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No. 390854

For all farmers who are over 30yrs or approaching that age, let's discuss how our fashion sense has changed (or not) and what you currently like wearing. Ask questions, discuss different topics, etc. This can also include makeup and general trimming / grooming habits.

No. 390855

File: 1712949209927.jpg (16.12 KB, 554x554, images-3.jpg)

Well I used to be into the kawaii frilly shit but now I want to embrace looking like a hot milf latina as I age.

No. 390856

>or approaching that age
Repost and delete this line because you're going to have your thread infested with 25 year olds just like that other 30+ or nearing thread.

No. 390865

I don't understand, why couldn't this just go into the fashion/makeup/hair or the over 30 thread? you could even specify your age when looking for advice if that matters to you. last thing this slow ass board needs is even more niche threads

No. 390913

Because it's fun

No. 390933

What exactly is that type of fashion?

No. 390945

I feel like I'm going to get memed on if I post my idea of it

No. 390949

I mean, you can just do it, it's an anon-e-moose board after all.

No. 390966

I never got the chance to wear a miniskirt or other cute fashion because I grew up fat in a Muslim household. Now I’m losing weight and so close to financial freedom. I dream of the day I can go outside in shorts and miniskirts and just feel normal and cute for once.

No. 390981

keep dreaming nona! I'm so happy for you

No. 391012

kek so you want to look like a porn category for men?

No. 391040

File: 1713022674679.jpeg (106.34 KB, 750x581, 74FDD3EE-D65B-4C7C-97D7-27CFDC…)

I feel like my style hasn’t changed too much over the years. I think the only difference for me is that I’ve started introducing patterned button downs into my wardrobe. They look nice enough to wear to work and they help me look gayer

No. 391066

Very ugly.

No. 391068

I'm in my late 30's and apparantly I just want to be a pretty fairytale princess now. Give me frills and pastels and flower motifs. I don't know what the hell happened, I used to dress more mature and edgy until recently.

No. 391097

File: 1713038392488.jpg (45.66 KB, 474x556, 45989f85c02757c36ed940526b8b23…)

my go-to outfit is similar to this, though i prefer scoop neck tops to turtlenecks. in warmer weather i'll wear a short-sleeve shirt instead.

No. 391101

File: 1713040509485.jpg (110.4 KB, 736x981, 1000018425.jpg)

I want a versatile wardrobe, specially because I love frills and princess shit, but I need to look serious while hunting for a job and working. I basically want to dress like pic related but I also want to wear cute frilly stuff.
Right now I just have old clothes, I seriously wish I could give away all of my clothes so I could buy new stuff, but then I see and feel the shit quality of the clothes that are sold nowadays and stop feeling this way.
You know what? I will just check out my clothes properly and I will store everything by outfit, so I can have a better idea of how to dress. I still need more pants though, my blue dress pants are all fucked up and I only have two pairs of denim pants thay fit.

No. 391228

What's the name of that skirt style?
And how do you figure out what kinds of shirts pair well with skirts? I've never been able to figure skirts out.

No. 391267

most sites call it a flared skater skirt. femboys love them but don't let that deter you from wearing one. for shirts it depends on what kind of skirt you're wearing. i generally think it's best to wear something plain like a tucked in t-shirt with a cardigan or a solid-colored sweater so most of the focus is on the skirt and your outfit doesn't look too cluttered.

No. 391390

I'm gonna be honest, I've been missing how I dressed in high school. I miss having colorful hair and wearing cringy weeby frilly pink clothes. It's weird because during my 20s I curated a nerdy librarian look but now I'm feeling a bit bored and restricted by it.
Please explain this, as a fellow latina I'm dying of curiosity

No. 391605

I still wear oversized band shirts and leggings. I have lots of quirky clothes I don’t want to ditch because of my age.

No. 391624

I spent most of my 20s wearing girly, preppy, j-fashionish stuff. Always dresses or skirts, often stockings and mary jane or oxford type shoes, I literally didn't own pants at all for years. In hot weather I'd wear long cottagecore dresses. I still think that style is cute but it was high effort and not that comfortable, and in retrospect I can see clearly that I was overcompensating for insecurities about my body. I never felt thin enough, so I subconsciously figured I needed to dress up and stick to certain styles that were more flattering.

Now I'm older and give fewer fucks so I dress way more casual and less girly. My weight has always fluctuated but I can see now I was pretty thin a lot of the time I thought I wasn't, and right now I'm not overweight so I don't want to hold back. Like, it's ok to wear shorts in summer even if my legs aren't stick skinny. It's okay to wear jeans and a tshirt even if it won't stand out as a particularly cute outfit. I can, in fact, get away with wearing crop tops. Random people out on the streets don't care how I look, I don't need to impress anyone but myself. I also moved to a more walkable area so I need comfortable sneakers and weather appropriate outfits to get through the day without blisters or getting sweaty, that really made a huge difference to how I dress.

Though ngl I think I'm leaning too far into the casual/comfy thing. I'm coveting platform crocs for some reason.

No. 391629

i’ve been struggling with my style a lot recently tbh, i’ve been recovering from an ed i’ve had since i was 14 and this is the first time in my life that my body has actually looked feminine. i feel like my style has always been hyperfemme bc i’ve always been self-conscious about looking masculine as a very tall woman with small breasts but now that my body actually has curves for the first time in 15 years i feel really weird about my wardrobe. like historically i could wear low cut tops or halters without any cleavage or bra and now my wardrobe seems distinctly more sexual as a consequence of actually having tits and ass and i’m not super comfortable with that! my vibe when i was underweight was lowkey asexual just based on my body and now i feel like i am receiving a lot more sexual attention when i’m wearing the same outfits and i don’t really know what to do bc i like my clothes but i still feel really weird about how my body has changed and how people perceive me differently now even though i’m wearing the same things i wore before.

sorry that’s a lot for a silly little fashion thread

No. 391632

File: 1713251035431.jpg (50.89 KB, 480x480, a6c8c156588ea5da578d08ad9ecee1…)

I recently realized my style is still that tumblr circa 2016 millenial style. I want to consciously move away from that to a more modern / stylish style. I'm starting to feel weird and cringy to still wear short skater skirts at 30.

No. 391637

Switch to a more structured a line skirt?

No. 391638

I think this is more 2010-2014ish? Anyway watch tiktok popularize this look and skater skirts the second you throw out yours.

Skater skirts are super cute and versatile anyway. The only reason I stopped wearing them is because I realized they don't look good on me.

No. 391639

Oh yeah you might be right on the years

No. 391643

File: 1713255047075.jpg (403.54 KB, 755x1052, sawg.jpg)

I'm kinda wearing all the clothes i gathered throuout my life and that still fit me kek. In 2020 i stopped shopping for clothes at all and all the new clothes i get are from what my family gives me that they don't want anymore. I've got a lot of female cousins. It's interresting to wear their styles.
My favorite things to wear are picrel i feel the best in this. The orange long skirt is perfect. Mine is going to fall apart soon though so i guess that's something i'll have to buy.

No. 391647

long skirts with silly graphic t-shirts are where it's at

No. 391660

File: 1713269858788.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2744x4000, IMG_2940.jpeg)


I’m sorry nona but you’re adorable, the clothes awkwardly pasted on top of her made me laugh my ass off.

On that note I’m 33 and just bought cute knee high brown boots. Any fashionable nonnies know what I wear them with that’s cute and not too hot for summer? I’m shaped similarly to this tall lanky bitch if that helps. I do like her outfit here.

No. 391665

Any light flowy gunne sax esque dress would be cute

No. 391837


No. 392058

File: 1713418617989.jpg (62.18 KB, 480x639, images-3.jpg)

Long skirts feel so nice, I like them so much. I don't hate my legs even though they're crooked and could potentially still wear shorter skirts but I just really prefer long ones. Nonnas please validate me lmao I feel like I'm going to regret switching to maxi skirts at 28

No. 392059

Why would you regret it?

No. 392060

If you regret wearing a skirt, you just take it off. Who says you're doomed to wearing one thing forever?

No. 392065

I guess anon's thinking "I wasted my youth on maxi skirts!!! I should've worn mini skirts when I still could!!!"

No. 392079

Yeah basically

No. 392082

they're cute and fun and elegant and feel nice on a hot day

No. 392085

Dumb. Maxi skirts are elegant. You don't have to wear them everyday, you could show your legs every other day in a mini skirt if you want to kek

No. 392088

I feel retarded wearing mini skirts though like I feel stupid

No. 392090

Me too lol. I think my legs are nice but i still feel like a pack of sausages in a mini skirt. I also have mini skirts connected to schoolgirl days so it feels weird to wear them as an adult.
My mom wore long skirt all her youth and she looked great. Long skirts have an epic mysterious vibe and that's better than mini "look nice legs over here" skirt.

No. 392099

I like maxiskirts because they allow you to move around freely without worrying about flashing your behind.

No. 392114

Sometimes I want to wear maxiskirts but I feel a bit retarded because I love spinning with a long or midi skirt like a retard

No. 392120

Kek not the spinny spinny

No. 393484

I have a skirt in this style but with a thicker type of textured fabric. I had it tailored to a little below the knee and it's become so much more versatile while retaining a lot of the feeling of the original. It's easier to dress up (obviously not massively up) or down now. My tailor is really good though.

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