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No. 369496

Thread for virgins and wizardettes. Talk about why you decided to stay a virgin, how to avoid the forbidden banana, struggles being a female wizard, how long have you been a virgin for. Sex havers do not post.(illiterate)

No. 369497

Stop it.

No. 369498

>the forbidden banana
it's so fucking obvious that this is an incel sitting in a discord somewhere jerking off

No. 369499

its a joke to the forbidden apple anon…my god you cant even joke around here

No. 369500

Also if anons, and they have to be actual wizards and not schizophrenic annoying moralfags, want me to change the thread pic in future threads to a witch please post examples. Couldnt find a single witch picture that had a similar vibe they are all too coomery, badly drawn or retarded.

No. 369501

File: 1703780712027.gif (31.12 KB, 716x716, 1694862625534.gif)

I'm 23, and one of the reasons why I stay a virgin is probably because I want to be in a relationship first and foremost (I kinda need it to be special). After that,
I need to be emotionally invested in someone for me to trust them fully so I can be vulnerable or stay fully naked in front of them lol. So far, I haven't found anyone yet because guys my age are either too childish or none are worth my time.

No. 369502

File: 1703780766592.jpeg (286.14 KB, 850x1261, IMG_7045.jpeg)

No. 369503

i am pretty sure there is already a thread with that image

No. 369504

31 and I just don't care about it, I only really wanted to have sex when I was a hormonal teenager but otherwise I have a very low libido and I don't even want to get into a relationship or have children. Also the only people who are into me are ugly nerdy moids so my options are very limited.

No. 369506

You were told to make it less scrote-like and you just made the same thread. Please learn to read.

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