say "Use X times a week" years ago but nowadays they don't say anything, googling tells me conditioning everytime you shampoo is fine or even recommended, but then it also tells me over-conditioning is a thing.
My hair is really gummy and stretchy when wet, and online advice tells me this means it's lacking protein, and neither my shampoo nor my conditioner contain silicones if this makes any difference.

No. 370251

A protein treatment is the way to go. I experience my hair feeling like that sometimes and using one fixes it. I personally like aphogee products. if you are looking to buy one.

No. 370281

Try switching up your conditioners, definitely do a protein treatment, and see if conditioning your hair less often helps at all.

No. 370318

nta but I'm wondering what to use instead of conditioner on those days. My hair gets so frizzy when I don't use it. Just hair oil on the ends instead?

No. 387128

How do you protect your hair at night so it’s not a complete rats nest in the morning? My hair is pretty curly (2b/c?) and every time I wake up it’s such a rats nest it’s like impossible to be able to just style it from there, I have to wash it. I’ve tried braiding it, using silk bonnets and I have a silk pillowcase but nothing seems to help. I’ve always been told not to wash your hair every day but i can’t not because of the state of my hair in the mornings. I feel like it’s a lost cause atp

No. 387552

Hey nonnie, I think you want to look up how a curly "refresh" works like. I have very weak curls and they fade into a wavy mess but if your hair is more curly

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