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No. 372550

A place for Muslims, ex-muslims and women living in Muslim communities to discuss the Muslim life.

No. 372552

this thread exists on 2x already. but it might be nice to have one on here so i'm not complaining

No. 372554

i'm complaning because this thread must be made by the same retard that has issues with the Black Girl Problems thread and is making dumb new ones in any shape and form since weeks

No. 372576

How early did you start wearing hijab? I was 6 and only for fun but I was covered into wearing it full time. With threats of violence if I was to ever take it off. I mostly wear beanies now but I’m scared of my family

No. 372587

Nonnie hope you are okay, I remember hearing my cousin who was a year older than me cry during bedtime because her family was also forcing her to wear it. Luckily I made it out of that town..can't say the same for her though >>372576

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