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No. 402325

Let us share, discuss, and discover deals and items from overseas, specifically Asia. We'll cover the good, the bad, and the ugly from those infamous stores you already know: Taobao, AliExpress/Alibaba, Temu, Shein, Wish, etc. Hopefully, this thread will focus more on shitty clothing and decor than shitty electronics and tools. Post stuff you've bought from these websites that were surprisingly decent, as well as what not to buy.

No. 402327

File: 1717206496588.png (535.25 KB, 563x563, bento.png)

Hopefully it's the last time I have to make this thread. I'm really interested in organization devices and lunch storage/meal prep items. Any recommendations or health and safety concerns? Why are they obsessed with making shit out of wheat straw material?
Attached image is from Shein: Microwave-Safe Bento Box With Wheat Straw Material, Divided Design, Suitable For Office Workers And Students https://us.shein.com/Microwave-Safe-Bento-Box-With-Wheat-Straw-Material-Divided-Design-Suitable-For-Office-Workers-And-Students-p-29963728.html

No. 402333

>thread title
Lmao at your dedication, anon

No. 402349

I think the wheat straw is their attempt at getting on the eco friendly trend. I really couldn't tell you about the safety of this product, but i suspect these are the same kind of drop shipped containers that you find in tjmaxx/marshalls sometimes.

No. 402365

There's already an aliexpress thread in /ot/

No. 402368

Kek the thread title change.

This is what I was thinking. Pretty sure there's a taobao thread too from ages ago.

No. 402395

I mean we could revive a thread from 6 or 8 years ago that focuses solely on one of the stores with an OP so bad it would warrant a ban if it was created in the modern day and request farmhands relocate it to the correct board. Or just be smarter and create a new thread.

No. 402397

I've never purchased anything from these store but I did deliver the mail for a year or so and I have to say these places have the most annoying packages and barcodes. I can never shop at them because I felt like they were my blood enemies at that job. Especially temu oh my god, their packaging is just straight up disrespectful

No. 402452

What was the title before it changed?

No. 402487

Instead of "Asian" there was a racial slur used. Not writing it in case I get redtexted.

No. 402520

My girlfriend got me onto Hacoo (Saramart) last week and I’m obsessed. Any other nonnies ordered from there?

No. 402548

File: 1717283251476.jpg (46.95 KB, 612x369, istockphoto-476438632-612x612.…)


Chinese stuff bought straight from the sweatshop on sites like temu doesn't have to pass through Western safety regulations so they use whatever materials are cheapest even if they are toxic.


No. 402552

yummy i love toxins.

No. 402556

No. 402557

you say it like the shit sold on amazon aren't literally the same products. unless you're buying from brand name in a physical shop expect no safety regulations. but then even stanley cups had lead found on them.

No. 402572

Shameful thread.

No. 402577

we're all anonymous here, you don't have to pretend you hate fast fashion or chinese labour to be performative. at least from these chinese sites you're buying from the actual factories and not giving money to resellers literally selling the same shit on amazon and other sites.

No. 402592

I never buy fast fashion and I never use these sites. Literally ever.

No. 402593

You're so much better than everyone for spending $50 on a t-shirt.

No. 402596

nta but it's not a binary choice of "buy toxic shit produced in asian factories where workers are treated like slaves" and "buy 50 dollar Tshirts" kek, are you retarded?

No. 402600

Nta but you know thrift stores exist, right?

No. 402609

The real answer is out there… and it's a pair of the coolest pants you've ever seen that you paid $4.50cents for at a second hand store. I get nearly 100% of my wardrobe by hunting through thrift/second hand stores for high quality items. People really do just give away nice clothes that maybe they got too fat for, or weren't their style after all, etc. Of course, these items are in between a lot of ugly garbage, but it's really not that hard to just flip past the nonsense items, and it's fun to uncover hidden treasures. I use Ebay the same way.
As a general rule, I won't pay more that $25 for pants or tops, and that's the very highest extreme I'd go to. Most of my clothes were bought for between $5-$17 and people tell me I dress pretty sharp. I'm always confused why more people aren't using second hand shops to find clothes, it's such a no-brainer.

No. 402614

I want to save all the women in OP pic. They could have been my lesbian asian gfs.

No. 402623


No. 402645

you're just delusional if you think big brands don't use asian factories with slavery work. unless you know where the clothes are being made and where the materials are sourced, you can't purchase anything 100% ethically. but sure, look down on people who opt for buying cheaper things while doing literally the same thing but being virtue signaled by some green washed brand that sources their clothing from the same type of factory as shein, temu, etc.

No. 402646

a lot of thrifting was ruined by influencers. nowadays I walk to a local thrift and an old battered jacket is 50 bucks. I've seen peeling pleather shoes for 30. for fuck's sake, I saw a thrift store in an airport months ago. THRIFT STORE IN A FUCKING AIRPORT. thrifting is not for the poor anymore.

No. 402648

You're just going to the wrong thrift stores. The bougie ones of course will be ripoffs. The good wills will be totally nasty biohazards. But there are ones that are cheap and clean, but less "curated" like the bougie ones, that literally just put everything they recieve out on the rack. The one I always go to literally has a giant sign that says "shirts: 3$, Pants $4.50, jackets: $10" kek but everything is washed and clean.
And if those types really don't exist where you are, try ebay sorted from lowest to highest. I got some of my favorite pieces there.

No. 402676

I got a few steel jewelery pieces from shein for super cheap and they've held up well. I think their jewelry is the best out of all other items they're selling. Their clothes are also ok but as another anon saie I'll always be worried about toxic dyes and stuff so unless i really like something i wouldn't buy clothes from shein.

No. 402706

Seconding this. I’m lucky and live in an area with some good ones where prices are still thrift-low and gems can be found. Another great option is rummage sales/garage sales. If you live near churches and even larger farms check for rummage sales maybe in your local paper or online patch (kek I sound like my grandma) but seriously. Rummage/garage sales are almost better for finding treasure sometimes, and even cheaper usually than thrifting because people just want their shit gone.

No. 402738

Are there any good cheap bras (under 20 bucks) that are seamless for under t shirts and come in larger cup sizes? I’m 32F but I could only find bras in C cup at most (Chinese E cup is equivalent to like a C)

No. 402759

Zero surprise there, you'd have to be retarded to buy anything food, skin, or drug related from overseas. I had a moment of retardation and bought a baby weening set off there and when I opened it it smelled like burnt rubber and had like dust all over it. Had to throw it out and get a set from Walmart.

You are probably not gonna find large cup sizes from China at all. Tj maxx is OK I got a pack of 3 lucky brand underwire free bras for $20 there. Uniqlo bra has a good seamless bra that was around $20 and that is probably the best bra I've ever owned, that was like 3 years ago though so it's probably more expensive now.

Thrift stores near old people. I live near a retirement village and the fucking finds are unreal. No influencers to pick it out either. Old people also don't buy off shein so it's usually name brand.

No. 402811

File: 1717355863565.jpeg (122.61 KB, 1024x683, Mongolia.jpeg)

The clothes are poisoned too, nonnie. And the apps used to shop spy on you.


>Beyond the visible environmental impact lies another hidden health danger: chemicals. Reports reveal elevated levels of lead, PFAS, and phthalates in fast fashion items. Temu’s products, like those of its peers, harbor these toxins. In fact, Health Canada revealed that a Shein children’s jacket contained more than 20 times the allowable amount of lead for children’s products

>Temu’s hunger extends beyond the consumer’s wallet. The app collects personal data — including name, address, phone number, and even social media profiles. It peers into the phone’s operating system, IP address, browsing history, and more.

No. 402815

>Temu’s hunger extends beyond the consumer’s wallet. The app collects personal data — including name, address, phone number, and even social media profiles.
Okay, that part was just included to scare technologically illiterate people. Any account that has accounts and social sign up is going to have that data.

No. 402817

Nope. All the bra sizes on shein, temu, and ali are skewed, they will not fit. Try Amazon, I like a a brand called Hsia, it fits perfectly and it's the most comfortable I've ever been. I think it might be chinese brand but with actual western sizing. For western brands Lane Briant also has affordable cute bras, Torrid seems ok but I haven't tried it (not a fan of their overall clothes), and I've seen large sizes for very cheap prices on Fashion Nova, but I've never bought anything from there before.

No. 402836

>The clothes are poisoned too
The substances they found in clothes are there because that's an issue with those materials in general. Fake leather is notorious for containing lead. The phthalates in plastic are a no brainer too. I haven't seen any evidence that they're putting toxic chemicals into cotton, linen, or wool clothes, for instance.

No. 402855

All anti temu/shein/aliexpress etc. articles you'll find exist because they are chinese owned, no one would care if they were american companies. I read a few which said you shouldn't buy from temu because amazon might lose profit even though sellers on amazons sell the same garbage just marked up.

No. 402920

lol right
Oh no! the app where I buy things that are sent to my home is collecting my address? what ever will I do?

No. 402924

This. Honestly I think a lot of anti aliexpress/temu/wish or whatever news articles and propaganda is just western corporations who are upset that they can’t sell the exact same products from the exact same factory for a 100% or more markup. I can’t even tell you how many times I found someone on Amazon or eBay trying to sell the exact same product I could get on aliexpress for 10x the price.

No. 404146

File: 1717722527453.jpg (51.29 KB, 480x657, ps34erwbv2ez.jpg)

My question is, how do you avoid Asian treasures when shopping online? It's like no matter where or what you search Chinese sweatshops are clogging up the first ten pages of results. Is there an app to filter them out

No. 404159

File: 1717725130115.webm (3.98 MB, 720x1280, 1717664916669460.webm)

china's gift to mankind are safety videos

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