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File: 1711236018904.jpg (71.11 KB, 735x658, 62114f1303163e911671a089d5e5f2…)

No. 386978

Post husbandos deemed unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation around lolcow/fandom spaces. Waifus also welcomed!

No. 386979

File: 1711236080658.jpg (329.41 KB, 1600x2300, FVASdzfWQAA-u62-2277867738.jpg)

Op pic is Leshy from Inscryption

No. 386984

File: 1711236918987.png (2.6 MB, 2221x3000, GEFIUZHW8AAI1g2.png)

I really don't get the hate, he's cute to me

No. 386989

i'm not opposed to unconventional husbandos but this feels a bit redundant. aren't they already allowed in the other husbando threads? like there's an anon with a Cars husbando there kek I don't think it can get any weirder than that

No. 386991

Kek, he does get a lot of hate here, stay strong nona.
The husbando thread is genuinely quite nice, I'm thankful to have a place where I can talk about him without having to deal with moids despising him or nonnas hating on the material so much.

No. 387029

Just let the husbando nonnies have fun

No. 387035

>Waifus also welcomed!
I don't qualify for this because mine is extremely conventionally attractive, but I respect when I see someone yume for the rare unconvential waifu. I saw someone unironically have Keigan from Identity V as theirs and I couldn't help but to respect that.

No. 387039

I think the unconventionality also might stem from like "this waifu clearly comes from media lolcow doesn't like" like idk Kill la Kill or something

No. 387053

Why do I have a feeling certaimn characters will be posted in both threads and we're just going to get more infights over which characters fit which thread. Pointless, redundant thread, if any anon complain about your husbando in the husbando thread just report them and they should learn to get over themselves.

No. 387058

Can't have shit on this website anymore

No. 387059

Just keep posting in the regular husbando thread and if anyone whines about it report them? I don't understand the problem.

No. 387062

Can't we just have both without the mini modding?

No. 387066

My question is where do characters like Astarion go, characters who have a few very vocal haters on lolcow but are otherwise considered attractive by most of their respective fandoms? What about characters like Griffith, characters with pretty designs but polarized reception because of their personalities and/or actions?

No. 387079

Just post whatever you think fits the thread description, it could also help the shy husbando nonnies

No. 387097

This is exactly what will happen. Sorry, not using this thread.
You know that's not possible.

No. 387111

File: 1711291193996.jpg (10.72 KB, 205x246, images.jpg)

>Sorry, not using this thread.

No. 387126

kek I'm always shocked by how much lc hates on Astarion considering how vocal his fanbase is on shitter and tiktok.
I'm an Astarionfag and he's only unconventional in his mannerisms, if you're one of the people who can't fathom flamboyant men being attracted to women. I suppose he'd also fit the thread because most of his fans are annoying whiteknights and/or tifs, but it's not really connected to him as a character. Idk if this thread will stay up, but I do think a thread of people reflecting on other fans of their husbandos could be interesting. I'm not sure if that would fit in the other husbando thread.

No. 387131

We've talked about tifs on the other thread before, like how annoyed we are with them when we see art of our husbandos with top surgery scars and whatnot.

No. 387135

there is the fandom thread already. plus I'm sure most rabid Astarion hate on lolcow comes from a couple of very unhinged autists.
>I suppose he'd also fit the thread because most of his fans are annoying whiteknights and/or tifs
Basically every fandom is rife with those nowadays, it literally doesn't mean anything other than TIFs just being painfully obviously female with common female interests despite their male LARP.

No. 387147

To be completely honest. Some people here are pure contrarians that would shit on their own mother if she got to be popular.

No. 387156

He is ugly and old with livetspots. Istg people who like him dont actually look at his features, just what they imagine a hot white haired vampire looks like. Not once have I seen a drawing of Astarion that actually looks like him, its all generic hot guy.

No. 387158

File: 1711308343763.png (22.65 KB, 523x682, JimmytWWMI.png)

I for one am thankful for this thread because I've been too afraid to post in the husbando thread and get attacked for having unconventional tastes. Hope it doesn't get locked.
Here's my guilty pleasure. Sorry you had to see this.

No. 387161

Post him on the other thread. No one should judge you.

No. 387168

>I've been too afraid to post in the husbando thread and get attacked for having unconventional tastes
i don't get this mindset, anons there post about wanting to fuck a pink ball, a car, a penguin, hedgehogs and no one attacks them. it's really not a big deal. was there some fight about unconventional husbandos i missed cause pretty much anything is allowed

No. 387178

>no one attacks them
I've seen them getting attacked.
Let the anons who want to use this thread use it, if you don't like it just hide it. I find shyness a good reason to post because yes people on lolcow get attacked over husbandos.
I get why you like him

No. 387185

File: 1711315237801.png (981.89 KB, 582x636, Untitled.png)

this, exactly. fanart makes astarion look like a hot anime guy. he doesn't look like that in canon. you guys have to make him look pretty in fanart because you like his personality or whatever. he isn't conventional, he looks like a crusty old aids-ridden fag.

No. 387200

Nta (I don’t even husbando) but I respect this one because my celebrity waifu has a very similar nose + mouth so he reminds me of her. I think I somehow saw a genderbent version of his model (??? I know nothing about the game) and it made my heart skip a beat lol

No. 387201

File: 1711317869403.jpg (310.44 KB, 2048x1152, 1711278190349.jpg)

a female version of astarion would surely be more attractive because an old lady vampire is a cooler idea, but i mean, look at this fanart. this is what astarionfags try to pretend he looks like.

No. 387204

>people on lolcow get attacked over husbandos
nta but you are not getting the point, doing a separate thread won't change that. Look at the unconventional men thread, posting there didn't stop anyone from getting shit on their posts. The hornyposting thread wasn't about "attractive husbandos", in fact it wasn't even an exclusive husbando thread when it was made either. Besides, it's specified in the recents OPs to not shit on other's husbandos and that never stopped some anons. If you think making a separate thread will, I'm sorry, I don't think it will. It's a redundant thread imo and I bet it will lead to the same old things
>This husbando is ugly, there is a unconventional husbando thread for fuggos like him
>I don't like this husbando, post on the other thread
>This one is too ugly and dumb, even for this thread

It's up to you unconventional husbando nonnas, I always defended weird husbando, even when I personally hated the character. I've also seen other nonnas supporting and defending them as much as I do. You are all free to have the thread, but be warned that a thread title won't stop them kek.

No. 387209

To be honest, when I saw the OP for this I figured that people got sick of nonnas complaining about their husbandos getting trannified while they were trying to horny post so they made this thread to have a place for that.

No. 387210

I and other anons have posted accurate art of him on the husbando threads in the past and you just didn't notice. There is one anon who's always sperging about Astarion art not being on-model. I would be happy to post some more art there just to satisfy your obsession.

No. 387211

Jimmy T anon here thank you so much nonnie. I think he fits the TSM bill but I've seen like no art of him.
And yeah I'm aware of Dedede anon and I know she's appreciated but I must have missed her in the husbando thread? I scroll through and just see anime bishie men. I don't wanna incite any infighting with my tastes

No. 387215

Some of you astarion haters are even more obsessed than them at this point.
>but I must have missed her in the husbando thread?
She posts there pretty often.

No. 387217

she's there all the time, one of her latest posts in the previous thread was about kirby ahegao doujins and some sex doll(?) diagram

No. 387218

File: 1711320921548.png (715.29 KB, 1200x630, sns_jimmy.png)

Nonna Jimmy T is the most innocent husbando ever. Don't feel guilty about liking him. I hope you can get over the shyness because the unusual guys make the threads way more interesting.

No. 387221

The only two times I've seen a nonna get bashed for her tastes in the husbando thread were a) Rancefag who kept banevading to sperg about a rapist b) a nonna who didn't know a character she posted was a vtuber famous for being a pedophile. You're fine.
Honestly this thread seems unnecessary.

No. 387222

File: 1711322783044.jpg (125.36 KB, 850x1043, __charlotte_linlin_zeus_napole…)

>Waifus also welcomed!

No. 387226

>Some of you astarion haters are even more obsessed than them at this point.
because astarion autists spam him constantly, everywhere, talking about how hot he is when he's really not

No. 387232

>spam him constantly, everywhere
Oh you both have so much in common. Make up and kiss already.

No. 387243

>no one attacks husbandos

No. 387254

Everybody saying nobody attacks husbandos is talking about in the husbando threads. Astarion gets attacked in the non-husbando threads, I've seen this multiple times in the videogame thread on /m/ alone, but not once in the actual husbando threads. Nonnas are generally accepting of anything there, and in the rare cases somebody is an ass, they get dogpiled.

No. 387257

Women are just tired of men in videogames being ugly and old. Astarion, an ugly old wrinkly man, being pretty much the only "husbando" in current gaming just feels like an insult when men get thousand of hot young women to oogle at.

No. 387259

yeah, like why does that ugly fucker get a "sexy" statue made of him? why can't we get actually attractive men in games? the bar is so low

No. 387260

I've had the same experience, the husbando threads are nice enough, posting on /m/ is a bad idea.

No. 387261

The only reason nobody attacks people in the husbando thread is because they'll get banned.
Silence doesn't mean acceptance.
Blue afro dude, you're fine though. He's ugly but at least he's an adult human.

No. 387263

File: 1711341676647.jpg (559.08 KB, 564x564, 20240304_100732.jpg)

I've got plenty of bizarro husbandos where the astonishment that I consider them attractive is warranted, but Astarion just comes off as bog standard conventionally attractive. I genuinely cannot see the Quasimodo Cryptkeeper that anons keep insisting he is. I'm not even an oldfag tryhard that whines about muh de-aging mods for bg3 or insists everybody should be worshipping old men with one foot in the ground, but it screams moeshit brainrot to think his minor aging makes him decrepit.

No. 387264

Let me put it into terms you will understand. The average waifubait men get is akin to Link, Cloud, Dante or Leon, meanwhile Astarion is equivalent to Lady Dimitrescu. Moids welcome Lady Dimitrescu with open arms because it's an untapped niche, something new and different from the dime a dozen waifubait they get with every game released, meanwhile women havent had a true husbando in decades, so when the new husabando is a post-wall wrinkly moid with dry skin that's a child sex trafficker women are going to be pissed. How come moids get their dime a dozen pretty waifu bait and we get ugly scraps?. I don't think anyone would care about Astarion if we got variety, but we don't. Also, a lot of women are tired of getting told men ''age like fine wine'' and getting called pedos for liking young fit men, and the average Astarionfag is the type of woman who shits on bishies, so that adds more fuel to the fire.

No. 387265


Who the fuck thinks he's unconventional? He's literally basic bitch.

No. 387266

In what world? hollywood? compare him to Dante or Leon and he looks like he's slowly dying and withering away from AIDs.

No. 387267

he has the hair of a 70 year old auntie anon. also everything >>387264 said

he looks like those live action british guys tumblr used to love, which were never considered conventional.

No. 387268

Do you think Dedede is ugly too

No. 387269

He's not 'ugly' but it's a goddamn penguin. Not something somebody should be having sexual thoughts about let alone sharing them with strangers in excruciating detail.

No. 387270

>silence doesn't mean acceptance
wow you are literally too cool for us, you're not like the other autists who obsess over 2d drawings at all. if you want to whine about how some pixels on a screen are too ugly for you make a husbando hate thread or something. i'm glad farmhands don't let people shit up the other thread.

No. 387271

Lets stop the cap, Leon is basically twinning with Astarion and Dante is straight up fugly kek
Cloud and Link I can understand, but also there's not a shortage of ff characters that meet that market. There's tons of bishies in the ff7 remake, and other games with that artstyle; I don't disagree with saying scrotes get more options but Astarion isn't bottom of the barrel or exceptionally niche, unless you count him acting like a faggot. Face wise he's on par with more realistic art style hot guys.

No. 387272

>Leon is basically twinning with Astarion
stopped reading right there dont you dare compare a hot fit blonde 21 YEAR OLD man to your wrinkly faggot. Astarionfags are delusional

No. 387273

In what world are Leon and Astarion the same… Do you have autism-induced faceblindness

No. 387274

File: 1711343579483.jpg (35.1 KB, 700x700, db5f77cc401d9596e8fa92d96f39c0…)

Can we talk about unconventional husbandos now and stop calling the same few meant-to-be-eye-candy bishie characters ugly? Christ if those guys are considered ugly then how can us weirdo enjoyers appreciate our husbandos in peace

No. 387275

File: 1711343717579.jpg (1.24 MB, 3000x3000, theyhatedjesusbecausehetoldthe…)

No. 387276

where are leon's strong nosolabial folds, dry skin and ugly grandma hair?

No. 387278

File: 1711345067202.gif (1.52 KB, 106x69, KDCSE_Meta_Knight.gif)

You mean HE, he is a goddamned penguin. I get your angle, I really do but I feel that King Dedede doesn't count as a furry or anthro or animal. Yes, he's a penguin but he's more of an abstraction of the image, traits and ideas of a penguin. Not even a real penguin, he's like the abstraction of the concepts of a cartoon penguin. I'll go as far as to say he's a penguin shaped mascot. Unless you're an artist who goes severely off model and actively adds physical bird-like and avian furry traits he doesn't really fall under that sort of thing which I don't find appealing. The only thing you'll get from me is finding the idea of him having a tiny itty bitty triangular tail cute and him having a cloaca hot. That's where it ends though, I nope the fuck out when they start making him an actual penguin with bird traits and shit. Also, it was my first husbando, Meta Knight, birthday on the 23rd. He's 31! I couldn't do much to celebrate his big day other than eat something chocolate related in his honor. Others may cry that he's old and he's a daddy and he's a dilf, but I don't really like that sort of implication or depiction. Like Kirby, I adore a Meta Knight who's cool, stoic, and mature but retains an eternally youthful vigor and charm that's breaks through his stoicism occasionally when it comes to things that makes him particularly excited. I was tempted to dye my hair a jet-black with navy blue undertones in celebration but I feel that'd be too much so I settled on jet-black. Happy Birthday Meta Knight!

No. 387279

New copypasta just dropped

No. 387280

Kek anon the spoiler

No. 387281

Lady Demitrescu is hot and beautiful idgaf

No. 387282

Even link has been criticized tbh

Whoever said to make a husbando hate thread: don't. We don't need even more shit

No. 387287

she is but she's unconventional, definelty not a marcy or a zelda

No. 387288

File: 1711347243877.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.22 KB, 500x667, nsfl.jpg)

god, I'm getting flashbacks to Mass Effect…

No. 387289

I fucking love you nona don't ever change

No. 387292

File: 1711347756096.jpg (39.83 KB, 640x720, 5f827004394c455ffcf060c50b382e…)

>Silence doesn't mean acceptance.

No. 387293

Yes. You understand, there is a appeal. A charm if you will, in King Dedede having a cloaca. Obviously, someone would think "why not give him a pussy instead???" and that just clues me in that the someone in question is being a dumbass or acting in bad faith. No I do not wish to do that. King Dedede is a king, he is male. Him being male comes with several connotations and nuances that add so much to his character, therefore giving him a pussy would ruin the entire point. Don't get me wrong, him being genderbent isn't off the table. I don't care for it personally but I won't judge. The point in question is that King Dedede has this excretory organ that is native to his species that even he doesn't know what it's for beyond only and only for taking a piss. Because it is a cloaca if he decided to touch himself out of curiosity there is no chance he'd discover that organ is made for anything else much less self-gratification. This is because said organ is one with no external zones of pleasure, there is no glans, no clitoris, nothing. Pleasure would, theoretically, only come from the internal exploration of King Dedede. This emphasizes an extremely vulnerable, delicate and intimate nuance to doing anything sexual to King Dedede that can't be done with a penis or vagina. Not only that, you're adding a layer of ignorance and inexperience from King Dedede's end, who's only seen that organ as something for whizzing with and absolutely nothing else. To King Dedede he doesn't even have a sexual organ and his knowlege of sexual matters would zero. Compared to giving King Dedede a dick this is unique only to, for, and within King Dedede. King Dedede, the gruff, spoiled, boisterous, boyish, fierce and cool King Dedede contrasted by a cloaca just barely discernable by the downy feathers of his crotch can't even begin to be compared to simply slapping a vagina onto him. It's cheap. It removes the nuance, the appeal, the contrast, everything. It's an acquired charm that requires a lot more thinking, rumination, and care. You can't simply jump into it, it is not a trait to add that allows for the instant gratification that has drenched most thoughts when it comes to eroticism.

No. 387294

You know that shitting on other women won't solve the problems you mentioned, right? I know you do, because lc had this discussion at least a million times in god knows how many different threads.
>ib4 good, I want them to feel ashamed about their shit taste
Even if they did, which they probably won't, would that solve any of the issues you complained about? Not really. I supported and defended every husbando, yes including your bishies that some anons say shit about, but at this point I'm throwing in the towel.
We can all tell you stopped reading kek

No. 387296

This is how I feel about a certain hedgehog. Nona, we are kindred spirits.

No. 387299

>You know that shitting on other women won't solve the problems you mentioned, right?
When did i shit on Astarionfags? I only said Astarion is ugly.

No. 387301

File: 1711349400164.png (52.18 KB, 180x269, Shining_Armor.png)

Dunno why

No. 387302

File: 1711350246816.jpg (54.28 KB, 1200x630, v.jpg)

this kinda basic but what dat mouf do

No. 387306

I'm sure they love hearing that their husbando is a post-wall wrinkly moid with dry skin in a thread that made for unconventional husbandos. Don't you also love when they call bishies husbandos traps, boring, generic or feminine boys? You complain about this in your own post
>the average Astarionfag is the type of woman who shits on bishies
So, can they shit on your husbando (and you are the one assuming the one who shit on your husbando are astarionfags to begin with) and you won't care or will you use it as an argument to shit on them?(infighting)

No. 387308

You're weak for guys who are good with kids. Good with kids = husband material.

No. 387315

But he is a wrinkly old man with dry skin though? kek. Finding a bishie boring is completly subjective, but Astarion canonically looks in his 40s and has huge ass nasobalial folds. I don't understand why astarionfags cant just own being into DILFs.(infighting)

No. 387316

He doesn't have kids he's not a DILF.

No. 387317

DILF/MILF no longer apply exclusively to literal parents anymore

No. 387318

DILF doesnt mean man with kids, it means a man who's dad age.

No. 387329

You sound like you don't play anything. RE4 Remake, Zelda TotK and FFXVI came out last year. FFVII Rebirth came out last month and it has the quintessential bishie protag and at least a dozen other bishies besides. Dragon's Dogma 2 just released and it has some cuties too. Those are just off the top of my head and that's not including new otome games.
I know you wouldn't be seething like this if BG3 released and nobody talked about Astarion at all, but you can't control what people like. And there are plenty of women who like bishies who also like Astarion. You're stressing yourself out making connections where there aren't any.

No. 387333

>You sound like you don't play anything. RE4 Remake, Zelda TotK and FFXVI came out last year.
anon please read, i said NEW husbandos. All of those husbandos have been stablished for decades. Men get new waifus with every single new released game, women get scraps because men are entitled and throw a tantrum every time there is a hot male character in games.

No. 387342

I don't agree, characters like Satsuki are convential even if they're from moidy media that LC wouldn't like. I was thinking characters like Sakura Ogami were closer to a female counterpart.

No. 387347

astarion is a child sex trafficker?

No. 387354

This is why I love lc. Damn nona, that makes sense

No. 387380

File: 1711380811293.png (371.58 KB, 680x813, Gangrel_(FE13_Artwork).png)

No, anon was warping shit to make it sound worse; tldr Astarion had to collect thousands of people to get turned into vampires for a ritual his master was planning, and two of those victims turn out to be children.

Anyways, for an actual weird/creepy husbando, Gangrel from Fire Emblem Awakening. Getting him as an ally unit is technically only possible through the dubiously canon dlc missions, but I always thought his redemption arc was interesting and I really like the enemies to lovers trope. Also his dialogue with the other characters is just really funny, and making him Morgan's father makes Morgan even more op than usual. Plus the trickster class is just super fun. The contrast of his snarky attitude with the MC's cool demeanor is perfect as well.

No. 387385

All husbandos should be welcomed in Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Shitposting Thread. If someone criticises your husbando in there, report them and we'll dish out a ban. We don't believe the distinction needs to be made between conventional and unconventional husbanbdo choices. As a result, this thread is unnecessary, so it will be locked. We encourage any shy anons with unconventional husbandos to be retarded along with all the other posters in >>>/g/386550

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